December 31, 2022 - Msg 118506: So glad you got to see Heather, Ro. Hope you had a great visit. We seem to be staying rather busy (more than I wanted to be this week after christmas) but will be taking it easy tonight *New Year's Eve. I want to be home with the dogs anyway because they get very anxious with the fireworks. I guess Ill give them benadryl.
Last night we went out to eat and there were people in the neighborhood popping fireworks while we were gone. When we got back, my mechanical santa was face down on the floor and one of the remaining christmas gifts was half unwrapped near the tree. Lol. One of those poor dogs must have been feeling some angst. I think its the oldest one. He will do pretty good if we are here with him, though.

MDC, I dont really understand the varying gas prices across the nation. It never got very high here and has been sitting at about 2.50 for a long time now. It never got nowhere near six dollars a gallon.

Hope each of us has a good New years eve and that 2023 is a better year for all.


December 31, 2022 - Msg 118507: Good evening, porch! I have had a wonderful visit with my Heather and her sweet husband, Edwin. He's a great guy and I consider him one of my own. My 15 yr old grandson got lucky and didn't have a soccer game this weekend, so he got to come with them. He's on his high school team, and from what I hear, he's a valuable man on the team. I hadn't seen him in about six months or so, and imagine my shock when I saw that he is about ten inches taller than I am now! About as big around as a broom handle, but so tall! And good looking! He's always been a cute kid, but suddenly he's a very handsome young man! His facial features are no longer just a child, he's handsome. Sandy red hair and all. Once he had a mouth full of crooked teeth and braces, gaps, etc. Now his teeth are perfect, his features are perfect and he's just downright handsome. Mention a girlfriend to him, and you will see twinkling eyes, and a beautiful, shy smile! What a kid! Yes, I'm a proud grandma.

Tonight I'm going over to my friend of nearly 50 years, who is also my SS teacher. She's having the widows from our class over, all those who didn't have other plans. Heather and Edwin and Trip just left here, headed for David and Brittney's house. I was invited, but chose to go to Pat's party instead. Being New Year's Eve, I didn't want to be driving back from David's house, especially after midnight, and Dave promptly agreed. Pat just lives about a mile from me, through residential streets, and should be safe enough. Poor Trinket, she has to stay home alone, but she'll be okay. I'll close her up in my bathroom, to which she is accustomed when I have to leave her. Pat is not a dog person, and Trinket is so enthusiastic and besides Pat, a couple of the other old gals aren't too fond of dogs either. They don't dislike them, but all the energy makes them nervous. So, I'll leave her in the bathroom with some toys, a cuddlebed, a bowl of water, a bowl of her "cookies" and a promise to return. She won't like it, but she's used to it, and will be okay. When I open that bathroom door, all will be forgiven!

I've got a sinful cake baked to take to Pat's, and a big bowl of guacamole, and the chips and crackers to go with it. I can make a mean guacamole. My secret is a little store about three blocks from my house. They bring the avocadoes in from Mexico, and they are perfect. So good. A little pricey at $2.25 each, but they're quite large, (as big as a large Irish potato), at the perfect stage of ripeness, and therefore worth it.

our gasoline never went over $5, unless I missed it - I only fill up about once a month. Right now, I think it's $3.19, but it was $2.89 a few weeks ago. Weird.

Well, guess I'd better get dressed and head over to Pat's. I hope ASA checks in. If not, I think I'll call him tomorrow. He's been absent for quite a while, and I know everyone is as concerned as I am. Prayers for ASA! Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 31, 2022 - Msg 118508: Well! That third line from the bottom was supposed to say "Boo, our gasoline never....." I swear, I think this computer is haunted. --Romeena

December 31, 2022 - Msg 118509: Happy New Years Eve folks!
A quiet evening for us. Mr. Maude and I went out for Mexican to celebrate rare our 34th wedding anniversary which is today.

We have been staying in the past few weeks as Mr Maude took a rather hard fall about 3 weeks ago. He fell here at home. We think he tripped over his shoelace which was a little loose and he didn’t know it. He fell on his right side . We made a trip to the ER and had x rays and thankfully nothing was broken. He did however make his already bone on bone right knee much worse. We saw an orthopedic surgeon this week who agreed that knee replacement is in his very near future (probably February) as it takes time to get all the paperwork in order. He will have the right one replaced first as it is the worse one. The left one will be about 3 months following if recovery goes well with the first surgery. He has been getting around with a walker to be on the safe side . Both knees are worn completely out where he stood on hard floors filling prescriptions for 35 + years.

My second cataract surgery is this Thursday January 5th. Hopefully it will go as well as the first one did .

Things have been a little crazy stressful around here but we are making it as well as we can.

I hope everyone has a safe New Years .
Prayers and blessings to everyone
Big Maude

January 01, 2023 - Msg 118510:

H A P P Y - N E W - Y E A R TO ALL! (Trying out an old 'typing class' skill! ha)
Remember out to 'center' something on a typewriter, and having to do the backspaces? :)
At one time I could type about 80 words a minute, but not any more.
RO--did you look in the archive at my last message? One little paragraph to you.
Big Maude, so sorry to hear of your hubby's fall. Be sure he eats plenty of protein
starting about 2 weeks before his operation., eggs, tuna, cheese, protein bars etc.
It really helps prepare the ol' body for it. Then, especially with knees, he must do ALL
the rehab! I had a friend who didnt, and had to have it re-done which was much worse
than the rehab. Also mucho protein after the surgery too.
BOO--our gas is pipelined in from Cal and TX, so that is part of the high price peak,
as Cal is actually shutting down refineries.
Possum, Spot, ASA, MBM, PH, Ky Girl, JM, MD and all, please check in!
See y'all NEXT YEAR! :)


January 01, 2023 - Msg 118511:
Oops, my typing skills are slipping.
Should be "Remember HOW..." not "Remember out..."

January 01, 2023 - Msg 118512: Happy New Year, Porch family! May 2023 bring blessings to us all.

Sending prayers out for Maude & Mr. Maude.

possum u.a.r.

January 01, 2023 - Msg 118513: Good Sabbath all. Sorry to worry you good folks. We are much improved from a few weeks ago. At least Debbie is. I have this cough that I just can't seem to shake though. Getting pretty old I'd say. Anyway, I am going to call the Doctor next week and get checked out. I'm not sure what's going on but I just don't feel right. Debbie thinks I am suffering from depression. Maybe so. I don't have much interest in much of anything anymore. Anyway, I felt like I owed my Mayberry buddies an explanation. I will try to post more often.

Maude, so sorry to read about your husbands falling. This getting older stuff is tough at times. Makes me appreciate Romeena and all she has gone through and is still full of life and enrgey. She is a real insperation to me.
I have a book called 'Andy and Don". A supposed inside look from a distant relative of Don Knotts. I thought I'd read it to see if it would cheer me up. Big mistake. It spoke of some pretty dark things that went on behind the scenes on the set and the difficult lives of both actors. I know we tend to put these actors on pedastals at times and shouldn;t do that. But I really do hope much of what was in the book was not true.

MDC, I am watching my Perry Mason's right now on DVD. Such a slew of Mayberry folks on Perry. I don't know why but I just get a kick out of seeing these folks playing different characters on different shows. I even saw the crowned Miss Mayberry serving as a Judge in a few episodes. And she pulls it off.

Well thanks again for your concern. We are fine, just a little off at the moment, lol at least I am.


January 02, 2023 - Msg 118514: Well, good morning, porch! Actually, I wrote a lengthy Happy New Year post yesterday morning, and just as I typed my little farewell, the computer decided I didn't need to post anything and took it all away. I was so disgusted I just shut the thing down and stomped off in a snit! So, I'll try again!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's weekend. I surely did. The cake I took to Pat's party was really good. It's called a "Granny Cake", is very easy, and is amazingly good. If anyone wants the recipe, I'll share. It involves things like Eagle Brand milk, butter, pineapple, pecans, coconut (optional for the coconut for those who don't like it for some unimaginable reason) and is baked and left in a 9x13 pan, so you don't even have to turn it out of its pan and risk breaking a layer or two. Just one layer, in its pan, and so good!

Asa, thank you for checking in, and for the kind reference to me! I'm glad you don't hear me when I'm stomping around here, whining and griping! I'm so sorry to hear that you're still feeling poorly, but so glad to hear you're going to see the doc and get it all fixed! And delighted that Debbie is okay. We've been worried about both of you. We understand you not wanting to sit at a keyboard when you aren't feeling well, but if you would, please, just stop by and type "Checking in -- Asa!" That will let us know you're still on the planet, at least. :) Oh, and about the possibility of depression - Debbie may be right. It all fits, age and stage of life, difficult circumstances, illness - depression just hangs around and waits for us to reach that point in our lives, then moves in and sets up camp.

Well, I have a remedy or two for that. You know the first one very well - Pray! I'll bet you're way ahead of me there. However, God has provided another remedy, that requires a little action on our part. It works for me! Get a puppy! It might not work for some people, but I know your heart on that subject, so get it done! Nothing like waking up to a pair of adoring, soulful eyes watching you, just waiting for you to wake up. You have no choice but to smile! I don't care how dreary it may be outside, or how much my back and neck are aching, when I see that little fuzzy face and those big loving eyes, I don't just smile, I laugh out loud! Then she starts running through all of her little tricks, until we're both up and busy and happy.

If you don't want to go through all the "little puppy" drill, check out a shelter and visit and see who speaks to your heart. My kids have about 7 or 8 dogs, all together, and all but two - Diesel and Trinket, are rescues, and all are delightful members of the family. From tiny Pooh, (about five pounds) to stately Midas (a black lab mix, and gorgeous) and they all get along together beautifully. They all seem to know that their owners "saved" them, and are all so loving and sweet. Even shy, wire-haired and grizzled Teenie (so named by my grandson) and as he has aged has become known as Uncle Fungus. I love him! Well, anyway - think about it!

Maude, sorry about Mr. Maude's fall. I'm glad he wasn't badly injured, and I'm glad he's going to get his knees fixed. That will re-open a more comfortable world for him! MDC is absolutely right about stoking up on protein before and after the surgery. And aren't you loving your new vision, with the lens implant! Just wait until the other one is done!

I had both eyes done many years ago, and it was like stepping into a new world. I hadn't realized how dim and restricted my vision had become until I walked in the house after the first new lens had been implanted, and looked at Sugarplum. She was actually snow-white! Poor little thing, I had been scrubbing her with a whitening shampoo, because I thought her coat was getting so dingy-looking. She hated a bath above all things, but she had endured several because of my faulty eyes!

There was another unexpected blessing, too. All my life, my vision had tested at 20/40, and at various intervals, I wore glasses, but not often and not consistently, as I just hated them, and finally got contacts. Well, after the lens implants, my vision tested at 20/20! Even the doctor was surprised. He called me his "poster child." It remained at 20/20 until about two years ago, when I noticed a problem with reading signs on the highway. I missed a couple of exits because I couldn't read the distant sign and by the time I could read it, it was too late to get into the exit lane. My eyes are checked yearly, because of my diabetes, and the first check after I noticed the change found that my distance vision had changed, and could stand some correction. My near vision is still sharp, and I can thread a needle easily. So, I have reverse bifocals! The top part corrects my distance vision, the lower part is just clear. I have a pair of sunglasses with that prescription, so I can read road signs, and yet the clear bottom part lets me read the display on the car's instrument panel. Same at church. I have regular clear glasses, with the reverse bifocals, so the preacher's face and the choir members are clear to me, but I can read the Bible in my lap through the clear bottom part. Works for me!

Well, guess I'll go feed The Trink, and scratch up a little lunch for myself. Actually, I may just drink a glass of buttermilk (which I love!) and not eat. I'm not hungry, so I'll just listen to my body. "Golo"? Who needs it? I eat when I'm hungry, and don't when I'm not. I have lost 78 lbs doing that, feel terrific (comparatively) and haven't bought any pills. I've spent a bundle on clothes, though. NOTHING in my closet fit anymore, so have had to buy all new. Ouch. Still, I knew I had to do it, when one day my jeans just slipped off and fell down around my knees! Thank the Lord, I was walking through my kitchen, and not down my driveway!

Blessings, friends! Pray for peace in this poor old world, and keep looking up! --Romeena

January 02, 2023 - Msg 118515: So...When someone asks Why you are a Mayberry nut 🥜 This is our answer...The End!...Amen?...G-F

January 02, 2023 - Msg 118516: Sorry forgot to add the link 🤦🏼‍♂️

January 04, 2023 - Msg 118517:

Hello everyone!
ASA--Thank you for checking in, and as RO said, first and foremost is prayer,
and yes, a pet, but also people! (The 3 P's!) Now that you have been retired a few years,
I'm sure you are doing some remembering of Christmas parties, etc. One thing that I do
is to actually annually visit the company that I retired from. It sort of keeps me
connected with those former workmates. Also, my volunteer work helps too. After cleaning
the church, for example, we sometimes go to a local coffee shop (in the old fashioned sense of
the word) for a light lunch, and just visit. Just some ideas for ya.
I hope your weather is not too bad these days.

GF--how about you and the snow? Did helen get the job done? Very cool video.
I will for sure have to see the Mayberry Man movie!
BTW, I dont watch the nfl much at all anymore, but am keeping Damar Hamlin in my prayers.

BOO--I saw a short piece on the news about how breathing techniques can really help stop
anxiety attacks. It might be worth looking into for Erin.

RO--very cool that the cake went over big. Sounds like a good recipe.
A suggestion about those 'disappearing posts'... type out your post in a Word doc first,
and then do a 'copy and paste' in the 'comments' window on the Front Porch site.
That way, if something happens, you will still have it on the doc.
Very cool about your glasses with the lower portion being plain glass.
Mine these days are quite complicated as they are what they call 'prism' lenses,
and are actually progressive trifocals! ha

POSSUM--thanks for checking in, don't hide under your rock this year so much.
Let us know how you are doing.

May the blessings of Jesus be upon us all in this new year and always!
I think of Tom, Rev, Millie, and all who have gone on to the next life!
More later,

January 04, 2023 - Msg 118518: MDC...Glad you liked the clip from Mayberry Man...Kinda Says it all!...There’s a lot of ways to view it now, streaming, purchase, rent, buy...Pure Flex just came aboard too!.

BTW...**Weaver’s have it “On Sale” now for $10.00

As for the snow, ❄️ when we had that frigid cold over Christmas we didn’t get much snow from it...Helen would be Asa’s girl mine is Snow Joe. He’s still in the garage and I hope he stays there all winter ❄️ That would be just fine with me!


January 04, 2023 - Msg 118519: *Pure Flix

January 04, 2023 - Msg 118520: Good afternoon, porch! Bright and sunny here, but a little chilly at 52°. Not exactly cold, but a bit too cool to get out and wash windows, which I definitely need to do. My big window almost looks like it has a light coat of whitewash on it! It's a bear to wash. There is a row of small shrubs (about 3' tall) just beneath it, which keeps me from getting close, so I have to stand out there with a mop or a brush and reach over the shrubs to scrub the window, and my puny arms give out very quickly! Also, there's a wasp nest inside one of the shrubs, and I definitely don't want to tangle with them!

MDC, your mention of those friends who have gone on before us has triggered a wave of nostalgia. Millie's sweet nature, Tom's patience with his physical challenges, and I will never forget the fun and fellowship I was blessed to enjoy with REV. He was such a good guy, and I recall the day we actually met. He had let me know he was going to be at a local church for a concert, so I decided to attend. I got there early and seated myself near the back. The church wasn't really big, maybe 18 or so rows of pews from the back to the very front. I was about five from the back. He was up front, setting up his sound system, and happened to see me. He put down what he was doing and walked straight down the aisle to me, and said, "You just have to be Romeena!" and stuck out his hand. I said, "Yes, but how did you know?" He said, "Because you're the only woman in here wearing any makeup!" He was right! It was a Pentecostal church, which I had not noticed. All the other women had long hair, done up in buns or braids, and no makeup. I had very short hair, and wore makeup, though not a lot. He did a great concert, and afterward the women in the congregation made me feel comfortable and welcome, and then REV took me to lunch. Over lunch, we discussed him coming to my church for a concert, which he did a few months later, and then twice more in the next two years. My friends at my church loved him, and he was a big hit! REV was the real deal.

Well, guess I'd better go spruce things up around here a little bit. Eloise is hosting our bunco party this month, and there is some construction and remodeling going on in her house, so she's going to have it here. Suits me! My tree is still up (of course) and the house is decorated, and I love to have people come and share it. We meet at noon now, instead of at night. I don't like it, but the majority wanted it, so that's how it is. So many of the gals don't drive at night anymore, so I guess I have to understand, although we have enough who do drive, that everybody has a ride. Oh, well. So be it.

Anyway, I need to tidy up a little, dust here and there, and clean the bathrooms, but I'll leave the vacuuming until Friday morning. Also, I heard the mail slot rattle, so guess I'd better go see who wants to buy my house, sell me new windows, or wants money for whatever reason today. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

January 04, 2023 - Msg 118521: Afternoon all.

I guess I am going to slip on over to Weavers and buy that movie GF.

MDC, Yep, Helen is what I named my Honda snow blower. I have always felt Honda power equipment was far superior to anything else out there, although pricey. But that kind of changed when they brought ethanol on the market. For what ever reason, Honda products don't do well on that stuff. Everything I have tried has been a failure in terms of additives and fuel treatments. I even this Fall found a close by station that sells straight unleaded. But she is still running funky as far as surging. Which means the card needs cleaning or replacing.... again. The carbs are not terribly expensive, but a pain to get to on these models. I am still going to try at years end a couple of different treatments to see if that will kick her gear with real gas now in her. GF, Have you ever used seafoam on anything? There is another product call mechanic in a bottle that is supposed to work well also. I hate to start fussing with it now because we are really having a winter here. We have desperately needed a lot of snow and boy has the Lord heard our prayers. Every snow pack in the State is reporting almost 200 percent of normal. And the water content in that snow pack is massive. Our storms usually dip in from the northwest and bring a cold powdery snow the skiers love. But through most of December the flow has been from California and has brought tons of wet heavy snow. Horrible to try and move off driveways, but great for our snow pack. And we are due to get another one tonight. So a cantankerous Helen is going to have to work. It really isn;t that bad, starts easy and runs decent half choked till warmed up good. But the surging just irritates my mechanic ears lol.

Romeena, I used to work with aircraft mechanics and they all used those reveresed bifocals also. Especially those who worked under the planes.

I have a doctors appointment on Friday, and I suspect they will want me going through a battery of tests, {colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI's. I sure am not looking forward to that, but I need to know whats wrong with me I suppose, other than being no spring chicken.

I hope Maudies eye procedure went well and that her hubby is on the mend.

Prayers for you all.


January 05, 2023 - Msg 118522:

Just a quick hello tonight.
Yup, I stand corrected, Helen is ASA's problem child, not GF's. ha
I liked the ending of tags tonight when Andy tells Opie,
"And Trey has a genuine, full-sized, regulation FRIEND!" :)
More on Thursday.

January 06, 2023 - Msg 118523:

Well, I'm back, but apparently no one else is! ha Oh well.
Tonight I saw the Mr. Frisbee episode and i have two trivia questions
for ya.
1) Not too hard...what was the brand name of the bulldozer?
2) Harder...what was the brand name on the front blade of the dozer?

The other ep was about barney and the motorcycle.
In it we see Opie using his woodburning knife. I wonder if such
is still available today? Anyone remember lawn darts? Now there was
an accident waiting to happen! ha
The Frisbee ep reminded me also about the price of eggs now!
The CHEAPEST here is now $6.00 a dozen! Here I went and bought a
"Crack An Egg" to try them, but cant afford the egg to put in it! :(
Weird times along with trying to get a House Speaker.
Please keep up the prayers.
We had a couple days of nice rain, but it seems to have gone east now.
Prayers for all in this new year!

January 06, 2023 - Msg 118524: Good morning, porch, and especially to MDC! I don't know what time you were here, but it's 7:45 Texas time right now. I've been up for an hour, have showered, washed my hair, and tidied up my bedroom and bathroom, and changed the pad in Trinket's pottybox. Eloise is the hostess for our bunco party at noon today, but we're meeting in my house since hers is being repaired and remodeled. She's bringing sack lunches for herself and me, the dessert and sodas, I've got a gallon dispenser jug of tea in the fridge (I always have that, year around) and everyone else is bringing their own sack lunch. Sometimes the hostess cooks, sometimes we do the sack lunch thing. It's the hostess's choice. Most often, the hostess cooks - I usually do. It will be my turn in April, and I'll probably cook something. I found an interesting recipe for butternut squash soup that I'd like to try, along with maybe some chicken salad sandwiches. We'll see.

It's 41° outside right now. Brrr! However, the predicted high is 71°. Weird weather. It will probably make it that high, though - the skies are perfectly clear and the sun is coming up strong.

Trinket is so funny. She's getting pretty nervous. My activity this morning is not my usual routine, and she smells a rat. She's pretty sure I'm going somewhere and she will be left at home. Imagine her joy and delight when the doorbell rings and friendly old ladies (mostly) come through the doors to visit her! All visitors are here for that purpose, of course, in her mind. She is so friendly and loving. She will not understand the two who don't particularly like dogs and do not understand why anyone would keep one in the house. What is just hilarious to me is that ignoring her only deepens her desire to make friends, and she will show those two very preferential treatment. I make no move to put her in the bedroom or anything. The women are not allergic, it's just a preference, and this is Trinket's home, and mine. My house, my rules! I will encourage her to leave those two alone, and eventually she will, but she will be baffled by their reaction to her overtures of friendship. The rest of the group will encourage her, hold her on their laps, and with my permission will give her little tidbits from their lunches. It has happened before. She's clean, she smells good, doesn't even know what a flea is, she wouldn't bite a biscuit, she loves every human she meets, and just naturally assumes they love her, too. She's so cute and sweet that the vast majority do exactly that. It's going to be a fun day!

Rats! I wish I had braved the cold yesterday and washed that dirty window! When the sun is hitting that dirty surface at just the right (wrong?) angle, I can hardly see through it! Looks pretty trashy! The girls will be here at noon, and the sun will be at a better angle then, so maybe it won't be too bad. One thing is sure, I'm not going out there in low-40s temps to wash it now! I haven't had the flu, or even a cold in years, and I don't plan to invite such as that today!

Well, better get busy. I need to run the vacuum over the living room, and locate my little flannel tablecloths for the bunco tables. They muffle the sound a bit, and keep the dice from bouncing so much, too. One of our group uses a table that surely must have been a trampoline in another life. We spend more time chasing the dice than playing with them at her house.

Well, better get at it! That vacuum isn't going to run itself. Wish I could use one of those Roomba things, but I can't. It would have to stay in the kitchen. The living room is dropped 6", with three different steps leading to the rest of the house, and the poor Roomba would never be able to navigate that. My David has one in his house, and it's hilarious. Periodically, it leaves its dock and goes sniffing all around the house, following an internal map that it made for itself. It doesn't miss a spot, as near as I can tell, and the best part is when it's finished and returns to its dock. Once there and engaged for emptying itself, it gives a triumphant little 6-note ta-ta-ta-da-ta-da! Oh, and his name is Marty, as in "Don't bother, Marty will get it!" And he does!

Have a lovely day, friends! Prayers for everyone who needs them (and who doesn't?) and keep looking up! Blessings! --Romeena

January 07, 2023 - Msg 118525:

RO, my post was from about 11 PM the night before.
BTW, did you ever look into that attach-to-hose window washer
fluid? It seemed like something that would work for you
concerning that big window. Just a reminder. Maybe Ernie could do it?

Tonite was "your" episode on tags. Some very good lines in that one,
like "I was right there in it." :) and of course
"How do you do Mrs. Wiley."
GF--do you know if the girl who played Ramona ever attended Mayberry Days?

We are to have sunshine back tomorrow (Sat.) so I can finally get all
my scenery put away in the shed.

Keep well!

January 07, 2023 - Msg 118526: Yes MDC...Romona (Jackie Joseph) has attended several times over the years, also she did the Mayberry Cruise too....
Don’t know if it were the times “Our Romeena” did the cruise back in 2010..What say you Romeena?

She was a very nice lady, and yes I have her picture and autograph on my “Wall of Fame”. My Buddy even got her to sign a picture of when she was in the Cheyenne Social Club Movie as Annie Jo...


January 07, 2023 - Msg 118527: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and chilly here today once again. Really makes me want a "stand back and spray" window cleaner, with "stand back" being the key words! MDC, thank you for remembering, and no, I never ordered that spray you suggested, but I'm about to do so now! My only question is whether it is potentially harmful to small critters. I have a little family of tiny lizards that hang out in that area, and I would really not want to do them any harm. I read over the ad in the link you supplied (thank you) and it doesn't mention it. It does say it's non-toxic, but not to what. Do you have a container of it, that might have a more detailed disclaimer on the label? I'm pretty tired of this dirty window!

Yes, G-F, I was on one cruise with Jackie Joseph. She gave me a signed photo, and we had a nice and fun conversation. She was very sweet to everyone, and I enjoyed meeting her very much.

I saw my pulmonologist (breathing doc) on Tuesday, and for whatever reason, he ordered a new inhaler for me to use. (I don't use the old one, don't need it.) I used it once the next day, and it made my voice change. A little higher, and a bit scratchy. Hmmm. What's with that? Didn't use it again until I had a little coughing spell yesterday morning. I always break them up with my Ventolin inhaler, but the new one, Breztri, is supposed to replace the Ventolin. With eleven women due to arrive for bunco at noon, and not wanting to be coughing, I used the Breztri again. Within ten minutes, I sounded like Minnie Mouse! High, squeaky and weak. No more Breztri for me. I messaged the doc (whom I have known and worked with for 40 years) on our medical website, and told him the story. Haven't heard back from him, but I'm through with Breztri. It might be great for someone who needs it, but I just don't need it.

Well, guess I'll go scratch up some lunch. Not really hungry, maybe just an apple and a couple of slices of cheese. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

January 07, 2023 - Msg 118528:

RO--in the ad, just below the bottle you can see 6 small images.
The 2nd from the left is the back label. But even "blown up" it is
hard to read. However, I did make out the phone number.
It is 877-959-1234. If it is harmful to the lizards, you could
perhaps ask if they make one that is safer. Hope that helps.

January 07, 2023 - Msg 118529:

HA! I'm used to email...I mean MDC! :)

January 08, 2023 - Msg 118530: Good Sunday afternoon folks .
Checking in from my recliner this afternoon. A dreary rainy afternoon on my end of the porch. I went to church this morning . It was raining when I went in about 8:30 and was still raining when
I started home at 11:30. I work in the Sunday School office on Sunday mornings with the Sunday School director and another lady. Our “jobs” are to keep up the attendance rolls, make sure all the literature for all the classes is ordered and distributed and take care of any other Sunday School related business. It’s not a difficult task at all.

My 2nd cataract surgery was the past Thursday and went well just as the first one did. So far so good with the recovery . I have to use 2 different eye drops 4x a day until I go back on Friday for a follow up visit.

Mr Maude is doing ok after his fall. Hopefully he will get het his right knee replaced in early February and the depending on his recovery the left one will be done in August. He has a-fib and sleep apnea so the orthopedic surgeon is consulting with our PCP and his cardiologist, having his blood work done and a CAT scan of his knee before he schedules it. The surgeon said he does knee replacements on folks with A-fib and apena all the time but he still wanted to Consult with his other providers first. I’m still insisting he use the walker to steady himself . Keep him in your prayers please.

No much other happenings to report . If I were doing a “school”
Newspaper it would be pretty boring and not even 1 page. Lol

Supper menu will be: homemade lasagna, salad, garlic bread and fudge brownies for dessert.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

January 08, 2023 - Msg 118531: Sorry Ive been missing for a bit..been busy these days.

Hope Mr Maude is doing better. I just found out last week that my older brother fell and broke a hip two months ago and never even told me. He didnt require surgery so I guess he didnt bother. Did I already tell you all that? As I age, I never can remember what I tell and who I tell it to.

Good to see you Asa, and I am very sorry about that cough. Please let us know what the doc says about it. I have a friend who had flu and the cough lasted for months so maybe that is what is going on with you. Glad Debbie is doing better. You mentioned depression. I sometimes wonder if what I experience is depression and I think it is probably the aging brain. As we age, we dont always make enough seratonin and life just loses its interest. Between that and just the stresses and griefs of life, its no wonder. I know I am still experiencing grief from several things , I guess most of us are. I try to find the things that I am thankful for but in doing so, I am not dealing with the things that are hurting me. It is a hard thing to age, but as the saying goes, it is a privilege denied to so many. Anyway, I am contemplating trying some medication but am afraid of more weight gain if I do. Not sure what to do.

Things are going pretty well around here lately. Erin is still at home and they let her come back to work at the restaurant where she is a hostess. She has been working hard and plenty of hours and you all should see her. She looks like a different person. She cut her hair, which was rather unruly before, and gained some healthy weight and is just doing much better. She told me last week that she wants to go ahead and register for the college entrance exam, which she had been avoiding due to anxiety about test taking. Hopefully she will go through with it.

Sean is still waiting on the investigation to be completed for his new contract job. The guy said it might be months so he is trying to find something to fill in until he can work.

Bruce is working, as usual. You should see our plants in the yard. Almost all froze, even when they were covered. It looks like the Munsters live here. Oh well, spring will come eventually and I guess we will see what survived.

Have to go to St Susan's house to help her with something this evening. I have been doing meal prep all weekend and putting up freezer meals for the family and I am tired but she seldom asks for help so I will go. Her son Matt broke up with his girlfriend (so sad because we really liked her) and the girlfriend had been keeping up with all his medication and dosages so now Susan is trying to figure things out because Matt just wont keep up with it. I think he is really depressed and just doesnt care so my poor sister is trying. He has just sunk into a kind of life that is not really living. He drinks alot and is just a different person than the sweet Matt he used to be. Its sad to see because he needs help but wont do anything. His doctor told him he wouldnt be able to be on any kind of antidepressant due to the some of the meds he is taking, which makes no sense to me.

Well, better get going. Hope you all have a good evening.


January 08, 2023 - Msg 118532: Hello Porchsters. I've been working through all the episodes on Uncle Earl's site and I keep having compelsion complex issues. The latest was in The New Doctor. Andy opens 2 bottles of pop in the drugstore and clearly the caps hit the floor. What in the world? Nothing to catch them, not even a dishwashing bottle like most people use? In a drugstore no less. I do declare.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

January 09, 2023 - Msg 118533:

Any guesses on the bulldozer names?
More later.
MDC :)

January 09, 2023 - Msg 118534: Good morning, porch. Just a quick fly-by to check in and ask for prayers for Jerry - Eloise's husband. (My son David's FIL.) He's having surgery on a carotid artery this morning, so I'm heading to the hospital to be with Eloise. She's plenty worried, though trying hard not to let it show. I'll probably check back in this afternoon, but need to get out of here and meet Eloise at the hospital now. Seems there are plenty of prayer needs on the porch this morning, as always. What needy creatures we humans are! See you later....Romeena

January 09, 2023 - Msg 118535: Prayers 🙏🏻 going up for all those in need....
MDC...A. Allis Chalmers Dozer Maybe? I can’t recall with out watching the episode....G-F

January 09, 2023 - Msg 118536: Wonder if they bought the Dozer from Mrs. Lesh?....She said I sold it to Sucker of the world Jake...Lol

January 09, 2023 - Msg 118537:

Good evening.
The brand name on the bulldozer is Case, and
on the 'blade' it says TerraTrac.

Billy Ray, as for the bottle caps hitting the floor,
what do you expect in a "hick town, with hick folks,
and a hick jail!" haha

RO--Please let us know about Jerry when you get
a chance. Prayers for him, you bet.

Maudie, prayers for your husband too. I had my open-heart
surgery with a-fib, so I hope all will go OK for him.

Boo-So good to hear about Erin's continued improvement.
She is also in my prayers.

Keep well folks, more later,
MDC :)

January 10, 2023 - Msg 118538: Good morning, porch! A beautiful, springy-looking day, but chilly at 51°. Heading for 81° as a high, though. That will be nice.

I just talked to Eloise, she's heading for the hospital to check on Jerry. He's doing fine, and may get to come home today. He's pretty tired of the hospital already. As I've said before, he's a tough old bird. Thanks for the prayers, they are apparently effective!

MDC, I didn't get to read your brother's book much during the holidays, but am back into it now. I read some this morning, and it is really interesting. He's a very talented writer! I like his style. His descriptive passages make me feel like I'm right there observing. Also, we're close to the same generation, close enough that I can identify with a lot of the things he describes. For example, my cousin Guy (two months younger than I) used to team up on the push mower when we were around five years old, one on each side of the crossbar handle, and mow our grandma's scanty Bermuda grass yard. We didn't get money for pay, we received a tiny handful of sweet green grapes, and we were glad to get them! That's one of many described scenes that blend perfectly with my own memories. He mentions Bright Angel Trail, and I remember that from a trip that my family took out through the Southwest when I was a young teen. I have seen Bright Angel Trail! I absolutely loved Arizona! I suppose that was partly due to the old Western movies, which I loved, and Arizona looked like the scenes in the movies. In case you folks haven't guessed, I was a tomboy when I was a kid, and I guess I still am, at heart. I loved being a wife, mother, and grandmother, but I could hold my own with the boys when we were kids. I could ride a horse with the best of them (better than most of them), and would still do so, - if - if I had a horse, a place to ride, and hadn't had a big back surgery. Those were the good old days, and this book is calling back so many wonderful memories. Even "THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!" Imagine finding that memory in there!

To the porch: I highly recommend this book, and it is available on Amazon. "9 Lives of a Fighter Pilot." The author is our MDC's brother. It's great reading, skillfully and beautifully written, and I'm only 8 chapters in! I'm taking my time, and really enjoying the book.

MDC, your brother and I are about a half-generation apart in age. I figured out that when I was marrying my Dale, at age 18, Greg would have been about five. He could have been our ring-bearer! So, our memories coincide in a lot of areas. He describes having just a scant few TV stations - I remember coming home to a tiny TV when I was about eight, and sitting on the floor, watching the "test pattern" until programming began at 5 pm, and we had only one station for a little while, then in a few months the second one joined us. In the book, I also found a statement made by Greg, something I have said myself many times. It comes at the end of Chapter 5. Speaking of his childhood, he says: "One I wish that every child in the world could have." I truly feel that way about my own childhood, and am glad I'm not alone in that. Thinking about it, makes me really consider another book. I've written so many short stories about my childhood, and have thought about compiling them into a book, which I would title "Diary of a Free-Range Kid." Unfortunately, self-publishing is expensive, but is the only way to go unless you have a "name" in the publishing world. After that comes marketing, which can cost even more than publishing. I had an offer a few months ago, to accept a reservation at a "Book Fair" in San Francisco. For the "nominal fee" of just $1400, I could reserve a table at this book fair. That likely meant a card table in a back corner of a big meeting room in a hotel. They're not going to seat an unknown writer in any kind of prominent place. Then there would be the cost of airfare, a room for two nights (most likely not at the same hotel) cab fares, food, etc. That little "fair" could easily cost me $5000+, and that's out of the question. Besides, I would never make such a trip alone at my age and precarious health, so double the cost of everything but the reservation. Since making money from the book was never my goal, I tossed the invitation in the trash.

So, with that being said, take my advice. Order this book! "9 Lives of a Fighter Pilot" You will love it, and will be glad you ordered it.

Well, guess I'd better get busy around here. David and Brittney and the boys came Sunday afternoon and took down and put away my outside lights. However, I haven't moved so much as a sheep from the Nativity here in the house. It's all pretty, I enjoy it, nobody besides me here to care except Trinket, and she doesn't care, so it stays out until I decide to put it away. And I will, when I'm ready, a little at a time, until there's nothing left but the tree. Then I'll take off the easily-reached ornaments and put them away. Then D&B and the boys will come over, they'll pull the tree out into the middle of the room so we can get to the back of it, we'll remove the last of the ornaments, and they'll pack the tree into its enormous box and wedge it back into the hallway closet, and the house will be dull and boring again. As for me, I'll already be looking forward to next year! I love Christmas! Of course, you realize all this may be taking place in February! It has been as late as early March in the past. Hey, my house, my rules! (heehee)

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

January 10, 2023 - Msg 118539:

RO-Very cool about the book! The one that 'gets me'
(gives me goosebumps) is
at the beginning where Greg talks about crawling into our
folks bed, and feeling so safe there. That was indeed
a great 'summary' of our childhood! Would that every child
could experience that sort of feeling. :)
BTW, yes, he did all the writing, no 'ghostwriter' involved.
More later,