September 06, 2021 - Msg 117067: Holding you in my heart, dear Mavis.❤️


September 06, 2021 - Msg 117068: Good morning, porch! Good sweep, Boo! By the way - my apologies for not responding to your earlier post regarding the change in your email address. I got busy with something else, and it just slipped my mind. That seems to be happening pretty often these days. I wonder what causes that? Anyway, is the phone number I have for you a cell phone? If so, I'll just text you my contact information. The one you have for me, if I'm remembering correctly, is not. It's a land line. If the area code is 972, it's not my cell.

You know, I love God's sense of humor. He definitely has one, you know. I know I posted one of my little rants a while back, regarding those ridiculous, tacky, 4 ft tall zinnias that were supposed to be 8-10" tall. I think I mentioned that the butterflies seem to enjoy them, which is all that's keeping me from uprooting the shabby things. Well, this morning, as I sit here looking out my beloved window, there are five butterflies hovering over the meager little flowers, and three of them are as big as the palm of my hand. So pretty! Just almost makes up for the pitiful show the tiny flowers make. Maybe there's a message there. Sometimes seeing something through different eyes can give you a totally different impression. When I look at that flowerbed, I see too-tall, lanky and dilapidated-looking plants, with tiny, unimpressive flowers sitting right on top. Butterflies are attracted to the tiny flowers, know there is nectar within those little blooms and hover over them, extracting the meager amount of nectar they hold. They become "flying flowers" themselves, adding a bright note of beauty to the otherwise shabby display. I guess it's all in one's point of view.

My American Beautyberry shrubs (there are 2 of them, each about 5' high and 5-6' wide) are so pretty right now. They have had tiny (3 mm), nondescript white flowers encircling the long canes like little bracelets, for weeks now. Suddenly, almost overnight, those little flowers have become fat, beautiful purple berries. Each cane is wearing dozens of those berry bracelets, from deep within the shrub all the way out to the ends of each cane. They are so pretty! I really do enjoy them, but unfortunately for me, so do the birds, especially the robins. The show is about to end, I guess. There are two robins out there right now, investigating the shrubs. So far, they're not eating the berries. I think they're not quite ripe enough. In a day or two, those robins will notify the rest of their little band of marauders and I'll look out and see a squadron of about 30 birds swarming over the shrubs, and in one afternoon, all the berries will be gone. It has happened every year for about 12 years or so. Those shrubs were a good investment! Usually I don't do much to them, just make sure they have enough water. However, last year I pruned them back, very deeply, to about 2' tall. They didn't mind a bit, in fact they flourished. They thickened up, because each cane I cut sprouted two new canes from the cut! Pretty shrubs!

Mavis, I'm still praying for you and yours. It seems so unbearable right now, as I well know. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, do what must be done and let things that can wait, wait! Cry when you must, and know that tears are a language that God understands. As much as you can, turn it over to Him and let Him carry it for you for a while. Joy really does "come in the morning". I thought it never would, but eventually, peace arrived.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 06, 2021 - Msg 117069:
Here is a link that might have a positive affect among all the sad news here.

from Poor Horatio

September 06, 2021 - Msg 117070: The NATIONAL Archives in Wokeington D. C. has put a "harmful" or offensive alert....on the United States CONSTITUTION.

My blood is boiling.

John Masters

September 06, 2021 - Msg 117071: Poor Horatio...Nice clip ...Even Ann B. Davis (Alice from the Brady Bunch) was on it too!...

Mavis...So Sorry for your loss andthe pain...I can’t imagine what you are going thru now...


September 07, 2021 - Msg 117072: Mavis, I hope you can feel your Porch family's love and that it helps ease a bit of your pain. Continued prayers being sent for you.

Boo,that's the news we've been waiting for regarding Erin! I pray she will hold to this and not fall back into the relationship and all of the problems that came with it. Prayers for Erin!

possum under a rock

September 07, 2021 - Msg 117073: Y'all- our little Porch Baby Laci turns 18 today!!

Yes, I said 18!!

For all of the prayers,kind words,and love sent out for her over the years- thank you all. She wouldn't have made it this far without that.

Happy Birthday, Miss Laci!

possum again

September 07, 2021 - Msg 117074: Good morning, porch! And a big Happy Birthday! to Miss Laci! We're happy for you, sweet girl!

Boo, so glad Erin is home again. Let's all pray that it sticks this time. Looking again at what you describe of her attitude this time, it appears there's a very good chance that it will. Prayers continue!

I found something on my computer this morning, and just have to share it. It checks so many boxes on my list of things that matter, like wounded veterans and their sacrifice, the love and loyalty of pets, good outcomes and making lemonade out of lemons, positive decisions - you name it, if it's good and positive and useful, it's in this story. Read the text on the site, but DO NOT miss the video. Watch it! You'll be glad you did. Here's the link:

Well, today is Trinket's groomer day. Miss Karen will be here around 2:30, she and shaggy, somewhat matted Trinket will disappear into her big old van, and in about 45 minutes a clean, mat-free and adorable Trinket will appear, sporting a neat, fresh "puppy cut" style haircut. She will be feeling so good after her bath, and losing all that shaggy hair (it's over 6" long right now), and so happy to be released back into her home, she'll be racing around the house like a greyhound. She always gets "the zoomies" after a grooming session, and boy, is she fast! She is such a joy to me, such a bright spot in my life. Always happy, full of mischief, and so very, very loving. When we're in the car, she sits on the top of the console next to me. It's at seat level, with the other part folded up and back. As soon as I open the car door, she hops in and assumes her place, and she rides right there. As we move along, about every fifteen seconds I feel a little warm tongue going lick, lick on my elbow! She would prefer being in my lap, but she knows that's not allowed in the car, so she settles for just sitting beside me and washing my elbow frequently. I guess, depending on your point of view, my elbow is either very dirty or very clean. Being a card-carrying dog lover, I consider it clean.

Well, better get busy around here. I have pond fish to feed, orchids to water, hummer feeder to fill, furniture to dust, cards to address and mail, a few bills to pay, a couple of laundry loads to do, some favorite TV shows to watch, etc. Work, work, work! (ha, ha)

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 07, 2021 - Msg 117075:

Hello all. Romeena's tags episode was on the other night; and tonight it
was Otis and his car! Here's something to give a think to: Why did they sometimes
have to stay with Otis in the courthouse over night, like in tonight's episode, but other times he
just lets himself in and is in there all by himself. Hmmm.

RO-your garden butterflies sound just lovely! Very cool.
I hope Trinket's grooming went aOK.
Possum--A big happy 18th birthday to Laci!! :)
Hello to everone else.
Praying for our nation as we get closer to 9-11.
God's blessings,

September 08, 2021 - Msg 117076: Good morning, porch! We had a thunderstorm last night, got a little rain, and it looks like we could get more. I hope so! I love it when I can set my sprinkler system on "Rain delay" and watch things green up without an increase in my water bill!

Well, Trinket saw the groomer yesterday, but I chickened out on the puppy cut. The groomer was reluctant to do it, because it would have been very short! What she needs is a scissor-cut, which would leave her hair about 2-3" long, but very few groomers will do those cuts. So, I let Miss Karen talk me into just a bath, a facial trim and lots and lots of conditioner as the final step, to help prevent matting. She used to do scissor-cuts, a long time ago, but she has arthritis in her hands pretty bad now, and using scissors is very painful for her. I understand that, and sympathize. So, at least for now, Trinket has her long and lovely hair, and I'll just try to slicker-brush her daily to catch those mats before they can develop. She looks so pretty, with her shiny, snow-white veil of hair. There's always next time, and if I don't like the clipper-cut when it's done, well, it's hair and it will grow again. No big deal.

MDC, I have wondered about that same thing - why Otis needed watching overnight sometimes, and not at other times. Also, is it my imagination, or in Andy's house, does the placement of the door into the kitchen change a couple of times? Sometimes it's in a straight, flat wall that ends in a corner, where the wall turns toward the front of the house, and other times, that corner is not a 90° angle, with the door facing the dining room. Instead, the corner is blunted, with the door facing halfway toward the living room. I'm not sure, but I think in one or two episodes, the corner is square, with the door actually facing the living room. It's hard to tell, because the sets were often built with the rooms not actually square, but rather widening out where it faces the cameras. It gave the illusion of bigger rooms. Think of stage sets, where the whole thing is built to widen on the audience side. Or, maybe I'm imagining the whole thing? I think maybe I don't have enough to do?

Wow! I just noticed something. About three weeks ago, Eddie pruned the Peace rose outside my window way back. It immediately shot two new canes skyward. They're about 2.5 feet long now, and each has a big fat bud on the end! That bush always bears the most gorgeous Peace roses, at least 6" in diameter, and these are going to be more of the same. The bush is not in an ideal place for a rose, being up against the south side of the house, and with two trees shading the area in the summer. They send up those long canes, seeking sunlight! Maybe that's how the growers get those gorgeous long-stemmed beauties you see in the flower shops, and in floral arrangements. They plant them where they have to reach for the light they love.

Well, guess I'd better go feed my pretty little long-haired beauty. She needs to eat her dog food! She cajoled me out of some watermelon, peach, peanuts and blueberries last night. I nibbled on such as that all evening, never did eat an actual meal, and that's okay for me, but she needs more meat protein. Her bowl contains a good kibble at all times, but she'll ignore it, in favor of whatever I'm eating. I guess I'll add some meaty wet food to her bowl, and see if she'll be tempted by that. As a comical dear friend said to me once, in a conspiratorial whisper, "I'm not sure, but I think someone is coming in here when you're not home, and spoiling your dog!" Ya think?

Prayers for all who are hurting, or in harm's way today. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 08, 2021 - Msg 117077: Well Gang I watched the Pre-Release of the Mayberry Man Movie. KT IS AWESOME!...Those of us who contributed got to see a one day online viewing of it before it Officially gets released on October 1. Weaver’s Department Store is selling it so if you want it you can order it from Mrs. Floyd...At


September 08, 2021 - Msg 117078: Thanks for the heads-up, G-F. I just ordered my copy! --Romeena

September 09, 2021 - Msg 117079: Good evening all.

GF I will order the day move on your recommendation. Because you sit are solid. The links you provided for the trailer looks good.

Possum, belated birthday wis. The for Laci. I hope she had a great birthday. Mercy sakes, 18?

MDC I also have wondered about the inconsistency in housing Otis. In some episodes he even needs his own key to get in the Courthouse. Kind of like that disappearing fire hydrant in front of the Courthouse.
Tonight I watched the episode when Andy tried to take a week off and he ended up letting Barney go on vacation so he could get some rest. I could relate to that when I was working. Lol

Boo I hope and pray that ERin is learning some things and will grow from them.

Well off to the iron board for me.


September 09, 2021 - Msg 117080: Sorry for all the typos. I am doing this on my iPad and it has a mind of its own.


September 09, 2021 - Msg 117081:

ASA, for a minute there I thought YOU were taking
a little nip! ha
more later,

September 09, 2021 - Msg 117082: Good morning folks. a cool somewhat rainy on my end of the porch this morning.

Just thought I would echo GF's endorsement of
Mayberry Man. I watched the pre release of Mayberry Man last night. It was a great movie and our Floyd did a great job throughout. It was fun to see sites that I have visited in Mt. Airy during Mayberry Days and the Mayberry Meetup and to see folks I have met along the way on the screen.

everyone have a blessed day
Big Maude

September 09, 2021 - Msg 117083: MDC, another inconsistency I saw tonight was on the episode when Charlene comes to town to divorce Dud. As Andy and Barney are leaving the Courthouse, Barney goes to the phone to tell Sarah that they are not going to be there if anyone should call. Well that was often the situation there but that was the only time i remember it being mentioned. You reckon I am overthinking a? Lol

Maude, how goes the remodel? And how is Mr. Maude doing?

Well I am off to bed. I didn't sleep well last night. Just like Ollie, not a wink.


September 09, 2021 - Msg 117084:

Good evening. Tonight's episode was GF's- our own Diamond Jim- complete with straw hat! We never see him, but GF sure 'takes off' on him well. And apparently Andy had a back porch built
onto his house. ha.
Last night was ASA's ep as Weaver's guard. Boy, bank guard by day
and store guard by night. A busy guy.
Well, we are back in a heat wave. Usually by this time, we get down into the 90s, but the past
few days it's been 110 again. All else is ok however.
I put out my 4 flags today for the rest of the week and weekend.
Two represent the towers, and 1 for the pentagon and one for Penn.
May we never forget. :(
Big Maude, good to see you. I am going to have to see that movie, it
sounds really good!
RO-when I was in HS drama club, the stage sets walls always went out at a 45 degree angle for the reason you state. As far as the kitchen door goes, it may just be where the cameras were place for certain shots. Just a guess tho.
Hang in there gang. Prayers for all!
MDC :)

September 10, 2021 - Msg 117085: I wish there was a way to post pictures in here so I could show y'all the "christian" love and compassion I got in the mail today. I got an envelope with no return address that had copies of when my Jacob and 3 others were arrested back in Jan 2020 for having pot, drug paraphernalia (scales, baggies and needles) and my handgun that he had stolen from me, of course, small town it was all over the news here.
Anyway, it had copies of that article and also a picture of a Bible opened to Hebrews 10 and verse 30 & 31 were circled. Just exactly what this mother's broken heart needed to find in the mail today. Then people wonder why I have turned my back on Christianity. This area is FULL of this kind of hatred in the name of God. The longer I live here the more I believe the quote "There is no greater hate than christian love"
**I am not trying to offend any of you AT ALL because y'all are NOT in that category thankfully! I just ask you to start taking hold of those that do cr@p like this, hold their feet to the fire and start making them answer for it! THEY are what gives Christians a bad name. Just saying.
I'm hurt beyond measure because I'm 98% certain who sent it and it's a family member.
I'm off to cry myself to sleep again only this time there's added pain to it.


September 10, 2021 - Msg 117086: Mavis...That is SO Mean & Cowardly!...Some People just enjoy being that way, mainly because they are not happy in their own life is what I find....Their judgment day will come one day too!

This verse kinda says it all....He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the first stone.. Hope that gives you some peace and reminds some people they are just not that powerful!

That power comes from ONLY one!... Just Sayin’ 🤷🏼‍♂️


September 10, 2021 - Msg 117087: BTW...Asa I used my “Maintenance Man” decoder ring and I understood every word you were saying in your scrambled up message about the movie... I find my IPad has that same problem...”Wonder what causes that?” ( in my best Barney voice)....

G-F again....

September 10, 2021 - Msg 117088: Mavis, Your post just broke my heart. I am so very sorry for the uncompassionate behavior and judgement you have been subjected to.
I am reminded of the two great commandments. Love God with all we have, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. I once read somewhere if those two commandments were lived fully, everything else would fall into place naturally. But without it, every other attribute will be a struggle. I pray for a full healing of your heart and soul Mavis. We love you.

GF, It would require a decoder ring to understand my message above. Perhaps I posted in tongues. lol

Well off to mow the lawn. It wont be much longer until the battle of the fall leaves begin GF. Are you braced for it?


September 10, 2021 - Msg 117089: Asa...I have the hip to swing it!...Oh, and it appears the minor adjustments to my valves have helped my mower machine problem somewhat... Haven’t done any teardown to the carburetor, but this helped...My flooding problem is minimized now...I have to remember she is almost 25yrs. old...


September 10, 2021 - Msg 117090: Good morning, porch! A beautiful day here in Texas, hazy skies, light breeze, lots of critter traffic in the back yard, one perky little hummer guarding the feeder. Another one tries to get a sip now and then, but The Boss quickly drives him away. How can anything that tiny and cute be such a bully? I can't help but laugh at him.

Mavis, there are no words to describe my feelings, but give me a minute, and I'll find some! I waited a while to enter the porch, after reading your last post. The tiny bully in my back yard is funny, but the bully who invaded your life with that cowardly anonymous message is disgusting. Such a spiteful, hate-fueled thing to do. If you're correct in your suspicion that it's a family member, then that makes it all the worse. And to have the nerve to try to use the Bible to hurt you? Don't they realize that those circled verses only warn and condemn them?

I cannot imagine how dark a person's heart must be, to allow them to use things that must have broken your heart at the time, to cause you pain all over again. I'm so sorry that your impression of "Christian love" is so skewed. I can see how it could be so, with people like that around you, doing such things and saying such hurtful things. A true Christian will never do that. The Bible says that in the last days, many will be crying "Lord, Lord!" but the Lord will respond with "Depart from me, ye that work iniquity, for I never knew you!" It will be as it was in Noah's day, when the rain began and the doors of the ark were closed. The sinful people who had ridiculed Noah were crying for salvation, but the doors were closed to them. Mavis, it's not just the people where you live who are that way, they're everywhere. The Bible is full of references that say that many will claim to be Christians, but are not, because they have no understanding of what that really means. Adolf Hitler called himself a Christian. Obviously, he was not. I recall my "tell it like it is" grandmother saying, regarding Hitler's claim, "A cat can have kittens in an oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits!" I was just about six when she said that, but I've never forgotten it. Tons of truth there.

Mavis, God will strengthen you, comfort you, and heal your heart, but you have to want Him to do it, and believe that He will. When my beloved husband died so suddenly, no warning, when he was 58, I fought God. It took me a long time to quit fighting and "blaming" God, but when I finally gave up and surrendered to Him, I began to live again. It's all in my little book, "A Flat of Petunias." Fortunately, I was surrounded by true Christian friends and family, and they forgave my anger and rebellion, and so did God! I will continue to pray for you, dear girl. However, God cannot help you until you realize that the so-called Christians who seem to surround you are not Christians at all, and all will be revealed some day. They will be like the people who drowned outside Noah's ark - asking for God's help, but too late. Not only will they be in fear as their own doom approaches, but they will see where their behaviors have caused others to go down with them, and they will feel the guilt. I would not want to be in their shoes.

One more thing. The so-called "Karma" exists. I don't call it that, I see it as God's justice. There was a woman in my husband's family who learned about it. When it became obvious that his brother's wife delivered their full-term first baby just six months after their marriage, that woman (in my presence, yet!) began to lecture my MIL about it. "How can you even bear to look at that child, knowing what he is?" Such "helpful" comments as that, and it hurt my gentle MIL very much. Well, just a year later, that woman's daughter presented her with her first grandchild and guess what? She hadn't even bothered to get married at all! Large helpings of crow were served, but my sweet MIL did not join in. I'm sure that wouldn't cause a ripple these days, but that was in 1961! Different attitudes in those days. So - the mean-spirited make-believe "Christian" who hurt you will pay for it some day. God has His own justice system.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 10, 2021 - Msg 117091: Mavis, others on the Porch have pretty much said what I wanted to say to you in response to that envelope you received,so I will just say this- I'm sorry that somebody hurt you in such a cruel manner and for it to be family just makes it even worse. God saw what they did and that cowardly ,spiteful person will have to answer to Him one day. I wish I could give you a great big hug, Mavis. Like Asa said,we all love you. Praying for some comfort to come your way.

possum u.a.r.

September 11, 2021 - Msg 117092: September 11, 2001.

Never forget.

possum again

September 11, 2021 - Msg 117093:
Amen Possum. I'm trying to keep today solemn,
not doing too much, remembering and praying.

September 11, 2021 - Msg 117094: As I am watching documentaries about 9/11 today, and thinking about how we, as a country, became unified and comforted and helped one another. I am really saddened by the shape our nation is in now due to political and social differences. We are so divided and it hurts me. We need so much to stand together and help each other and the weaker members of society now but it seems it just isnt working. Maybe I am putting too much stock in what I see in the news or on social media. I guess I need to focus on real people, neighbors, and the many good folks in this nation who love family and country and are still doing so much for so many. Sad that you never seem to hear about that much in the news.

Dearest Mavis, you know how I feel about what happened to you. It reminds me of something someone from Westboro Baptist would do. I swear the most dangerous thing on earth is a zealous religious fanatic that knows nothing about love.


September 12, 2021 - Msg 117095: Good morning, porch. Boo, you said a mouthful there, my friend, and God agrees with you. The scripture is full of references to those who "take the name of the Lord in vain" and related references. That doesn't mean "cussing", by the way. To "take the name of the Lord in vain" means to profess to be one of His, while behaving in a manner that makes it clear that you are not. God will not let that pass. The Westboro Baptist church is a perfect example. For anyone who doesn't know it, that group of hellions is not a church, it's a gang of bullies, fanatics, and hypocrites of the first order. They have no idea what it means to be a Christian. As I said earlier: I recall my "tell it like it is" grandmother saying, regarding Hitler's claim, "A cat can have kittens in an oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits!" I was just about six when she said that, but I've never forgotten it. Tons of truth there.

That "church" is a perfect example. It's mostly a family, all following their demented old patriarch, and doing all sorts of hateful things, in God's name. I don't want to be anywhere near them at the last day. The fallout could be dangerous!

Peace and love to all my porch friends. I'm headed for my church, where love abounds. Sadly, not all churches are like that, but most of them are. Mine has been my safe haven, the center of my social life, a place where God is revered and worshiped honestly, and where truth and love are taught, for 48 years now. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 12, 2021 - Msg 117096: Mavis, I am so sorry, sending prayers. Karma will get the culprit. I grew up in your neck of the woods and I'm saddened to know things haven't gotten any better over the years. My brother had to go into assisted living and his home was burglarized probably by one of his neighbors, so sad. Mavis what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Sending ❤️ Sarah

September 13, 2021 - Msg 117097: Boo... Be safe Nicks bringing a lot of rain...Not your first rodeo but be safe anyhow....G-F

September 14, 2021 - Msg 117098:

Hello porchsters.
I believe that I have told you all in the past that I am the director of my
high school alumni association. The school closed in 1987 so our ranks are dwindling. Anyway, I write up a quarterly newsletter, so I have been busy these past several days getting the latest one 'signed, sealed, and delivered.'
I always make mention of those who have passed since the last newsletter, and it was tough going
this time because there were 17 to write about.

Mavis, I don't think that I could offer anything even close to the last few posts here, except to re-iterate that we all love you, and we are all praying for you and yours dear one.

ASA, so your leaves are already falling? Time to rev up the leaf mower!

GF-- is Mayberry Days this weekend?

RO-your Bible knowledge is worth every penny. Thank you for those
important verses. Actually, we all need a reminder of such things now and then.

Well, I have an early dental appt in the morning, so will try to hit
the ironing board real soon.
MDC :)

September 14, 2021 - Msg 117099: MDC....No, Mayberry Days is not this weekend, it starts the following week...Hopefully the storms will be done by then and we have good weather...Rain sure dampens things because many activities are outside....

Speaking of that...Boo how did you guys make out? A lot of rain I bet...


September 14, 2021 - Msg 117100: Hey G-F, we are fine thanks. 😊. We had very little rain and just a little wind and that was it.


September 14, 2021 - Msg 117101: Good morning, porch. I hope that all who are/were in the path of the storms are safe and unharmed. Violent weather can be a terrifying thing. Is everyone okay?

MDC, I appreciate your kind words. If I have any true Bible knowledge, it's due to the influence of my parents. My mother was a true and Godly woman, slow to anger, but quick to respond to injustice or to the actions of a bully. One of my cousins, an older man, once said of her that she scared him! He noted that "she can tell you off royally when you need it, but you don't realize it until the next day!" He was right, and the delay in the understanding avoided many angry discussions. Our pastor once said of her that if he had to use one word to describe my mother, that word would be "tactful." Spot on!

My dad had a wonderful sense of humor, and de-fused many threatening situations with some funny remark or quip. Both were devout Christians, and no one had to ask about it. You could see it in their behavior, hear it in their speech. They weren't pushy with it, but just lived what they believed. I will forever bless them for what they taught me, because I'm convinced that true Christians are the happiest people in the world, and they gave me that gift, from day one. Even in the darkest days of my life, the first few years after my husband passed, I always knew that I was out of step, and needed to let God help me, and truthfully, I knew that I would do that eventually, when I got through with my hurt and anger toward God. Like any loving father, he let me have my childish tantrum, and welcomed me back when I was ready. As I was taught from infancy - God is Love.

Well, I'd better get off this keyboard and get busy. Eloise and I are going to get pedicures (she gets a manicure too, but I don't) and then going to Chico's to exchange a shirt I bought a couple of weeks ago, and somehow it got mixed with a larger size shirt, far too big. I guess I just picked up the wrong one. I had both sizes in the dressing room. I may buy a pair of their "Travelers" slacks as well. I have a pair, but they're a mile too big for me now, and are in danger of falling off! Those pants are just wonderful. You can literally roll them up, carry them in a suitcase, shake them out and wear them. Not a crease, not a wrinkle, and they wash like a handkerchief. I machine-wash them, but don't put them in the dryer. You can, but I just hang them and let them dry. Chico's stuff is a bit pricey, but it all wears like iron, and I've got a pair of travelers pants that are twenty years old, at least, and still look like new. Just too big now, hooray!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 14, 2021 - Msg 117102: Possum...Check your email.....G-F 😀

September 14, 2021 - Msg 117103: ROmeena, your Mom sounds like she was very diplomatic. I once heard it wise man define a diplomat as someone who can tell you to go to h.e. Double L but do it so nicely that you look forward to the trip. I have known a few folks like that in my life. Lol


September 15, 2021 - Msg 117104: I saw it, G-F and I want one!! Thanks for sharing that link!

Y'all have a good day & remember to Act Like Somebody!

possum u.a.r.

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117105:

Good evening all. A slow day here on the porch, so I washed off all the rockers with my Binford K2000 pressure washer.
Now I have to go about two blocks to find them all! haha
Ro, what you said in your last post reminded me of when I started teaching. After my very first day of teaching, the instructor in the room next to me came into my room, and said
"Let me guess, are you a Christian?" to which I said, "I am, but why do you ask?" He then proceed to say how it was my whole demeanor, and how well the kids took to me, my patience with them, etc.
I was flabbergasted, but I once learned what St. Francis of Assisi once said,
"Preach a sermon everyday, and if you have to...use words."
Pretty profound. Well...
Possum, good to see ya. Hope all is well.
GF--have fun at Mayberry Days.
ASA--love how you got away with saying that word!! ha
God bless all,
MDC :)

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117106:
Oh, by the way, we are friends to this day!

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117107: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here in "upper Texas." Many Texans use that "upper" thing, rather than saying "north." Somehow, that "north" designation, when applied to Texas, just doesn't sound right to many of us, especially those of us who grew up in the southern part of the state. No offense to our yankee friends, we love all of y'all, (or "youse" or "you-uns", whatever plural pronoun you prefer) but "upper" just hits our ears a little more softly.

Uh-oh! My little hummer has been using the feeder outside my window, and occasionally coming over to hover near the glass and peer in at me. Just now, the second hummer who appears now and then, just flew in for a sip and "the boss" very swiftly escorted him or her out of the area. They are so funny! Just imagine being attacked by something no larger than my pinky finger! I've witnessed some serious aerial battles out there!

MDC, that conversation you described with the other teacher, must just live in your memory as a "golden moment." To have someone draw that conclusion, based on your habitual behavior, is an honor indeed. God must have felt so proud of you! One of those "stars in your crown" that we speak of. Makes me so happy for you! Hang in there, brother! It's getting more difficult, with the blatant persecution of all things religious these days, but we've got to keep the faith, even if it means that we are eventually part of the "remnant" that God said He would always preserve. Like you, I've read the Book, and I'm not afraid, because I know how it all ends.

Well, better run. Lots to do today, getting ready to head south for a wedding. Haven't seen my daughters in several months, and will be nice to welcome a new grandson-in-law, and there's even a new puppy in the family as well. Her name is Liberty Lou, or Libby, and from what they tell me, she's a precious little addition to our furkid collection. Her new "big sister", Robbi and Richard's beautiful and beloved little Bexar, has accepted and welcomed her, and is actually helping to teach her the proper behavior for a pup in our family. Rescues, both of them. Actually, my Trinket is the only purebred in the whole bunch, with David and Brittany's sweet Diesel running a close second as a planned and purchased Whoodle - a poodle/Wheaten terrier mix. All the others in the family are rescues. I would have chosen a rescue as well, if I wasn't so partial to Maltese. You just don't find them on the rescue sites.

Well, as I said, got things to do, places to go, people to see! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117108: Having a really bad day today 😭 I woke myself up this morning crying and haven't been able to turn the tears off. I think it's because I went to the caterers yesterday to get things taken care of as far as food for Jacob's celebration of life. The folks that own the restaurant know my Jake, Coach Canty actually coached him in football when he was about 10. Jacob HATED playing even though he begged me to let him play. Coach was hard on him, making him listen and teaching him discipline. Years later though, he told me more than once how grateful he was to me for not letting him quit and how grateful he was to Coach for teaching him the things he did, he used a lot of what Coach Canty taught him with his own kids. Anyway, I thought using them for the catering would be a way of paying them back for all they did for my Jake. We all had a good cry while I was there over my loss. 😭 I just feel so broken right now, an empty shell of who I was. A month has passed already. How has it been a month already? 😭💔
Asking for any and all help, energies and prayers you care to send my way today. Thanks y'all

*Mavis 💔

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117109: Mavis, I just don't know what to say that will help ease your hurt,but please know I am praying for you and sending love your way.

possum u.a.r.

September 16, 2021 - Msg 117110: You have my prayers Mavis. The one year anniversary of my Sons passing is just a few days away so my emotions are near the surface also. I know that you are hurting bad and that is to be expected. I think in time you'll come to know that he is at peace and with that knowledge you will also find peace. I pray that you will find that peace in due time.


September 17, 2021 - Msg 117111:

Mavis, I am praying so hard for you, asking Jesus to embrace you and guide you
through this time. I am glad too that you had a good cry with friends today. That helps a lot.
And don't forget about Ro's book, a Flat of Petunias. It is really good to help you thru this.
Ro, after re-reading my post above, it didnt sound very 'right' to me, so I'll put it this way: From early childhood, my mom taught all us kids about Jesus, and his
love, his caring, and yes, his discipline, and in school we learned about those words
of St. Francis, so it just sort of 'took' with me, and I've tried to live that way all my life. Yes, I have failed miserably at times, but I get up, dust myself off, and keep going. :) And I guess that fellow teacher saw that joy on my face. And on the other side of the coin, my DAD taught us a good work ethic! I will never forget what he said: "No matter what you end up doing, a trade, a career
position, whatever; if someone asks some help with something, NEVER say "That's not my job." Boy was he right, and it came in mighty handy throughout my working years. :)
ASA--good to see ya back on the porch, sorta 'reg'lar like.'
Possum, you too girl, hang in there.
Regarding TAGS, the other night I realized that the actor who played O'Malley was
also "Fletch" the man from town who brought some food out to the Mayberry campers.
They did like to 'recycle' actors! ha
This morning I saw 'Mr. Jackson' on Petticoat Junction!
Well, that's it for tonight.
Peace of the Lord to all,

September 17, 2021 - Msg 117112: Mavis my heart aches for you...You too Asa, as the anniversary of your Sons passing approaches ...Can’t imagine how hard that must be...

MDC..You are so right about recycling actors, but back in the day you were contracted by the networks so it was easy for them to find people for rolls withoutdealing with agents all the time...

Maude..What day are rolling into town for Mayberry Days? Mr. Maude coming too?


September 17, 2021 - Msg 117113: Thank you, all of you. For being here to listen and offer comfort even when I'm saying the same thing over and over again. Sending prayers up for you Asa as the anniversary comes up. I'm dreading all these "firsts" (((hug))) my friend.

MDC I kept forgetting to get Romeena's book, meant to every time you mentioned it, but this time I went straight over and put it on my Kindle before I even finished reading the posts, plan to start reading it today if all goes well.

Question --- do we have a list of addresses and email addresses somewhere that I can have? I'd like to send out cards and such once in a while.

I'm going to try and get a few things done today that I have been neglecting, wish me luck.


September 18, 2021 - Msg 117114: A good place to see future TAGS actors is "I Love Lucy." I guess the Desilu lot was a good place to send actors from show to show. ;)

John Masters

September 18, 2021 - Msg 117115: Speaking of recycling actors, I realized last night watching the episode Banjo playing deputy that the feller who owned or managed the Sultan show was one of the two fellers who worked the rigged shooting gallery at the earlier carnival episode. I can't believe all the times I have seen those episodes I just now caught that. Maybe it's because I watched them back to back. BTW, I have always been surprised they said they were using a 22 rifle for that. All I remember was a pellet gun at our events.

MDC, That same actor you mentioned (O'Malley) appears as a judge in quite a few Perry Mason episodes. But then so do a lot of other Mayberry folk, including Aunt Bee. And she plays the part of an Aunt in it as well.

I also watched the episode when Gloria comes to stay for a while. Whew, that episode brought out the claws on Helen, didn't it? She had an icy stare that would make any man get goose bumps.

I read somewhere that Betty Lynn never had a contract for her parts. Was just called in as needed. That seems kind of odd. She was at least semi-regular. I wonder if Juanita had something to do with it.

Mavis, I pray you are having a better day today. Bless your heart. I wish I could just give you a big old hug.

I have had a Nephew staying here on and off during the summer. He's a pretty good kid. Is on the computer a lot which is why my time here has been hit and miss. But he has school projects to do and I just have porch sittin, so he gets top billing. At least he ain't vacuuming at 2 in the morning, or singing No account mule. :)

We are supposed to get a big cool down here on Monday. Rain and snow in the mountains maybe. Mercy sakes, we need it. We are in a serious drought.

GF, I made my first Snow Joe purchase yesterday. Actually it was a Sun Joe item. An electric pole pruner. Very impressed with it. The price was very reasonable but the quality seems top notch. And it works like a dream. I probably would have never considered that brand , having never really heard of them. But you have talked highly of your snow blower, I figured GF knows his stuff. And you do. Thanks buddy.

Well off to scrounge up some supper I suppose. I wish Peggy was here. I'd have her make some chicken with crust on it. My favorite.

Prayers for all.