January 28, 2022 - Msg 117554: I hear ya MDC...Maybe JJ can make a call and speed up processing my Medicare enrollment. They told me it would 4-6 weeks at least for me to get my card. Without the card and numbers I cannot proceeded with finding the supplements!

Sure sounds like a Government Operation to me..20-4?

Same story here...More Cold 🥶 and Snow ❄️ on the way...Yep..it’s a FUN DAY!

Goober “Frozen Fife”

January 28, 2022 - Msg 117555: *Thought I might as well sweep the Porch too before I go out and shovel the snow...🤷🏼‍♂️🥶

January 28, 2022 - Msg 117556:
Hang in there "FGF!" :)
ASA-a question for you in my last post
in the archive.

January 30, 2022 - Msg 117557:

POSSUM--did you get snow?? mdc

January 30, 2022 - Msg 117558:


January 30, 2022 - Msg 117559:
Hey y'all- No anow at my rock,MDC,but Laci saw some flurries yesterday morning over at her house. Parts of Eastern SC & along the coast got a dusting of snow. It is really cold here,snow or not-23 right now!! DANG Cold!
Looking forward to warmer weather- Y'all have a good Sabbath! Keep warm!

possum u.a.r.

January 30, 2022 - Msg 117560: That's supposed to be SNOW,not anow.

possum again

January 30, 2022 - Msg 117561: Asa..How is Stacey doing? Hopefully the got her stabilized and she’s back home?...G-F

January 31, 2022 - Msg 117562: Hey GF. She is home and just waiting for more answers. Thanks for asking. You can e-mail Romeena and she can fill you in more. Sorry but I have got to get going.


February 02, 2022 - Msg 117563:

Good evening all!
Hope you are doing OK.
Tonite on tags I saw the one about the inspector
who comes to check out the jail and courthouse,
Ralph Case, and guess what? It just now came to me that
the guy who played the part of the inspector's supervisor
is the same guy who played O'Malley!
I guess it again comes down to finally seeing them all
just one too many times! haha
I mentioned to y'all the other day that we had installed a new
ceiling fan in our living room. Well, it's working,
but the living room is spinning and the fan stays still! lol
Ground Hog Day is coming up for all you 'Easterners.'
I hope Phil gives you a good forecast! :)
More later, stay positive in this crazy world!


February 02, 2022 - Msg 117564:

Thanks for the update Possum! mdc :)

February 02, 2022 - Msg 117565:
Hello Folks. I expect that my last posting surprised some or many of you. In my attempt to deal with my depression on my own, I will try by starting to post links reporting positive news here.

from Poor Horatio

February 03, 2022 - Msg 117566: Way-ell, it's been about 10 hours straight of sleet/ice. Roads are like a hockey rink. Then the temps will drop and we're looking at 3-5 inches of snow. I'm mighty glad I am retired.

Billy Ray the Happily Retired Postman

February 03, 2022 - Msg 117567: Poor Horatio, I don't want to get all pseudo-smart like Goober with a beard, but I definitely hear you with your thoughts about kids entering the world today. I'm not very optimistic about what they're getting into.

Billy Ray the Philosophizing Postman

February 03, 2022 - Msg 117568: Billy Ray...May I ditto your post about the Weather...Pretty much the same senecio in NE part of our State...
Yep...Blessed to be retired when this kind of weather rolls in! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️


February 03, 2022 - Msg 117569: It’s too cold!!!


February 03, 2022 - Msg 117570:

HA! Boo, I have to chuckle a bit because in about 4 months
from now you will post "It's too HOT!" :) haha
Well, y'all, I heard its 6 more weeks of winter!
Has anyone heard from ROMeena lately!?
Its been quite a while since she's posted. Ro, you OK?

Tonite on tags was Quiet Sam, and I found a little blooper.
I have a Sony Bravia TV, and I can freeze the picture,
and I did that tonight because I thought I had noticed this blooper
in the past, but i kept forgetting to mention it.
When Sam runs to his house from the field, the house is quite small,
and just to the right of the front door is the outside wall going straight
back. But when Sam pulls Andy inside during the storm, there is a
big room inside just to the right of the door! Where did that big room come from? ha
Also, (not a blooper), but on the table next to the coffee pot is a book
that says 'Holy Bible' on it! :)
And one more thing, I think this ep is the only one where Floyd
mentions that he has a 'missus!'

PH, I hope you saw my post about your earlier post. And I really enjoyed reading
your latest one. Good for that guy doing all that he is!

I guess that's about it for tonight. I see that Howard Hessman passed recently.
He was on WKRP as Johnny Fever. May he rest in peace.


February 04, 2022 - Msg 117571: Good afternoon, porch! Figured I'd better stop by, as Asa and MDC have been checking on me. Didn't intend to worry anyone, just been lazy. Arthritis has been worse than usual for a week or so, and the index finger on my left hand is really sore, doesn't want to type. It will pass. It has come and gone before, and I imagine it will again. It's actually a lot better today.

Sorry to lose Howard Hessman. I always enjoyed WKRP, and he was a significant character.

We have snow! Real snow! It's about 2" deep in my backyard, which may not seem like much to you northern folks, but it's a lot for us. The sun is out now though, and little drips are starting to appear from places where it has accumulated. So pretty, but very short-lived around here. The only critters I've seen out back are squirrels, and they know that beneath that shallow covering of snow, there's a pile of sunflower seeds on the feeding stones, and they're out there, digging out their share. Industrious little critters.

Trinket sits at the back door, an expression of wonderment on her face. She doesn't like to go outside anyway, on the rare occasions when she must, she walks like she's on hot coals, but the snow has caught her interest. I've not let her go out, don't want to deal with her wet feet, but she surely is fascinated by the change in scenery. Besides, she'd walk about two feet, just enough to wet her feet and pick up a little mud, so it's not worth it. She's a card-carrying couch potato.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up a little lunch. Not really hungry, maybe just an apple and a little peanut butter. My appetite has dwindled, as my weight has dropped. I just don't require as much fuel as I did when I was packing that extra 70 lbs. Yes, 70! I can't believe I had that much weight to lose, and I'm not finished. I'm at 127 now, and would like to make it to 120. Not an urgent thing, it will be gradual, but I'll make it. My blood sugar is easily controlled now, A1C never goes over 7, and my insulin requirement has been cut in half. That saves a pretty penny, believe me! Weight was my enemy in more ways than one. I breathe so much better, can walk reasonable distances without getting short of breath, arthritis is less of a problem without the weight, diabetes is easy to control, and I can see a difference in my grocery bills, prescription costs, everything. When I eat out, I order a to-go box when I order my meal, and put half of it in the box even before I eat. Two meals for the price of one. Not a bad deal. The amazing thing is, I never feel hungry or deprived in any way. I eat anything I want, just not so much of it. If I want a soda, I drink it, and I do not do artificial sweeteners in any way, shape or form. They give me migraine headaches, and an honest doctor will confess that they don't really approve of them, and they do not help to control weight. In fact, they actually work against you. The sweet taste triggers your body to release insulin, which makes you hungry, and most people eat more when they're putting a sweetener in their tea or coffee. Oh well. To each, his own. You cannot convince a devoted user of artificial sweeteners. They just don't want to hear it.

Blessings, friends, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 04, 2022 - Msg 117572:

Hello all! RO--thanks for checking in, but I am so sorry
that you have a pain, arthritis no less. Could it be related to
your cold weather? On the radio I have heard commercials for
a non-drug remedy called Relief Factor. I have never tried it,
but you might want to check it out. https://www.relieffactor.com
Wow tho, snow! I bet that was really quite a pretty sight, especially for
Trinket. (We only got to 59 here yesterday and today,
but it will be back to mid-70s by Monday!
And another wow for all the weight that you have lost! Very cool indeed!
Congratulations! I bet that does feel good to not have to carry around
those 70 pounds! And I hear ya about the artificial sweeteners.
Sometimes we'll go out with friends who will order a big double
burger, a big heap of french fries,...and a then diet Coke!
(Ah, I don't think the diet coke is going to help much!) ha

Y'all stop by and set for a spell. I'll have a lap blanket,
some hot cocoa for each one of ya, and some yarns to spin.
God bless,
MDC :)

February 06, 2022 - Msg 117573: Good morning, porch. Yes, I know it's Sunday, and I should be on my way to church, but I've decided to stay home this morning. That arthritis flare is still with me, though it has improved. And yes, MDC, I think this cold weather has brought it on. I have arthritis, but not usually this widespread or this bad. Our roads are clear, so I'm not afraid to drive. The family went out to Uncle Julio's last night - a good Mexican restaurant, which is always a good/bad experience. The food is very good, but the place is always packed and we waited an hour and forty-five minutes for a table. The occasion was a double birthday - Eloise's great-granddaughter's 12th, and my grandson's 21st. Ordinarily, we wouldn't go to Uncle Julio's on a Saturday night, but they had let the child choose the place. She wanted the chocolate "pińata" - a hollow ball of chocolate, filled with bite-size pieces of pineapple and big strawberries, with little pots of melted chocolate and whipped cream to dip them in. The birthday person gets to whack the chocolate ball with a little stick until it breaks and the fruit falls out. Now, what child wouldn't opt to eat there?? You can eat the chocolate ball, too!

Anyway, it was fun, but I was glad to get home. My ears are stopped up with fluid for some reason, and my hearing aids were making matters worse. Trust me when I tell you that home has never looked as good as it did last night! I knew I'd have trouble hearing in SS and church, so just decided to take some Advil and stay home. I can watch the service on Facebook. Won't get to hear the SS lesson, and it will be a good one as always, but I probably couldn't hear the teacher very well anyway. Grrrr.

The snow is almost gone. The squirrels are ecstatic, all the feed and seed I put out, which was promptly covered with snow, has resurfaced, and they're having a little squirrely hoedown out there, in the newly revealed seeds. Birds are joining in, too. Gotta love little critters! I haven't seen that bossy, loud-mouthed bluejay this morning, but I'm sure he'll be around soon.

Well, everybody stay warm and dry, drink a lot of fresh juice, and hang in there. This too shall pass. I can't wait for Spring!!! Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 06, 2022 - Msg 117574: Thought I would pop in and say we are thawing out. I had the fireplace going for three days but today was in the 50s for highs and it was beautiful. I got out in the yard and threw the ball for King and we searched for his missing frisbee (his favorite toy). I cant figure out what happened to the thing. He is a sight with that frisbee! He cant pick it up once it is on the concrete driveway and carport so he runs, pushing it with his nose or grabs it and backs up with it until he gets it on the grass and can manage to get it turned over so he can pick it up. So funny to watch!

Erin has been going through a rough stretch and wanted to get out this afternoon so we went and got starbucks and went for a drive. We ended up at and old historic cemetery in a small town right on the coastline. Very interesting place and very old graves from the 1800s. People didnt appear to live long in those days..lots of early deaths. It was nice being outside in this weather, though.

Not a lot to report. We are all well. Sean has been enjoying his new job at the resort and Bruce has finally gotten all the trees chopped up and wood stacked. Lots of things he wants to do to the place this year. Grass to plant and flowerbeds to do, trees to trim, etc.

Hope your arthritis and ear issues resolve, Romeena. Glad to hear you have lost extra pounds and been able to lower your insulin.

Hope you all have a good evening. Stay warm and well!


February 07, 2022 - Msg 117575: Afternoon all.

So good to see you posting Boo. Glad everyone has gotten over the crud and are feeling better. Sorry to hear Erin is struggling though. I can just envision your dog trying to snag the frisbee. Barney's favorite toy was a rubber hamburger that would squeak. My goodness he would play and chew on that for hours. In time he would chew a hole in it so we would have to throw it away. And he would pout until we bought him another one. It was really funny. He had OCD with that thing I do believe. lol

Romeena, sorry you have plugged ears. I hate that. I get it sometimes and I feel like my head wants to explode. And visits from Art (Arthritis) are never any fun. I hope you are doing better today. I am impressed with your weight loss. That is really good. I need to get going on losing some weight. I have put on a few pounds since retiring. I figured I would. My job kept me hopping. I just wish my back would not get so ornery with me when I try doing things. MDC, I have heard those ads for relief factor and have thought about tryhing it. I just don't know though. I know what you mean about folks who order huge meals and get a diet soda with it. lol Nast stuff. I don't even drink much regular soda anymore. Pretty much just water.

Today I had to pamper Libby. I have noticed lately on cold mornings her cranking power seems a bit puny. So I got to checking the battery age and it's 4 years old so I figure I'd get it replaced. The guy at the battry store I go to tested it and said the charge was kind of low. Asked me if I drive it much. lol Not much. He suggested I put a charger on it for a few hours and it would still be good for a year. But I said to go ahead and replace it. I didn't want to get stranded. So she got a new battery, then she got emission tested and serviced and registered. So she is feeling kind of sporty now.

Then I went and visited my new Grandbaby Jazlyn. Oh my, God wasn't messing around when he created her. She is a beauty. But I admit, I am prejudiced. :)

Well I was going to say off to watch tv, but my receiver died and DISH has a new one coming. Should be here tomorrow. But I have a ton of DVD's I can watch. Some more Perry Mason might just work.


February 07, 2022 - Msg 117576:

I hope the really cold weather has dissipated somewhat for y'all.
GF--how fares things up your way. I also wonder about Big Maude.
Hope all is ok.
ASA, good on you for pampering Libby today. I need to do that with
Whitey real soon, but today was grass de-thaching day. My lawn guy
rented the dethatcher, and I did the raking. My St. Augustine was
so thick, i dont think any water was getting to the roots!
Thank goodness that is done for another couple years.
You are sure the doting grandpa! But you deserve a little happiness. :)
I bet she is indeed a real cutie! Recently, I have gotten into watching Monk.
I never saw it in 'first' runs, so each ep is new to me.
BOO--so sorry that Erin is still struggling, but that was good of you
to get her out for a while. I pray things will settle down soon.
Has she started school anywhere yet? I bet that would help to give her
some purpose in life.
Sounds like Bruce and Sean are keeping busy. What is Sean's new job?
RO--I hope you are feeling better now, and the ear issue is resolved.

Today on Adam 12 I saw Mr. Scobey in living color! :)

All for now, keep well,

February 08, 2022 - Msg 117577:
Us old folks are very rich because we have silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, stones in our kidneys, lead in our feet and gas in our stomachs.

My wife is a lucky person because of the men in her life. As soon as she wakes up, Will Power helps her get out of bed. Then she goes to see good ole John for some relief. Later, Charley Horse comes over but can only stay a short time. After he leaves, Arthur Ritis shows up and stays the rest of the day. After such a busy day, she gets really tired and prefers to go to bed with Ben Gay. And they call our senior years The Golden Years! I told her to stop letting those guys into the house.

And now for some happy news.

from Poor Horatio

February 08, 2022 - Msg 117578: True story Poor Horatio...But Don’t forget the guy who comes to visit a lot too....Mr I.P. Frequently 😉👍...G-F 🤷🏼‍♂️

p.s. Nice Video

February 08, 2022 - Msg 117579: Good morning, porch! Poor Horatio, thank you so much for sharing that beautiful video. It's wonderful to know that there are still young people out there, having fun, doing happy, upbeat things, and still proposing marriage. This video was a real treat, and thank you!

Beautiful weather here, sun is shining in a cloudless sky, temp is 58°, no wind. Lovely day! Very nice after the previous week.

PH, your comments on aging reminded me of an old one-picture cartoon that was a favorite of my dad's. He clipped it out of a magazine and kept it! It was a drawing of an old, bent, knobby-kneed gentleman in a hospital gown, sitting on the edge of an exam table. You know how they draw them - long faces, big noses, baggy eyes, and a bored, sardonic expression on the old man's face. The man is talking to his doctor, who is standing there with a reflector on his head and a stethoscope around his neck. The old man is saying, "So, tall me, Doc. How many more of these wonderful golden years do I have staring me in the face?" My dad would just laugh every time he read that.

My arthritis has eased up some, it's do-able now. As for the ear thing, it's still with me. I've got an appointment with my audiologist in the morning, a regular routine check, and we're going to have some things to discuss. I can't hear diddly-squat, and it's very annoying. With $4k worth of hearing aids in my ears, I should at least be able to hear the TV, without turning it up so loud that Trinket leaves the room.

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I've got to get all the Christmas stuff taken down by the weekend. David and family will be here Saturday afternoon. They'll get the lights down from outside, and will pack up the Christmas tree in its huge box and get it nestled into the hall closet. Then all the things that are stored on high shelves will be ready for the boys to put away. I don't put away anything that requires climbing. I don't risk falling anymore. I think if I did, my whole body would just shatter, like they do in the cartoons! I've taken several falls in the last two or three years, without injury, but I don't want to push my luck. I'm sure it will happen eventually, but there's no point in inviting it.

Well, everyone stay warm and stay well. Wear your masks if you feel you should. Personally, I'd have a lot more faith in the masks if my sunglasses didn't fog up when I put one on. Think about it. Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 08, 2022 - Msg 117580: Hey GF, Do you get the feeling MDC is taunting us a little with his talk of rethatching and raking grass, probably in shirt sleeves. Probably got overheated and had to go cool off in the shade for a spell. And of course the PGA Tour just happens to b e playing in his backyard this week. Poor fellow. lol JK MDC, You're alright.
Actually I could do my lawn now, at least the front that faces south. But the back still has snow from the shade of the house and a couple of tree's. But we are supposed to be pushing the 50's this week so it won't be long.

Romeena, glad you are not climbing anything and using good discretion. I know what you mean about the masks and fogging your glasses. Especially the N95's. No matter what I do I can't get a tight fit with the thing. Crazy.

Well I am back to battling this DISH thing again. I got the new reciever this morning and hooked it up exactly how the old one was, but now no signal to the tv. I have just about had a gutful of this nonsense. I am just about ready to get an OTA antenna and be done with this aggravation. 70 bucks a month, and whatta I get? Heartache, nothing but heartache.

Y'all keep a stiff upper.


February 08, 2022 - Msg 117581: Asa...I think MDC wishes he had a snow blower compelsion like we do is my thinking....
Ain’t nothing feels better than moving a foot without have to lift a shovel, but there is one drawback on those days when you have only one direction to blow the snow, and it the same direction the wind is coming from....🥶🥶🥶🥶

But then again they do have those sand storms out there that can be just as problematic...


February 08, 2022 - Msg 117582:

Well, gol darnet PH, you done gone and give me the 'lergics with that video!
That was a good one. That took a lot of planning and a lot of
practice to pull that off! :) Thanks, that was nice.
TUSK-KA-ROAR-A is what i say to ASA and GF!! Yup, with that word all
the grass is thinned out! ha (Asa, you forgot to mention the iced sweet tea during my breaks! Ha) But my own 'getting old' is also
coming out.. somehow i turned my ankle a bit yesterday, and it is swollen pretty
good now. Funny thing is, it didnt start right away, it 'delayed' starting the pain
and the swelling until the middle of last night. Go figure.
I had it raised most of today, and it is much better tonight.
Maybe I'll watch the pro-am on TV Wed. ASA, i bet you could get lots of channels with plain old rabbit ears in your area! Give it a try whilst your Dish is down.
RO- good to hear the ole Auther Ritis is easing up a bit. :) My wife wears
hearing aids, and has also invested thousands, and none have really helped much,
(at least to her satisfaction.)
Oh, by the way all, someone claimed the money that I found a couple of weeks ago.
Apparently they called the church office, said the exact pew that they were in,(You know how
people 'claim a pew,' ha) and that it was two 20s folded into fourths. So this
'finder same could not keep same.' Oh well, maybe their name was Rigsby!

All for now,

February 09, 2022 - Msg 117583: MDC...Isn’t it funny how TAGS episodes mimic “Real Life” situations?...Hopefully you didn’t buy that new fiberglas fishing pole 🎣 you’ve had your eye on..haha

All we needed to learn about Life we learned from the Andy Griffith Show...Right?

On that subject here’s some nice links on the subject. https://showmetimes.com/Blogpost/umsf/Life-Lessons-From-The-Andy-Griffith-Show



February 10, 2022 - Msg 117584: Good morning, porch. Cloudy and gray here this morning, but the temp is 68°. Supposed to get into the 70s later today, and be in the 60s and 70s for the next few days. No complaints here. Makes for low utility bills, and if it rains, a lower water bill too! My last water bill, after a few days of rain spotted around in the month, was $152, with the last one, after very little rain, being $265. This quarter-acre lot takes a lot of water when there's no rain.

I'm sitting here at my window and keyboard, because I'm putting off what I should be doing. David and the boys came on Tuesday and took my outside lights down. They also took down the high-up things in the house, like the wreath over the fireplace, and several other little things that need a tall person. They brought my plastic bins out of the Christmas room, got the big box that holds my ceramic Nativity off the high closet shelf, and basically set things up for me to put things away. They'll be back Saturday evening for pork chops and gravy, and to pack up the tree and get it into the closet. My job, meanwhile, is to take the ornaments off and pack them away, and to gather up all the teddy bears, and other stuffed delights that are all over the house. Problem is, I just hate to do it. If people wouldn't think I was a nut, I'd leave it all out all year. It's pretty, it's cheerful, much of it is very old and has a lot of meaning for me, and I enjoy it. Oh, well. If I don't put it away, I wouldn't have the fun of getting it all back out next November. Yes, I try to get it all done by Thanksgiving weekend. Every year, I promise myself and the universe that I'll take it all down the first week of January, but that has never happened. Oh, well.

Sitting here at my window, looking out at my sleeping yard, and imagining what it will look like in a few weeks, when spring arrives, I noticed a tiny flying insect outside, apparently trying how to figure out how to get through the window. He's about the size of a sesame seed, very tiny. What a little marvel! As small as he is, he has little legs, and tiny wings, that operate quite smoothly to keep him airborne. Inside that miniscule body is all he needs to function as a living being. He eats (presumably), digests, eliminates, and has a brain that keeps it all functioning. Can you imagine how unbelievably small all those organs and systems must be, yet they all function and do their assigned tasks, just as our bodies do? His lifespan may be as brief as a few days, even a few hours (who knows?) yet he has a purpose, and apparently fulfills it. That's pretty amazing, when you think about it. And yet, I believe that God is aware of that little bug's existence, and it's all part of His design. Amazing? Astounding!

One of the most beautiful flowers I ever saw was discovered down deep in the grass in my lawn one day. It was less than 1/2" in diameter. I had to see more, and there were a lot of them in that little patch, so I picked one and brought it in the house. I have a very strong magnifying glass, and I spent at least a half hour examining that tiny flower. It was blue, with a pink throat. Cup-shaped, with blunt pointed petals, and very tiny, fluffy yellow stamens in the throat. I even caught a little whiff of a sweet perfume, though how it was even discernible from such a tiny source, I don't know. There was so much exquisite detail in the construction of the little flower! I can understand the Creator taking the trouble to design a rose, or an iris, or an orchid, even a sunflower, but a 1/2" dot of color, that is inevitably just stepped on, unseen? Why bother? Well, God made the Universe and not just ours. Why, with all that, did He bother to make us? Compared to all of Creation, we're pretty insignificant, aren't we? Not only that, but we're disobedient, full of ourselves, and don't serve much of a purpose that I can see. Amazing, isn't it? I think it's called love.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

February 11, 2022 - Msg 117585:

Yes RO, I agree with you, the microscopic world is pretty amazing!
I also think about things like a honeycomb...perfectly formed 6 sixed
'incubators' made BY the bees for new bees to gestate in. Then there's snowflakes!
(And, yes, I've seen a few. haha) To see one under a microscope is
quite a sight. I agree, our God is an AWESOME God!

GF--two good sites, thanks much! Opie was definitely NOT "dopie!" :)

On the subject of tags. I did not see tonight's episodes, but last
night was the one about the two fake FBI men. Here is a small blooper
that I just spotted as I watched it:
If the two men had just came to town to see the mayor, how did that lady
reporter from Raliegh even find out about them being there to come
and get a story when the 'lowest crime rate' thing was also fake. hmmm

My ankle/foot is much better now. I think it was the pressing on the end of the shovel
that aggravated it, and that I did not actually 'turn' it. Yup, you know what ole
doc Andrews would say!! ha


February 11, 2022 - Msg 117586: Doc Andrews would Say...We Aren't Spring 🐓 Anymore! So Pay Up your $5 MDC...HaHa....G-F

February 11, 2022 - Msg 117587: Hey GF, I am a bit concerned about how MDC is trying to shrug off his leg injury. I heard that he tore his leg off right at the hip. And he is calling on one of those new miracle drugs to save himself. But that's just between the two of us. :)

MDC, The newspaper photographer in that episode went on to appear in Dallas as one of the Ewings lawyers. He went from newspaper photographer to selling miracle salve to a high priced Texas oilman lawyer. Lived a pretty full life I'd say. lol

Romeena, I say keep your stuff up all year if that's what you enjoy. To heck with folks who would think your nuts. I think the world would be a better plce if we all kept that Christmas spirit year long. As long as they don't play George Micheals "Last Christmas" all year long. That might do me in. lol
Your writing about the beauty of Gods creations. I held one of his creations in my arms yesteray. Looking at the tiny little features of this sweet girl, her tiny fingers, cute little noe, her beautiful blue eyes. She was awake and looking around, taking everything in. Yes indeed, God is a master.

Sorry, you guys are probably tired of hearing me go on about Jazlyn. But I can't help it.

We are not as warm as you Ro and MDC, but are supposed to be in the low 50's this weekend. That is dang nice for this time of year. But we need snow and a lot of it the next coupls of months.

MDC, Did you watch any of the pro-am? I am looking forward to the crowds on 16 again. It's always fun to watch.

Well I best get some cleaning done. After much effort I finally got my DISH working. Seems like my old tv went kablooey on me also. I brought in my smaller tv from the bedroom and was able to get the new receiver working with it. But when I try to then hook it up to the old tv, it just ain't working. Tells me there are issues with the old one. So I reckon it's time to get a new tv.

Prayers for all for a good day and be safe and sane.


February 11, 2022 - Msg 117588: Good morning, porch! Clear skies, bright sun, no wind, yep - could end up being a pleasant day.

Got my first spam call of the day a few minutes ago. I usually don't answer those annoying "unfamiliar number" calls, but lately, I've been annoying them right back. As always, as soon as I answer, there is a brief pause while the caller waits for the signal that someone has answered one of the robo calls, then the chirpy, overly-friendly voice comes on with a cheery "Hi, this is (whoever), how are you today?" I answered with "I'm just fine, and congratulations! You're my very first annoying spam call for today." (Click!) The next caller will hear "my second annoying spam call for today", and so on. Last night I got to twenty one! Yep, 21 spam calls. Not sure that's a record, but it's close. It's pretty hard to get anything done around here when I had to stop 21 times to answer the phone. I know, I don't have to answer. I have Caller ID that displays on my TV, which is visible to me from the kitchen, the dining room, and the den, and here at my window, the phone itself is on my desk. Still, I was keeping count yesterday, and having fun with my equally annoying (I hope) answer. Where/when is this going to stop? I'm registered on the national do-not-call list, have been for years, but it does no good at all. I get everything from charity solicitations, to sales calls for windows, solar panels, life insur@nce, Medicare and Medicaid, political causes, roofing, the governor touting something, offers to "renew the warranty on my car which is due to expire" (ya think? The car is 18 years old.) to funeral insur@nce, to just about anything else you can name. I think the only way out is to go live underground somewhere, and never make any contact with the outside world. What happened to privacy, and peace and quiet? Grrrr.

On a happy note, my little bug outside the window is back today. Tiny thing, just fluttering against the glass - as I said, about the size of a sesame seed. That's not very big! I don't think he knows how little and defenseless he is, he just keeps fluttering against the glass. He seems to think there's something in here that he just must see. Persistent, optimistic little thing!

Well, got to get busy. Got to get a shower and wash my hair, as I'm playing bunco tonight, and it takes my hair forever to dry. I can use a dryer, but it tends to straighten my hair, and if I let it dry naturally, it's got enough natural curl (wave?) to make it much easier to handle. I have to be ready to go by about 4:30, as we meet at 5:30 and I'm picking up three of the women, who can't drive. One can't, due to a fractured heel and a big old boot on her foot, one can't because her vision is impaired, and one is no longer allowed to drive as she is getting into some cognitive trouble. The rest of us sort of lead her through the bunco games. Fortunately, there's no strategy involved, it all depends on the roll of the dice. Old age definitely ain't no place for sissies. I have my aches and pains, but so far, my thinking seems to be about what it always was. I'm enjoying it while I can!

MDC, I'm glad there's no injury to your foot/ankle. I understand the situation. Sometimes I sit with my foot tucked back under my office chair, and when I get up, my ankle feels like it's sprained, very tender. It works itself out in a few minutes, but I still forget and do it again, almost every day. Dumb, huh?

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

February 11, 2022 - Msg 117589: Asa...Did you hear that from Laura Lee Hobbs? You know ya can’t trust what she says, Floyd told Gomer her heard it was both legs...

Also, if you have to get a new TV 📺 be sure to get one of those “Smart” TV’s..They tell YOU what to watch!


February 11, 2022 - Msg 117590: Gosh Ro, I loved reading your comments about the little insect and the little flower. Really makes you think and rejoice. Concerning the christmas decorations that you enjoy, I say leave them out as long as you like. What about putting some of your favorites in a special glass cabinet somewhere so you can see them all year but they wont get dusty? I left my tree up a long time this year and is was wonderful. I did take it down but I am already looking forward to putting it up again after thanksgiving.

I saw something while watching the color eps of tags today that I dont know if we ever mentioned before but it rubbed me the wrong way. It was in the ep where the counterfitters hire aunt Bee. When they are attempting to make their escape from town, Andy pulls a gun and fires at the car, causing it to run up onto the sidewalk and nearly hits a pedestrian. Seemed so out of character for Andy, who would consider the safety of the citizens first! He was near the patrol car and could have gotten in and given chase but shot at the car in the middle of the day on main street? No way. Lousy writing.

Well, been a long day so going to go rest after I finish cleaning the kitchen. Not a lot to report. MDC, Erin started a job at Whataburger today and I have my fingers crossed. She was also hired at subway so she thinks she is going to work most of her hours at subway and pick up some hours at whataburger, too. I dont know if she is ready for that but Im not going to discourage her. We will see.

Hope all of you have a peaceful, mayberry kind of evening!


February 11, 2022 - Msg 117591: Oh, just one bit of advice...I made some pico de gallo today and I must have come upon a really strong jalapeno. I cut it up and removed the seeds and membranes and the juice got on my hands. Its been hours and the small cracks in my fingers still burn and when I accidentally touched my eye hours later after several handwashings, it still burned like crazy! wow. Be careful with those things!


February 11, 2022 - Msg 117592:

When my TV is 'smarter' than me, it's time to jump ship! (Guess who?) (:

February 13, 2022 - Msg 117593:

Hello Porchsters! Good Sabbath to all!
BOO--I sure hope and pray that Erin's jobs will work out for her,
and maybe she can move up in one of the two companies, buy a car, rent an apartment, buy some stock, get out on her own, be a CEO!! (OK, one step at a time. haha :)
As for the jalapenos, yes sometimes the juice is hotter than the seeds,
tho it was something to hurt for that long!
I havent seen a color ep in a long time, so I dont recall that scene, sorry.
ASA--I only got to see highlights of the pro-am. But back in the day
when the tournament was a much smaller deal, I would attend and see
the likes of Bob Hope, Glen Campbell, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicolas, etc.
I heard that things got a little crazy today when a hole in one was made on the 16th! You and GF are a regular Bert and Squirt, ya otta be in one of those travelin' circuses! ha, good ones! :)
RO--how did bunco go? I've never played it, but it sure sounds like a fun time! Regarding my ankle, I sometimes do that too. I have a six-wheeled office chair and
will tuck my foot behind a leg, and it will go to 'sleep!'
Pretty funny what you tell the spam callers! Most of ours are now just recordings, so i cant really respond. I just let them go to voicemail now.
Well, hang in there my friends, and don't pull any horse hairs out of your suits today! :)

February 13, 2022 - Msg 117594: Why did Barney keep littering? You know for someone that was worried about littering bringing crime and crime bringing slums, he sure didn't practice what he preached! Like just minutes after making Chester pick up that gum wrapper in "Barney and the Governor," he grabs the cigarette out of an elderly man's mouth and slings it when he's breaking them up.
And just like when he tore up Bob Rogers' ticket and flung it on the sidewalk in "Barney's Replacement."

Bad writing again.

John Masters

February 13, 2022 - Msg 117595: Good afternoon, porch. Warm and sunny here today, not a visible cloud anywhere! Forecast calls for upper 60s today, and mid 70s tomorrow. Can't fool me, though. Even though those 70s continue for the next seven days, you can't fool me. I've seen an ice storm in March, so I'm not putting my plumeria trees out just yet. They're quite happy in the garage. Poor things never get to bloom and be pretty anyway, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Bushytail, and all the little Bushytails. The little brats will climb into the plumerias, and sit there and chew off any small start of a bloom. They must be very tasty, if you're a squirrel. Once in a while, a bud is overlooked, and gets to open. They're strikingly beautiful, one tree blooms pink, one white. Plumerias are the flowers that the Hawaiians use in making those leis, the flower necklace. I'd be so happy if my trees could be covered in those lovely flowers, but the squirrels think they make a better lunch. There are no squirrels in Hawaii, fortunately.

Well, Dave and Brittany came last night, with both boys, and Hudson's sweet girlfriend. I fried a pile of pork chops and made milk gravy with the drippings. A big bowl of buttered noodles, some asparagus and a small bowl of spinach (for me and David), and a nice salad, and we had dinner! I also made a favorite, a mix of cherry and lemon jello, with crushed pineapple and two cans of cherry pie filling mixed in, and pecans on top of half of it, in deference to a few weirdos who don't like pecans. Soooo good! I had almost all the ornaments off the tree (zillions of them). I couldn't reach the ones on the top section, and a little skinny strip down the back that I couldn't reach. The tree sits in a corner. David got in there and in about five minutes, he had all the ornaments off. It would have taken me at least half an hour. He doesn't stand and look at each one as he takes it off, remembering where it came from, who gave it to me, how long my mother might have had it, or which child had made it in Vacation Bible School. Mothers and grandmothers are like that, it comes with the job.

I had the meal all ready, except for making the gravy, when they arrived. In the time it took me to make that pan of gravy, they had the tree stripped, broken down and packed away. I had packed up the ceramic nativity, about 25 pieces, and Landry put it on the high shelf in my closet. No way I would have climbed on even a one-step stool with that heavy box and tried to put it on that top shelf. I know my limitations!

After we ate, while the guys were moving furniture back in place, Brittany vacuumed the whole room, and got everything looking good. They made me get in my recliner, because I was pretty tired and my neck and shoulders were hurting worse than usual. Tylenol and Advil isn't handling it anymore. I just get to where I have to get in a position where gravity is keeping my head straight and not bending forward. Very annoying. A massager helps some at times, and did last night. My back surgeon says there is nothing to be done, unfortunately. Well, c'est la vie! It could be worse. At least I'm mobile, can drive and do just about anything I want to do, and it doesn't hurt all the time, just if I get tired, mostly. So, I've learned to plan rest periods, and my recliner is perfect for that. Trinket doesn't mind keeping me company, either. All in all, it's a good life.

Hudson favored us with a piano concert after all the doing was done. He is amazing. He had lessons for just a few months when he was five, and never touched a piano again until he got in high school. They had one in their home, but he never paid any attention to it. Then one day, when he was about 13, he sat down and started playing. He still has had no other lessons except those when he was five, but he can play just about anything you want to hear. Oddly, he is most interested in serious music, none of the usual teenage garbage. He plays things like "Music Box Dancer" and "Moonlight Sonata" or "Claire de Lune". If he can hear it a time or two, he can play it. He very rarely uses music, it just all comes out of his head. I will never understand that. The husband of one of my good friends can do that. Never uses music, but just plays accompaniment for anyone, anytime. I told him once that I just couldn't understand why he could do that, and I can't. His answer was "Well, Lanni, I don't understand why you can't. To me it seems like everyone should be able to do it. It's second-nature to me."

Well, guess I'll go eat a little bowl of that jello stuff. It's so good!! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena