August 28, 2021 - Msg 117019: One more thing! I just received a phone call from someone claiming to be from my "cable company." First of all, I don't have cable, I have Dish Network. He explained that he was talking about my TV provider, and "cable company" is a generic term. (Hmmm.) Then he said my Dish box was due to expire in three months. (I was not aware that the boxes expire, but what do I know?) He said they were shipping a new box to me with instructions for installation. Then he asked how many total boxes I have. (He should have known that.) I told him one Hopper and two Joeys. Then he set the hook, so to speak, by promising me a $15 discount on my bill for the next 24 months, but because in today's world so many people will accept the new equipment and then move away without returning it, they need a deposit of $49.50, which will be refunded to me in 6 months. (Now I'm sure it's a scam, but decided to play along a little longer.) He then told me he was going to switch to some "special phone equipment" and a recorded voice will ask me some questions, and my answers will be recorded as well, since part of it will be a "voice identification" tool to verify my identity when I call in for service. At that point, I said "In your dreams" and hung up. By the way, he gave me his name and a call-back number that I was supposed to use if I had any questions. His name was Daniel Bryan, and he had a Middle-Eastern accent so thick you could have sliced it. I did try that number, just out of curiosity, and the same accented voice answered. I hung up and my phone is ringing now, showing that number as the caller.

I did call Dish Network, and the Fraud department confirmed that this is a scam. There is only so much they can do about it, because the calls are originating outside the U.S. So - be warned. Do not give out any information to anyone, unless you're very, very sure who they are. When in doubt, hang up. --Romeena

August 28, 2021 - Msg 117020: How fitting! I've swept out the trash twice today! Once on that phone call, and now I swept the porch. Blessings! --Romeena

August 29, 2021 - Msg 117021: Good Sabbath all.

Nice job sweeping up Romeena. You always get the corners. Thanks for the heads up on the latest scam. You know if these folks put as much effort in making an hones buck as they do in these scams, they would probably make more money.

I have been spending some quality time in my shop as of late. It is nice to putter around in there and do a few things. I am working on downsizing my tool inventory. It just has to be done.

MDC gave me a holler, bless his heart. He has that sparkling new kitchen now. I bet his sweetheart likes it.

Well these are some crazy days we are living in, and they can sure bring you down if you are not careful. Vey easy to lose all hope and be full of despair. I find myself in that situation sometimes and have to just put myself in timeout. I hate sticking my head in the sand, but at times I just have to so as to keep sane. I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard.

I am starting to feel a bit of change in the temps in the morning here. The days are getting shorter and you can just feel the early hint of Fall. It used to be a bitter sweet ime for me. It is always nice to see some relief from the hot summer days, but I always knew what followed the Fall weather. Winter! But since retiring I find the winter weather not nearly as bothersome. I wonder what causes that?

MDC, I just started watching season 3 of TAGS. I watched a couple last night with Peggy. My goodness, I just can't imagine Andy letting her gat away. Her, Andy and Opie on the front porch singing, one of my most cherished front porch memories.

GF, I think we have talked about this before, but how about all the different heating systems the Courthouse had over the years. Pretty amazing. Year 1 was steam or hot water (the radiator in the Courthouse, plus Andy mentioned once about the time the boiler leaked and flooded the place). Season 2 and 3 have a gas fired space heater in the Courthouse now. Later we see a wall register suggesting some type of forced air furnace (when Newton Monroe was cleaning it). I suspect if the show had run longer we would have seen a mini-split hanging on the wall. lol They must not have had a good preventive maint. program to go through so many systems. Either that or the Mayor had some kin folk who were in the HVAC business. lol Those movie trailers look pretty good. I hope they are.

Well just thought I'd pop in and say hey.


August 29, 2021 - Msg 117022: Good going with that scammer,Ro!!
Hey to Asa!
I just wanted to pop in to post a birthday greeting for Miss Betty Lynn- our Thelma Lou is 95 today! Sending prayers for her as well because word is her health isn't good.
And prayers for all in the path of Hurricane Ida. Those poor folks..

Blessings to all!

possum u.a.r.

August 29, 2021 - Msg 117023:

If any of you get the oldie station "Decades,"
they are doing a Mayberry RFD marathon all this weekend!
More later,

August 29, 2021 - Msg 117024: R.I.P. Lou Grant....

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117025: Coming over to let y'all know I'm still here, broken, devastated, ripped into tiny little pieces, wondering how I'll ever be able to walk through this world without my only child in it with me. My beautiful boy is gone 😭💔
His babies are devastated and the youngest, 5 year old Michael, just doesn't understand, he keeps asking when he's going to come back to life like they do on tv. His daughter, 8 year old Madison is still crying herself to sleep every night and his oldest, 10 year old Maison is keeping it bottled up.
It's been 15 days, 15 days of non-stop crying and wailing, 15 days of waiting on him to video with me, 15 days and time keeps marching on.
I am making myself eat and stay hydrated even though that's not what I want, but I have to stay here and make sure those babies know how much he loved them and remember what a great daddy he was to them.
Can't promise I'll be here on the porch often, but I wanted to post the obituary. We are planning a celebration of life for him on Oct 2, his dad is as devastated as I am and in a really bad place. I have an amazing support system, he doesn't and I'm worried about him.

My rennie family has started a fundraiser for us for his final expenses and for his babies to have what they need as well. Jacob had no insur@nce and this was totally unexpected. I have posted many pictures and a few videos on that page.

I leave you with the words Jacob always said to me when we were hugging and saying see you later after spending time together ...
"I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow Mom"
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that I can find the strength to get through this.

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117026: Mavis...My heart aches for you...I can’t begin to imagine what you going thru right now...🙏🏻🙏🏻 G-F

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117027: My deep sympathies, Mavis. Hang on to those around you!

John Masters

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117028: So sorry to hear this Mavis, you and your family are in my prayers. Sending hugs to your precious grandchildren. Sarah

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117029: Good evening, porch! Mavis, my heart hurts for you. I've been there, and the pain is indescribable. How terribly sad for the children, and how blessed they are to have you to continue his legacy of love toward them. His habitual words for you when leaving after a visit are so sweet and touching, and what a beautiful memory for you. It hurts now, but it will be a blessed memory in time. My prayers for you and yours will continue.

Things are ticking along around here. I'm feeling very well, all things considered, and wish my dear friend LaRue felt as well as I do. She's weak, has no strength, and is depressed. Prayers for her, please!

It was a beautiful day, lovely weather, back yard looking so pretty, and this evening was one of those purple and lavender evenings, when the sun's rays slant just right to wash tender color over everything. I just sat here at my window and marveled, and thanked God for not just making the world like a black-and-white movie. Instead we have spectacular dawns and sunsets, and splashes of colorful flowers everywhere, if we pant them, and even if we don't. The wildflowers in Texas in the spring can just take your breath away, and I'm sure it's the same everywhere.

Well, Trinket (my sweet angel) is in here trying to get my attention. She wants me to get in our chair for a cuddle, and that sounds pretty good to me. She's a good cuddler! Of course, I have to switch my tea glass from one side to another often, as she gets too warm and moves across me to a cooler spot quite frequently. She's definitely one more blessing in my life, as all my dogs in my life's history have been. Another gift from God. Absolute, unfailing, unconditional love, always.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up. --Romeena

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117030: Ha, ha! Make that "pLant them", not "pant them." Not sure exactly how one would go about "panting" a flower! --Romeena

August 30, 2021 - Msg 117031: Mavis, my prayers for you and your family as you mourn your loss.

And prayers for LaRue. I am glad she has you for a friend ROmeena.


August 31, 2021 - Msg 117032: Oh Angie…My heart is searching for words to express my feelings but the words just aren’t adequate. Like your other friends here, I want to be here for you. You are dearly loved.


August 31, 2021 - Msg 117033: Asa DID say he’s been working on some projects in his garage lately..His Words, Not mine.....🤣🤣🤣 G-F

August 31, 2021 - Msg 117034: Good morning, porch! A beautiful blue and gold day here, sun shining brightly, butterflies all over those ridiculous, tacky little "dwarf" zinnias I planted, which are now about 4 feet tall, with tiny, less than 2" blooms perched right on top. I hope those plants know that they owe their continued existence to the presence of the butterflies. If it weren't for them, so clearly enjoying those sorry little flowers, the zinnias would have gone in a trash bag long ago. The seed packet clearly said "Dwarf Zinnias" and said they would grow 8-10" tall. That's a long way from 4 feet! The little flowers are pretty enough when cut and bunched together in a small vase, but from my window, they're barely visible. The foliage is pitiful, not pretty at all. And the wretched little things re-seed. Abundantly! I want to pull them up and plant something more appealing in their place, but they have been dropping seeds all summer, so anything I plant will have to be guarded and weeded daily, or be choked out by the persistent zinnias. Grrrr!

Mavis, how are you, sweet thing? Prayers continue. Feel free to weep, to be angry, to be confused, to feel broken. Trust me, eventually, and it may take a long time, you will heal. There will always be a scar, but life will go on. You have those babies to nurture, and I have no doubt that you will. As you try to help them heal their hurts, they will help you. Just having a reason to get up in the morning will help. The Bible says, in Psalm 30, that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. We're not talking about one night, one morning, of course. This psalm was written by King David, not long after his son died. The implication is that "night" is the darkness that descends after such a loss, and may continue for a while, but eventually, the day brightens and joy comes in that morning. There is much to endure, and it's unutterably hard, but the reward for endurance is the eventual joy that comes when we realize that what James Montgomery said is true, as he was quoted by my pastor many years ago (in a sermon delivered just three weeks after his beloved wife's passing) -- "'Tis not all of life to live, nor all of death to die." That one will reach you slowly, probably, as it did me. Whether it touches your heart immediately, or slowly, it's true, and such a precious thought. Death is not all of it. There is life on the other side, and reunion will come to those who trust in Him.

Well, I have a friend coming by to pick up some copies of our bunco score sheets. She's hosting a fundraiser for a local charity - Irving Cares - and people will pay $25 to play in a big bunco tournament, with prizes for the winners. The proceeds go to the charity. I have a few copies of the score sheets, and she'll copy them and print as many as they need. We may scare up a little lunch while she's here. Trinket will be thrilled to have a visitor! She will be convinced that Terri has come just to see her.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 31, 2021 - Msg 117035: Mavis, I can't imagine what you are feeling,but my heart is with you. I pray that you stay strong for those grandbabies. Take care of yourself,and know that your Porch Family loves you.

possum u.a.r.

August 31, 2021 - Msg 117036: Mavis, thank you for posting here about your son's passing. I don't understand why some young people, such as your son, are cheated from a longer life. And old fogey's, like me with no biological children of my own, end up living well into old age. Life is unfair for some people. Rest In Peace Jacob. And condolences to you Mavis.

from Poor Horatio

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117037:

Mavis, I am so sorry to hear of your son's passing. I highly recommend that you get Romeena's book called A Flat of Petunias. It sure helped me during the time of my dad's passing. It is really well written for such a time as what you are going thru. Thank you for posting Jacob's obituary, and may you be filled with God's peace, as we pray for you and yours.

ASA, it is good to see you back on the porch. Glad that you are getting out in the workshop, and getting some projects done.
That was very funny about what you said regarding the courthouse hvacs systems, and a relative in the business! Good one. Also, if I recall correctly, this was the time of year when you'd have too deal with all the "I'm too hot" or "I'm too cold" issues.
But now it is just bring on winter! :) Hope the rest of season 3 is to your liking!

I think I caught a blooper on Me-TV last night. It was the episode where Barn tries to recite the preamble. As they cut back and forth between him and Andy, Barney's hair is messed up, then combed, then messed up again, then combed, then messed up. Maybe we have
talked about this one before, but I don't recall it. Cue this to 1:30...
Also I mentioned Mayberry RFD marathon on Decades channel. I saw 5 episodes, and discovered
several guest stars such as a very young Farrah Fawcett, Ruta Lee, etc, and Goober was the 'acting sheriff' and even used the courthouse.

RO--Prayers for your friend Larue. I always stop reading and say a prayer right then when a name is mentioned. Your back yard sounds so beautiful right now, and your little furkid is
such a blessing to you.

My church has people helping out in Haiti, Afghanistan area(trying to get more people out) and in Louisiana. I know a few, please keep them and all in these areas in your prayers.
Thank you so very much. Peoples' homes are flattened, lives are totally disrupted, etc.
Jesus is with us always, :)

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117038: Hello Porch. It's been a while since I first posted here but I've been lingering and reading. It's weird how familiar you all are to me when I barely know you. I've found myself re-reading the archives again and remembering my mom. I've been thinking of her more and more. This past year my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, and it's been getting harder. Hoping y'all could bring some comfort.

Millie's son

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117039: Good morning to everyone. It's a rainy morning here, some areas are getting heavy downpours and flooding as Ida passes through. Thankfully, its nothing compared to the devastation on the Gulf Coast.

Prayers for Mavis as she grieves the loss of her son. hopefully she will visit the porch and let us know how she is doing. take care Mavis!

Prayers for Millie's son and his family. I am very sorry your family is having to go through this. Please visit often and keep us up to date. Your Mom was a lovely and strong woman so try to draw strength from her as you go through this. I'm sure she is watching over you and is very proud of the young man you have become.

work is keeping me busy these days. Our remodeling projects are going pretty good. Just trying to be patient with the process which can be challenging for me. lol

Lunch menu will be: country ham sandwiches, chips. brownies for dessert. tea and lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings for everyone, our country, our leaders and our world.
Big Maude

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117040: Good morning, porch! And good morning to Millie's son! It's nice to have you visit, and we hope you'll continue to do so. We all had a high regard for your mom, and I'm sure she is very proud of you. So sorry for the ordeal you're going through now with your dad. That particular kind of cancer is very tough on the patient, and the family as well. Prayers for you and yours, definitely.

We should all be on our knees these days, praying for America. So much is wrong here, and just about all of it, if not all, can be directly attributed to the falling away from God that has permeated our country for decades now. The answer is clear, found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." I don't know why this is so hard for America to understand. We were founded as a Christian nation, God was considered and consulted on just about everything we did. Our laws were written with God's laws in mind. All of that, and we prospered. Then somewhere along in the line, in the mid-to-late 20th century, we began to behave like little spoiled children. You could almost hear our petulant little voices, saying "Me do it!" We have watered down or erased entirely all faith-based laws, made it legal to slaughter a baby in its mother's womb, declared that God's laws are archaic and no longer relevant, and the list goes on. Now we are paying the price, and we wonder why. Pray, America!!! I fear we have only begun to see the price. If we don't wake up and turn back to our roots, we're going to see a price like we can't even imagine. Well, enough.

Got to run! I've got orchids to re-pot, and I need regular potting soil and some orchid soil. Also need to make a bank run so I can pay Eddie, and the car is nearly out of gas. So, my next hour or so is planned for me. Take care, friends. Blessings, and keep looking up! --Romeena

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117041: This is a message board, not a church service. Post accordingly.


September 01, 2021 - Msg 117042: Well, looks like another loser troll is calling out Romeena just like what I went thru.

Someone must lead a pretty pathetic life to sit in their basement and troll a Mayberry site!

September 01, 2021 - Msg 117043:

September 02, 2021 - Msg 117044: Millie's Son, I was glad to read your latest posting here. I can't believe it has been 14 years since your mother (Millie) passed away. Her first post here was on May 6, 2006, and her final post was on September 15, 2007. Then just three days later, she passed to be with the Lord. I am so glad we here at The Front Porch were able to offer her some comfort while she dealt with her terminal cancer. And now, your father is dealing with stage 4. Tell him we are praying for a miracle.

from Poor Horatio

September 02, 2021 - Msg 117045: Good morning all.

Romeena, I love this thought you psted above.
"We were founded as a Christian nation, God was considered and consulted on just about everything we did. Our laws were written with God's laws in mind".
It aligns with this quote from John Adams.
"Our Constitution was made only for a morale people. It is wholly inadequate to the Government to any other". That certainly seems to be proving true today.

Millie's Son. So glad you dropped in and said hi. I am so sorry to read that about your Father. He and your family are in my prayers for sure. And I echo those who have expressed a hope you will visit here often. We enjoyed visiting with your Mom here.

GF, I loved the video. I was watching the Great filling station robbery last night and watched old Barney running the string through all the hooks to set up his surveillance camera. Looked like the same design as the garage door opener. lol

MDC, Last night I also watched the intro of Miss Crump. Her first encounter with Andy she ripped into him pretty harsh. Ya think he would have figured out right then and there what she could be like. Oh well.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Prayers for all, even Allison. Sounds like she could use them.


September 02, 2021 - Msg 117046: The last time I checked, This IS a Andy Griffith Show message board site so I AM posting accordingly and this one too!

Just Sayin’... 🤷🏼‍♂️......Bless Your Heart ❤️...G-F

September 02, 2021 - Msg 117047: Good morning, porch! Well, it looks like we have attracted another self-appointed supervisor, who has decided the porch needs governing. Allison, let me give you a bit of advice. This is a public forum, it has been in operation for over twenty-five years, and we are a pretty close-knit community. America is a free country (so far) that honors free speech (so far, though that's slipping fast) and we are still free to express our beliefs, our moods, and our ideas. Someone who just pops in out of nowhere, with no knowledge of the character of the site, and issues a command to people whom she doesn't know, and who don't know her, is likely to be called out on such behavior. So, sweetie, consider yourself called out.

It appears that you don't believe that God's help for our wounded, floundering nation is necessary. Well, if you have a better solution for the deep quagmire we're submerged in right now, we'd all be glad to hear it. Meantime, with or without your permission, we will continue to trust in God.

Now, that having been said, I'll add this. If you would like to stay around, listen and learn, and come to understand the character and personality of the porch, you're welcome to do so. However, if all you wish to do is criticize and issue commands to people who do not consider your opinion worthy of note, then I'd suggest you go haunt someone else. It might interest you to know that our moderator has been known to block trolls in the past, and it could happen to you.

Try to have a nice day. We will! Blessings to you, whether you want them or not. You obviously need them. Try looking up! --Romeena

September 02, 2021 - Msg 117048: Amen, Romeena! Preach the gospel!

John Masters

September 02, 2021 - Msg 117049: Well, I kind of feel like we can discuss what is on our minds and heart here, even if we dont always agree. We just need to be respectful. Not long ago, I expressed some hurt over something that was posted, and boy, I was quick to receive emails from my friends here who were concerned and eager to check on me and make sure things were ok. I guess that's what family is like. I hope we can all stay that way, though I have seen some really sad cases of family members and lifelong friends splitting due to political differences. Some people are so radical and hurtful that boundaries have to be set, but I believe here on the porch, we can let off a little steam and frustration and still give each other grace. We have been here supporting and praying each other through the worst for going on 20 years for me. We have lost many loved ones to death, even children. We have helped one another through so many hard times and to see Millie's son here just solidifies that. Please lets keep giving grace, and being as kind as we can and respectful of our journeys, our changes, our questions and frustrations. I cant see myself giving up on my friends here, especially after all we have been through together.

Its like I told my sister in law, who often differs strongly in her political views, I see things a bit differently because of the way I was raised. My parents were very open-minded except for my dad when it came to politics. Mom didnt give a hoot about it but Dad was opinionated, to put it mildly. We never got into discussions with him because growing up, my dad's older brother Wyatt and his wife Della would come over most weekends and sit in the living room and argue politics. Dad was kind of a flaming liberal Democrat and Uncle Wyatt and Aunt Della were far-right republicans. Boy, the arguments!..complete with expletives and yelling. They loved it, always parted with smiles and laughs and repeated it every weekend. LOL So, I grew up learning that family could disagree and still love each other. I still stand by that.

Millie's son. I hope reading the archives gives you some comfort. Your mom was so precious and it was a gift getting to know her and hopefully help her in her journey. We want to be here for you, too. Im so very sorry to hear about your father.


September 02, 2021 - Msg 117050: By the way, and speaking of emails, my email has changed since my carrier went out of business. I cant get into it so I no longer have your email address, Romeena. I can either text my new one to you or send it through messenger?


September 03, 2021 - Msg 117051:

HI All, tonight's episode with "Trey Bowden," Opie's new playmate sums it up quite well:
We are genuine, full-size, regulation FRIENDS!" :)

September 03, 2021 - Msg 117052:
Rofl! On #117048 you sound like a rattling tambourine at some hack's temperance show. Take $5 out of petty cash for your time. Thank you.
Olan Soule

September 03, 2021 - Msg 117053: MDC, Last night I watched Deputy Otis. I always get a kick when Barney is barking out commands to Otis, "gut in, chest out, stand erect", while Otis is gyrating around trying to comply. Andy giggles and tells Barney "well it's gotta go somewhere Barn". And then Barney demonstrating the proper way to salute, "Hi-yup-aww-haw. One thing I have always wondered though, how did they manage to find a uniform to fit Otis?

Boo, well put to what you said. We have been through a lot together, including 9/11. Hard to believe it has been 20 years since that horrible morning.

Well I have another Grand Daughter getting Baptized tomorrow morning. She asked if I would speak at her event, which I am honored and happy to do. I'll start off with "Brothers and Sisters, I stand before you a humble man, full of humbleness and


September 03, 2021 - Msg 117054: LOL Asa! You’re a nut!


September 03, 2021 - Msg 117055: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful day here, golden sunshine, light breeze, birds and assorted critters playing in the yard and in the trees. Gotta love it! My crape myrtles finally decided to bloom. One is really pretty, lots of blooms. The other seven are in various stages of bloom, light to moderate. None are as pretty as they usually are. I think that wretched -3° freeze we had scared them! I know, to many of you folks, that temperature is nothing new, but to us Texans, that's a whole bunch of cold! Our local vegetation agrees. It totally killed a lot of shrubbery around town, even some big trees, and a lot of flowerbeds were wiped out. I lost a lot of shrubbery along the fence line, but quite honestly, I'm not sorry. They were elaeagnus shrubs, and required a lot of pruning back to keep them flat against the fence. Without that, they send out long canes, up to six feet long, just drooping out into the yard. They're pretty when pruned flat against a wooden fence, but just too labor intensive to keep them that way. I used to maintain them myself, but these days I was paying Eddie to do it, and it was getting expensive! So, I'm not too sorry to lose them. I may salvage two or three of them, just as focal points, but the rest, about fifteen of them, are history.

To Olan Soule/Allison, perhaps you've heard the story of Thumper the Rabbit. His mother often made him repeat what his father had taught him: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nuthin' at all!" Good advice. Think about it. I'm not sure whether you're one person or two, but I do know you're using the same computer. Either way, please try to find some more worthwhile activity, something other than trying to annoy people who have done nothing to you. You may think you're funny, but you're actually just revealing the fact that your idea of fun is making snarky comments to people you don't even know. How pitiful! If that's all you can contribute to the world, why are you even still here? If you can't, or won't, clean up your act and try to be worthy of the air God lets you breathe, then please go haunt somebody else. There are numerous sites that are just perfect for you, where you can meet up with other useless people and spend your little day writing insults to each other, to see who can be the most ridiculous. Or, if you'd like to learn the secret to real happiness, just about anybody on this forum could tell you. I'll bet you can guess what we'd say. We have left little hints along the way, but so far, your response has been to try to ridicule us. Oh, by the way, we don't need tambourines. We just have the truth. I will pray that you discover it someday. You'll be a lot happier. --Romeena

September 03, 2021 - Msg 117056: Asa...That is good news!...It’s great to see when children make the decision to make that commitment!...I love that speech Barney does, he even did a rendering of it in The Ghost & Mr. Chicken...Maybe the congregation will say...”Atta Boy Asa!”

I’m going to add one thing to Romeena’s comment....No matter what ever brought each one of us to this site, it is something special. At least it is to me. Having friends who most I have never met in person, ( but some I have ) or never will. It is something special when you can share life’s good experiences & heartaches with people who understand the goodness in people and things in life.

Sometimes that is challenging in these times for some people, but it is achievable with some effort...We have discussed some funny topics over the years. I do miss Boo’s stories about “The Funny Farm” (as I called it) those crazy animal antics were some funny things to look forward to...

As is in life, things do change, but at the core Goodness will win out every time if we let it... So on a serious note to new comers...What’s your stand on Mayonnaise?..We have discussed this one quite thoroughly over the years as to what one is best, so feel free to chime in on that one if you like...

In the end...We can agree to disagree.....Goober Fife

September 03, 2021 - Msg 117057: Well said, G-F, well said! You're absolutely right.

Now, at the risk of offending some, I have to say, I'm not very fond of any mayonnaise, no matter who makes it. I'll go with Miracle Whip every time. If somebody uses mayo, and it's in something they're offering at a meal, I will eat it. It won't kill me, and it's not TOO bad, just kinda "blah." I just like that little tang in Miracle Whip. I'll go for tang every time. Remember, I'm the one who likes buttermilk! Actually, when my babies were on the way, my cravings were for crushed ice and anything sour. My dream treat would have been a lemon snow cone, but those are hard to find. I drove my long-suffering husband out of our bedroom one night, when I was reading in bed and eating, of all things, sauerkraut. Cold. From the can. His barely-audible comment as he fled the room with his pillow and a blanket, was "If ever a man had grounds for divorce, I think this would be it."

Well, guess I'd better hit the shower, and shampoo my hair. It looks like a fright wig today, and I'm playing bunco tonight, so I'd better do something. I need a haircut, but that won't happen until next week. Fortunately, it's easy to care for (when it's clean). I just wash it, add some mousse, comb it into place and let it air dry. The back curls up naturally, and the top just needs three or four hits with a curling iron, and it's presentable. Not anything to write home about, but presentable. I haven't had my hair "done" in years! Just a cut every 4-6 weeks and that's it.

I don't know what it is about me getting into the shower, but Trinket hates it! She will open the door to the laundry hamper and go in there and grieve until I come out. I hear little whines the whole time! Toye Starr would bring me her toys, one by one, and pile them outside the shower door, even her beloved Pink Heart. Sugarplum would just sit outside the door, looking concerned and disapproving, then reward me with slurpy kisses on my feet and ankles when I stepped out. What bothers them about that shower??? None of my other dogs ever did things like that, just the three Maltese. They are weird little things! But I love them!

Blessings! Keep looking up! --Romeena

September 03, 2021 - Msg 117058: Evening all, I'm not sure if everyone is on facebook or not but here is my latest post about my Jacob's Celebration of Life. We are still working on the details, but so far we plan to have it filmed so we will have the dvd later, we are going to have a Book of Memories for folks to write their favorite memory of him in that his dad or I can have to read when we are missing him. We are going to have BBQ sandwiches and sides brought in and asking folks to bring a dessert or drinks if they want to bring food. We are also going to have scraps of paper there for folks to write messages to him and then throw in the fire and let the smoke carry the message to him. My cousin is making magnets using that picture on my post to hand out and I really want to hand out seed packets of some sort for people to plant in memory of him. I'm not sure what would be the best though, I'd like to have something that comes back each year. So if any of you have any suggestions for seeds that are easy to grow, I'll gladly accept them. I know nothing about flowers and such.
Thanks again everyone for the prayers, the healing thoughts and wrapping your hearts around my heart as you hold space for me.
THIS kind of thing right here is what makes this porch a special place. I haven't been regular on here in a long time but I know full well and good there are friends here that have "known" my Jacob since he was a little boy. 💔😭

September 04, 2021 - Msg 117059:

Hello all! With our discussion lately, and with everything that TAGS entails, I got to thinking just how many episodes included "church" in some way. Here are a few that I thought of,
and I'm sure there are more. I don't think anyone passed around the tambourine, but pretty close. ha :) There's the Christmas story, of course, with the singing of Away in a Manger. And Man in a Hurry that takes place on Sunday after church. There's The Sermon for Today, when they are IN church singing Christian songs. I know that there's a couple about the church organ, and Andy dealing with Rev.Tucker about Opie's newspaper etc. I'm sure there are some more, but don't recall them at the moment. I've also always liked the painting above the fireplace of folks praying out in their field.

Mavis, thank you for sharing that site with us. It will be a beautiful send off
for Jacob. My prayers continue for you and yours. Thank you so much.

ASA-you are a bird in this world! :) So glad that you are enjoying retirement.
As for speaking at the baptism, just get into your best Mayor Pike mode! ha

BOO--that was a very insightful post, much to soak in and think about.
It is interesting to note that thru all these years, everyone here has indeed kept things 'all things Mayberry,' but along with many other discussions 'of the day' so to speak.
GF--well said. :) Have you made anything interesting in your shop these days?
Maybe some wooden pork chops? ha

Well, prayers continue for all our folks around the world and here at home.
Happy Labor Day weekend!

September 04, 2021 - Msg 117060: MDC...Actually when I made all that wooden food for my Granddaughter I did make a slice of ham with the center bone in it, and I did do a T bone steak 🥩 too!...The steak and the meat cleaver I used on my Diamond Jim sign for my costume at the Meet-Up last year....

Speaking of that, myself and 3 of my Cronie friends may walk in the parade this year. Me as Diamond ♦️ Jim the Butcher, and the other 3 girls as the Convicts at Large. Two of their husbands may dress up too!... I figured with my new hip I might actually be able to pull it off? We shall see what the weather is like 🤷🏼‍♂️

Maude has seen us dressed up like that at the Meet-Up it was pretty cool!...I think I shared those pictures on emails with some of you guys...


September 04, 2021 - Msg 117061: Good Saturday porch, just stopping by this morning for a check point chickie.

It’s a lovely morning on my end of the porch.. sunny and 72 degrees. Thankful for the cooler temperatures and looking forward to fall.

Yes, I have seen GF all dressed up in Mayberry fashion. He pulled off his character very well as did all the other folks who dressed up at the meet up. A good time was had by all

Prayers continue for Mavis and her family .
I hope everyone has a great week end .
Prayers and blessings
Big Maude

September 04, 2021 - Msg 117062: Hello friends. Just checking in. Comforting to see Mavis posting here.

Some good news for you today..Erin finally came home. She was going to come on the 5th but girlfriend's mom made her leave two days ago. We had a good talk on the 2 hour drive home and she is making a lot more sense. She doesnt seem depressed or sad about coming home and has been keeping everything clean and even helping out around here. She even cooked a meal last night. Seems like she is maturing. She started taking her meds regularly and has an appointment with the psych for a follow up on Tuesday. She hasnt had a seizure, episode, or whatever she had been having for about a month now. She is going to look for a job and take the TSI for the junior college here soon. I am just holding my breath, as far as the girlfriend goes. It has only been a few days but this time I can tell that she doesnt seem to miss her. Keep those prayers coming. Frankly, we need girlfriend out of the picture.

Been doing laundry and deep cleaning my bathroom today. I had been just tidying up in there since my back injury so it needed a scrubbing and Sean helped me. Sure feels good to have it sparkling and to go through some cabinets and throw out old stuff that you dont use anymore, or never did. I discovered quite a bit of lotion from bath and body works that I had forgotten about and I have some on my way to me in the mail. Sheesh. Guess I wont need any for a long time. I dont wear perfume and prefer a more subtle scent so I wear lotion and sometimes a little body spray. As hot as it is here in Texas, we have to shower alot and use nice smelling things. Too much information, sorry.

Bruce has a good bit of annual leave he has to take before he loses it so he is off the next ten days and will be here doing projects outside, mostly. The work on this place is never done. There is tree trimming and he wants to have about forty more trees taken out that he will have to chainsaw and stack. Much to do, always, and we are no spring chickens anymore. We are talking about what we will do after retirement since this will be alot for Bruce to care for. We could afford to hire most of it done, I guess, but honestly, I just dont know if I want to live on the coast. Seems like it is getting so crowded here, and the price of everything is skyrocketing.

Hope everyone is well. We have been really lucky and have stayed well through this pandemic, even though is seems like it is all around us. We have know so many that have been ill. I am already anxious to get the booster because its been several months since I had the vaccines and who knows how long they will cover us? I had been thinking about going back to work part time but now I think I will wait until spring and see how things are going.

Hope all of you have a nice evening.


September 04, 2021 - Msg 117063: Oh, G-F, sorry I have no funny farm stories to tell anymore. We just have the dogs now and nothing else. Our youngest, King, is pretty funny sometimes but not like our donkey Thelma Lou was..and Bernie the rooster. Kind of sad those days are over but I just cant see getting anymore animals when retirement is a few years ahead and we are undecided about what we are going to do.


September 05, 2021 - Msg 117064: Having a really bad day here today, I can't stop crying and I feel so empty and broken. Please hold me, my grandbabies and our broken hearts close today if you don't mind.


September 05, 2021 - Msg 117065:
You bet Mavis.
May our good Lord wrap his arms around you,
and I pray that you feel his embrace and his love.
We lift you up with our thoughts and prayers.
May God richly bless you this day.

September 05, 2021 - Msg 117066: You and yours are in my prayers Mavis.