March 25, 2022 - Msg 117710: Hey there, Poor Horatio! We've noted and recognized your q3d schedule. (For those who might not know, "q3d" is medical writing for "every three days.) We're just happy that you drop in that often, and we wish it could be more, but we'll take what we can get!

Loved the subtle cross-reference to cats. I don't speak any French, but I got that much, anyway. And for the record, I think "le chat" is much prettier than the Spanish "el gato", which would be universally understood around here.

That clip was hilarious. I'll be forwarding it to my children. My daughters, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law all like them, as do I. Even after that horrifying experience I had with my guest and her "Bonnie and Clyde" pets, I still like them. Don't want one, though. I'll stick with Trinket, and enjoy someone else's "chat", without dealing with any of the damage they're capable of doing.

There is a tiny anole lizard on the shrub outside my window. Usually the ones I see are about 5-6" in length, and their little "flag" that they deploy to attract the attention of a female is about the size of a quarter. This one is only about 3" long, and his little flag is the size of a dime. No problem for him, though! He's perched on the highest twig extending upward from the shrub, and swinging that little flag out, then tucking it back in, then out again. So cute! And so ambitious! Nature is wonderful. I wish he'd get off that tall twig, though, and get down into the shrub. He's prime pickings for a bird, where he is now, but he has chosen his "stage", where he can perform to attract the ladies.

I am so everlastingly sick of the spam calls! I get about 20 a day! Now that is ridiculous! I'm on the National Do-Not-Call list, have been for years, but it is worthless. Just for fun (and a little spite) I put the following message on my answering machine: "Hello! If you want to buy my house, or put a new roof or solar panels on it, or install new windows, or talk about Medicare, or renew the warranty on my 18-yr old car, or ask me to contribute to anything, just hang up because I'm not interested, and PLEASE don't call me again!" Of course, the caller rarely hears the message, because they always hang up the second they realize it's a recording, but I can dream, can't I?

Well, I'm off to get my hair cut. It has been five weeks, I rarely go longer than four, and my hair grows very fast. She will cut off at least an inch today, I'm sure. Right now, Trinket and I could pass for sisters, with shaggy hair.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

March 25, 2022 - Msg 117711: Sorry I have been missing for so long. I have been keeping fairly busy these days. Not alot of news. We are doing better in ways. Erin is still working and overcoming some hurdles. We need prayers to get the toxic girlfriend out of her life for good, please. The girl is not allowed here and lives out of town but they are still in communication and that bothers me greatly. Erin knows how we feel and trying to talk to her about it is futile. We have said it all. The good news is that she is doing much better with her anxieties and is less depressed. She is doing well on her job and is always there when she is supposed to be. She went out with friends and had some fun during spring break and she was the one who stayed sober and did the driving for her friends. It gets pretty crazy down here on the beach this time of year. There was a couple of shootings in which someone was killed, even. Ridiculous. Anyhow, Sean is still liking his job at the resort and gets plenty of work, which will increase this summer. Bruce is doing fine. I have bad days with my IBS but they are not often, thanks be to God. I am trying to get my health back but its a challenge. I manage to do what I need to do most days, though so am very thankful.

Hope all of you are well and blessed. I have been watching some TAGS on Pluto tv lately and have noticed some things that bug me. For instance, I watched the spaghetti episode today and cant figure out why Andy didnt just tell Helen the truth about Goober's mix up. It wasnt Andy's fault and he could have saved himself alot of discomfort. Of course, it wouldnt have been much of an episode, I guess. I just think as the show went on, the writers just got more and more desperate with material. Unfortunate. Also, I had a spaghetti question; Here in Texas, most everyone makes meat sauce when they make spaghetti but I noticed in the episode, everyone made the sauce without meat. How do you all make your spaghetti?


March 25, 2022 - Msg 117712: Personally Boo, I don't know how anybody could have spaghetti without meat in the sauce. Btw, Kai absolutely loves my spaghetti! We have to have spaghetti at least one day a week, and I remember her getting upset with the MIL because she dissed my spaghetti. Kai wouldn't talk to her for a while, if that gives you an idea how how much she loves it.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 25, 2022 - Msg 117713: Hey Porch!

Hi Boo. Glad to see things are looking up your way.
Interesting you bring up that spaghetti episode as I have been kinda analyzing some of the TAGS episodes a bit more. And I come up with yet another.

So, Andy drove the squad car over the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge? Bet he had a hard time balancing it as it straddled the middle of that oak tree. Of course, then the wheels would've either been in the creek or in mid air. :D

Along the same lines as Boo's question of why Andy didnt just explain Goober's mix-up to Helen. Why didnt he just explain to Bee, AND the church ladies making the cakes, that he simply ran out of room at the jail in "Aunt Bee, The Warden?"

More to peruse, huh? LOL!

Take care, folks!
John Masters

March 26, 2022 - Msg 117714:

Whew Romeena, at first I thought you were talking about a
quid and a farthing! ha (I've used both of those words at Scrabble.)
Hey there Sterling and PH! Glad you answered by subtle "APB." ha
We do get wasps here, but not hornets. I use a wasp spray form Ace.
Works great.
PH, cute video, but I admit that hairless cats kinda creep me out.
I just don't cotton to them about as much as Ernest T doesnt cotton
to all the ameminies. :) But good to see ya! Keep coming back.
BOO, hello. Sounds like things are going pretty well for you
these days. One of these days it will just hit erin like a ton of
bricks, and she will see the light. I've seen that happen with others.
JM, Good points all around, but did Andy actually say that they drove over the Robert E Lee bridge? hmm
Now, in the same vein about RO's talk of spam calls, I truly believe that
some of these retro TV channels get all their revenue from
Medicare Insur@nce agents, The Car Shield company, and Colonial Penn Life Insur@nce
company!! (which, BTW, I actually looked into, and that 9.95 plan
gets you a whole $1000 of life insur@nce! ha
All is well here, but please keep praying for Ukraine. Thx

March 26, 2022 - Msg 117715: Yeah, MDC, my wife brought that point up. How could he drive over an oak tree? Maybe Andy knew another way around? LOL!

John Masters

March 26, 2022 - Msg 117716: Good afternoon, porch! Well, our plea for folks to come home did bring a couple out of the woodwork - Boo and Sterling Holobyte. John Masters too, but he has been here off and on. Anyway, it's good to see you folks. Boo, I agree with MDC, one of these days Erin will have an epiphany, and she'll wonder what she had been thinking all this time. It happened with my brother. What may happen is that the toxic friend will do something to hurt Erin, and Erin will recognize her for what she is. At present, Erin still wants to be "right", so can't quite bring herself to acknowledge the negatives about the girl. One of these days, she will.

Beautiful day! I got outside for a while, topped off the water in the fish pond (it was down about four inches!) and fed them. It's finally warm enough to start feeding them again. You don't feed pond fish in cold weather. Their metabolism slows to a crawl when it's cold, and the food just lays in their bellies and rots, sometimes kills them. There is enough algae in the pond that they can nibble on now and then, and that sustains them until they can be fed again.

MDC, you're right about that Colonial Penn ad. I called on it once, several years ago, and got the same information. I figured I can use the 9.95 every month more now than my family might need $1000 years from now. Might be a good deal for my family, if I knew I was going to check out next month, but the odds just didn't look too good for me. Instead, I opened an extra savings account, which draws a little interest, with an automatic deposit of $50 a month going into it.
If I had sent that much to Colonial every month, the policy would have paid $5000 when I pass, and there's now already over $3000 in that account! I
did the math, and decided to stay with the savings account.

I'm thinking that the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge was a foot bridge. Probably not too many of those old mountaineers had vehicles, and if that fallen tree bridge was a shortcut, it would have been a welcome sight to somebody trudging the hills on foot.

Well, better get busy. Lots of little things to attend to, none all that urgent, but still helps if I get them done. A little laundry, a little dusting and vacuuming, and the kitchen floor could use a visit from a mop, but tomorrow is another day! Oops, no! Tomorrow is Sunday, and I plan for it to be a day of rest. Monday will be soon enough! Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

March 27, 2022 - Msg 117717: Hello Folks.
I had the chance to view the "Mountain Wedding" episode (at to learn about the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge. Briscoe Darling first mentions the bridge at 2:30. Continue listening until Andy describes the bridge to Barney Fife about 30 seconds later as being an oak tree that fell across the shallow spot in the creek. Then at 5:42, we see Andy and Barney driving to the Darling's home. As they get near, they hear the Briscoe's performing music. Andy and Barney continue to drive up to the house. So here are two questions. #1) If Andy and Barney could only walk across that foot bridge, how were they able to drive up to the Darling house in their squad car? And #2) How are the darlings able to drive their truck into Mayberry from their house in the hills?
Although there is a Robert E. Lee bridge in Richmond, during the time TAGS was being filmed, it was a four lane highway. There also is a Robert E. Lee Natural bridge located in North Carolina that you can view its photo at

I'm glad you folks enjoyed the funny cats video. So I must give equal time to dogs.

from Poor Horatio

March 27, 2022 - Msg 117718: It's well known that people in North Carolina are adept at driving their car up on two wheels. They just don't brag about it.
That's the only way I can figure it about the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 27, 2022 - Msg 117719: Good evening, porch! I'm tired, it's been a long day, and I won't stay long, but am still pondering the question of the bridge. The way I've got it figured, you could get to the Darling's house both ways - by vehicle or on foot. As I said earlier, probably not very many of those mountain folk had a car or truck. Possibly the road was long and circuitous, but when the tree fell across the creek at some point, it created a shortcut for folks who were traveling on foot. I don't recall whether the dialogue gave any hints regarding that idea, and I'm too tired to watch the link and find out. What I think I recall is Brisco using the bridge as a reference point in his directions to Andy. I don't remember any direct reference to driving across it.

Y'all please remember to pray for LaRue. She now weighs about 75 lbs, eats about what a parakeet would eat, and drinks very little liquid. I had just gotten home from church and lunch, got into my jammies, got in my wheelerette with a good movie on TV, and Trinket on my lap, when LaRue called. In an urgent voice, she asked if I could come over, as there was something very important she wanted to talk over with me. I could barely understand her, her words were distorted and her voice very weak. Of course, I went. And when I got there, she had no idea what I was talking about, didn't remember calling me. A few minutes later, another friend, Donna, showed up. Same story. One thing LaRue did ask us both was "Is this my house? Karen (her daughter and primary care-giver) says it is, but I don't believe her. I've never seen it before. Can you take me home?" She has lived in that house for forty years. This is just breaking my heart. She looks like refugee from a stalag, and can't hold a thought more than a few seconds. God will call her home in His own time, but I'll be happy when He does. She's miserable right now.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

March 28, 2022 - Msg 117720: I’m so sorry to hear about LaRue. Saying a prayer for her❤️

Sterling!! So good to see you on the porch and I hope life is good for you and yours.

Been a good day here and the weather is perfect. Not much to jaw about. Wish someone could walk down to Wally’s with me for a soda pop and then maybe walk down town for a spell. It’s such a nice night.

Well, goodnight Mayberry


March 28, 2022 - Msg 117721:
Romeena, that is so sad about your friend LaRue. While everyone waits for God to call her home, here is something to cheer you up a bit.

from Poor Horatio

March 28, 2022 - Msg 117722:

G'day folks!

I have SOLVED the Robert E Lee Natural Bridge issue!
Last evening I watched my DVD of that episode,
and Brisco does indeed say "...after you cross
the Robert E Lee Natural Bridge..." but the question
has been HOW?
Well, guess what? When they are on their way to the Darlings
cabin, there is a very short clip of the squad car going thru
a very shallow spot in the creek. (One might say it is
a 'ford,' as in "ford every stream" sung by Mother Superior. ha)
(Also, you can see water in front of the squad car's driver's side.)
Anyway, right next to the car is a fallen tree trunk, thus
that is how they "crossed" it! (I took a pic of the TV screen as proof.)
(Also, you may recall that Andy tells Barney that the RELNB is where an oak tree fell in
the shallow part of the creek.)
My guess is that the 'continuity person' had that clip put
in just for that very reason!
So there ya have it! :)
PH...that was a great video of the dogs with kids, thanks!
Prayers for all, more later,

March 28, 2022 - Msg 117723:

PS: PH, did you notice that the dailymotion version is flipped around? The writing on the window is backwards. Weird, huh?


March 29, 2022 - Msg 117724:
MDC, nice catch about crossing the creek in the squad car. For others, watch the link in Msg 117717 at 5:40 where you can see the squad car crossing a shallow portion of the creek with the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge on the driver side of the squad car. When I first watched that scene, I did not pay attention to the background until you pointed it out.
Also, today I watched Miss Rosemary (Amzi Strickland) on The Danny Thomas Show and Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) on My Three Sons.

from Poor Horatio

March 29, 2022 - Msg 117725: Nice detective work, MDC. You're like one of them... trained noticers, or whatever they call them.

PH, I don't think I have ever seen Jean Stapleton as anyone but Edith Bunker. I will have to check that M3S's episode out just to see her as someone else. I've already seen Archie(Carroll O'Connor) as the police chief on "The Heat Of The Night, which was definitely a different character than Archie Bunker. And of course we have all seen Meathead on TAGS(and Gomer Pyle USMC) playing... pretty much himself. ;-)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 30, 2022 - Msg 117726:
Sterling Holobyte, visit

from Poor Horatio

March 31, 2022 - Msg 117727:

Hello Porchsters. "Don't question a whim." ha
Another one of those lines that says which episode
I'm talking about. What amazes me is how quickly
they got that room ready with paint, wallpaper, funiture,
curtains, etc.! And, BTW, Rance Howard was one of the
party guests, and he gets a mention in the credits.

I hope everyone is OK. RO, how is Larue doing.
She is in my prayers. Jesus be with her in this transitioning time.

Big Maude, are you looking in at all these days?.
Hope you are OK with the storms that I've been hearing about
that way. Spotty too. Keep safe.

All is ok here. We had a little bit of rain on Tuesday.
I was hoping for more, but will take wahat we can get as my
grass begins to green up again.

Hang in there friends as this world seems to be a bit crazy
these days. I pray we all keep the faith, and give it all to Jesus.


March 31, 2022 - Msg 117728: Good afternoon, porch! Wow! I hope everyone has been feeling blessed these last few days. How God had any time to look after anyone else, I don't know, because He surely has been busy with me. Let me tell you: Three days ago, my a/c quit. Just quit. Not a big thing at the time, because the weather was quite moderate - not hot, nor cold. I called David, he said it would be a day or two before he could get to it, as he was on a major job in Ft. Worth. He also said he would ask Jerry (his FIL) to drop by if he wasn't tied up. Well, Jerry came by yesterday, checked the system, and said he hated to say it, but it looked like it was the compressor. The unit is 15 years old, after all. He said it could, maybe, be a circuit breaker. With my heart dragging on the ground ($$), I cleared my closet, and removed the shoe rack that was blocking the breaker box. Jerry got in there and found that it was indeed a breaker, or rather half of a twin breaker! It's very old, and he didn't have one like it on his truck, wasn't sure any store would have one anymore, either, but might find something, maybe a newer brand that would work. He said he would check today, and come back if he could find one. Meantime, I found that my internet wasn't working last evening. I had power, the computer would load anything that's resident on the hard drive (like imayberry, the main website here) but would not navigate to the porch, because that's on the net.

So, I went on the daytrip with the WINGS gals this morning, saw a wonderful model train setup, and toured several huge old locomotives and passenger cars, dining car, etc. - very interesting - and then had a great barbecue lunch. Came home and found that David and Jerry had been here. Jerry had found a breaker, and the a/c is working now. David had put a new light source in my closet, the little old dim bulb that was in there is gone and there is a fixture in its place that could signal a plane to land, with four very bright LED bulbs! That boy looks after his mama!

Oh, but the computer still won't navigate, something wrong with the Spectrum setup. Called them, went through all sorts of maneuvers, still wasn't working. Then the tech asked me if we had a power outage recently. Well, technically speaking, no. Unless you count testing breakers! Aha! Even though I had already unplugged the router and the cable box thing, waited a minute and plugged them back in, it still wasn't working. Seems they have to be plugged back in, in the proper order. So, I repeated it in the proper order, and now all works fine, obviously, since I'm now on the porch! Phone is working too, which it wasn't, as it works through the computer.

So, don't have to buy a compressor, all my gadgets are working, (except the ADT system, but that's another story) and it hasn't cost me a cent. Jerry said no charge for the breaker, he and David both said no charge for the labor, and my homestead is running smoothly again. Am I blessed, or what?? God is good, all the time!

MDC, you asked about LaRue. She is still with us, had a little rally yesterday, drank half of a Coke, 2/3 of a protein drink that she says she likes - thank God, because she usually just makes a face and says "no more." She actually got up out of her chair without help yesterday evening, according to her daughter. She found her in the kitchen, eating a cookie! From experience, my thought is to monitor her closely, because folks often have a little rally like that, and are gone in a day or two. My dad did exactly that. He had been comatose for three days, with no intake or output. On a Wednesday, he suddenly woke up, asked for water, through parched lips. We got it, he started talking to us, making jokes, ate over half of a lunch tray, and drank a 12-oz AW rootbeer, and half of another one! He visited with me and David and Brittany for over an hour, more jokes, then said "I think I need a little nap." He closed his eyes, went to sleep, and never awakened again. On the following Sunday morning, Father's day morning 2003, he passed, with a little smile on his face. Again, God was good. He gave him back to us, just for a final visit.

Well, I'm tired. Eloise was wearing her FitBit on that trip this morning, and it registered over 7,000 steps when I dropped her off at home afterwards. I figure I got in at least 5,000, maybe more, as we were together the whole time. I don't know how many she already had on the thing when I picked her up at 8:15, but I would think not many. So, my wheelerette is calling me, Trinket is ready for a lapnap, and so am I.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117729:
Boy RO, life is never dull is it? (Especially for a homeowner.) ha
So glad that you got all fixed!!!
You know the old saying Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?
Well, just as today was trains for you, Cecile and I went thru a
plane museum at Falcon Field, about 10 miles from our house.
It is part of what is called The Commemorative Air Force
They have several WW 2 planes that one can walk thru, their biggest
being a restored B17. My wife had never seen one so up close
and 'personal' and she actually teared up just thinking about our
greatest generation. She never realized that they were that BIG!
I sometimes watch reruns of the program 12 O'Clock High, on H & I,
and i said to her, just imagine the roar of 25 of those taking off
on a mission.
Now get this,...we went with a couple who recently moved here
from Indiana, and his dad and my dad were in the same A-20 squadron
stationed in England! But dont get me wrong, it was not a chance meeting,
we have known each other for years thru or dads, but just to be going thru
with him was quite unique. The docent thought that was the first time
he had heard of that in the 12 years he'd been working there.
Lord willing, see ya tomorra,
God's blessings upon all,

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117730: Good Friday morning all.

Wow Romeena, I am so glad you have family around who are willing to help you out. Not trying to be cynical, but had you just called in a service tech out of the blue, chances are you would have been sold a new complete unit. I know of plenty of companies that will base things soley on the age of the unit. Reputable companies might be more mindful of customers finances and what not, but many just don't want to mess with the older stuff and just replace it all. And in some instances that makes sense I suppose. It used to be a 15 year old unit was just getting broken in. But the cheap stuff going in today, 15 years old is considered a good long life. Anyway, glad you are back in business. My continued prayers for Larue that her last days might be peaceful for her.

MDC, Loved the link for the museum. I love those old WW2 planes. I don't believ in reincarnation but if I did I'd swear in an earlier life I had been a P-51 Mustang pilot. Just the sound of hearing one of those things fire up sends chills down my spine. A number of years ago there was a group of folks who flew their old planes into Ogden for display. They had a B-17, B-24 and B-29 on display and I went through all of them. I have always marveled at the resilience of the 17. I have seen so many videos of 17's returning from bombing raids deep intpo Germany and that had suffered major damage, and yet still managed to fly back. It earned the title "Flying Fortress". The 17's would fly deep into Germany air space without fighter protection because we did not have any fighters that could fly that far due to fuel requirements. That is until the P-51 Mustang arrived. I read in a pamphlet that the 51 went from conception to it's maiden flight in something like 73 days. Hard to believe. It was actually commissioned by the Royal Air Force of England but soon went to work for the USA. There are many who say that the 51 ended the European theatre.
I was fascinated by the B-29. It was the first bomber built that had the ability for cabin pressure. That meant it could fly higher than any other bomber had previous. One of the pilots told the story of how the planes were loaded to the max with bombs. He said the first concern was getting airborne, they were that loaded. He told once of after landing thay found some tree branches hooked on to the landing gear. On takeoff they had clipped a tree with the gear still down trying to takeoff. Then he said after they had dropped their payload, the next worry was having enough fuel to get back. He said the planes were being pushed to the very max. And I will remember his chilling words as he said that he lost a lot of buddies due to 29's running out of fuel before landing. Yes, the greatest generation.

Well my guy who sprays and fertilizes my lawn is due here in the next few days. I need to fire up my rider and get the place cleaned up first. Under the Ausrian pine trees are a bunch of pine needles. The rider with the grass catcher on it will clean it up nicely. This guy who sprays for me can do it for cheaper than I can myself. I actually hired him to take care of my properties at work years ago when he was just starting out. He always said it was because of me he was able to get his business going. I always told him he got the jobs because he always did a good job at a very decent price. Anyway he has always done my acre of lawn at a very good price and I appreciate him doing it all these years.

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend.


April 01, 2022 - Msg 117731:
Romeena, you mentioned that you have a wheelerette. Is that something like a rollator or is it just a chair with four wheels?

MDC, yesterday I watched the "My Three Sons" episode titled "Substitute Teacher". Hope Summers (Clara Edwards on TAGS) was in it.

from Poor Horatio

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117732: Poor Horatio...Not to but in, but a “Wheelerette” is the ladies version of a “Wheeler” recliner chair...
This got started years ago as a reference to a Lazy Boy type of recliner...I kinda coined it after Mr. Wheeler, the less than productive handyman... So not to leave the ladies out we offered up a ladies model reference also to the term of kicking back and taking it easy in our recliners....

G-F 💺 Kickin’ it Back!

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117733:

Love it! (:

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117734: Good morning, porch! Interesting, reading about the old planes and the heroes who flew in them. There's a flight museum here in Dallas, too. I've toured it a couple of times, once with a church group and once with my cousin who flew during the Korean war. He didn't fly the fighters, his was mostly transport, but he had some tales to tell. When he got out of the USAF, he went to work for Texas International, and flew for them until they merged with Continental, then a few more years there until he retired. He's 93 now, sharp as a tack, looks 30 years younger, and fun to be with.

G-F, thanks for answering and explaining the "wheelerette" question. I was actually trying to remember exactly how that came about, so thanks!

That trip to the train museum was fun yesterday. It's mostly outdoors, and to get to the units we were touring, we just walked down the tracks! I'd say we covered about 1/3 of a mile, just stepping from cross-tie to cross-tie. Some of the units we went through are over a hundred years old! The museum is handling them right, in my opinion. The only restoration, for the most part, is just to halt decay. They fix deterioration only where it's necessary to prevent total destruction. For instance, we walked through a "smoking car" - ashtrays and little tables to hold "drink glasses", the bell to summon a steward, all of that sort of thing is still as it was. Due to the positioning of that car on a track, one side gets the full blast of the evening sun. Therefore, the window sills on one side of the car look pretty good, and haven't been "restored", while those on the other side, in the sun, are about rotted away, and are scheduled to be restored. The restoration will be properly done, using the other side of the car as a model, so it will still look like it did when the car was in use. We weren't allowed to climb up and enter the locomotives, as it isn't just a matter of stepping up and in, and for many in our group (most of us) it would have been pretty hazardous. No matter, just standing beside those behemoths was pretty exciting. To actually stand next to them and touch them, to be able to bend down and look underneath at the "works" that make the thing go, was a thrill. I never knew they were so big! I learned a lot. For instance, did you know that on a locomotive, most of the axles for a pair of wheels has its own motor? I didn't, but that explains a lot about how the locomotive can generate the power needed to pull a payload of several million pounds. It doesn't all depend on one single engine. Anyway, I want to take that tour again in a couple of years, after hearing about the additional displays that are in the works. It should be easier by then, as they're planning to put in walkways and such, so you don't have to literally "walk the tracks." That wasn't easy, but I made it. One of our group did actually fall She wasn't injured, but will have some bruises on her backside, I think. She's a very large woman, I'd say at least 300 lbs. She just lost her balance and fell backward, just sat down on the crosstie right behind her. Unfortunately, there were a few chunks of granite on that crosstie, about the size of golf balls, and I would imagine they left some imprints. It took three men to get her to her feet, and I'm sure it was embarrassing for her, but she went on and completed the trip. I felt so sorry for her, but she took it in stride, and I'm glad she wasn't really hurt.

I was so proud of our group. There were 26 of us, mostly women, but about six men. Our pastor to our Hispanic congregation was the leader, and a man that I've known since he was about 8 drove our bus. He and my son grew up in the church together. We were walking over really rough terrain much of the time, and no matter where we were, there was always a hand within reach if you needed it. Male or female, we all helped each other! At first I thought they were all looking out for me, and I didn't really need help, though I am about the most senior in the group, but no. Everyone helped everyone! I'm still pretty agile, but it was nice now and then to have a hand "handy." It's just what we do.

Well, guess I'd better go feed my pond fish, and cuddle Trinket for a while. She's sitting under my desk, touching her nose to my ankles, which is her request for us to go to our chair and cuddle. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

April 01, 2022 - Msg 117735: Glad you got all your home gadgets working again, Romeena.
Wait, did you say your AC wasn't working?!!
Sorry, but here in Wisconsin it will be a while before I will even think about turning on the air conditioning, unfortunately.
I can't say it's been all bad though. Today it was nice enough(in the upper 40's and sunny) for Noah, one of his neighbor friends, and I to take a bike ride to the park.
You might think that that doesn't sound very warm, but considering just the day before we had snow and a cold wind, it was quite a pleasant day today. The sun shining really adds to the warmth.

I hear what you are saying about the WWII aircraft, Asa. I love them myself. Of course for me it's the Corsair, mostly due to the Black Sheep Squadron tv show. But also I like the P-38 Lightning.
I actually saw one of those flying alongside of a... get this... an F-16 a couple of years ago. I thought it was the strangest thing I had ever seen, and I have seen plenty of military aircraft, since I live in between two military bases.
Then I found out I was not seeing things, and the Air Force base was having some sort of celebration and that's what accounted for the P-38 and F-16 on a flight together.
It really was a neat sight though, and I could hear those Rolls-Royce engines purring like a kitten, with a little bit of a whine in there.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 02, 2022 - Msg 117736:

Howdy folks, Well, let's see, we got the 'wheelerette' questioned answered,
and Romeena's house issues are fixed, so here's some more airplane
and train talk: Yes, ASA, the P-51 Mustang was/is (as many are still
flying) an amazing plane. Much more manuverable than the Messerschmidt.
My dad was so glad when those flew escort during his bombing runs.
During some 'down-time' he asked if he could fly one,(not for a mission) and got the
CO's OK. He told me that the 'yaw' was so strong from that engine
that his rudder was at about 45 degrees the whole time just to
make it fly straight! Beleive it or not, we spent about 3 & 1/2 hours there!

And RO, yes, those locomotives were/are massive. Just the mere engineering (no pun intended) to design those things must have been an enormous undertaking. Yankee ingenuity! :) I am happy to hear that all went relatively well! Did your
museum have a "kitchen" car? My goodness, such a cramped space to prepare all
those meals, like "your ham and eggs in Car-o-lina!" ha. We also walked thru a
baggage car that had about 10 horse stalls. There was a sign: Horses will be fed and groomed, and will be ready at your destination.

Sterling, good to see you back on the porch! One thing I had heard about the P-38 was how hard it was to bail out of. The two fuselages didnt give much clearance.

Here is an off-topic question: Does anyone here have a soda cracker shortage
in your area? For about a month now, our stores have been out of Nabisco
saltine crackers, as well as the store brands. Just curious what the deal is?
People still not working? A strange thing to be out of production.

Here's something else, on Hitch last night I saw Peter Lawford (just had forgot about him) Julie Lundon, and Joanna Moore.; plus several others I can't remember now!
Oh PH, yes, Hope Summers was also on Rifleman and a few other shows!

Hang in there friends,

April 02, 2022 - Msg 117737: MDC...Yes on the cracker shortage question!...The oyster crackers for my soup and the one kind Mrs. Goob likes from the dollar store has been almost impossible to get. Not to mention potato 🥔 cakes and tater tots!...I got some hash browns the other day for the first time in months!...

But let’s get back to the old airplane talk...Being in Ohio we have the USAF Museum in Dayton. What a AWESOME place that is!...I SILL have to get back down there, it’s a (4 1/2 hr, drive) They restored the Memphis Belle and it’s now it’s on display.

With the completion of the new hanger ALL the Presidential and other aircraft that used to be on the W/P base are now in the new hanger. It was a pain since 911 getting on the base at times to see them....

Here’s a link to their website and virtual tour to make y’all drool 🤤 to see it...

*Best of All..In my BEST J.J. Walker voice...”It’s FREEEEE!”
(Sorry Romeena But I had to go there)..😡😡. 🤣


April 02, 2022 - Msg 117738:
Romeena and G-F, I'm trying to find a photo of a Wheelerette on the internet. Is this it?

Also, when you mentioned about your overweight lady friend needing three men to lift her after a fall, that reminded me of a scene from the television program "Frasier". Their physical therapist, Daphne, was overweight and had fallen. It required Martin Crane (the father), Frasier Crane and his brother Niles Crane, to lift Daphne up. Then Martin made a funny remark about it requiring three Cranes to lift the overweight Daphne.

from Poor Horatio

April 02, 2022 - Msg 117739: Good morning, porch! So good to see more folks on the porch lately. Reminds me of the old days, when we had picnics and baseball games (Sugarplum made a good snack delivery girl, pulling her little wagon. I still miss that sweet puppy!) Along about that same time, my granddaughter Amanda was living with me and working part-time and going to school. One day she was reading over my shoulder as the porch was discussing having a cookout in my back yard, or some such. Amanda quickly offered to help me clean house and asked what she could make to add to the meal. It took me a minute to figure out what on earth she was talking about! She thought the gang was really going to show up here for a backyard cookout! When I explained that almost everyone lived clear across the country, she started laughing and we just had a good old time with the whole idea! I can't believe she will be 40 on Monday! Married and everything! Still the laughing, helpful, delightful girl she's always been. She's like a little cork - always pops back up to the top. Her glass is always half full, and usually is full and running over. How did I get so blessed??

PH, I love the "wheelerette" in that link! No, mine doesn't have wheels, but it sure is a great place to take a nap! It's actually pretty masculine-looking, but that was intentional. I wanted a big chair that would accommodate both me and Toye Starr (at the time) and now is big enough for me and Trinket. Also, my son fits in it when he's here, and is comfortable. Also, Jerry (his FIL) has back issues, as I do, and he can get comfortable and stretch a kink out at times. It's brown leather, really doesn't look like a woman's chair, but it's soooo comfortable and roomy. My mom had a "lady's recliner" that was pretty and feminine, and definitely not very comfortable! No room for a pet, and narrow little arms that you couldn't even lay a TV remote down on and expect it to stay! Plus, it was a pretty pink corduroy fabric that immediately soaked up any drop of anything that hit it. If a drop of tea hits the broad leather arm of my chair, I just grab a tissue and wipe it off. It definitely doesn't have wheels, and is quite heavy, so I can't move it much myself, but I don't have to. That's why I have a big strong son and his equally strong sons! They look after such as that, especially at Christmas when it has to move over a few feet to make room for the tree. It is motorized though, in that I just push a button to make it recline or return. Like I said, a great place to take a nap!

Oh, PH, I don't think I saw that particular scene on "Frasier", but I can imagine Daphne's reaction. Not a pretty sight, I'll bet! "Frasier" was a very funny show. Frasier was such a picky old-maid-in-britches, and Niles was worse! One of my favorite shows was the one where Niles and Frasier went to a spa, and Niles was wrapped in wet sheets or something, and for whatever reason, they had to get up and leave the room they were in, quickly. (It's been years since I saw it.) Anyway, Niles and his wrapping of sheets had to just roll off a table, and skedaddle. His feet could only move about three inches forward, so his gait, as he tried to hurry, was hilarious. His arms were wrapped into the sheets as well, as I recall, and he looked like a huge penguin as he tried to hurry forward. So funny! I would imagine YouTube would have a link to that show, if anybody wants to chase it.

Well, guess I'd better get serious and get busy. I've got to do a book review of my little book, "A Flat of Petunias" on Monday for the local book club. I've never done a book review in my life, and have no idea how to do one, especially on my own book! There's a very fine line between reviewing a book, and trying to market a book. I'm definitely not there to sell my own book. Spark interest in it, yes. Make someone want to read it, yes. Sell it to make a couple of bucks, no. A very fine line. That's okay though, because money was not the reason I wrote it. I wrote it because I thought I had some helpful advice and counsel for the newly-bereaved, and some have reported to me that they found it to be so. However, the real, deep-down reason was to get the pain and grief out of my heart, explore it, look at it, and deal with it, so I could find my way and live again. It helped.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

April 03, 2022 - Msg 117740:

HI Porchsters,
GF--thanks for your response about the crackers.
I tried calling the number on the cracker box today, but
they are only open Monday thru Friday.
And thanks for that link to the air museum. Very cool!

PH, good link to the wheelerette, but I think you know that the
"wheeler" part really has nothing to do with actual wheels,
but is rather for Mr. Wheeler, the not-so-handy handyman.

Sterling, I also like the corsair, and I see reruns of Black Sheep on H & I,
but the Mustang was much more manueverable than the corsair.
The mustang truly helped us win the war. :)

Good Sabbath to you all, and please keep praying for Ukraine!

April 03, 2022 - Msg 117741: Good Sabbath all.

MDC, Yes, I have noticed a shortage of crackers. Also of nilla wafers. They seem to be the only thing my Wife can eat at times when her stomach is upset.

GF, I don't know what it is but my computer doesn't like your link to the museum. I know you have e-mailed me it before and it wouldn't work for me. How odd. It sounds like it worked for MDC, so it must be on my end.

Sterling, the Corsair with that v wing looks so aggresive when viewed from the front. And the P-38 was amazingly fast for such an odd looking plane. When I was just a kid there was a P-38 that flew over our house that was on fire. He was very low and it crashed just a few miles from our house. Scared the daylights out of me and I think is what has caused me to fear flying ever since.

You guys talking about Fraser, that is one of my favorite modern sitcoms. I will confess that I have all of them on DVD. The episode you mentioned Romeena, is when the two brothers went to a new exclusive Spa and kept getting enticed to upgrade to a higher level. The entire episode was hysterical, and the scene you mentioned is hilarious. It makes you wonder how Martin could have ever produced two such twits. lol One of the funniest scenes involves Niles and Eddy. Niles is in Frasers apartment, expecting his date to arrive, when he notices the crease in his slacks is not quite right. So he hurries and gets the ironing board out and drops his slacks to iron them. What ensues is just hilarious. He ends up setting the coach on fire. Not a word is spoken in the entire scene, just Niles being Niles and Eddy taking it all in. Very funny show.

Another modern sitcom I like is The Middle. Very funny. It stars Patricia Heaton who I really like. I know GF does also being that she is from his neck of the woods.

Well off to scramble a couple of eggs I reckon.

Prayers for all for a wonderful Sabbath.


April 03, 2022 - Msg 117742: I found the scene I was mentioning.