April 06, 2023 - Msg 118878: Evening everyone. Just stopping by to see how everybody is doing. Yes, it is a sad time for us and my heart and prayers go out to Lanni’s family. I have been thinking about how Lanni would want us to deal with this and I think she would want us to a”keep looking up” and rely on one another. I sincerely believe she wants her porch family to continue on and be there for each other . We can use her wisdom and just like Rev, Tom, Millie, Asa and others her spirit will live on here on the porch and in our hearts .
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude…. Jo Ann


April 07, 2023 - Msg 118879: Hello Porch friends.I have had Romeens on my mind and in my prayers so I wanted to stop by to see if there were any updates on her health.I am praying for her and her family.I read the archives and her daughters post.God bless her for taking the time to let her porch friends know how she is.I did notice in the archives someone mentioned Asa.How is he?I have to close and get my grandson to bed.Prayers for all on the porch-ky girl

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118880: KY girl, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that Asa was diagnosed with lymphoma in December and passed away about a month ago, I believe. His wife Debbie came to the porch to tell us. We were heartbroken and miss him very much.

Maude, thank you for those wise words. I think Romeena wants us to keep looking up. ❤️


April 07, 2023 - Msg 118881: Dear beautiful Porch people,
Your precious words are awesome and were shared with Mom. This morning, on Good Friday, after a bath with body wash and bath balm that she loved….fresh linens, soft lights, gentle music, a candle burning that was a gift from her dear friend Eloise - Mom Romeena gently passed on. She loved Easter so much and how fitting that she made it to the remarkable day of the holy weekend. Last night she said “one more night, last night”….Glorious
Love, comfort and appreciation to you all,
Romeena’s kids

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118882:

Oh dear Robbi and kids. I grieve with you this day, but what a day to pass thru the veil
and into heaven; the day that we remember our dear Savior Jesus conquering sin on the cross
in his redeeming act!
We will miss Lanni so much, we loved her so much. She gave so much to this porch with her wit,
her faith, the love of her backyard, and so so much more. I just looked at her last post from about two
weeks ago, and she was hoping for a portable O2 generator, but now she is running upon
the streets of gold, visiting with all who have gone before, especially her dear Dale and
her horse Ace.
The peace of our Lord be with everyone this Easter. I am dealing with a lot also right now,
but my faith is strong, and I will be back. I love you all.
Steve/ MDC

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118883: I’m in tears right now - let me gather myself - we loved Lanni so much - prayers to all - SPOT

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118884: Thank you so much, Romeenas family, for letting the porch know of her passing. Her love for God and her faith carried her through. And we know she's now with her beloved Dale and Sugarplum, Toye Star and her cherished pets. She will be deeply missed on the porch.

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118885: Those of us on The Front Porch lost our “Matriarch" but the Heavens gained a “Texas Rose” 🌹..
To our “Mother Figure” We Say ...Godspeed Sweet Romeena...We will do as you always told us to do...
We will continue to always...Look Up....

G-F 😢

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118886: Thank you Lanni’s children. Can’t say anything just yet, but will soon. My love to all of you.


April 07, 2023 - Msg 118887: Oh my heart Im so sorry my friends. What a precious sweet lady. She was for sure the mother figure to everyone here. Loved her posts and her emails. I made a cup of coffee and turned on tv land and went back through the archives to get caught up. Of all the tag eps to be on, the infamous one where Earnest T meets Romeena is on. Such a strong woman of faith she was always encouraging us to keep looking up and stay strong. She loved her Lord, her family and fur babies and her country. She could sure get fired up over her love and beliefs about this country and I loved her for that. Im just hoping thaf Dale, and all her little furry ones she adores so much were waiting on her when she got there. Robbi and family, she spoke of you all often and you are on my prayers and heart. To my porch family Im so sorry I love you all. Might be a little tear filled but keep looking up! ~Salty Dog

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118888: What can I say that hasn't already been said?

I will let Lanni's own words speak. May they bring us all comfort.

From Lanni's book, "A Flat of Petunias" :

" I will enjoy the rest of my time on this earth,and when the time comes,I'll step through the door into that "other room"and will live forever."

She's only stepped into the other room. Our Ro will always be close by.

My love to all of our Porchsters,and to Lanni's family. God bless and keep you.

possum under a rock

April 07, 2023 - Msg 118889: Oh I'm sitting her reading everyone's posts and just bawling. I know I haven't sat and rocked on the porch much these last few years, but I do still check in once in a while and try to keep up.
So many emotions going on here on my ridge right now.

It's hard to put into just a few words so many memories made here on this porch over the last 20+ years and I cherish every one of them.

I have a candle lit to light her way tonight and I am going to think of her and my Jacob finally getting to meet and how my Jacob is telling her how he was the only kid in elementary school who could quote TAGS with the best of them. I remember what a kick Ro would get out of me posting about the times Jake managed to get me with a quote without even a second thought.

To Lanni's beloved family, thank you for letting us know and for letting us share your Mom for the last "tappity, tappity, tappity" 25 years (said in my best Ernest T. voice!

Hail the traveler!!


April 07, 2023 - Msg 118890: PS ~ Please excuse any typos as it's hard to see the screen through my tears.


April 07, 2023 - Msg 118891: My heartfelt prayers and condolences to Romeena's family and the Porch community.

I am simply stunned silent.

John Masters

April 08, 2023 - Msg 118892: Hello Porch family. I’m Carrie Fish Lanni’s DIL from Florida. I was married to her first born, Dale Jr who passed in 2018. I’ve followed Romeena on The Porch for many years. You all are such an amazing group of friends. My faith leads me to believe that she is rejoicing in seeing both Dale Sr and Dale Jr. What a wonderful reunion it must be!! My best to all of you.

April 08, 2023 - Msg 118893: Thank you, Carrie. Your presence here is a comfort. Please consider yourself a member of our family and come sit with us when you can if we can help encourage you. I’ve been thinking a lot about how Romeena is now reunited with her son. I hold you and your family in my heart and prayers. ❤️

Love, Boo

April 08, 2023 - Msg 118894: Thank you,Carrie,and my deepest sympathies to you and all of Lanni's loved ones. We know you,as she spoke of you often here.We knew your Dale and also knew of her beloved husband Dale and yes,Lanni has been reunited with them in Heaven now,and what a joyous moment that must have been!!

Please take care and stop by and rock a spell with us any time you want, Carrie. Her family is our family and you're always welcome. Again,my condolences and love to you and the entire family.

Pam/possum under a rock

April 08, 2023 - Msg 118895: Porch friends, I saw the posts on Facebook of Romeena’s passing so I felt I needed to stop by to mourn with you all. I can’t imagine The Front Porch without Romeena and now I also see Asa has passed. So sorry for the loss of these two. I met Romeena here way back in the early 2000s and admired her writing so much that we connected offline, and she began writing reminiscing stories for a magazine I edited for close to 20 years! Her stories, sense of humor, and love of animals were the best! RIP Romeena! 💕😢
Charlotte Tucker

April 08, 2023 - Msg 118896: Good to see you, Charlotte. Romeena told us all about her stories and how you two connected. I hope you will stop by the porch more often. We miss the porch friends who aren’t here often and I expect that will be even worse now. I hope you are well and I would love to catch up on your life.


April 09, 2023 - Msg 118897: I am so sorry to hear about Romeena and Asa. Both such good people.I am at a loss for words.But I know Romeena has been reunited with her family that has passed and her fur babies.She had such a love for life that was so uplifting.I am definitely not a gardner but when she described her garden and plants I felt like I wanted to plant a garden too.I have asked her for advice over the years through email and she always have great advice with alot of thought.Prayers for her family and for all my porch family.You are all wonderful people and I am so thankful to call you friends-ky girl

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118898: Thank you, Boo. I am retired now so I really would like to spend more time on the porch. It’s good to see you and many others that I remember still here—Mavis, John Masters, possum under a rock, Hazel, MDC, and G-F. Does Poor Horatio ever stop ‘round anymore? Hoping to catch up with more of you. When I first visited here, I loved all the TAGS quoting that took place. Here’s a mashed penny. It will help you in your travels. Good luck to you and yours! (From my namesake episode). 😊 Charlotte Tucker.

Who sweeps the porch these days? Is it still Floyd?

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118899: Oh and Salty and Big Maude! Great to see you two also!
Charlotte Tucker

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118900: Hey,Charlotte Tucker! I figured that was you that I saw on Facebook on Ro's DIL's page -thank you for joining us on the Porch during this very difficult time for our little family. Please don't be a stranger! You're always welcome here.

Yes, we've lost both Asa & Ro.So hard to wrap our minds around that,but everyone here knows where they are and that brings much comfort.

Floyd still handles the Porch for us and we're grateful for his ard work that allows us to have this special place to gather and share with one another.

Happy Easter to you and all of our Porchsters.

possum again

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118901: HARD work,not ard- sorry for the typo.

possum once more

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118902: Happy Easter Porch family. Hope everyone is doing ok on this beautiful morning. I know Romeena, Asa, Rev, Millie, Tom and all our families that has gone on before us are having the best celebration . Just remember “we shall meet but we shall miss them” and we WILL meet them again .

Is good to see Charlotte Tucker, KY girl, John Masters.
Thank you Carrie for stopping by the porch . You are welcome anytime and are already part of our family,

Prayers for Boo, MDC, Possum, Hazel, Mavis , Salty Dog , GF

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

April 09, 2023 - Msg 118903: Thanks,Maude for such a sweet post. Yes, what a wonderful Easter our beloved Porch friends must be having in Heaven! Happy for them,sad for us,but we will all be together on Heaven's porch someday.
Prayers for you too,dear friend.

possum u.a.r.

April 10, 2023 - Msg 118904:

On this beautiful Resurrection Day I think of how all who have gone before us
have experienced that day of their own. In fact, just before my recent relative passed,
she said "I see Jesus." Wow!
I know that RO was also ready. She was so full of faith! Her Christmas tree was still
up and filled with all her special ornaments. I'm sure they will be passed down now to the
grandkids. That's very special.
Yes, good to see Charlotte, KYgirl, Mavis and others. I also joined the porch about 20
years ago, and over the years had asked Ro for medical advice. It will be hard to carry on
with her rocker empty, but I believe she would want us to continue. I too love the tags
quotes, bloopers, etc, along with ya'alls company and wit. And yes, Ro loved and cared about
the future of our country, how we so need to pray about that.
Happy Easter to you all! :)

April 10, 2023 - Msg 118905: Just wanted to pop onto the Porch for a quick second to leave a little love today. Love to all!!

possum u.a.r.

April 10, 2023 - Msg 118906: I'm just one more person shocked and saddened by the loss of the porch's Mother Figure.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

April 11, 2023 - Msg 118907: Checking in to see if Romeena's arrangements have been settled and if they will be live streamed or not.
I'm still just so sad over her chair being empty here


April 11, 2023 - Msg 118908: This is just my opinion, but with all of the yuck, weird, idiotic stuff happening in our country and then to lose Asa and Ro back to back, there's a lot of darkness around right now.

John Masters

April 11, 2023 - Msg 118909:
True John, but now more than ever we need to be
Salt and Light to this world! Lord Jesus be with us.
:) MDC

April 11, 2023 - Msg 118910: You guys more than deserve a mention

April 11, 2023 - Msg 118911: Thank you whoever that was that shared her obituary. What an awesome woman she was, and a wonderful life that she lived to the fullest.

April 11, 2023 - Msg 118912: Sadness and joy...two conflicting emotions. Sadness that she is no longer with us, joy that she joins her beloved family in heaven...and some porch family too.


April 11, 2023 - Msg 118913: Prayers - and we have got to try to turn this world back over to God..Lanni was a special friend to all of us ..SPOT

April 12, 2023 - Msg 118914: Amen SPOT. I agree
Big Maude

April 12, 2023 - Msg 118915: The obituary is just beautiful. A fitting tribute for a remarkable and beautiful lady. Thank you for posting it and to the family for including Lanni's Porch Family in the obituary.

I wanted to let y'all know that I took it upon myself to email Asa's wife the news and the link to Lanni's obituary. I felt like she would want to know.

Sending love to the Porch- keep looking up,we're gonna get through all of this.

possum u.a.r.

April 12, 2023 - Msg 118916: I am sorry to say I have been absent from the front porch for a while, and am so sad to read of the passing of wonderful friends Asa and Romeena. I often talked with Asa and have met him and his lovely wife in person. The porch sure will seem empty without them. Going to that the Good Lord for allowing them in our lives. We are richer for having known them!! ~New Neighbor

April 12, 2023 - Msg 118917: Well said, New Neighbor! Yes, Big Maude, we shall meet, but we shall miss them! MDC, Praying for this country every day. 🙏🏻 But we don’t want to be “looking on the black side.” Thanks to whoever posted Ro’s obit.
Charlotte Tucker

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118918: I ordered a peace Lilly plant on behalf of the Porch to be delivered tomorrow in time for Romeena’s viewing. ❤️


April 13, 2023 - Msg 118919: Also wanted to mention that Romeena’s dear daughter, Robbi posted the obituary. She has been so kind to keep us in the loop. She sent me a message today to tell me that Trinket was a wonderfully faithful dog to Ro, staying with her the entire time. Robbie fell in love with Trinket and is going to take her home to live with her and her husband and Trinket will have sister dogs there to play with and love. She is doing well.


April 13, 2023 - Msg 118920:

Tonight on ME-TV they happened to play "Romeena's Episode."
This man cried big tears during the last part when Ernest T
and Romeena were playing leap frog. I was just imagining
'our Romeena' doing that in heaven! It was sort of cathartic
for me too. I think I needed it with all that's happening.
Boo, thank you for sending the flowers. I'll try to help.
And thanks for the update on Trinkrt as I'm sure that she
is missing her 'momma.'
New Neighbor, thanks for stopping by. Let's try to keep the porch
as full as we can. My wife and I almost met up with ASA at the
SLC airport, but did not work out at the last moment.
God bless, and prayers for all!

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118921: MDC...As for me..This song is what gives me hope and joy. I can picture this for our Romeena’s Homecoming.


April 13, 2023 - Msg 118922: Thank you Boo for sending that Lilly - watch your snail mail for a little something to help out - and so good to hear Robbi will give Trinket a good home with sisters ! Animals can take the loss of a person hard - I had seen somewhere the question will the service be streamed - I may have to go look back - I know Robbi and the family have a lot on their plate right now - Lanni will be missed on the porch but let’s all make her proud ! 💪👍 prayers to all ! Your talking dog “SPOT”

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118923: Thanks for handling that for us,Boo. Much appreciated.Still so hard to wrap my head around the fact that it was only back in February that Ro and I were emailing back and forth discussing sending flowers out for Asa's service and now she is gone and we're sending flowers for her service.
She even gave me her phone number in case I wanted to call and discuss it over the phone,but we handled it through email,so I never called. Oh,how I wish that I had!

Someone said that they missed a chance to meet Asa in Salt Lake and I did as well- I had a brief layover in Salt Lake a few years ago,Asa offered to make the drive to the airport to meet me,but I didn't want to put him out for such a brief meeting and then I'd be headed out.So, I told him not to come,that I'd be on the run,trying to grab a quick bite to eat before I hopped another plane. I regret that so much.

Just sharing this to let y'all know that if you ever get the opportunity to make a connection with another Porchster outside of the Porch, PLEASE DO IT. Life changes in the blink of an eye,don't think there will be another time or a better time.

Love to all.

possum u.a.r.

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118924: Possum : I totally agree that if any if you have the opportunity to meet any of our porch family you should definitely to do so.
I had the privilege of meeting Rev when he was giving a concert in Pigeon Forge. I also have the honor of seeing GF at the meet up in July in Mt Airy . I look forward to the meet up and have enjoyed my in person friendship as much as the virtual friendship here.

You folks are among the finest people I have met and am honored to know you . Romeena/Lanni would want us to keep the porch going.

Thanks Julie/Boo for sending the peace lily. What a fine plant for such a lovely lady . I put a card in the mail with a little contribution.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude/Jo Ann

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118925: There is a memorial video of Lanni's life posted on her obituary now.

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118926: Sorry-that was posted by me. Forgot to sign my name.

possum again

April 13, 2023 - Msg 118927: A lovely pictorial video. So many sweet photos of a woman who lived life well. I still have a bit of a brick in my stomach when I think about her no longer being here but I agree with you all. We should keep the porch going and make her proud, as SPOT said.
I have seen some of the more recent photos of Ro on Facebook that were posted by her daughter in law and I was worried. She was so small and frail and I was trying to prepare myself. That never seems to work though, does it? The shock is still so painful. The heart and mind want to deny that someone so important in one’s life has gone on. It just seems so unimaginable. I had the pleasure of meeting Lanni when my Erin was just a toddler but I should have gone to see her again. Sean and I had talked about going up to Irving and taking her to eat Babe’s Chicken. I thought we had more time. You know, I have regrets about not spending time with people when I had the chance. After my mother died, I made up my mind that I would go to Michigan to see my Aunt Linda. I had not seen her in 20 years and she and I were close. Bruce talked me into taking a vacation closer to home and I never saw her again. She died from a heart attack a few years later. How I wish I had insisted. It is a lesson we should learn.

It’s hard to lose two such wonderful friends as Asa and Romeena but love never really dies. It’s a mystery but they are still with us in some way. I learned some very important life lessons from both of them and only God knows how their many prayers have effected our lives. The best way I can honor them is to try to pass on the lessons they taught me and to aspire to love more each day.

Love to all,


April 14, 2023 - Msg 118928: Yes...I agree lovely video!....You can see by all the pictures what was important to her....Family & Friends!
It made me laugh & smile to see her on the “Water Horse” jet ski...In her mind she was riding her horse 🐎 in the pastures of her youth.

But there’s “Joy in the Morning” knowing she is in Beulah Land now with all those who preceded her...


April 14, 2023 - Msg 118929: Thanks so much porch family for welcoming me back to the rocker. Life has handed all of us unexpected turns and twists. It is so important to hold dear to the ones we love and cherish. As a NOW “retired” hospice nurse, it is SOOO important we do what our hearts say as to contacting, visiting and hugging our friends and family. Tomorrow is NEVER promised. Love you all and thanks for letting me mourn our beloved members of the porch. ~New Neighbor

April 15, 2023 - Msg 118930:

Today was the funeral for my sister-in-law, Renee.
I want to thank you for your prayers and cards.
Both were very much appreciated.

Also, I got to thinking that if you would like me to take over
the Christmas address list, I would be willing to do so,
unless someone 'younger' would like to do so.


April 15, 2023 - Msg 118931: Prayers for your family MDC. I know your sister in law had a heavenly homecoming. Thanks for volunteering to assume responsibility for the Christmas card list. Romeena/Lanni would be proud us. I hope everyone has a blessed evening.
Big Maude

April 15, 2023 - Msg 118932: Thanks, possum, for telling us the video was added. It was a wonderful tribute to Lanni. Although I only knew her through all she wrote, I really knew her. So many things pictured were events she had written about. I wondered if her beloved cousin and partner in crime Guy Francis was in any of those early black and white photos. MDC, add me to the Christmas address list. How do you all swap personal information?
Charlotte Tucker

April 15, 2023 - Msg 118933: It is such a comfort to see friends returning at this time. I hope so much that we will all continue to come together.

MDC, I may have neglected to offer my condolences in the passing of your sister in law. I’m very sorry. Lord give you and your family peace and comfort.
I would love it if you would be in charge of the card list. Thank you for thinking of it.

Today Bruce and Sean lost a coworker who died from bacterial meningitis. They will both get booster vaccines tomorrow. Please pray that they will stay well.


April 16, 2023 - Msg 118934:

Charlotte, here is my email. I don't like to just
"put it right out there," But I think you will understand
what I am doing with it. Once 'deciphered,' email me and
then I'll add you to the list. Here it is
dipper40 at 'the opposite of coldmail' period and the first three
letters of company. :) She would update it each year around
Christmas time, and we exchange Christmas cards.
Boo--thank you for your condolences. I thought of the list
when I used Lanni's address to send a card 'to the family of..."

Big Maude, thank you also. It was a beautiful ceremony, as I'm sure
Romeena's was on Friday. Here is a link to Renee's obituary if anyone
would like to see it. https://obituaries.bestfuneralservices.com/renee-de-la-torre-raths/ The priest where her family goes to church spoke about
how we are all given about 80 years here (give or take, of course)
but it is what we do with those years that counts. That's pretty
obvious, but when one reads an obituary such as her's or Lanni's,
one can see that so clearly!
Peace and Good Sabbath to all,
MDC :)

April 16, 2023 - Msg 118935:

Oh GF, they used that song at the service today!

April 16, 2023 - Msg 118936: Thank you, MDC. Condolences for your family. Good Sabbath, everyone!
Charlotte Tucker

April 16, 2023 - Msg 118937: MDC...My condolences also....That is such a comforting song for those who believe in “Heavenly Homecomings”...
I think Rhonda does a proper rendition of the song in my opinion...


April 17, 2023 - Msg 118938: It hurts worse today. The reality is setting in. It feels like life just doesn’t give us enough time to grieve one loss until there is another. That’s just the way it is as we get older I suppose. I’m learning the importance of taking time for what matters and that’s a good thing.

Hoping the coming week is a better one for us all.


April 17, 2023 - Msg 118939: It does,Boo. I think knowing that Lanni is being laid to rest today really drives home the finality of it all.

MDC, your sister in law's obituary was a lovely tribute to her. Thank you for sharing it and my prayers continue for you all. Thank you too,for offering to take over the Christmas card list. You'll do Ro proud!

We're all missing our dear friends Asa & Ro & while I know there's not much that can be said that will completely nip our heartache in the bud, I would like to share some words that I received from Asa's wife recently. I had emailed her to inform her of Ro's passing,as I felt she'd want to know. Debbie "Mrs. Asa" sent a sweet message back to me and I'd like to share these words of hers with the Porch:

"With your news about Lanni,I imagine they are sitting on the porch together watching over each of their loved ones. "

I'll just leave it at that,friends. Love to all.

possum u.a.r.

April 17, 2023 - Msg 118940:

Thank you Possum, very nice words from both of you. :)
Charlotte, did you try emailing me yet?
Very busy day for me today, but Ro is indeed in my prayers.
More later.

April 17, 2023 - Msg 118941: Hope everyone is doing well! Just remember you are enough and you are loved!!

April 18, 2023 - Msg 118942: All of you have written so many beautiful things about Mom, thank you so much. I also knew much os Asa over the years through Mom talking about chats with her dear friend. Possum and MDC, much love! Thank you for making my earlier obit web link available to whoever did that for me. Boo, honored to have met you in person and your love for Mom is cherished.
To all, please know that following the ceremony in her beloved church, she was laid to rest with flats of petunias on the casket. It was a relaxed, casual, warm and loving ceremony- which completely honored her style of life. My precious husband and myself, supported by her grands, hosted a big friend and family gathering afterwards. And yes, Guy Francis was there! And he is the groom in the black and white where Mom is the maid of honor. Romeena could not have been celebrated in a more respectful and meaningful way! Even Trinket was mentioned in the service and paid a happy visit at the after gathering. She is tearing around a big backyard and loving playtime with her new sisters. But, please trust that she and I are comforting each other and I’m watching her for any loss depression. She is precious!
Our appreciation for you all is unending for all the love, friendship and writing outlet you provided for Romeena. If we can ever help out in any way to keep this wholesome page going and/or to assist its supporters, just message through Boo. She knows how to reach me!
Our very best to you all,
Romeena’s Robbi

April 18, 2023 - Msg 118943: And, MDC, heartfelt sympathy for the recent loss to your family. We’re walking through this together.
Ro’s Robbi

April 19, 2023 - Msg 118944: My heart. Felt sympathy to romenias. Family I thank. So.many. porch j
Family. For you

April 19, 2023 - Msg 118945: Oh Robbi, thank you so much for sharing that with us! You understand that we love (and I say "love" not "loved" because she has stepped into the next room ahead of us, but our time will come). I just cant tell you what it means that you do understand and have kept us abreast of everything. Remember, we are here for you, too.

Much Love,

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118946: Maude, I received your sweet card in the mail. Thank you❤️


April 20, 2023 - Msg 118947: Thank you,Robbi for your graciousness and for understanding how much your sweet mama meant (still means) to all of us. I planted some petunias earlier this morning and thought of Ro. How lovely that her casket was graced by a flat of petunias. Y'all truly did a beautiful job in honoring her life and celebrating her homegoing. God bless you all and much love to you,Robbi.

Whoever posted Messages 118941 and 118944- feel free to pick a TAGS name and join us on the Porch. That goes for any other "lurkers" out there too. Dust off a rocker and sit a spell! Ro would always extend an offer to join us,so I'm going to do the same.

Y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118948: Aww, I just found the post where Ro first welcomed me to the Porch.

*** June 06, 2002 - Msg 7307: Howdy-doo, friends! Possum, you're very welcome here. You, too, Lydiaand Rob. So glad you folks found us. Just pull up a rocker anytime you get the chance. You'll find this to be a very friendly bunch. There's a few things we hold dear, as you'll soon find out. First, of course, is TAGS. That's the glue that holds us all together. Then there's good cookin' (cyber-style), a good imagination, kindness toward each other, love of God and country, and devotion to our pets. Did that about cover it, folks?
We have a lot of fun, and provide support for each other along the way. With all the trash that occupies the net these days, our little group is a bright spot that one can visit anytime and get a lift. Welcome! We hope you'll stay around. My Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena***

possum again

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118949: ÑThe. Calls. Pappas. Bearaquarp⁹iumprayers

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118950: So good. Seeing. So maybe old friends. Again. Thanks. For. All the. Prayers. And calls. Like Emma. I continue to. Enjoy ING poor. Health.. mean old.lady. druggist. Won't give me. Pills.and soon I. Will have. To. Take. To. My. Sick. Bed.

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118951: So good. Seeing. So maybe old friends. Again. Thanks. For. All the. Prayers. And calls. Like Emma. I continue to. Enjoy ING poor. Health.. mean old.lady. druggist. Won't give me. Pills.and soon I. Will have. To. Take. To. My. Sick. Bed.

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118952: So good. Seeing. So maybe old friends. Again. Thanks. For. All the. Prayers. And calls. Like Emma. I continue to. Enjoy ING poor. Health.. mean old.lady. druggist. Won't give me. Pills.and soon I. Will have. To. Take. To. My. Sick. Bed.

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118953:

I think the last few posts are from PappaBear.
GF and I spoke with him recently on the phone to let him know
about Romeena, and he mentioned at that time that he felt like
Emma! :)
PappaBear, know that you are in our prayers.
Robbi, thank you so much for posting here about the service.
It sure sounds like it is just what she wanted. I bet someone
also drove ol' Tillie in the procession in Ro's honor.
I hope her gardener Eddie is also doing OK with it all.

Everything has settled down here. All my 7 siblings came to town
and we were jumping from house to house planning etc, and our
dear Renee had a wonderful send off as well.
Our weather has been wonderful too, mostly in the 80s.
POSSUM, that was so neat of you to post Ro's message of welcome to you.
She did similar with me, and now I have to try to find it! :)
God's blessings on you all, peace and love,

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118954:
Oh BOO, you also, thanks for all you did!
It's posting slow today, so that's why I think
PB posted in triplicate. :) mdc

April 20, 2023 - Msg 118955: My heart. Felt sympathy to romenias. Family I thank. So.many. porch j
Family.recenianĺu.. hey. To. Mdc.. pappabear. Also. 1852. And. 1851. Was mine

April 21, 2023 - Msg 118956: I can tell everyone is a bit reluctant to "move on", and that's okay. But don't be hesitant to get back to your normal posting.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

April 21, 2023 - Msg 118957: Oh No! I just got discharged from a two month stay in the hospital and returned to the Front Porch. And I learned the sad news about not only Asa, but also our matriarch Romeena! I guess we were lucky enough to have them with us for a relatively long time. Still it hurts how quickly and unexpectedly she passed on. And I wonder what does Trinket think about not having her warm body to snuggle up against. I'm just glad that both Asa and Romeena had a close and caring family that helped them on her transition to their heavenly reward. The Front Porch will not be the same. I am so appreciative that their family's cared enough to keep us advised. I only hope Boo's flowers made it in time for Romeena.
I also want to offer sympathies to MDC's family on their loss regarding Renee.

from a very sad Poor Horatio

April 21, 2023 - Msg 118958: I'm so glad to have you back Poor Horatio. I hope you're recovering well, I've been thinking about you.
I'll post more later, I haven't been up to posting much lately. But I've been thinking of you all.

April 22, 2023 - Msg 118959: Except for Hazel, I am surprised there have been no further comments after my recent posting. Hazel, although I have been discharged, I still need a mobility aid. And I am being treated with a blood thinner medication. So I can disappear suddenly as well.
I signed the Guestbook on Romeena's obituary page yesterday but it has not been posted yet.

from Poor Horatio

April 22, 2023 - Msg 118960:

HI PH! Good to hear that you are out of the hospital.
I must admit, it is still hard for me to start posting about tags
again, even tho I know that Ro would want us to, as Billy Ray says.
I think we are also giving her a respectful time. I know that
we will all be back soon.
I take a blood thinner, and have for about 20 years now. It really helps
with my enlarged a-fib heart. I also started a product called
SuperBeets chews, and I take CO Q10 for heart performance.

Hang in there my friends.
God bless and Good sabbath to all.

April 23, 2023 - Msg 118961: MDC, I understand how the motivation to continue posting is affected with the loss of our matriarch. Thanks for your that info you posted. I have to be careful with the blood thinner medication. My dear sweet mother passed away from a brain bleed when she over dosed on a blood thinner medication. Little did I know how carefully it needs to be monitored. During my final week in the hospital, the pharmacist had to determine what a safe dosage for me would be. So I have to visit a lab every week to have my INR level checked.

from Poor Horatio