April 23, 2023 - Msg 118962: Welcome back Horatio. I always get a laugh from your user name. Just an inspired bit of prose from TAGS writers.

I'll mention something I've noticed as I go through Aunt Bee the Warden. Andy brings in the Gordon boys and locks them up in daylight hours. Shortly after, he takes Otis home and it's suddenly night time, crickets a chirping and all.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118963: Wayell, I guess that Aunt Bee let Otis off the hook for sweeping and let me do it.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118964: Hey Poor Horatio I too am glad to see you back!...I’ve been numb too like MDC has mentioned...Its hard to get in the spirit of Mayberry these days...Now that it’s starting to get a little warm here I can’t help but to think of Romeena while I sit on my porch and watch the squirrels 🐿 & birds playing around.

That goes for Asa too, I truly miss talking shop with him too!
*And my Mayberry Friend Dewey, Big Maude can attest to that also, she knew him too from Mayberry Days and the Meet-Up’s we attended.

It’s different for others who aren’t “Mayberry Oriented” to understand bond we have, but it’s what gets me thru the day sometimes..Amen?


p.s. It was nice to see PaPa Bear 🐻 posting too! As well as some others who have been AWOL from the Porch too!

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118965: I’ll leave you with this quote from Andy Griffith....

“You know when you're young you think you will always be. As you become older and more fragile, you reflect and you realize how much comfort can come from the past”.....

True Words....G-F

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118966: Jamie Hay Sez Hey!!!

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118967: Thanks for welcoming me back after my lengthy hospital stay as we mourn the loss of two popular porch members. It is good to see how this sad news has brought us together again including some new postings from family members of those we lost. Still, it will be hard for some of us to stay motivated and remain active. Hopefully time can heal our sorrow.

From Poor Horatio

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118968: Welcome back to the Porch, Poor Horatio. So glad that you're out of the hospital and I hope things get better for you health-wise. I've often thought of you over these last few months and said to myself that PH is going to come back to the Porch and think he's in the Twilight Zone. Wish it was something like that,but it's all too real-we've lost both Asa & Ro in such a short time and it has really knocked us for a loop. But I think every one of us knows that both Asa & Ro would want us to keep the Porch going. So,we will. Might take a little time,but we'll find our way. Their spirits will always be with us here.

Good to see Pappa Bear back on the Porch! Take care of yourself,friend.

Hey back at ya, Jamie Hay! Feel free to pull up a rocker and join us anytime.

Love & Blessings to all.

possum u.a.r.

April 24, 2023 - Msg 118969:

Hello everyone. Just a quick "hey" right now,
but will be back later on. Possum, well said,
we all just need a bit more time to 'process'
it all, but we will, as I still like to find tags
bloopers, etc. And as time goes by, I will for sure
bring them up, as all well know! :)

April 25, 2023 - Msg 118970: Just stopping by to say hello.Yes it's still hard to believe Romeena and Asa are gone.But they would want the porch friends to keep the porch going.So glad to see Poor Horatio and Pappa Bear.Take care friends-ky girl

April 25, 2023 - Msg 118971: how healing it feels to see so many old friends on the porch. I, too, want to help keep this porch up and going as we process our grief and look forward to the future. I want to be here for all of you, as i know you are for me.

It's been a big blow but we will go on and honor the memories of our dear friends here on the porch.

I received your letter today, Spot. Thank you.

Love to All,

April 25, 2023 - Msg 118972: Good evening porch family:
Just dropping by to check in and remind everyone I’m praying for all the biological and porch families in this tough times of losing a dearly loved member.
I would like to get back on the mailing list as I have moved since the last time I was rocking. Thanks dear loved one!
~New Neighbor

April 26, 2023 - Msg 118973:

HI New Neighbor. I have agreed to take over the mailing list,
and so far I have added KY girl to it.
CHARLOTTE also wanted to get on it, but so far has not contacted me.
I don't want to put my email on this public board, so here it
is in a way that has to be 'deciphered.'
dipper40 at 'the opposite of coldmail' period and then the first three
letters of company. :) Ro would update it each year around
Christmas time, and that way we exchange Christmas cards, etc.
KY girl, glad you figured it out.
OK, I'm going to try getting into some tags... tonight on Me-TV was the episode where
Helen uses the words "Third party." I will always remember that one now
because that's how Asa came to name his snowblower Helen. :)
BOO, as you know, I like the Day Tripper, and last night's was all
about San Saba, TX, the pecan capital of the world! It was very cool.
I really like the small towns, and would love to live there (I think!)
God's blessings and peace to all,

April 26, 2023 - Msg 118974: Good morning porch family. checking in from work.

Mr. Maude's knee replacement was postponed yet again. He was scheduled for April 24th, this past Monday. We received a phone call from the orthopedics office Friday afternoon about 2:45 and was told that they had too many surgeries scheduled and would not have time for him. Since he was the last one on the list for the day they moved him to May 1st, this coming Monday. I had to reschedule a week's worth of clients (about 23 people) that I had scheduled and both Patrick and Beth had taken the day off to be there. We were able to juggle everything around for next week. Hopefully it will take place next Monday.

Continued prayers for everyone as we adjust to our new normal here on the porch.

Its good to see more of our porch family return to the fold. I am sure Asa and Romeena are having a fine time and are watching over us.

Guess I had better get my work day going.
Prayers and blessing to all.
Big Maude

April 26, 2023 - Msg 118975: Maude...That is hard for Mr. Maude I’m sure, you get everything lined up and psych yourself up for it, just to have the rug pulled out under you!... Hopefully next Monday it will happen....


April 26, 2023 - Msg 118976: MDC, I have been to San Saba but it’s been years so can’t remember much. You would probably like living in a small Texas town because you are used to heat. There are lots of great ones.

Wow, Maude, what a pain waiting for that surgery! Hope things resolve soon.

Hey there New Neighbor. Good to see you on the porch.


April 26, 2023 - Msg 118977: Good evening porch! MDC, will be shooting you an email when we get back from camping. It’s the big spring tractor show. I know that Asa and Romeena are having a good time talking and sharing good times in the presence of their Lord.

Take care all.
~New neighbor

April 29, 2023 - Msg 118978: What a shock to stop by this old porch and find out about Asa and Romeena receiving their eternal rewards. Prayers for peace and comfort for their families and friends.
Miss Peggy ( from many years ago)

April 30, 2023 - Msg 118979:

Hello Porch, sorry I have been a bit scarce lately,
but for some reason, I could not 'open' the porch page for several days
until now. Hmmm, the count? Also, on Friday, we had our annual
carpet cleaning done, so Thursday was taking out furniture
and Saturday was putting it all back.
Anyway, here I am. Welcome back Miss Peggy. Yes, it has been
a pretty sad few months, but we are slowly bouncing back.
Otherwise, things are heating up here already. It has been in
the 90s for the past week, but we should be back 'down' to 80s this week.
BIG Maude, so sorry about Mr Maud'es surgery being put off again.
Not cool! Get all 'geared up' and then told its a no go. :(
NN--hope the tractor show was a hit! I've never been to one, ha.
a tractor PULL, yes!
BOO- I think I need a small town, especially with the world so
crazy right now. San Saba looked pretty cool and tranquil.
GOOD SABBATH to all, and to Ro and ASA in heaven! :)


April 30, 2023 - Msg 118980: Wonderful to see NN and Miss Peggy!! Hope you will drop in more often, as we kept your rockers dusted off.

MDC, do you have a way to contact Sterling to let him know of our recent losses?


April 30, 2023 - Msg 118981:

Unfortunately, no, I have no email, home address, or
phone for him. I think he looks in from time to time,
so i guess we'll just have to wait on him to show up.
Thanks for thinking of him tho.

May 01, 2023 - Msg 118982: Happy May Day!!


possum u.a.r.

May 01, 2023 - Msg 118983: Good morning porch family. Asking for prayers for Mr. Maude as today is finally the day for his left knee replacement surgery .
I will keep you all updated .
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 01, 2023 - Msg 118984: Prayers 🙏🏻 for Mr. Maude...Good Luck Buddy....G-F

May 01, 2023 - Msg 118985: Possum...Doesn’t it go like this?... https://youtu.be/vWdnI4lZIN8


May 01, 2023 - Msg 118986: Thanks for the laugh, Possum. Sean and I are sitting here laughing together.

Hope Mr Maude is doing ok Lord watch over him❤️


May 01, 2023 - Msg 118987: Good wet evening from my side of the porch. Not going to complain, as we were needing this rain. (But NOT 4 days in a row!!)Praying for Mr. Maude.
~New Neighbor

May 02, 2023 - Msg 118988: Ha! Good one,G-F!

Hey Boo-glad that clip gave you & Sean a few laughs! Ol kooky Barn-gotta love him!

I hope that Mr. Maude's surgery went well & that Maude will update us soon.Continued prayers.

Really great to see some of the "long lost" Porchsters back on the Porch-y'all don't be strangers,there are plenty of rockers here!

Heard last night that the singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot has passed away at the age of 84. My mind immediately went to Asa- he was Asa's favorite musician. Not sure what Heaven is like but I hope that Gordon Lightfoot is singing in that rich tenor & Asa is dancing with Ro. I loved his music too & hearing of his death brought back lots of sweet memories of my teenage days,playing his "Gord's Gold" album over & over in our den on that huge console stereo we had.And Mama hollering at me to quit sitting on top of the stereo-lol Man,I was having my own private concert up there!

Y'all take care & I hope that we all have a nice May.

possum u.a.r.

May 02, 2023 - Msg 118989: Possum..I was thinking the same thing when I saw that..I remember Asa saying that several times over the years.

May 02, 2023 - Msg 118990: I'm late to this news but I'm so sorry to hear of Romeena and Asa's passing. I can hardly believe it. Both of them have been such an amazing part of the Mayberry family. I'm sure they are sitting together on the porch with Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, Goober, Gomer, Otis, Howard and all of those from Mayberry that have gone before....visiting and enjoying amazing conversations.

I guess the rest of us will have to stick around here and remember them with smiles and joy until we all meet again.

Let's keep the joy that they share with us over the years close to our hearts as we enjoy the porch that they built and made a "home."

--Floyd (a.k.a. - Allan)

May 02, 2023 - Msg 118991: Hello porch family, I thought I would provide an update on Mr. Maude’s surgery. The surgery itself went well. He was the last one to go into surgery for the day so it was late (about 8pm) when they finished so they kept him overnight. The surgeon said his left knee was the worst knee he has ever seen or preformed surgery on.
Thankful he was able to get it fixed . He was able to have physical therapy 2 times before they discharged him. We are home and getting situated. He will have physical therapy Thursday morning.
I will update as I can. Thanks for the prayers .
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 02, 2023 - Msg 118992: Thanks for the update Maude..We will continue to keep him and you in our prayers....G-F

May 03, 2023 - Msg 118993:
Maudie, so good to hear that all went OK.
Remember, have him eat LOTS of protein to help with the healing...
tuna, eggs, cheeses, protein bars, etc.
After my heart surgery I tried and mostly succeeded in eating
about 70 grams a day, and it really did help!

FLOYD, thanks for checking in. Yes, there must indeed be quite a Mayberry
section in heaven! Both Ro and Asa went rather quickly too. But as Ro always
used to say, "Keep looking up." (And I like to add, "and keep oil in your lamp!" :)

Possum, good to see u more as well. I have always liked your witty posts.
I admit that I miss hearing about Ro's critters and fish and trees, and the
stray cats, and her gardens, etc. It has helped me by reading a bit of her
book too. So sorry to hear of Gordon. I always liked his "If You Could Read My Mind."

All for now, hang in there folks! :)

May 03, 2023 - Msg 118994: Such sweet sentiment, Floyd. Thank you for those words of comfort and for making our friendships possible for over 20 years. We love you for it.

Oh MDC, I stopped in the middle of my busy day to listen to the Gordon song you posted. So beautiful and I cried. One of those cathartic weeping cries from deep down inside. I needed it, thank you. I miss my Romeena and Asa but am even more thankful for my porch friends who remain. ❤️

Maude, all I could think of is how your poor husband must have suffered with a knee so bad. I hope and pray all goes well with his recovery.


May 03, 2023 - Msg 118995: Good evening . Thanks Floyd for the reminder that “those who have gone before us” are enjoying each others presence.
It has finally stopped raining on this side of the porch (for the time being).
Having retired from Hospice nursing, I am enjoying a slower pace with working with children with disabilities. Still challenging though! Especially with a FULL moon this Friday!
Take care “family”
~New Neighbor

May 04, 2023 - Msg 118996: Hey front porch! Mind if I pull up a rocker for a few minutes?

Figured I say hello, since I recently learned about sweet Lanni’s passing… I just stopped by in here for old times sake.

It’s been years and years since I’ve visited the front porch, as life got in the way and pulled me in a thousand other directions. (We had four more children!)

I used to sign my name “Daphne”. And reading up, I still recognize most of the names I see.🙂

I met Lanni in here… we discovered we lived fairly close, and I physically met with her and Eloise for lunch at Babe’s Chicken (around 2013), then went to her church to see Rocky Morris (Rev) perform. He sadly passed away a couple of days later… And I’m so honored to have met them both.

I adore what you guys have in here, and the years of friendships that have been made. It’s amazing how a show brought together a group of people who became forever friends!

I know the front porch won’t be the same without Romeena… and I’m sorry to see Asa has passed too.

At least we can grieve with HOPE in promises of a sweet reunion some day, through Jesus Christ our Lord.❤️

Much love to the Porch… And my condolences to you all!

~Colleen Farris (Daphne)

May 04, 2023 - Msg 118997: What a blessing to see you on the porch, Daphne! I remember you and the time you met Romeena for lunch at Babe's. I hope you will drop back in for a chat now and then. We kept you rocker dusted off for you. <3


May 04, 2023 - Msg 118998: I just ran across this in the archives:

January 16, 2003 - Msg 11493: Asa, what would i do without you? I sure wouldn't smile as much!

That is certainly true today.


May 04, 2023 - Msg 118999: Aw, hey Boo! That’s such a sweet comment… Thank you! I’d love to stop in here again, more often. I truly love and adore everything about “the Taylor’s front porch”!!😊

May 05, 2023 - Msg 119000: Happy Birthday, Big Maude!

Hey to Daphne! I remember you & that you & Ro met at the Babe's restaurant. Seeing you on the porch again and reading your kind words for us during this time is a sweet comfort. Do come back often!

Aww,Boo... thanks for sharing that post.Asa did bring lots of smiles.

Last but not least, thank you Floyd. SO grateful to you for providing this special place where we have built our dear Porch Family. You're the cats!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Wonder if the diner is serving tacos today? Spotty,you be sure to swing by Maude's and deliver that birthday cake for her & Mr. Maude to enjoy-hope he is feeling better,Maude! Continued prayers for Mr. Maude. Love to all.

possum u.a.r.

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119001:

Hello DAPHNE! I also remember you. So good to hear from you again.
It's like old home week around here. Yes, these folks are the cats,
for sure! And 4 more kids, wow, how many do you have now?
And NN (New Neighbor) good to see you posting more also. Both of my parents
had hospice nurses, so I know what you have gone thru over the years.
Thank you for doing that.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUDIE! I guess I plum forgot about the Cinco and you both
celebrate today! :)
So many weird things going on these days. We know that Jesus is still
on the Throne, and I pray every morning about it all. He spoke of 'in the days
of Noah,' and 'in the days of Lot.' And I see a lot(no pun) of that happening,
and at what seems to be an accelerated pace.
God bless, and have a blessed weekend,
MDC :)

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119002:

And HEY to postum under rock! :)

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119003:

Hey Boo, glad you liked that song...here's on just for fun... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyXHxh3Sye0 MDC

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119004:


May 06, 2023 - Msg 119005: MDC....I bet Tony Joe would have done a great cover of Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally” too...Just Sayin’


May 06, 2023 - Msg 119006:

GF---> :)


May 06, 2023 - Msg 119007: Thanks for the song, MDC. Haven’t heard that one in ages. I dug it.


May 06, 2023 - Msg 119008: Bet the Morrison Sisters have been quite busy today,what with it being Coronation Day for King Charles AND Kentucky Derby Day!

possum again

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119009: Good Saturday evening folks. I hope everyone is A OK.

Mr. Maude’s recovery is going well. We keep him moving as much as possible and try to follow the exercises the physical therapist gave him. He hasn’t complained much about having pain , just
soreness around the incision and in his upper thigh area.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes . I had a good day overall .
Prayers for everyone .
Big Maude

May 06, 2023 - Msg 119010: Glad Mr Maude is doing ok!

I think its time for a TAGS quote:
"I wanted to grease my shoes but the last time I did that, all the cats kept following me."--Rafe Hollister


May 06, 2023 - Msg 119011: Here's another, Boo:


One of Barney's best scenes and lines.

John Masters

May 07, 2023 - Msg 119012: MeTV will be showing Return to Mayberry at 4pmET/3pmCT on 7 May 2023 for most people. Please join me in the Chatroom at we can talk about the movie while we watch. https://www.imayberry.com/tagsrwc/wbmutbb/anewsome/private/chatroom.htm

May 07, 2023 - Msg 119013:

Very cool, thanks Floyd! I always like the last scene
where we can see how Mayberry has "grown!" :)
Possum, good one about the coronation elixer! ha
Boo and JM, two goodies for sure. Ya made me laugh!
and GF, oh yeah, another fun song.
Maudie, so glad to hear that the recovery is going well.
Good Sabbath to all! Keep looking up. :)

May 07, 2023 - Msg 119014: "No matter where life takes you, you always carry in your heart the memories of old times and old friends. So here's to all of us. Old friends." - Andy Taylor


May 09, 2023 - Msg 119015: I love that quote, Floyd!❤️

I just watched an old movie on TCM called June Bride. It starred Betty Davis and our own dear Thelma Lou as an adorable teenager. She was actually 21 but looked like a teenager. So cute. I highly recommend. If you have Hulu just do a search for June Bride.


May 09, 2023 - Msg 119016: Boo..At Mayberry Days they always make a effort to show that movie in the Earl Theater downtown that week.
Betty has spoken often about her experience filming that and working with Betty Davis...

**(As they do too with “No Time for Sargents”, A Face in the Crowd, and A Murder In Coweta County, Andy’s movies.


May 09, 2023 - Msg 119017: G-F, I cant believe I never knew about June Bride. I thought I had seen every Betty Davis movie ever made but I missed this one somehow! Do you remember what Betty Lynn had to say about her experience?


May 09, 2023 - Msg 119018: Boo...I was there onetime when she talked about it, I know Floyd did a segment on it. Let me try to find the interview about it. I can’t remember all of it... But for everyone else here’s a small clip from it.. https://youtu.be/FpSmoc07pEg


May 10, 2023 - Msg 119019: Good evening porch friends! Where does time go? I was wanting to rock in my chair much more often and here it’s already been a couple weeks. Great to see so many here—ky girl, possum, Boo, Hazel. MDC, I do want on the list; I totally forgot; I’ll try to remember to email you tonight. Poor Horatio, great to see you! I asked about you when I found out about Romeena’s passing and I stopped by then. Daphne, I was MIA from the porch for years, making sporadic appearances, but no matter—Porch Friends always welcome me. 😊

Last night we were watching some show that had something about stolen cars in the plot, and my son (32) said “That’s the car I sold to that boob in Mayberry!” I love it that our kids were raised on Andy Griffith. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, another occasion for some elixir from the hothouse from that “big copper pot.”
Lotsa luck to you and yours. Prayers for Mr. Maude.
Charlotte Tucker

May 12, 2023 - Msg 119020:

POW, POW, POW... :) Hi Charlotte and all! Yes, I got your email Charlotte,
thanks, but did you get my reply? Love your son's reaction. Very cool!
All is well here, just been busy, busy, busy.
One thing I thought about recently is how we all know by only one
or two words exactly what episode it refers to... like "chicken wire,"
or "elixer" (2 eps actually) or "crete-sure." Ha
Another thing I thought of is how poor Bee had no luck with 'beaus.'
There was Mr. Wheeler, Roger Hanover, Mr. Hendricks, etc. Then again,
there would be no episodes either I guess
GF--thanks for that clip of the movie. So amazing to see her so young!
BOO--here's one for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPOIS5taqA8
Hang in there folks, prayers,

May 14, 2023 - Msg 119021: Happy Mother's Day to all of our Porch mamas!

Remembering our " Mother Figure" Romeena today and sending prayers & love for her family as they navigate this first Mother's Day without her.

Good Sabbath to all!

possum u.a.r.

May 14, 2023 - Msg 119022: Happy Mother’s Day to all the porch Mom’s. Remembering Romeena as she celebrates in heaven today.
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 14, 2023 - Msg 119023: MDC, I just found your email and responded. In regard to Aunt Bee’s beaus, don’t forget Mr. Goss. It always pays to look your best! But please no dresses with rows of plastic and rhinestone buttons!

Happy Mother’s Day all you mother figures!
Charlotte Tucker

May 15, 2023 - Msg 119024:

Thanks Charlotte, I did get it, and will add your name.
Oh yes, who could forget the 'debonair' Mr. Goss! ha
Yes indeed, hope all our porch moms had an outstanding day!
Last night I watched The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and I had forgotten
about so many tags folks being in it! Barney, of course, but also
Otis, Asa, Big Maude, Mrs. Lesh, Mr Frisbee, and the jewel thief. I may have
missed a few as it was quite a plethora of tags actors. And, ha, they even used
the same band uniforms, had a haunted house, and the ol' salt and pepper.
BOO--so glad that Erin is doing ok these days. I hope Sean's job is
also going well. Good Sabbath.
MDC :)

May 15, 2023 - Msg 119025: MDC, Thanks for that reminder about all the TAGS actors in Ghost and Mr. Chicken. It’s been years since I’ve seen that movie. Celebrated Mother’s Day here with some KFC and watching a couple funny episodes of Leave It to Beaver. Relaxing day. Big Maude, How is Mr. Maude doing?
Charlotte Tucker

May 16, 2023 - Msg 119026: More of our Thelma Lou in her younger days.... https://youtu.be/oZpW44Wc2U4 G-F

May 17, 2023 - Msg 119027: Hello Folks. Stopped by expecting to read a post from Romeena. Am glad to learn that Mr Maude finally got his surgery completed.
Sad to learn about Gordon Lightfoot passing. I first heard of him back in the mid-1970s when the song Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was popular. It has a special meaning for me since I was on a US Navy ship crossing the Pacific at that time. It is a very haunting song for me.

from Poor Horatio

May 17, 2023 - Msg 119028: Good morning porch family, stopping by for a check point chickie before my workday begins.

It's good to see Charlotte Tucker and Poor Horatio!

Hope you both will continue to fill your rockers on a regular basis.

Mr. Maude is doing well with his knee recovery surgery. It has been a little over 2 weeks since
the surgery and the PT said he is ahead of the curve at this point. He has had some pain but not
unbearable. He goes to PT on Mondays and Fridays
and does home PT the other days. We have a family friend who is a retired RN and has experience in orthopedic nursing so she has been coming to our house during the day and working with him on his exercises. Her husband died a few months ago so she says it gives her a purpose to get up and out and be helpful. That has been a blessing for her and for us.

My kids are doing good. staying busy with their jobs and lives. We celebrated Beth's 29th birthday yesterday. We will have a family Sunday supper birthday dinner with her favorite spaghetti and meatballs, salad and cupcakes. It' hard to do that during the work week with everyone's schedule.

Boo: I am glad Erin is doing better and Sean is liking his job.

Lunch menu will be:chicken salad sandwiches, chips of your choice, Mr. Cookie bar so you don't get a sinking spell in the afternoon. Tea or lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

May 18, 2023 - Msg 119029:

Hello everyone. A late-nite visit from me.
All is well however, just still busy with our church's
50th anniversary.
Good to see Poor Horatio and Big Maude. Yes, PH. I also expect
a nice post about backyard critters, etc. It will take a while, i think.
Maudie, happy to hear of Mr. Maude's progress! Good that he is sticking
with the PT.
Oh GF, thanks for that of dear sweet betty Lynn.
Well, all for now, more later.
MDC :)

May 18, 2023 - Msg 119030: I was making bacon 🥓 this morning for breakfast....Couldn’t help but think of the great bacon debates we have had on the Porch with Romeena & Asa...I leaned to Romeena and made it a bit on the lumpy side 😢....


May 18, 2023 - Msg 119031: *Limpy..Not lumpy!

May 18, 2023 - Msg 119032: Good evening porchsters, Busy day today trying to get our pool opened. It was pretty nasty when we uncovered it. Dumping in lots of chemicals. 😏 Also did some gardening. Our garden is looking fabulous. So far we’ve harvested radishes, asparagus, and rhubarb. The peas, strawberries, and blackberries are in bloom. My Malcolm (Tucker) 😉 loves having a campfire. He’s been doing some tree trimming so we cooked both breakfast and supper over the fire today. That’s about it from here. 10-4.
Charlotte Tucker

May 19, 2023 - Msg 119033:

Hello all! Charlotte, at my end of the porch, we can use the pools
all year long! haha I have to admit that I have never eaten rhubarb,
but I guess I might try it in a pie. :) Your garden sounds a lot
like SPOT'S, but he also has corn. Like you, he hasnt posted much recently,
but he used to tell us about his plantings.
BTW did you all hear about the big fire in Charlotte, NC? It was an apt
complex under construction, so no one was in it, but 100 firefighters
were involved to put it out.
Today on the Rifleman starred our Joanna Moore, and she was as gracious as ever, just married to a not-so-nice guy.
Then on Wagon Train...Bette Davis! I ended up watching the whole thing.
Does anyone remember where our "wheeler" term came from? I only ask because
I had a bit of 'wheeler time' today! :)
BIG Maude, thanks for the lunch!
And GF, glad you corrected about the lumpy bacon! ha I like mine on the
crispy side, like I had today in a BLT! Love those.

All is well here. Prayers for all,

May 19, 2023 - Msg 119034: MDC...I think the “Wheeler” reference started with Asa & I...We would kid about our “Lazy Boy” recliners and our need for some relaxation time like the Handyman “Mr. Wheeler” would do...Hence the reference

BTW...We also coined the ladies model “The Wheelerette” for our Porch Ladies...(Mainly Romeena) she would use that reference for her relaxing time too...

Boy.. I sure miss those two Rascals....


May 19, 2023 - Msg 119035: You know Charlotte...Any food cooked “Pioneer” style has got to taste better than food cooked the regular old way!
And for y’all getting your pool ready, it reminds me of “Cousin Eddie” getting ready to jump into the pool with his mask & snorkel on...

G-F again

May 19, 2023 - Msg 119036: G-F, When I first saw our pool with the cover off, it reminded me of the first Vacation when they went to that place with smelly tents and that stagnant pool! “Edna, this tent’s yours.” Lol. MDC, Rifleman is right up there with TAGS in my book. I love that show. Did you ever see the other side of Chick Connors in Big Country with Burl Ives? He was creepy in that. No wheelerette time for me today. I took my daughter to lunch and shopping as part of her birthday. She nearly walked my feet off! Headed to the kitchen—pieces of rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream for ya’ll!
Charlotte Tucker

May 20, 2023 - Msg 119037:

GOOD EVENING ALL! We got a little rain this evening. It is always
a welcome sight around these parts.
GF--now that I think about it, I believe you are right.
The whole "wheeler" thing came from Mr. Wheeler! I guess we could
have had a "Dave Browner," but wheeler sounds so much better! haha
Speaking of brown, I heard that football player turned actor, Jim Brown,
passed away today. I remember seeing him in The Dirty Dozen, the famous
running scene near the end.
I'm curious how gas prices are around the porch. At my end, it is still
at 4.99 a gallon!
Charlotte, I am a big Rifleman watcher. So many same lessons come out on
that show. I never saw that other show, but I do remember Chuck in Branded.

We had charbroiled Italian sausages for dinner tonight. Woo doggies were they good!
BOO--how goes things with your family these days? Is Sean still liking
his job?
Well, that's about it for now. God's blessings to you all. :)

May 21, 2023 - Msg 119038: I miss them too, G-F..

Sorry I have been missing lately but been very busy with things around here.

MDC, things are going pretty well and Sean still likes his job. He gets a little bored sometimes but other than that it is good because no one is micromanaging him and he has alot of autonomy. He is doing a good job, according to his supervisors.

Erin is still doing well, too. Thank you, again for your prayers.

Wanted to check in. Need to go do some chores. A friend from Florida is driving in tonight so want things to be ready.

Love to All,

May 24, 2023 - Msg 119039:

Oh GF, We had a pancake breakfast at church last Sunday,
and you would not have cottoned to the strips of bacon with it,
as they were crisper than a, well, than a crispy piece of bacon! ha
Definitely a hitch in your get-along. :)
BOO--good to hear that things are going pretty well for you and yours.
Is Erin's job also going ok.? Isn't she in the healthcare field?
NN, KY girl, Charlotte, thanks for returning to the porch.
Please let us know how things are with y'all these days.
I recently got a product called SuperBeets, and they seem to be helping
my energy level. They are in the form of a pomegranete flavored chew.

May 24, 2023 - Msg 119040: MDC, I'll have to look into the Superbeets as I have had a terrible time with exhaustion. Do you know if they also cure the mange?

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

May 24, 2023 - Msg 119041: By the way, bacon needs to be triple crunchy if I'm going to eat it.

Billy Ray the Limp Bacon Hating Postman

May 25, 2023 - Msg 119042:

Billy Ray, you may want to get a heart check-up first if you
are getting exhausted or have shortness of breath.
These chews are just beet extract that help dialate the blood
vessels, and can help lower blood pressure, but I suggest
you get the check up first to make sure
it is not a blocked artery, etc that is causing it.
Here is a review site about them:
Hope that helps a bit.
BOO, maybe u can add to this, you're not a teacher or a sheriff,
but you are a nurse (in my best Goober impression) :)

May 27, 2023 - Msg 119043:
Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!
I know I post this every year, but I think it
is good to always remember our fallen soldiers.
MDC :)

May 29, 2023 - Msg 119044:

Gomer, Gomer, Gome...

May 29, 2023 - Msg 119045: Happy Memorial Day to the Porch Family!

With gratitude for the soldiers who gave their all for our freedoms.

possum u.a.r.

May 29, 2023 - Msg 119046: To EVERYONE Who Served and those who were left behind.
Today we remember you and We Thank You for your Service & Sacrifice!..You are NOT FORGOTTEN!!


Grateful Citizen 🇺🇸