September 14, 2022 - Msg 118225: Asa...About being Pro-Active...If you recall several years before you retired you gave me a heads up from your supplier about the huge price increase on tanks...Well, I took your advice and bought one...Still in the box, earning interest every day...👍🤑

Thanks Buddy...G-F

September 14, 2022 - Msg 118226: Asa..I keep forgetting to tell you, Daniel Roebuck aka “Cliff Lewis” is coming to Mayberry Days this year.
He is doing a show about Andy on Matlock.."WHAT IT WAS, WAS ANDY GRIFFITH"....I’m not going to it tho, I have tickets for something else at that time....🤷🏼‍♂️

Maybe Floyd will do a podcast about it in the future?...

G-F again (After I swept the Porch)...

September 15, 2022 - Msg 118227:

ASA, Your rains and ours are remnants of Kay that hit Baja.
Ours was very torrential, nothing like it in about the last 10 years!
I sure hope you are feeling better real soon, especially if you
are going to change out a water heater! (40 gal.?)
Try this link for the space force show:
Also, if you look closely, the space force logo is very similar to the Star Trek logo!!

BOO, you did the RIGHT thing! My suggestion,... tell her that
your taxi service has been discontinued, and that busses
and ubers run daily. Love her, yes, but leave her to her own
devices for a while, and I bet she will wake up and literally 'smell her surroundings!'
As RO has said, sometimes it takes the bottom of the barrel to do it.
She, and all of you, are always in my daily prayers.

Good sweep there GF, it's about time! haha
I really liked that actor on Matlock.
Later all,

September 16, 2022 - Msg 118228: Hey Porch,

Yeah, MDC, I'm still around. Just don't get around to the porch much anymore. In fact, I don't get around to much online anymore. Life can sure pull you around some.

Boo - Yeah. Do another Christmas story! I'm interested to see not only what the story is, but what surprise you bring out. Ron Bailey as a preacher was a doozy.

I'm just in literal, complete shock at what's happening in our country. I sometimes am in jaw dropped awe, it's so unbelievable.

I been noticing little things on TAGS again that I never caught before. I can't remember one at this second, but I know I've done it here recently. I'll post them if and when I remember or catch some more. Not bloopers, but those little things that don't add up.

God bless all of you. Be safe and be careful out there!

John Masters

September 16, 2022 - Msg 118229: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, 85° at almost noon, but mid-90s expected every day for the next ten days. Hot, but tolerable after the mid-to-upper hundreds we've been having. After the torrential rains we had, and now with the bright and sunny days, you should just see the crape myrtles around town! Blooming like you wouldn't believe, and so beautiful. Everywhere except in my back yard! I've got a bunch of them, and only one is blooming enough to notice. Nobody is doing anything worthy of note! Grrrr!

John Masters, I hear you loud and clear. My America no longer exists. If things continue as they're developing right now, within twenty years or less we will be a fully Socialist country, and history has shown us what happens when that takes place. It has never worked, it will never work, and yet those few who know they personally will benefit will continue to pursue it. As for the rest of us, "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." (George Santayana) When you realize that humans have never yet learned to pay attention to history, things don't look too good for the future of America. Personally, I'm glad I'm old, but I fear for my grandchildren.

I've got one of those annoying little "floaters" in my eye. It's just a little black dot that passes through my vision whenever I move my eyes, and I have swatted at the dadburn thing about a hundred times. It looks just like a tiny bug flying by, and I look like an idiot standing there swatting at empty air! I saw my ophthalmologist last week (routine visit), and mentioned it to her. She just said, "Yeah, I saw it when I was looking into your eye. It will go away." Well, I'll be glad when it does!

Asa, thanks for the kind words. I think you are highly over-rating me, but thank you. I think you are a role model for us all, considering your domestic situation. You're an unsung hero, and I think your dear wife would agree. I'm so glad you were able to retire, because up until then, you were essentially holding down two full-time jobs. There are men (and women) who would cut and run from that arrangement, but you have found (created?) the blessings in it.

Boo, hooray for you! I firmly believe you're on the right track with Erin. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, to stand your ground in the face of her behavior, but you have decided to refuse to allow her to run the whole family's life anymore. She's not a child anymore, she's a grown woman, and it's time she felt the consequences of childish behavior. You're doing her the biggest favor that you, as a mother, can do. She, just like all of us, must learn that her behavior has consequences, and while you are her mother, you are no longer obligated to fix every little bump in her road. She can, and therefore should, do it herself.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I'll bet Trinket is hungry. She refused to eat last night, because I left her at home while I went to our monthly JOY dinner at church. She has these little pouty spells now and then, and just sniffs her food, gives me a dirty look, and walks away. I don't cater to it, and I'll guarantee you, she will eat today. Little spoiled brat!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 17, 2022 - Msg 118230:

Happy Saturday! College football and a slight hint of fall
is in the air! :)
John Masters, good to see ya. Here's one of those "little things"
of which you speak: Last night was the Man in a Hurry episode,
and I have often wondered about the two ladies tying up the phone line.
I thought the idea of Sarah was to distribute the incoming calls to
the proper houses, so that means many calls can be taking place at the
same time.
I can't believe a town of say 2000 would only have one line! ha
Also, in that same ep, why does Opie have to sleep on the ironing board,
what's wrong with the sofa? ha. Or, when Gloria visited, there was a guest room
for her. Oh well. :) I guess that is why we come here, to talk of
such things.
RO, regarding your floaters, my eye doc told me to try turning my head
from side to side kinda quick-like, and the floater will 'float'
off to the side, as they are just dried blood floating around in there.
ASA, how did the water heater install go?
The peace of Jesu be with you all,

September 18, 2022 - Msg 118231: MDC, Maybe they only had one line in Mayberry because they were late getting federal aid. I mean it wasn't until just recently they were able to pave the parking lot for the workers at the gas plant. Lake Charles had done so 3 years ago! (I love how proud Ollie was when he told Andy that)

GF, I remember you saying you had bought a new water heater back in the day. You are a wise feller indeed. I am leaning towards having someone do mine. My biggest worry is getting the old one out of the basement and into my truck to haul it off. I really only have one family memebr, my son in law, Matt who could help in that part, but he is trying to run two businesses and raising a family of 8 kids, I jut hate to bother him with it, although I know he would love to help me. I have other friends I could ask, but again, I hate to bother folks with that kind of stuff. Of course that might change when I get a bid on the new one installed. lol Pride vs frugality, which one wins?

Romeena, thank you for the kind words. I wish I was as good as you think I am. lol But I keep trying to do what is right. I can't imagine someone ditching their spouse because the spouse had taken ill. But it does seem to be the case a lot. Sad to think about that.

Hey to John Masters. Try not to let things wear you down buddy. I know it seems a complete mess, but we should never throw in the towel.

Boo, so sorry that Erin is still being so disrespectful to you. I also agree you did the right thing. T not call her out or respond to her in some manner, I think sends the wrong message. Prayers dear. Also you mentioned climate change and how that is a political hot button anymore. I don't imagine there is anyone with functioning brain cells that would deny the climate is changing. It's always has been though, and always will be. I think what gets folks riled up is when a political party tries to use something like climate change to push forth their agenda of Govt' intrusion. Folks are just not going to go along with that. Granted, we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. but many of the radical things being proposed vs the out come it will have on the environment make it silly.
For example, as Ro has mentioned before, the effort to quit making vehicles powered with internal combustion engines, and go to electric cars by 2030 is beyond silly. Our current power grid in most areas cannot keep up with the demand at present. And it's not just the production of power, but also the distribution of it. Thats why so many areas have rolling blackouts now, because the grid is maxed out. Add on the millions of cars that now will being plugged in to charge, I don't think it takes a genius to realize this isn't going to work. Some will say solar is the answer, and yes it will help, but the cost and the technology for most folks is going to be prohibitive. A/C power that is used in homes everywhere has maybe one flaw. It can't be stored. They have to design the systems, both generation and distribution, to be able to carry the highest loads. That means huge investments for power providers in upgrading all their equipment. That means huge price increases to the public. And in the end, I don't think it is going to have a huge impact on climate change. Just what have we accomplished?

OK, enough of that. Sorry if I stepped on any toes.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day and enjoys the cooling temps.


September 18, 2022 - Msg 118232: Morning, Porch

Romeena, Asa - That we have fallen, our country, into an abyss like this is unfathomable. The depravity, evil and sheer, raw idiocy of some *cough* elected officials is mind numbing. And I just read an article about how Christianity is dwindling. People are actually losing faith because of how the evil in this world has accelerated. I know the Bible talks of things like this, but I believe the speed in which it's happened is what's thrown so many back on their heels.

MDC - Yeah, the bedrooms in the Taylor house also seemed to be in question. Not only a guestroom for Gloria, but for Malcolm Merriweather too. How come Nora and Ollie didn't get that same room?

And I have a question, but I don't know if it can be answered on this site due to content, but....what DO they say about school teachers and widows?

Have a Good Sabbath, everyone!

John Masters

September 18, 2022 - Msg 118233:

Miss Crump is just a 'third party!' (:

September 18, 2022 - Msg 118234: Hey 118233

The name is HELEN Crump! C-R-U-M-P.


September 20, 2022 - Msg 118235: Well. *pauses* Been a mighty empty porch 'round here.

A thought... In "Barney's Physical," wouldn't it have also helped Barney if he had eaten a big, whopping meal immediately before the measuring and weigh in?

Also, in "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee," why did Andy allow Otis to throw his match on the floor in the courthouse when Otis told Andy about Mr. Goss flirting with Bee?

John Masters

September 21, 2022 - Msg 118236: Well, the way I am inclined to think concerning climate change, Asa, is that the ship has probably already sailed. The scientists have been warning us for years but as populations grow and energy needs increase, food production, need for transportation, the forests being eradicated, and so on, it is just a matter of time. Major changes should have been made a long time ago but the oil companies only care about money. I believe it all comes down to that. Greed is going to take us all out and climate change is what will do it. I am of a different theology than most evangelical Christians when it comes to eschatology (I am not dispensationalist). I think we could be here a good long time if the world can still sustain us but its not looking good long term..or maybe even short term. Things are heating up quickly and, as you said, so many of the things proposed to help are just not going to work at this point. Changes should have started long ago. We should have been working on public transportation by rail, as they have in places like China for one thing. Major emphasis should have been on recycling years ago and the government push should have been to educate about ways to prevent what we are experiencing now. Alternative sources of energy should have already been perfected. I'm telling you, this is getting really serious. I dont know how many summers I can tolerate like the one we had here this year and continue to have, I might add (it is in the 90s today). What if next summer is even hotter? The grid here has held out in my area, amazingly, but what about next year? It's scary. I am already upset by the suffering I see around me in that I feel badly for animals outdoors and people without air conditioning. We have some friends who had to replace their unit and duct work this week and it is going to cost them 20,000 dollars. Luckily, they can pay it but what about so many people who cant? It doesnt even cool down at night around here. When you live at sea level, the temperatures remain warm month after month without a break and the dew point is so high that no evaporation occurs. People overheat in their homes and can't cool down. It is a serious situation and people die here. Many don't reach out for help they remain quiet and some are found dead in their homes. I dont know what the answer is, maybe it's too late, but we have to try and do what we can. I think now the focus is going to have to be on what can we do to help people as things get worse.


September 22, 2022 - Msg 118237: Good very late morning, friends! I've been out of touch for a few days, nothing wrong, just busy, and lazy. Not a good combination! I've just designated today as "catch up" day, so this house will be noisy all day. Washer and dryer both running, vacuum about to be cranked up, TV is off to avoid distractions, and Trinket is in hiding. I'm already out of breath, so we'll see how long all this lasts. One thing is going to be a challenge, but must be done. I've stripped my bed, so will have to replace the sheets. Believe me, if somebody, anybody, shows up around here today they will be conscripted to help me put clean sheets on the bed. That big old king-size Tempur-pedic mattress weighs approximately three tons, and it's at least a mile and a half around the thing. I should have assigned that project to a day of its own. Oh, well. I'll just do it in stages, I guess.

I started at the top and read this page, and found some very interesting topics and comments! You folks got serious, and presented some very clearly stated and well-thought-out comments. I know, we usually keep it light, and we should, but I think it's good to share some opinions now and then. As I recall, Nero just continued to fiddle while Rome burned, and that didn't work out too well. I think most of you can imagine where I would stand on the issues at hand, so I'll spare you my usual diatribe and leave us all with just this: 2 Chronicles 7:13. It says it all.

On the subject of water heaters - I have two tankless (Bosch) heaters, because the layout of my home demands two heaters. They're well over ten years old, no troubles, don't need periodic draining, and my gas bill went to minimum charge in the summer, when I no longer had two 40-gallon heaters keeping all that water hot at all times. I just have the tiny standing pilots now, which ignite when water flows through, and the freshly heated water arrives at its destination piping hot! I understand that the newer models don't even have a standing pilot, they have a friction ignition, activated when the water flows through. I'm glad I got them when I did, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

MDC, I agree, I never understood why Andy would share his bed with that obnoxious Ollie, when we were clearly shown several times that there was a guest room. Nora and Ollie should have been in it! As for the phone lines, is it possible that there was just one outgoing line from Mayberry to the "outside world"? There could be numerous local lines, managed by Sarah, but just one outgoing line? Just wondering....

John Masters, I have wondered the same thing about the plan to get Barney past the weigh-in. He wouldn't even need to eat a big meal, just drink a LOT of water just before getting on the scale. I've forgotten how much weight he needed, but wasn't it just 2 or 3 pounds? A gallon weighs 8.33 lbs at room temperature. So just over a quart of water could have put him over the mark. But then that funny scene with the huge chain wouldn't have been needed, and it was funny.

Boo, you are so right. There are so many around us who are in need. We just have to be careful, though. For every one who has a genuine need, there are some who are doing just fine, and have learned how to work the system. I "knew" that but didn't always apply it to a given situation. I'm sure that caused me to give to some very UNworthy causes in the past. After my experience with the woman from my church, and her pot-smoking great-grandson, I've learned to be a bit more cautious. In fact, my pastor flatly told me to stop "enabling" them. He was right. She is still making the rounds of the church membership, peddling her hard-luck story and in effect robbing some members of cash, who are more in need than she is/1

Well, back to my laundry, vacuuming and such.

September 22, 2022 - Msg 118238: Oops! Hit something I shouldn't have, apparently. At least it didn't lose the whole post. Back to the unfinished sentence above: -- who are more in need than she is. Our pastor told me that over the last several years the church's assistance fund has given her over $25,000, set her up with a money manager, paid the first two months rent on an apartment twice, and referred her to many assistance agencies. She herself told me what her SS check is, and it's about $5 more than mine. She also has a separate retirement fund from a job she once held, that pays her $300 a month. And still she routinely panhandles from the church membership individually. Including me, and it cost me $200 to get the sunroom furniture cleaned 3 times, (until it stopped stinking) and the floors professionally scrubbed after she and Mr. Pothead and his two cats finally left. She still calls me, and I just don't answer, because I know what she wants. Well, we live and we learn. Some of us (me) just take a little longer to get it learned.

Now, as I said, back to my chores for today. Some of it may spill over into tomorrow! Have a great day, everyone. Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

September 22, 2022 - Msg 118239: Sooo right, Romeena! I have learned so much over the past few years dealing with Erin's friends. You just cant help some people and you have to be wise about the ones you can help. Also, its hard to know what organizations to contribute too because there are so many scammers out there. I try to keep my help local so I know where it is going. I am more of the mindset of volunteering my time these days. I do feel my age creeping up on me, though, and sometimes its hard to just do what needs doing here at home. I have been missing church, though..the fellowship and the outreach ministries I used to be involved in. I think it might be time to give it another try. Its much more fun to serve together with others than alone and I have realized over the years that it really is relationships with people that make me happy.

Well, I have been home taking care of a sick Bruce the last couple of days. I tested him for covid this morning and he was negative but seems to have a bad cold and sore throat. He mostly does for himself but I try to help where I can. I just finished putting together a meatloaf for him for dinner later.

I am so ready for cooler weather! It has been really hot and yucky but I did notice that last night when I was taking the dogs that there was a little bit of cool in the air and it seemed a bit drier. Can't wait for that first real cool front!

Let me fill you in on Erin because it is kind of funny..though I should be ashamed of myself. She has been loving her new job as hostess and runner at the busy family-owned restaurant but I hope she is learning her lesson about the people she lives with. Over and over she gets dropped off for work and then when its time to be picked up, no one shows up to get her. They are all home alseep and she has to walk home in the heat. At this point, she is the only one in the household who is working and paying bills and she doesnt get paid until October 4th since she just started a new job. I asked her if she had any plans when they get kicked out of their current apartment. lol. She said she isnt thinking about it. Oh my gosh. Whatever. The little girl is back living with them and Erin is buying the food. They dont have or havent applied for foodstamps or government housing so, they really need to wake up. I expect Crystal and her little girl will be back on their way to San Antonio eventually and Erin will want to come back home. It seems like a never ending cycle. Explain to me why someone stays in a relationship with someone who uses drugs, cheats on them, wont work, is controlling? I just dont and never will understand. She was raised so much differently. Bruce and I didnt even fight. Our household has always been a peaceful one, until Erin started acting up. I seriously think she is bipolar.

Better get back to the chores...they wont do themselves.


September 22, 2022 - Msg 118240:

HI Folks! I too, like Romeena, have just been busy with various things,
my volunteer work, etc. Church related volunteering is both rewarding and refreshing, especially in this world that seems to have gone crazy. We have had some
'heavy' topics again here lately, but talking about them sometimes helps.
For example, one of the volunteers that I work with has a 14 year old daughter
who recently started in public high school after 9 years of Christian schooling.
Well, since the beginning of school, she has been harassed daily by other 14 year
old girls because she is not bis@xual! This is unbelieveable! They are getting
this both on social media and at school. It looks like the mother is going to
start homeschooling her. It is amazing how fast our civilization seems to
be going downhill, and it pains my soul to hear what is being taught, like the
1619 project that some of you may have heard about.
especially since the tags episode 'Andy Discovers America' just aired on
me-tv the other night! RO gave us the verse above. If we, as a country, do not
turn back to God, this will indeed become a world of hurt. People today seem to just
want their 'ears tickled' as the Bible says instead of good preaching about the many
sins that have entered our society and have been accepted by our society.
Lord help us, please continue to seek out your lost sheep. Ok, on to other things.
Boo- you mentioned about China's rail program, but do you know that China has
the worst polluted cities in the world, and they are not really doing anything to stop
it. All that dollar store stuff comes from extremely polluting factories there.
Just saying that all we are trying to do will not help unless China does much, much more. Oil will always be needed. One big wind turbine requires 700 quarts of oil to
keep it lubricated. Electric cars, trucks etc will still need lubrication, etc, etc
My prayers that Jesus will come back very soon.
Well, we got a nice rain here last night. It wasnt even predicted,
it just moved in and let go for about an hour. :) Very refreshing. Loved it!
GF--did you go to Mayberry Days this year.
Hang in there all! :)
Peace and Love,

September 22, 2022 - Msg 118241:

"You sure been beautiful preserved."
"You just had to go and egg her on."

September 23, 2022 - Msg 118242: Well, I kinda got a bit carried away above,
sorry about that. I hope GF and Maudie made it
to Mayberry Days. What a wonderful get-away!

September 24, 2022 - Msg 118243: Good morning all.

MDC, I don't think you got carried away at all. I always appreciate and enjoy your posts buddy. And I understand sometimes you just need to vent a little. We all do. :)

Boo, That is so hard to imagine that Erin allows herself to be taken advantage of like that. Hopefully she will have an awakening one day soon. But I know in the meantime it has to be really causing you a lot of anguish.

I have a plumber coming today to replace the water heater. After getting bids I was ready to bag that idea and do it myself. And then I tweaked my back when I was outside doing some yard cleanup. I figured I was being warned so I chose a company that sounded the most honest. He actually was not the lowest price, but I had really good vibes in talking to him about the job. He was very easy to talk to, answered all my questions without any double talk. And I think he came to realize that I was somewhat educated in the area, so just be upfront and honest with me. Anyway, I hope I chose well. Romeena, I gave a lot of consideration to the tankless, but decided against it for two reasons. Number 1, Like you, I really would need two unit due to the way our house is laid out. In pricing the cost of these units, it was big bucks that would take years to make back up in energy savings. I am fairly certain that my house is going to be demolished within in the next 10 years to make way for a state highway. So the short term situation that it is, it just didn't seem prudent. The second reason is our water here is so hard, I would almost have to put in a water softener system, and again I just did not want to go that route. If I didn't put one in, I would be having to yearly back flush my system with acid. Another pricey pain I don't need, not to mention every time you do it, you are also shortening the life of your heater. So it just isn't a good fit for me at this time, although I can certainly see the benefits in energy savings. Maybe I can do like so many others and get the Govt. to pay for it. lol Surely there must be a program out there somewhere for me to use. A first generation, limp bacon lover reformation act. If one doesn't exist, I will star a movement to get it going. Seems to be all the rage with everyone else. Maybe I can get on the coat tails of the LBGQTXYZ movement. They seem to have a lot of momentum now.

I jest of course. I hope everyone has a great day and is safe and sound.


September 24, 2022 - Msg 118244: Hello folks. Not sure if anyone noticed I have not posted for the past three weeks since I was in the hospital having kidney stones removed (ouch).

from Poor Horatio

September 25, 2022 - Msg 118245:

PH, so sorry to hear about this! Ouch is right, especially
sinse you said 'stoneS!' Do they have some sort of laser
treatment that helps break them up? I'm not positive
about that however.
Hang in their porch friend, and try to daydream about
being at Mayberry Days! :)


September 25, 2022 - Msg 118246: PH - Oh sympathy to you. I have had them, not once, not twice, but thrice. Luckily, I passed all without much pain. BUT...the first two times they let me know they were present, I almost had to crawl to a car. The pain was immense and I was in tears.

Hey to all Porchsters...MDC, Boo, Romeena, Asa, Maude, G-F and everyone else who told Norbert what he was.

John Masters

September 25, 2022 - Msg 118247: Good morning, porch. Well, obviously I'm not in church this morning. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit for an hour in Sunday School, and then another hour and or more in church. My scoliosis is on the move again, rearranging my body's configurations, and the constant dull ache as bones get moved around is just not consistent with sitting still for very long. Also, I was concerned with driving, as my right wrist is screaming at me right now for trying to type. That would be ol' Arthur Itis, the hateful thing. So, I decided I'd attend the televised service, but no. Something is wrong with the sound system on my computer, and I can only watch, can't hear the service. My speakers are only a couple of years old, can't imagine what could be wrong, unless a connection has come loose. That's quite possible, because all the wiring for the whole computer system is in a huge tangled knot, piled in a big plastic wastebasket. Disturb one wire and you can unplug all sorts of things without realizing it. My son just looks at it and shakes his head. Can't say I blame him.

PH, speaking as a nurse who has cared for many male patients who were "blessed" with kidney stones, you definitely have my sympathy. I've seen many a really tough guy sweat through the passage of a stone, with real tears flowing at times. Two remain in my memory so clearly. One was a doctor friend, an obstetrician. He remarked that he had gained a whole new respect and understanding for a laboring woman. The other was the music director of our church. He sweated, gritted his teeth, moaned and groaned and yelped (he hit high C several times) and when he finally caught the stone in the little filter I had given him, he was astonished. "That little bitty thing has given me all that grief?!?" Yep. The patient expects it to be as big as a golf ball, and it's more like a sesame seed, much to their shock. Look at it under magnification, though, and you begin to understand. Most of them look like tiny grass burrs, with sharp little points sticking out everywhere.

MDC to answer your inquiry, yes, there is an ultrasound "stone-blaster" (the procedure is called a "lithotrypsy" that does a pretty job of breaking up the stones that are too big to pass, thereby avoiding surgery, but then you have all those tiny fragments to be passed, and they aren't exactly reduced to dust. One man told me he would have preferred the surgery!

MDC, you are so right about China's role in pollution. I've been in Beijing twice, and I can tell you, the air pollution there is epic. Visibility on the streets is about two blocks. After that, all you see is a gray wall. It Doesn't matter though, because traffic is ridiculous. Unbelievable. Nothing moves over 20 mph and rarely that fast. As the bus threads its way down the street, bicycles and pedestrians walk alongside, weave in and out, and walk across in front of moving buses. It's pretty scary. I wondered how on earth a parent could ever let their child get on a bicycle and head into that mess.

Asa, I can see why you wouldn't want to invest in the tankless heaters. Good reasons, all. Most of all, the cost. They are pretty pricey. However, when I bought mine, Lowe's had them for half price. My friend Ted knew I was about to have to replace my 14-yr old tanks, so he told me about them. It was the end of a model year and that model was on close-out. I got them for $500 each. They have functioned flawlessly and I love them, but not sure I could afford them at today's prices. My favorite feature is that I can have a houseful of family and/or guests, and everyone can stay in the showers as long as they wish, and someone else can follow them, and we never run out of hot water.

Well, guess I'd better think about some lunch. Not really hungry, maybe just some fruit, and I've got some good cheese. Hang in there, everyone. We're in a mess, I know, but this too shall pass. Into what, I'm not sure, and that's the scary part. I've decided to just let God take care of it.

Blessings! And keep looking up! --Romeena

September 25, 2022 - Msg 118248: So sorry, PH!! I remember Bruce crying when he had a kidney stone, and laying in the floor, by the way. It was awful and our nearest ER back then was a distance and Bruce had left the gas tank practically empty so I had to stop and put gas in the car. When we finally got there, we had to go over a series of speed bumps in the parking lot and being the very compassionate spouse that I am, I turned my head toward the window and tried to stifle my laughter with Bruce's yelps every time we went over another bump. He had been on one of those strict keto diets and I warned him that the diet is hard on the kidneys and he should drink more water. He has never done keto again and never has had another stone in all these years.

Asa, thank you for your sympathy. I can't begin to really understand why Erin does what she does but I am convinced that she has some pretty significant mental issues. I actually have not been in any anguish recently. Having her out of the house has helped so much and I have been able to let go and let God, so to speak.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday


September 26, 2022 - Msg 118249: Folks, I would like to add that this is the third time I experienced kidney stones. But the strange thing is that I there was no pain even though one of my "branches" was completely blocked so I was urinating from just one kidney. I am surprised how "easy" it was for me all three times. Even my urologist has no explanation. In fact, the only discomfort I had was when the urologist used his roto rooter poking around inserting and removing a stent inside of me. I do know he used a laser to reduce the size of the stones but they all passed without any pain during urination. In fact, inserting the stent and removing it was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure because I was wide awake for that. But thankfully I was under anestheesa for the actual surgical removal.

from Poor Horatio (I hope I did not gross anybody with these details).

September 26, 2022 - Msg 118250:

Ha PH, I am sitting crossed legged and squirming! :)


September 27, 2022 - Msg 118251: MDC, your description of how your sitting sounds a lot like my dinner guests sit after they eat a bowl of my award winning chili. lol
So sorry you have been ailing PH. Glad you are on the mend.

Boo, you had me laughing desribing your laughing at Bruce's yelps with each speed bump you hit. I have that sick british sense of humor though.

I would be grateful if y'all could keep my Daughter Sarah in your prayers. She lives in Tampa and it looks like Tampa is in the cross hairs of the hurricane. Thanks much.

Romeena, one other thing for me concerning the tankless water heaters. They do much better in your climate in the winter because your incoming water temps are relatively mild. But here, with our winters so cold the incoming water temps drop quite a bit. Most tankless units use a n automatic flow reducer to compensate for the lower incoming water temps in order to reach it's output temps. A lot of users do not like the reduced flow on the hot water side, especially when taking a shower. The price you got your units for sure was a killer. Anyway, my new unit seems to be purring along fine and dandy. GF, They told me it uses an infared burner rather than an open flame. You familiar with those?
I was very impressed with the two plumbers who did the install. Had it done in an hour and a half, including a new expansion tank. Cleaned up after themselves. Very proffesional.

Now my next quest is to replace my micdrowave and my gas oven/stove. I am doing them at the same time because the microwave is built in and hangs right over the stove so the stove has to be moved to get the microwave out anyway. The microwave is 22 years old and has some cracks in the door mo;dings. The oven has been acting up for several years. Sometimes it just won't fire up, and I don't think it keeps good temps when it is working. I rarely use the oven during the summer months so no big deal, but with winter coming on I do like to do a little baking. So I need to get it replaced.

Well of to putter in my shop for a bit before it gets too hot. We are supposed to hit the high 80's today. Crazy warm for us for the end of September.

Prayers for all.


September 27, 2022 - Msg 118252: So glad you aren't in misery, PH. You are one of the lucky ones, for sure! Your description of stent placement certainly didnt bother me, although a I had a good friend who had quite a lot of discomfort upon removal of the stent. I dont think she had any anesthesia, poor dear.

Asa, praying for your daughter! I have two dear friends near Tampa and they are driving a little ways inland to stay with a friend who lives in an apartment that should be safe from storm surge. They are both fairly young, though, and have never had to actually deal with a hurricane in their area so they are afraid to the point of tears. How I wish they were here with me! Please remember them, too. Their names are Jim and Michael and they also care for their elderly mothers.

Well, had a little drama yesterday but kept a fair distance from it other than a little moral support. I got a call at 5am yesterday morning from Erin and she was crying. She said she was at the ER with her girlfriend Crystal. Erin woke up in the middle of the night and couldnt find crystal anywhere. The girl had been drinking and decided to kill herself. She went out into a busy street and laid down. The police were called and they put her in an ambulance and carried her to the nearest ER and she unconscious at that time so she very well could have been injured or killed. She is now in a mental health facility on lockdown pending a psych evaluation today. There are so many things I want to say to Erin about the choices she is making but they do no good. She cant help this girl and she refuses to think about herself and what all this is doing to her. Nothing I can do.


September 27, 2022 - Msg 118253:

Hello all! Yes indeed, prayers for your friends Boo,
and for all in Ian's path. Our dear POSSUM
may also end up getting all or some of it in SC.
We had a monsoon storm here a couple of weeks ago that was
just the remnants of hurricane Kay up from Baja, and man,
what a torrential rain it was. It rained about 2 inches
here in about an hour, which is a LOT for these parts;
so I can imagine what it must be like full force.
BOO, so sorry to hear of that continued situation with Erin
and Christal. I hope she 'gets' what's happening, and can
change her life.
ASA- our current water heater is from 2014, but even
with our hard water here, ours last pretty long.
It is Reliance Brand. I started with an AO Smith 45 years ago,
but have had Reliance ever since. What brand do you now have?
Also, just a suggestion, but we got a GE Profile microwave a few years ago,
that is also
a convection oven. Best decision we ever made. We can cook our small meals
in it, and then immediately use it as a microwave. Amazing! as Barney would say. :)

Hang in there all! Jesus loves you! :)

September 28, 2022 - Msg 118254: Hey Y'all-thanks for the prayers and concern, MDC. We're supposed to get a lot of heavy rainfall from the storm but won't get anything close to what is happening down in Florida right now. Those poor folks! Been there and they will wake up tomorrow to a whole other world. It'll feel like a they've been through a war. God bless them.
Wow,Boo.. I don't know what to say,but am praying that Erin will wake up and smell the coffee ,as the saying goes. Prayers & love,girl.

Hey to everybody rocking on the Porch!

Oh, G-F- I saw ya on Facebook in the Mayberry Days Parade, Diamond Jim! Looked like a fantastic & fun time!

Y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

September 28, 2022 - Msg 118255: Possum...Glad you checked in! I was just about to give you a shout out too, glad it’s not going to be worse than you said.

Yep, I was right there in it with Diamond ♦️ Jim’s tough 🥩 Beef!...The crowd was happy one and I even made it on the front page of the a Mayberry Days newspaper 🗞...


September 29, 2022 - Msg 118256:

Prayers for Florida indeed! Back when Spot used to post here,
he would always talk about his IBEW brothers who would help out in
such situations, and sure enough, I heard tonight that line workers
from 4 states, including his Georgia, were on their way to help out.
Possum, good to see you check in.
More later.

September 29, 2022 - Msg 118257: Hey gang ! Boy have I got some reading to do !..prayers for all the victims and all Linemen and Linewomen headed south --Hope all coast porch people are fine --prayers..ok gona read -
Spot !

September 29, 2022 - Msg 118258: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful, clear, balmy day here, just 74° at noon, going for a high of only 84°. I think Fall has fallen and I'm glad. Eddie came yesterday, got three big flowerbeds cleaned out, lawn mowed and edged. Steve came and cleaned the pond, thinned out the vegetation planted therein, leaving enough to provide adequate cover for the fish. Apparently they have made use of the cover, because not only are the four big fish (2 pretty comets, and 2 lovely koi) but there are also at least 50 2-3" fry in there! One of the bigger fish must be pretty prolific! The babies have grown about 2" since they were born. Guess I'll have to give half or more of the little guys to Steve - the pond isn't big enough to support that many fish once they grow up. He'll sell them to another customer, make a few bucks from them, and that's fine with me.

I haven't heard from my DIL, Carrie (my son's widow), this morning. Had a text from her last night, said they were getting wind and rain, but not damaging yet. She's in Mt. Dora, about 30 miles south of Orlando. Her parents live just five houses down from her, both are elderly and her father has Parkinson's, fairly advanced. She spent the night with them at their house, because of the storm. I'll call her in a little while. My son has been gone for almost four years now, and it still seems unreal to me. I went back in the archives this morning, to November of 2018.
At the very end of the entry, I found (and re-read) my own entry to the porch, telling of his loss, and then all the kind and loving entries from you, my porch family. So sweet, so heartfelt, so comforting, and I thank you. I am so grateful for the existence of this porch (thank you, Alan), and for the dear friends who inhabit it. I'm sure that non-porchsters just don't understand what this is all about, but I guess, as the saying goes, "you have to be there!" God is good.

Blessings to each of you, and may each need be met, problem solved, hurt healed, and prayer answered, not necessarily in the way each of us would wish, but in the way that serves us best, and only God knows what those needs may be. I didn't understand when my beloved Dale passed, nor did I understand when my son passed, but God knew what was best for each at the time. God always answers prayers, but we must remember that sometimes the answer is "No", and that's hard to accept. Only time reveals the reason, and I think it already has, where my husband was concerned. I watch friends at church leading a husband by the hand as he copes with dementia, or sits paralyzed by a stroke, in a wheelchair, pushed by a frail little wife. Dale and I were both spared those roles, when God chose instead to take him home. Like the beautiful old hymn says, "Farther along, we'll know all about it. Farther along, we'll understand it why. Cheer up, my brother, and live in the sunshine. We'll understand it all, bye and bye!"

Well, I guess I'd better go check the pot roast I've got cooking in the slow cooker. Probably should feed my little fluffy roommate, too. Another blessing in my life, that little angel. Not the tiny little dog I wanted, but definitely the somewhat large, stronger, more robust little helper I needed. God always knows best. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena