May 25, 2022 - Msg 117903:
Another mass killing has occurred in America. How sad for those 10 children and 2 adults who were killed, and for those who were injured. For those of you who believe that God is in control, I am having a hard time believing that.
I am afraid that America will always be a violent country. We arm our law enforcement and military to deal with and settle differences. Even our movies and television programs that include bad guys often include a lot of violent behavior to solve problems. I have no hope of that ever changing.
While living in the USA, I have once owned a conceal carry permit, have been trained with multiple weapons in the auxiliary police and the military, and I hate needing guns for protection and settling differences. I am too busy trying to prevent myself and family from becoming targets on my visits to the USA and even here in Canada. I even stopped praying for peace and harmony since my past prayers have not helped.

from Poor Horatio

May 25, 2022 - Msg 117904: PH,

You're feeling nothing different than I am. That's not a crack at you. That is my way of saying you are not alone.
In my opinion, this is the worst America has ever been. Yes, even worse than the Civil War. While we are not killing each other on a battlefield and pitting brother against brother, we are dealing with MULTIPLE more issues and problems.
From politics to Hollywood, racial and more "adult" matters we don't discuss here, I believe the fuse is just about down to the social bomb. This entire country is angrily biting nails, be it pure hatred or a slow burn.
I hope and pray that this November, we see the sweeping changes that need to be made! Some of it is happening already. Netflix has chicked the whole "woke" agenda by doing away with "woke" programming and even telling all employees that if they're "woke", they don't have to go home, but they can't stay there!
We are in a turbulent, hostile and boiling time that none of us has been through. You have to hang on, have faith, have hope and bear down that we make it to the other side into light.
If news and the like is getting to you, turn it off, walk away from it and shut it out for awhile. The one thing we all need to keep ahold of is our sanity.

I hate to correct you, PH, but it was 19 children.

Sorry to rant, Porch. But I felt it coming and PH just let me release it.

John Masters

May 25, 2022 - Msg 117905: chicked should be chucked. ^^^


May 25, 2022 - Msg 117906:

JM and PH, I hear you indeed!
We are hurting as a nation and as a world in so many ways.
There is a lot of senseless violence in the whole history
of the world, starting with cain slaying his brother Abel.
When sin entered the world, it changed forever.
As I watch old tv westerns, I often wonder if I could have lived
thru such a time. These days it is somewhat 'romanticized'
but those were terrible times for almost all involved.
And I'll say something that has been on my mind for several years,
are smartphones a precursor to the mark of the beast?
Seriously, while in QT the other day, the guy ahead of me
pointed his smartphone at a little terminal to pay, and
off he went. People literally walk into poles as they are mezmerized by those
things. While at a state fair last year, I saw a group of 10 teens,
surrounded by games and rides, but they were all looking at their phones!
Lord help us.
I think I need to sit in my wheeler for a bit.
Love you all. Prayers,

May 25, 2022 - Msg 117907: I think you are definitely right about turning off the news to preserve our sanity when we need to, JM. Best idea of the day.

PH, when I starting thinking about unanswered prayer, I just try to remember the times past when some were definitely answered.

Ro, while I am absolutely a believer in Jesus and the gospel, I’m not really a dispensationalist. Do I hope Jesus comes back and takes over, though? Yes, most certainly.


May 25, 2022 - Msg 117908:
John Masters, thanks for the correction on the number of children who were killed. I had just watched a news channel and they had posted photos of 10 children that had been killed and that is where I made the mistake.
Today, I watched a Dr. Phil program where they discussed the topic of defunding the police. It is shocking at how much money is being eliminated from police budgets in many US cities.

from Poor Horatio

May 26, 2022 - Msg 117909: Good morning, porch! It is absolutely beautiful here today! Bright sunshine, a very gentle breeze, amazing shades of green everywhere, lots of critter traffic, a balmy 70°, just one of those days I call a "blue and gold" day. I would love to just go outside and stay there - there's plenty to do out there - but I can't. Hudson graduates from high school on Saturday, some of the family will be coming up tomorrow from Fredericksburg and will be staying here, so I've got to drag out a dust cloth and a vacuum cleaner and get busy. Nothing is really dirty, but it's amazing how much dust four tiny little feet and two bigger ones can stir up in a house!

The response to my little op-ed earlier comes as no surprise. It makes me sad, but we all have a right to our opinions, and I will continue to pray for those who have more or less given up on God. I do understand, I've been very close to that myself. When my Dale died so suddenly, and I prayed for God to let me wake up and find all to be just a bad dream, and of course that didn't happen - I was in a very bad place emotionally for quite a while. After all, God is supposed to answer prayers, right? When my prayer wasn't answered to my satisfaction, I was disappointed, disillusioned, and angry. (I forgot that sometimes His answer is "No." I quit talking to God. If He didn't want to do things the way I wanted them to be done, then I didn't have anything to say to Him. So there! And I stuck my thumb in my mouth, went off into my little corner and pouted. As you know, eventually I got lonely, and one day in all sincerity, I reached out, and guess what? He was there! He had been there all along. The sun came back out in my life, and it still shines.

I don't understand why America in general hasn't realized that the farther away we push Him, the worse things get in this country. In II Chronicles 7:14, we find this: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Think back to 9/11. America was under attack, thousands died, and a very, very large percentage of our people ran for the churches! I recall that ours was standing room only on the following Sunday! However, unfortunately and predictably, it didn't last long. We are like the stubborn, strong-willed child who can't tie his shoes but refuses help, stating emphatically "Me do it!" Yes, I had one of those, and that attitude eventually cost him his life. God is willing and able to save America, but He will not go where He is not wanted. So, what of those who DO want Him? He has provided for our eternal future, and while we must live in this world, there is a place waiting for us when we leave it. Most people are familiar with this scripture: John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." There is much that I do not understand, but God does, and that's good enough for me.

As for the defunding of police, that's about the nuttiest plan that has been dreamed up yet. Maybe we should defund the Fire Department as well. Just give everyone a little squirt bottle full of water, and let them take care of the fire in their home. If all citizens would behave themselves, follow the Bible and "love one another", we wouldn't need police, but sadly, such is not the case. Unlawful behavior has been with us since Adam and Eve defied God's simple command, and then Cain killed Abel, and it will forever be, because mankind insists on breaking God's laws.

God gave us free will, when He was creating mankind, because He did not want a race of puppets, who had no will of their own. He created us in His image, and gave us free will, so that we could have a mutual loving relationship. Otherwise, mankind would have just been a boxful of toys, moving only at His will, with nothing being voluntary. I enjoy my relationship with Trinket, because it's mutual. I love her, and she loves me. When she comes to me voluntarily, and puts a little puppy kiss on my ankle, it makes me happy, and I reward her with a little pat, or a kind word, or maybe even a treat. I have little toy animals here and there around the house, but it's not the same. I don't pick them up and hug them, because there is no voluntary response. A simple example, but true.

There is so much mystery here, too deep for us to fully comprehend, so for me, the easiest thing is to just accept, believe, and try to follow His plan. I Corinthians, chapter 13, is a deep theological exploration, that I think basically says "just follow the Plan, you won't understand it all now, but some day, you will."

Well, this grows too long. For those who are searching, don't give up. Someday something will click, if you're truly willing. In its simplicity, it becomes difficult. As for me, I'll just keep muddling along in my faith, and I feel quite secure. It's called "trust." If, when it all ends, and there's nothing there but nothing, well - what have I lost? On the other hand, if my beliefs are true, I'll have eternity to spend with God and all those I have loved. I choose to believe, and I think it's worth it. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 26, 2022 - Msg 117910: Sorry - I just have to add this, regarding the defunding of police. PH, you are so right, it is shocking. What will be even more shocking is when someone who has promoted that idea hears something go bump in the night, and calls for help and no one comes. That's where the rubber meets the road. --Romeena

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117911: I guess I need to look further into this defunding of the police issue. Is it defunding or revising and rechanneling the money into other areas? I have been watching news coverage of the investigation of the school shooting and its not looking good. Definitely some things we can do better but lets see if the needed changes are made. There is supposed to be a bipartisan committee meeting today to discuss it, I only hope they are sincere about wanting change and not just concerned with their own political careers. We have far too much of that. Such a sad situation here in Texas.

You're right, Romeena. If only love could be the rule of the day...if only we could get back to the golden rule.

Lots of folks here are angry about the NRA convention this week, saying it should be cancelled under the circumstances. I think Trump would do well to bow out of this one because it might cost him in the voting booth. People are mad.

Well, enough of that. I probably need to stay away from the news today. Last night Sean and I went out and did something fun to try and lighten things up. We used to have a movie theater on main street here in our little town and it closed down but reopened as a venue for art, events, music, etc. We decided to go and check out karaoke night and it was really fun. Nice people, some older veterans singing old country toons early on and then the younger crowd filtered in. Its a really neat atmosphere with a bar but no one drinks much. Sean had a beer and I had a small glass of white wine but that was the extent of it. Sean sang a few songs and the person in charge of the place came to him after and wanted his contact info in hopes that he would join their musical theater. I hope he at least tries. He could use something like that and to meet some new friends. He hangs out with his mom too much. lol His best friend works all the time and he just doesnt have anyone to do things with. Anyway, it was fun. I even sang Margaritaville and made everyone join in! lol

Better go get some things done.


May 27, 2022 - Msg 117912:
I am sorry to continue with my negative postings, but I feel strongly about the recent news. I can't avoid the news when television, radio, newspapers, and the internet are a very important part of my life. And not all news is bad.
I want to get the timeline clear about the Ulvade school incident and hopefully learn why there was such a high casualty count. I saw a video of parents standing outside the school while hearing gunshots. The parents were begging the police to take proactive action. Even one parent asking an officer for his gun and body armor so the parent could take action.
Today, the news brought up the subject about arming teachers. But that would require special training for all teachers. I still think having an armed police officer on duty inside all schools is probably the best solution. Have that officer posted near the only unlocked entrance during school hours. And for communities with a small police force, hire military veterans or part-time reserve officers. I sent an email to the White House when Donald Trump was President offering this suggestion. However, I never received a reply.
Some people are in favor of gun ownership while others are against it. And although a weapon was used to cause this shooting, it was a weapon that ended it.
These school shootings have been occurring over decades in the USA. Why do we need further discussions? And while some action has been taken in the past, the shootings are still happening.

from Poor Horatio

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117913: My idea....

ALL schools have a one way entry with a uniformed, trained, veteran police or military personnel. In fact, if I became president, I would start a school security force as a new branch of the military or law enforcement. It would be an office all it's own.

Next, when kids are enrolled in schools and as they move from elementary to middle to high school, the enrolling parent and their child/children would have their pictures taken in a one shot photo and laminated (like a backstage pass for a show or concert) with all names of those on the picture on the back. Then, the parent in the picture would have to show their laminated photo id to above personnel at the entry point. That way, with parent AND child/children on the photo id, there is absolutely no mistaken identity of parent or child when parent comes to pick up child from school on a special circumstance (doctor appointment, death in family, etc.)

And I would put pressure on the House and Senate by hammering the subject home in every presser, interview, briefing and tweet.

Just my 2 pennies.

John Masters

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117914: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful blue and gold day here. Eddie did a very nice job with the yard yesterday, and I've cleaned here in the house until every muscle, bone and joint are aching, so I'm ready for my daughter and her sons to arrive this afternoon. We'll go out to David's house (I may even get in the pool - that should draw some very disapproving looks from Trinket) for the evening, and tomorrow we'll all go watch as Hudson graduates from Saginaw High School. Where has the time gone?

PH, we are pretty much on the same page. There are a lot of question marks in the account of the Uvalde massacre. If the police truly were just standing around, waiting for a SWAT team to arrive, then that needs to be addressed and corrected. If the shooter's parents were aware that he had problems, and still overlooked the arsenal that he had obviously been building, maybe we need to step up on the community education. We've got TV spots about vaping, urging parents to talk with their kids about it. How about parents just generally being much more involved in what their kids are doing? It's not an answer, but it could help. Some parents, if truth was known, mostly just wish their kids didn't exist, and aren't about to waste any of their precious time and resources to do what is necessary. From the little information I've seen, it appears that boy was very, very dangerous, and had been sending signals for quite a while. However, most parents will just refuse to acknowledge those signals, and do nothing. That little wall of ignorance that the parents erect only serves to magnify the resentment the kid is carrying. Pray, America!

It's so easy to just campaign for "strict gun control", and ignore the truth that lies in that tired old saying - "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." I know, I've posted that before, very recently, right along with the fact that drugs have been outlawed for years, but you can still get them anywhere if you want them, and we're even decriminalizing the gateway drugs. I can only state the obvious. If someone, anyone, inside that school in Uvalde had been carrying a gun, it's quite likely that many, if not all of those who were killed would be alive today. Waiting for an hour for the police to do something, cost a lot of lives. Be aware that the police are encumbered by many "do nots", lest they violate someone's rights, so I'm sure their level of frustration was over the moon at that time. We've got to find a middle ground somewhere.

I have a handgun, have had it for years. I know how to use it, and am accurate with it. I am not licensed to carry it, so I don't. One exception - under Texas "Castle Law" I can carry it in my car when I'm traveling outside my county, and I do. It's a monster, a Taurus Judge, and is very heavy. I could handle it easily when I first got it, but my hands are arthritic now, and I'm no longer sure about my accuracy with it. It kicks like a mule. So, I will probably sell it and get a lighter-weight weapon. And I may just get that license to carry.

PHI liked your statement above: "And although a weapon was used to cause this shooting, it was a weapon that ended it." So true, and sadly, too many people only hear the first part of that.

Funny little story - about three years ago, I was coming home from a trip to Fredericksburg, was tired and ready to get home. I had my Judge in the console next to me. A highway patrolman stopped me for a minor infraction, (no ticket, just a verbal warning). I watch cop shows on TV enough to know how to behave, so I rolled the window down, put my hands on the steering wheel, and said to him, "Be aware, I have a pistol in the console beside me." His answer? "No problem, just don't reach for it and we'll be just fine. Now, do you realize you didn't signal when you changed lanes back there?" I guess I didn't look too dangerous, with my silver hair and my fluffy little dog sitting on the console!

Boo, I loved hearing about what you and Sean did, just for fun, that evening. I'm so glad you can, and do, spend time together. It's the foundation for the future.

Well, the house is clean, all I need to do now is get in the shower and get me clean, and then wait for Heather, Tyler and Trip to get here around 4. After that, a fun evening out at David and Brittany's house. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117915: That's worth much more than 2 pennies, John Masters!

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117916: Oops! That was me! --Romeena

May 27, 2022 - Msg 117917: 🤔
Someone is off their meds.

May 28, 2022 - Msg 117918:


May 28, 2022 - Msg 117919: Its 5 O’clock somewhere MDC....⏰🤣👍...or a Cheeseburger 🍔 in Paradise... 🎤

May 28, 2022 - Msg 117920: Romeena, I saw pics on Facebook of Hudson in his cap and gown. Big strappin’ boy he turned into! What a cutie. I know how proud you all must be.

I think the idea of an armed veteran in schools is a good one, especially now when our leaders are trying to figure out how to prevent the next tragedy. Education for parents and accessibile mental health care, too. Sad we even have to be thinking about these things. I think I told you all about the local 13 yr old boy last year who posted on Facebook that he was going to take guns to school the next day and kill kids. One of his friends called the police. When the officers went to his home that night, he had already shot and killed his sister, parents, and the family dog. When he heard the officers pull up, he shot and killed himself. I am so thankful that one of his friends reported what he read on Facebook! There were multiple guns in the small trailer the family lived in. The family was very pro gun and didn’t take precautions to keep the guns away from the children. When I looked on the family members Facebook pages, they were conspiracy theory types who had decided to amass an arsenal of weapons. Sad.

Let’s be honest; there are some mentally off people out there who shouldn’t own guns, and more and more each year it seems. I know a young man personally who is autistic, OCD, and just off but he owns an automatic rifle like the one used in the school shooting. I don’t mind telling you that makes me nervous.


May 28, 2022 - Msg 117921: PS- yes, I found my shaker of salt🤣


May 29, 2022 - Msg 117922:

Hello Porchsters. Happy Memorial Day weekend.
A big thank you to all the men and women who gave their all for our country. We sang God Bless America at church today, and I do believe that even the 'non-singers' were singing! :)
So good to hear.
Also, I actually watched most of the Indy 500 today!
I was at the dermatologist on Friday, and she saw a sore on my head,
and prescribed a salve. I asked her if it was "Miracle Salve?"
She's in her 40s, and she smiled, and said, "And it also cures the mainge!"
Yup, she's one of us. ha
To PH and others, remember, Jesus told the parable of the wheat and the tares.
The bad do live among us, but they will be dealt with when they face the Lord.
I saw Brisco on the Rifleman the other day, and then I saw Daphne on Twilight Zone. Lots of tags folks lately.
One oldie station that i watch is doing a "Love American Style" marathon (a 70s show), and I never realized that
Harvy Bullock, Everett Greenbaum, Jim Fritzell, and others wrote and produced it!
A couple nights ago was the tags where Andy and Barney go to a conference in Raleigh. Ever wonder who was watching the courthouse for two days? ha
Surely not Gomer or Otis. And they took the bus and not the squad car. Hmmm
All is well here. We are again in the 90s for a few days, so it is a nice releif,
but we need rain. Please pray for rain here. Thanks.
God bless,

May 30, 2022 - Msg 117923: Well, here it is, another Memorial Day for you folks in the USA. Here in Canada, we honor both the dead and the living veterans on Veterans Day in November.
The USA Memorial Day is meant to honor those who served in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice. Such a sad way to spend their remaining time among the living. Rest in peace to every one of them.

from Poor Horatio

May 30, 2022 - Msg 117924: A very nice post. Thank you, Poor Horatio.


May 30, 2022 - Msg 117925: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, a bit windy, and a lot of high clouds, but still sunny for the most part, and warm. I may get outside and do a little gardening later on. Heather brought me a very nice clematis vine, the beautiful Sweet Autumn, and I just ordered a Jackmanii (lovely purple flower and a vigorous variety) and a Rosy Pink clematis, and I need to get them planted. I've got a dilapidated old metal and wood garden bench with a broken leg, so I put it in the middle of the big raised island, propped up that leg with a cement block, and will plant two of the clematis vines where they can run all over that bench, and the other vines will go on a fence. That poor old bench will be pretty once again!

I'm going to take a break from the news for a few days. It gets depressing, and I have a limited amount of time left her (as in truth, we all do) so I'm going to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative for a while, as the old song says. This spot here at my window is a great place to be. Birds, squirrels, the occasional stray cat, lots of activity out there. Things I had forgotten I planted are popping up and blooming, two large stands of daylilies are in full, beautiful bloom, clumps of sundrops are lighting up their surroundings. Weeds are popping up, unaware that their days are very limited. My two huge American Beautyberry shrubs are setting tiny little bracelets of flower buds, encircling the long and graceful canes. Those buds will develop into clusters of beautiful purple berries, like bracelets of berries covering the length of the canes. So pretty! They last for several weeks, until the day arrives when squadrons of robins descend and consume the entire crop of berries in an afternoon. It's a sight to behold!

We had such a lovely weekend. Spent Friday night out at David and Brittany's house. They made hamburgers, and had cupcakes and such for dessert. Just about everyone got in the pool, much splashing and fun, but I stayed out, darn it. I don't have a swimsuit (surgery has made it difficult to wear one) so I usually just swim in a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt. That was my plan, until I dug the items out and tried them on. Uhh -- weight loss has changed things. The shorts and shirt were far too big on me, and I knew when the shorts got wet they would forsake me completely and float away. So I stayed out of the pool, and I think Trinket was glad. She doesn't trust that pool, stays at least six feet away from the edge when she's out there. If I had actually gotten into the water, she would have been horrified. Her buddy, Diesel, doesn't like it either. David has gotten him into it, and shown him how to get out if he should need to, but he will not voluntarily get in the water. Probably a good thing.

Well, guess I'll get busy around here. Or not. Nothing that just has to be done, and as Mr. Brown said, the best day for doing anything is 'tomorrow'. One thing I will definitely do tomorrow is to get a new hummingbird feeder. My old one got broken, and I've seen a little hummer out there, circling the place where it used to hang. I'll get another one and get it filled and hung out there, before he gives up. They're such fun to watch!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 31, 2022 - Msg 117926: Good evening, porch! It has been an interesting day. Beautiful, but very breezy. I had a doctor appointment at 11, got there and after a brief conversation and analysis of some x-rays and a CT, he decided that everything there looked fine, but he was concerned with some sinus things, and decided to do a scope exam of my nasal passages and upper throat. That was fun, as you can imagine. The nurse practitioner squirted some numbing stuff up in there, that tasted vile. I told the doc if he ever ran out of rat poison, he could just use that. He thought that was funny. Good thing he didn't know what I was really thinking! Anyway, he found nothing of concern, and his take on all the films and scans was that it was all old calcified things, nothing active, so I'm happy. His scope didn't find anything evil either, so I'm good.

I came home and settled down in my chair, with Trinket in my lap, and we fell asleep. Woke up about two hours later, much too warm. Checked the thermostat, and it was 84° in here! Turned the a/c off and called my son. So nice to have an HVAC guy in the family! Something about a float in the evaporation pan, or some such. Anyway, he fixed it in about ten minutes, and went on his way. It's already down to 77° in here, and dropping. Wow, what wimps we have become. When I was a child, if it was 84° in my bedroom at night, I would have thought I was in heaven! When it's been over 100° outside all day, and almost that hot in the house, you can bet it's still "dang hot" inside at night. All we had was little oscillating fans sitting on the dresser, and turning back and forth. They didn't help much. Yep, we're pretty spoiled.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some leftovers. I'm not very hungry, won't need much. Maybe just an apple and some peanut butter, that sounds good enough. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

June 01, 2022 - Msg 117927:

Hi y'all, just passing thru tonight.
Two eps tonight were about Virgil and Otis the deputy.
I dont cotton to either one. All is well tho,
more when it be 'marra.
MDC :)

June 01, 2022 - Msg 117928: Morning all.

I hope and pray you are all well. Was a cool and wet weekend here. Got some much needed rain ant the mountains picked up a couple of feet of new snow. Much needed and appreciated. MDC, I pray you guys will get some rain buddy.

Rommena, sure glad you have your son to help you out like that. Air handlers (which are usually inside the house) have pans under them to capture and condensate that may happen in the event the condensate line is plugged up. They usually have a float switch in the pan that will shut your a/c system down if activated. If not you would have water where you don't want it, and you have already had plenty of that with your plumbing woes. Glad it was something simple to fix. I'm glad your sinus passages are good. I need to go see my Doctor for that. I have had this nagging cough for months now, and it's not lung related. It's more throat related. A constant need to clear my throat along with constant runny nose and sneezing. Sure is fun to get old.

Boo, nice to see you posting more again. We need you. I am sorry about your continued struggles with Erin. But I am glad you are still involved with her life. So many parents at that age give up and quit. I understand that. They have often gone through numerous years of struggles with the child already. It is tempting to finally throw your hands up and say no more, I have done all I can do. Your and adult now, so go live your life. And there does need to be some detachment at this point most likely. But parents can still be big influencers in their adult children's lives. I guess it comes down to knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Hang in there.

Well off to do some yard work. Supposed to hit the mid 70's today. Just perfect for puttering in the yard.


June 01, 2022 - Msg 117929: Good morning, porch! Trinket and I stayed up very late last night, and foolishly thought we'd just sleep late this morning. Ha! The spam calls began and within an hour and a half, there were seven of them. How can this be? I've been on the national "Do not call" registry for years. Apparently, that means absolutely nothing. I've put a smarmy little message on my answering machine, but of course the spammers don't hear it because they hang up the moment they realize it's a recording. I am sick of it! I wish they would hear it, actually it's pretty funny, but I'm sure they wouldn't think so. Grrr!

My friend Eddie, who has maintained my yard for the last 25 years, had a freak accident a few days ago. He was working in somebody's yard, and someone lit a cigarette. Eddie had sloshed a little gasoline on his pant leg earlier. Apparently the fumes from that gasoline were still active, and reached the flame, which followed the vapors back to the source and set his pant leg on fire! They were able to smother it out before it burned anywhere but where the gasoline was, but Eddie now has a 3rd degree burn the size of a salad plate on the calf of his leg. He texted me a picture of it. It hurts just to look at it! The skin is burned completely away, and the pink muscles are all you see. Since Eddie is black, the contrast just looks awful. He went to the ER of course, and they cleaned it up and dressed it, which will be changed daily as it heals, and he says it doesn't hurt too much anymore, but was very painful at first. I can just imagine! Poor guy, Eddie is my friend, and I hate to see him having to deal with that. He declares he will be here Thursday to do the yard, in spite of me telling him there is no need, there's nothing here that won't keep. If the grass gets a little tall, so be it. We don't have an HOA to answer to, and if the city wants to get huffy and send someone over here to mow (that's what they do if the grass reaches 8" high), so be it. I'll pay them, just as I would pay Eddie. I'm just worried about him.

Meantime, I've got four clematis vines that need to be planted. Three of them are in one-quart pots, and I think I can handle them. The fourth one is a very large plant, in a two-gallon pot, and may be more than I can handle. I was barely able to lug it from the car to the sunroom. It's going to need a pretty big hole dug. I may need to conscript one of the grandsons to plant that one. Problem is, they live in another suburb, one is working, the other is twitterpated over his girlfriend right now, so I hate to ask. If I did, they would do it, but we'll see.

It looks like rain right now, and thunderstorms are predicted for today and tomorrow. I hope so, but sure do wish I had put the sprinklers on rain delay, because they ran last night! Rats! I missed the prediction, or I would have delayed them.

Well, guess I'll go do a bit of laundry, and run the dishwasher. I had cleaned the house pretty well before Heather and her boys came over the weekend, and there's not much to do around here. We had so much fun while they were here. Heather is such a sweetheart, and those boys - Tyler is 29, Trip is 14 (oops!) - are just a delight. I really enjoyed their visit.

Guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I have some seafood salad left over from some I bought yesterday. It's so good! I like it very much, and with the juice of a lemon squeezed over it, it's even better. Light, low-calorie, and delicious. I guess you can't ask more from a salad than that! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena (Trinket says woof!)

June 01, 2022 - Msg 117930: Yaaayyy! We've got a strong, steady downpour of rain falling at this moment! No wind, it's just falling straight down! I can almost see the grass getting greener, and the flowers soaking it up. Rain is a wonderful thing! God is good! --Romeena

June 02, 2022 - Msg 117931:

RO, as for the 'twitterpated' one, maybe a little hard work will do him some good right now! ha. And as for Eddie, as you know, a burn like that takes a whole heap of healing, maybe even a skin graft, so yes, try your 'nurse's best' to
talk him out of work for a while. (Just my humble opinion, and another reason I hate cigs.)
Regarding the spam calls, I just turn down the ringer on my landline
until I get up for the day.
ASA--GF--you guys ever heard of Ex-mark mowers? My lawn guy says he just bought one. His first mow will be this week here.
ASA--your 'throat clearing', etc, may be allergies. I go thru that every
spring and fall around here. And thanks for the rain prayers, we sure need them!

Well, after last night's so-so tags, i saw two that I like tonight! Mr McBeevee and Andy's Rich Girlfriend. A few items to look for the next time you watch them... When Andy drives up to Peggy's house and sees the T-Bird, you can see HIS house just one house away! ha
Also, in the opening scene is a sign Mom's Home Cooking. But it is never mentioned again.
Same with Thelma Lou's brother, never a mention after Andy says that both girls have brothers.
Very curious. :)
In Mr. McBeevee, I love that old phone truck. Those were all over town here back in the '60s.
Well, I guess I'll go talk to a hawk.
All is well here, except that I have a niece looking for formula, but I wont get into that here.
Hang in there friends, Jesus loves us! :)

June 02, 2022 - Msg 117932: MDC...I’m guessing Mom got tired of cooking and went out of business is my
No, I have never heard of that brand of mowing machine....G-F

June 02, 2022 - Msg 117933: Good morning, porch! It's cloudy this morning, looks like more rain. I hope so! I declare, my grass grew two inches overnight, after that rain yesterday. Sure do wish I had gotten those clematis vines in the ground before the rain. Am thinking of getting out there with them this morning and see if I can get them planted before it rains again. The three smaller ones I think I can manage, but that enormous one may be beyond my strength and arthritis. Guess you never know until you try, though.

MDC, you're absolutely right. I talked to Eddie last night, and he's not talking quite so ambitiously, like he was earlier. He has daily dressing changes, done by a nurse assigned to him by Medicare, and I would hope she would squelch any ambitions about going back to work. He's finally admitting to some pain (his signature phrase is "Oh, it's okay. It'll be alright." Eddie is a tough old bird. I've already told him in no uncertain terms that I don't want to see him around here until his leg is healed. I know him, though. I'll wake up one morning to the sound of his lawnmower out there. He'll just come on in the yard and start mowing anyway. We've been friends for 25 years, and he considers this yard to be his responsibility.

That old green phone truck pulls up a lot of memories for me too, and they go back farther than the 60's. They go back to the 40's! Those were the days! Nobody bought, or owned, a phone. When you had one installed, it remained the property of the phone company, and if you moved, the phone company would send one of those trucks out and the man would remove the phone. The idea of buying a phone in a store, and just plugging it in at home was absolutely unheard of. Also, the idea of just picking up your phone and calling my cousin in Houston was unheard of, also. You were charged for every "long-distance" call, so much per minute, so you waited and called in the evening, after 6, because the "rates went down" in the evening. Things have really changed!

Well, if I'm going to get any of those clematis vines planted, I'd better get after it. It looks like it "clabberin' up" to rain again. Fine with me!

Blessings, friends! Keep Looking up! --Romeena
Trinket says "woof!"

June 02, 2022 - Msg 117934: Glad you are doing ok, Ro and that your sinuses are in order. :) Did I tell you that Zach (Karen's boy) is taking his HVAC class right now and will be done at the end of this semester. He finished up his teaching position and now will begin working with a company and getting his HVAC certification. After some on the job experience, the local community college offered him a job teaching since he already has a degree in education from Baylor. Im proud of him because I know he is working hard trying to provide the best life he can for his sweet wife and little Charlie.

Concerning Eddie; so sorry to hear he was injured in such a way. Just goes to show you how dangerous fumes can be. Scary. Doesnt it sound like a plate-sized third degree burn would require a skin graft, Ro? I'm certainly no burn expert but that is pretty big.

Erin has been going to work and saving her money, getting along a lot better with everyone here at home so we are getting a breather right now. She has also been spending some time with some of her friends who are smart and capable, instead of the bad influences she always seems to be drawn to. Hopefully she is seeing some things but with her it is one of those three steps forward, two back kind of things. I havent been putting up with c*** so she is not dishing it out lately.

Thanks Asa, I think I mentioned that I recently cleaned up and organized my office area where my keyboard is so it is easier for me to come in here and type up a message and my shoulder has been doing better. If I disappear for awhile, it probably means that my shoulder is paining me again. That 70 degree weather sure sounds nice. Its been hot here, but we are used to that. Poor Bruce gets so worn out working outside in it now, though. He doesnt tolerate the heat like he used to. He saw his doc this week and his kidney function is still off. Not awful, but enough for a sono and to see the specialist again. His doctor watches him pretty closely, even gave him his personal cell number to text in his blood pressure readings. Of course there is always the back issues, too, which is something he is going to have to deal with soon, too. Hard getting old.

MDC, I've been watching more TAGS lately on Pluto TV. Saw the manicurist earlier today. Barbara Eden was such a beauty, wasnt she? If I could choose a figure, I would choose her's. lol I actually saw a young Nurse Peggy on Alfred Hitchc*ck presents last night. She was so pretty.

Been having some tummy troubles today so rested more than usual. We went out for mexican food last night and it didnt set well, I guess. Think I will get my shower and call it a day. Hope you all have a good evening.


June 03, 2022 - Msg 117935: Boo, I'd choose Barbara Eden's figure too. lol Not for me though. I saw her recently on some Dallas episodes. Kinds fun to see her and Larry Hagman back together on tv near 30 years after Jeannie.


June 03, 2022 - Msg 117936: Asa, I got to meet her....She DEFINITELY ain’t a Boy!....G-F😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

June 03, 2022 - Msg 117937: Good afternoon, porch! Looks like we're in for some more rain this afternoon. If it doesn't, it's going to miss a good chance. My sprinklers are scheduled to run tomorrow morning and evening, so I just went out and put them on delay. Also propped some gladiolus up that are at least three feet tall, and just starting to open buds. Daylilies are blooming all over the yard, and glads are just popping up everywhere. So pretty! I fed the pond fish while I was out there, they're all fat and sassy, and I saw three little baby koi. I guess they're called "fry"? They're just about an inch long!

The ADT technician is supposed to be here this afternoon, and I really, really hope they can solve the problem. This will be the seventh tech visit in the last few weeks, and nobody seems to be able to solve the problem. They do know how to send the monthly bill, though. At least the service calls are free. This time I specifically asked that the control box at the door from the kitchen into the garage, be replaced. Not "adjusted", not relocated, not tinkered with, no, I want it replaced. That's where the problem is. The one in my bedroom works fine. The kitchen one will only arm the system now and then, and will never disarm it. I have to run for the one in my bedroom when I come home, and honeys and dears, this old gal don't run! The alarm always starts screaming before I get there, and ADT calls, which also calls my son. It was scaring him at first, but now he just ignores it (don't blame him!) and that little fact scares me! So, I'm going to be like Andy when Goober had the car in the courthouse. I'll be nice, pleasant and courteous, but I will make it clearly understood that I want that particular box replaced. It's over 15 years old, and I think it's just worn out. I guess 15 years of excellent service and total satisfaction with it, isn't too bad, but I still want it fixed.

Boo, Eddie just thought he would be working this week. After seeing the picture of his leg, I knew he wouldn't be, and sure enough, he's not. I agree, I think he will be having a graft on that leg. If he doesn't, I'd like to know why. If I can figure out how to copy and forward a picture from my phone text files, I'll send it to you. It's really a serious burn. I think his natural skin color makes it look worse, because of the contrast, but it looks pretty serious to me. Bless his heart, I hate to see him having to deal with that. Eddie is a good guy, and my friend.

Well, guess I'll go find a little something to eat. I'm not really hungry, and will be playing bunco tonight at the home of a gal who is a great cook and always has a really good meal when we play at her house, so I don't need a big lunch. Maybe just some crackers and pimento cheese? Or an apple and some peanut butter to dip the slices in.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! Trinket says "woof!" --Romeena

June 04, 2022 - Msg 117938:

RO--I dont know if Eddie drinks a lot of sugary
drinks or not, as well as other sugars, but I am sure
that you know that sugar is a real detriment to the healing process. If he does indulge in such, you may want to ask
him to stop. Also, aloe vera can do wonders to help heal burns; and make
sure he eats a lot of protein, cheese, eggs, tuna etc. My two cent worth. More later.