A GOOD GIG--Jim and Kermie enjoy a visit on an episode of "The Muppet Show" in 1976.

Tweet from Kermit the Frog:
"I will never forget ' country kindness and the way he made this country frog feel at home in show biz. So long, good friend."

Tweet from Legendary Pilot Chuck Yeager:
"My friend Jim Nabors died. That is very sad. We had great times together at the Indy 500 several times & in Hawaii. Nice man. Very talented. A great singer & storyteller."

BUZZI LIGHTYEAR?--Jim with Ruth Buzzi in "The Lost Saucer."

Tweet from Ruth Buzzi:
"Nobody was more thoughtful, loving and special to his friends and family than Jim Nabors. The many laughs and journeys we shared will be with me until we meet again someday, on an old lost saucer we once flew, somewhere in space. Rest in peace, my friend. Love always, Ruthie."

Tweet by Barbara Eden:
"I just learned that Jim Nabors has passed. He was a talented, sweet, darling man. My husband and I had a condo in Kahala Hawaii and saw him often at the grocery store. My sincerest condolences to his husband Stan in this difficult time."


MARINE LIFE--Jim with Frank Sutton as Sgt. Vince Carter.

Tweet by the United States Marine Corps:
Semper Fi, Gomer Pyle.

Rest in peace Jim Nabors, one of the few to ever be named an Honorary Marine.