December 02, 2021 - Msg 117329:

Oh RO--when you go to the site, click on the second tiny photo on the left and you can see how it attaches to a hose. mdc

December 02, 2021 - Msg 117330:

HA! See, all that cleaning talk made me 'hose down' the porch! Clean rockers, new lap blankets, and hot chocolate for all!

December 02, 2021 - Msg 117331:

HA! See, all that cleaning talk made me 'hose down' the porch! Clean rockers, new lap blankets, and hot chocolate for all!

December 03, 2021 - Msg 117332: Good morning, porch! Gray and cloudy here, may get some rain. That would be just fine with me! The local squirrels are all in a panic, dashing about everywhere with a pecan or some other potential food item in their mouths. I think they're expecting a change in the weather. The current temp is 64°, with the 10-day forecast hanging in the 60-70s, but I tend to trust the squirrels more than the weatherman. Most of the time, they're right, and I can't say the same thing for him. Or - maybe the squirrels are just taking no chances!

Yesterday was quite a day, definitely didn't go as I had planned. I seem to be snakebit these days. My filters for my little Dirt Devil vacuum arrived very early, and I marched out into the sunroom, ready to do battle with the disaster out there. Oh, my goodness! I had no idea how bad it really was, and my little vacuum would have just turned tail and run, if it could have done so.

I tried to start with vacuuming the thick layer of cat hair off the loveseat. After I had gone over it three times, there was still visible hair, and I had a huge pile of hair that I had pulled off the little upholstery brush. I don't want to know how much is in the filter bag. The faux fur chair was covered as well, and I didn't even attempt to get the hair out of that fur.

I moved on to the floor beneath the orchid benches, and discovered that the piles of dirt I had seen there were 2" deep in most places, and had obviously been used as litterboxes, and were caked dry, requiring digging them off the floor! So disgusting. After fighting the demons for about half an hour, I quit and called my trusted carpet cleaning guy, Derrold. I explained the situation to him, he said, "Miss Lanni, you quit right now. I don't just clean carpets, I can clean the furniture and the tile surface too, and I have a Shop-Vac and can get all that dirt and whatever off the floor. You go decorate something and I'll see you about 4:30." I did, I got back into my decorating mode and finished my tree. It's so pretty. Derrold showed up, and that 6'4" angel in size 14 shoes hit that room like a bulldozer. I had moved the few remaining plants and the dug-out pots outside, so he was able to move the benches and get under them, scrape the stuck-on dirt and "whatever" off and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Several times I heard him mumble "somebody ought to take a strap to that guy!"

He vacuumed piles of dirt off the windowsills! The orchid benches are in front of the windows, and the cats had just dug dirt out of the pots and kicked it onto the windowsills. In one of the dirt piles, we found poo! Whoever said cats are clean animals never met those two. I have friends who have housecats, sweet, loving little critters who would never do something like that, but those two are the Bonnie and Clyde of the cat kingdom. Miserable wretches! Derrold will return this afternoon, to finish the job. After two hours last night, he and I both were ready to quit.

Well, enough of my nasty cat story. This too shall pass. I probably shouldn't be dumping all this on you folks, but you're a safe outlet for me. Everybody I know around here also knows the woman and her great-grandson, and I don't want to embarrass her. She's 80, sick, walks with a cane, and is totally ruled and used by her crazy daughter and great-grandson. He's the one I'd like to publish a newspaper article about!

Happy thought - today I'm going to go have lunch with 11 friends, and then play bunco! That should be fun. Tomorrow, I will cook a turkey dinner for David and Brittany, Landry and Hudson and Hudson's girlfriend. They were in Alabama at a beach house last week, so we're doing a little turkey thing tomorrow. Brittany loves my turkey and dressing! She's bringing some of the veggies, so it will be easy for me. A turkey is so easy to do, when you know the secrets!

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 03, 2021 - Msg 117333: Oh! MDC, thanks for the tip on the window-cleaning thing. I'll give it a try. --Romeena

December 03, 2021 - Msg 117334: Oh my Ro, I am so glad you got some help to deal with that mess. It sounds really bad. Hard to imagine she had the gall to call you looking to borrow money. A lot of unmitigated gall. I believe I would present her with your cleaning bill and let het her know that your money will be tied up for the foreseeable future. It is truly amazing how oblivius some people can be. And I am glad you feel good about comimg here and venting. It's a safe zone, that is until MDC gets going with that power washer. He blew my ball of tin foil across the street. :)

Gosh our weather here has been so nice. I was actually outside pulling some weeds in the flower bed in a t-shirt. In December. Hard to imagine that. Pretty cold at night but has been warming up to the mid 50's in the afternoon. They sais it will change next week though. I guess I hope it does. We need snow bad.

Well we ordered a couple of smmiches through doordash and they should be here soon. Gonna hunker down with a Christmas movie and my supper and enjoy the night.

Prayers for all.


December 03, 2021 - Msg 117335: My goodness, Romeena! Bonnie and Clyde of the cat kingdom! hahaha perfect. Glad you got some help with that situation!

Asa, what Christmas movie did you watch? Our weather here has been entirely too warm for me. It was in the 80s today and the humidity is pretty bad. I am waiting for the next cool front but none in sight yet.

Not much news on my end of the porch. Bruce has been off all week and got the lights up on the house. I did put up a Christmas tree and the story of how I obtained it is interesting. I think I mentioned that our big 9 foot tree is just too cumbersome and many of the lights burned out so I was looking for a new one..something about 7 feet tall and easier to handle. I started pricing them and just gave up. I didnt want to spend the money on it this year. Well, I have a very dear friend named Lisa, who a couple of years older than me but has terrible health issues..several open heart surgeries, recently in the hospital for a pulmonary embolism..anyway, she moved in with her daughter and had a 7 and a half foot tree that she only used once in her previous residence. she wanted me to have it and gave it to me. Of course I wanted to pay her for it but she adamantly refused so I made her a batch of snowball cookies and took them to her when we went to pick up the tree. I hadnt seen her in person for nearly a year and I was shocked at her appearance. The poor dear was pale as a ghost and just looked very unwell. Her mother had died a month ago, also, which was taking a toll on her. When I saw her, I hugged her and she just wept on my shoulder. It was so sad. She is the sweetest person and I hate what she is going through. We took the tree home and it was so easy to set up and really beautiful. It has clear and colored lights, so you can do either, or they will alternate. I decorated it and sent her pictures, which she loved. I am going back to have a good visit with Lisa on Tuesday. She needs my friendship right now.

Well, best finish up, its getting late. Hope you are all well. Blessings, my porch family.


December 04, 2021 - Msg 117336:

HAHA! Very funny ASA about me unleashing the power washer! And that reminded me of something that I posted on FB recently (and was going to post here but plum forgot.) So, here it is...
I was in in Chase Bank the other day, and I noticed that the tellers' name plates read "Jesus",(or as most say here, Hey-SUES) "Mary (Ann)", and "Joseph"! Now, that may seem pretty amazing, (and it is, and TRUE); but what amazed me more was the fact that THREE teller windows were ACTUALLY OPEN!! haha! I wanted to take a pic of them, but was told I couldnt due to security reasons, which I sort of understand. They said that I was the first one to notice that, in fact, it had not even dawned on them UNTIL i brought it up!
RO--so glad you are having someone else clean up the room, especially with David and brittney coming.
And speaking about cleaning, did you notice that I cleaned the porch twice up there? :)
BOO-- that is a neat story about the new tree. I will pray for Lisa.
All for now folks, god bless,
MDC :) <<<<<<<<<<< (my power washer)

December 04, 2021 - Msg 117337: Good morning, porch. Well, my sunroom is a pleasant place to be once again! Derrold did a marvelous job on cleaning up that room, which would have been an embarrassment to a zoo. He spent two hours here on Thursday evening, and 3 hours here last evening, with a helper that time. He used a shop-vac to get all the dirt up, and had to scrape about half of it loose from the tile floor, where the cats had used it for a litterbox. I had no idea two fairly small cats could wreak such havoc, but let me tell you, they can! After the shop-vac, he brought in a huge commercial-type floor scrubber, and the tile is now clean. He also shampooed the two upholstered pieces, I put the four little tie-on wooden chair cushions through the washer and they survived. He scrubbed the top of the little round wooden table where "I don't want to know what it is" was plastered to it, he sprayed disinfectant on just about everything, and Febreze everywhere. All that work, involving two people part of the time, total rehab of the room and the furnishings, heavy-duty equipment, and he billed me for $190. I think you can't beat a deal like that. God is good.

MDC, that teller arrangement at the bank is just hilarious! That's one for the newspaper. I've always been interested in the way some cultures name their children after the Holy Family, or their culture's deity. For Muslims, it seems at least half of their male children are named Mohammed, Spanish Christian cultures frequently use Jesus (Hey-sues, as Mdc noted), Maria and Jose (Ho-say). I don't know if Asian cultures use Buddha, or Krisha, or whomever. Since I "don't speak a word of Asian" I wouldn't know it if I heard it. I'm glad that Americans don't use "Jesus", but rather change the pronunciation, because I just don't think I could call anyone by that Name, as we say it when speaking of Him. Using the Spanish pronunciation softens the blow for me.

Boo, what a lovely story about getting your tree. You solved a problem (where to store it) for your friend Lisa, apparently, and certainly you received a lovely gift. Knowing you, you'll soon be at her door, with something nice (you already have) and an offer of friendship and a little companionship to help her in this difficult time. God is watching, and will reward. You're a good friend.

Well, better get busy. The family is coming this afternoon for a belated Thanksgiving dinner, and I've got to get to cooking! They're bringing most of the sides, I'm doing the turkey and dressing and fruit salad. I'm getting off light, turkeys are so easy. Asa, did you want the directions for making a turkey and dressing? I thought I had it on the computer, but couldn't find it, and this morning, I did! I'm going to email it to you. Don't let the length scare you, I've made it very detailed, but it's really quite simple.

OK, off I go! I can actually leave the door into the sunroom open now, no worries about the awful stench coming into the rest of the house. I think I might make an awesome cranberry/jello dish that Amanda made and gave me the recipe for it last week. With a little whipped cream on top, it's wonderful! Have a great day, friends! Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

December 04, 2021 - Msg 117338: Thank you for those prayers for Lisa, MDC. Very kind of you, and thank you Romeena for your kind words. I do hope Lisa will be up to a visit on Tuesday but she know she can be honest with me if it is a bad day. Her RA sometimes really bothers her.

Ro, I did not know that cats would do that, either! I have never had a cat that made messes like that. I had one that tried to scratch the furniture but learned fairly quickly not to. I always thought that cats were much cleaner than dogs. Mine always went in the litter box and mostly curled up and slept somewhere most to the day...usually on me if I sat down long enough. lol Maybe your friend's cats were a little on the wild side. I have heard some interesting stories about what a cat can do to a Christmas tree, come to think of it.

Well, finished the outdoor decoration and indoor, as well. I didnt go as crazy this year but I know when I get back from the colorado trip I will be exhausted and not wanting to pack up tons of decorations. Im happy with the way it is right now.

Much to do this time of year but I am getting the rest I need. I think instead of cookies, I am going to be making homemade candy this year for Bruce to give his coworkers as gifts. I can remember my mom making something called Martha Washington candy when I was a kid and it was really good! I saw a recipe for it and looks simple. Ro, have you ever made it? I think I will also try some chocolate covered cherries, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

I am still trying to finish the Mayberry Christmas story I promised you. Hopefully I will get it done in time.


December 05, 2021 - Msg 117339: Good Sabbath all.

Boo, what a lovely story about your tree acquisition. That was very nice of her to give it to you. Maybe you can name it "The Lisa Tree" or something of that nature. Just like I named my snow blower Helen. The difference being she got that name because sometimes she can be moody and ornery. The Lisa Tree could be of love and kindness. She is in my prayers for sure. I await your Christmas story.

MDC, That was an interesting story about the names of the bank employee's. I was hoping they had a guard named Asa. lol That would have been something.

Oh BTW Boo, you asked what Christmas movie I watched. I watched A Christmas Carol. I have 4 different versions of it on DVD and I love them all. The one I watched last night was the one with George C. Scott. I will have watched them all before the season is over. Also, your chocolate covered assortments sound so good. Debbie used to set aside a day for making Christmas candy. Boy I miss those days, but my waistline don't. lol She would do what is called "seafoam chocolate". It was some kind of a hard but light inside, dipped in chocolate. My Mom used to make it when I was a kid and I just love the stuff. Sears used to sell it at one time, but I am not sure where or if you can find it anymore. It was kind of like a butterfinger except the stuff inside was much lighter and airier (if that's a word). Dang, now I am craving some. lol

Romeena, sure glad the cleaning job got done and it sounds like at a very reasonable price. I hope your dinner goes well.

Guess I'll go rustle up some grub. I want to try my hand at some bread pudding this season. Another one my Mom would make. Anyone have any recipe's for that? Romeena sent me one for making short bread cookies that I want to try. I am trying to find powdered sugar that doesn't have corn starch in it. No luck thus far though.

Prayers for all for a blessed Sabbath.


December 05, 2021 - Msg 117340:
Boo, so sorry to learn about your friend Lisa. It is good of you to re-establish contact with her.

Romeena, that is upsetting to learn how your attempt to help a friend turned into a disaster for you because of her cats. Thanks to Derrold for cleaning up the mess left behind.

MDC, have you heard anything from Papa Bear recently? I was thinking of him around Veteran's Day.

Asa, I miss eating shortbread cookies. I used to purchase Lorna Doone cookies but can't find them here in Canada. I hope yours come out tasting great.

Finally, for you Andy Griffith Show trivia folks, check out

from Poor Horatio

December 05, 2021 - Msg 117341: Good morning, porch! Yes, it's Sunday morning and I'm still at home. The old neck and back are really giving me a fit this morning, and a few other, usually less troublesome places are putting their two cents' worth in as well. When my neck is hurting like this, I can't get comfortable anywhere but flat on my back in bed (not acceptable) or in my recliner. The scoliosis is pushing my head forward, nature demands it be upright, so my neck muscles try to fix it, and soon get tired and start to scream. Getting in the chair or lying down causes gravity to take over the strain, and I can get comfortable. I can't take any opioid pain pills (they make me sick, dizzy and usually I throw them up) so it's Advil or Tylenol, which I take sparingly so they'll continue to be somewhat effective. I do rub diclofenac (Voltaren) on the trouble spots and it helps a little. I can watch my church's service on Facebook, so just decided to stay home and rest this morning.

Such lovely stories on the porch, and here I am with a gripey one! Shame on me. Maybe I can fix that mood by telling you what a lovely evening we had here last night. We had decided to make it just our immediate family, so only David and Brittany, Landry, Hudson, and his girlfriend of two years, Vivian. That's looking pretty serious, even though they're only 18, but then I was 18 when I married Dale, so I can't object. She's a lovely girl, very sweet and friendly, and seems to just adore Hudson. I like her a lot. She and her family are not believers, and that worries me, of course, but she does seem to be interested, and I think is seeking. I have hope and trust that she will find her way, before they make a serious commitment. She certainly has a good example in David and his family.

After my experience over the last few weeks, with the cats and the people who inflicted them upon me and my house, it was so sweet to have a mature, considerate, helpful and thoughtful family here. They arrived, carried in about five or six food dishes, and were all so cheerful and pleasant. The boys didn't wait to be asked, they just started noting what decorations still weren't out, went to the closets and brought the things into the living area and got busy. David hung the wreath high on the fireplace stones, and stood the old 85-yr old snowman in the center of it. He will be David's when I'm gone. Landry got the heavy box containing the ceramic Nativity down from the high shelf in my closet, and put it in the dining room. Brittany helped me set it up. David and Landry went outside and fixed a glitch in the lights in the yard, that had been tripping the GFCI and turning half of the lights off. David got in my closet where one of the breaker panels is, and found the one that was tripped, which had turned another GFCI off, leaving the back yard in darkness, the pond pumps off, and one outlet in the kitchen not working. Of course it was the one the water cooler was plugged into, so without power it leaks on the floor. (Why do they do that? Apparently it's to be expected when the power is off.) I had rigged an extension cord from another outlet, risking tripping on it. Meanwhile, Brittany and Vivian were in the kitchen, getting things ready in there. David came in, got the turkey out of the oven, literally pulled the pieces of very tender, succulent turkey off the bones, cleaned up the bones and stuff, and it all came together in a really delicious meal, much laughter and fun, and all my annoyance and yes, a little anger, at the last "family" to share my home, just flew away. After we ate, the boys sent me to my chair, cleared the table, packed up the leftovers -(some for them, some for me), filled the dishwasher and washed the pans, even the turkey roaster, and left my kitchen spotless. They have done that for years.

We had a lovely evening, my decorations are almost totally finished, there are leftovers that will feed me for at least two days, my house is clean, and I am so grateful. I am fully aware that the behavior and helpful nature of my family is due to the way their father and I raised them, but there's another very important factor. Our child-rearing customs and attitudes were due to the way our own parents brought us up. The Bible says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." I can remember feeling very put-upon, and grumbling about it, as I stood at the sink after dinner, washing dishes and pots and pans (no dishwasher then, I was it!), but the discipline served me well. I learned that I was not a privileged princess, that I had my jobs to do just like everyone else. In short, I would never have moved out of someone's house, and left the horrendous, filthy mess that was left in my house. But then, that young man didn't have the benefit of the training that I had, and passed on to my children. All I can do for him and his great-grandmother is pray for them, and I do.

Have a happy Sunday, friends! Blessings to you, and keep looking up! --Romeena

December 06, 2021 - Msg 117342:

Hello all! A late-night Sabbath greeting to you.
RO--that does indeed sound like a wonderful family time together.
So glad that things turned out so nice after those two previous weeks.
So funny to hear of a shop-vac etc being needed after you tried your little dustbuster.
We were also brought up the same way. In fact, in Boy Scouts we learned
to "always leave a campsite BETTER than we found it!" I will still bend down and
pick up paper in a park or wherever.
I sure hope your back is better. Perhaps you could have had 4 people lower
you, on a cot, thru the roof of the church! ha

OH, is everyone's address still the same as last year??? (for cards)

PH--yes, I spoke on the phone with PB a couple weeks ago.
He is in and out of the hospital, but has a good disposition, kidding with me that
they now have a room with his name on it! It is mainly his feet right now do to diabetes.
Also, thanks for that link to the tags bloopers. Neat stuff.

ASA--...or a cleaning 'lady' named Barney. lol.
BTW, It's a Wonderful Life was on TV last night, and I watched the part in question with a more critical eye. First of all, why was that little 'guard house' there near the bridge? There is no indication that it is a draw bridge. ha
Now to the snow stopping... my guess is because EVERYTHING was now different.
It all changed when the door blew open...
His lip aint bleeding, no Zuzu's pedals, his ear is OK, no car by the tree, etc,
so the stopping snow was just part of that "Pottersville" scene.
Also, when George finally runs back to the bridge, the snow starts again, so it is a way to show that things are 'back to normal. (My research fee is very reasonable. ha)
Regarding Christmas goodie, my MIL used to make divinity candy that would melt in your mouth. Sure do miss that.

BOO-when is your Colorado trip? I bet you are excited. I am also looking forward to your
Christmas story. Still praying for Erin.

December 06, 2021 - Msg 117343: MDC, I understand the stopping and starting of the snow was a visual means in showing the audience how things had changed. But I am still puzzled how George Baily's being born or not would have changed the weather. I know, I am over thinking it, but I was wondering if there was some small significance to it I was missing. Sometimes producers will do that. An example of that is in Home Alone. I had watched that movie numerous times before I caught a little hidden message in it. If you remember the elderly neighbor whom all the kids were scared of. There were a lot of rumors floating around about him. There is a scene when Kevin is at the drug store asking about a toothbrush and this neighbor man comes i to the store and slams his hand down on the glass counter. A camera angle from under the counter shows his hand is wrapped in some white cloth and had blood on it indicating he was bleeding from the palm of his hand. Then a brief shot shows the top of his hand which also is wrapped in a white cloth with blood on it indicating a wound on the back od his hand. Or maybe, just maybe whatever had wounded him had gone through his hand completely. Hmmm, sound familiar? Then later you see a scene with Him and Kevin in the Church on Christmas eve. And he is talking to Kevin. It turns out he is a pretty good guy after all. And the reason he is at church that night is because his Grand daughter is singing and he can't be there tomorrow because his son will be there at the church. He explains that years earlier he and his Son had had an argument and they both said they didn't want to see each other again. Kevin asked him why he didn't just call his son to make things right, but the Father said he was afraid he would be rejected. Kevin said he was sure he would talk to his Dad if the same situation existed with them. Anyway, the scene ends with the man and Kevin shaking hands. Again a quick short shot of the handshake and you see the man wearing a band aid on the back of his hand indicating the healing process. And finally at the very end you see the man being visited by his family at his house indicating they have resolved their issues and are speaking again. As the man is hugging his Grand daughter he see's Kevin watching him and waves to him. And his hand is now completely healed, no band aids, no scar. I think their is a very significant message being sent with all of those scenes. I am just wondering if there is some message in IAWL with the snow stopping and starting that I am not getting. Because truth be told, I ain't the brightest bulb in the package. :)

Ro, I hope your back is feeling better. This getting old stuff has it moments. I wake up hurting in places that yesterday I didn't even know I had places. I bet GF can relate to that. lol

PH, I buy that brand of short bread here when I can find it. Our local grocery store does stock it, but it is not always available. Which again is probably a blessing for my waistline. I don't know what's wrong with my clothes drier, but it keeps shrinking my britches. lol


December 06, 2021 - Msg 117344: To Scottish Shortbread lovers everywhere - I have a recipe for it that will knock your socks off! If interested, speak up and I'll email it to you. --Romeena

December 06, 2021 - Msg 117345: OK folks, here is the first installment of the Christmas story. Hope you like it:

A Mayberry Christmas:
So far, the winter of 1967 was shaping up to be the coldest on record for North Carolina and it looked like this Christmas would be a white one. A current of holiday excitement ran through Mayberry, as the townsfolk, bundled in their warmest attire, buzzed in and out of Weaver’s Department store carrying beautifully wrapped packages. Strains of “Silver Bells” could be heard from a loud speaker perched atop Mr. Foley’s meat market.
Andy drew his collar up against the cold wind as he walked to the end of Main St. He stood there for a moment taking a mental photograph of the festive scene. So far it was a perfect Christmas Eve. He decided to take the short walk home for lunch to see Aunt Bee and Opie. Opie was very happy to be free from school until after New Year’s Day and was beside himself at the possibility of a white Christmas. He had already pulled his old sled out of the garage and polished it up.
As Andy walked, he thought of the plans for tonight. Christmas Eve was his favorite night of the year…so many warm memories of Christmas’ past. It was always on Christmas Eve that he missed his wife most. She had always made the holidays so special. Andy still missed her, but could now remember her with genuine heartfelt gratitude and joy. He could never forget that she had given him his greatest gift in Opie.
Andy stepped through his front door to be greeted by the very festive aroma of the fruitcakes and gingerbread that Aunt Bee and Clara were baking for friends and family. Rest assured, though, Aunt Bee’s fruitcake contained not a drop of alcohol (rum flavoring, only)! Bee and Clara would soon be on their way to the church parsonage to prepare things for the new pastor and his wife who were to arrive this very afternoon. Their dear reverend of many years had recently retired without much notice to the congregation. This made it necessary to find a replacement sooner than they would have liked. One day the reverend was delivering his usual sermon, and the next he and his wife were dressed in Hawaiian shirts and driving a 1966 Blue Cadillac convertible out of town. That was the last time they were heard from again. A new pastor was selected by the church council, sight unseen. Andy knew he had an impressive education and that this would be his first assignment as pastor. He was young, but they all agreed to accept him and welcome him warmly. Andy knew that he had a young wife named Paula, who was expecting their first child very soon. He grinned at the hope that the new pastor’s sermons wouldn’t be as dry as dust!
(to be continued...)


December 06, 2021 - Msg 117346: Boo,that's absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to more installments!
Hey to everybody- I hope y'all haven't changed addresses because I just mailed my cards out today.Was it MDC asking up there? Let me scroll back and see..yep,that's you up there,MDC! My address is the same.
Boo,did you ever come up with a name for Opie's mother? What about one of these? Faith, Hope,or Charity?
Again,I loved your story and can't wait for more of it-good job,girlie!

possum under a rock

December 06, 2021 - Msg 117347: Thanks Possum! Yes, I did decide on a name for Opie's mom.


December 06, 2021 - Msg 117348: Let me be the first to, er, second that! Good job, Boo! Keep writing, girl, it's good! And Possum, I think I like Charity best, but any of the three are fine!

If anyone wants to make a correction, or add their name and address if you're not on the Christmas card list now, just let me know. Does anyone want a copy of the list as it is now? Maybe it would be best to wait and see if there are additions or corrections, and then we'll all get new lists. If no changes, I can still send the list I have, if someone needs it.

Well, guess I'll go watch Adam-12. I really like that show. I like the way it just gives thumbnail glimpses into an average day in the life of a police officer, and doesn't pursue the case down to the final outcome. A different approach than what you usually see, where one case is just focused on to the very end.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

December 06, 2021 - Msg 117349: Thanks Ro. Nothing has changed, as far as my address.


December 07, 2021 - Msg 117350:

ASA--Believe it or not, I may be the only person in
America who has NOT seen Home Alone! Yup, just have never
watched it, but have seen parts of it here and there. But if all those things really happened,
perhaps there is an underlying message there!
As for the snow in IAWL, I guess it just is what it is. ha

BOO--I am on the edge of my seat, thinking about when Helen read
a movie review in the Mayberry Gazette, "moviegoers will be under their seats one minute, and rolling in the aisles the next." To which Andy responds, "Maybe we better change to our old clothes." Yup, this sounds
like an 'old clothes' story! Can't wait for the next installment. :)

RO--my address is the same, and so is PappaBear Frank's.

Possum, good to see ya. Hope all is well at your end of the porch.
We may be in your area next summer for a nephew's wedding.
I'll keep you posted as time goes by.

More later,

December 07, 2021 - Msg 117351: good morning porch, just wanted to let RO know that my address is the same and I would like an updated mailing list. thank you so much for keeping our list current.
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 07, 2021 - Msg 117352: Thanks for the kind comments. Good to see you Maude!

A Mayberry Christmas (continued...):
“Aunt Bee, I’m home!”. Aunt Bee emerges from the kitchen with a waft of fragrant gingerbread. “Hello Andy. Sit down at the table and I’ll bring you some warm beef stew that I made up for the new pastor. I kept some out for you, along with some cornbread. How does that sound?”.
“Good! Where’s Opie? Are you and Clara going over to the parsonage soon?”
“Opie is at Johnny Paul Jason’s for the day, and yes, Clara and I will be leaving soon. Can you believe that Mr. Weaver actually donated some Christmas decorations for the parsonage, Andy?! Just a little while ago he dropped off a box containing one of those new shiny aluminum Christmas trees with ornaments and this strange colored wheel that turns and shines light on the tree. What will they think of next?! Since they are young people, maybe they will like it.” Bee shakes her head and goes into the kitchen to fetch Andy’s lunch.

Soon Andy was thoroughly warmed from Aunt Bee’s stew and a crackling fire and it was time to head back to the courthouse. He pulled on his coat and headed back.

Bee and Clara had already loaded up decorations, stew, and gingerbread and arrived at the parsonage to make it warm and welcoming for the new pastor and his wife. Clara brought along a lovely Christmas quilt she made as a gift. It was truly beautiful with its red and white border and green Christmas tree shapes. Clara was not only a talented pickle-maker, but had won more than one blue ribbon for her handmade quilts as well. Clara carried the quilt into the master bedroom and spread it lovingly over the freshly-made bed. She hoped the young couple would feel warmed and cared for as they slept under it tonight.

In the living room Bee was struggling with the aluminum tree but finally managed to get all the straight, brush-like silver branches into the right holes in the pole. “Whew! That was taxing. Help me with the ornaments please, Clara, and I will turn on that strange colored wheel contraption”.

As Andy walked back to the courthouse, he could see Goober’s tow truck parked in front and it was towing a older model Buick. Andy quickened his step until he reached the courthouse. Barney, Goober, and Gomer were discussing the vehicle in tow, while a man who appeared to be in his 30’s, and what Andy assumed was the man’s wife and two young daughters, looked on. They looked tired and cold. Barney spoke first, “Andy, Goober and Gomer ran into this family broken down up on the highway and towed them in.".
Andy approached the man and offered a handshake, “Hello, I’m Sheriff Andy Taylor. Looks like you are having some trouble with your car. Can we help you?”.
The man returned the handshake. “How do you do? My name is Gary O’Malley, and this is my wife Ellen, and our little girls, Mary and Tracy. We were on our way to visit my father when the car died up on the highway. I’m very thankful to Goober and Gomer for towing us in and they have offered to take the car to the garage and have a look at it.”.
“O’Malley?,” asked Andy. “You kin to O’Malley here in Mayberry?”
“Sure am. He is my father.”
(to be continued...)


December 07, 2021 - Msg 117353: Very good, Boo! Keep writing! --Romeea

December 07, 2021 - Msg 117354: RomeeNa, that is! Guess it's time to cut my nails again.

December 07, 2021 - Msg 117355:

HI ALL, just a quick hello tonight.
Has anyone here ever watched The Chosen?"
They showed it at our church this evening,
and it is great, so well done, and not by
Hollywood, but by a Christian film company.
I think it can be streamed, but I'm not sure how
all that works. I'm not 'ept' in such things.
Here is a trailer...

Now I'm off to read Boo's next installment of her
Christmas tags. :)

December 08, 2021 - Msg 117356: I'm all in on Boo's Mayberry Christmas.

Hey to the Porch!

John Masters

December 08, 2021 - Msg 117357: Boo you had me at the stew &

December 08, 2021 - Msg 117358: A Mayberry Christmas (continued..)

In the years that Andy had known O’Malley, he had never heard him mention a son. “Well, this is a surprise. Is your father expecting you?”
Gary O’Malley lowered his head and softly said, “No, he isn’t expecting me. I haven’t seen or spoken to my father in 15 years. He and I had our differences, so to speak, and I left home at 19. It wasn’t good…I just hope he will be willing to talk to me now. He is still living in Mayberry, isn’t he?”
“Yes, he is, but I’m afraid your father is not in good health. He is living in his cabin on the lake, but has a live-in caretaker. He suffered a serious heart attack this year that left his heart weak. I think it’s a good thing that you came now,”. Andy placed a hand on Gary’s shoulder.
Gary O’Malley looked stricken, “I stayed away too long. I only hope he can forgive me”.
“Your father is a good man,” said Andy. “I know if I hadn’t seen my boy Opie in 15 years, nothing would stop me from accepting and forgiving him for anything.”
“I hope you are right, Sheriff Taylor,” said Gary, with tears in his eyes.
“Call me Andy”.

Thelma Lou and Helen were busily doing last-minute wrapping and baking at Helen’s house in preparation of Christmas Eve at the Taylor’s house tonight. The sounds of the Great Leonard Blush singing songs of the season were being broadcast on the radio. The phone rings and Helen answers to find Andy is calling to inform her that he will be driving Gary O’Malley and his family up to O’Malley’s cabin this afternoon. He assured her that he would be back in plenty of time for the evening’s festivities. Helen looks concerned as she rejoins Thelma Lou, who is putting a big red bow on a lovely silver package. “That was Andy. He has to drive up to O’Malley’s this afternoon but Barney is at the courthouse. The new pastor and his wife are due to arrive this afternoon and Barney will meet them there and take them to the parsonage. I certainly hope they love living in Mayberry”.
“Who wouldn’t?!,” replied Thelma Lou.
Suddenly, a large gust of wind slams into the side of Helen’s house. “Mercy!,” cried Thelma. “Have you heard a recent weather report Helen?”
“This morning they predicted snow later tonight, but I haven’t heard a recent report. I certainly hope Andy will be okay driving up the mountain to O’Malley’s”.
The lovely tones of Leonard Blush are suddenly interrupted by the National Weather Service announcing an impending winter storm.

Andy was halfway up the mountain to O’Malley’s when the winds became so blustery that he had difficulty keeping the squad car on the winding road. The snow was beginning to fall thicker as he drove and he was beginning to be concerned about the possibility of being stranded at some point in the journey. He could tell the temperature was dropping rapidly, as the windows began to fog. He tried to make light of the situation for the sake of the children, so he turned on the radio and heard the sounds of Leonard Blush singing, “Silent Night”. He crept carefully up the mountain along the narrow road to O’Malley’s. He was now nearly blinded by snow.

Bee and Clara stood back to admire the aluminum tree. There it stood: all six feet of it, adorned with red and green glass balls; the rotating color wheel causing a lovely effect! The cozy home was warm and ready for its new, young family. The aroma of Aunt Bee’s stew warming on the stovetop was the icing on the cake. As the winds picked up, Bee pulled back the living room curtain to peek outside. Snow was blowing sideways and the ominous sky appeared dark and dreadful! “Oh my, Clara! Look at this! I had no idea we were in for a winter storm! I’m worried about Andy and Opie. I hope they aren't out in this”. Aunt Bee picked up the phone to call the courthouse and Barney answers..”Aunt Bee, Andy is on his way up to O’Malley’s right now. I will radio him to see if he’s ok and will get back to you. Try not to worry. You know Ol’ Ang; he always knows what to do.”. Barney hung up the phone and with a concerned look, attempts to contact Andy on the radio..nothing but static. Surely Andy would be ok…

A few minutes later, the courthouse door practically blows open and in come the new pastor and wife in a blast of wind and snow. “Come in, come in! Stand near the heater and warm up. You must be half frozen,” Barney shoos the young couple near the heater in the corner. “Hi, I’m Deputy Barney Fife. Sheriff Taylor wanted to be here to greet you but had an important job to do,” Barney held out his hand to the new pastor as a look of recognition passed between them. “ can’t be!...little Ron Bailey?! Son of a rich man? The young man who wanted to pay for his own broken window?!:…
“It’s me, Barney. It’s me. You must be very surprised!”
“Well, Ron Bailey! You better believe I’m surprised. How?...Why…(Barney stammers)…I’m sorry, I just never expected…”
“Well,” said Ron, “I guess you could say that my time in Mayberry changed my life. It was a real turning point and it was then that I decided to make my life count for something.”
Barney replied, with a big smile, “I can't tell you how happy I am to see it! Are you going to introduce me to your wife?”
“oh yes, I’m sorry. This is my dear wife, Paula”.
Barney removes his hat, “Welcome to Mayberry, Mrs. Bailey”.
(to be continued...)


December 09, 2021 - Msg 117359: Ohh this is good Boo.
I hope his wife ain't that lady speeder. :)


December 09, 2021 - Msg 117360:

"The plot thickens!" Pun intended! :) I'm still on the edge of my seat Boo. At least the new pastor isn't from Edmond Dwight, England! haha
And Barney couldn't even get in a big 10-4 on the radio...

Also tonight was about the darlings first appearance. My Mayberry book
mentions that a "professional jugger" (who knew!) made the 'jugging' sounds for brisco. Also great lines like "He's been beautiful preserved."

ASA, We are to get some rain on Thursday. I bet you will get snow
out of this one!

I went to the one remaining mall in our area today, not so much to shop, but to just walk around and soak in the atmosphere. I just enjoy doing that.. Thursday evening we are going to a Christmas concert downtown. Should be fun.
May God bless us everyone,

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117361: Ron Bailey! And O'Malley has a son- wonderful story,Boo! I'm lovin' it!

possum u.a.r.

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117362: Boo....This Story sounds like it came straight outa that “Pee-ton Place” as Barney calls it!...G-F

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117363: Asa!!! Hahahaha. No, the lady speeder is not Ron’s wife, but here’s a hint: think “Ralph Henderson”!…(just kidding).

Thanks for the encouragement, friends. I know I’m no professional and y’all are good At overlooking the flaws. :)

More to come later…


December 09, 2021 - Msg 117364: Great job, Boo! I really like how you switch from scene to scene. Ron Bailey was a curveball! I guess he gave up looking for towns that swing. LOL!

Have a good one, Porchsters!

John Masters

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117365:

"Of course we have swings."

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117366: Snowy, dangerous roads, it's time for Gilly Walker to make an appearance!

Billy Ray the Postman Who Never Let Snow Stop His Appointed Rounds

December 09, 2021 - Msg 117367: A Mayberry Christmas (continued..)

“Please, call me Paula,” said the lovely, obviously expecting, young woman.
“I sure wish Andy could be here,” said Barney “He would be so surprised. He had to make a trip up the mountain and I am worried about him in this weather. I can’t seem to reach him by radio,”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Ron, “Paula and I will keep Andy in our prayers tonight. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know Barney.”
“Thank you. I had better get you two over to the parsonage to warm up before this weather gets worse. Aunt Bee and Miss Clara Edwards are there now. They made you some supper and prepared some things for you. Won’t Aunt Bee be so surprised?!”
“How very kind! I am so looking forward to seeing Aunt Bee and thanking the ladies for their efforts to make us feel welcome. I know Paula is ready for a rest!”

“I’m getting very worried, Thelma Lou! I wish Barney was able to reach Andy by radio.,” Helen’s face was etched with worry. She couldn’t imagine a life without Andy, should something happen. She began to recall times in which she really took him for granted and was unkind and jealous. She regretted it now. Andy had never really given her a reason to distrust him. He is such a good and patient man and her treatment of him at times had been weighing on her mind, lately. She was determined to change. Now, with Andy out in this storm, she silently prayed that she would have many years to come, to show him kindness and love. He was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and he deserved her trust.

Aunt Bee was a ball of worry. Opie was spending the day with Johnny Paul and she was afraid he might attempt to go home in this weather. She picked up the phone to call Johnny Paul’s mother but the the phone was dead. "Oh no, the phone lines are down due to the storm. I'm so worried!"

“Try not to worry, Bee" said Clara. "I’m sure he is safe. Let me make us a cup of tea…just then, a knock on the door and Aunt Bee rose from the large oak rocking chair near the crackling fire..”Oh my, Clara, it must be the new pastor.” Aunt Bee opened the front door and in came Barney, the new young family, and Opie (along with a gust of wind and snow)! “Mercy sakes!,” exclaimed Bee, “Come in before you catch your death! Opie, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t have left Johnny Paul’s in this storm!”
“I had to leave Johnny Paul’s because he was going to his grandmother’s house. I walked to the courthouse to find Pa, but he wasn’t there so Barney brought me here.”
“Thank goodness,” said Bee with a sigh of relief! “Now, let’s everyone take off your wet coats and such and sit by the fire. You must be frozen!”.
Clara enters with a tray of hot tea, cocoa, and gingerbread, “Hello, you must be the new pastor and dear wife. I’m Clara Edwards”.
The new pastor pulls off his hat and scarf, “Hello ma’am. I’m Ronald Bailey and this is my wife, Paula”.
“How do you do? Pleasure to meet you. welcome to Mayberry, and Merry Christmas!”
Suddenly Bee looks up at Ron Bailey and is hit my recognition. “Ronald Bailey?! It IS you!”

Andy felt as though he needed to pry his fingers from the steering wheel once he finally reached O’Malley’s cabin! The drive was certainly a challenge in the wind and blinding snow but they had made it, somehow. He looked at Gary O’Malley, who was staring straight ahead and silent. “Well, this is it,” said Andy. “Should we get out?” He could tell that Gary was anxious. “How about I go first and knock on the door and then you and your family could follow me in?”
“I would appreciate that, Andy. I didn’t think I would feel this way but I am suddenly terrified. I hadn’t thought about how I would feel or what I would do if…what if he turns me away?”
“Oh, these things have a way of working out the way we hope they will, but we will never know until we try. The ‘not knowing’ is probably the worst part,” Said Andy.
“Ok, I’m ready Andy.”.
Andy turns to speak to the children, “I want you girls to stay close to your mama and hold hands when we get out of the car. Stay close together.
“ok, let’s go.” Andy and the family piled out of the car into the blowing snow. A light was already burning brightly on the front porch and a lonely tree with colored, twinkling lights glowed in the front window. Seeing the tree made Gary feel better, somehow. His mind flashed back to Christmas as a boy. What wonderful family times they had in those childhood years. Maybe..just maybe all be would forgotten and….forgiven.
(to be continued...)