December 28, 2021 - Msg 117454:

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the sweet
birthday wishes. We had a real blow-out at O'Malley's
for as you see above, we exploded a box of snowflakes!
(Possum, I told ya not to pull on that string!) haha
Thanks again all!

I figured that PH could tell me what i did wrong with the pic.
Thanks PH, I will watch the pixel size if I try another one someday.

Looks like everyone is doing OK. Prayers for Boo's family
as they run for the border of Texas! :)

One thing, Floyd usually stops by with a Christmas card for the porch.
I sure hope he is OK.

God's blessings, and more later,

December 28, 2021 - Msg 117455:

Well, looks like I cleaned up both O'Malley's place
AND the porch! :)

December 28, 2021 - Msg 117456: Floyd did the podcast last night so he’s Ok...Here’s the Christmas card


December 29, 2021 - Msg 117457: MDC...Been meaning to comment on your Christmas 🎄 picture post....I thought everything was BIGGER in Texas, but I guess it spills over into Arizona too? BTW Happy Birthday 🎈 too!

I tried several times to call PaPa Bear but it kept going straight to voicemail, I guess I’ll try again later ...🤷🏼‍♂️

Asa...Good Thing rain 🌧 wasn’t snow ❄️ or me and “Joe” would be up to our necks in it!...


December 29, 2021 - Msg 117458: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and promise of rain here - hope it happens! I put my sprinklers on rain delay, just in case. Would love to see a smaller water bill now and then.

Please, pray for my dear friend Pat. She and her husband, Robert, have been my friends for over 40 years, and Pat has been my Sunday School teacher for over 20 years. She's a gifted teacher and a devoted Christian. At the moment, she's in a very hard situation. Her husband is dying, and has been placed on hospice care, for which she has nothing but high praise. He will probably pass in the next few days, and Pat is handling it remarkably well, but as I know only too well, we Christians grieve too, but as Paul said in 1 Thess.4:13 - "sorrow not, even as those who have no hope." Grief is natural, expected and understandable, but ultimately ends in hope, for the eternal future, as I learned myself when I lost my Dale. She will get through this, but please pray for her as she cares for him, and approaches that moment of letting go. It's hard.

I had a phone call yesterday from my precious granddaughter, Amanda. She has been engaged for a while now, and they were planning to have their wedding in the spring, but they were talking about it last week, and decided there was no need to wait. Her fiancé just told her he wanted a very small ceremony, at their home, in the lovely garden. (She has a wonderful green thumb, and even grows pineapples from a cut-off top.) They're both on the shy side, don't like a lot of fuss and bother, so want it very simple. Her mom (my daughter) and stepdad, and his mom, and the preacher. That's all. She already has her wedding dress, a very simple, lovely white dress, and she will wear that, but no need for flowers and such, they're blooming all around them. They chose New Year's Day, to start their new life. Their only attendant will be their little dog, Wylie, who will be wearing a little doggy tuxedo, with the rings fastened to the back. I fully understand, and will not make the trip down there. They will have a small get-together in the spring, with anyone who wants to attend, and I'll go down for that. I am so happy for her. Her fiancé is a great guy, and I love him already. They work together in his business, which is restoring old cars, trucks and travel trailers. He does the body and engine work, she helps with that, and also completely restores the interior, doing all the sewing herself, so it looks showroom new. They make a great team! Again, I'm very happy and excited for her!

Well, got some errands to run, better get moving. Blessings, friends - and keep looking up! --Romeena

December 29, 2021 - Msg 117459: Just dropping in to say we are in Colorado Springs and boy has it grown!! Lots of people and lots of crazy drivers. I have been experiencing some altitude sickness this time so kind of a drag but getting better. I’m no spring chicken anymore. Tomorrow will be better. Love to all.


December 30, 2021 - Msg 117460: Good morning, porch! Clear, sunny and quite cool here. Sycamore tree is still holding onto its leaves, the annoying thing. Everybody else has shed everything, and Eddie is ready to do a final clean-up, but the day he does, the next day the sycamore will dump its full load. I believe it would hold them until July, just so it could spoil Eddie's clean yard!

Boo, I'm sorry you're fighting altitude sickness. I know how that feels, and these days, there is no way I'd travel above about 2,000 feet. I probably wouldn't make it. I've heard of cases where a person will store up some blood ahead of time, and have it spun down to packed cells, and then just before they travel to a higher altitude, that blood is given back to them. The articles I've read report that it alleviates the altitude sickness very nicely! It raises their hematocrit to a very healthy level!

I'm having a New Year's Day/Christmas dinner here on Saturday. Turkey and all the fixin's, and all the family. We didn't have turkey on Christmas, because it was at Eloise's house, and Jerry doesn't eat any kind of poultry. However, Brittany loves my turkey, and so I always manage to make one at some time during the holidays, and New Year's Day is the perfect time. So, I've got the turkey in the fridge, but my four extra thighs that were being held for me with the turkey had been accidentally sold to someone else. Naturally, they had no more thighs. I was a little disappointed, but the young man who had put them back for me was so nice and obviously felt so bad, I felt bad for him. Then I had an idea! They had a few more whole turkeys, but they were frozen. I asked the manager/butcher if he could thaw a couple of them, harvest the resulting four thighs for me, and then wrap and sell the remaining drumsticks and the rest as individual parts. He looked a little thoughtful, and then said he could and thanked me for a good idea! When he turned away, the nice young man who had been feeling so bad offered me a fist bump and whispered "Thank you!" So, all is well. I would never have made a scene over it, but was really glad to find a way to solve the problem. Now, I need to go pick up those thighs, and a couple of other things.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 30, 2021 - Msg 117461: Feeling fairly miserable. Headed home a day early. Sadly disappointing. Sean is sick with a terrible cold too. Pray for us please. Going to be a rough trip back. Lol


December 30, 2021 - Msg 117462:

Hello All! Here we are on the cusp of another trip around the sun!
I am feeling very good about 2022! My spirits are high, I've told the virus that
it will just have to go by the wayside like every other virus that has shown its ugly head, as I continue to be proactive toward it!
I think the tide will turn with jobs being filled again and people
getting back to work, and that some of the craziness and mixed messages will simmer down. My eye continues to be on the prize, Jesus, my Savior, and I hope and
pray that everyone on the Taylor porch will join me in being positive and uplifting to those around us as life goes on! :) HAPPY 2022! :) I think you all have my email if you'd just like to chat, and I'll share my number.)

GF and ASA, my wife got me a "Sun Joe" for my birthday! It is a hand-held air
compressor for filling my bike tires, etc. I really think it should be
called an "Air Joe" but nobody has asked me! ha But now I'm one of yer kind! :)
GF--Keep trying PB's number. Some days he just sleeps.

Boo-I am so sorry that things turned out the way they did in Colorado for ya.
You folks seem to have the worst luck, and I know how much you were looking forward
to that trip! Maybe another Fiesta Bowl Parade is what ya need. ha
Prayers for a safe trip home.

RO, what a great solution to the turkey issue, and you also helped that young worker
'save face' at the same time! Arent ya kind! Sounds like you will have a very nice
new year's day! My prayers go up for Pat and Robert. Her husband's disease is such a mean one. As you know,
my own mother had it. I pray for God's mercy on him and her.

Hey, I saw something interesting on tags the other evening.
In the episode where Malcolm Merriweather returns, during his fake drunk scene,
there is a point where he is laying on the kitchen floor, and his head is right
next to a spilled box of Post 40% Bran Flakes! First time I ever noticed that
very subtle 'product placement' as Post was indeed a sponsor of the show.
Anyone else ever notice that? I tried to find the scene on Youtube, but no luck.

Boy, didnt mean to write such a diatribe, but havent been by for a few days.
We have had some rain, and hopefully will get more tomorrow!

PRAYERS for all, love ya,

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117463: MDC...I guess you are optimistic about 2022 because you’re just crazy about 2’s?...(In my Best Floyd voice)..ha!

Let Asa and I know how your “Air Joe” works for you. I have been impressed by their line of products, they certainly have the gambit covered Winter,Spring,Summer & Fall..

Hopefully my “Snow Joe” wont get much of a work-out again this year but it is FAR from being over!...


December 31, 2021 - Msg 117464: Good morning, porch! Chilly and cloudy here, but no rain as yet. Very little critter traffic in the back yard, though - I think most of them are holed up in some safe place, apparently expecting some weather activity. I'll put a pile of sunflower seeds out, and some millet and other things as well. I've got some suet in the garage fridge, will put a cake of it in the suet holder as well. They need the fat content of those suet cakes in cold weather. Wherever they have chosen to hole up, I know they're nearby, because when I put the goodies down for them, they'll be out and taking advantage of the offering, before I get back in the house! There are at least six squirrels out there, because I've seen all six of them at one time, and sometimes a few more. As for the birds, they are legion! Then there are about three apparently feral cats, and a couple of possums, a raccoon, and heaven knows who else. I love it!

MDC, I never noticed that box of Post cereal, but I do spot lots of product placements, in many of the shows. Coffee is a favorite choice, and I saw a tub of Daisy sour cream on some show, not sure which one. I love to spot such things, adds interest to the show.

Well, I got my turkey thighs! The young man was so nice, recognized me immediately, through my mask and sunglasses, (I could have been anybody, but I guess my silver hair gave me away). He was very thankful (again) and then the manager/butcher saw us and came over, thanked me again for understanding the problem, etc. I needed no thanks, it was the right thing to do. My dad taught me many years ago that when there was a problem, getting angry only made it worse. He said to use your energies to find a solution instead, so that's what I did. He also said that if you have a problem that absolutely has no solution, then you don't have a problem. Don't wear yourself out and make life hard for someone else. Just forget it and get on with your life! All my life, I watched him live out those little bits of advice, and he was a happy man. I know I refer to my dad a lot, but I don't want to leave my mom out. She thought a lot the same as he did, and between the two of them, I had a solid, Bible-based blueprint for a happy life. God is good.

Please keep praying for Pat and Robert. I talked with Pat yesterday. She said Robert is sleeping almost constantly now, doesn't eat more than a bite or two now and then, and doesn't seem to be in any pain. She has nothing but high praise for the Hospice nurses, and says she doesn't know what they would do without them. Her daughter is there, she and her husband live with Pat and Robert at this time, helping out, and she is a remarkable person, I really like her. Very smart, working on a Master's degree in social work, while her husband works. Pat still finds something to laugh about in any conversation (typical of her) and I know God is going to see them through this. Prayers help!

Well, better get myself into that kitchen and get started. Got a cake to bake, a pie to make, fruit salad to make, and all the prep work for the stuffing, so all I have to do tomorrow for that is assemble it and stuff the bird! Eloise is bringing a cheesy-potato casserole, Brittany will bring a green bean casserole, and I'll find a couple of other veggies to fill in any holes. Del Monte has finally started canning spinach again, after two years, and David loves canned spinach, as do I, so I may do something with that. I bought four cans yesterday! For two years, all you could find was the store brand, and Popeye brand, both just awful. Now Del Monte is back on the shelves, and I've searched the web to find an explanation for the long absence, but they ain't talkin'!

OK, got to get busy. Blessings to all, and a very Happy New Year! Surely, 2022 will be better than 2021. Please, Lord! Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117465: RIP, Betty White. Passed earlier today at the age of 99. America's Sweetheart.

possum u.a.r.

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117466: Boo,I'm sorry about the trip not going as expected and that you and Sean are sick. Hope things get better soon. Love you,girl.

possum again

P.S. Happy New Year to all. 2022, PLEASE be better than 2020 & 2021!

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117467: Happy New Years Eve porch family. Just stopping by to say I am thankful for this porch and for each of you . You all are a blessing in my life and I look forward to us facing 2022 together.

Today marks 33 years for Mr. Maude and me. 33 years later, 2 great kids and a lovely daughter in law. We have been blessed.

It’s about 59 degrees, cloudy and rainy on my end of the porch. I’m sure ole man winter is lurking around tho.

Our kitchen remodel starts Monday . Hopefully it will go smoothly. Our cabinets are in so we won’t have to wait on those. We ordered them from a local business called All Wood Cabinets. The owner was very professional personable, and helpful and his costs were very reasonable when we compared them to our other estimates .

Well, guess I have talked enough for now.
Prayers and blessings to you all. Have a safe New Years
Big Maude

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117468: Good afternoon, porch! Nothing much different from when I visited the porch this morning. Still looks like it could rain a frog-strangler, but not a drop so far. Oh well. God will send it when He thinks we need it.

Boo, I'm so sorry you and Sean are on the puny list, right in the middle of your long-awaited trip! That altitude sickness can be a real bear, and the thin air wasn't doing Sean's cold any good either. When I was about 15, my parents and grandparents and my brother and I went on a tour of the western states. One day we went to the top of Pike's Peak, with my grandma praying every inch of the way, as we made those hairpin turns all the way to the top. She wasn't quite so scared when her side of the car was on the inside of the turn, but when it was on the outside, and she could look straight down about a thousand feet to the roadbed of the turn below us, she would cry out "Oh, Jimmy! Be careful! Oh, Lord, help us!" Once she even promised the Lord that if He would get us down alive, she'd never do it again. Then the next day, we drove to the top of Mt. Evans!

I did just fine on those trips, felt a little short of breath at the summit, didn't have a lot of energy, but never really felt sick. I probably wouldn't leave the mountain alive if I tried it today. The ol' body just wouldn't take it. I do fine in normal circumstances these days, after weight loss, which lowered my demand for oxygen, but my tolerance is still very low.

Big Maude, I know you're going to enjoy your new kitchen! Mine needs a bit of sprucing up, but I think I'll just let it slide at this point in time. My biggest complaint is that all the top shelves in the cabinets are out of my reach! The most annoying part is the fact that the things I can't reach are things that I put up there myself just a few months ago. I could reach it then, but I can't now. I'm shrinking!! I was 5'6" in high school, but am now 5'2". I may just disappear completely! Grrrr.

Well, back to the kitchen. I got two pies made, all the veggie stuff chopped for the stuffing, and the fruit draining for the fruit salad. Still need to make that angelfood cake, David's favorite, and need to wash the fruit - blueberries, blackberries and raspbarries - and put some sugar over it so it will draw juice, to put on the cake with some whipped cream. I'll whip real cream, of course, but will also have some Cool Whip on hand for those who think they just have to have that. I wanted to make my own cranberry sauce to go with the turkey, but the stores all seemed to be out of cranberries, of all things. So, I got a couple of cans of the jellied sauce, which David prefers anyway. It was his favorite when he was a little boy, (he called it "red jelly")and he still likes it best. I like the homemade stuff, but the canned is okay too.

Blessings, and Happy New Year, everyone. Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 31, 2021 - Msg 117469: Sorry I didn't post my Christmas Card here this year. Thanks to GooberFife for making sure you guys saw it.

Happy New Year!