June 04, 2022 - Msg 117939: Romeena, in the end, Andy had to sit with a shotgun in his hands while Goober took the car apart. lol I hope it doesn't come to that. We had a fire alarm system at work that was the same way. Constant problems that no one at Simplex could seem to fix, for very long. There was one guy, and one guy only who seemed to know how to fix it. Turns out this was the same guy who had installed it and he had his own way of doing things. So he was the only one who could really repair if. I kind of figured he had done that as a means of job security, but who knows. Anyway, you are right to demand they fix the thing right. Tell them I was considering having ADT install a system for me until I started hearing of your problems. Now I am reconsidering that. ADT is not the only player in town. Good luck. And I hope poor Eddy will recover okay. Poor guy. Burns are the worst.

GF, I spent a few hours at my Daughters house working on the garage door. Mariah, just got her learners permit recently and accidently backed into the closed door. Popped 4 rollers out of the track and bent up some stuff. But I managed to hammer things back into shape and got it working again for them. I was hailed as a hero, especially by Mariah, because her parents was going to hold her financially responsible for the damages. Hard to think she is 16 now. Goodness, time just moves right along.

Well off to work on some projects in my shop.


June 04, 2022 - Msg 117940: Asa...GrandDaddy to the rescue!..🙌🏻..Love it!..Been in that position before too..Makes our Grandpa stock go up!

Makes me remember the time when I first started to drive and Mom asked me to get the car out of the garage. We had a big Ford LTD and the garage was barely big enough for it. Well needless to say I somehow wiggled it over to the side where I could not turn the wheels anymore to clear the door track and frame without messing up the car too....

Well the old neighbor guy came over with his Jack we jacked up the car 🚗 then we pushed it off the jack to clear the door frame...SHAZZAM it worked...SURE WAS GLAD..( “He had a Jack” ) “In my best Goober voice!...Today I Call That Senior Moxie or should we just say “Senior Sense” ...Lol

Funny story tho...I guess we need to remember and pay it forward for some of the stupid things we did as teenagers don’t ya think?...

Like the story I told about not wanting to cut grass so I put oil in the gas to foul out the plug, and Dad said, don’t think I don’t know what you did...Theres a push mower hanging on the wall with your name on it and it’s a manual powered one that fits your hands perfectly! 👌🏻....One of MANY life lessons, and it was never discussed EVER AGAIN...Once again in my best Opie voice...”He ain’t so dumb”...Amen?


June 04, 2022 - Msg 117941: Good evening, porch! I have spent a very lazy day, doing everything I wanted to do: take a nap, watch TV, play with Trinket, read, write, and take another little nap! Now I'm thinking I'll have trouble getting to sleep tonight, with those naps in control. Oh well, who cares?

MDC, good advice for Eddie. Actually, he does drink some sodas, including Gatorade when he's here working and sweating a lot, but I think he mostly drinks water. I keep all three in the garage fridge for him, and he just drinks what he wants. There's one called Body Armor which he seems to be partial to lately. He says it works better than Gatorade. I wouldn't know, I've never cared for Gatorade. Looks like he's going to be out of commission for a while, especially if they decide to graft that burn, and I think they should, hope they do. If they do, he's going to be fairly immobile for a while, until it settles in and takes hold. I don't want to do it, but I'll be forced to get someone in here to handle the yard until he can come back.

Asa, it is not possible that Mariah is driving! She's just a baby! She's 16 already? Good grief! Well, just be grateful she didn't get her license at 14, like I did! Can you imagine the anxiety my parents experienced? We lived in the country and my grandparents lived in a guest house on the property, because my parents traveled fairly often, and could be away for several days at a time. Therefore, we needed an adult on the place. We had lived with them during the war years, then my parents' fortunes improved considerably, but their job required the occasional travel, so my grandparents moved to the country with us. Problem was, my grandma was a diabetic, and diabetic control in those days was unpredictable at best. Neither of them drove, and she couldn't have anyway if she was having an insulin reaction, so it meant I had to get a license so I could get her into town to the emergency clinic that was about a half mile inside the city limits if she had a reaction. Daddy taught me to drive, then somehow got permission for me to have a hardship license, and I had it at age 14. I don't know if they still do that.

Your stories remind me of a funny one from when I was about six. Neither of my grandparents had ever driven a car, nor were they licensed. My grandma entered some contest at the local drug store, and to everyone's shock, she won. The prize was a new car! She needed that like a hog needs a sidesaddle, but she won. We were living with them then, and my dad took her somewhere, to a big parking lot, I think, and taught her the basics of driving. The next day, she got in the car to go practice, backed it down the driveway too fast, shot across the street and backed into a ditch on the other side. We never figured out how she did it, but when the engine died and the car was stopped, there was a fence post wedged in between the back of the car and the bumper. It was at least 8" inside the end of the bumper. She and my mom and I just stood there, wondering how on earth to get it free. My dad and grandpa were at work. Suddenly, my grandma said, in her best "I ain't kiddin'" voice - "Well, I'm dadburn sure not going to let Jimmy come home and see what I've done." Then she marched across the street, around her house to the tool shed, and returned with an axe. She then proceeded to chop that post down, at ground level. She pulled it out of its wedged-in place, threw it away, got back in the car and started it, drove it across the street and back up the driveway to the end, got out, and said, "that's that!" She never drove it again. She sold it, and was very grateful for the boost to her meager supply of money. She never told my grandpa or my dad about the fence post, and to my knowledge, was never allowed to know that my mom and I blabbed to my dad.

I suppose we could have used a jack like you described (very ingenious) but none of us knew from straight up about a jack, and the idea never crossed our minds. Even if we had thought of it, I don't think either of the women knew how to use one and I darn sure didn't!

Speaking of push mowers, G-F, I know them well! During those same war years, my cousin Guy (2 months younger than I, and lived on the same premises as I did, with our grandparents) were growing up together there. If you've read any of my stories, you know that Guy figures strongly in a lot of them. We grew up like brother and sister. From about the age of five on, we were in charge of keeping the grass mowed. Grandpa had an old reel-type push mower, and it took us both to push it. One on each side of the handle! Fortunately, the grass was Bermuda, which in Texas will usually be pretty thin and sparse, unless the homeowner supplements the scanty rainfall with sprinklers, and my grandpa's sprinklers were always busy in the garden. The front yard got watered now and then, so it was a little thicker, but the yard was small, so it wasn't too bad. The back yard was rarely watered, the grass was thin, and we got it done fairly easily. Still, it was a pretty big job for a pair of kindergartners.

Loved your story, and agree - Parents have a way of being a lot smarter than their kids think they are, until one day they realize that the parents were children once too, and probably know more tricks than their kids know!

Well, guess I'll mosey off in the direction of bed. Trinket keeps sticking her cold, wet little nose on my ankle, which is her signal to quit pecking on these keys, and go to bed. Gotta love that puppy! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

June 05, 2022 - Msg 117942:

A late Sabbath afternoon greeting to you all!
RO, at least you DID those things, you took a nap, you played with trinket,
and I didnt even have to say "for the love of mike..." haha!

ASA, maybe Mom's Home Cooking got bought out by Morelli! :)
GF- I had mentioned some time ago that we may go to
my nephew's wedding in NC at the end of June, well, we aint!
After checking on air tickets, rental cars, gas, motels, etc,
it was going to be too much! So my hopes of coming to the Meet Up are also dashed.
Oh well, that how it goes sometimes.

On tags the other night was the hungry buzzard! Lot of good lines in that one.
like therapitic, and then there's Lydia... ha.

We are expecting our first 110 this week! Yikes! Keep praying for rain.
Prayers for all,

June 07, 2022 - Msg 117943: Wee doggy, I remember them push reel mowers when I was a kid. Talk about work. I think if they were well oiled, adjusted right for a good cut, and the grass wasn't to long, they were not quite as bad. But I don't think I ever saw all those 3 conditions. lol Yes GF, Your Daddy was no fool. But oh how you learned. If you tried that with kids today you would probably have DFS knocking on your door with charges of abuse.

MDC, That is just way to hot my friend. Will pray for rain for you. We need it bad also. But as dry as it has been, it has been cool so far. That has helped keep my grass from getting to bad. But they are calling for upper 90's by the weekend here, so that will end.

All this talk of playground equipment. I think I have shared this before, but here goes anyway. When I was in 4th grade I fell off the monkey bars at School and broke my left wrist, my right wrist and forearm all at the same time. My left arm was in a cast to almost the elbow and my right arm almost to my armpit for 3 long months. I was home schooled during that time though and really did well with that. My incident was the third one that school year, and the worst one. So the school decided to remove them. Man was I ever hassled over that by my classmates. I remember they used ether to put me under when they set my arms to cast hem. My goodness, that stuff was horrible. And if I get a whiff of that even today it makes me sick. Seriously, I think it did some damage to my brain because I had issues after that of dizziness and light headedness for some time.

MDC, I never liked the hungry buzzard. #1, he became between Andy and Peggy, #2, I have a real dislike to people who talk with a mouthful of food in it. Not sure why, but I just find that disgusting, and he was the king of it. But I love any episode that had Lydia in it. I loved her character. And her list of dislikes, Hates the guitar, no chit chat, sun gives her the herpes, can't bowl (bad back) pretzels lay on her chest, her father hates his job. She was a riot.

Well off to mow my grass. It has actually grown a bit in spite of little watering.


June 07, 2022 - Msg 117944:

ASA, I hear ya about the hungry buzzard, but I do like
the fact that Andy stood up for himself.

Tonight's episode was the last one with Miss Peggy when she
said eck to the worms. ha. I may have mentioned this before,
but if Peg was waiting by the drug store, why didnt they see each other when Andy stopped by the courthouse to call home? They are across
the street from each other. Hmmm.
Well, we are bracing for the next 3 days at 110 to 114.

APB for BIG MAUDE, check in when you can.
More later,

June 08, 2022 - Msg 117945: Good morning, porch! Wow, some interesting points mentioned last evening. For example, it never occurred to me that Andy should have seen Peg when she was standing in front of the drug store. Mayberry just wasn't big enough to explain how people could miss each other when they were standing there in plain sight! Asa, I agree, talking with one's mouth full is just rude. Nobody wants to see anybody else's chewed-up food! Also, I agree about the ether. I had my tonsils removed when I was six, and my memory is of me fighting like a tiger when they came at me with that stinking stuff. I was all panicked, and all I could do was buck and pitch and scream until they threw a sheet over me and two hefty nurses on each side of me planted their elbows on that sheet, leaned on them and pinned me down while the anesthesiologist clamped an ether-soaked pad of gauze over my face, while I was screaming "Daddeeeey" as loudly as I could. I remember it very well, and I'm one nurse who really hates the smell of ether. Fortunately, it's rarely used anymore. Later I was told that my mother sat on my dad's lap in the waiting room to keep him from going to get me! She said I could be heard all over that floor in the hospital, and he couldn't stand it. I also agree about Lydia! She was one weird gal. Oh, and don't forget that she got carsick and had to ride by a window.

Asa, that's awful about your broken wrists and arm! How on earth did you manage? Could you even brush your teeth? Could you eat without help? Or comb your hair? Good grief! You couldn't even bathe yourself! What a demoralizing situation for a young boy! You must have been about ten or so. Thank God for mothers! Or was your dad your helper? I'm assuming your parents were available.

Trinket had her spa day yesterday. Miss Karen came and got her all brushed out, bathed, trimmed, toenails clipped, topknot in place, and she looks so pretty! She knows it too, the little diva!

Well, the ADT tech should be here shortly. I really hope he can fix the thing this time. The control box by the door to the garage is not working at all. It quit about three days ago. I'm glad, because now they'll have to replace it, which I think has been needed all along. Well, unless it's got a dead battery. It's supposed to be wired in, no need for a battery, but in one of the attempts to fix it, they moved it to a different location to try to give it a better "line of sight" on the wifi, and had to put a battery in because there was no way to wire it in. I am so sick of messing with this thing. I am really praying that they fix it this time, because I don't want to change providers. I've had ADT for many years, and like them, but this current problem has just become ridiculous.

I've got a little stand of gladiolas in bloom right now, and they are so pretty! They're cherry red, and huge. One of them is about 18" long, on a 3' stem! Just beautiful. Daylilies are blooming here and there, three different colonies of them. They will finish in a few days, but will bloom again later in the summer. The irises are all finished, but some of them will rebloom in late summer. The roses out front finally finished, Eddie pruned them down to about 2 feet, and they're already sending up new growth. They'll bloom at least twice more this year.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. Not very hungry, maybe just some Ritz crackers and goat cheese. I love goat cheese! Have toyed with the idea of making my own, but it's quite a process, and first you have to source the goat milk, and I don't know anybody who has a goat!

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

June 08, 2022 - Msg 117946: Romeena, Maybe Boo will crank up the Funny Farm again and raise some goats 🐐 for you?
You need a Jimmy, a few girls, maybe a Juanita, & a Miss Peggy for Asa & a Miss Ellie for MDC....
I miss those stories of the antics going on there, but I guess time marches on....


June 08, 2022 - Msg 117947: Romeena, I could hardly do anything (and I mean anything) for myself with those casted arms. That is where the love of Mother kicks in. She was there for my every need, never a complaint, never a cross word. My Dad I'm sure would have been willing but Mammy was always available. Gosh, yesterday was her birthday.

GF, How did you know I cottoned to Miss Peggy? lol You been deducing, ain't you.

Romeena, I have never tried goat cheese. I have heard it is good. I think I have smelled to many goats in my day though and it has caused me caution. Is it gamey?

MDC, When I said I didn't care for the hungry buzzard, I just meant the character, not the episode. Did you ever notice in every episode that had Peggy in it, there was someone trying to come between her and Andy? The hungry buzzard, Floyd when he was teasing Andy about changing his card in his mailbox, Barney when he was telling Andy she was rich and the rich are different. Heck, even Opie when he felt threatened by Peggy and Andy's relationship. Well they got their way and had to deal with Helen. HA!

Well been working up a sweat in my shop all day. I do believe a shower is in order. Have a shower, fix a little dinner, pop in one of my All Creature DVD's and watch those for a spell. Yep, thats the plane.

Prayers all.


June 08, 2022 - Msg 117948: Good afternoon, porch! The ADT man is here, has tried every trick in his book, but the alarm system is rejecting every solution he comes up with. He finally just heaved a big sigh, shook his head, and called home base, asking them to send him a replacement box for the one I've been saying was at fault, on a stat delivery truck. (He used a different term, but to me "stat" means right now!) He's sitting in his truck on the driveway at this moment, catching up on some paperwork while he waits. I really hope this works.

As for the goat cheese, it occurred to me that my brother has a couple of little goats in his 1/4 acre back yard. They keep the grass down and he never has to mow! Problem is, both of the cute little things are neutered billies, so not much hope of any milk from them! Guess I'll just have to keep buying my cheese, but it sure is getting pricey. Of course, everything else is too. I may start eating money instead of buying groceries, I think it would be cheaper.

I yielded to temptation and cut two of those beautiful gladiolas. I have a very tall vase, with a wide base and a very narrow top. With water in it, it still will stand up and not tip over with those tall glads in it, and they just look beautiful! I put them in the middle of the kitchen island, and they surely do brighten up the kitchen. There are still several more in the yard that are just beginning to open. God must have been in a very good mood when he created flowers.

Well, my ADT guy (very nice young man) will be back in shortly, so I'd better sign off. Trinket thinks he came to visit her, and will raise a ruckus when he comes back in the house.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! -- Romeena

June 09, 2022 - Msg 117949:

Good evening folks.
Lots of good talk lately.
ASA--Yes, I understood that your dislike was aimed only at the hungry buzzard; and wouldnt
ya just know that his name was DON! I sometimes wonder if that was
a little bit of a joke on Don Knotts, as Andy says it right to Barney! ha
And my goodness, all those breaks at once. I'm guessing that you fell off the bars head first and tried to break your fall. (No pun intended.)
RO--so did you get the new box for the alarm system? I sure hope so.
You have sure been patient, much more than I would be.
Those gladiolas sound nice.
I wont get political, but I just have say that things seem just plain strange to me right now. It is hard to put into words, but things just seem 'off', or not in 'sync' in so many ways. I lift it all up in prayer, for as Jesus said, his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
God's peace to you all,
MDC :)

June 09, 2022 - Msg 117950: Goooood morning, porch! Cloudy and gray outside, looks like rain, but just doesn't "feel" like rain. Does that make any sense? The sky is totally overcast, not a spot of blue anywhere, but still I just don't "feel" any rain, and I may be right. The ten-day forecast, according to my weather-watcher online, says partly sunny to sunny, for the next ten days. Better start saving up for a big water bill. I haven't cultivated this yard for all these years to let it just dry up and blow away.

Hooray! It appears that replacing that one control box on my alarm system has done the trick. The tech (Awet, a bright and very nice young Nigerian man) agreed with me that the box was the problem, but he had to get authorization to replace it, and the powers-that-be insisted on him trying other remedies first. Apparently those boxes are costly. I don't know, because I was not charged for it. The company held onto it like it was gold, but finally relented, and it appears that the problem is solved. We shall see, because it has rocked along for a day or two or more in the past, then started acting up again. Somehow though, I think it's fixed this time. As my Dale would say, I feel it in my bones!

MDC, you commented on my patience, and I consider that a compliment. I've worked on that. I was never a particularly patient person when I was much younger, and had a bit of a hair-trigger temper. I would explode when somebody tried my patience, then once the fallout settled, I would be contrite and would apologize. I'm not proud of that. However, God allowed life to try me quite often, until I got tired of apologizing, observed the patient people around me (my mom always), and my dad after life slapped him around a little when he was young, and he saw his error, and then my precious Dale, who had the patience of Job most of the time, especially with me, and usually when I didn't deserve it. My mom was a role model always, but I think I learned more from my dad, because I was more like him, and I just watched how he handled things, knowing the struggle he was having. For my mom, it was natural. He and I had to work on it. Daddy taught me to avoid an argument or a confrontation if at all possible. As he would say, you never really win an argument, so don't even try, just side-step it, and make a friend instead of an enemy every time! My responses are not always as patient as I'd like them to be, but most of the time they are, and life is better that way. I just remember all the times God has been patient with me!

Asa, yes, a mother can and will do whatever it takes to help her offspring. I think that's why the majority of nurses are women. That's not to say men don't make good nurses. They definitely do. One of the best nurses I ever worked with was a man. I just wish the name "nurse" didn't carry such feminine connotations. I think we'd have more highly qualified men in the field if they'd come up with another title. You hear "nurse" and automatically think of a woman. We have finally accepted "doctor" for women, why not a non-gender name for nurses?

As for goat cheese, no, it doesn't taste gamey. It's a little bit tart, is great crumbled into a salad, or over a bowl of berries, and I really like it. I had some last night, spread on some really fresh and crispy Ritz crackers, and it was so good. I just wish it wasn't so pricey, but I use it sparingly and really enjoy it. Sometimes I 'extend' it a little, by mashing it into some cream cheese for spreading on crackers. Good stuff! Try it - I'll bet you like it. Eloise doesn't understand how I can eat it, (she won't even taste it) but then she doesn't care for sour cream either, and I love it! To each his or her own, I guess.

Well, speaking of cheese and crackers, and fruit, I think I just planned my lunch. I've got a mango in the kitchen, and some kiwi fruit, and a beautiful Honeycrisp apple, and of course, goat cheese and several other cheeses. Yep, that's lunch!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! And my sweet and beautiful little Trinket says woof! --Romeena

June 09, 2022 - Msg 117951: Just FYI - having trouble with my computer. It will no connect when I click on a link, from whatever source. Won't go to this page, so am sending this from my phone, which I hate. More later if I can get the glitch fixed. -- Romeena

June 10, 2022 - Msg 117952: Hooray! I still can't believe it! I was about to struggle and try to load my desktop Dell in the car to take it to Best Buy to see if they could iron out all the glitches in it, especially the one that wasn't allowing it to navigate to any external sites. It's heavy, my back isn't strong, and if the computer was dropped, it would be dead. Then I started to recall something about "Geek Squad" and had the faint memory that they would send a "fixer" to the user's home. So, I called to order that if they were still doing it, and got a big surprise. Yes, they do, but they also offer something even better. Their "geek" will link up with your computer remotely and fix your problem while you sit at your own keyboard. Just like my friend Bruce used to do before he passed away. I have really missed him! However, in about 20 minutes, after I showed him the misbehavior I was struggling with, he had roamed through the computer remotely, deleting this or that old program and installing a new update, updating and replacing as needed, and now it works like new. Thank you, Lord! And get this - it was free! No charge! Very welcome surprise! I really didn't expect that, not at all. And as a happy little bonus, the tech was a great guy! Thick accent, but good English, sounded a lot like some Nigerian folks I know and love. I didn't ask him, but the name sounded Nigerian, and he was very pleasant, and best of all, he fixed my computer!

The ADT alarm system is still working perfectly. I knew Awet (who also is Nigerian) had fixed it, and so far, it seems I was right. By the way, one of the best nurses I ever worked with was a Nigerian woman, named Rachel. Yes, she's a believer, as most Nigerians are. That's why the radical Muslims are killing them daily, in Nigeria. Pray for them!

I had a tree-trimmer come this morning and trim out some limbs on three of my trees. One of the limbs was dead and posed a threat, as it could have fallen at any time. The rest were just inconveniently located. I have a small grove of crape myrtle trees (3) and a redbud tree that aren't blooming worth squat, and it's because some limbs were shading them almost completely. With those limbs thinned out, they might even bloom yet this summer. Well, the redbud won't, they're spring bloomers, but the crape myrtles bloom from now until late August, so they probably will perk up.

Well, gotta hit the shower, wash my hair, and go get a haircut! Seems like from one day to the next, it grows two inches! Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

June 10, 2022 - Msg 117953: Love your comment about Helen, Asa. lol So true...they paid for their mistakes!

Just dropping in on this very hot day here in south texas to say howdy. Not much new going on but wanted to check in.

Romeena, so sad about the Nigerians! I get so upset over radical extremists in this world, whether Muslim or otherwise. Seems the world is full of it now. If you have Netflix, take a look at a limited series called, "Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey,". It's about Warren Jeffs and its really something. I have two personal friends who were members of the FLDS and left and they have confirmed to me that the series is absolutely true to fact and you wont believe it. Those people really suffered, and continue to suffer under the control of Warren, even from prison.

Think I will go get the laundry out of the dryer before it wrinkles. Ya'll stay cool


June 11, 2022 - Msg 117954:

Haha Boo, I got a chuckle out of your dangling participle...
I've never seen a dryer with wrinkles before! :)
(The old English teacher coming out of me again!)
ASA, as Boo commented, you make a good point about Peg.
It is almost as if the writers were trying hard to "write her out"
of the show! Hmmm.
Tonite's eps were both ones I really like, so I enjoyed a whole hour
not thinking about our crazy world right now. They were Man in a Hurry
and Luke Comstock and the Tuesday night knot-tying club! :)
Oh, and on Rifleman, there was Mr. Goss as a telegraph operator,
and without that cigarette!
Speaking of cigarettes, I have been noticing that Andy lights up in quite
a few episodes, but only takes about two puffs and puts it out.
We are in the middle of a streak of 114s, but it will only be 106 on Monday.
Sounds funny...ONLY 106.
Hang in there folks, strange times, but God has us all here at this time for a reason.
Give that a think.
More later,

June 11, 2022 - Msg 117955: Hey MDC, do I have to put the bucket on my head in regards to your last line there?

Just my two cents, but the best memory I have of an TAGS member being on another show is when Denver Pyle played the murderous hangman on "The Rifleman", as he yelled in fear...


I got from somewhere (I cant remember where) that Peggy was wrote out because she was miscast and was too fancy and high society for Mayberry. They out her in the show and realized their mistake.

Y'all have a great and safe weekend!

John Masters

June 11, 2022 - Msg 117956: ^^ They PUT her...


June 11, 2022 - Msg 117957: Hey y'all- Would like to ask for prayers for my Laci and her mama,my daughter. They're going through some major life changes right now- a broken relationship/impending divorce and have been uprooted from their home (they're safe) and are waiting on repairs to be done on a home I own so that they can move in and start over. It's a lot,but my girls are strong and will be fine. We'll get through this,it's just a lot right now. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you would,also pray for the significant other to overcome the alcohol problem that has brought things to this point. I had no idea,but now that I know,so much makes sense to me.Thanks so much,Porch Family.

possum u.a.r.

June 11, 2022 - Msg 117958: My goodness Possum. So sorry to read of your family's situation. You are all in my prayers for sure.


June 11, 2022 - Msg 117959: Thank you,Asa. We appreciate your prayers and concern. Sure means a lot- I will keep you posted,friend.

possum again

June 11, 2022 - Msg 117960: Good afternoon, porch! The temp is 104° here at this moment. I've pretty much stayed inside today. I can't take the heat like I used to. It never really bothered me when I was a kid, because it was all I knew. Nobody had a/c! Now, if I stay out there too long without at least some intermittent breaks, I start seeing stars! I see from my window that at least there's a good breeze blowing. All my trees are bowing and swaying, so the breeze must be pretty brisk.

Possum, you have my sympathy in your current trials. Alcohol is such a destructive force in the world. So many lives have been ruined by its grip, and that's tragic. It would be bad enough if it just damaged the life of the consumer, but as we all know, that's not the case. It spills over and touches everyone close to the drinker, directly or indirectly. I speak from personal experiences with family members. Specifically my husband's older brother, who actually wound up as a panhandler on the main street of San Antonio (Houston Street). Once he had begged enough to buy a bottle, he would do so, and end up passed out in an alley, or on a barroom floor. He carried my dad's phone number in his pocket, and the police or the bartender would call my dad. He would go get him, bring him home, burn his louse-ridden clothes, shower him and put him to bed in my room, after I moved to the sofa in the living room. Daddy would find him a little job somewhere, and for a few weeks, he'd go to work, come home sober, and stash his pay. Then one evening he wouldn't come home, and the cycle would begin again. This happened about twice a year, for years. I loved my uncle when he was sober. He was fun, and funny, and very kind. Drunk, he just pretty much didn't exist, just sat around in a stupor. My parents didn't drink at all, and I saw enough in my uncle's behavior that it was a very small and easy step for me to decide I wanted nothing to do with alcohol, and I do not touch it, in any form, nor did my Dale. Thank God!

Possum, you are most definitely in my prayers. I'm so glad you're in a position to assist your daughter and Laci. How kind of you to offer prayers for the significant other, and I will include him in mine. God can work miracles, but the subject will have to be willing.

My yard looks like a jungle! Eddie still hasn't been able to return to work. He thinks he can, but he says the pain changes his mind pretty quickly! I can well imagine. We're shooting for Monday now.

Well, off I go. Trinket hops up every time I move, in the hopes that I'm about to put her supper in her dish. Guess I'd better do it. Oh, she was in heaven yesterday afternoon. I took her with me when I went to get my hair cut. The woman who cuts it has done it for the last 40 years, so we're pretty good friends. I called her to see if Trinket could come, and she said, "Of course!" Well, there was the other operator there, and three customers! All five women descended on Trinket and treated her like visiting royalty! She loved it! She lapped up the attention like it was soda pop! Rotten kid!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

June 11, 2022 - Msg 117961: Thank you,too,Ro. Yes,alcohol is such a destructive force.My girls are strong and are going to be ok,it's just rough right now. I told my daughter, " You took the hardest step,the first step, and now God's gonna do the rest. " Thank you for your prayers.
possum once more

June 12, 2022 - Msg 117962: Possum so sorry to hear your family’s situation... So much sadness these days...God is STILL Good ..Prayers STILL work no matter what people think and say these days!..


June 12, 2022 - Msg 117963: Thank you,G- F. We are big believers in prayer and yes,they DO work! And God is good,all of the time!

possum u.a.r.

June 13, 2022 - Msg 117964: Good Monday morning to everyone. checking in before my day gets too busy.

Prayers for Possum, her daughter in law and Laci.
A stressful tough situation to work through. I know they will be fine once things settle down.
There are just somethings that folks just can't continue to live through.

It is supposed to be in the 90's all week on my end of the porch. Our church started Bible School last evening from 6:00 to 8:30. Thankfully most all activities are inside but it was pretty hot last night for the registration process which was outside. It will go through Thursday.

I had posted a few times about being on the pastor reach committee as out pastor retired (after 38 years with us) at the end of August 2021. After sorting through over 91 resumes' we have narrowed it down to one candidate. He will come this Sunday June 19 and do "trial" sermon and then the church membership votes. We have been very impressed with him thus far and given the church membership several opportunities to meet both him and his wife before Sunday. They can also go on line and listen to sermons he has done at the church he is currently serving. He is wanting to come back to our community to be near his and his wife's family. I am not at all sure how other churches manage things when they are looking for a pastor but this is the process we use. Please keep us in your prayers this week as things go they way God wants them to go.

My remodeling projects are getting finished. We decided to go ahead and have the carpet replaced in the bedrooms while our remodel guy is with us. He will do the master bedroom next but will wait until Mr. Maude and I are gone to Mt. Airy for the Mayberry Meetup in July. That way we will be out of his way.

Guess that's about all for now
Lunch menu will be: chicken salad sandwiches, chips and a big glass of cold kool aid or tea.
a slice of cold watermelon and a brownie for dessert.

Prayers ad blessings to all
Big Maude

June 13, 2022 - Msg 117965: Thank you, Big Maude and yes,that's very true,my daughter and Laci can't continue to live in that situation and so they will move forward and things will work out for them in time. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Y'all take care,stay cool if you're in the hot weather-heat index at 106 at my rock today!

possum u.a.r.

June 13, 2022 - Msg 117966: Possum, you know you and your's are always in my thoughts and I have prayed. <3 Its so hard when you children are going through things and we all have children going through things, don't we? No one told me years ago that parenting would be the most challenging and difficult job I would ever have for a lifetime. lol Things are getting better here with Erin. Just about the time I think girlfriend Crystal is history, she pops up again but I can't see this thing lasting much longer. Erin isnt giving her money or paying to bring her down for visits so Crystal has being trying to call it quits but Erin just wont let go completely. Keep praying, please. Erin does so much better when she is away from that girl. She has been improving mentally and physically and has not has as many stomach issues. She is able to eat and keep food down better now and is at work every time she is scheduled. She has been getting along well with me and Sean, which shows me some maturity on her part. I'm not sure why she has so much anger just under the surface but it probably has something to do with the PTSD. Seems to be improving, though.

June (Pride Month) is always difficult for our family because of the meanness and snark people *mostly christian friends* throw out there. None of us really celebrates Pride but we are supportive of people who do because we realize its not so much about pride as it is acceptance and non-discrimination. Sean is the kind who is very discreet and private and he doesnt like any sort of display, which is fine. He is a peacemaker and likes everything to be peaceful. lol Erin is more outspoken but one thing we have learned together as a family is to not expect everyone to feel the same way we do, especially those who have not been in our unique position as Christians. Anyway, if I see one more snarky facebook post about "taking back the rainbow," I'll snap! not really, it just gets old.

Well, it is HOT here and in most places, I guess. I hope Romeena is staying indoors because her part of Texas is like an oven in the summer. I spent a summer in Ft. Worth once in my 20s and I felt like a dried up sponge everytime i went outdoors. Unbelievable heat. We usually have a breeze here on the coast, even though it sometimes smells like fish and is very humid. LOL

Hang in there,

June 13, 2022 - Msg 117967: Thanks,Boo and yes,I do know. And I am praying for you and your family as well-that's a given because you're my "huckleberry friend". Love you,girlie.

possum again

June 14, 2022 - Msg 117968:

Hello porchsters. It is quite hot here. (Ha, of course!) We had a run of 115s for 3 days, but are now
"enjoying" 105 today and tomorrow. RAIN is predicted for Saturday, so ASA keep up those prayers! We need it for sure.
Possum, I know how personal this current problem is with you, and you all are in my prayers.
Everyone stated it well. I tried a few beers in my younger days, but i never cottoned to it
at all, and all I can say is Thank God! :)
Tonight's tags was the class reunion show. I know that some folks don't like it, but it is
one of my favs. Some great lines in it too, like when that fellow says "we took lessons."
He played that to a T, even his facial expression said a lot! Two things I never really noticed
before tonight... The lady organizer said that she sent an invitation to Sharon Despain at a
Philadelphia address, but later Sharon said that she had to get back to Chicago. Hmmm. The other thing is when Sharon first walks in, everyone stops dancing, and looks toward her.
Boo-I feel your pain as you talk about erin. I sure hope things get worked out.
I have to be honest, i just dont get the pride thing, the special month, etc,
but i wont go into it here
because I dont want to cause a moulage. I'll just bite my tongue for
the sake of the porch peace. I pray for everyone everyday.
On saturday evening our church put on a nice dinner for all the volunteers, and it was a '50s themed atmosphere with 50s trivia, car makes and models, hit songs, etc. It was a lot of
fun, and a nice way of thanking all the helpers from ushers to Sunday school teachers.
RO, glad to hear that Eddie is still nursing his wound, but also sorry that your yard is 'getting away' from you. Is there perhaps a neighborhood boy who could mow for you? (Or bring in some goats! ha)
BIG Maude, good to hear from you. Sounds like the remodel is moving along. Did all the kitchen cabinets get installed?

Well, keep cool all,

June 14, 2022 - Msg 117969: MDC...Speaking of 50’s themed parties..Back in the day we had a “Senior Ball” for our Senior residents. Each year it was a different theme. One year it was “Cruising Back to the 50’s”.

I was in charge of decorations, I had a blast making props, I made a BIG Vegas type flashing sign with a marquee and everything. Plus I made a Drive in movie background sign and people got their pictures made sitting in a cut out of a car with the movie screen in the background. I even had painted the old singing hotdog and popcorn 🍿 that tempted you to go to the concession stand...

I had SO much fun making it!..I spent a lot of time after work (not on the clock) in the shop making it...The residents were like teenagers again..They had SO much fun that year! It made ALL the work SO worth the effort watch the pure joy and happiness on their faces 😃

Lord I apologize for using plastic communion cups as light 💡 sockets for the flashing lights on the sign, but I couldn’t help myself...It’s the creative gene in me...

Those Balls were so much fun, a different theme every year. We even did a Cowboy 🤠 theme once. I made a big ranch coral that looked like the OK Coral out of cardboard tubes from carpet rolls and painted them to look like tree trunks.

The lady who was our “Resident Services Director” would apply for a grant every year to make it possible, **So NO tax dollars were used for the event....

Things like that is what I miss about my job...All the craziness..Not So Much!...I still look back and say to myself HOW IT THE WORLD DID I DO IT ALL!?....Amen to all of us retirees?


June 14, 2022 - Msg 117970: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful sunny day, but it's going to be hotter than Hades out there! Eddie called yesterday and said his helper didn't show up, so he would be here today by 8:30. It's 9:45 and he's not here, but I didn't really think he would be. He's like an old firehorse (and like me). He tends to think he can do more than he can. I'm thinking he's not going to be able to do much for another few weeks. He wants to, but he underestimates the pain in that leg. I guess we'll see what happens.

G-F, I'll bet your employer hated to see you retire. Not many around these days, who would do what you so often did, and have fun doing it. Your imagination, work ethic, compassion and understanding, and all-around good nature are hard to find these days. You and Asa would have made a fantastic team, working together. Both of you have good hearts, a cheerful and positive attitude, and a wish to help others. Too many these days whose attitude is "what's in it for me?" An example lies in the question MDC asked - whether there might be a neighbor boy who might mow my lawn in Eddie's absence. The answer to that is - no, there isn't. Yes, there are neighbor boys, but no one who would be interested in such a job. Also, it's not just mowing that needs to be done. The weeds are coming on like gangbusters. I pull what I can, but they're away ahead of me by now. Miserable things.

My computer is messed up again. "Best Buy Guy" did fix the problem where it wouldn't navigate to external sites, but now the email program is fouled up. Mixed in with today's list of messages are dozens of previous messages, some as old as two years. Some are repeated about ten times, just listed over and over, in a group. It's crazy! I guess I'll have to call the guy again.

Also, I took my cell phone to T-Mobile to have some card thing replaced in it. This was requested by T-Mobile, as a necessary update. I got it done yesterday, and now the phone is doing strange things. For one thing, the little button on the side of the phone that turns it off doesn't work. The order and arrangement of icons has changed, and suddenly I'm deluged with unwanted ads, which I never was before. Guess I'd better call them, too. All this new technology is wonderful, I guess, but I find myself wishing I could just pick up the phone and say, "Sarah, get me my house!" Memories.....

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! Trinket says woof! --Romeena