The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

Gomer's Crossword Fill 'er Up
This terrific crossword was created back in 1993 by Lavell Hall. This puzzle first appeared in the October 31, 1993 edition of the TAGSRWC Newsletter, The Bullet.


Andy's favorite color of jelly bean
Goober's favorite comic book character (two words)
One of the "Fun Girls"
11 Dollar amount of Barney's rent per week
12 Opie's first love (three words)
18 According to Barney, the biggest gossip in town
20 Andy Taylor's fishing rod (three words)
23 Location of the Cascade Club
24 Ramona Wiley's Husband (two words)
26 Last name of Claude Sr., Claude Jr., Plain Claude and Claudette
29 The Masked Singer (two words)
31 Nora and Ollie's son
32 Where Barney stays while vacationing in Raleigh
33 Sam Muggins' wife
34 Bee and Clara's traveling partner to Mexico


Otis' cellmate in the Mt. Pilot jail
Furniture polish company name
Barney's inept cousin
Pike boy
How Malcolm referred to Andy
Opie crashed his bike into a tree trying to impress her
10 Mt. Pilot radio station call letters
13 Type of fudge Barney and Thelma Lou enjoy
14 Opie's second grade teacher
15 Opie saved money to by this girlfriend a coat for winter
16 Mrs. Beggs' sister Tilly's nickname in school (two words)
17 Otis Campbell's attorney (two words)
19 The person Charlene caught Dud grinning at during preaching (two words)
21 Barney's favorite saying (two words)
22 Mayor ___ Stoner
25 Class that Andy flunked in the spring of 1938
27 Fred Boone's spouse and sparing partner
28 Make of Barney's first car
30 "Grab-bag-for-___"


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