August 28, 2022 - Msg 118189:

ASA, I think Roger Hanover hit the trail pretty quickly too!! haha
More later, Good Sabbath to all.

August 28, 2022 - Msg 118190:

Butta bing, butta boom, I swept!

August 29, 2022 - Msg 118191: Asa....Looks looks like a NO-GO for launch 🚀 today...G-F

August 29, 2022 - Msg 118192: Good morning, porch! We've got another weird but welcome week ahead of us here in the D/FW area. Temps in the low to mid 90s, and rain of varying degree for the next five days, ranging from "light rain" to "t-storms." Suits me just fine. My grass is nearly 8" high, and the city will be hitting me with a citation for unmowed grass very soon. However, I talked to Eddie this morning, and he said he'll be here either today or tomorrow. He said he's "waiting for enough blue in the sky" before he tries it. Right now, the sky looks like a very bad mood, all gray and grouchy-looking.

There's that dadburn black and white cat, poking around in my back yard again! Beautiful little cat, appears well fed, but she's hunting. She'll get my little lizards, maybe even a bird. I do miss my remote control for the sprinklers. My neighbor's cat used to do the same thing, and I would "water" him, turning on the appropriate sprinkler zone, and send him home mad, wet and frustrated. Then I'd call Angie and tell her that Shamu was at her back door, if she wanted to let him in. She would laugh and say, "Did you water my cat again? Serves him right!" I miss Angie. The funniest episode was the day he tried to climb the fence, to escape the sprinkler, and got stuck in the vine that grows on the fence, with the sprinkler hitting him full blast. He was absolutely soaked, and mad as a wet hen. He finally got through the vine, went home cussin' in cat language (according to Angie), and he didn't come back for several days. Too funny!

About my annoying foot - I'm still wondering if it's gout, and think I'll start the tart cherry juice thing. I'd rather do that than to add another medication to my list. I will if I must, but think I'll try the tart cherry thing first. I take six prescription meds now, and about ten supplements, plus my insulin. Co-Q-10 (an absolute must), fish oil, biotin, multi-vite, Vit D, B-complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid (another must), Zinc, a baby aspirin morning and evening, and a couple more, all OTCs. All the Rx's are taken in the morning, all the OTCs in the evening, after dinner. If I took them before dinner, I wouldn't eat, I'd be too full!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday evening. I was sitting here thinking about heating up some leftovers for dinner, when David called. He was in the area on an HVAC call, and Brittany wasn't far away, showing a house, so they decided to meet here and take me to dinner! Well, I don't turn down an offer like that! We went to a place called Chips, over in Dallas. I had eaten there once before, but it's in an area that's hard to drive in if you don't know it well, and I don't, so I would never go without someone who is familiar with it. It's a "hamburger joint" according to the manager, and I wish one would open in Irving. Absolutely the best, most flavorful burger I've ever eaten, (I brought half of it home, will warm it a little and have it for lunch) and they make the most amazing fried onions! They're shredded in rings less than 1/4" thick, very, very lightly battered and fried crispy. Absolutely delicious! I brought some of them home too. Best burger and fries I've ever met, and trust me, I've eaten a lot of both over my many years! Then we came home and let Trinket out of her captivity in my bathroom, and she was just overjoyed. She was a bit perplexed as to why Diesel wasn't with them, but was thrilled to see them. As usual, she was convinced that they had come strictly to see and play with her, and she was right, to some degree. My whole family loves dogs, and visits are always fun for all of them. So, it was a lovely evening, and now I think I'm going to go enjoy the food I brought home!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! He's coming one day..... --Romeena

August 29, 2022 - Msg 118193: Asa, have you seen the latest satellite photos of the moon that were recently shown on the news? So clear and really neat.

Glad you got to go out and eat a good burger, Ro. the other day Sean and I were in Rockport. Do you remember where Rockport is? Its a few miles north of Aransas Pass, a quaint, seaside town that we really love. Anyway, We decided to try a little cafe there for lunch called J&Js. It had good reviews so decided to try it and Sean said he had the best burger there he had ever eaten. I had an omelette that was nice and fluffy and the place was immaculately clean, which is a big win in my book. We will go back, for sure.

Went for my eye check up today and it has been almost two years..well, something strange happened. The eye doc I see is a very sweet young lady who happens to be the daughter of one the friends I grew up with; well, she did my last exam before this one and for some crazy reason my eyesight has improved. I thought it had because I have noticed that I have not had to wear my glasses as much lately. Turns out the astigmatism in my left eye improved. She didnt know why. I have my own theory but not sure..the last pair of glasses I got were very good ones and I am wondering now if they helped my astigmatism? I dont know much about eyes but cool. I never heard of someone my age getting better eyesight over a two year period, but there you go. That's one part of my that hasnt aged I guess.

Better get up and go do something productive. Its been raining off and on here today and has been far cooler than it has in many months. I think it was in the 80s most of the day, which felt like nirvana to us, believe me!


August 30, 2022 - Msg 118194: Good morning, porch! It's going to be a beautiful day here. Gray, cloudy, and light rain predicted. the temp is 78į, going for a high of just 88į. As I said, a beautiful day! We have some form of rain predicted for every day on the 10-day forecast, and the highest high is just 92į. After the hot, dry and miserable summer we just came through, I agree with you, Boo. Nirvana!!!

That's interesting, about the improvement in your vision. Like you, I don't know a lot about eyes. I worked in a hospital for 35 years, but we didn't have a specific eye-care unit. We just weren't that big, about 230 beds. The only eye cases I saw were day-surgery cases, mostly cataract cases having lens implants. Do their pre-op teaching, send them to surgery, get them back, recover them from their anesthesia, give them something to eat, give them their eye-drops and instructions, pack them up and send them home. Kind of boring, and I only saw those cases when I was floated to day surgery. I loved the big surgery cases, and the interesting, more complicated medical cases, and the new diabetics, especially those who would listen and cooperate with the teaching. When my own diabetes finally asserted itself, I just rode with the flow. I didn't need teaching, and my road with diabetes has been very smooth. I have none of the complications, I eat as I wish, don't follow a strict diet, just use common sense. My A1C has only gone over 7 one time. It hit a "big scary high" of 7.1, after the Christmas holiday. My doc just laughed and shook her head. Almost always, it's around 6.1. I did a good bit of diabetic teaching at work, and I guess it rubbed off on me! I check my sugar levels often, I take my insulin based on what my sugar is doing, and I eat anything I want. I don't do artificial sweeteners in any form. First of all, I hate the taste - like cough syrup, and they give me migraine headaches. So, if I want a Dr. Pepper, I drink one, the real kind. (Have you tried the Dr. Pepper with Cream Soda? Delish!) I will have a root beer float about once a month, with lots of ice cream. I love cookies, can pass up most cakes, but have my favorites. Love homemade ice cream, and like store-bought okay, in smaller quantities. I've been blessed, as I know that my own diabetes is easier to manage than what some diabetics deal with. Some just can't get it stable, no matter how careful they are. And sadly, some just can't understand why they're always out of control, when they totally ignore the instructions, forget to take their insulin, never check their sugar levels, and then wonder why their eyesight is failing, their feet are numb, and their sugar levels, when checked, are over the moon. Oh, well.

Wow. It's really "clabbering up" outside, looks like the heavens are going to just open up and dump a bunch of water on us. I hope so! There's hardly a leaf stirring, the skies look like lead, and the four squirrels who were chasing each other in the back yard have disappeared. I imagine they've holed up somewhere.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. Maybe just a little peanut butter and crackers. I've got some boneless pork ribs for tonight. I'll brown them a bit, then put them a pot with a big jar of sauerkraut, and let it all simmer all afternoon. Good supper, and quite low in calories and carbs, and I love it! My German background, I guess. When your maternal grandparents were named Frederick Walther and Winifred Goar, you just almost have to like sauerkraut. I think it's a law! Oh, and for those who think they don't like kraut, because the sour "bite" is too strong, here's a tip. I always buy the big fat jars of kraut at the store, and when I cook it with the boneless pork, I add one (just one) teaspoon of sugar at the beginning, and let it all simmer for at least three hours. It will not taste sweet, but that sharp edge is muted. The whole thing is still sour, as it should be, but it's much more mellow. I guess you could say it goes from sour to just tangy. Try it! Oh, and another idea, which I sometimes do, is to bake a rack of spareribs (or cook them on the grill) with BBQ sauce on them. Separate the ribs, put them in big pot with the big jar of kraut, and simmer until falling apart! That BBQ sauce does wonders to the kraut, and the ribs are wonderful!

Well, away I go. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! Trinket says woof! --Romeena

August 31, 2022 - Msg 118195:

Hello folks! I have been busy with 'stuff.' volunteer things, general errands, plus
once a quarter I write a newsletter for my high school alumni association,
so things can 'pile up' sometimes.
Anyway, all is good here, and I finished reading all the posts that i missed.

Can you believe that we had our FIRST 110 degree day for the whole month of August just TODAY! This year's August has been the COOLEST on record! All the days this
month have been between 98 and 102, unheard of here! Amazing, as barney would say. I caught the second tags tonite about Jubal Foster, always a goodie, especially Opie's "I can't tell ya."

ASA, GF, do either of you have rain gutters, and if so, any kind of gutter guards? Our backyard tree is so big now that the fall leaves will start clogging them.
I have been looking at "Leaf Defender" gutter guards. They look really good.

ASA...The launch was delayed. I think they will try again soon.
I sometimes watch the old '60s show called 'Combat' on H&I channel. It still astounds me what those guys went thru. RO's talk of sauerkraut reminded me of one episode where some very hungry GI's found some German rations, which were sauerkraut, weird sausages, etc, to which one GI says, "I'm starvin, but I just can't eat this stuff." I know that the show is 'scripted,' but I could see that as really happening.

BOO and RO, those burgers sound really good! Besides What-a-Burger, I sometimes get an In and Out Burger. Those are really good too. BOO, that is amazing about your eyes? Do you take any vitamin A ?

RO, besides the black cherry juice, try an epsom salt soak for your foot. I bet it will help.
OH, one of my 'vices' is dark chocolate covered raisins! I wonder if the word 'sin' is in there for a reason! haha.
But I take several cinnamon capsules a day which helps with blood sugar.

I am glad they saved one of your old theaters too. Those were the days when we'd have a Saturday AM live show first,
followed by a double feature. Sorry those photos of the Fox did not work, but here are some about our
Orpheum theater that was saved from the wrecking ball and restored to its glory...

Hang in there folks, please pray for our country, things need to turn around soon, and my prayers for all! :)

August 31, 2022 - Msg 118196: Happy Thursday Porch! It's hard to believe that August is ending, and we are running smack dab into September. Time surely flies.

Not much news on my end of the porch. just the usual stuff. Guess, my life is pretty low key most of the time which I will gladly accept.

Our new pastor is working out well. He is 38 years old, full of energy and has lots of great ideas that he has already began implementing. As our former pastor got older (he was 71 when he retired in 2021) so did the congregation and we kinda stopped doing outreach in the community. The new pastor is very motivated to go out and minister to folks on several levels.

Boo: that great news about your eyes improving. Mr. Maude's eyes have improved the past 2-3 times we have had out annual appointments. He has actually been able to go down in his prescription.
I on the other hand learned I need cataract surgery. I have an appointment for a consultation in early November (that's the first time they had open). Hopefully they can correct my very bad nearsightedness as well.

Well, guess I had better get busy here at work

Lunch menu will be: BBQ brisket sandwiches, chips and SLAW. chocolate brownies for dessert. tea or Kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

August 31, 2022 - Msg 118197: MDC, I take a multivitamin but not religiously, so dont get alot of vit A.

Glad you and your family are doing ok, Maude. Interesting about Mr Maude's eyesight improving. I guess it just happens sometimes. Very sorry to hear about your cataracts, though. I dont seem to have any but my sister does from being shot in the eye with a bb gun when she was about six. She will need surgery at some point. I have light blue eyes so have always worn sunglasses outdoors any time I leave the house, winter or summer. the eye doc said I should always wear them. I guess that is why I dont have cataracts?

Hope you all have a great evening.


August 31, 2022 - Msg 118198: Boo, Your brothers name ainít Ralphie is it.


September 01, 2022 - Msg 118199:
ASA, you're funny and you aint even a sheriff! (:

September 01, 2022 - Msg 118200: Good morning, porch! Another heavily overcast day, but no rain as yet. All day yesterday, the sky looked like a huge bruise, but it never rained. Promises, promises! The ten inches we got last week sounds like a lot, but really wasn't as effective as you'd think. First of all, coming over such a short time, a lot of it was lost to run-off. Also, the earth was so dried out, down to several feet, that it was like a giant sponge. Water pipes were breaking all over town, including in my front yard! I got an enormous water bill, checked my water meter and found it was running constantly, but no leak was visible anywhere. I was afraid it was leaking beneath the foundation, but it wasn't. It was actually leaking beneath the front sidewalk, just a few feet from the meter, but there was no sign of a wet spot! The water was all just soaking in. It finally wicked back up to the surface, and puddled on the walk. I started calling plumbers, and everyone said "we'll call you when we have an opening!" David finally sent his plumber to me, from the suburb where he lives, and he did a fine job. The water board accepted my explanation of the high consumption, and will be adjusting the high water bill, thank heaven. So, trust me when I say we could really use some more rain. It will soak in easier now, instead of just running off.

Big Maude, you are going to love having the cataract surgery. I had both eyes done years ago, and it was wonderful. The surgery is a piece of cake, easiest thing I've ever done, and I could hardly believe what it did for my vision. I still had Sugarplum at the time, and had been bathing her very often, using all sorts of "whitening" shampoos, because she just looked grayish and dingy to me. When I walked in that afternoon, new lenses in place, I was greeted by an astonishingly white Sugarplum! Amazing. Also, I had always had 20/40 vision, and after the lens implants, I was a smooth 20/20, for the first time in my life. Now, around 20 years later, it's not quite that good anymore, but it's almost as good. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! You are so going to love it!

Well, Trinket has an appointment with Dr. Mike this morning, for her annual shots and checkup. And a pedicure! Her nails grow so fast, and I can hear them clicking on the kitchen floor. She is going to be thrilled when I let her get in the car, but she'll wilt when we turn onto the road where the vet's office is. She recognizes it, and just sinks into a little white puddle, pressed as close to me as she can get. Poor baby.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 03, 2022 - Msg 118201: Well durn it, the second attempt to launch has been scrubbed due to hydrogen leaking while fueling. Where's Gomer when you need him?

I have spent the last few days working on a slow drain in my kitchen sink. It started with try to run a snake through it. No go. After a lot of other attempts it ended up with me cutting out almost 20 feet of 2 inch drain piped that was plugged solid. I still cant believe it. Thankfully it is all ABS plastic pipe and all accessible in my unfinished basement. I had to do some tricky moves to get it all back together, but I think we got her. I am just letting the glue set for a bit before I run water down it and check for leaks. Several times I came across difficult obstacles but I just asked myself, WWGD? (What would Goober do?) And by golly an answer would show right up. What is interesting is when you think of plumbing repairs of this magnitude you envision several pipe wrenckes and different types of pipe cutters. Well with all the stuff these days in ABS instead of cast iron like it used to be, it sure makes it easier. And I didn't use a pipe wrench once, not even my channel locks. Everything under the sink is plastic fittings with easy turn plastic nuts that you can loosen by hand. All my cutting on the main drain was with my handy little Bosch sawsall. And of course all the fittings on it are glued in so no cranking on pipe wrenches. But I best not be talking to proud until I run some water down it and assure no leaks anywhere. GF, You would be proud of me I do believe.

Well I think I am going to indulge in a breakfast burrito from Carl Jr.'s. They are pretty good IMO.

Y'all have a nice day and a nice holiday weekend.


September 03, 2022 - Msg 118202: So sorry you had to deal with plumbing problems, Asa! That's the worst. I love breakfast burritos. We just refer to them as tacos here in Texas. Bruce and I went to our favorite taco place yesterday morning and I always get a potato, egg, and cheese taco with hot sauce and ketchup. Weird, I know. I like ketchup with eggs. We always get a steaming cup of hot coffee with cream and I'm telling you, it's good.

Yesterday was our 28th anniversary (been a couple for 33 years, though). We just did a day trip and it was nice because of the recent rain. Everything was so green! Most of the cattle around here were sold off last month due to the drought and now there is all the green grass they didnt get to eat, sadly. We had breakfast, then drove up to a little bitty town called Fairview, population 20, but they have a beautiful little historic cemetery that I wanted to explore. It didnt disappoint! It is basically untouched since the 1800s. It is out in the middle of nowhere so there has been no vandalism. So worth the drive! We just kept mostly to the lovely country backroads, as we love to do. We had BBQ at a small town on the way home and were able to get back and sleep in our own comfortable beds. That's the kind of trip I like at my age. lol

Been doing some house chores today, rearranging my pantry space and put together a shelf unit to canned goods. Time to put my feet up and maybe watch some TAGS.

Hope you all have a good holiday weekend


September 03, 2022 - Msg 118203: By the way, ASA, since you are often looking for recipe ideas...sometimes for supper, I like to make breakfast tacos. Its very simple to do and inexpensive. All you have to do is buy the tortillas, sausage or whatever meat you like to use, eggs, and cheese. Simple Simon and dinner is served!


September 03, 2022 - Msg 118204:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BRUCE AND BOO! So glad that you had a nice day trip.
Tho i have to admit, a cemetery would not have been on my list of things to do. ha
But there is nothing like good Texas BBQ!

ASA, it appears that you're 'laberin' on the labor day weekend! Good to hear that you got
the pipe fixed tho. I grew up in a house with galvenized steel pipes, and recall a plumber
having to use one of those threading machines one time. Yes, PVC so much easier. And on the fittings, as you say, there are little outriggers for your fingers. RO, also good to hear your plumbing issues are fixed too.
I saw on FB that SPOT is planting some collard greens. Hello Spotty!
GF--I watched the Notre Dame/Ohio State game tonight. I still watch college ball, but no longer cotton to the nfl, as they are all tied up in politics now.
RO--I forgot to mention a while back that I have the same thing happen to me when I take a vehicle
in for repair. Seems like whatever the problem is, i cant duplicate it when I take it in!

BIG Maude, I too have had cataract surgery on both eyes. My older brother, kinda the family clown, said at the time, "If acrylic lenses work so well, why didnt God just use that in the first place?" Haha.
Happy that your new pastor is working out well. Hopefully his sermons are not 'dry as dust!' :)
It sounds like he has some great ideas indeed!

Well, after our 'mild' August, it is now hot again...108s predicted for the next week.
And as I have mentioned in the past, I really miss the Labor Day Telethon, may Jerry rest in peace.

Peace and Prayers,

September 03, 2022 - Msg 118205: Oops, meant ABS not PVC

September 04, 2022 - Msg 118206: Congrats Boo...You Guys deserved a day trip....

Asa...I do not miss those plumbing conundrums...Plumberís have to have PVC ....Patience Creativity Visualization along with a whole lots of luck!...+ PVC Pipe & Glue 👍😉

MDC Iím with you about watching College football 🏈 many of my Friends are SEC fans, thatís on a WHOLE other level!


September 05, 2022 - Msg 118207: Happy Labor Day! And a belated Happy Anniversary to Boo & Bruce!

possum u.a.r.

September 07, 2022 - Msg 118208:

Hey there Possum, good to see you. Thanks for stopping by,
but next time, set for a spell. :)
Tonight I saw the episode with Sue Ann Langdon, AKA Nurse Mary,
and one who would have been a great girlfriend for Andy.
One thing that has bugged me tho, is that the writers used that same theme three different times, that is Barney thinking Andy is getting married.
Once about the fishing license, then in the jewelery store, and then this one.
I just think it was one too many, so to speak. I know that our world is crazy
with problems, and what writers did 60 years ago doesn't mean much, but it lets
me talk about something else! ha.
Our world and country need lots of prayer. We are currently making all the same
mistakes made by the Greeks. Are we learning from history or not?
Lord Jesus please help us.
I hope you all are doing well. We are good here, and looking forward now to cooler weather ahead, maybe even rain this week.
RO--I was wondering if Hudson ever pursued any kind of career with the bassoon?
It is not an easy instrument to play, and I'm sure he could find a good position
somewhere. Just curious.
Here is a bit of weird news. About two miles from us is a car wash, the kind that you drive in, stop, and then the sprayers move from back and forth, etc.
Well, the same guy has been running it for 29 years, and he just sold it, as he
just reached his 30th year. BUT, of all things, it was bought by McDonalds!
So my go to car wash will soon be a McDonalds. I told the guy, whom I have known all these years, that we'll meet there for coffee! :)
Well my friends, hang in there.

September 07, 2022 - Msg 118209:

That should be "back and forth" and NOT "from back and forth."

September 07, 2022 - Msg 118210: Our Porch Baby, Laci, turns 19 years old today!!
Where in the world did the time go??!!

possum again

September 07, 2022 - Msg 118211: MDC, most people know nothing of history, and that's the scary part. Too bad about your carwash. All the carwashes around here have been replaced by a business called "Quick Quack". They are popping up everywhere. They are just a fancy drive through carwash with vacuums that you have to use yourself and it costs 20 dollars! We used to have a place called Red Carpet Carwash in Corpus Christi that I really liked because they ran it through the carwash then did a detailing, including washing the windows for fairly cheap. No more of those left, though.

Thanks for the anniversary greeting MDC, G-F and Possum. I hope things are going ok under your rock these days, Possum. I can't believe little Laci is 19!! Wow. Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

We had several days of cloudy weather, which brought the temps down almost 20 degrees. What a relief! Plenty of rain, too. Mosquitoes are bad but who cares?! Sun is out today and it is pretty steamy again but when I took the dogs out this morning early to potty, I could feel that coolness in the air that we begin to feel when fall is near.

Well, hope you all have a great evening.


September 08, 2022 - Msg 118212: Good morning, porch! Good to see everyone -- and what a shock to realize that our porch baby is now 19 years old! Laci should still be about six, in my mind! If time flies any faster, it's going to break the sound barrier! I hope her birthday was a very happy one.

For those of you who are dealing with visual changes -- join the club. My vision does weird things these days. All in all, I see quite well, but some days are better than others. I know that my blood sugar level can affect my vision, but I don't think that's the problem, because I maintain a pretty constant level, A1C always around 6, and it just never gets high enough to cause vision changes. I saw my ophthalmologist yesterday, which I do every six months because of my diabetes. She said she saw absolutely no signs of any changes in my eyes from diabetes, and that the fact that I went from needing no correction at all after my cataract surgery (about 18 years ago) to needing minor distance correction now was all due to my age. Humph! A tiny wrinkle in the periphery of the retina in one eye, and again age is the culprit! Annoying to hear, but I'm grateful that's all she found.

I've got an appointment with a pain management doc this afternoon. The scoliosis is moving again, I'm going to be a walking pretzel if it doesn't settle down. My neck and shoulders ache constantly, and quite frankly, I'm getting pretty tired of it. Advil helps a little, Tylenol helps a little, and that's about it. The rub-ons, like Voltaren and Arthricream, help a little, but nothing helps very much. I cannot tolerate any of the opioids, like Vicodin and such. They make me very dizzy and sick, and I generally throw them up before they've had a chance to help at all, and even if I keep them down, they don't help much. I don't even accept a prescription for them anymore, because it's just a waste of money. So, I'm going to see this pain doc this afternoon. I've seen her once before, about two years ago. She was planning to kill a couple of nerves to stop some really rough pain in my back, involving a couple of ribs. We decided to wait until after Christmas to do it, because it would be painful for about three weeks. By the time Christmas had come and gone, so was the pain! My spine had shifted laterally once again, and apparently eliminated some pressure on those nerves. I guess it's like Texas weather. If you don't like it, just wait a while, because it will change! Oh well - tomorrow is another day.

Eddie is here, bless his heart. He's moving so slowly these days, but says the big burn on his leg is almost healed, skin has grown in from the periphery of the burn, and now there's just a spot about three inches in diameter, where it was the whole front of his lower leg that was a 3rd degree burn. They never did graft it, I'm not sure why. They told him it was a "clean" burn, and would cover itself eventually, whereas a graft might or might not "take". I have no experience with burn patients, so I'm not sure about all that, but it sounds logical, and it looks like they were right.

Well, everybody have a good day, do something nice for somebody, and let God show you who needs what. Blessings! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 08, 2022 - Msg 118213: Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth. A remarkable woman and a faithful servant to her people.

Thanks,Boo- hanging in there. Enjoyed celebrating Laci's birthday with her yesterday afternoon-she had a happy day! Still can't believe that girl is 19 years old!

Hope you feel better,Ro. Prayers for you & our Porch family.

possum u.a.r.

September 09, 2022 - Msg 118214:

Hello Porchsters,
Yes Possum, and all, Queen Elizabeth lived a long productive life.
May she now enjoy her new crown in heaven!

RO, I am so sorry about your continued pain.
I have heard commercials for a product called Relief Factor.
Here is a link to their website. It might be worth a look-see.
And concerning the eyes, do you take any vitamin A? I take 4000 IUs each day.
I've worn glasses since second grade. With a last name starting with R, i was placed near
the back of the classroom, and one day the teacher asked me to read something off the board,
and what I read wasn't even close! ha. Not even "An o'possum is under the rock!"
So she talked to my parents, and sure enough, i was near-sighted.

We are suppose to get some rain this weekend in the form of remnants of hurricane Kay
on the Baja coast. That would be great. We really need it.

Boo- Too bad that you also lost a good car wash. But you're right, several 'chain-types' are
popping up now, and they are recycling the water, which sounds good,
but ya don't want to go at the end of the day! haha

I missed TAGS tonight, but caught the "Mr. Jackson" ep last night with Barney's great
"soliloquy" on the witness stand. I like the way he tells off Mr. Jackson.
Also, after seeing Ruta Lee on tags, she was also on Perry Mason later in the evening!
Gotta love ME-TV.
BTW, I've noticed on talk radio lately, the hosts are talking more and more about Jesus!
Prayers for all.

September 09, 2022 - Msg 118215:


September 10, 2022 - Msg 118216: Gosh, I'm sorry you are pain, Romeena. I certainly hope the pain doc can give you some relief! Let us know how the appointment went.

MDC, hope you get some rain. I talked to my brother, David yesterday. He lives in Santa Rosa and said it has been over a hundred degrees for 12 days. A few days ago it got up to 110 and they need water, desperately. He said they keep the thermostats up fairly high to avoid losing power altogether but they are getting pretty weary of it. This climate change is getting scary. I dont want to cause a moulage or anything but I believe it's real.

Well, Sean has been working hard this past week. He applied for a job at a new local Dollar Tree store and they called and told him they were hiring people to come and help stock the shelves in the new store before grand opening and then they might hire them on permanantly. Well, turns out when he got there, there was 20 other people and the store was totally empty. They had to actually put together all the shelving and unload three semis full of boxes of merchandise (over four thousand boxes), and now on day 5 they are stocking shelves and breaking down boxes. The pay is bad and the work is fairly brutal, but maybe it will be a job he can do after the store opens. Remains to be seen. His feet sure hurt at the end of the day.

Erin got another job at a busy restaurant nearby. It is one of those country buffet type places and it is by far the most popular eating establishment in our area. They hired her as a hostess and runner and she starts tomorrow. She has been putting her nose to the grindstone now that she has to pay rent and buy groceries and its been really good for her. She and the girlfriend are sober and arent fighting and are both working so for now, I can live with that. Bruce, Sean, and I feel like we have been on a vacation in Hawaii or something. lol It;s been so peaceful around here.

I did a sad thing today that made me cry. Our big, older dog Ollie was outside to potty and when I let him in, I accidentally slammed the very tip of his tail in the door. He yelped and I immediately began to profusely apologize, which made him wag his tail and that;s when I felt the blood hit my legs...then it was splattered on the wall..and on the floor! He wouldnt let me touch his tail to see what happened but I was finally able to determine that the very tip was probably off. He didnt seem to care, though. He ate a treat and took a nap. The bleeding stopped so now I will just have to watch for infection. I felt awful. Poor old thing. Oh well, things happen. I will be more careful next time.

Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend.


September 11, 2022 - Msg 118217: Good afternoon, porch! Just got home from church, but have to go out again. A dear friend and her husband are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and their children are giving them a come-and-go reception this afternoon. Eloise and I will be going about 2:30 and it's about 12:45 now, so don't see much point in getting too settled in at home now. I'll just stay in what I wore to church, until I get back home.

It looks like our rainy season has finished. No rain predicted for the next ten days. Guess I can stop resetting the rain delay on the sprinklers every 72 hours, and just let it start when it wants to. I may reduce the length of each cycle, though, as the murderous heat seems to be over. It's just 79į right now, heading for 84į for a high, and staying in the low 90s for the next week.

Boo, my sympathies to poor Ollie, and to you as well. You must feel terrible. I know I did when I cut into Sugarplum's toenail. She moved her foot just as I closed the clipper, and it cut deep into her nail. It bled profusely, she cried and limped around, I cried, and I have never cut a dog's toenails since. Dr. Mike cuts them at no charge if she's there for a scheduled visit, charges $12 if I take her there for just that. It's worth it. Poor babies!

I'm glad that things are quiet with Erin right now. Maybe it will stay that way. She's learning some of the realities of independence - that it can be tough!

MDC, you'll be happy to know that my foot has gotten over its little snit and is now just fine. It actually only lasted a couple of days. I really think this time it was arthritis (like the doc said), rather than gout. No, the doc didn't draw a uric acid, but I really don't think that was the problem this time. There were some subtle differences in the symptoms. As for vitamin A and all the others - I take a fistful of vitamins every day! I don't think I'm missing any of them. Basically, I'm very healthy. I do have a lot of "ailments" but they're all age-related. The scoliosis isn't but it teams up very well with the problems of age, and capitalizes on it.

About Hudson and his bassoon --- no, he's not majoring in music. He has chosen petroleum engineering, and is up to his ears in the subject at the University of Texas in Austin. He is in the orchestra there, however. He enjoys his music too much to just drop it. He did a little research and learned that a petroleum engineering student who graduates high in his class will be sought after and well paid right out of school. A music major probably won't be as lucky, even if they can play an instrument as difficult and scarce as a bassoon. Of course, he plays the piano as well (prefers classical music) but a career in that would likely be pretty hard to develop.

Boo, I know Ollie probably is guarding his tail pretty closely, but it might be good if you could see enough to determine if there's any exposed bone showing. I think I'd be trying to put some antibiotic ointment on it a couple of times a day, too. A bone infection is the last thing he needs. I know you know all this, but I watch The Incredible Dr. Pol faithfully, and just feel obligated to repeat what I've seen there.

Well, time flies. I'd better go feed Trinkie-belle, and cuddle her a little before going off and leaving her alone again. She's going to be heartbroken! Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 11, 2022 - Msg 118218: Thanks, Ro. Iíll put antibiotic ointment on Ollieís tail.


September 12, 2022 - Msg 118219:
Remembering 9-11 today... I heard a story of a hero that I did not
know about in all of these 21 years. Apparently a new safety manager for Morgan Stanley in one of the towers insisted that his employees do regular escape drills, and when the 9-11 attack happened he grabbed his megaphone and got everyone to go down the stairs immediately.
Here is the story of this unsung hero:

Today we lived a 'normal Sunday' in America, going to church, watching football, maybe even a Sunday afternoon supper; but we must also reflect and remember the many heroes that day 21 years ago. God, please continue to be with us each day.

September 12, 2022 - Msg 118220: Hey, porch.... Just watching one of the color eps of TAGS - the one where Aunt Bee becomes "The Mayberry Chef" on TV. One thing has always puzzled me about that episode... A big thing is made over who will cook for Andy and Opie, so Andy invents "Mrs. Parkins" and convinces Bea that he has hired her to cook when Bea can't be there. The scheme ultimately fails, but my question has always been why that was even necessary. Bea cooked a meal on TV, and then went home. What was to keep her from taking the meal she had just cooked, home with her??? Guess there wouldn't have been a show then, maybe? Just wonderin' --Romeena

September 14, 2022 - Msg 118221:

Hello Porchsters,
I hope everyone is doing OK these days.
Boo and Ro, good to hear from you,
and hopefully ASA, GF, PH, John Master,
Big Maude, Possum, Sterling, and others are looking in.
RO--I can't help you with that colored episode, sorry.
ME-TV only shows the BW ones, and I dont have any colored ones on DVD.
I vaguely recall seeing that one many years ago, however, and maybe
the 'station' had some kind of policy about taking the dishes home,
but that's just a big guess on my part.
The Miss Peggy eps have been on recently, and then I saw her on
Gunsmoke today, with that same southern voice. I wonder if she could
also speak northern. ha
I am glad the gout or whatever was bothering your foot is better now.
Funny what you said about a fistful of vitamins, as I take about 10 vit supplements
too that my wife has explained to me, A, B, C, D, E, fish oil and of course, oregano! :)
And thanks for telling me about Hudson. Sounds like a good head on his shoulders.
BOO--I saw your quilt on FB the other day. Love the "Boos" on it!
(Personalized!:) Very good job.
Regarding Sean's jobs, maybe he would do good as a clerk at a Walgreens
or someplace like that without having to do a lot of stocking, etc.
I know a lot of stuff is constantly coming into the dollar store near us.
(Which is actually now the 1.35 store!) I just heard on the news that
this area has the highest inflation in the nation, now at 11.3%.
I wont get political, but something has got to change, and soon.
Hopefully Erin will do good at the hostess job.
And, we sure DID get some rain on Sunday night! It rained an inch in one hour at our area,
really a very good soaking! But it was SO needed.
Well, all for now, prayers for all, and prayers for the world!

September 14, 2022 - Msg 118222:

Oh ASA, on PBS last night, there was a show about the new Space Force.
Here is a link to see it: (I hope this works)


September 14, 2022 - Msg 118223: Good afternoon all.
I have been absent a bit. Not feeling to good, and then when I do try to post my WIFI isn't feeling to good. Go figure.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes for Laci and congrats to Bruce and Boo for their anniversary. My goodness, time just marches right along it seems.

Thanks for the link MDC. I tried watching it but with our poor wifi I spent more time watching a spinning wheel and finally gave up. Our local city here has just awarded a contract for high speed broadband for our area and it can't happen soon enough. Century Link really stinks inour area with speediness.

We got some good rain also MDC, last night and this morning. And it looks like more is still coming tonight and tomorrow. Very much needed. I have noticed some of the leaves on my cottonwood starting to turn color, so we say bye to another summer here it would seem.

Happy to report my drain project was a success. So the next thing on my list is replacing my water heater. It is working like a champ but at 22 years old, it is well past it's life expectancy. And I like to be proactive instead of reactive on this stuff, 10-4 GF? (brave talk for living on borrowed time) lol

I am expecting they will be shutting down our secondary water hear anytime. When they do I will blow down my system and put it to bed for the season.

Evey now and then I get to feeling I need to take some vitamins, so I will get some multi vitamins, but usually after a few days I just get stomach cramps and bright yellow wee wee. And I figure enough of that.

Boo, glad things have calmed down for you at home. I hope it lasts.

Romeena, glad your foot pain subsided. Sorry to hear about the other ailments your dealing with. But I must say, your bright outlook and cheerful disposition sure is inspiring. You are a blessing to us all here.

Well off to watch some Matlock. I just finnished watching TAGS but stopped at the end of the b and w episodes. The color ones just are a struggle for me. But in regards to Romeenas idea about Aunt Bee taking her cooked stuff home for Andy and Opie, I have wondered that also. I just figured she gave to the tv crew on her show.

Prayers for all for a wonderful evening.


September 14, 2022 - Msg 118224: Thanks Asa, things have calmed down but had a bad incident yesterday when I picked Erin up to take her to a dentist's appointment and then I was supposed to drive her to work. She popped off and was disrespectful and way out of line after the dentist appointment, so I drove her back to her apartment and told her to get out (and a few other choice words) and that she could try and find another way to work, then I sped away. I'm sick of it. I could feel my chest tightening up and I just am not putting up with it. The toxic is just too much! She is frustrated by the losers she is living with and how undependable they are so what does she do? She takes it out on me, the only person in her life that IS dependable. I told her to get on medication and then maybe I could talk to her but there is no way to rationalize with her crazy thinking. Its really sad.

Thanks MDC! I am working on another quilt right now that is easier and more fun.

Im wondering if I should try another Mayberry Christmas story this year? I'm mulling it over but not sure if I have time.

Just finished bathing two of the dogs and have a little one to do now. I got a good look at Ollie's tail, Ro, and it is already healed. It seems I barely got the very tip of the tail, luckily.

Hope you all have a peaceful evening.