The Taylors' Front Porch
Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop .  .  . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand .  .  .  . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

September 17, 2023 - Msg 119340: Glad to hear things went well, Hazel. Over 100 is a good turnout. I know it must have been hard to say goodbye, though. Yes, the holidays might be especially trying this year. Thinking of you and your family often. PS, I really miss Asa, too. He always made laugh and was so encouraging, even with his own trials being what they were, bless his soul in heaven.

The porch has been mighty quiet the past few days. Hope all are well.

We are having some challenges here but doing our best. Not going to get all down in the dumps and share all the difficulties but we will be ok.

Better go. Check in when ya'll can


September 17, 2023 - Msg 119341: I was looking at the archives and came across this. Romeena has her answers now.

April 03, 2008 - Msg 61596: Hey, MW and Boo. That's an interesting observation, about the rain during a funeral. The day my husband was buried was a beautiful, bright May day in Texas, and it seemed almost grotesque. It was raining in my soul, and the sunshine and soft breeze seemed so out of place. I remember the procession passing through the little town of Fredericksburg, with all the tourists crowding the sidewalks, and piling up in little knots as they waited for us to pass. They all looked so happy, laughing and chatting with each other, and I couldn't believe it. I wanted the driver to stop the car so I could scream at them, something like "How can you just go on with your day? Don't you know the world just ended?" Of course, I didn't, but the impulse was so strong. I just couldn't understand how the world could keep on turning, without him in it.

I was convinced that God had made a terrible mistake, and it took me several years to get past that, and to return to my lifelong belief that God doesn't make mistakes. I still have questions, always will, but the tone of those questions has changed. It has gone from "what were You thinking?!!" to "I don't understand why You took him when You did, but I know You had a reason, and I look forward to learning what it was someday."

To question, with the right attitude, can be healthy, and actually affirms the sovereignty of God, because it pre-supposes that He had a reason, and acknowledges that we just don't understand, but He does. That's where I am today, and believe me, it's a much more comfortable place than where I started out. --Romeena


September 19, 2023 - Msg 119342:

HI ALL! I've just been busy!
Will post more soon.
MDC :)

September 20, 2023 - Msg 119343: Hey MDC, been really busy here too!!

Ill just do a drive-by Hi!


September 20, 2023 - Msg 119344: Good evening porch,
Just stopping by to say Hi, There have been a lot of answers to prayers this week!! Thank you so much. Please continue to pray. Off to try to get some sleep, as it has been very allusive lately.
~New Neighbor

September 21, 2023 - Msg 119345: Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to stop by to say hello. My 4 month old pups have me up at 5:00 most mornings, so I'm a little sleep deprived these days. I hope you get some good sleep, New Neighbor. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

September 22, 2023 - Msg 119346:

Hello everyone! I hope that GF and Maudie are enjoying Mayberry Days.
Sure wish I could go to one.
It is interesting to see tags actors on other shows. Recently I saw publisher,
"Mr Jackson" on Perry Mason and Gunsmoke!
Tonight on "Jailbreak" you can really see the pack of smokes in Barney's shirt pocket.
It is near the beginning when he is talking to the FBI man. It was also the first tags
that Allen Melvin had a role in. I love Barn's line about being called Chopper and
Mad Dog, but never Tattletale! haha
BOO- I hope all is well with your family these days, and thank you for that Ro post.
and Charlotte, good to see you again, and also New Neighbor and Mizzy.
NN, glad things are getting better.
Our weather is now in the 90s and feels so good! :) But our gas is back up to 4.99. :(

Prayers for all!


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This version of The Taylor's Front Porch has been created to pay our respect to the original porch found on Thanks to Frank for all the work he did for Mayberry on the web. We've tried to make this just like Frank's Porch. This is also a tribute to Ollie's "Trivialities" site which was another homage to Frank's porch but is no longer with us.