July 06, 2022 - Msg 118045:
Sorry for my rant MDC. This is the only forum where I can post my opinions about such matters since I don't use any other form of social media like many of you do. I apologize and will make an effort not to repeat my mistake. But sometimes I get the feeling like I don't belong here.

from Poor Horatio

July 06, 2022 - Msg 118046:
PH--no problem, I meant that I didnt want
to get politico, not you. Hope that helps
a bit. Also, as Ro just said, there were a LOT of things
that people saw with that guy, but said or did nothing. That's one
thing that I still dont understand with so many of these guys,
why no one says anything!?
We are starting a hot streak on Thursday with
about the next 6 days forecast at about 110-112.
Even the lizards stay under their rocks in this kind of
weather. I did lots of shopping today so I can stay inside more.
Tonight's tags had Denver Pyle and Bob Denver. I like all
the singing at the end of that one.
More later,

July 07, 2022 - Msg 118047: MDC ...Golly thatís 🦎🔥🦎🔥🦎🔥🦎🔥🦎 🔥Hot 🦎 Feet!
It was SO Hot..MDC saw a Lizard & a Road Runner and they BOTH were walking!....G-F

July 07, 2022 - Msg 118048:
MDC, I heard on the news that the Highland Park shooter had a family member contact the police in 2019 when he threatened his entire family. If a police report was made of that incident, he should not have been able to purchase two rifles and three handguns. Enough said.

from Poor Horatio

July 07, 2022 - Msg 118049: Wanted y'all to know that Boo & her entire family now have Covid. She said they all feel pretty rotten but that she's faring the best out of them all. Please keep them in your prayers.
My girls spent last night in their new home and things are going well so far. Thank you for your prayers for them.

possum under a rock

July 08, 2022 - Msg 118050: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, gonna be another hot one! Got some errands to run, then will pick up Eloise and go get our pedicures done. If I don't get it done today, I will poke the toes out of my shoes!

I just heard from my kids down south - Heather and her family, Robbi and Richard, and Amanda and her husband, Dale. Seems they all have Covid. Somebody finally sent a group text, and included me. About time! Apparently they're all still functional, just bored with totally tasteless food, fatigue, etc. Nobody is terribly ill, apparently. They got a reprimand from me for not allowing me the opportunity to be concerned for my little chicks, and to be able to pray for their recovery! One of Amanda's friends works in the HEB grocery store, and apparently the store's policy is that Covid allows you to quarantine for 5 days, but then you must return to work. The friend had it, and was forced by her boss to return after five days. Now the boss has it. Hahahaha! Serves him right. Well, I'm not too worried about my kids and families, if what they're telling me is true. Sounds like they're not terribly sick, are all continuing with business as usual, just don't feel well and can't taste anything. Heather is an online teacher, Robbi is an artist and works from home, Richard (her husband) deals in antique cars, Amanda and her husband work at home, restoring antique cars,
and Heather's husband is a golf pro at the club in Fredericksburg. He's the only one whose work might be a problem. So, I guess they're all OK, but still, prayers would be appreciated.

Prayers for Boo and family as well. Sounds like they may be a bit sicker than my brood is. Prayers continue for all of them. I'll be glad when this miserable thing finally wears itself out, if it ever does.

Well, off I go. Got to get my war paint on, get dressed and head out on my errands. Have a great day, everyone! Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

July 08, 2022 - Msg 118051: Today here in Canada, we are experiencing a major technical problem. We have two major communication companies that provide cable television, internet, cellular phone and banking services throughout Canada. One is Bell Canada and the other is Rogers Communications.
Well Rogers is experiencing a major problem; their entire system is down all over Canada. As a result, everyone cannot use their debit cards to make purchases or use the ATMs to withdraw cash. And Rogers customers can't make phone calls and send texts.
As someone who has studied computer programming, I don't understand why Rogers does not have a backup system that could have prevented this from happening.

from Poor Horatio

July 09, 2022 - Msg 118052: Hi Porch friends.I hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th of July.My family and I did.Prayers for all who have covid.I got it Sept 9 of 2021 and had pneumonia with it too.I was out of work for 4 months.Finally able to go back to work in March.But I still have longhauler symptoms as the docs call it.Take care all.I will try to stop by more often-ky girl

July 09, 2022 - Msg 118053:

Well, HELLO to KYgirl!! My goodness, long time no see!
I am glad that you are feeling better, and yes, please
DO stop by and say hey more often!
To BOO and Ro's families, I offer my prayers for you.
At least this latest varient is not too bad.
We are doing OK here. I did have that crud earlier,
but it definitely was a 'regular' flu virus.
PH--I have heard that China, the USA and Russia all have
a 'bomb' that can wipe out all communications, but so far
it is that 'balance of power' thing for the reason no one has used it.
I hope all is restored.

Here is some tags trivia to think about:
Mayberry was always billed as a place with a low crime rate,
but when you think about it, many episodes had a crime...
pickpockets, bank robbers, moonshiners, shoplifters, speeders,
escaped criminals, jewel thieves, and even a cow thief
and fake FBI men! Haha! "All is well in Mayberry." :)
I hope the Meet-Up is going well!

Keep well friends as our 7 day forecast is for 111-112s!!!
Prayers for all,

July 09, 2022 - Msg 118054: Woohoo MDC those are some hot reps!You all stay cool-ky girl

July 09, 2022 - Msg 118055: MDC...But they say itís a DRY HEAT 🥵....Like our REV used to Say...Thatís HOT...Dang Hot!...
The Meet-Up is next weekend, I hate the long drive, but itís worth it once you get there Amen Maude & Possum?

I wonít blow the surprise, but all Gomer, Laura Lee Hobbs & I have to say is Maude and her girls have something BIG cooked up for the ďTribute ArtistĒ pageant...But you didnít hear it from me!...🤫 Pray 🙏🏻 that we donít get rained out like we did last year, we had a real gullywasher ☔️ pretty much all of Saturday night...


July 09, 2022 - Msg 118056: Good morning, porch! What a strange morning! I can't remember when I've seen everything so perfectly still. Not a leaf is moving. Almost zero critter traffic. I've only seen three birds, and one of them is perched on a wire, and has not moved. No squirrels. I can't remember ever seeing it so utterly still out there. Weird. It's 90į at 8:55 a.m., predicted high 103į, and believe it or not, thunderstorms predicted. The eerie stillness fits with the idea of a coming storm, but there is not a cloud in the sky! Not one. I sincerely hope we do get a rainstorm, but it's going to have to do some serious "clabberin' up" first, as my grandma would say.

I heard more from my kids down south, and apparently no one is very ill. The worst symptom seems to be the loss of taste, and a general feeling of malaise. Thank God it's no worse.

ky girl, it's so nice to hear from you. Sounds like your experience with the miserable virus was a lot more serious. I'm happy that you're better now. Four months is a long, long time to be sick!

Well, guess I'd better get off this keyboard and try to do something productive around here. Trinket needs some grooming, and so do I. The house could use a good cleaning, but it won't happen today. It's neat and tidy, but I know where the dust and cobwebs are. I get up in the mornings all full of plans and ambitions, and think I'm going to get a lot done, but I just don't have the stamina I once had, and my plans soon fall apart. Oh well. Who cares? No one but me, and as Andy once said, I don't even care some!

Blessings, friends! Stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

July 09, 2022 - Msg 118057: Rowena I know what you mean.I get up with big plans too and don't get it all done.Oh well tomorrow's another day.The weather is a little cooler here today with lower humidity.At least you feel like you can breathe outside.I better get to doing a few things around here.Have a great day porch friends.Talk to you soon-ky girl

July 10, 2022 - Msg 118058:

Good Sabbath to all. (:

July 11, 2022 - Msg 118059: Good evening, porch! Not much happening around here. Just miserably hot outside, and a little warm in the house as well. I've got my thermostat on 76 most of the time, and have ceiling fans in any room I happen to be in. They really do help a lot. At night, my biggest problem is Trinket! You'd think with that fur coat she wears, she would want to be in a cool spot, but at night she insists on "cuddling" as close to me as she can get! She's like a little furnace, heat just radiates from her. When I finally make her move away a few inches, she pouts, and very soon snuggles up again. I'm beginning to think she might be just a little bit spoiled. Ya think?

MDC, your observation regarding the low crime rate attributed to Mayberry is interesting. I had never thought about it that way, but you're right. I do wonder, though. Was it that Mayberry's crime rate was unusually low, or that the rest of the country is just terribly high? These days, with things the way they are, I think it would be the latter. And isn't it interesting that the city with the most strict gun laws in the country happens to also be the city with the worst record of gun violence? Poor Chicago!

Well, better go feed my little rotten kid. And maybe rustle up something for myself while I'm at it. I received a box of beautiful apples and pears from my granddaughter today, an early birthday gift. Sweet girl, she knows what her old granny likes! I've got some good cheese in there, including some excellent goat cheese (I love it!) and it will go well with the fruit, so I think my dinner is already set. Just have to wash the fruit and get out a good knife. It's too hot to cook anyway, so the fruit and cheese will be perfect.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 11, 2022 - Msg 118060:

Oh, one I forgot...breech of contract! ha.
MDC (more later)

July 12, 2022 - Msg 118061:

Well, its "later' so here I am. :)
I just saw the episode about Barney and 'Five!"
I do like that one, with Barn in the harness,
and Aunt Bee fattening him up!
All goes well here. It IS hot of course, but we are
careful about it. Back in the day I would cut the grass,
tho in the dusk hour, but I dont even try it anymore.
I have a good yard man. It is just him and his son (high school age)
and I marvel at how they can do it!
Yup, GF, as Pappa bear used to say. Dogs still chase cats here,
they just WALK!. haha
BTW, he and i talked last week. He doesnt do much these days,
but is in good spirits. He says Hey to everyone.
One sad note, I have mentioned in the past that I watch our
neighbor's dog when they are gone, and I did so about a month ago,
a beautiful lab. Well, this 18 year old wonder dog has had terrible
arthritis lately with his hind quarter colapsing,along with several other issues, and so they decided to
let him go. Lucky had quite a personality, and I will miss him.
Hang in there my friends, peace and prayers for all.

July 13, 2022 - Msg 118062: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, but hot than Hades, of course. Not as hot as what MDC is facing, but still hot. Will be over 100į all day, and so far, not a breath of a breeze to be found. It's the kind of day where, if cicadas were around, they'd be singing a deafening song. Eddie is here, wearing his big old sunhat and a white t-shirt. How he stands it, with that awful burn on his leg nowhere near healed, I'll never know, but he just grins and goes on. I think God knew I'd need some help after Dale passed, so He sent me Eddie and Ted. Two strong men to help me with the maintenance around here, so I didn't have to depend on my willing son, who was trying to build a business and put two sons through college. Landry will be a senior next spring, and Hudson will be a freshman in September. Hudson could have had a full scholarship with his music, but he and his parents decided not to go that way. He really wants to be a petroleum engineer (?) and North Texas U doesn't offer that, so he's going to UT in Austin. Landry has majored in business and real estate, so with his mother's track record in real estate, he should do well. I can see that down the line a bit, they might have a partnership. Brittany is doing very well, just closed another sale of a house for just over a million. I know we're riding a real estate bubble right now, and it could collapse at any time, but she's smart and will be prepared. As prepared as it's possible to be, in these weird and treacherous times.

Well, I'd better go tend to Eddie. I know he'll be wanting some ice for his cooler, and as always, I've got a bin full. That works out so well. My icemaker will turn out a lot of ice in a short time, and I empty it all into Eddie's cooler every week. Keeps it from building up the "frosty" ice, so the ice is always fresh and clear. Helps Eddie and me both! In the winter, when Eddie isn't here every week and doesn't need ice when he is here, I end up with big old chunky icebergs in the bin, that won't go through the dispenser. Annoying.

Have a great day, everyone. Stay as cool as you can. Believe it or not, my thermostat is set on 77į, and with a ceiling fan running part of the time, it's quite pleasant in here. Of course, between my age and the recent significant weight loss, I don't get as warm as I used to. If I start
to feel too warm, I just go outside for a few minutes, and walk back into a very pleasantly cool house, by comparison. Ha! Try it, it works! At night, I lower the thermostat just a tad, to 76į, turn on the ceiling fan in my bedroom, and sleep quite comfortably. Well, that is, if I can convince my little four-legged furnace that she doesn't have to sleep right up against me, she can move over a couple of inches! She disagrees, but obeys. Gotta love her!

Blessings, friends - keep looking up! --Romeena

July 14, 2022 - Msg 118063:

I do hope that Boo's family is feeling better these days.
All is well here, just hot, but nothing new about that. ha
I am also still a little bummed about the neighbor's dog,
he was such a cool dog, but he had just plain lived out his life
Tags tonight was Roger Hanover, and that is one ep that
I just cannot watch; its like fingernails on a blackboard! Yikes! :)
RO, yes, you are very fortunate to have both Eddie and Ted!
Regarding Hudson, I was hoping he would pursue some position
with the bassoon, but one has to choose his own path to go.
GF and Maudie, have fun at the Meet-up!
Well, all for now. God bless,

July 15, 2022 - Msg 118064: Good morning, porch! It's a lovely day here, bright and sunny, but hotter than a $2 pistol on a Saturday night! The forecast keeps teasing us with predictions of thunderstorms every few days, but they always fizzle out, and not a drop of rain falls. However, the temp last night was in the mid-80s, so that was nice.

MDC, I know exactly what you mean about the Roger Hanover episode. It's not one of my favorites, either. I've tried to come up with appropriate adjectives to describe Roger, and I can't settle on just one. There's annoying, rude, insincere, gratuitous, and several others, but if I had to settle on one to sum it up, I think it would be just plain creepy!

I'm sorry about Lucky. He was 18? Wow! That's unusually old for a Lab. Big dogs like that rarely make it past 12 or so. Smaller dogs often live several years longer than big ones, but sadly, not always. I had Flop, a c@ckerpoo, and Buckwheat, a yorkie, both small dogs, and both lived to age 17. Then, my precious Sugarplum, and my littlest angel, Toye Starr, (just 4.5 lbs) - both were Maltese, and died at around 11. Now I have Trinket, another Maltese, big for her breed at 10 lbs, but healthy as a little horse, and such a sweet, loving little thing. I can't imagine living here without her. I wake up laughing every morning, at her efforts to get me up and moving, and that's a pretty precious gift. God is good.

I think well-chosen, age-appropriate pets are essential for raising well-balanced children. Pets teach children responsibility (they should be the pet's caregiver), they learn to both give and receive love, and they eventually learn the reality of loss, and that life goes on. Pets are fun, and funny, and I believe they are a vital part of growing up into a well-adjusted human. In my lifetime so far, I've had 21 dogs and can remember each one. I've had the responsibility for the care of them when I was old enough. As a young teen, I got the horse I had always wanted, and he was my responsibility. (I was also responsible for the care and feeding of about 20 chickens.) My dad bought the hay and feed and brought it home. I made sure the horse ate! If he had a loose shoe, I was responsible for getting him to the farrier who lived about a mile away, and my dad paid the bill. If he had an injury (horses are very creative about hurting themselves) I reported it to my dad, who called the vet out. When a light rain would turn his corral into sticky mud, balls of mud would build up in the bottom of his feet, and he would have trouble walking. I had a special tool that I would use, and would lift his feet one by one and dig the mud out so he could walk. He, the ingrate, would lean on me as I worked! I loved that horse dearly, clown and cut-up though he was. I've always loved horses, still do, have never feared them, and would still find a place to ride now and then, but my back surgeon absolutely forbade that.

Well, guess I'd better go feed Miss Priss. She's in her little cuddlebed under my desk, and licks my ankle now and then, just so I'll know she's still there. Sweet little thing! What would I do without her joyful little presence every day? Again, God is good!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 15, 2022 - Msg 118065: Thought I would check in. Today is day nine of covid and the first day I have felt almost normal. I am still tired and have some nasal congestion but big improvements for all of us. Bruce is having a terrible time with his back. I think he injured it when doing all the tree cutting back in the winter/spring. He has had a chronic problem but it is just getting worse. He had an MRI last week and will have to see an ortho doc soon.

I am so glad I was vaccinated and boostered because this stuff was no joke. Hope you are all well.


July 16, 2022 - Msg 118066:

I just saw on FB that the tags fans are honoring and remembering
Betty Lynn by showing many episodes with her in them. That is very cool. (At the Meet-up)
Rain is threatening here tonight, but so far we only have a lightning
show and lots of thunder.
All else is good here.
I think our preacher will be talking about sin tomorrow! :)
More later folks,

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118067:

Oh, I caught the last half hour of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken on Me-TV tonight. I forgot about all the tags
people that were in it...Mrs. Poultice, Mrs. Lesh,
the fake FBI man, the ol' salt n pepper suit, and even
some tags lines! :)

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118068:
A couple of days ago, I watched the "Howard's Main Event" color episode. Near the end of that episode, Howard confronts a man who is bothering Howard's girlfriend Millie. When Howard challenges that man to a fist fight, that man quickly punches Howard in the stomach while Andy is standing in the doorway watching. I am surprised that Andy takes no action to arrest that man and instead allows that man to leave the bakery without saying a word to him.
You can watch the episode at https://www.solie.org/alibrary/AndyGriffith_806HowardsMainEvent.html and cue it up to 22:50 for that particular scene.

from Poor Horatio

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118069: Poor Horatio, that scene bothered me the first time I watched it. Would Andy Taylor, the High Sheriff just stand by? I can't imagine.

Two other things I noticed: They must eat an awful lot of bread in Mayberry. That's more bread than in my local grocery store. That's enough bread to feed 10 towns the size of Mayberry. And Millie's smile when she's watching two men fight over her is dead perfect. Women love that stuff. Puts to mind when Barney threatened Jeff, and Thelma Lou was all smiles.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118070: Yíall may want to ask Maude what she did Saturday night...
What goes on in Mayberry STAYS in Mayberry 🤫... You didnít hear it from me....G-F

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118071: ...All Iíll say is we had a GREAT TIME at the Meet-Up...👍🙌🏻

July 17, 2022 - Msg 118072: One more thing...We had a special visitor to those who know of his work...https://seandietrich.com/mount-airy/

July 18, 2022 - Msg 118073: Hope you are all well and staying cool. We are hanging in there. Bruce went back to work today but his back is still killing him. He has his colonoscopy on Thursday and he is nervous about going off his blood thinners for five days. His dad died from a bad stroke at Bruce's age after going off blood thinners for surgery, so it is in the back of Bruce's mind. Thank you all for your prayers for him.

Stay cool, my friends. It is brutal out there!


July 18, 2022 - Msg 118074:
G-F, watch Ted Koppel's visit to Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry).

from Poor Horatio

July 18, 2022 - Msg 118075: PH...I watched it one time when it came out...That was enough for me!..😡 He could have done a nice piece, but he chose to get political, so I Nipped It!...🙅🏼‍♂️


July 18, 2022 - Msg 118076: ....And as Forest Gump Said ..Thatís all I have to say about that!...And Everyone had a great weekend at the Meet-Up just having fun with their Mayberry Friends...Right Maude?

Boo..Prayers for Bruce..Iím sure heís nervous about those bad memories ...G-F again

July 19, 2022 - Msg 118077:

Howdy Mayberry folks!
Well, last night we finally got a good gully-washer, in fact, we got TWO!
First, as always, came the wall of dust, then the lightning and big claps
of thunder, and then rain, beautiful RAIN. At my location we had a 40
minute downpour, (around 10 pm), and then around 3 am, a super loud peal
of thunder, and more rain. I'm guess about an inch and a half total
which is really good for here!!
The church cleaning surprises continue... today I found a woman's wedding ring!
Yup, 5 diamonds in a row, big one square in the center, with two smaller ones
on each side of it. Once again I turned it in to the office, but so far
no one has even called about it! Curious, curious.
GF--glad to hear that the Meet-Up went well. Were you Diamond Jim again?
I have never heard Sean Detrich. I guess I have to get out more! ha
BOO--I know what you mean about the blood thinners. I am on one, and would
be concerned if I had to stop it. Bruse is in my prayers.
RO--that was very nice about what you said about pets, and I agree. But 21 dogs??
Sounds like Opie's brood! ha. Yes, Lucky was 18. That's why he was also known as superdog!
PH--I havent seen any colored episodes in a long time, but I cued up your post
and watched. I think it is because Howard built himself up after dealing
with Allen Melvin, and the punch in the stomach was, as Andy stated, the result
when threats are somewhat empty. But since Howard initiated the fight, the guy
was just defending himself, and Andy let him go to prove such a point to Howard.
(almost like Opie and the mean kid.)
Anyway, that's my take on it. :)


July 19, 2022 - Msg 118078: MDC...Iím guessing whoever left that ring 💍 must have said her piece and counted to three?.....G-F

July 19, 2022 - Msg 118079: Good Tuesday folks, stopping by from work this morning.

I hope everyone is doing ok.
Boo: I hope your family is recovering from Covid
and feeling better. Prayers for Bruce as he deals with his back issues.

As GF reported a good time was had by all in attendance at the meet up over the weekend. It's always a good time, seeing everyone who attends as well as all the sights in and about town. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and participated in the amateur tribute artist contest, being in a group with other ladies in attendance. We did the ladies aid society group who had a good time after using the elixir from Uncle Harvey. A good time indeed.

Most of my remodeling is completed now and we are on the downside of putting things back in place.
I am happy with the results and likely will never model this house again.

Guess I had better get back to work.
Lunch menu will be BLT sandwiches, chips and a brownie for dessert. tea or Kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

July 21, 2022 - Msg 118080:

HI ALL! No more rain since the other night, but that
is pretty normal for us.
I caught the first tags tonite about the Count,
not a fav, but there are some good lines, like Floyd's
line about Andy being funny for a sheriff. :)
But ME-TV really cut up that episode for more commercials!
BIG Maude, GF sent me a pic of the Women's Aid Church Society.
You all looked great! I bet that was a lot of fun!!!
Good to hear that the remodel is finishing up. Hopefully it
will look good now for a long time to come.
C and I will be heading up to No. AZ next week. It will be a nice
respite from the heat. It is usually about 20-25 degrees cooler
where we're going.
Hang in there all. I sure hope ASA has gotten past his ailments.
Peace to all,

July 21, 2022 - Msg 118081: Good morning, porch! So good to be back at this keyboard and to read about the meet-up, and see what's happening with my friends. I've been absent for a few days, and missed a lot. Truth is, I've been in the hospital, but am fine now. On Sunday night, about 2 a.m., I apparently experienced a TIA - a transient ischemic attack, or simply stated, a small, light stroke. I was standing in the bathroom, and reached up with my left hand to get something off a shelf, and suddenly my arm just collapsed and fell to my side, and I couldn't raise it. No pain, no dizziness, nothing else, just that arm was totally non-functional. I got back in bed, and noticed that the fingers on that hand were numb. I talked to Trinket, told her to lie down, and she did, so I knew my speech was coherent. I ran through all the neuro checks I could do without another person participating, and everything worked except what involved the left arm. While I was deciding whether or not to call 911 (my son lives a half-hour away), I noticed that the numbness in my fingers was going away, and function in the arm was returning. I checked my grip in that hand and it was equal to the right. So, I settled in and slept a couple of hours. I knew Ted Story would be here before seven - he was coming to do some maintenance work on the sprinklers. When he arrived, and I told him what had happened, he didn't miss a beat, just said "Let's get you in my truck" and he took me to the ED. I never saw such a tempest in a teapot, but they ran every test possible, and all were fine. A brain CT showed no sign of a bleed, which was good. A hemorrhagic stroke (when a vein ruptures and bleeds) is the worst kind, because it usually just keeps getting worse as the bleed continues. An ischemic stroke, (where a clot blocks circulation), especially if
the clot is small, is the least dangerous. A small clot will soon break up and wash away in the normal flow, and function returns. A bigger clot can cause more problems, but apparently mine must have been very tiny. So, all said, I'm fine. Just a little bump in the road, and a lot of great tests were done, all with good results, which is very reassuring, generally speaking. They checked the carotid arteries, which at my age are usually at least partially clogged, and mine are clear. Also did an electrocardiogram, and it does show some valve regurgitation, which has been there for years, no change. So, I feel blessed, and life will go on as usual. God is good.

I love hearing about the meet-up. Would love to attend at least once, but I think that's not in my future. So, I'll just stay home and enjoy the stories!

Trinket stayed with my son and his family while I was gone, and got to play with his friend Diesel. She was glad to see me, and wanted my attention, but she wasn't overly exuberant, which told me she had been loved on and spoiled while I was gone, exactly what I knew would happen. What a blessing to have someone who can and will care for her when I can't!

Well, a little lunch sounds good. I have a pear and some good cheese, and I think that will do just fine. Oh wait! Big Maude is making lunch, and it sounds much better. Thanks, Maudie! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 21, 2022 - Msg 118082: Eeek! HIS friend Diesel? What was I thinking? I think I started to say "play with his dog", meaning my son's dog. Since Trinket is very much a little girl, let's make that "play with HER friend Diesel." Sorry! --Romeena

July 21, 2022 - Msg 118083:

So glad you are OK RO!! Prayers.
More later,

July 21, 2022 - Msg 118084: Thank you Maude, and all for your prayers. Bruce had his colonoscopy this morning and the doc said it was just some polyps that caused the problem, he removed three and said they looked fine to him but they always send for pathology. Doc seemed confident that he was fine, though, and said he wanted him to have another one in five years. He gets to start back on the blood thinner tomorrow. He is having a little nausea but otherwise ok.

We are still not completely recovered from Covid. I started getting a slight cough again, nothing major and still feeling tired if I do much. Its a strange kind of tired..dont really know how to describe it except it feels like my insides are tired, my lungs and heart inside my chest feel tired when I do very much. I know it will take time.

Well Ro, Im sorry you had that little TIA but so glad you are ok. I saw those quite a few times in my mother and she would be ok soon after. It just goes with the territory as we age sometimes. Bless your heart. You are a tough one. Much love to you.

Today one of our citizens, a sweet young couple with two little ones who just moved into the area and are struggling a bit to make ends meet, came upon a pup in the street that was obviously malnourished and bruised from abuse. She was so cute..looked like a boxer mix and about three months old? They decided to keep her in the family and give her a loving home but were asking the community for a little help getting started so I gave them a dog crate we werent using, some puppy pads, a dog bed and I gave them some of my homemade dog treats. I was so happy that they kept her and want to give her a loving family. They said she is very sweet and calm. They have already made an appointment to take her to a low cost clinic for treatment. We have a real problem here in our area with stray pets because our shelters and pound are full. Shelters in our area are refusing to take in any more animals. I have been trying to post information from low cost clinics hoping people will get their animals spayed but people are struggling so much right now and many cant afford to take on a pet. Its very sad. I was just so happy with the young couple willing to help the pup that i wanted to help a little. It is a sad situation here. It seems that the closer you get south, here in Texas and the closer to the Mexico Border, you see more neglected animals because people cant afford to care for them properly.

STay well


July 22, 2022 - Msg 118085: Morning all, and before I forget, Happy Birthday to Romeena, Boo, and Possum. I know they all have birthdays coming up the next few days.

Thanks for the shout out MDC. As a matter of fact, I have not been feeling real weel as of late. Not really sick, but just off it. Not much appetite and thats not like me. Not been sick to my stomach, but have had some feelings of bloating and some minor cramps. And this stinking cough that has refused to leave. That has really been a drag on me. On the plus side I have dropped quite a bit of weight. Evereyone tells me I look great, but I just don't feel quite right. Oh well. getting old ain't for sissies.
Ro, I am so glad you are okay from the mini stroke.
And Boo, so sorry yor family has been stricken with covid. I pray you all get better and that Bruce's biopsies all come back clean.

MDC, Good to hear you and the wife are headed for cooler pastures for a while. That heat is so repressive.

Anyway, not much going on here. Just trying to lay low still from this supid virus. 2 and a half years into this and we seem to still be stumbling around not knowing how to deal with it. These so called public health experts need to reboot thier careers. It seems to me they have failed us bad.

Asa (burned ou over covid)

July 22, 2022 - Msg 118086: Oh and GF and Maude, glad your meet up went well and you had fun. I hope you didn't try writing any speeding tickets GF. Remember, that badge is just a little man hole cover. lol


July 22, 2022 - Msg 118087: Good afternoon, porch. Sorry for all who are ailing! Seems like everyone I know is fighting some ailment or other, mostly new Covid or for some, lingering effects of an earlier episode. Asa, you are so right. The miserable thing has outstayed its welcome, as far as I'm concerned. You know, I'm wondering just how long it has actually been active in the world. I'm remembering pictures I saw several years ago, long before we even heard of Covid, pictures taken in China. Even then most of the population went about their business wearing a mask! The pictures were unrelated to health or any such thing, just news pictures, and incidentally, almost everyone was wearing a mask. So ---- just how long was it a "thing" in China before it finally made it to everyone else? Another question in my mind - was the development and release of Covid to the rest of the world, and specifically to the U.S., an attempt to weaken and cripple America? If so, it worked. OK, tickalock!

I'm feeling just fine, biggest problem is sore joints from arthritis, but I'm used to that. I'm still wondering if there even was a stroke, but it caused me to have a lot of tests that were probably a good idea at my age, so it's okay.

We had our monthly JOY dinner at church last night, a fish fry, and it was so good! The entertainment was a man about 60, who played the piano to accompany himself as he sang, and he had a running narrative that connected things from one song to another. He was very, very good! He sang old songs, from old movies and commented with little details about each one. The main theme of his comments was about the casting choices of the movies. Things like the fact that Vivien Leigh was cast in "Gone With the Wind" as a belle from the Deep South, but she was British, with the strong British accent, which she had to overcome for the role. His performance ran for about 40 minutes, and everyone was sorry when he finished. He went from one old movie to another, and every single one had an interesting story about the apparent mis-casting, which always seemed to work out just fine. I wish they had taped his performance. I can't possibly recall all of it, but it was astonishing, how unlikely the casting was in so many movies. He finished up with "God Bless America", and how Kate Smith took that unknown, as yet unheard of song by Irving Berlin, and sang it on the radio for the first time, hurling it into instant fame with her stunning performance. You can find that online easily, just search on the song title, and it will come up, or search on "Kate Smith". Her voice was inimitable, and no one will ever sing it like she did. When the guy launched into it on his keyboard, and started to sing with it, everyone in the room stood up and sang. There were 175 people singing "God Bless America", as a benediction to our event, and there were a lot of tears.

Well, just heard my mail slot rattle, guess I'd better go see what little delights the postman has left me today. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 23, 2022 - Msg 118088:

Here is a link to Kate Smith's God Bless America.
IMHO she has everyone beat! :)
When I was in school we sang that song every morning!
RO--It sure sounds like you had a great time at the dinner/show.
That man had a unique idea with the various shows mis-casts.
Does anyone here watch the Daystar network? They have some good
prophecy programs. One thing for sure, with each passing day
we are that much closer to Jesus' return! :)
GF sent me some pics of the Meet-Up. He went as the sewer inspector.
(Was that from a color episode?) Big Maude looked great as one of
the tipsy ladies. Sure looked like a good time.
Yes ASA, we leave Sunday for about 5 days. It's only about 90 miles,
but is also about a 20 degree temp. drop!!
I am so sorry about so many of you having the misery, but hang in there.
Glad that Bruce only had plopys!
Keep well folks, I'll check in from time to time.

July 23, 2022 - Msg 118089: MDC..Freeburger the sewer Inspector was mentioned in Citizens Arrest episode, he gave Barneyís Dad a ticket.

July 23, 2022 - Msg 118090: GF, That episode with the Freeburger story reminds me so much when I was a young-un. We had a guy in our small town who was hired by the County as an animal control officer. He was given a county truck to drive and a uniform to wear. The truck was actually an old retired sheriff's patrol truck. Anyway, the job really went to his head. He would often park in areas pretending to be running radar on traffic. If there happened to be an accident in our area, he would come rushing to the scene in his truck and start directing traffic and acting all official. Even for me as a kid, I found it funny. And the locals would sure tease him about being a wannabe cop. lol


July 24, 2022 - Msg 118091: Happy Birthday, Ro!!

Thanks for the early birthday wishes,Asa. Yep,I have a birthday coming up on Saturday. No big plans,trying to get over Covid. Was feeling better until last night-guess it'll take a while. I totally lost my sense of smell for several days,which was quite strange. Glad it returned!

Y'all take care-haven't read much of the recent posts,hope everyone is doing okay.

possum u.a.r.

July 24, 2022 - Msg 118092: I thought Iíd just stop by the porch to wish Romeena a very happy birthday! I miss your stories and correspondence.
Charlotte Tucker

July 25, 2022 - Msg 118093: Good morning, porch! Happy early birthday, Possum! Wish I could bake you a cake, and Billy Ray the Postman could deliver it to you, but I wouldn't trust it to the local postal service. I'm still finding my mail next door or in a flowerbed. Keep fighting that Covid thing. My daughter had it, lost her sense of smell and taste, but says it has returned about 50%. Not very good, but still can smell and taste a little bit.

Charlotte Tucker, thanks for the birthday wish. It was a great day, out at my son's home, great steaks on the grill, a delicious cake, balloons that I brought home with me, and a mini-concert by my grandson on the piano. That boy is amazing. He does read music now, after four years in the music program at school, and three years in the Ft. Worth Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, but he rarely uses music. He plays beautifully by ear, and was doing so long before he got in the music program at school, where learning to read music was required, of course. He can hear a song once or twice, and he can play it. I will never understand that, but we're all grateful for it. As he was playing last night, I was sitting close by, happened to look down, and saw that he was barefoot and was operating the pedals with his big toe! He's still a kid at 18, but his favorite music is classical! He can and does play anything he's heard, but he really excels with the classics. What a wonderful gift!

We had a great evening, Trinket and Diesel wore each other out - they're best buddies. Such fun to watch them play together. He's three times her size, but is so gentle with her, and she just adores him.

Note: I just re-read Msg 118081 and noticed a big error I made. I said the hospital did an electrocardiogram and I actually meant an echocardiogram. An electrocardiogram is an EKG, and they did do one, but it was the echocardiogram I was commenting on. That's what would find a leaky valve or possibly a clot, not an EKG. It did find a couple of leaks, but they've been there for years and they don't interfere with normal daily life.

Well, the plumber is here, thank heavens. I've had a waterline leak for a couple of weeks now, but it seems half our population has the same problem, and plumbers are at a premium, with long waiting list. It's so hot and dry, that the ground is shifting a little and lines are breaking. I've called three plumbers, and got on their waiting lists, and decided I'd take the first one that called back. Then I told my son about the leak, and the plumber he uses showed up this morning! Nice guy, and they've already started digging. Naturally, the leak is underneath the sidewalk, about two feet from the meter, which will cost more to repair, but I'm not complaining. I'll take the bill to the city water office, and they'll probably reimburse me for the $310 bill I just got, at least for part of it. I'm just glad it's being fixed.

Boo, I'm glad Bruce's procedure went well, with no scary findings. And blessings for that couple who rescued the abused pup, and more blessings for you and Bruce, for helping them. I will never, ever, in a million years, understand how someone could abuse an animal, let alone a very helpless puppy. I would never trust them around a child! Blessings for that couple, who were willing to share their own meager resources in order to save the pup. God takes note of such things.

Well, I guess I'd better get off this keyboard and get a little done around here. Hate to give up my front row seat here at my window, though. It's so pretty out there, and in spite of the heat, the critter traffic is still going on. The pond is a popular spot, for birds and squirrels alike. The boulder at the south end of the pond has a water line going up through it, and the water puddles on top of the rock, then spills down back into the pond, so the critters perch up there and drink from the little plate-sized puddle. Oh, Saturday night, very late, I heard an owl. Never saw him, but there's no mistaking the call of an owl. So pretty! Would love to see him.

Blessings, friends, and keep looking up! --Romeena