August 18, 2022 - Msg 118133:
Hello all.
ASA, I think you got me and GF mixed up.
I am the one experiencing an amazing August!
On Saturday it will only be 88! And yes, Kari Lke
has some good ideas for sure.

We have an eatery here called Ted's Hot Dogs.
Believe it or not, they are from Buffalo, NY, and
They have the best fire-grilled dawgs and brats
this side of heaven! Here is a link to their site:
We ate there tonight, its only two miles from us.

Saw the Frankie Flint ep tonite, and something just dawned
on me. What if the farmer's son who married Frankie didnt want to be
a farmer no more!? haha
I wonder what ever happend to the Frankie Flint who used to post here.?

RO-- your Wings group sounds like a winner. Hope it works out.
BTW, Pappabear has a new address. I will email it to you for the
Christmas list. He moved to a smaller place, and is still hanging in there.

God's blessings on all.

August 18, 2022 - Msg 118134: As for those death rumors about Barbara Eden,, claims them to be false.

from Poor Horatio

August 18, 2022 - Msg 118135:
Regarding Barbara Edens death notice, claims it is fake news.

from Poor Horatio

August 18, 2022 - Msg 118136: MDC, By golly I did write down GF when I meant to go with MDC.
Dog gone me.
I'm not sure what it is that motivates folks to put out fake celebrity deaths but I am sure it is money.

We will hit 100 here again today and then some of the MDC rain is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I sure hope so. A nice summer rain would be lovely right about now.

MDC I also wonder what happened to Frakie Flint. I have been wanting to ask her if she still loves that fancy frying pan she bought a while back. I need some new pans but I am not sure what to get. Any cooks have any thoughts?

Well spent the morning replacing a sprinkler head. It fought me every step of the way because whatever idiot installed it, did it different than any of the others so I had to make a run to the supply house for parts. And of course they don't have what I need so I am designing it as I go at the store. Oh well, finally got it installed and working good. And yes, I was the idiot original installer. I'm not sure why I did this one different but I suspect it was because I didn't have all the parts I needed and designed it on the run. lol I bet GF knows of what I an saying.

Well I am going to pour me a cold lime aid over some ice and relax and contemplate life.


August 18, 2022 - Msg 118137:

To ASA and the sprinkler...HAHA!! (:

August 18, 2022 - Msg 118138: Oh my gosh, Asa, I cant believe you and bruce are going through the same thing. He had to hire someone to come out and find the sprinkler heads for him so he could do some repairs because the first guy who put the irrigation system gave him a map of the system that was wrong. Bruce has been struggling with it for two weeks. He will finally be finished tomorrow evening, I hope. The grass is getting brown in this heat.

Well, havent been on the porch much but I should be because I need it! We have been having some tough issues with Erin again. The toxic girlfriend is back in town and Erin just moved into an apartment with her and some other toxic friends. The other night she called to tell me she was on the way to the ER because she hit something and broke her hand. The girlfriend was with her and I swear I almost blew up. I think my blood pressure must have been sky high. It all hit the fan that night (the hand wasnt broken) and she didnt come home. I wish her well and hope the girl doesnt kill or injure her. We have had to let go because Erin's brain is just not right. Using cocaine and who knows what else when she was only 15 did a number on her developing brain, according to the experts, so now this is what we deal with..or dont deal with. She turned 21 and there isnt much we can do but we told her in no uncertain terms that we would in no way facilitate a relationship with that girl and she is not allowed in our home. I dont want to see her face.
So, that's where we are now and having her out of the house is a break we need right now. I was having some fairly significant chest pain due to stress and I am seeing the cardiologist for a check next week. God help me!

Sorry for the discouraging news. Now I have shared it and now I will come back more often and just rock and relax.

Sure hope things cool off soon. Blessings to all


August 19, 2022 - Msg 118139: Boo...Sorry to hear your difficulties with Erin has shown itself again, but it’s ok to vent here, that is what the porch is for and know that we care....

Asa...In our line of work we call that “Yankee Engineering” ..Lol Sometimes like you said we have to work with what we have on hand 🖐🏻....

I’ve been working on my storage barn, it needed some repairs rotten wood and such. I put up some aluminum fascia on it so I don’t have the same problem, and it will make painting easier and not as much ladder work...

So I have the other half to paint today, then the project is completed!..I’m taking advantage of the coolness of the morning...


August 19, 2022 - Msg 118140: Yep GF, we just have to roll with what we have sometimes. I have been in the process of slowly converting my impact heads to gear driven heads. And because of the point where the supply line connects to the head is different, I had to figure out the best way of doing it. Glad you have those cooler mornings to putter in the shop. I love the fall.

Boo, my heart is just aching for you and your family. That is so difficult a situation you are in with Erin, especially if there is problems with her thought process from former activities. My only suggestion is that you guys have done all you can. At some point you have to let go, and just pray and have faith in God. Easier said than done, but I have found peace when I have been able to do that in the past.
And as GF said, you can vent here. It is our safe space.

Well I best get doing something also while it is a bit cooler. They are calling tor some t storms here this afternoon and tomorrow. That sounds refreshing, as long as they don't get to wild. As MDC can attest to, sometimes those monsoon rains can be a problem. Too much too fast and then it gets dicey.

Prayers for all.


August 19, 2022 - Msg 118141: Thank you G-F and Asa, I appreciate the encouragement and prayers. I am feeling some relief right now just getting a break. I know it wont last. For some reason she just cant see beyond today and think about her future and she is not equipped to make it on her own.


August 20, 2022 - Msg 118142:

Hello porchsters!
I happened to see Gunsmoke today on Me-TV, and there was
Floyd as a storekeeper. He used the same mannerisms as he does on tags.
So funny to see that. Also, Mr Drucker of Green Acres played a father
of a gal wantin to get married. Good episode.
Then on tags tonight, Jim Linsey returns. As i mentioned earlier, season 1 has
a lot of good music, such as Rock and Roll Rosie from Raleigh! Unlike Ellie,
I'm up on my Lindsey music. :)
I also caught the tail end of the escaped criminal ep, and in the credits
it said "Miss Lynn's Fashions from Lynn's of Encino." Did Betty Lynn own a
fashion store? Anybody know?
Well, when it rains, it pours (and in this case I don't mean as in monsoon.)
My lawn man broke one of MY sprinkler heads this morning. For some reason, it did
not fully retract, and he mowed right over it. Oh well, I will get to it
on Saturday. Our monsoon is pretty active this year.
BOO, my heart also aches for you. I still believe that one of these days
she will have a big AH-HA moment, tho I am also now concerned about her mental state.
My prayers continue for your whole family.

Oh ASA, a while back we bought a set of Granite Stone skillets. Love em, they have been great.
RO, ARE YOU DOING OK.? Please post when you can.

Prayers for all,

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August 20, 2022 - Msg 118169: MESSAGE REMOVED

August 20, 2022 - Msg 118170: Very funny. Haha. Well, good morning, porch! Quite cloudy here, with a lovely temp of just 83°, going for a high of 97°. Thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow, I hope, I hope, I hope! However, if they're coming in from the west, we may or may not see any activity here. Irving is just west of Dallas, with Ft. Worth being about 20 miles or so further west along the highway. Along that strip, there are several small townships, with the inevitable big shopping centers, and of course, D/FW airport sitting on our western border. That's a lot of concrete, which soaks up the sun all day, and releases the heat in the form of thermal columns. Those columns of rising air will actually split a storm front, and divert the storm activity to the south and north of us, leaving Irving high and dry in the middle. Many times I have sat at my window and watched as spectacular storms light up the sky about 20-25 miles south of here, and not a drop falls on my yard! Meantime, the same thing is happening to the north, while we remain a dry island in the middle. Very disappointing!

Boo, I am so sorry to hear that Erin has relapsed and returned to her self-destructive lifestyle. It is a story that's familiar to me. My brother is nine years younger than I, and my parents went through a time with him that was very similar. To my knowledge, he never used drugs, though I have wondered. He grew up in a strong Christian home, moved to Michigan at one point when my parents' job moved them there for two years. He met and married a girl during that time, and when our parents moved back to Texas, he and his wife followed. Everything seemed fine. Then one day he caught his wife in an affair, (he actually walked in on them) and a divorce swiftly followed. He was devastated, of course. He's a master jeweler, has his own shop, and he hired a young woman to work the counter. She turned out to be a "hippie" type, and the word "toxic" is putting it mildly. She thought she had found a gold mine, and quickly began to take control of him, which wasn't hard to do, in his bruised and heartsick condition. We watched him sliding downhill, business was suffering, etc. He was turning into a hippie! My parents were worried sick, and my mom went to our beloved pastor, seeking advice. She got it. He said, "Mary, let go and let God. There is nothing you can do. He is a lifelong Christian, God is in charge. He's been hurt, and is still being hurt, but doesn't realize it right now. He will have to hit bottom, and he may get bruised in the process, but the day will come when he will wake up, return to God, and will be alright. Just know that you cannot fix him right now, but God can. Let Him." My parents followed that advice, and in a few months, my brother returned to church, a year later he met a sweet girl who had experienced a brief marriage with a cheating husband. They dated a while, finally married, and all was well. They have had a happy marriage, have two sons and several grandkids, his wife works with him in the jewelry store, and they have a good life. So, as the pastor said to my mother, just "let go and let God!" You raised Erin well, but she has made her choices. You cannot control her behavior anymore. You CAN control how her behavior affects the rest of the family. Just as her "friend" is toxic to her, she is toxic to your family. Refuse to accept her behavior. Let her know that she is loved, but that you will no longer allow her behavior to disrupt the family. Make it very, very clear that the friend will not be tolerated, but that she herself is welcome to return and be a positive, supportive part of the family. From there on, it's up to her. And continue to pray. Let go and let God. You are in my prayers.

Well, I feel a cold, wet little nose on my ankle. I think Trinket is telling me it's time to feed her, and then get in our chair for a snuggle. She is such a sweet, loving little thing. As I've said before, she may not be the dog I thought I wanted (tiny, like Toye Starr, 4.5 lbs) but God knew best, and sent me exactly the dog I needed. She's not tiny and fragile like Starr was, though she was quite active and playful. Instead, Trinket is robust and sturdy, at 9.5 lbs, active and playful like Starr, but I don't have to be so concerned with being careful with her. She can and will roughhouse with Diesel, who is still careful with her, it's just his nature. I'm so glad that God made us to be capable of holding the love of one in our hearts, and still find room for another "little love" when the one has passed. Oh, if only they could live forever. Hmmm. If they could, I wonder what I would do with the 20+ dogs I have loved? And where would I keep my horse? I'll have to talk to Johnny Paul Jason about that.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 20, 2022 - Msg 118171: REALLY good advice, Romeena. We are taking exactly the road you suggested and have much more peace. I feel myself healing and I see the difference in Bruce's countenance. He looks relieved. Awful to even have to say these things, but you know its with a person as toxic as Erin can bring a family down quick. I was reminded today of how Erin came to be and what a miracle it was. I know God had and has a plan for her and loves her dearly. Lately, I just have forgotten that and been straining my brain to figure out what I can do. Nothing. lol...well, except pray and trust God. Erin came to get some of her things today and not five minutes after getting here she started in on Sean about something. He basically ignored her and she soon left. We had been walking on some eggshells around her and it is so nice not to feel that stress. Your story about your brother reminded me of other stories I have heard. St. Susan always tells me that we have to let go to let God do his work.

Thank you MDC. You are always such and encouragement.


August 21, 2022 - Msg 118172: Good morning, porch! Believe it or not, it's just 79° here right now, with heavy cloud cover, and thunderstorms predicted! So far, no rain, but there's at least a chance. Same for tomorrow, and light rain predicted for Tuesday. I really hope we get that rain, we need it soooo badly!

Boo, it sounds like your family is on the right road with Erin. She's an adult, you cannot control her or dictate how she is to behave, but you can darn sure control how it affects the rest of you. Be prepared. As she realizes that you're serious about refusing to allow her to make everyone else miserable, and she is no longer in control of the family, she'll probably have a few tantrums and try to push her way back in. You will have to just stand strong and refuse to pay any attention to her. Set some strong ground rules, like "behave, or be gone." Make it clear to her that you love her, always have and always will, but that you will no longer allow her chosen behavior to make everyone else unhappy. As my husband said on a few occasions to our kids when they were misbehaving - "Shape up, or ship out!" Dear Lord, how I do miss that man! Twenty-six years now since he passed - or was it yesterday?

Hang in there, Boo. God is on His throne, He knows your needs, and He will not fail you. He will fix Erin's attitude, if she will wake up and permit it and let Him work in her life. If she continues to resist Him, it may take a while, but you cannot control that, so don't beat yourself up and let it make you miserable. Just turn it over to God completely, and let Erin see that she is no longer in control. Don't play her game.

Well, I'd better get off this keyboard and get dressed, or I'm going to be late for church. Got a hitch in my get-along this morning, but I'll be okay. This I know for sure, I'll feel better if I get myself to church, than I would if I stayed home. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 22, 2022 - Msg 118173: Whooeeeee! Good morning, porch! I am so thrilled and happy this morning! It's just 74°, and it is raining, a veritable deluge, a gully-washer, a frog-strangler! I can almost hear my lawn, shrubbery, trees, flowers (the few that haven't burned up) and my precious Sweet Autumn clematis vine, as they all rejoice in the rain. Sometime during the night, not sure about the time, I was awakened by a tremendous thunderclap, heard the rain begin, and it has not stopped. It's now 11:37 a.m., and still pouring rain. I have three birdbaths, and they're all full and running over. There is a flagstone path that runs from my back patio, across the yard, crosses over the pond and continues on to the little arbor in the back corner of the yard. It is running over, with water at least an inch deep standing on the pathway. There are buried drain lines that draw excess water off the yard (it's flat as a pancake and would flood into the house without those drains.) The sunroom was built over an existing patio foundation, so it's lower than the rest of the house. Those drain lines connect with a catch basin (a buried barrel) at a front corner of the house, where a sump pump sends it to the street. Without all of that, a rain like this would result in my sunroom being flooded. I'm not complaining, I'm rejoicing! There are three areas in the yard that were brown and awful, due to some sprinkler heads that need work. Believe it or not, I can already see that they're greening up, just since that thunderclap last night! Amazing. Nature is wonderful!

I don't know what I've done to my ankle, but it's really painful right now. It's not swollen, but does feel very warm, and hurts with every step I take. I took some Advil, and think I'm going to wrap it with an Ace wrap to give it some support, get in my chair with Trinket for company, and take it very easy today. I think it's just an arthritis flare-up, and I don't have anything planned to do today, so I'm just going to pamper myself a bit, and enjoy the rain. Come to think of it, I had a flare-up of gout in the toe on that foot, which cleared up in a couple of days. Maybe it has hit again, in the ankle this time. If so, rest and Advil will help. A doctor has suggested Colchicine, (the drug of choice for gout) but I choose not to take it - too many side effects, some of which I definitely do not need, considering my "resident" annoyances. Advil usually helps.

It is cold in this house! The thermostat is on 78°, and it still feels chilly in here. I guess the moisture in the air is causing that. If I can find an umbrella, I'll go put the sprinklers on "rain delay" for the next 72 hours. If I don't they'll run at 6 a.m. tomorrow, and I sure don't need to be paying for water after all this rain. I can set it on delay for 3 days at a time, and more rain is predicted through the end of this week. That should carve a chunk off the water bill.

Well, my chair and my snuggly puppy are calling me. I'll go wrap my ankle, already took the Advil, and I'm going to spend a comfortable afternoon. Believe it or not, where I'd really love to be is at the hospital, caring for folks who need care right now, but I've been away from it for too long now, would need some updating education, and no one is going to hire an 83-year-old nurse anyway. I guess I had my time, loved every minute of it, and the young'uns can handle it now. They'll do a good job of it, too. By the way, during the two days I spent in the hospital recently, I noticed that there are a lot more young men in the nursing staff. That's a very good thing. Men make excellent nurses, they're bright and eager, seem committed to giving good care, and as a bonus, their physical strength comes in very handy when you have a heavy and helpless patient to care for. Over the years, I worked with a few male nurses, and found them to be capable, skillful, smart and knowledgeable. We just need to find another title for them, something that doesn't have such a feminine connotation. Maybe we just need one title, that covers both genders. Suggestions, anyone?

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 22, 2022 - Msg 118174: DA’s....Doctoring Assistants...🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s how me and Upchurch see it....G-F

August 22, 2022 - Msg 118175:

RO--about your ankle...try an epsom salt soak. (:

August 22, 2022 - Msg 118176:

and black cherry juice for the gout.

August 23, 2022 - Msg 118177: Thanks for that excellent advice, Romeena. We are staying strong. We have already put down on paper what we would require if she were to return home. If she balks, she is on her own. I saw her briefly today and she was exhausted and not a happy camper. The girl that told her she could move in has a sister with two little ones who just crashed there so as of now there are five adults and four young children sharing one two bedroom apartment. They are all about to get kicked out. Its not a good situation and already Erin is referring to her girlfriend as "Stupid Crystal". Erin's been trying to watch the little ones because the parents are deadbeats. She said they dont get up for work so she is trying to wake them and get them going just to get them up and working to pay the bills. I smiled to myself, remembering how she used to give me trouble when it was time to get up for school. I want to give her a good shake and ask her what is wrong with her that she would want to live this way with these kinds of people?! The people she is with didnt have the advantages that she had. She doesnt have to live that way. I want her to get a big belly full of it and hopefully she will learn something..not really counting on it, though.

Sean is between jobs again but has been applying for some that look pretty promising and offer some kind of insur@nce benefits. If you are so inclined, please offer a prayer for him. He really needs to find a job that is a good fit for him because he definitely has some disabilities to overcome.

St. Susan and I drove an hour to the nearest ALDI store today to stock up on some pantry staples. We went to the little mall nearby and ate lunch. It was a nice break from the routine housework. I always enjoy doing things with my sister.

I still have to go put some things away. Hope you all have a good evening. I think I will watch some TAGS and put my feet up in awhile. Love to all.


PS- a name for male nurses...that's a good idea. I can't think of a name but will ruminate on it for a bit. :)

Well, glad you got some rain but looks like you might have gotten too much in your area, Ro. Things here are green again from the rain we got a couple of days ago but those mosquitos! wow. Its funny that you mention your ankle because day before yesterday the same thing happened to me. I couldnt figure out why and I didnt remember doing anything to cause it. I thought maybe I was getting gout but it was ok within 24 hours. Who knows?

August 24, 2022 - Msg 118178:

HELLO FOLKS! I missed seeing tags tonight, but I saw both last night.
The first was cute Opie as a 'windmill in a tornada!'
I actually had a similar experience in 5th grade. This one kid kept
cheating in marbles, and I kept complaining to him about it, and one day
he just bopped me in the nose and cut my lip. Well, I laid into him
with a lot of my pent up frustration. The nun on lunch playground duty
saw me do it from afar, so she didnt know the whole story, so I got
sent to the office, and he to the nurse. I explained the whole thing to the principal,
another nun, and, knowing my family pretty well, she asked me if I had ever seen the Bells of St. Mary's?
I said No, but she said, 'if you had, you would have come to me first...for lessons!'
She put a band-aid over my lip as a 'trophy' and I went back to class. Ha

The second ep was about the work orders and the official verification. Always a good un.

RO, I also heard that your area got hit pretty hard with rain, as you say 'gully washers'. Are you doing OK?
We got a good storm as well, even some hail, and our very unusually low temps continue.
Normally August is 110s to 115s, not these 99s and 100s! Its great!
Very strange about your ankle. sure hope its better.
BOO--good to see you standing firm with Erin. It is tough, but it is a must or her
catterwallin' will continue. She is 'right there in it' and let's hope it does the trick.

As for a new nursing name, doctor asst is good, but very close to a PA, physician's assistant. How about MW ... miracle worker! :)


August 25, 2022 - Msg 118179: Good morning, porch! It's just 81° right now, sunny and bright, headed for low 90s as a high for the day. Supposed to be sunny for next two days, then thunderstorms again for two days, then light rain for several days! Weird, but welcome weather! We did have some impressive rain, even brought a visit from the governor, who declared some areas to be "disaster areas", and there was one flood-related fatality. Some areas got as much as 15 inches of rainfall. I think I got about ten inches here. So grateful for the drain lines and sump pump. Without that system, I'd have been walking in at least a couple of inches of water in my sunroom. Naturally, that much rain would cause flash flooding, and one woman was killed when her car was swept away. Just run a search on "flooding in Dallas" and you'll find a lot of information.

Boo, I pray that Sean finds a good job soon. He's a good guy, and sooner or later, some employer is going to recognize that. As for the situation with Erin -- that's going to take some time. As the pastor told my parents, regarding my brother - she may have to hit absolute bottom before she wakes up. That period will be difficult for you to observe, yet refrain from getting involved. Some kids just remain "kids" longer than others, are more stubborn and will persist in their self-destructive behavior for a long time, but eventually, usually give in. Hang in there, and know that your friends are supporting you in prayer as you walk through this very difficult time.

Boo, have you seen the cardiologist yet? If so, how did things go? Did he or she have any insight into the situation?

MDC, I love your playground story! That was one wise nun. I'll just bet she could have given you some good "lessons", too! And how thoughtful she was to provide you with a trophy - the band-aid. I'll bet all the little girls were impressed!

About my painful ankle - by yesterday, it was really painful, was swollen and very warm to touch, (it took me five minutes to get a tennis shoe on that foot, wouldn't have even done it, except I had a vital errand to run) and it hurt with every step I took. I called an orthopedic doc and made an appointment for this morning, and kept taking Advil. Naturally, this morning the swelling was gone, the heat was gone, and the pain was gone. Foot and ankle are fine this morning! It never fails. You can have a crying kid, with a high temp, and by the time you get to the doctor, the child is fine, playful and happy, with no temp. Or your car is making weird sounds and running badly, get to the mechanic, and it's running like a new car. Go figure.

Well, my 72° rain delay on the sprinklers will expire this afternoon. Guess I'd better go renew it before I forget, or I'll have sprinklers running in the rain in a day or two. Blessings, everyone. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 25, 2022 - Msg 118180:

Yes Ro, several of my classmates asked me what happened. "I bopped Jack Burris for cheating at marbles after he hit me!" I got a few "Way to gos" and pats on the back.
I DID have to explain the band-aid to my folks, but both were ok with it! Yup, I was the C@ck of the Walk for a few days. :) (BTW, Jack apologied the next day, and he quit using his 'big steely' as a shooter. (That was the cheating))
If ya don't know marbles, that may take some 'splain.' ha

More in a bit,

August 26, 2022 - Msg 118181: Big Steely....Jack Burris was a cheater but he saw the 💡 of his ways..(with a little help) 👊🏻....G-F

August 26, 2022 - Msg 118182: MDC...I never used a Steely...I had “The Liquidator” which took care of my shooter needs. It never got to the trading block like some of our other ones often did...G-F

August 27, 2022 - Msg 118183:

HA! Perfect explanation GF! (And somehow it led to Jesus!) Hmmm. :)
BTW, regarding the movie The Bells of St. Mary's, I finally saw it when
I was a freshman in High School. It came to the Fox Theatre in downtown
Phoenix that Christmas as a 'special engagement.' So it wasnt until then
that I fully understood what the principal was trying to tell me! ha.
We had three very ornate theaters in downtown Phx at the time...The Fox, the Paramount, and the Orpheum. Only the Orpheum remains, and it recently went thru a complete restoration. But the Fox was an Art-Deco masterpiece!
And it is now gone. Here is a link to some photos of what it was like.
You can see the big chandeliers, the artwork on the walls, etc, but it was torn down for a high rise about 25 years ago. So sad. It was one of those theaters that had a big sheer curtain that would slowly part as the movie began.

Well, I hope all is going well with y'all. RO, that is very cool about your ankle. I might even say miraculous! Very cool indeed.
Boo- kept hanging in there and stand firm but loving.
Peace to all,

August 27, 2022 - Msg 118184:
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August 27, 2022 - Msg 118185: Good morning, porch! It's bright and sunny here, 89°, heading for a high of 94°. Surely is a lot more pleasant than the oven-like temps we just came through. Supposed to be more rain in the middle of next week. Suits me fine!

Well, the ankle (and foot) recovery was short-lived. I had canceled that appointment, and the foot felt good all day. Then yesterday morning, when I got up, I had a fat and painful foot again. Managed to get another appointment, so saw the doc yesterday afternoon. He questioned my "gout" diagnosis, though he didn't rule it out. He x-rayed the area, about six different views, and said he saw a lot of arthritic areas in my foot and ankle. His advice was to use Advil when needed, stay off the foot when it's really painful, and try to avoid getting on the heavy-duty arthritis meds as long as I can. I couldn't agree more. I got what I wanted out of the visit - I learned there was no broken bone in my foot. That's what it had felt like, and I thought it merited attention if it was true. It wasn't, so I'll take Advil when I must, and go about my business when I can, watch a lot of TV when I must. That's my abused foot anyway. My horse stepped on it (I was barefoot at the time) when I was about 15, and the ankle has been sprained twice. The second time, the doc told me never to do it again "because you'll be in surgery if you do." The last time was about a year before Dale passed. When we got home from seeing the doc, I was on crutches with strict orders not to touch that foot to the floor for three weeks, and to get rid of any high-heel shoes I had! Dale took that part much more seriously than I did, and he gathered up all my high-heeled shoes, put them in a big bag and took them to the Salvation Army drop box! I never bought any more. Now, both my daughters, who love and wear heels all the time, have bunions and calluses, and are jealous because my feet have no bunions or calluses, and look like they did when I was twenty! High heels are a curse! I have never missed them, and am glad Dale got rid of them.

MDC, I'm sorry about your theaters. I know how that feels. We had some beautiful Art-Deco buildings in San Antonio. The Majestic theater on Houston Street, in the middle of downtown, was gorgeous. Yes - the ceiling looked like the sky, chandeliers, statuary, paintings, ornate mirrors, upholstered seating, beautiful curtains over the screen, a deep stage in front of the movie screen, and it was used occasionally for live entertainment. The lobby was beautiful, the carpets deep and rich. I recall that the ladies' room looked like it belonged in a palace. The theater is still there, though I haven't been inside in fifty years or more. I just did a search on it, and apparently it's not used as a movie theater anymore, but is a venue for plays, concerts, and guest performers. It appears to be very well maintained. Do a search on it, check out several sites, and you'll find some great pictures of the interior. On a lesser street, parallel to Houston Street, we had the Aztec theater. It was like the Majestic's little sister. Very nice, just on a smaller scale. We also had the Empire, also very nice, but smaller. The Majestic was built in 1929.

Boo, I'm guessing that Erin is going to get pretty sick and tired of her living situation, very soon. It sounds like she's hooked up with some people like the ones my brother had fallen in with, and that's where he found the "rock bottom" our pastor had mentioned. I don't like to label people, but in both cases, the term "trashy" comes to mind. Neither my brother nor Erin were brought up that way, and reality eventually asserts itself. That's when the transition comes. Be patient, and pray. I'll join you.

Well, it's clouding up! Maybe we'll get a spritz of rain. You'd think we wouldn't need it after all we got so recently, but I'll take rain whenever I can get it! My beautiful redbud tree in the front yard was nearly dead, in fact one big limb did just die, but I think the major part of the tree is recovering. Our watering is restricted, and a lot of trees and lawns around town have died. My lawn could support a small herd of goats now, after all that rain, but there were some areas that were really suffering. All is well now. God is good.

Well, guess I'll go feed Trinket. Little cold, wet nose on my ankle translates to "Feed me!" Sweet little thing. She is so loving, so patient, so comical - what on EARTH would I do without her!
She had me laughing out loud before I ever got out of bed this morning. She's just so funny! What a way to start the day! She will pull the covers off of me, then stand on my chest and put her face very close to mine, and gaze into my eyes. Then a big wet kiss follows, and she goes to the edge of the bed and looks over, then back at me, like "Yep, the floor is still there, let's get up!" So we do! It's hard to be anything but happy after that little scene. She was a gift from God.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 27, 2022 - Msg 118186: Well, I just received two cards in the mail from my porch brothers, MDC and Asa. I can't tell you how I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me and to pray for my family. I love you guys. PS- Asa, that card gave me a chuckle.

Romeena, Erin called me this morning and is sick with a cold and had to work anyway. That's life when you have to pay bills. We will see how long it takes her to hit rock bottom. By the way, sorry to hear about your foot! I know those old injuries can cause us trouble later in life. Hope it is better very soon.

Yes, dogs are a gift for sure! I just came in and showered after wrestling my 70 pound dog, Ollie, to give him a good bath. He absolutely hates it. I had to trick King because he saw me washing the fat dog and wasnt going to let me get anywhere near him...until I picked up his frisbee...he just couldnt take it and made the mistake of coming too close and I nabbed him. Once you catch him, he is obedient enough but he doesnt want to get caught, that's for sure. With all three dogs in the house now due to this extreme heat, I have to keep them clean. I take little Poopsie to the groomer and use a dry shampoo in between but there is no other way to get these bigger dogs clean but a lot of soap and water. They are now outside drying and looking at me through the french doors wondering why I wont let them in. They have to dry off first!

The weather here is still hot but I can feel that little difference in the air that you feel as fall approaches..just a tiny hint of difference and cooler breeze and its a bit cooler after sundown. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures so I can get back outside again and enjoy it. Everything is looking so green since the recent rain and its really beautiful.


August 27, 2022 - Msg 118187: Oh, one other thing I wanted to the evenings we are all usually sitting around in our comfy chairs after I clean the kitchen, watching a little tv...Bruce in his recliner, Sean in his recliner, I am in my comfy chair with the ottoman, King is on the couch, Poopsie in in Sean's lap, and Ollie is in his bed or on the floor. Soon we hear snoring..sometimes it's Bruce and sometimes it's Ollie, but they both sound exactly the same so I have to look to see which one it is. Lol..we lead an exciting life.


August 28, 2022 - Msg 118188: Good Sabbath all.

Boo, you are sure welcome. MDC was the one who came up with the idea. I'm glad it brightened your day, even if for a few minutes. And I will certainly pray that Sean is able to find a right match for a job.

Romeena, just about everything I have read concerning your foot sure convinces me you have gout. Including hitting in joints that you have injured earlier. I have tried just about every natural remedy out there, and also many different prescribed ones. Cochiline or Colcrys (same stuff) is a gout specific medicine and has proven for me to mbe the only stuff that works. Yes it has some side effects, but nothing severe and only lasts a day or two. I only take it when I have a flare, but it does work, at least for me. Did your Doctor draw blood to check your uric acid?

Well tomorrow morning NASA is set to launch an unmanned rocket to the moon. Hard to imagine it has taken us 50 years to go back. But it's a different world now. No race with the Soviets which drove what we did in the 60's. Anyway I think the launch window opens around 8:30 E.S.T. tomorrow morning. I would hope at least one of the networks will cover it. But with these social warrior dolts, pretending to be news people, who knows.

Well off to watch some TAGS. I am into season 5 currently. In fact I watched one of my favorites last night, Family Visit. It always makes me wonder, who got out of Mayberry faster, Cousin Ollie or Mr. Wheeler? Neither one of them could leave fast enough. lol