October 21, 2021 - Msg 117205:

PS: Love the girl with the peat moss! :)

October 21, 2021 - Msg 117206: MDC, I can't give her much for beauty, but I declare she gets points for muscle. :)

I hope all is well for everyone. Been very nice here weather wise also MDC. Finally getting some rain and snow. Very much needed.

I wanted to share with you folks (especially my cooking mentors) yesterdays learning experience. Last week I made a batch of chili. Along with ground beef I also add some stew meet. Well it turned out really good, cooking it in my crock pot. The stew meat in particular was so tender and good. So when I was shopping on Tuesday I decided to get some more stew meat and make a pot of beef stew. I did that yesteray, again in the crock pot. I so looked forward to having a bowl of it for dinner. Well as I commenced eating I discovered the meat was as tough as dry as you could ever imagine. I was really surprised because last week it was so much better in my chili. Anyway, I turned on the tv while I was eating and just clicked on my DVR to watch an episode of Americas Test Kitchen that I had recorded. The gal on there was making a mexican type stew and she started off talking about the meat. She had a full roast she was cutting up for stew meat and was talking about you should not be tempted to buy the precut stew meat you see at the store because you never know what part of the cow it's coming from. She is saying this as I am choking down a mouthful of Diamond Jim's prime cuts. Well heck I said, lesson learned. Next time I will buy a chuck roast and butcher it up my self. In the mean time, I have a pot ful of stew to try and gag down. I hate throwing food out, but I am tempted to do so with this stuff. Now I know how Aunt Bee felt. I'm just glad I didn't buy 150 pounds of the stuff.

BTW MDC, I thought Andy's choice for Miss Mayberry was excellent. I have seen that same actress (Miss Mayberry) on numerous episodes of Dragnet and Adam 12. She was a very sweet spirit.

Yesterday I stumbled across a video on you tube that some feller had done on the life of Joanne Moore (Nurse Peggy). What a very sad life she had. Her parents died when she was quite young, and she was eventually adopted. At one point as an adult she went deaf. Eventually she had surgery done to get her back her hearing. She was married 4 times in her life. It sounds like alcohol abuse was a real problem for her though. Was arrested 4 times I think it said for DUI. In and out of rehab numerous times. She was also a chain smoker that probably cause throat cancer that took her life. But I did find an old song she recorded. It was what they call an answer song. It was entitled "By the time you got to Phoenix". A song for Glenn Campbell. She sure had a pretty voice. I'll see if I can link it here for you.

Well I hope everyone has a blessed day.


October 21, 2021 - Msg 117207: Here's the link, I think.


October 21, 2021 - Msg 117208: Asa....If you looked at my sign I made for my Diamond♦️Jim outfit, I stated..”Our Meat 🥩 is Tuff”...
That cow 🐄 must have done a lot of Bronco Bustin’ I’m guessing 🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess these day we take what we can get!

Speaking of snow...Our State is pondering the idea 💡 of letting criminals off early so they can be “Rehabilitated” into driving snow plow trucks on our highways since there’s a shortage of drivers....WOW what a concept, putting people behind the wheel of a battle wagon with a huge can opener on the front end?...I have plowed snow with a regular truck and it takes skill and concentration, let alone someone who has little experience....Same goes for the truck driver shortage situation.

I’m all for giving people a second chance, but I don’t think this is a good experiment.... Just Sayin’


October 21, 2021 - Msg 117209: Good morning, porch! Beautiful here, 74° and heading for the mid-80s today. Sounds so strange to hear discussions about snowplows and the likelihood of a snowfall. Our leaves aren't even turning yet.

G-F, what on earth are your state officials thinking? Early release of people (mostly men?) who have demonstrated that they have no regard for others, no respect for property, can't control their impulses, may be prone to alcohol/drug abuse, and generally don't consider themselves to be subject to rules and regulations that others obey. To release such a person early, and put him in charge of a powerful machine that could inflict great harm on a person or on property in a fit of rage or frustration - just doesn't sound like a good idea. Granted, not all prisoners would fit that description, and after serving their time, can and should come out and return to normal life with no further consequences. Still, the odds are not in their favor. I hope this line of thinking doesn't spread to Texas. We do have prisons, inmates, and a few loony politicians, but at least we don't have snowplows! Or snow, for that matter, at least not much and not very often.

As for the truck driver shortage, if Uncle Joe would quit paying people to stay home, maybe they'd get off their collective duffs and get back in their trucks and drive! If someone truly can't get a job in this crazy market today, then help is appropriate. However, when there are signs everywhere you look, saying "Now Hiring", you have to wonder. At least that's how it is around here. Store shelves are skimpy, some nearly bare. Meanwhile, the cargo ships float for miles around the harbors, fully loaded, but nobody cares. Insanity.

Asa, I feel your pain! Something similar happened to me a while back, with some tough beef that remained tough after simmering for four hours! Wasn't cheap stuff, either! Anyway, it ended up on a paper plate out by the back fence. At least some hungry feral kitty or whatever got a meal. The person on TV was right. Know what you're buying.

Well, guess I'll go eat a few pineapple chunks and some grapes and call it lunch. We have our JOY (Just Older Youth) monthly dinner at church tonight, so lunch isn't a priority for me. Actually, it rarely is. I don't know what happened to my usual appetite, but I just don't get very hungry anymore. I guess losing nearly 70 lbs reduced the demand, or something. Anyway, I eat comparatively little, feel great, and my blood sugar is in perfect control. A1C two weeks ago was 6.2. My endocrinologist is delighted. It never goes over 7. All my pertinent lab values were spot on, and my cardiologist was pretty happy too. Says he doesn't know how I do it, but keep it up! I try. I don't follow a diabetic diet, I eat pretty much whatever I want, but I just don't seem to want much. I eat less meat than I used to, don't eat many starches, eat a lot of fresh fruit and fresh veggies. Fortunately, I like everything! I do know that I might not even be here if I hadn't lost that weight. My heart says it's happy, whenever the doc does his little tests. I have two leaky valves, an unexplained scar on one side of my heart, and a narrow aorta,
yet my ejection fraction (EF) is 60%, which is spot-on, text-book normal. Go figure. Thanks, Lord!

Well, Trinket met the groomer yesterday, and I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and told Karen to put her in a puppy cut. All that 6-7" long flowing hair is gone, and she looks like a sheared poodle. We left her tail plume, which is now nearly a foot long, and her fluffy ears and moustaches, and her topknot. She's adorable, but sure doesn't look like she did. It was just getting to be too much for both of us. I spent an hour EVERY evening, brushing and combing her, getting big old mats out of her hair, and then the next day it was to be done again. She had started hiding under my desk if I picked up a brush. She seems to love it, dancing around the house, and plopping into my lap whenever I sit down, which she had stopped doing, lest I bring out a brush! Her groomer has bad arthritis in her hands, and can't do a scissor cut, she just uses a clipper, and it leaves the hair about an inch long. If I didn't like Karen so much, I'd find another groomer, who can scissor-cut and leave her with 2-3" of hair. That won't mat up, just a quick brush every day will keep it, and it would look much nicer. Oh well.

So, off I go. That pineapple and grape lunch is calling me. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

October 22, 2021 - Msg 117210:

I had my yearly medicare wellness exam today.
All went well; my doc was very happy with what he heard and saw.
my O2 was 100% !! Said that is pretty rare to see, but it's been 98-99 for as
far back as i can recall.
But today's visit was bittersweet because he is retiring 'for good.'
He has been our doctor for 42 years, and two years ago he semi-retired, going to only 2 days a week, but at 76 he said that Dec 31 will be it!
He is in an office with 3 other docs whom we have seen on occasion, so we
will go with one of them.
RO--those figures you mentioned are great! I will have blood drawn soon to see how I'm doing.
ASA, thanks for that song link! Yes, a nice voice and a unique answer song to
hear it from the woman's perspective. So sad that she had such a tough life however.
GF--that is 'criminal' what your state is thinking about doing. They'd have to qualify for CDLs and be trained, but still, experience is most important
in such a job! Ro is right, why did they extend those benefits until the end of the year? We know why, but I wont start a moulage. :)

October 22, 2021 - Msg 117211:
Oh Asa, here is a 'sort of' answer song, or one might
say a 'sequel' song to an earlier one. Marty Robbins sang both of them.
First one is about a cowboy in El Paso who has to run off because he shot a fellow in a bar, and the second song is of a guy 100 years
later flying over El Paso, but he has the feeling that HE was that cowboy of so long ago. And no, I do not believe in reincarnation for the Word says that
we are once to die, and then comes the judgement.
This is just interesting in a round-about way. mdc


October 22, 2021 - Msg 117212: Glad your appointment went well, MDC. Mine did, too. I think I forgot to mention that my blood sugar has been creeping up so I started a new once a week injectable med. it’s not insulin but helps lower blood sugar and decreases appetite to help with weight loss. So far it really does.

Just checking in but not much new to report. Lord bless and keep you all.


October 22, 2021 - Msg 117213:

BOO--glad your exam went well. Did it include 'ye olde waffle iron' exam? :) I had the 'equivalent' if you know what I mean! haha
Also good to hear of 'not much to report.' I will assume that is like
no news is good news. More later aligators.

October 22, 2021 - Msg 117214:

Oh, and RO, did you see my post, the last one in the most recent archives, about a cute dog on a commercial!?
And ASA, I saw on our TV weather that y'all might be getting snow!
You may have to take your 'Helen' out for a test drive! haha
And, anyone see that upside down Idaho map yet? :)

October 24, 2021 - Msg 117215: Yep MDC, we had some snow last week and more expected this week. Helen got a fresh tank of gas a few days ago and an oil change. She fired right up so hopefully she will be on her best behavior all winter. I hope we don't get to much snow yet. My cotton wood tree is just dropping leaves now. Glad your Doctor said you were fit as a fiddle. Sorry to hear he is retiring. I know that is hard for you. Good Doctors are hard to find.

Good to see you Boo. Glad you are doing well also. Are you getting excited for the holidays? I hope you have your quotes ready. I always enjoy that.

Well I am trying to post this on my iPad and that usually results in a lot of errors. So forgive me.

Prayers for all for a good Sabbath tomorrow.


October 26, 2021 - Msg 117216:

Wow, a pretty quiet porch these days!
I hope all is well with y'all.
Today was an errand day, getting groceries, etc,
paint to refurbish some of my Christmas decs, etc.
But I did watch Gentleman Dan Cauldwell tonight;
really, on my word as a gentleman. :)
Peace to all in these weird times.

October 26, 2021 - Msg 117217: Had the old waffle iron this month, MDC, and all was well, thank God. That scare I had a few years back was no fun at all. This new med I started is making me nauseous off and on but that is not exactly new for me, so I can tolerate it ok.

Hey there Asa, sorry about the diamond Jim incident. I dont think I have ever had that experience. These days I blast the heck out of beef with my electric pressure cooker and it gets just about anything tender.

Yes, Asa, I am thinking about the holidays, as usual. I just finished a really cute christmas wall hanging for St. Susan and am working on another. I just made a cute advent calendar to hang somewhere. Thursday is Bruce's birthday and he will be 64. I will be making him a cake and a good dinner unless he wants to go out for mexican food. Zach is supposed to bring baby Charlie over to see me tomorrow around lunchtime so I am looking forward to that. Charlie is the closest thing to a grandbaby I will have for awhile and Zach is all too happy to let me fill in as grandma in my friend Karen's place. It is a joy to do it.

Best get back to the chores. Blessing to all my porch family!


October 26, 2021 - Msg 117218: Good early afternoon, folks! I'm here at my window, watching busy little squirrels transporting all sorts of winter necessities, including more pecans. Poor Eddie, he had better sharpen his spade, because this spring there will be dozens of little pecan trees to be dug out of the flowerbeds. They come up in the lawn as well, but the weekly mowing discourages them, and they're really never even seen. If they can't get leaves out to catch the sun, they just die out. In the flowerbeds, they're usually about 5 or 6 inches tall before they're noticed, and are well-rooted and quite vigorous by then. Pulling them out is almost impossible, they have to be dug up. I'm watching one little farmer right now, not much visible but his fluffy tail and his little squirrely backside, but he's burying a pecan in my yard, the little wart.

Looks like rain around here! Heavy clouds, forecast is for rain, and my sprinklers ran early this morning, so of course it's going to rain. At least I can put this evening's cycle on rain delay, and save that much water.

MDC, I did see your note about the Maltese in the commercial, and have seen the commercial as well. For anyone that likes small dogs, Maltese are wonderful. I tried so hard after Toye Starr passed, to find a Maltese to rescue, but they just don't end up needing homes. There are some Maltese rescue websites, but the dogs they have are Maltese mixes, very, very mixed in most cases. Those can be placed easily, apparently, because the sites usually only have a handful to offer. I'm sure they'd make lovely pets, almost any rescue dog does, but I'm just so impressed with the breed that I'm afraid to take a chance with a mix. Those that are not mixed are never without a home. A family member or friend will step in and take them if the owner is no longer available. They are just so delightfully sweet. My Trinket is just so much company, so loving, and tries so hard to be a good girl. She does a pretty good job of it, too! God's little gift to me!

Well, it looks like we're going to close our ESL class at church. We didn't get to have classes last year at all, because of Covid. We tried to reopen when school started in September, and were shocked at the result. We were seeing large numbers in 2019, as high as 120, with an average around 80-90 students. I had guessed it as a bit lower than that, but the records showed it higher. Anyway, our high attendance so far, in these last six weeks, was 8. We had 12 staffers up there one day a week, for 3 people, maybe 5 or 6 mostly. We serve coffee and cold sodas, cookies and snacks, and have two ladies in the nursery for a couple of babies. We had two teachers in each of three rooms - beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Most of our teachers are actually retired elementary school teachers. Eloise and I are about the only ones who aren't professional teachers. Of course, we have another agenda, since we are church-based. We have a little fellowship time, when we share the refreshments, have a little devotional time, in both Spanish and English, sing our theme song, "Love in any Language", and just visit. The teachers don't all sit together, we mixed in with the students. We continued to "teach" as we conversed. They enjoyed teaching us a little Spanish, and practiced their English on us. I especially enjoyed that one-to-one, dual-language time. I speak some Spanish, and it was good learning and practice for me, too! Sorry for switching between past and present tenses up there - I'm still thinking of the school in that way. Old habits.... and I'm going to miss the classes.

The reason we're closing it? Well, we have learned that a local high school just recently opened a whole department, dedicated to teaching English and providing needed resources to the heavy influx of immigrants. They will have classes in citizenship preparation, job finding, locating housing, shopping, whatever it takes to help these folks adjust and adapt. In other words, they will have the resources to help them far more than we can.

We do have a Hispanic congregation at our church, with their own pastor, who is fully bilingual, and we're going to look into ways to help them reach out and attract visitors and eventually, members. They're a pretty healthy congregation already. They meet in our chapel at the same time that the English services take place in the main sanctuary. Right now, the chapel is nearing completion of a total remodel, which has almost doubled its capacity, because the congregation has grown so rapidly.

So, we were all feeling that maybe the time had come for us to close our little school, let the experts have it, and put our support behind something else, something more appropriate for our time. Lots of prayer has gone into this decision, but I think it was right.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up a little something to eat. I had a glass of that wonderful Treetop brand Honeycrisp Apple Juice, so am not really hungry, but should eat something, I guess. If you haven't tried that apple juice, you should. It's pressed, is cloudy, not clear, and has a flavor you just can't resist. Kroger makes a similar juice, and it's good, but just not quite as good as the Treetop brand. A little cheaper, but not worth the difference in taste. I love my apple juice!

Boo, Happy Birthday to Bruce! I hope he has a very blessed day. I see you have one of those "magic" pots. I bought one, have made one meal in it, and haven't used it since. It's silly, I know, but I can't get past a certain fear of it. When I was about eight, I was in the kitchen with my grandmother, who was cooking a pot roast in her pressure cooker. Old timey thing, with the lock-down lid, and the ceramic thingy that sat on top and emitted little puffs of steam and some scary noises at times. Well, that day, I guess it had just had enough, and it suddenly started to whistle and then that ceramic thing shot off of the lid, jets of steam went everywhere, the "thing" hit the ceiling and punched a hole in it and disappeared. Later my dad went into the attic and found it! Note to self at that moment: Never mess with a pressure cooker! And I haven't, for more than 70+ years, until recently, when a friend got one of the new ones, and talked me into trying one. I did, used it once, and decided it was more trouble than the old way. Haven't used it again. Anybody want to buy a "Magic Pot", cheap? Or, maybe I'll try it once more. I made spaghetti and meat balls in it, which is an easy dish to make the old way, too. Maybe I should try it with a pot roast before I give it away. If I can find the nerve....

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

October 26, 2021 - Msg 117219: Romeena, try making soup in your pressure cooker. I use mine for vegetable soup and it turns out so good. It just seems to be more flavorful than when I simmer it on the stove. Just throw all the stuff in and let her cook! I also like to put a whole chicken in it with celery and onion, salt, garlic powder and a few cups of water. It cooks in a short time and the meat is just falling off the bone. You get a great broth to use for soup or chicken and dumplings. So easy. I have never had an incident with mine and been using it for years. I will say, however, that there are some things I dont use it for because it tends to stick. You really cant cook anything think in it, it has to be kind of watery because the bottom of the thing gets so hot that it will scorch. I make some really good chicken and dumplings in that thing. The family loves it. PS-sorry to hear about your little school closing..hope you all find a fulfilling new ministry to your community.


October 26, 2021 - Msg 117220: Hey everyone, for some reason I haven't been able to access this site until today. The screen on my iPad went blank every time I tried. Not much going on with me I did get my booster vaccine and flu shot so I should be good to go. Romeena I am fearful of a pressure cooker as well. My mother used one of those old ones with the little giggle steam thing on top and I was always scared of it. I've been watching some of my favorite episodes, Barneys first car, the high school reunion with Andy's high school sweetheart, the manicurist, and Opie's three wishes. Sarah

October 27, 2021 - Msg 117221: Good morning, porch! I'm at my window, looking out on a beautiful, sunny and very clean back yard. That rain I was expecting yesterday finally arrived around three this morning, and from my bedroom, it sounded like a tempest out there. I expected to see limbs down in the yard, but so far, everything looks fine. Haven't been out front yet, but usually when limbs come down, they're from the trees out back, so I don't expect much out front.

I do know we got a good rain, as my birdbaths are all full. Also, I can see that the pond pumps aren't running, so as usual, the rain shut down the circuit that they run on. There is a contact somewhere on that circuit, that will short out when it gets wet, and that kills the ground lights on 2/3 of the yard, about 15 lights, and the pond pumps. That circuit has a GFI, which (fortunately) is in the house. When the sprinklers run, or we have rain, that GFI trips and shuts all of those things off. I just wait a few hours, whatever it is dries out, and I can reset the GFI, and it comes back on. Ted has hunted and hunted, and can't locate the short. Most of the wires are in conduits, he thinks it's in a fixture somewhere, but can't find it. So, I just routinely check it after the sprinklers run or we have rain, and reset the thing.

Boo, we're going to miss our ESL ladies. We enjoyed those folks so much. Almost all women, but a few men attended as well. There was one elderly married couple, and they were just so sweet and kind, and so eager to learn. We do have other ministries, like Mother's Day Out, that we can focus on, but I guess the ESL time had just run its course. Mother's Day Out is a good outreach. It's offered twice a week, from 9 am to 2 pm. Mothers can drop their children off, and go shop or whatever, maybe have lunch somewhere, or just go home and take a nap! The kids are fed a little snack around 10, then a nice little lunch around 12:30. We have games, toys, Bible story time, and a trip outside to our playground, which is quite nice with all sorts of things for them to climb on or play with. The kids seem to love it. We're just going to leave it up to God, and wait for Him to open a door.

About that Magic Pot thing - I'm trying to visualize that whole chicken you mentioned. I'm sure it doesn't brown at all, and it sounds like just a boiled chicken to me?? I'm definitely not a picky eater, but that just doesn't sound very good. I'm sure it is, or you wouldn't be making it, but I guess I'm just going to have to try it. I wonder if where I might be thinking wrong is in seeing that as a meal itself? Maybe it's not, maybe it's more a way to prepare the chicken to be used for something else, like chicken and dumplings, as you mentioned. I like "chicken and dumps", as a little cousin used to say.

I've noticed some wasps circling around one of the shrubs under my window. I'm betting there's a nest in there somewhere. Those shrubs need trimming, and Eddie is going to get stung if he disturbs that nest. The wasps are beneficial, and I hate to chase them away, but I don't want Eddie to be stung, or me either, for that matter. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

Well, guess I'd better go rustle up a little lunch. I've got some pimento cheese (Price's Spread, good stuff) and some Ritz crackers. That and a handful of some nice sweet grapes should do the trick. Have a good and blessed day, friends. Prayers continue for Mavis and family. Keep looking up! --Romeena

October 28, 2021 - Msg 117222:

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRUCE! Boo, I know you will make him
a great dinner! :) "Will ya still need me, will ya still feed me,
when I'm sixty-four!" :)
ASA--good to hear you have had some snow, but I guess that would hamper the
leaf raking. And good on you for what you did as your chosen profession!
Good HVAC guys are in great demand here right now. Many companies are offering
a $10,000 signing bonus, and six figure salaries!
Hey to SARAH. Not sure why you could not get the site. It has come up for me
everyday. Maybe that old switchboard you use caused some interference! haha
RO--so sorry to hear about the ESL closing up. You also had the ministry edge, whereas not gonna be there in a public school. But hopefully your
former students will still attend services. The Mother's Day Out sounds like a cool ministry however!
My mom had one of the old style pressure cookers. The lid closed up like a bank vault, and she'd
set it over a gas burner on the stove. She made everythig from chili to the chicken soup
that BOO mentioned. The little cap was steel, not ceramic, and it would giggle back and forth
the whole time. (Giggle haha, and giggle, moving around, are spelled the same!)
We sometimes get what's called 'digger wasps.' They build nests of dirt (clay) but only about
6 holes, but their sting is nasty. I usually end up squirting them with the special spray can from Ace.
SPOT's Braves are in the series!
Well, that's about it for now.
Prayers for all,

October 28, 2021 - Msg 117223: Romeena, trust me on the chicken! Its not boiled because there isnt that much water in there. Put some lemon, salt and pepper, garlic in the cavity of the chicken and you will have a chicken that is so much better than boiled! It is never tough, very tender and juicy. I cook them this way to make chicken soup and chicken and dumplings. You can use the meat for chicken enchiladas, casseroles, whatever. Its so easy you get the chicken and a really good broth to use. PS- I love Price's pimento spread!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Bruce. He had to work today but came home a little early before he got too tired and he relaxed for a bit and then we went out to eat at his favorite mexican food place, where he gets the fajita plate. We had a nice dinner together, and some laughs, then we went for a drive down by the harbor to see the sunset and see if we could spot any dolphins (sadly, there were none). The weather is so beautiful this evening! Clear, dry and cool. We came home and had a piece of the chocolate birthday cake I made him and gave him a gift bag filled with some goodies. Now he and Erin are watching a movie together (the latest Wonder Woman movie). I ordered him some cologne from a friend who sells Mary Kay but it hasnt arrived yet.

Zach brought baby Charlie to see me yesterday at noon and they hung out here for a couple of hours. It was such a sweet time! Charlie is adorable and such a good natured baby. Yesterday was his first day away from his mom since she had to go back to work as a school teacher. Zach took a few days off to spend with charlie. Zach received a phone call while they were there from his brother in law and I heard him say to him, "We are visiting with Charlie's Aunt Julie"! It melted my heart. Zach seems to have really turned to me to be his family since his mom isnt here and he has no other aunts or uncles in the area. We had a good talk while he was hear, about his dad who passed three years ago. I think back about the pain and turmoil we went through when Karen died so suddenly 13 years ago now, and I see how well Zach is doing now and I am so thankful to God. Thanks to my porch friends who prayed for Zach when he was is such a terrible place. He and his wife are both school teachers and both want out! He started HVAC school a few months ago and is due to be certified in six months.

Yesterday, Sean and I picked up little Emily (she is 14 now!), and we went to watch a halloween parade in the little town I grew up in. It was special because the yearly halloween carnival and festivities used to be a big deal in my hometown. Things changed over the years but they are bringing back the carnival. I enjoyed the time. My family has been so blessed by Emily. She is a teenager now and has the usual drama and sassiness of a young teen girl, but she is a terrific kid with a good heart and is a lot of fun. She has had so much to deal with. She has a very flaky mom and her dad is an alcoholic who doesnt spend the time with her that he used to. I know we all have family with problems, and I appreciate that you all have let me vent so often here. Mostly, we are blessed, though.

Erin is still here at home and is maturing in some ways but having some struggles, emotionally and mentally. She is still drug-free but continues to have cravings, especially when times get tough. She has been free of seizures for over a month now, thank God. She continues to suffer with the fibromyalgia but has been pushing through and helping Bruce on the place. He took out quite a few trees and now they need to be chainsawed and stacked. So much work to do but those trees needed to go. He had 65 of them removed and we still have lots. It was getting impossible for him to trim that many trees each year, not to mention the mowing and weedeating. It is sad to see them down but its what needed to happen, plus now the grass will grow better without all the shade. Anyway, if you are praying for Erin, please pray that her "girlfriend" Crystal breaks up with her. Its a very toxic situation because Crystal is a drug addict and has killed half her brain cells by huffing for years. She moved down here to the corpus area to live with her sister because her mom threw her out. The girl refuses any kind of rehab or help and is on a quick path to destruction and I dont want her taking Erin down with her. Erin is getting fed up, I can tell, but for some reason she just cant make that break. She did tell me today, though, that she wished Crystal would break up with her. Erin found out that Crystal had been sleeping with her drug dealer in san antonio before she came down here. Why that isnt enough to make Erin leave her is beyond me, except that she is attached to Crystal's little girl, who is living with her grandmother and aunt now. What a mess. I told Erin today that I never use the word "trash" when referring to humans, but the word "trashy" applies here, as far as their lifestyle. It kills me that my daughter, who was raised better, seems to seek out people like that. God help us all!

Thanks for listening, and praying if you are so led. I hope all of of you are well. I received my covid booster this afternoon, as well as my flu shot, so hoping I will be feeling ok tonight and tomorrow. Blessings to you all,


October 30, 2021 - Msg 117224: Good afternoon, porch! Beautiful, clear, sunny day here, and a balmy 74°, which will likely be the high for the day. The wild and gusty wind we've had for the last two days has finally stopped. It was ridiculous! It really pruned my trees - Eddie picked up three big bags of leafy twigs and broken-off dead limbs (small ones) from the yard.

I'm really enjoying this early autumn weather! Leaves not turning yet, though they should be very soon. A few trees around town have already browned out and are dropping, but I'm not sure what they are. Some engineered hybrid, I think, because I don't recognize them as Texas natives at all. I wish I could go down to Fredericksburg right now, and visit Lost Maples Canyon. It's a beautiful drive through the hills down there, with one particularly beautiful area that contains mostly maple trees and is really pretty as the leaves are turning. Maples are scarce in Texas, but on that particular drive, there are thousands and they're beautiful.

Boo, hang in there with Erin. She's fighting two terrible battles, as you know better than anyone else does. Both habits are extremely difficult to get free of. I use the term "habit" loosely. The drugs are, of course, a habit, a terribly strong habit. As for the girlfriend, I'm not sure anyone has ever clearly defined what that kind of relationship is. I think there are degrees, differences, varying causes and of course, innate influences. I don't understand it, but then I don't understand how electricity works, either. It just does, and I don't avoid it just because I don't understand it. My house would be awfully dark if I did, just as my life would be the poorer without the friendship of those two women. I think of two women in my church, both my good friends. Their relationship is between them and God. My vote doesn't count.

I have concerns for Crystal's little girl. That child is going to need some skillful parenting, someone with a clear but non-judgmental grasp of the situation, in order to raise that child to respect her mother as much as she can, and still understand that there are some problems that her mother can or won't control, and that she must avoid getting caught up in. Prayers for that child, especially in the social/political climate of today, with what schools are teaching, and telling the children not to tell their parents!

Boo, it's so kind of you to look after Emily, and to include Zach and now baby Charlie in your family circle. Everybody needs someone to "belong" to. Are you sure someone hasn't put a mark on your gatepost, that means "emotionally needy folks welcome here", like the hobos used to do back during the Great Depression? They would put a mark that meant "the lady will feed you here."

The sun is hitting my big old window at just the right angle, so I can see how dirty it is! I need to go out there and wash that thing, but I just had a shower and washed my hair, so I'm all clean and lotioned up, and don't want to wash that window right now. Besides, I've seen several wasps circling one of the shrubs, and I'm pretty sure there's a nest in it, and it's right in front of the window, with about a foot of clearance between it and the wall. No way can I get in there without disturbing that bush, and therefore, the nest, if there is one. Oh well. Not today.

Guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Maybe some of that Price's pimento cheese on some Ritz crackers. That sounds pretty good. I'll add a little sweet relish to the spread. Do you do that, Boo? I love it straight, but even more with a little zip added to it, and the relish is just what it needs.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

October 30, 2021 - Msg 117225: Ro, I have never tried sweet relish with my pimento cheese spread but I sure will now!

Thanks for the insight concerning Erin. Today, Crystal and her sister moved back to San Antonio with their mom. Hooray. Erin seemed relieved so that is a good sign. As far as Crystal's little girl, there is an aunt in the picture that seems to care and has a decent home. She has cared for the little girl in the past when Crystal wasnt doing it. Crystal seems all too eager to rid herself of the child and that is a good thing for now. I know that eventually she will end up pregnant again because she is not using any form of birth control and, well, it happens when women are selling their bodies for drugs. God help her and her child..and future children.

I had to chuckle at what you said about my gatepost. It certainly seems so, for many years now.

Ro, were you talking about Lost Maples State Park above, or is that something different you mentioned? I have been to Lost Maples State Park and hiked it when I was in my 20s but havent been back since. It was really beautiful.


October 31, 2021 - Msg 117226: Good Sabbath all.
I hope the new day finds you well.

Boo, so glad that the issue with Erin's friend seems to have worked out, at least for now. It sounds like Erin is slowly gaining lifes wisdom. That's good to hear and see I am sure for you. Prayers continue.
As for the gatepost markings, that Romeena mentioned, I think folks like you probably don't need them. I think there is just something in your spirit that attracts folks to you. I suspect it is one of the many gifts you have been endowed with from God and I am certain he smiles when he sees you using it to bless the lives of others. You go girl.
As for pressure cookers, we have an old fashioned one like MDC described. It sits on the stove top and has a weighted cap that sits on the little steam vent that will start rattling when steam starts coming out. I am a menace in the kitchen without a time bomb waiting to blow. lol Acually I have considered buying one of the new fangled units. There was an older gentleman in my Ward who had one and swore by it. He passed away this last year though. I might have to look into that. I'm sure there is a learning curve but when mastered, you can make some delicious meals.

Well we had one small group of about 6 trick or treaters last night, and they were all pretty old. It seems that that tradition is slowly fading away. Kind of sad to see. I know how much I enjoyed it as a kid.

GF, How goes the leaf battle? I am in it full force here. I think this week will be the game changer. My biggest producer is the cottonwood out back and it's about 75% bare and going fast. The maple out front has dropped everything and is all cleaned up. My other two silver maples in the back I took out a couple of years ago so I don't have those to deal with anymore.

MDC, How is your garage floor paint job holding out? Is everything still looking good? I have spent a lot of time the last few weeks organizing my garage. It looks better than it has in years. It has meant having to wear my big boy pants and throw out a lot of stuff, but it was needed. Once I am done there then it is out to my shop. Boy, that one will be a project for sure. That is when the tool sale will take place. I am still debating if I should do a garage sale type thing or just list things separately in an online classifieds ad one of our local tv stations runs. The bigger stuff I will do separetly, I just don't know about the smaller stuff. I hate doing garage sales. You already have everything knocked down to dirt cheap and without failure some yokel will come along and want to talk you down more. It just irritates me. I woujld almost prefer to throw it out or at least give it to someone who would appreciate it and use it. I know a lot of these folks just try and buy things for as little as possible to take it home and resell it for a profit. I don't know why but that just annoys me greatly. LOL Go figure.

I got my second J and J booster last week. Have had no side effects so I will go get my flu shot this week, after I see my dentist. Then I see I have my 6 month check up with my dermatologist for screening. I have had no reoccurrence of the skin cancer I had on my head, so hopefully all will be well. And as I may have mentioned before, she is very easy on the eyes, so it ain't all bad. :)

Romeena, that little snack you mentioned sounds good. One thing I have noticed as I have gotten older, my cravings for spicier foods has increased, or at least I seem to tolerate it more now. I never liked hot and spicey food much when I was younger, not because of any tummy issues, but it just numbed my mouth and I really could not taste anything elese which I thought was dumb. But as I have gotten older I seem to handle it better and actually crave spicier stuff more amd more. Has anyone else noticed that?

Well prayers for all for a great Sabbath and a blessed week.


October 31, 2021 - Msg 117227: Asa...The leaves 🍁 here are still turning, trying to keep up with mulching them but it has been real wet here lately so I’m in a kinda holding pattern....Most everything else is ready for Winter. I still have my rockers on the front porch, they are my final hold out to the end...


October 31, 2021 - Msg 117228:

Pappabear Frank just called me to say that he'll see ya all at
the Remshaw place tonight. :)
And he will have surgery on his foot on Nov. 9, so please keep him in
your prayers. Thanks. More a bit later,

November 01, 2021 - Msg 117229: Testing.....Romeena

November 02, 2021 - Msg 117230:

ASA--just remember that even Rafe got that 5 dollar thing-a-ma-jig for 3 dollars! haha. As for the garage floor, it is holding up just fine, thank you very much.
Well worth the investment if you are thinkin' on it. But nary a one of our
ash leaves have fallen yet, but we are still in the 80s here. But I can still remember
the days when my dad would BURN THE LEAVES!!
BOO-Prayers for Erin as she goes thru this continued saga.
I sort of thought that some drugs were involved, and that
is so very hard to break free of. I have seen it in others
here. Support is so important as things move along.
RO--glad that you did not disturb those wasps.
A dirty window is much more tolerable than a wasp sting!
Keep well folks!
MDC :)

November 02, 2021 - Msg 117231: Hey there, Porch

I had a question and a couple of observations....

First, the question. Do any of you know what happened to some of the early citizens of Mayberry like Art, Sam, Orville, etc.? I wondered if they disappeared due to lack of ways to keep writing them into the shows and the producers thinned Mayberry out a little.

Two...did you notice that, after Jim Lindsey came back and rejoined Freddy/Bobby Fleet's band after his failed solo career, no one was ever excited to see Jim or even acknowledged him when Fleet's band came back to Mayberry like in the episode, "A Date for Gomer?"

Three...I don't know if it's really considered a blooper, but in the episode "Lawman Barney" where the two men are selling produce on the road, you see a man way off in the background walking back and forth in front of a house when the two sellers are peeking around the back of their truck when Barney comes back to confront them the second time. Surely, a TAGS crew member doing something, but, if you suspend reality, you could just see it as a Mayberry citizen walking around his house. ;)

Take care, folks!
John Masters

November 02, 2021 - Msg 117232:
Watch what happens to President Joe Biden.

from Poor Horatio

November 02, 2021 - Msg 117233:
If that link above comes up with the sound muted, click on the speaker icon to turn on the sound.

from Poor Horatio

November 02, 2021 - Msg 117234: PH, All I can say is....


November 02, 2021 - Msg 117235: Good afternoon, porch! PH, I'm trying very hard to observe the porch "no politics" policy, but I just can't resist a healthy Hahahahaha at that one. Along with that, I also find myself feeling a little sorry for the poor old guy. It's painfully obvious that he's just not physically or mentally up to the job, and hasn't been for a long time. And when I think of what's waiting in the wings, it scares the bejabbers out of me, enough that I find myself hoping Joe can hang on three more years. Talk about a rock and a hard place! OK, no more from me.

John Masters, I always just took that as you said, a citizen just walking around his house. You see that now and then - a recent episode, can't remember which one - showed a neighbor walking up his front walk and onto his porch, in the house next to Andy's. I think that one was planned, to give the "neighborhood" some reality.

A day or so ago, I saw the one where Andy is sitting on the edge of Opie's bed, talking to him. We see Andy as he sits down, then the whole scene looks different. The room looks darker, and the big thing I noticed is that Andy's hair is suddenly parted on the right, rather than the left. Actually, I think I've mentioned this before, quite a while back. Seems like someone said this was the result of a dubbed-in scene, and the film was reversed. I really don't understand that, but it's as good as anything else I could imagine. Definitely above my pay grade.

Well, we're finally getting the rain we've been expecting. Got a pretty solid little shower just now, it has stopped, but the clouds still look pretty leaky. Also, it's cold! It's just 56° right now, and the 10-day forecast never goes above 79°. About time! It is November, after all!

Eddie just left. I declare, that slow-moving guy can get more done in just a few hours. I had three volunteer lantana shrubs out front, that had just commandeered the little courtyard and filled it up. We had tried keeping them trimmed down to a small, compact size, but small and compact are not in a lantana's vocabulary. Give them a week, and they'll be five feet high and wide. Also, that area is shaded, so they got almost no direct sun and therefore weren't blooming worth diddly, so Eddie just dug them out. I'm glad they're gone! He moved my two plumeria trees into the garage, since it's about to get cold, and inevitably, two nice healthy branches were broken as he wrestled them through the side gate. I have a dolly for moving them in their pots, but the gate is fairly narrow and the plants are wide-spread. Something always gets broken. No problem. I gave the pieces to Eddie. He'll put them about two inches deep in some pots of potting soil, water them, and he'll have two young trees. Those things propagate so easily! They also branch out from a break, so next spring, we won't even be able to tell where the breaks were. Oh, goody! Here comes the rain again!!!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I'm not really hungry, maybe just a piece of fruit or whatever. I've got grapes, a pineapple, apples, three mangoes, and even some good cheese. Sounds like lunch to me! Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena