April 30, 2022 - Msg 117820:

Hello Porchsters! Here is a little ‘brain teaser' for ya all. In the paragraph below, are hidden the names of 16 books of the Bible. Some are ‘hidden’ in words, and some are formed from two words together. Others are ‘in plain sight.’ Here is the answer to one of the hidden ones…”… luLU;KEeping…”

I once remarked about the hidden books of the Bible in this paragraph. It is a lulu;keeping many people looking so hard for facts... but for others, it is a revelation. Some get in a jam,especially since the names of the books are not capitalized. But the truth finally strikes home to great numbers of my readers. To others, it is a real job. But I want it to be A most (I gave you that one) fascinating few moments for you. Yes,there are some real easy ones to spot. Others require judges to help find them. I quickly admit,it usually takes a minister to find one of them, (like the one you just passed) and there will be loud lamentations when it is found. One fellow says he brews a cup of tea so he can concentrate better whilst looking for them. See how well you can compete;rest assured, there really are sixteen names of books of the Bible in this paragraph.
(I know, I know, I ought not to flaunt my Bible knowledge. :) (Answers soon.)

Now on to tonite's tags on me-tv. Two eps that I like for many reasons...Stranger in Town and Hollywood Mayberry. In Stranger there are many classic lines such as when andy asks him, "Do you think men will ever get to the moon." To which Ed answers, "Yes, and I'd like to go." and andy comes back with "I think you're already there!" :) Also it is the only appearance of the original floyd. Also, Ed is buying the filling station from a George. So how did Wally get it? Then there is Lucy Matthews. (The Lucy that posts here now and then took her name from there.) And her brother is the same actor who played Jimmy in the gas station robbery ep! Then in the next one we get 'the little fat mayor,' and fuzzed up peaches, and the Howard McNear Floyd's last name is Colby, not Lawson. Curious, curious. :)

ASA--what station do you get Dallas on? That JR was one mean dude, and he was so
likeable as an astronaut. ha

RO--I bet Tillie is happy to be back in her spot in your garage!
How did things go with ADT? I have an 'alarm' too. Its called 'glock!' haha

Oh, good turn out at the movie last night, and it was very good.
Filmed back in the day when religion was not made fun of, but rather just the opposite.
Live stream it if you get the chance.
I hope our LUCY, BOO, and others will check in. Good to see Billy Ray.

Prayers and peace,

April 30, 2022 - Msg 117821: I went ahead and swept the porch too! :)

April 30, 2022 - Msg 117822: Good morning, porch! Beautiful blue and gold day here, temp 78°, heading for the 80s, gentle breeze. Maybe spring has finally sprung!

MDC, you just spoiled my plans for the day! I've already spent half an hour with your "brain teaser." Some of them are really ingeniously hidden. I've found 15 of them, can't find that last one. Finally gave up and went to the index in my Bible, hoping for inspiration. Nope, nothing. I'm not giving up, though. I'll find it if it takes all day!

ADT came, fixed the problem (at least so it seems) and left. He agreed with me, that the problem was centered in the box by the garage door, but didn't think there was anything wrong with the box itself. He said it was a "line of sight" problem. He thought since the devices now communicate wirelessly, that the communication between that device and the main control box, which is in a hall closet, was blocked intermittently. That little control box was wired in to supply the power it needs, but it communicates with the main base box wirelessly. However, it can also operate with batteries. So, with my permission, he removed it from its location by the door, moved it into the kitchen (about 8 ft from where it was, and mounted it on the wall by the door from the kitchen into the utility room, thereby changing the angle by which it talks to the main control box. (Now ask me if I understand all of that.) So yes, it appears that it's fixed, but we have thought that before. Ask me again in a week or so! If it stays fixed, then yippee! I've got lots of batteries, and it's easy to replace them. If it doesn't, I will continue to nag them until it is.

I know what you mean about the change in movies these days. I haven't been to a movie theater in at least a year, maybe two. On TV, I watch old movies, or old sitcom reruns. Things like TAGS (of course), Barney Miller, Golden Girls, even Leave it to Beaver and The Beverly Hillbillies. I also watch a LOT of nature shows, behind the scenes at zoos, veterinarian shows like Dr. Pol, the Vet Life, Critter Fixers, whatever. The current crop of "funny" sitcoms are not fit to watch. Far too much current social commentary in them, and far too much of what amounts to indoctrination of our children on what is "normal" and acceptable behavior, and I will not dignify it by watching it. An awful lot of it comes wrapped in the "packages" in the menu on my Dish account. I wish I could just "cherry pick" what I want, and not have the rest of that garbage even available. I don't watch it, but I'm paying for it. Yuck. Fortunately, Dish does provide a way to build my own menu, which I have done. It includes just shows I am interested in, and the others are in another menu, which I just don't even open. Eliminates wading through sewage to find what I want to watch.

Yes, I'm a gripey old lady, and getting worse all the time. So sue me. Life is too short to spend it dealing with annoying things, so I try to eliminate as much of it as I can. Also, I'll never forget what my mother said to me often as I was growing up. She would say, "Would you do that, (say that, go there, watch that, etc.) if Jesus were standing beside you?" I don't know how my mama did it, but I could be twenty miles away, and I could hear her voice in my head, and it would make me think carefully about something that was tempting me. It worked all the time!

Well, Steve is here to clean the pond, and I need to talk with him about some things. He does a good job, but sometimes he needs to know what I want to do about some issue or other. I can't believe I used to maintain that pond all by myself. Can't do it now. I don't trust my balance, and often don't have the strength to do something that should be done. Getting older is a bother! On the other hand, I'm very grateful that I have the strength to do most of what I want to do, and the presence to still care! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

April 30, 2022 - Msg 117823:

Ro, hint, it may have been "Titus" that you can't find? Or did you find that one?

April 30, 2022 - Msg 117824:
MDC, I never heard of the Titus book in the Bible. And just like Romeena, I also found only 15 books after searching for 30 minutes.

from Poor Horatio

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117825: Good morning, porch. I think I'll be staying home this morning, have a killer headache, first headache I've had in about 28 years, ever since I stopped drinking diet sodas or using any form of artificial sweetener. I think this one may be sinus-related, not sure, but it's definitely giving me a hard time! Tylenol hasn't touched it.

PH, Titus is there, a very tiny book, about three pages. Now, since you found 15, not including Titus, you must have found the one I didn't find. Don't tell me where it is, I'm determined to find it!

Well, I think I'm going to pick up my headache and go back to bed for a while. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117826: Good Sabbath all.

Romeena, so sorry about your headache. Maybe it is from trying to find those bible names in MDC's post. You folks are a lot brighter than me. I could only come up with around 10. I was actually feeling kind of proud of myself when I found Ruth.
I am glad Tille is all better. Sure is nuts how pricey parts are anymore. And I don't think you are a gripey old lady at all. You strike me as a wise and loving person, who dares to share with others your beliefs. Not a thing wrong in that considering the others are going to let you know their beliefs and do so often in the ways that you mentioned above. They are subtle (sometimes) and very persistent.

MDC, I enjoyed the banter between Barney and the first Floyd in that episode. When Barney says something about the next time he needs a haircut he will stick his head in a pencil sharpener and Floyd quickly replies and it will too, always makes me lol.
And in the other episode, the fat little Mayor who was leading the charge to transform Mayberry, quickly changes position when he realizes that the movie folks wanted the real town. His wors to Andy, spoken in disgust, "we tried to warn them
didn't we Andy" was pretty funny.

Just a reminder that GF gave us. Tonight on METV is the collectors show and then Return to Mayberry movie is on. Gosh, maybe we should have a band concert before hand. What do you think?


May 01, 2022 - Msg 117827: Whoops. My full quote above should read that "and it will FIT too".


May 01, 2022 - Msg 117828: Hi, me again! Well, after one estra-strength Tylenol and a Mucinex-DM tablet, in case the headache was sinus-related, and another hour or two of sleep with a warm puppy snuggled up close, my headache is gone, and good riddance!

Asa, I've got both of those shows scheduled to record when they run, just to be sure I don't miss them. And I agree, I liked the first Floyd very well, though I must say I like Howard McNear better. More nuances to his personality! And for those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting our own "Floyd", he does a spot-on "Floyd." Eloise and I met him and his lovely wife on the five -count -em, 5) cruises that we went on with the Mayberry group several years ago. All the tribute artists are talented and do a terrific job, but I think our own Allan is the absolute best! They're both very nice folks, and we had a lot of fun with them on those trips.

Well, back to my "Word Search" for today. I'm going to find that Bible book name yet! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117829: Extra, not estra, up there. Guess I need to cut and file my nails again. They grow entirely too fast! --Romeena

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117830: Aha!! I found it! MDC, I'll email my list to you for verification. That was fun! --Romeena

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117831: Well, it took 3 minutes, MDC. First time through, I got 13. Spent a little time finding my last 3. Kings, Esther, Titus.

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117832: Sorry, that was Billy Ray the Crack Bible Book Finder.

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117833:
Glad I piqued ya'alls interest!
I will post the answers tomorra.
Give you the rest of the sabbath to ponder them.
In fact, this gives me an idea.
If anyone has some brainteasers or other such games, why not
post them here for us to crack, like our "crack"Billy Ray! ha

I like those word things like this: "OUinsideT" which is
"inside-out." :)


May 01, 2022 - Msg 117834: V

Hope you enjoy my brain teaser.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117835: Oh, it didn't work. Looked fine when I sent it. I'll try again and see what happens.


Billy Ray the Confused Puzzler

May 01, 2022 - Msg 117836: Way-ell, that's better but not quite right. The V should be 2 spaces to the right. The E should be one space to the right. Which makes KEV incline = Kevin Kline.

Billy Ray the Disappointed Puzzler

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117837:

You could try it like this Billy Ray:

clKEVine = Kev "in" cline :)

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117838: oops, that was me, MDC

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117839:

... V

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117840:

I'm ept! :)

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117841: No Billy Ray....Your just a Retired Postal worker....lol

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117842:

OK, here are the answers! (Ro emailed me, she was
the first to get them all!)

I once reMARKed about the hidden books of the Bible in this paragraph. It is a luLU;KEeping many people looKING So hard for fACTS... but for others, it is a REVELATION. Some get in a JAM;ESpecially since the names of the books are not capitalized. But the tRUTH finally strikes home to great NUMBERS of my readers. To others, it is a real JOB. But I want it to be A MOSt fascinating few moments for you. Y ES,THERe are some real easy ones to spot. Others require JUDGES to help find them. I quickly admiT,IT USually takes a minister to find one of them, (like the one you just passed) and there will be loud LAMENTATIONS when it is found. One fellow says HE BREWS a cup of tea so he can concentrate better whilst looking for them. See how well you can comPETE;Rest assured, there really are sixteen names of books of the Bible in this paragraph.

Have a blessed week!

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117843: Hello Porch!

Good to see you!

I had a question pop in my head and wondered your opinions. We saw several real life shows get turned into animated cartoons (Gilligan's Island, Dukes of Hazzard, Three Stooges, etc.). My question is...do you think "The Andy Griffith Show" might have been a good animated show for kids? Some of the characters were almost cartoon themselves.

It's an interesting thought. Kinda fun to think about how Andy would've REALLY had to Barney's rescue when there are no boundaries.

Y'all take great care!

John Masters

May 02, 2022 - Msg 117844: *come to Barney's rescue


May 03, 2022 - Msg 117845: Hey John Masters.....Here’s a answer to your question...Hope you like it...https://youtu.be/5892K5VH93k


May 03, 2022 - Msg 117846: G-F, why you son of a gun! LOL!

Well, I guess I have a new channel to check out and watch on YouTube! I had no idea that existed or if anyone else had the thought I did.

Excellent post!


John Masters

May 03, 2022 - Msg 117847: You are Welcome JM....We do for our own as they say!...Glad you liked It!....G-F

May 04, 2022 - Msg 117848:

Mornin' honeys and dears. "I'd rather be called skunk face than Good Morning like that!"
I love that episode, and it was on last night. :)


May 05, 2022 - Msg 117849:
I read an interesting story about Betty Lynn, (Thelma Lou on TAGS). https://tinyurl.com/4f27zc2p

from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2022 - Msg 117850: PH...At Mayberry Days Betty spoke of that very thing when being interview. Those of us who have met her in person have special memories of her kindness and her love of her fans. She will be GREATLY missed!...Amen Maude? Maude has had that opportunity to meet her also.

They have several things planned to honor her at this years event. She TRULY was the Queen of the town. I did get to speak to her before the parade just two weeks before she passed.

You could tell it was SO important to her to make that last ride in the parade and see her fans.....What a trooper!


May 05, 2022 - Msg 117851:
G-F, you are a very lucky person to have met so many TAGS performers especially my favorite, Betty Lynn. I regret I have not made an extra effort to attend Mayberry Days so far. I had a crush on Betty when I first began watching TAGS. She was not only physically attractive, but her personality was also attractive to me. Thank you sweet Betty Lynn. Rest In Peace.

from Poor Horatio

May 06, 2022 - Msg 117852:

Hello porchsters! (and whoever may be looking in these days! ha)
Anyway, I have just been busy lately, so havent posted much.

RO--a bit up there u mentioned 5 cruises. Wow, I didnt recall u going on that
many Mayberry cruises. I do remember a couple that u mentioned.
Were they totally mayberry cruises?

I think I told you all about my big 3 cents 'round up' on my fast food receipt,
but anyway, I did it again yesterday! :)

I was fixing a gate latch in my backyard yesterday and broke a drill bit.
Well, I got to thinking, I bet every man in America has broken a drill bit
at one time or other. Luckily I have several of that size, so got the job done toot sweet.

At church the other day I helped put in a new water pump for a fountain that we have
on the church campus. It is a simple one in a small solitude garden. A round Cement pond
with about a three-foot round stone standing up in it. Two men held the stone back at about a 50 degree angle whilst I pulled out the bad pump, and hooked up the new one
to the hose that goes up the middle of the stone. It' a 600 cfm pump, but actually
pretty compact. But water is again bubbling out of the top and down the front side the smooth, circular stone. The garden has a bronze statue of Jesus sitting with his arm around Mary Magdalene, consoling her. Hedges hide it from the rest of the surroundings.
Very nice indeed.

I had a little misery in my back today, but a lidocaine patch did the trick.
Two good tags on me-tv tonight.
PH--the other night was the episode where Thelma Lou is trying to get Barney to kiss her.
I love her in that episode! Also the one where he is telling her about his 'man cave.' ha
Prayers for all,

May 07, 2022 - Msg 117853: Good morning all.

MDC, I have broken more than my share of drill bits over the years. I bet GF has also. Easy to do especially if they are small bits. Just part of a repairman's life I figure.

Was the pump a Little Giant brand? Good pumps in my book.

I love the scene in that episode when Andy and Ellie are on one couch, and Barney and Thel are on another couch. Then the lights go out for a minute and when they come back on, Barney is on the couch with Andy and Ellie. Funny stuff. Barney sure was awkward around Thel before he got her in his hip pocket. lol

Cool and cloudy here today. No rain but we sure need some bad. Maybe I should wash my car to entice it.

Well off to try and fix my printer. It just decided to stop working. It is in the wireless modem somewhere. It may not end well because my patience with it is seriously lacking.

Happy Mothers day tomorrow to all our Moms. We love you.


May 07, 2022 - Msg 117854: Good morning, porch! Cloudy here, looks like rain. Hope it does! Today was a sprinkler day, and they ran this morning, will run again this evening, but I think I'll go put them on delay and not let them run tonight. They got ten minutes in each zone this morning, which is enough to sustain things, and if it rains, things will have more than enough water. My water bill, which arrived yesterday, was $169!

Well, the ADT serviceman will be arriving shortly. Yep, Number Six. I've been hassling with this for nearly two months now, and they haven't got the problem solved yet. I've been very pleasant and patient, and will continue to be, but this time I'm going to make it quite clear that if he can't fix the problem, then I would appreciate a visit from a supervisor. As it stands right now, I can arm the system from the garage door unit, and it arms. Then I can code in the "disarm", and it disarms. That's if I'm just standing there doing those commands. However, if I arm the system, leave the house, and return, when I try to disarm it from that control box, it doesn't respond. Just a blank screen, and I can hear the countdown chirp coming from the box in my bedroom. By the time I get in there, the overhead alarms are screaming, and it takes two entries in that box to silence it. I could probably make it to the bedroom and shut it off before the alarms start yelling, if I didn't stop to try to silence it by the box near the door. However, at my age and state of decripitness, I really don't want to be racing through the house, down one step, up another, with an excited dog running along with me. I'm not crippled, don't use a cane, I go and do whatever I please, but at the same time, I'm careful where I put my feet, and try to have a "grab and balance" spot scoped out when I'm in motion. Most seniors do the same thing, just watch us when we're in motion. That alarm system is in place to protect me and help keep me safe. I don't pay for it every month so it can put me at risk, and I intend to make that point with the company at some point.

Asa, how old is your printer? The last time my printer got cranky and wouldn't perform like it should, I went to Office Depot and did a little shopping. The printer was also almost out of ink. I found I could buy a very nice new printer, an HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 was on sale, for just $20 more than a full refill array of inkjet cartridges would have cost, and the new HP was already loaded with ink. Of course, that's how the game is played. They're not selling printers, they're selling ink! You probably are already well aware of this, but just thought I'd mention it.

The ADT man has come and gone, and I do believe he has solved the problem. Of course, I've thought that before, and time proves otherwise, so we'll see, but what he did made sense. Also, we tested it fully. Instead of just arming and disarming it sequentially, I armed it, exited the house, came back in, which started the countdown to the alarms. Just arming and disarming doesn't do that, unless you open and close the door at some point. During that countdown interval, I entered the "disarm" code, and it stopped the little beeps, and announced "disarmed." So, I have good reason to believe it's fixed. As I said, we shall see.

I was about to bathe Trinket, because her face was dirty, food on her whiskers and the ends of her ears. Then I realized it's going to be the same way next time she eats, so I got her little grooming scissors and a comb, and took about an inch off both whiskers and ear plumes. Now just a good face and ear plume washing should perk her up a lot, without a bath. She doesn't smell "doggy", she never does. A good spritz with a perfumed detangler, and a good brush-out, and she should be good to go. I'm glad, because she absolutely despises a bath. I get her in the shower with me, which I had hoped she would find to be a little fun, but she still hates it. You'd think she was a cat!

Well, better go wash her face and ears. The brushing we'll do after she dries. Poor puppy!
Blessings, everyone. Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 08, 2022 - Msg 117855: Happy Mother's Day to all of us Porch mamas! Enjoy this special day!

Hey Asa-thank you for the Mother's Day wishes! We love you too.

Have a nice Sabbath, all!

possum u.a.r.

May 08, 2022 - Msg 117856:
It's Mother's Day. To everyone who still has their mother, do something special for her. She deserves it. My mother passed over 20 years ago and I miss her terribly. At least I have photos and memories. Rest in peace Mom.

from Poor Horatio

May 08, 2022 - Msg 117857:

Boo, Romeena, Maudie, Possum, New Neighbor, Lucy, Charlotte and ALL, as I'm sure I missed a few.
You are all the CATS!! :)
God Bless,

May 10, 2022 - Msg 117858:

Not sure where everyone is at, but sure hope that my BO aint the problem, and that
everyone is doing OK.

I saw Brisco Darling on The Rifleman today!
Denver sure got around to a number of shows during
that time, but I liked him best as Mr. Darling! :)

Oh, and in last night's tags about Frankie Flint,
I just realized that the state policeman who drives up toward the end
is the actor who played O'Malley, and also the gas station guy
in an episode.
AND, if you look real closely on the drugstore counter, the lipstick
display says "Revlon," but they blocked it out pretty well
for the 'low-def' TV of the time!

All goes well here, infact, we have had a nice respite
from our early hot weather. Last few days have been in the 80s!!
I think I'll even mow the lawn tomorrow.
ASA, is your lawn growing yet?



May 11, 2022 - Msg 117859: Good afternoon, porch! I figured I'd better check in, before MDC goes too far and scrubs off some of his hide! Nice of him to be concerned, but I've never noticed a problem. All I notice about him is the sweet fragrance of friendship!

Sorry I've been out of touch, just had a lot going on. Things at church, Mother's Day with the family, Eddie here all day yesterday, trying to whip this very actively-growing yard into shape. It's been mowed about five times already in the last three weeks. Trust me, when you spread dry molasses and corn gluten meal on a lawn, then get a day of rain, you are going to need a good lawnmower. My irises have finished blooming already, but the rose bushes out front are making all the color I need right now. Yes, rose bushes. Even after the "rose rosette" virus slaughtered most of the rosebushes in the southern states, including mine, I still have three out front that are blooming, to my surprise and joy. I have two Cinco de Mayo bushes, which seem to be immune to the virus. They're blooming beautifully.

In the same bed, at one end, is a real surprise. Years ago, I had planted a beautiful hybrid rose, and enjoyed it for about three years. However, one winter we had a terribly hard freeze, and a grafted hybrid often succumbs to that. Mine did. The grafted, bloooming bush simply froze off and died. I figured the root stock was dead as well, but decided to wait it out and see what happened. Well, it did put out little shoots, so it was alive, but I had no idea what it would be. Turned out to be a climber, and soon I had 10 ft canes waving over the driveway! That wouldn't do, so I pruned them down to about a foot or less. They branched out with new growth on those stubs, at least two new shoots per stub. This was getting to be fun! So, I kept pruning the new shoots back, and getting more growth in exchange. Finally, it started setting buds! I let it grow for a while, and ended up with a nice little bush, less than three feet tall, no long canes, and buds everywhere! I guess it gave up on being a climber and just decided to be a bush. Today, it's about 4 ft tall (I let it get a little bigger) and is absolutely covered solidly with little red roses. They're about 2" in diameter, but what they lack in size, they make up for in number! I've got pictures, and wish I knew how to put them on the porch, but I don't. Besides that, they're in my phone! If you'd like to see them, just email or text me your cell phone number and I'll send you the pictures. If you're hesitant to do that, I will understand. I have some of your numbers, but don't know if they're cell or landline.

MDC, wasn't that actor also the man who brought the archery stuff and the roast chicken to Andy when he had the group of boys out on that campout? Or was he O'Malley in that episode? I don't remember.

Well, guess I'll go feed my pond fish. On the advice of my pond supplier, I only feed them once or sometimes twice a week. She says fish in the wild in little ponds and such are fed by God, and to some extent, so are mine! I do see small insects land on the surface every now and then, and they are quickly grabbed by a fish. Also, they feed on the algae that inevitably grows in the pond, and they are welcome to all they want! Still, I can't resist the urge to feed them a balanced fish food now and then. They stay fat and healthy, so I guess it's alright.

Beautiful day! I have things I should be doing in the house, but the view out my big old window (love that window!) is so pretty right now. We've had rain, everything is green, birds and squirrels are very active, and my keyboard is here, so this desk is my favorite place to be right now. There is a story rattling around in my head at the moment, though I can't pin it down and pull it together. I will, though, if I stay close to the keyboard for a while.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 11, 2022 - Msg 117860:

RO--actually, the other ep was the 3 women cons,
and Andy thought O'Malley was in De-troit. :)
But yes, he did also play the guy in the pick-up
truck in the Back to nature ep. Good catch.
More later,
A clean as a whistle MDC ( I replaced the pea. :)

May 11, 2022 - Msg 117861:
I'm right here MDC. Just didn't have anything to post.

Yesterday I watched the TAGS episode where Barney returns to Mayberry and joins Andy and Warren to hunt for an escaped fugitive in "The Legend of Barney Fife". Frank Cady appeared as a newspaper photographer in this episode. He is well known for playing the store owner Sam Drucker on "Green Acres" and "Petticoat Junction" and "Beverly Hillbillies". I also remember that he also played the original Mayberry town drunk in the "Andy meets Danny Thomas" episode of the "Danny Thomas Show" considered to be the TAGS pilot episode.

from Poor Horatio

May 12, 2022 - Msg 117862: Good morning, porch! It is 6:37 a.m. and I'm up and dressed! That doesn't happen every day, believe me! I habitually stay up late, and then sleep late in the morning. Working the night shift for the last 17 years of my working life really made a mess of my internal clock! However, Ted (the world's greatest early riser,) will be here shortly to fix a leaky faucet in the front yard, so I had no choice but to rise and try to shine. He is the only person other than my immediate family, to have the codes to get into my house when I'm not here. When he had a job to do here when I was still working, he would arrive before 7 a.m., and I often didn't make it home until 9 or later. I knew I could trust him, so I gave him the codes. By the time I would get home, he might already have a bedroom painted or whatever else he was doing. I've never been sorry. When he has a job to do, he does it quickly and does it well, and charges fairly. He's trying to retire now, but told me he would still do whatever I needed to keep this place in repair. He arrives early, gets the job done, cleans up and puts all his stuff in his truck, and then we sit in the sunroom and have lunch and talk, and solve all the world's problems. Trinket adores him, and camps in his lap much of the time.
Everyone should have a friend like Ted.

Looks like today, and the next ten days, are going to be in the 90s. No rain in sight for those ten days, either. Look out, water bill!

Well, Ted just called from the front yard to warn me that he was about to turn the water off. I'm grateful for the warning! I'm glad I wasn't in the shower! Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 12, 2022 - Msg 117863: PH...You are correctiloso on Frank Cady, he was in the pilot episode and he also returned later in the “Rehabilitation of Otis” episode ...I always liked him as Sam Drucker in Green Acres too!...


May 13, 2022 - Msg 117864: Sorry for being absent for so long, friends. just been busy with life, etc. I have a hard time sitting at this keyboard these days because of a pinched nerve in my neck that causes pain in my left arm and shoulder when I do certain things, especially typing for some reason. I use my smart phone to leave comments on facebook but I have a small phone and it is nearly impossible to use it to leave a long comment about anything. So, I think about you all often but seldom sit down at this computer anymore. Hope you are all well. I have been busy with Bruce for weeks now. First he threw his back out and had to take off work for a week, then he got sick with chicken pox, if you can believe it. He is just getting over that.

I am still driving Erin to and from work each weekday and she is doing well, as far as work is concerned. There are still other challenges that I wont get into but wanted to tell you all that her internal medicine dr did some more extensive labs and they showed abnormalities consistent with autoimmune disease, namely Fibromyalgia. We saw his nurse practitioner and she was very helpful. She said she wants Erin to see a Rheumatologist as soon as possible because Erin is so young to be having this sort of illness. The Rheumatologist will do additional tests to see if she has anything else like arthritis. She has chronic joint pain but that is something that is common with fibromyalgia, along with general body pain. She has been suffering for a long time and when the nurse practitioner told her that the tests showed that she has this condition, she broke down and cried, saying she is so relieved to have someone say she isnt crazy and there is really something wrong that they may be able to help her with. We are just starting out and not sure what we will have to do from here but its a start in the right direction. I just hope she will stay put and not run off to san antonio again. She seems to have matured some and wants to get better. She tells me she broke up with the toxic, abusive, drug addict girl friend but I know they are still in contact. There is so much toxic drama there that we are praying God will intervene in that situation. It is making Erin even more ill. God help us in this.

Sean is working at the resort and still likes it, though it is getting really hot now so I hope he hangs in there. He was able to wean off of one of his meds that was a sedative because he is so tired all the time. He did wean off of it but he is feeling easily agitated and is having trouble controlling his anger right now. I think it will get better in time.

I have been continuing to improve and get stronger. The IBS symptoms are greatly improved and I am in a much better place, physically. I have to walk and have to lose weight, but I am finally able to do more and am back on the right path. I have had some mental health issues surface from past trauma and I am going to look for a good therapist to see so I can move forward. I have been so busy for so long helping everyone else that I have neglected my own mental health. That needs to change.

Well, that's about all I should type. Hope you are all well and blessed this evening. Love to all.


May 14, 2022 - Msg 117865:

Hello to all! 'Barney's Replacement" was one of the two tags eps tonight.
Many good lines in that one, like: "A wink's as good as a nod to a blind mule." :)
Also, Thelma Lou is so cute in her Aunt Jemima hair scarf as she polishes the furniture.
Then of course there is barn's great line, "Who's been messin' with the bulletin board?"
I also love it when Emma tells barney why did he give her a ticket
for j-walking if he wasnt a deputy. Ha. And finally there's the Green River ordinance!
Thank God for TAGS! :)

BOO! So good to hear from you. Things with Erin sound promising. I truly believe that she
will come around in a very good way. Prayers for your family continue from this end.
You seem to have been hit from all angles. But try to take the time to just sit and
enjoy some tags, etc, and to give it all to Jesus. :)

RO-- I hope Ted got the leak fixed right proper. Your gardens sure do sound lovely!
I am curious, since I helped with the fountain pump recently, does your pond have a pump to
help keep the water circulating and give it a bit of oxygen to the water?

I have mentioned my brother here in the past who had some problems with the bottle,
but who is doing well these days. But I may not have mentioned that it did affect his brain a bit, so is now kinda slow with things. Anyway, when I went grocery shopping with
him today, due to busy cashiers we went thru the self-checkout, and I learned that he has never done his own scanning. It was kinda fun to watch him scan and hear the beeps, and see his reaction.
So he learnt a new skill today. Life can sure have its twists and turns. Just like the
world is these days. Things are very scary at what is happening, and at such a quick
pace, like the sudden gas prices and the inflation on everything. What we say and
do is being scrutinized, we even had to have pretty visible security in church lately,
which I could not have even imagined just a few short months ago. Anyway, I guess I am saying that we need to keep our focus on the Lord, but also be involved and
steadfast. (sorry, havent had my soapbox out for quite some time, but now sliding it back under the porch.) I love you all, and I pray for you all, and for our country every day. :)
God bless, and more soon,

May 14, 2022 - Msg 117866: Thank you for the prayers and encouragement, MDC!


May 14, 2022 - Msg 117867: Good afternoon, porch! Boo, it was good to hear from you. You are in my prayers, and it's good to hear that there are some positive things happening. Obviously, there are still some problems, but improvement is encouraging.

I guess none of us have a smooth road all the time, there are always potholes now and then. For example, the troubles with my twisting back. My scoliosis is getting worse, but I've been untroubled by it since it was diagnosed when I was 15, so I guess I can't complain. It affects my balance at times. Annoying, but not a problem as long as I'm careful. It just reminds me of a little cartoon that my dad got such a laugh out of. He cut it out of the paper and taped it to his fridge door! It was a cartoon picture of an old, old man seated on an exam table, talking to the doctor, who was standing in front of him. The old man said, "So tell me, doc, how many more of these golden years do I have staring me in the face?" Daddy would laugh every time he visited the refrigerator and saw the cartoon.

As for the scoliosis, there is nothing to be done for it. There is an excruciating surgery to "straighten" the spine, which succeeds about 15% of the time, leaves long rods in place alongside the spinal column, requires 6-8 months in a body cast, and another six months of very limited activity and wearing a corset. Then, if you're lucky you may be a bit straighter than you were, or worse. Usually worse. Guess which option I chose! For a fifteen percent of improvement? It ain't worth it!

MDC, my pond has three pumps operating in it. One sends water up a hidden tube, which goes through a small boulder, about the size of a bushel basket, and comes out on top in a little depression in the stone, and flows down a shallow channel to re-enter the pond. Another one is piped to a 15" tall brass fish, standing on his tail on the edge of the pond. It exits his mouth in a nice, curving stream that extends about four feet out and re-enters the water. The third one is beneath a little fountain in the middle of the pond, and it sends up a circular spray, about 15" in diameter. Any one of those would be enough to keep the water aerated, but the fish was a gift from Eloise, the boulder was the idea of my friend Joe, the landscaper who built the pond, and the circular fountain was so cute I just had to have it. So my fish get plenty of O2. The pond isn't very big, about 10 ft long, in a figure-8 shape. One end is about 6 ft wide, the other about 8 ft wide. There's a 30" wide slab of sandstone that crosses the pond at the narrowing between the two ends, but the water is never interrupted. The fish swim end to end freely. The smaller end is about 20" deep, the larger end is about 3 feet deep. There is a topline of flat sandstones that completely encircle the whole thing, with an encircling flowerbed around the perimeter. It was quite pretty at one time, but is less attractive since I had to put chicken wire over it to keep the herons out. They ate three lovely little koi before I realized what was happening. My choice became simple. Spoil the beauty of the pond, or lose my fish. No contest.

I know what you mean about the need for security at church. Isn't that pitiful? Our church doors are kept locked, after some vandalism, and when our senior group meets monthly for dinner and to enjoy some entertainment, there is a uniformed police officer on duty. Also, we have a couple of our men who are licensed to carry, and they do. Probably, if the truth was known, there may be quite a few in the crowd who are armed. I hope so, and that's sad.

I just read a plea from some power-management agency, asking people to do all they can to conserve electricity, as apparently some power shortages have already occurred, and it's only May. Hmmm. Meantime, our current governing powers are beating the drums for electric cars! I may not be very bright, but it seems to me that now would not be the time to do that. Those cars don't just soak up electricity out of thin air. No, they will be sitting around charging stations like piglets around a sow. It's going to get interesting. Maybe we'll all need solar panels on the roofs of our cars, to keep them charged?? Now there's an idea!

Well, my grandson Hudson, who plays the bassoon in the Ft. Worth Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, will have his final concert tonight. He graduates from high school next week. Eloise and Jerry and I will be attending, of course, along with David and Brittany, his parents. I can't believe he will be going to college next September!

Well, guess I'd better get moving. Trinket is going to be very sad when she doesn't get to go with me, but I don't think the concert hall would be very glad to see her. Prejudice, that's what it is! Just prejudice! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

May 15, 2022 - Msg 117868:

RO--I saw a pic of Hudson on facebook.
What a wonderful, faith-filled young man.
You indeed have good cause to be a proud grand mama! :)
More later,

May 15, 2022 - Msg 117869: Hi Porchsters!

Quick question....

Was ol' Birdy Blush related to Leonard Blush?


Take care!
John Masters