May 29, 2023 - Msg 119047: Hello friends. Sorry Iíve been away so much things have been busy around here but we are doing OK.

MDC Erin is working at a restaurant and is doing well there. She is much healthier and no drugs. She has been keeping all of her appointments and seeing a good psychiatrist, thank you again for your many prayers on her behalf.

It is still hard coming to the porch many times I still feel pain and I miss Romeena and Asa more than ever. having said that I donít want to lose touch with my friends here. This porch is too important to me to ever walk away. I was really hoping that some of the old porch friends would keep coming back but I see itís pretty quiet these days.

Hope all of you had a good memorial day and have a great rest of the week. Love to all.


May 30, 2023 - Msg 119048: Hey Y'all- Wanted to pop in and say "Hey". Hope everybody is doing well.

I was going through some old papers yesterday and happened upon a list of emails of many of our Porchsters and there was an email address for Sterling among them.I took a chance that it is still a working email address and wrote to Sterling to let him know about Asa & Romeena. Really hoping he'll get the email. I'll let y'all know if I hear back from him. Cross your fingers!

I feel the same, Boo. We've gotta keep our Porch going,though. It's too special of a place to just give up on it and we all know that neither Asa nor Ro would want us to. We'll do the best we can and push on.

Well, guess that's it for now. Y'all take care now. Peace & Love!

possum u.a.r.

May 30, 2023 - Msg 119049: Thanks, Possum, hope you hear from Sterling.


May 30, 2023 - Msg 119050: Hello all. Popping in just to show my face. Don't take any wooden nickels!

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

May 30, 2023 - Msg 119051: Good evening porch friends, I hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I made the cemetery rounds and laid flowers on some relativesí graves. We also did some fishing at our sonís pond. Every time someone caught a fish, my mind said, ďAnd Wham! Hooked like a starving catfish!Ē LOL I love that episode. ďNot a ? dance, not a upliftersí dance...a CHURCH dance!Ē I canít remember what kind the first dance was. Anybody? Good to see everyoneóBoo, possum, G-F, Horatio, MDC, Big Maude, Billy Ray, and all. Hereís a penny for your travels.
Has anyone heard of or used Melaleuca products? I have and like them very much and am interested in trying more of them. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with them or recommendations.
Charlotte Tucker

May 30, 2023 - Msg 119052: Good eve-uh-nin (in my best Ernest T. Bass impression),

Thought I would drop in too. I've seen the porch has slowed down like Barney on the bicycle trying to keep up with Opie's workout. So sad to see what's happened and how we've lost Asa and Ro. I don't mean to harp on the subject as we are all trying to move on, but it's definitely taken it's toll.
I, myself, have been a little concerned about the Porch slowly coming to it's demise. Especially with all the utter evil, madness and twisted stuff in this country and world. The Porch's end would be just one more good, pure and Christian thing to go under in this dark of times. And, as Ro would say, soapbox back under the porch.
I hope this truly finds you all well. I have found myself reconnecting with God and His word through all of this. He's been dropping hints at me as I am going through some very stressful and harrowing times right now.
Better git. Might snack before bed and then hit the sack with some TAGS to ease my mind.

Y'all take care. God be with you all.

John Masters

Oh shoot!...I need to order more music all the way from New York ;)

May 30, 2023 - Msg 119053: Whoops! I forgot...Hey to Boo, MDC, Charlotte, possum, Maude, Billy Ray, G-F, Horatio final time...Asa and Romeena. And to everyone else that watched Howard Sprague bowl the 300 game.

John Masters

May 31, 2023 - Msg 119054: Happy Wednesday porch. just doing a check point chickie.

I Have been busy helping Mr. Maude with his therapy appointments and doing his therapy at home. He is doing well, beginning to transition from a walker to a cane. His physical therapist has been pleased with his progress. Hopefully he can get the other knee done in September.

We learned that we are going to be 1st time grandparents in November! Patrick and Daysie are expecting. My birthday was May 5th and they gave me a birthday card with an ultrasound picture in it. That made my birthday and Mothers Day as well.
We don't know if it's a boy or girl but it doesn't matter at all so long as it's healthy. They will find out on a few weeks so I will let you guys know.

I agree that the porch is a might quite place these days as everyone processes our losses. Hopefully we can work through our grief and keep OUR little piece of tranquility going. Romeena and
Asa would want that. We do depend on one another for support.

Guess I better get busy
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 31, 2023 - Msg 119055: Hereís a little taste of the ďMayberry EffectĒ documentary that came out a couple years ago.... I thought yíall could use a little shot of Mayberry this morning!..Chris Hudson did a AWESOME job on this!..Plus heís a nice guy too...


May 31, 2023 - Msg 119056: p.s. If you look on the ďInter webĒ there a several places you can rent it or buy it outright...(Like Weavers Department Store site)....*Same goes for The Mayberry Man Movie! 🎥

G-F again

May 31, 2023 - Msg 119057: Hey Y'all- Congratulations to Big Maude!! That's wonderful news and sure brings some delightfulness to the Porch,knowing we'll have a new Porch baby to fuss over! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

G-F- I don't know if it's still on there,but I saw "Mayberry Effect" on the Tubi app last year,I think it was. Really good documentary-y'all watch it if you can find it. Mayberry Man is a cute movie-got myself a copy from Weaver's.

Checked my email this morning and nothing yet from Sterling. I sure hope he still uses that address and will eventually see my message. Will keep y'all posted.

Enjoy the last day of May and remember to act like somebody!

possum again

P.S. Hey to Charlotte Tucker! I haven't heard of that product you mentioned. Perhaps another Porchster has,though.

May 31, 2023 - Msg 119058: Melaleuca...Melaleuca...ain't that a cure for the mange?

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119059:

Hey ever'one, good to see lots of conversation on the porch!
Good to see everyone too. I got to thinking the other day as we were
moving some furniture around that I have Barney's "den" in my living room! ha
I have my leatherette wheeler, a sofa to nap on, and my remote. :)
Sometimes I even let Cecile come in. haha
Possum, I sure hope that email is good. Would be nice to hear from him.
Hope all is well in your 'neck of the woods.' Pappabear and I talked briefly
on Memorial Day. He used to put flags at the cemetery, but cant get around
to do that anymore.
KY GIRL- Was it you who also likes the Rifleman? Did u see the other day
that part of it was shot at "Myers Lake?!" I recognized the trees and surrounding
BOO-- Good sweep, and so happy that Erin is doing so well. That really is so good to hear.
One thing about RO's posts was her big picture window, and all the happenings
in her backyard. I miss those posts and of course, Trinket too, and how she
pampered her. I sure hope she is doing OK these days.
BILLY RAY, did you see my post to you? You have to go back to the last archive to see it.
JOHN MASTERS--good to hear from you. Yes, I agree, things are dark right now,
especially the whole dodgers deal. So sick.
I assure you, if they were making fun of mohammed, no way would they be invited.
But i'm pretty well done with all pro sports now. You are also right tho, WE need to be a light
to the world now more than ever! Our pastor recently gave a very good analogy:
The ocean is the world, and we are a ship in the ocean. Jesus is the wind in our sails
moving us forward, but if forget him he stops his wind against the sails, and we become stagnant, and
may begin to take in water, (the worldliness) and before long, it cannot be bailed out
faster than it is coming in, and then, of course, the ship sinks. Something to really think
about! REV once spoke of something very similar.
BIG MAUDE--so nice to hear of Mr. Maude's progress. So glad that he is sticking to it,
as that is so important. And a GRANDkid, how very cool! I know that Ro and Asa are rejoicing with us.
G-F...thank you for that neat clip of Mayberry!!! :)
CHARLOTTE--I have not heard of those products either, sorry. Are you asking about our first dance?
For me, it was an 8th grade dance, all the boys on one side, all the girls on the other,
and the chaperones in the middle trying to get us to dance! haha :) Must have been a sight.
Prayers for all,

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119060: Oops, sorry for the 'book!' mdc

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119061: Big Maude, Congratulations on the grandbaby! Our grown children are single, and it pains my heart. I wish theyíd both meet someone wonderful, but Iím not in charge of that. Thank you for that link, G-F, Iíll have to check it out. I agree John Masters. The world is dark. I just didnít my daily Bible reading and swim and try to stick my toes in the dirt to stay grounded. I do miss Ro and Asa, but I know they would be the first to want the porch to carry on. Boo, Iím glad Sean and Erin are doing well. No ďWheeleringĒ for me today. We decided to paint an old truck of ours with Rustoleum and a roller. I must say it turned out pretty fairóbetter than Newmanís painting! MDC, I was referring to the first dan e Andy mentioned in that quote....Ēnot a (some specific kind of dance), not a uplifters dance, a CHURCH dance!Ē Who can complete that quote for me? Itís driving me crazy. Melaleuca products are all natural and wonderful. I just wondered if any of you had used them. And no, Billy Ray, they donít cure mange as far as I know. Lol. My book might be bigger than yours, MDC. Yaíll gotta remember Iím a writer and editor. 😉 Hey to possum!
Charlotte Tucker

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119062: Nope, MDC, your bookís bigger than mine!

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119063: Hello, porch peeps.
Charlotte, I believe the quote you're gropin for is "not a legion dance, not a chamber of commerce dance, not an uplifters dance... a church dance!"
I guess it's my turn to write a "book".
Believe it or not, I was actually going to post something in the last couple of weeks. But, I saw the porch was getting close to sweeping, and I didn't want my post to be the very top one of a new page! How lame is that?
Anyhoo... Asa died mid February... I posted my condolences then, and I truly miss him so darn much. I really meant to start posting more to the porch, and Romeena had even responded to me and asked some questions about my container garden. Which prompted me to go out and take some measurements, and I was going to respond back to her about tomatoes, and how big of a container they would need, but I never came back and posted it...
In the meantime, on March 30th, my son-in-law died. It has been the worst thing ever. It was by suicide. I can't even say that terrible word without crying. It has been so awful, trying to navigate my 39-year-old daughter, and the fact that she is now a widow. I hate this so much.
I'm falling apart myself, but it's not about me. It's about my daughter. She was married to him for 10 years, and with him for 7 before that. He was part of our family for 17 years.
And then shortly after that, on Good Friday, Romeena died. So I know I have been sparse, and I really do offer my condolences to all of you for the loss of Romeena, and Asa.
I do really love you all, and I have to throw this in here: I don't share a couple of yours opinions about how everything is dark and bleak right now.
In spite of everything that I've been through I still believe our country will get through this: we are strong and I truly believe that we have more in common with our neighbors and each other then the media would have us believe.
Dare I say it? Keep looking up!

June 01, 2023 - Msg 119064: Good evening Hazel and porchsters,
Good to see you here. I am deeply sorry for your horrific loss. Very sorry for your daughter. Does she have children? Prayers for you both. Thank you for completing the quote I was butchering! I agree with you that we do have more in common with one another than the media leads us to believe.
Charlotte Tucker

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119065: First off, before I start my ďbookĒ I want send condolences to Hazel on her loss. You just donít know the struggles people are going thru and the sense of hopelessness they feel sometimes....

Here on the Porch we have shared some of those stories with the hope our words and comfort will give others some comfort and empathy to others who also are dealing with difficulties both spoken & UNSPOKEN....

But I CAN say this....This little corner of the world we have here is a special place to those of us who rock here and have rocked here before...Some of us were fortunate to meet in person, Maude & Possum to name two, they can attest that the Mayberry community is a VERY SPECIAL group of people.

I think this is because as Charlotte & Hazel have stated we as Human Beings still want and urn to be good people. That is WHAT the Spirit of Mayberry shows us....There is GOOD in EVERYONE but you need to look for it and not fall into the traps of the world 🌎 ...Amen?

If you donít believe that, then come to most any Mayberry event or festival and you will see it in the flesh....As we get older I think we want to go back to those days when life was not so complicated....

Iíll finish with a quote from Andy...: ďYou know when you're young you think you will always be. As you become older and more fragile, you reflect and you realize how much comfort can come from the past....Andy Griffith

So as I sit on my rocker on MY front porch watching my birds & squirrels play...I Say....Life is too Short, and So am I!....

G-F 🧔🏻 I grew a beard for this post...(If you know that episode)

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119066: I know that episode...
You've got to let him finish his thoughts, cuz he's got some zingers!

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119067: Hey G-F and Hazel and all other porchsters who need to get rockiní.
We finished the paint roller job on our old truck, and I must say itís an improvement over the rust and missing paint. I need to introduce you all to my one-year-old pup, Jetta. She is a pistol. She loves to play catch and fetch, and she chews up anything that isnít being supervised. Today I caught her chewing up our new hose nozzle. 🤦‍♀️ Our older dog, Brantley, 10, tolerates her nonsense. Happy Friday all! I think Iíll go over to Thelma Louís for some TV and then take a nap.
Charlotte Tucker

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119068:
For the love of Mike, just DO IT! :)

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119069: See...Exactly what I mean...Where else can you make the above statement and everyone knows exactly what episode it came from...🤣🤣

Charlotte talking about paint rolling you truck, it reminded me of a Old Guy who I worked with waaay back in the early 70ís he had a old Nash that he did the same thing to... He was So proud of it, he painted it hunter green. I have to admit he did a pretty good job for only using a roller & brush.

Hadnít thought about Clarence for years, he looked like Popeye and always wore a train Engineer hat.....


June 02, 2023 - Msg 119070: G-F, we painted ours Hunter Green too!!!
Charlotte Tucker

June 02, 2023 - Msg 119071: Haha, GF, won't Clarence be surprised that you haven't changed a bit!

June 04, 2023 - Msg 119072: Itís the weekend. Where is everybody? Donít you know we fixed up the uniforms and Gomer got the spiders out from under the bandstand so we could have a relaxing band concert under the stars tonight?
Charlotte Tucker

June 04, 2023 - Msg 119073: Evenin' Porchsters
I wanted to come rock for a while and let everybody know I'm still here. Dealing with some really ridiculous nonsense right now from my now ex-husband's concubine, but hopefully I'm on the downhill slope with that mess. She has her "prize" she needs to just go on with him and leave me alone for crying out loud! A few of the regulars know what I'm talking about. I just needed a break so thought I'd come rock and watch lightenin bugs.
Hope everybody is doing well.

June 04, 2023 - Msg 119074: Charlotte Tucker I hope you don't expect us to do anything with that mildew!

June 04, 2023 - Msg 119075: I'm back, I posted before reading .. I want to say I am so sorry Hazel for your loss, please know I'm sending prayers and wrapping you and yours in love and warmth. 🤗

June 05, 2023 - Msg 119076: Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. .

Miss Peggy from days gone by.
Hey to Mavis!

June 05, 2023 - Msg 119077: Saw your post MDC. I might have to visit Doc Roberts.

Greetings to all. A reminder to the Porchsters, act like you're somebody.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

June 05, 2023 - Msg 119078: I just realized that when I posted recently that I forgot to congratulate Big Maude on going to be a grandma for the first time! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you. Grandkids are the best thing ever!
Also thank you to those that offered condolences to me... it means a lot.

June 06, 2023 - Msg 119079:

Hello Porchsters. I hope you all had a good Sabbath day.
Our pastor has sure been on a roll lately. Definitely not
dry as dust. :)
Big MAUDE, how goes your search for a new pastor?
Hey to Miss Peggy! Long time no see. Good to hear from you.
And MAVIS also. So sorry about the whole thing that you are
going thru. Hopefully things will settle down soon. Upchurch
wants to make a moulage out of it tho. :)
CHARLOTTE, speaking of uniforms, those of us on FB saw BOO
in her high school band uniform! She looked real nice.
And thanks for telling us about Jetta and Brantley!
Most of you here know that on Monday mornings
I help clean the church that we attend. So how does one leave
a baby carrier in a pew? Yup, a baby carrier sans the baby!
My wife guesses that the baby must have been asleep in its mother's arms
and the mom walked out that way. I sure hope someone calls to claim it
at the church office. One of many things that this volunteer crew member finds
each week. (after 5 sunday services, there's always something left behind)
All else is good here, just getting hot now. Last two days were 105.
GF, funny about the old guy's paint job. Sounds like something that
would be great on the RED-GREEN show! ha

June 06, 2023 - Msg 119080: Good morning porch family. Hope everyone is A OK today.

I am glad that folks are rocking with us again as we heal and try to move forward.

MDC: you must of missed my post about our new pastor. We did find a pastor and he has been with us for almost a year now. He has done a great job of helping our church move forward after our pastor of 38 years retied. The new pastor is about 38 years old, has 3 school aged boys and lovely wife who is in nursing school. It seems our church family is growing. The outreach programs that have started have brought younger families which is a good thing. Seemed like as our former pastor got older so did the congregation and younger families just weren't coming.

Our Bible school is next week so please pray for lots of children to come and good weather as some of the activities are supposed to be outside.

Mr. Maude continues to recover well from his knee replacement surgery. He is working to move from the walker to the cane. We are hopeful the next knee replacement surgery will be in the fall.

Weather has been nice the past few days on my end of the porch. Not too hot or too cool. Rain is expected tomorrow.

Guess I better get busy here at work
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

June 06, 2023 - Msg 119081: Howdy Big Maude, G-F, MDC, Hazel, and Miss Peggy, Billy Ray and Mavis, Glad the porch seems so full this evening. MDC, So our truck paint job is also hunter green. On the tail gate the taillight and DODGE letters are red. When my daughter saw it, she said it looked like a Christmas truck! Lol. And no, Mavis, we arenít even going to try getting that mildew out of the uniforms! Big Maude, glad Mr. Maude is doing well.
Charlotte Tucker

June 06, 2023 - Msg 119082:
Hey Maudie, you know the old saying:
"3 percent always miss the memo!" ha But glad the new pastor is working out.
Charlotte, the truck just needs a Christmas tree in the
bed, and you'll be all set! :)


June 07, 2023 - Msg 119083: Thank you Charlotte Tucker we can't do a thing with mildew!
Things here are still a dadgum mess! I was so mad this afternoon I could spit nails 😡 I've settled down now but man oh man, was I mad! I was so sore I could bust! Hopefully after my attorney reads my email we can fix that issue.
Big Maude glad to hear Mr Maude is recovering well, MDC you tell Upchurch if he makes a big moulage out of it all, he better keep that thing with him, I'm not about to have it hanging around here! Hey Miss Peggy
I'm going to hit the ironing board y'all

June 07, 2023 - Msg 119084: Mavis, you're going to sleep on it between two chairs?

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

June 07, 2023 - Msg 119085: Hey y'all! It's so good to see the rockers all filled up with Porchsters again!! Asa & Ro would be proud of the way we're keeping this special place going.

Haven't heard anything from Sterling,so I'm thinking he doesn't use that email account anymore but am hoping he'll decide on a whim to check it one of these days or pop back onto the Porch for a visit.

Hazel, I knew of your loss,but wasn't aware of the circumstances. I'm so sorry. Again,my deepest condolences to you and your daughter, along with many prayers,as y'all navigate through everything.

Mavis, hang in there,girl.

Y'all take care,especially if you're on the East Coast and being affected by the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. It's supposed to be in parts of our state today,but shouldn't make it down to my area. Hope not,anyway. I know it's pretty bad up North-wonder how Poor Horatio is coping with it? Maybe he'll show up soon to tell us.

Peace & Love to all!

possum u.a.r.

June 07, 2023 - Msg 119086: MDC...Thanks to you Iím getting Tony Joe White and ďPolk Salad AnnieĒ showing up on my YouTube feed.
That is one unique Cat!....I had never heard him before I guess being a Yankee we didnít get his music up here, but I have to admit I kinda dig him!... He ainít no Jim Lindsey but he has some wild sounds....


June 08, 2023 - Msg 119087:
...and a nice set of threads too! :) mdc

June 08, 2023 - Msg 119088: I don't know if Tony Joe White is playing a guitar or a harp from heaven, but I know he doesn't put on any hillbilly concert. But I can say this. I dig him. I really dig him.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman.

June 09, 2023 - Msg 119089:

Hello everyone,
I was watching the Mr. Wheeler episode last night, and at one part where
he is talking to Andy in the house (near the end) the background has a bookcase
in it where I thought the piano should be. GF--are you familiar with that scene.?
Just seemed a little odd.
Howdy to POSSUM. Too bad the sterling email did not work out. He may still drop by
sometime. We have a big mulch fire AND a big pallet fire burning here on
each end of town. Not the best thing to go with our heat. :(

Maudie, I have helped at our VBS in the past, and I'm glad I was younger! ha.
Those kids can be pretty lively. It will be in my prayers.

We could sure use some rain here, so please add that to your prayers too. Thanks.

Keep looking up! :)

June 09, 2023 - Msg 119090:

I found the scene on youtube. Just cue it to .45 mdc

June 09, 2023 - Msg 119091: MDC..Check Out this video it is a virtual tour of the home with all the inconsistencies.
As well as the courthouse...Kinda interesting tho, if I recall Floyd has done some podcasts on the subject over the years.

My thought is Aunt Bee must have been watching one of those interior decorators shows on 📺 and had Andy, Opie, and Gomer come in and rearranged things? Mr. Wheeler had a bad back so he couldnít

Letís just go with that?......🤣🤣🤣🤣......G-F

June 10, 2023 - Msg 119092:

The darn lumbago! :)

June 11, 2023 - Msg 119093:

Thanks GF, what a great video! It even has our Floyd in it!
That is very interesting how things changed thru the years.
Last night as I was watching the Jubal Foster episode,
I got to thinking about all the 'stills' featured in the show.
They really had a problem with moonshiners! ha
There was
Jubal Foster,
Mr Frisbee,
Rafe Hollister,
Mr Darling (tho never really made a thing of)
The Morrison sisters,
Jess Morgan,
Colonel Harvey (tho he could have bought his)
the 4 guys that Andy brought in,
and even Sam Muggins in the Christmas episode!
(I may have even missed a few, like the guy Andy let out to harvest his crops)
Well, on that note, Good Sober Sabbath to all! :)

June 12, 2023 - Msg 119094: Happy Monday! MDC, Funny you mention Jubal Foster. I was hoping Opie and the Wildcats (I think that was their name) werenít using a candle and matches and started any of those Canadian wildfires, possum. Maybe there are stills and lots of piled up corn in Canada! 😳 Thanks, G-F, for posting that link to the interiors. Will check it out! Lots of pea and green bean picking coming up here this week. We got a blessed rain yesterday, and things are looking mighty fine now!
Charlotte Tucker


June 12, 2023 - Msg 119095: Oops, G-F, I chewed my cabbage twice!

June 12, 2023 - Msg 119096: Cabbage can be tough at times...It does take some extra chewing sometimes Charlotte G-F

June 13, 2023 - Msg 119097:

a truckload of Vicks vaporub spilled onto a highway,
but there was no congestion for 12 hours! (:

June 13, 2023 - Msg 119098: Thatís funny right there!...I bet Boo thinks so too!...

June 14, 2023 - Msg 119099:

HI ALL! I was watching the Malloy episode tonight, and I just
discovered a blooper! When Barney lets malloy out of jail
by "picking" the lock, Malloy gets barney's gun that was hanging on the
coat rack, but then, in the dry cleaning shop, Andy tell Barney
to "load up," and Barn produces another gun! Very curious. :)
BTW, that was Allen Melvin's first tags episode.
All is well here, but we need rain pretty badly. Would appreciate
some prayers in that area. Thanks.
Charlotte, glad that you got some. Those veggies sure sound good.
BTW, did you plant any licorice seeds? ha
If any of you get a channel called Catchy Comedy, it will be running
Mayberry RFD all this weekend!

June 14, 2023 - Msg 119100: Hey MDC. I am wondering where Boo has been hiding. She is missed. Iíve been thinking lately about little issues I have like these tiny ants in my kitchen and other issues and thinking Romeena would likely have had a solution for the problem. Miss her and Asa. By the way, no licorice seeds, but you would be amazed at how many peas I have! Bumper crop!
Charlotte Tucker

June 14, 2023 - Msg 119101: Charlotte...In my best Andy voice...I believe Iíll let those peas pass on by...Even as a kid they just wonít go down my neck Never been a fan of them. Maybe it was my Aunt making me eat pea soup that turned me against them?

Very strange growing season here in Ohio, everything is kinda like at a stand still...🤷🏼‍♂️ Weíve had very cool nights maybe thatís it?


June 14, 2023 - Msg 119102: G-F, I canít imagine not loving fresh-from-the-garden peas. Eatiní speaks louder than words! The slimy canned ones I can understand not liking. Eww. Our nights are somewhat cool too. Keeps our pool temp down lower than Iíd like. One quick story about my genius husband: our Intex pool pump quit this week on top of three lawn mowers not working. 🥲 But we had our original pool pump in the garage. Switched them out, but the old pool pumpís electrical plug had gone bad. My husband quick like a rabbit got his screwdrivers and took the plug from the newer pump and put it on the older one. Voila! Pool back in working order! Glad I made a downpayment on that husband!
Charlotte Tucker

June 14, 2023 - Msg 119103: I reckon I'd rather eat Aunt Bee's pickles or Charlene's fish muddle than peas. I had a nun in grade school made me eat them. It didn't turn out well. I found out years later people hid their uneaten peas from the nuns guarding the garbage can by putting them in their empty milk carton. Sure wishet I'd known that trick.

Billy Ray the Pea Hatin' Postman

June 15, 2023 - Msg 119104: G-F and Billy Ray! Neither of you like peas! Well, I never! I just put 17 bags in the freezer and have many more to pick. Billy Ray, Did you ever see the Leave It to Beaver episode when Beaver wouldnít eat his brussels sprouts? Itís a good Ďun.
Charlotte Tucker

June 15, 2023 - Msg 119105:

Hey Charlotte, I'll give ya some 'back up!'... I love fresh snap peas.
I could eat those things all day long. I like the way they 'crunch' whilst
eatin em. :)
And that was very clever of Mister Tucker to re-work that plug. But if I may
ask, why was the old pump taken off in the first place if it was
still in working order? Just wondering.

No ant problem here, but we have the bug guy come twice a year.

BOO, where are you??? I see her on FB now and then. Sure hope all is OK.

Things may seem crazy folks, but Jesus is still on the throne. :)
Hang in there.

June 15, 2023 - Msg 119106: Good morning! Itís another pea-pickiní day in my neighborhood. Well MDC, when we took down the old pool, we just put the pump away (threw away the liner because it was shot). When we bought the new pool, it had its own pump with it. These are just above ground, but my daughter and I love them. We swim a lot! Sure hope we can find Boo. Hope she didnít follow Andy and Helen into that cave.
Charlotte Tucker

June 15, 2023 - Msg 119107: Charlotte....I did get a big pile of fresh green beans from the farmers market today..Those I like!...👍G-F

June 16, 2023 - Msg 119108:

Prayers for the people in the south. Terrible storms
and tornadoes. And prayers for south Texas and Boo's
family. I heard on the news that some places are as
high as 120 degrees!
We are not too bad here, only 99 yesterday and about 103 today,
and dry.
Keep well hydrated! :)

June 17, 2023 - Msg 119109: Sitting here on my front porch watching my squirrels & birds commune...Was about to tell Romeena something funny about them, but realized she probably already saw it... Iím thinking her new job is working for the department of critter and botanical outreach...

I know if there is such a thing that would be her job. As well as Asa, his would be watching over us repair guys as we fumble around trying to figure things out...( I have to admit my mowing machine has been cooperating lately ) 🤔

Hey Romeena...If you are listening we have to talk about that squirrel 🐿 who keeps digging up my plants, I think he needs a heavenly intervention....

Hope Yíall have a great Day....*Boo check in when you can


June 18, 2023 - Msg 119110: Happy Father's Day to all of our Porch daddies!!

possum u.a.r.

P.S. I sent Boo a message yesterday letting her know that she is wanted on the Porch-don't think she has seen the message yet,though.She's posting on Facebook,so she's okay.

June 18, 2023 - Msg 119111: Happy Fatherís Day to all the porch Dadís . I hope everyone has a blessed day.
A heartfelt message for our sweet Boo. We miss you!
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

June 18, 2023 - Msg 119112:


June 18, 2023 - Msg 119113: Happy Fatherís Day all you fathers out there! I had one of the best and miss him every day. Gone 9 years now. G-F, My green beans are starting now, so thereís canning in my near future. My blackberries are going hog wild too! Hope Boo checks in soon. Mrs. Maude, I hope Mr. Maude is doing well. Hey to possum. Stay cool 😎, MDC! 🥵
Charlotte Tucker

June 20, 2023 - Msg 119114:

Hello all!
So I was watching some of the Mayberry RFD marathon on
Catchy Comedy channel, and tho I consider myself pretty 'learnED'
in all the Mayberry shows, I don't think I have ever seen the one
where Andy and Helen get married! Don Knotts was in it as the best man,
but he just didnt have that same "Barney-esk" demeanor. It was kinda like
he was trying too hard. Anyway, it was very interesting, as Rev. Tucker was in it too.
BOO?? how are you doing? I hope everything is OK with you and yours.
All is well here Charlotte. We are expecting our first 110 next week.
It will be a dry heat until around August.
GF--as Pappabear would say, it gets so hot here that when the dogs chase the cats,
they WALK! haha Our lizards and snakes are about the only critters out right
now. :)
We had to have our AC repaired last week. The fan speed circuit board went out.
The fan speeds would fluctuate for no reason. The board got moisture on it
and the back was corroded. All is fine now with a new board.
Hey to big Maude and all!

June 21, 2023 - Msg 119115:

"...everyone's gone to the moon..." (:

June 22, 2023 - Msg 119116: Seems like it! Hey to MDC. Glad you enjoyed the marathon. My week has been full of freezing peas, canning beans, and picking blackberries and black raspberries while editing a scholastic article for a friend. My hands are berry stained. 🤣
Charlotte Tucker

June 22, 2023 - Msg 119117: Funny how people differ when it comes to mayonnaiseÖ Sean of the South thinks so too

June 22, 2023 - Msg 119118: Hey Y'all- Not everyone's gone to the moon, I've just been trying to stay dry under my rock! Dang if we haven't had the rain! Supposed to get like 7 straight days of these storms. Will be happy to see the sun shining in my backdoor again,like Andy promised to Goober!

Meanwhile, out in Texas, Boo is battling some extreme heat,Heat index has hit 120 degrees a time or two! Like I've already mentioned,she's ok,I just interacted with her yesterday on Facebook. Guess she'll find her way back to the Porch soon.

About mayonnaise and Spotty will back me up here- DUKES is the best!! There,I said it and I ain't taking it back! Ha!

Y'all take care!

possum under a soggy rock

June 24, 2023 - Msg 119119:

Howdy folks!
I hope everyone is doing OK these days! GF--glad your lawnmower is
hanging in there. I just had mine serviced, good sharp blade, etc.
Even tho I now have a lawn guy, I still like to keep my own mower
in good shape. :)
Hey POSSUM and GF, we finally have Duke's here in our stores now!
I havent tried it yet, but once we run out, I'LL run out and buy
some. Prayers for ya so that your rock will not float away.
In fact, please send us some of that rain. We sure need it!

Tonite's tags on ME-TV was about Miss Peggy taking care of two helpless bachelors! My favorite episode by far, with Man in a Hurry
coming in 2nd. I love Andy and Peggy singing Down in the Valley;
gracious livin' ya know! :) For a few minutes, all my worries are
pushed way to the back of my mind.
and I also like Andy's description of Barney's vacation at the Y. haha
I hope everyone has a good weekend. Charlotte, have fun with the canning.


June 25, 2023 - Msg 119120:

Hello again. I hope all is well and that everyone
is having a good sabbath day. It looks like our
warm weather is finally here! Thought you may like to
see the 10 day forecast. Yikes!

More later,

June 26, 2023 - Msg 119121: Yeowza MDC....Thatís Hot 🥵.... But itís a ďDryĒ heat isnít it?...How Hot is it??.....
....Itís SO hot a dog was chasing a cat and they both were walking....Dad Joke ...G-F

June 27, 2023 - Msg 119122: Not a dry heat in these parts, G-F! Very humid but that's how we roll in the South & will probably be rolling with this heat & humidity until November!
Y'all stay cool & I hope the rain makes its way to you,MDC-we've had plenty!

possum under a rock