August 17, 2021 - Msg 116980: Billy Ray, enlist a grandchild to help with technology and if no grandchild available find a neighborhood kid. 😂 My better half was having an issue with his new phone and FB, I told him to call a pro, our grandson. Sarah

August 17, 2021 - Msg 116981: Ol hobo Willie didn't need hi-techery to get himself living the good life. He got hisself a Be a Locksmith course by mail. He now runs a key kiosk in a parking lot in Altoona. Regis

August 18, 2021 - Msg 116982:

Good sweep Sarah! Not only do you work that
switchboard 24 hours a day, but you also push
a mean broom! :)

PH-thank you for that information about the building.
My thought was also with Chicago being nicknamed "the windy city,"
that may have had something to do with it, especially with it being
amongst those old concrete buildings.

I saw Andy Griffith this morning in a movie that I'm guessing was made in the late 50s or so. It was called "A Face in the Crowd."

Then tonight I caught the tags about the filling station robbery.
Another good one.

Hope all is well with everyone.

August 18, 2021 - Msg 116983: Thanks for the explanation PH...I went to Chicago once for training for my work. A group of us set off on a sightseeing trip on our free time. I wanted to go up to the top, but the group opted to walk the “Magnificent Mile“ instead so I went with them...*Did get to see “The Bean” tho...All in All it was a fun day as Andy says....

Good on you Billy Ray for expanding your Jazz knowledge, I like some Dizzy and Chuck Mangione myself once in awhile.

Sarah you are SO right about your technology advice. This generation knows little about history and such but sure can tell you how to operate the Book of Face!...I guess that is what they have Alexa & Siri if they want to know about the Emancipation Proclamation?


August 18, 2021 - Msg 116984: Good afternoon, porch! Rain, rain, don't go away! Stick around and rain all day! (Sorry, couldn't help as little celebratory poem!) We've been getting intermittent rain squalls, hard down-pours, and so welcome! More thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow, and that's just fine with me.

Mavis, how are you doing? I know only too well what you're going through. We never expect to outlive our own child, and when these losses come, it hurts. A lot. Time is a healer, but it's slow. To the extent that you can, leave it with God. When we turn it over to Him, we expect the world to be brighter immediately, but it doesn't work that way. Resist the urge to go pick it up again. You are in my prayers, dear girl.

I took Trinket to Dr. Mike this morning, for a checkup and a vaccine against kennel cough, because she'll be staying with him over a weekend next month. I'm going south for a granddaughter's wedding, and staying in a B&B with her other grandma, so she's going to stay at Mike's clinic. He requires (and I agree) that she be vaccinated for that very easily transmitted ailment. My friend who would usually come and stay with her here at home is already committed to staying with someone else's pets. Anyway, it seems we arrived on Kitty Day at his office. There was one other small dog in the waiting room and five (5) cats! All in carriers, and all meowing constantly. Trinket was really wound up! All those friends she hadn't met yet, and she couldn't get to them! She loves any animal she sees. I think she'd try to cozy up to a skunk! Then a big dog was leaving, looked like maybe a Weimaraner/Lab mix. He was as big as a new calf, and slunk through that waiting room full of confined cats as though he wanted to disappear! His owner laughed and said he had experienced some painful moments with a cat, and liked to give them a wide berth. So funny, big old dog giving way to all those cats!

Well, guess I'll go scare up some lunch. I'm out of leftovers, maybe I'll make some tuna salad. I've got some little croissants that would make some pretty good sandwiches. Blessings, everyone. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 18, 2021 - Msg 116985: MDC, my first job was a switchboard operator right out of high school and I really disliked getting the pay phones, remember a pay phone. Romenna my little chihuahua mix wants nothing to do with dog and cats, she runs to me for protection. Sarah

August 18, 2021 - Msg 116986: Sarah! As a switchboardist, what was the issue with payphones? Did it have to do with verifying that coins were paid in by the calling party?


August 18, 2021 - Msg 116987: Romeena, I get Poopsie vaccinated against kennel cough because they told me if she goes to the groomer she should probably get one. I take every precaution with my little angel. Erin's dog King gets all her needs, too, but I dont think we gave him the kennel cough one since he doesnt go anywhere much. He is a blast and so full of energy. I go out every evening and throw tennis balls for him over and over and then he comes inside and spends the evening hours on my ottoman or playing with Poopsie. At the end of the night he stealthily makes his way onto the couch, which he knows he really shouldnt do, but by the time I discover it he is already asleep so I just leave him. I dont know how to not spoil dogs. Our old dog Ollie has been sleeping inside in the air conditioning and loving it. He is so fat he wont sleep on anything soft but konks out on the tile floor. I love my dogs but they are sometimes alot of work and expense. They get lots of treats, too. lol

Well, I have a prayer request all you porch aunts and uncles: I received a text message from the Erin's girlfriend's mom, who they are living with. Her name is Carla and Carla said it is time for Erin to go back home and could I talk to her. I told her we have been telling her to come home for months and that it would take Carla telling her she needs to leave. I am still waiting. I think Carla chickened out to avoid drama with her daughter, but it would be the best thing that could happen. Please pray that Carla gets the guts to be the bad guy.

We have alot of friends with covid right now but most are recovering. I am trying to be very careful even after being vaccinated because I dont want even a mild case of it! I am ordering my groceries on line but am going a little crazy. I guess I need to go for more drives or something but we have been driving around and seeing the same sights since covid started. lol

Hope all of you are well. I am very concerned about Mavis but I am giving her space to grieve and she knows I am there for her if she needs me. Bless her soul. So hard.

Better go..bruce will be home soon from working late and will need some leftovers warmed up. he usually does it himself but I know he will be really tired.


August 19, 2021 - Msg 116988: Boo hope everything works out with Erin, being a Mom I know what it's like to worry. Ernestine the issue I had with pay phones was sometimes I had four or five in use at the same time and had to be notified after five minutes and they had to hang up within fifteen seconds, most ran over and had to pay for the additional time. It was crazy if they all hung up at the same time. After three years I left for an office job then eventually got a position as a buyer for a municipality, which I loved. I got to shop everyday and spend someone's money. Sarah

August 19, 2021 - Msg 116989: Good Thursday everyone. thought I would sit a spell this morning.

Prayers for Boo and Erin and for Mavis. Mavis lives in my area and we would share the same newspaper. I have checked the papers for her sons obit but since I don't know if her son lived in our area or his last name I couldn't find anything. I will try to send her a card tho,
work has been busy. between all the stress with covid, the world around us stresses and stress folks have with life in general my schedule is full up most days.

August 19, 2021 - Msg 116990: opps... hit send before I was ready. wonder what causes that.

My remodeling projects are coming along. One bathroom is complete and he is working on the other now. then on to the kitchen... which will take the longest to do.

Mr. Maude is struggling with his knees. one needs replacing ( like yesterday) and the other will need replacing as well. for some reason he is procrastinating having it done. He is not working at this point and has pretty much decided to full on retire. Hopefully he will make the decision to at least get a time frame for doing at least the worst one. Guess it will depend on how long the current covid surge lasts here. Our heath care system here has postponed all surgeries that require an overnight stay for now and are only doing same day procedures or emergency type surgeries. I don't want him to be in the hospital at all right now with the staffing shortages and covid but I do want him to be able to feel better and walk better.

Guess I have gone on long enough for now. :)

Lunch menu will be: tacos with all the fixins,
key like pie. tea, lemonade to drink.
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

August 19, 2021 - Msg 116991: Good morning, porch! Our little cool spell continues. It's just 80° right now, with a predicted high of just 90°. Cloudy, sun peeking out now and then, but no rain so far. We had a frog-strangler yesterday, so my yard is happy.

Well, Tillie is in the shop, and it's going to be painful. About $1300. Ouch! She had started a scary behavior, and I knew it wasn't going to be something simple. The engine sounded like it was in low gear, but it wasn't. It didn't feel like low gear, but just sounded like it. That whining, dragging noise, kind of a soft roar. The odd thing was, when I was making a curve to the right, the noise would stop. Straighten out, it started again. A curve to the left didn't change anything. My trusted mechanic just called, said she needs front axles, some kind of a boot is torn, and something else that I didn't understand any better than the other stuff. Richie is a friend, is the shop manager, and always gives me any discount that he can, but those repairs are going to require a big tear-down to gain access, apparently. Oh well. It's still a lot cheaper than car payments, and I love the car, so I will get her fixed.

Trinket went with me to the shop, as she just loves Richie. He's a dog person, pets her and plays with her, and she's thrilled. If I show up at the shop for something and she's not with me, he grumbles and tells me I need to bring her by so he can get a "Trinket fix"! God is so good. He has blessed me with a lot of nice guys in my life, who help me so much. Eddie (lawn care), Ted (fixes, paints, builds and remodels), Richie (car care), Joe (landscaping, sprinkler system maintenance - he's retired now and moved about 100 miles away, but still remains a friend and does "phone consults"), and of course, my David, who is busy as a one-armed paperhanger, but still manages to make time for Mom), and the list goes on.

I have my challenges, but still I have a happy life. I'm glad I know where I'm going when I leave this planet. That event is drawing nigh, not right away, but not too far out either, probably. At 82, I ain't no spring chicken! If I wasn't assured of my destination, I'd be terrified, but as it is, whenever He calls, I'll happily answer. Meantime, I just enjoy my family, my home, my church family, my porch friends and my lifetime friends. Life is good, and the ultimate future is even better.

Well, time for a little lunch. I've got some of that tuna salad from yesterday, and it's good! Also have a big bag of fresh, dark sweet cherries, the kind that make a little snap when you bite into them. So good! Yep, that sounds like a good lunch! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 19, 2021 - Msg 116992: Sorry to hear about Tillie, Ro. That has to hurt! When that happens to my cars when they are paid off, I just keep reminding myself that I no longer have a car payment. I seriously wanted to cry last month when we had to have my transmission rebuilt. Cost a fortune.

Maude, there was an obituary posted on Angie's facebook page for Jacob.

Well, got dinner out of the way. I made hillbilly food like my mom and grandma used to make today. I cooked up some pinto beans, made some homemade cornbread, my mom's coleslaw, and made fried potatoes. Its kinda laying on my chest but worth it..for now anyways.ha

It's been pretty hot here today but one of these days that will have to change. All the kiddos are back in school around here. They started earlier than usually, probably due to the time lost last year. These poor kids have got to be behind since Harvey kept them out for months, and then covid. I am really glad Erin finished when she did. There are lots of folks having meeting with school boards and disagreements about mask wearing. Most arent wearing them in school so I expect there will be a rise in cases. One of my good friends called today to tell me that her sister is in the hospital with the delta but she has no other medical conditions. She is 64 but in good health. They admitted her and started her on oxygen and steroids. I am waiting to hear results of the chest xray. She was the only member of the family that refused the vaccine. The stuff is spreading quickly in our area, unfortunately. I just have to keep reminding myself that the odds are still good for people to fully recover, even though this variant seems to make people sicker.

Stay safe, friends. Keep watching TAGS..its great medicine.


August 20, 2021 - Msg 116993: Good morning, porch! I just got home from picking up my car. Tillie was pretty sick. Now it's my turn to be sick - the total bill was $1700. The original estimate was $1300, but Richie checked my brakes, and said the liners were down to less than 20%, and he recommended replacing them. He knows I'm going to Fredericksburg in September. The liners (pads) were original, with 103,500 miles on them, so I'm not surprised that they were worn. You guys will understand this better than I do, but the bill says "Replace front hub bearings, Replace CV axle shaft assemblies, Front disc pads -Rotors". I left the car there and Richie brought me home, then picked me up this morning and took me back to the shop to get the car. The weird noise in the front end was gone, and the car just feels better. Also, a growly noise I could hear when sitting in the back seat is now gone. Richie said it was coming from the problems up front, but the sound was just transmitted through the frame of the car so it sounded like it was coming from the back. Anyway, it's gone, and the car runs like it always has - like a fine watch. Car payments are ancient history, and if I have my way, I'll never make another one. She's 17 years old, I've owned her for 15 years, and I figure I've spent about $10k over that time. She had an original sticker price of $44k, and I paid $22k for her, when I bought her from the dealership. She had been a demo at first, and then a loaner for the last year before I got her. She came with a new car warranty, good for 6 years or 60,000 miles. Everything was paid for that was needed, including roadside service anywhere in the U.S. I plan to keep Tillie to the end, and my son has instructions that she is to be one of the family cars at my funeral! So there!

Not much else happening around here. We had so much rain the last couple of days, that my grass is ankle deep, and Eddie won't be here until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I hope he brings a hay baler!

Guess I'll go scare up something to eat. Not really hungry, maybe just some fruit. I've got some great peaches. Gary and Elaine brought me a big bag of peaches from Fredericksburg, and as every Texan knows, those are such good peaches. They are not really big, but are freestones, and so sweet. I can eat three without even trying, and Trinket helps me. She loves peaches! She also loves peanuts, and will beg for them when I'm eating some. Weird little dog. She also loves blueberries, and will pester me without mercy when she knows I'm eating some. I give her a handful, and they're gone in a flash, so I just give her one at a time. It keeps her busy!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 20, 2021 - Msg 116994: Hi Porch,

Wanted to pass this on as some of you might not know how the Taylor house met it's demise on the 40 Acre lot. For years, I thought I knew until I saw this. Scroll all the pic and you'll see at the end of them.

Be safe and be well!

John Masters

August 20, 2021 - Msg 116995: pics ^^^


August 21, 2021 - Msg 116996:

Thank you JM, that was very interesting, but somehow I missed the part
about the Taylor house. I did not see it at the end. (?)

RO--I am glad that your Tillie is all fixed up. I'm not sure if you would
like to see this or not, but those front 'boots' on the axles have been
notorious for deteriorating and leaking, so yours had a very good run; same with
the brakes with 105,000 miles on them!!
Glad also that you got some rain. We are actually ahead now on our annual
rainfall average, so that is good for us desert dwellers. :)
BOO- After reading your latest about Erin, it popped into my head of what I used to do in the prison ministry. We talked to the prisoners about making choices in
their lives. I think it was actually called "Choices." Each person MUST take
responsibility for the choices that they make in life, both bad and good, but especially the bad ones. We expressed to them that only THEY can correct the
way they choose. We can talk to them about it until we're blue in the face, but until THEY take it
upon themselves to choose WISELY, AND take FULL responsibility for their actions,
nothing that anyone else says will make a difference. Anyway, I should have thought to
tell you this some time ago, but for some reason it just dawned on me again.
MAUDE, I hope your husband can get the surgery needed in a safe manner. My older sister recently had both of her cataracts removed and all went well. The surgicenters are sanitized to the nines!
Good to hear that he will retire soon too. Thanks for the vittles.
I dont want to get political, but I must say to please, please pray for the Americans stuck in Afghanistan. I will refrain from saying anything more than that, and that it is very hard for me to contain my emotions over this. Thank you.

August 21, 2021 - Msg 116997: Good morning, porch! I'm a little confused regarding our local weather. My Dell came with a weather monitor and predictive calendar pre-installed. Today, on the week-long predictor, it says it will be sunny. At the top, in the "currently" report, which is updated every few minutes, it says "mostly cloudy." So which is it? As always, there's a big gap between prediction and reality. In spite of the "sunny" prediction, when I look outside right now, I'm thinking if it doesn't rain today, it's going to miss a good chance.

MDC, thanks for the info on the car. Actually, I'm happy to see that, as I consider it an endorsement. That car has been, and still is, a joy to me. It's very pretty, carmine red, with the classic lines of an old-school Cadillac. It's never been in an accident, no dings (I'm careful where I park) and has no un-addressed problems. It has one very tiny oil leak, which Richie has said to leave alone. He fixed one bigger leak a while back, for about $200, but says this one is very tiny, and would cost over $600 to fix, and then wouldn't be fixed. Typically, that particular problem just recurs. All of that is above my pay grade, so I just accept what he says. He says it won't get worse, and he recommends leaving it alone, just bring it by when the car says it needs oil, and he tops it off for me, no charge. I really like and enjoy the car, and when five different total strangers walk up in the last few years and ask you if you would consider selling your car, you pretty much know you've got a keeper. I did an online search for "2004 Cadillac Sedan Deville", found quite a few, and was surprised to see that most of them are selling for more than I would have expected for a car of that age. I also noticed that cars older than mine are selling for even more, so I figure that holding onto it is a smart thing to do. Besides, you don't sell a friend, and Tillie is my friend!

Maude, I know you're anxious about Mr. Maude and his surgery, but it's been my experience with knee patients that the vast majority do very well, and wish they had gotten the knee(s) fixed long before they actually did. I have one friend, an elderly lady, who had both knees done at the same time! She had her daughter and some grandkids to help her with every little thing until she recovered, and she walks like a teenager now! The doc didn't really want to do them both at once, but she told him he had a choice - do them both now, or do one and forget the other one, as she didn't plan to go through the recovery twice. I could see her point, but I could understand the doctor's objections too, but she prevailed and did well. Tough old bird!

MDC, prayers indeed for the betrayed people stuck in Afghanistan, whether Americans or those who helped us there. It harks back to your other comment regarding the choices we make. Every choice we make in our lives has consequences, and they aren't limited to personal consequences. As a nation, we made some choices almost a year ago. We are seeing the consequences now. Others are indirectly paying for those choices now, and our turn is coming. And that's all I'm going to say about that, believe it or not.

Boo, I agree with MDC. Erin has got to be made to see and understand that her choices have gotten her into the mess she's in, and only her choices - if they are good ones - can get her out. Maybe a question-and-answer approach could lead her to an awakening. "In such-and-such situation, what did you choose to do? And then what happened?" That sort of thing. I don't know, it's a very tough nut to crack, but maybe that might be the pathway. If you couple it with some positive examples, where she has made a positive choice, at least temporarily, and her life improved for a while - maybe that would help. I don't know. All I know to do is keep praying for you and your challenges. It's at this point that an old belief of mine surfaces. It's quite simple, actually. When someone is in the throes of an addiction, whatever it may be -alcohol, drugs, tobacco, lifestyle, whatever - they don't really want to quit. Instead, they want to want to quit, but they don't really want to. That sounds weird, I know, but it's true. They know that their habit, their addiction, their behavior, whatever it is, is destructive and causing them harm. They would love to leave it behind, but it's just too hard, or so they think. So they wish they could quit, but they're not willing to give it up. They only want to want to quit.

Well, I guess that's enough of my pontificating, (one of the hazards of old age) so I'll sign off. Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 21, 2021 - Msg 116998: MDC,

Scroll those pics again and you'll see the Mayberry church, the Taylor home and the brick home next door to Andy burned almost to the ground.

Guess I spoiled this for everyone else.

My whole life, I thought the Taylor home went the way of the bulldozer.

John Masters

August 21, 2021 - Msg 116999:
RO--one more thing, those axle boot assemblies are shown to be
fairly inexpensive, but they are labor INTENSIVE
to remove and replace. mdc :)

August 21, 2021 - Msg 117000: Okay, I got me a laptop. They gave me a CD with Windows or Office or something and said it'd be easy to download. I'm gonna give it to a teenager at preaching tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be a snap for them.

Billy Ray the High Tech Retired Postman

August 22, 2021 - Msg 117001: Good Sabbath morning, porch! I woke up half an hour before my alarm went off, so am almost ready to head for the church, and it's just 8:03! Feels kinda funny!

MDC, you're absolutely right, and the bill I got from Richie proves it. He said the same thing you said. $1700 right now was a big pill to swallow, but Tillie feels great now, and that's a small amount compared to what I would be paying if I was making car payments.

New subject, but still car related.....Can someone answer some questions I have about the new "wonderful" electric cars? First, when traveling, will there be charging stations along the way? If so, how long will we spend standing there waiting for the car's battery array to be charged? What will it cost? Will there be some sort of standard rate, or can a guy in the middle of the nowhere just charge you anything he wishes? How far can those cars go on a charge? Will any special hook-ups need to be installed in our homes? What about apartment dwellers - will there be facilities for them, or must they go stand at a station somewhere to keep their car charged? And the biggie -- what happens when everyone gets home in the evening and plugs their car in? It seems to me we're going to learn what rolling blackouts are really like, or maybe just total blackouts. So we stop pollution on the highways, but I would imagine we're going to see major pollution from the generating plants that will be needed to supply the electricity to charge up all those cars. Maybe I just don't understand how it all works, but I think we're just going to be trading one problem for another, bigger one. If someone can show me where I'm wrong, I will be glad to hear it. Maybe someone has figured out how to capture and store lightning bolts? Or maybe they're going to pave America with solar panels? It's all above my pay grade. Besides, it annoys me to have to be charging my phone all the time, now I have to charge up my car???

Well, guess I'd better get my war paint on, and head for the church. I don't need to pick up my friend this morning, she's not doing well, and doesn't feel like going. Please pray for my friend LaRue, she's weak, not breathing well, and seems to me that she's just giving up. She has a very dark, defeated attitude right now. She has never been a particularly "the glass is half full" gal. In fact, we had a nickname for her when we were all younger - we called her "What If." If we were planning a trip, a project, a party, whatever, she would always say, "But what if...."
Her husband made all the decisions, and kept her pathway smooth always, and after he passed, she just sort of gave up. We see a spark of fighting spirit now and then, but mostly she's very passive. There's no question that she's physically ill now, it's obvious, but she's just so sad, and depressed. Please pray for her!

Blessings, friends, and keep looking up! --Romeena

August 22, 2021 - Msg 117002:

GOOD SABBATH TO ALL! :) (more later) mdc

August 22, 2021 - Msg 117003: Romeena, check out the links I posted below. The first one is a map showing locations of electric charging stations in the USA and Canada.
The second one explains about charging electric vehicles and the different types of connectors involved. The yellow symbols indicate level 3 connector faster charging that takes up to 1 hour to drive up to 250 miles. The blue symbols indicate level 2 connector slower charging that takes up to 11 hours to drive up to 250 miles. A charging station for your home can run between $700 and $2100.

from Poor Horatio

August 23, 2021 - Msg 117004: Good morning, porch! A beautiful day here, going to be a hot one, but surely is pretty. Not a cloud in sight!

PH, thanks for the info regarding electric vehicle charging stations. Very informative, and really confirms my suspicions - that this electric car thing is going to be one of the worst, most expensive and inconvenient boondoggles our government has forced on us yet. If I read it correctly, (and I'll admit I was skimming a bit, will read it more carefully later) it appears to me that basically you can count on spending at least an hour in a coffee shop every 250 miles, while your car is being charged when you're traveling. Nowhere did I see any indication of what those charges are going to cost. We'll have a whole new technical language to learn, what all those symbols mean, and what about the AC vs DC thing? We have to carry adapters now for a hair dryer or electric toothbrush when traveling where DC power is used. PH, is Canada on AC or DC? That should be very interesting as it relates to cars. As for charging at home, that's going to be a bit expensive, too. Our electric bills are going to be whoppers! When everyone gets home and plugs in, we'll see blackouts. The grids are already overtaxed in many areas, and this notion is not going to help. Boosting our power output across the nation is going to be expensive, but hey, we can just print some more currency. You know what? Normally, my age doesn't bother me, but right now I'm hoping I have at least ten more years, just to watch this little drama play out!

My gasoline bill runs $30-40 a month. I'm pretty sure my electricity bill will increase quite a bit more than that, and then factor in the cost of the car, the charging station at home, and heaven help me if I have to pay to charge the car along the road somewhere. Of course, I plan to still be driving Tillie, at least until some nut in
Washington makes electric cars mandatory. Well, as Puck said in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - "But Lord! What fools these mortals be!"

Ha! Maybe what we need is some smart person to design a little solar panel to sit on top of our cars, that provides a running charge when the sun is shining. That would reduce the risk of fist fights or worse at the highway charging stations, as one patron decides his need is greater than someone else's, when the stations are all occupied. Of course, we'd all have to stay at home on cloudy days, and whenever hail is a possibility. Electric cars? Solution or disaster? I guess time will tell.

All the rain we've had has really energized my yard! Eddie mowed on Saturday, because the grass was over ankle deep - just a quick mow, no edging or any other amenities. He only charged $30 for that. He had mowed on Wednesday, and it had grown at least three inches. If he had waited to mow until this coming Wednesday, he would have had to catch and bag it, and empty the bag about every five minutes. By doing it halfway through the cycle, he was able to mulch it instead of catching it, which is what I prefer anyway. Nothing does it like rain!

My little hummer is busy outside my window, really dipping deep in the feeder. Nothing is visible in the bottle, but there must be something still in the tray. Guess I'd better go give him/her a refill. Cute little thing, so tiny!

One of my tree lizards is sunning himself on a tree trunk, looking fat and sassy. He must be eating a lot of bugs! Those guys are amazing. When he aligns with the ridges in the tree bark, you would never notice him at al. Right now, his tail is curved around, across a ridge, and I saw him. They are so smart, and so funny. I watch them a lot - I see lizard romances, and lizard warfare! Very interesting, and I like lizards. I have never understood why people fear them. They can't hurt you, they don't even have teeth, at least the ones who live around here don't. They eat annoying bugs, and do no harm. They are welcome in my yard!

Well, guess I'll go watch MASH. Sundance runs two hours of it on weekday mornings. I've seen every episode at least a zillion times, but I don't care. I still enjoy it! Blessings, friends, and keep looking up. --Romeena

August 23, 2021 - Msg 117005:

ASA-we haven't heard from ya in a while.
I hope and pray that all is ok.
I been meaning to ask if you are a Utah Utes fan
at all? In the gym where I work out they have the Pac12 network
going, and often see them playing ASU in some sport.
Also, BTW, it looks like Larry Fitzgerald is retiring.
He hasnt said it for sure, but has hinted as he has not been
with the team as yet.

POSSUM, did you get any rain from Henri??
Sounds like the upper east coast got a lot.

RO-I saw first-hand some of this new craziness.
We experienced a blackout for an hour while in Cal
last month. They run PSAs saying to cut back on elec use between
4 pm and 11 pm to prevent such, but they still happen!
And with every other car a Prius over there, I can't imagine how they get
charged with the rolling blackouts there. They have been shutting
power plants and putting up windmills all over the landscape that look
much worse than those low profile oil pumpers. And somehow they think that
their air full of smoke from all the fires is somehow ok. But don't get me
started. (ha) Oh, and Amen to lizards. I love 'em. :)

I hope everyone is doing OK, and perhaps just busy.
I miss our conversations back and forth, but I also understand
that life gets busy and changes as we grow older.
Anyway, hang in there, and post when ya can.

August 24, 2021 - Msg 117006: Romeena, a company called Aptera Motors is currently manufacturing solar powered electric cars and has over 7,000 customers on their waiting list. The vehicle only has three wheels to reduce the energy lost due to friction with a fourth wheel. A single 15 minute solar charge will allow the vehicle to travel 150 miles. And a full solar charge will allow them to travel 1,000 miles. Depending on the options you want, they sell for between $26,000 and $45,000. And there are no charging stations you need to locate. Unfortunately, to keep it light weight, the current version can only seat two adults and one pet.

from Poor Horatio

August 24, 2021 - Msg 117007: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful day here in Texas. Sun is shining so brightly. If I had one of those Aptera cars (thanks, PH, for the info) I would be in good shape today. Sounds like someone is looking ahead, has seen the flaws in the current electric car situation, and has developed at least a partial answer. A little car like that would be ideal for someone like me. Just to run to church, out to lunch, a little shopping trip, the usual run-about needs of most people, within a few miles of home, would be handled nicely, I think. One question, can it charge as you drive? Is the solar panel on the car, or at home somewhere?

Well, guess I'd better get off this keyboard and get busy. A friend who was following me as we headed for BurgerDoodle after church on Sunday, told me one of my brake lights was out. So - today I'm going by the shop and Richie will fix that for me. Trinket will ride shotgun, as she adores Richie, and he thinks she's great. He always grumbles if I show up without her.

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up. --Romeena

August 24, 2021 - Msg 117008: Hey y'all- No,MDC,Henri didn't come through these parts. We did have rain this past weekend,but it wasn't due to Henri.
Will get caught up with the archives soon. I've missed a few days. Hope all is well and continued prayers for Mavis.

possum u.a.r.

August 25, 2021 - Msg 117009: Everything ok on my end of the Porch, just got back from a trip to Gettysburg with my Daughter and her family. We had a good time learning about history, ya know there’s so much more of it these days...We even saw where Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg ADDress!...

By the way,..I checked the cannons, Nobody put as much as a grape 🍇in them whilst I was there!..
HaHa (in my BEST Goober voice).....G-F

August 25, 2021 - Msg 117010: Today is the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and we still see his impact in our community. Looks like there is another storm threat headed for the Gulf of Mexico. I’m hoping it stays a tropical storm because this is the time they tend to be strong hurricanes. It would be really hard to take a hit right now with everything else we are dealing with down here.

I have a crazy story for you but I’m on my phone so need to get to my computer keyboard first…


August 25, 2021 - Msg 117011:, those of you with any sort of medical background will be surprised be this. As i have said, before, our hospitals here are full and have covid patients lining the hallways for days, according the nurses I know that are working. Well, Matthew's exwife Amy has a brother named Jimmy who was down here visiting and he was at a party saturday night. He was drinking some, though not drunk, and got into a fight. He was hit pretty hard, fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. He got back to Amy's house and told her that he had hit his head pretty hard. She scolded him because he began to throw up there in the living room. She thought it was because he had been drinking and she got mad and sent him upstairs after seeing that he did have a bump on his head. She called her mother and the mom, who has no medical background but had sense to know it could be a bad situation, said to call EMS for him. EMS came and the two paramedics or techs, whatever they are, asked him if he knew his name and told Amy he was probably just drunk and they left. Jimmy went to sleep and woke the next morning with slurred speech, so Amy called EMS again. Again they came out and told them that there was no place for him in the hospital and that he was fine. At this point, Amy drove him to the hospital herself and was told he would have to sit in the hallways and wait and it would take hours to be cared for. At that point, Amy's mom drove in from out of town and picked him up in her car and drove him to san antonio to a hospital there that took him in immediately and discovered he had a fractured skull and three areas of bleeding in the brain. He is still in the hospital and they said he could have very easily died and will have at least a six month recovery period if he makes it. Today, he is not able to sit up or use his arms. He is only 30. It is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time. What EMTs would not do a neuro assessment on someone who is vomiting and said they fell and hit their head on pavement? He could have died in the night...and twice, they ignored his symptoms. Unbelievable. There are even minor ERs nearby they could have taken him to but they just left him there. I could make excuses for medical folks who are overworked and exhausted but I cant come up for an excuse for this one. Terrible.

Anyway, hoping Jimmy will be alright. Take care of yourselves


August 25, 2021 - Msg 117012: Good grief, Boo! That story is just incredible. A first year nursing student would have known to get him seen by a doctor, pronto! And yes, they should have done a basic neuro assessment on him themselves. If they can't do that, then they need to seek other employment. Apparently they let the smell of booze on his breath influence their judgment. They formed a conclusion based on partial evidence, but didn't seek anything else. Wrong!!! If I was a lawyer, I'd definitely be sniffing around this one, and leaving my card with somebody!

So much went wrong there. The ER staff should have at least done a basic assessment on him, which should have told them enough to bump him ahead of maybe Covid, maybe not Covid people sitting in the hallway. They could have waited long enough for an assessment to be done on a man with the history and symptoms Jimmy was exhibiting. Available room or not, a gurney in the hallway with some medical attention available and in progress would be better than dying at home. That hospital, and the emergency service, is in need of an overhaul.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 27, 2021 - Msg 117013: Well hello gang ! I got a lot of reading to do but first lunch : BLT sandwiches with dukes , pickles , chips and hot peppers for those interested ! Sweet tea . All good here at the dog house ! Been busy with my yard and uncles and mom and pops ! Getting ready to plant winter cabbage and collards ! Prayers to all ! And let’s all please pray for the trouble in Afghanistan 🙏. Signed : your talking dog of the porch SPOT !

August 27, 2021 - Msg 117014: Miss Crump's reading assignment is this overly serious discussion of Mayberry:

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

August 28, 2021 - Msg 117015:

Hi All! As y'all know, I really like tags seasons 3 and 4 and that is what's playing
these days on Me-TV. Episodes like the Remshaw place, What's your hurry sermon, etc;
but I've been in kinda a 'funk' with the whole Afghan tragedy. I know that we try to keep
things lighter here, which is the purpose of the porch, but I just feel like I've been
gut punched, and that is hard to just slip by. Very bad decisions were made, and it could
have all been prevented, and I just pray every day that everyone can get out. Lord be with
OK, I'll try to move on a fact SPOT!, :) so good to see you again on the porch.
You have been making some good vittles on FB lately. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
And yes, I am indeed praying.
Billy Ray, thanks for posting that Mayberry story. I really want to see that movie when it comes out.
Floyd has been talking about it as well.
All is going ok here. I heard from ASA, all is well with him and his, just been busy out in his woodshop lately.
All OK here too. We had 4 very hot days, and now we will get a bit of a break.
BOO--that is quite a story! My goodness, I sure hope he is doing ok now. What a big mess!
GF--good to see you too, so cool that you got to go all around Gettysburg, so much history there.
When I visited there in the 1980s, I almost 'felt' the battle all around me, but also glad that
"all them folks got emancipated!"
POSSUM-- hang in there girl. I heard you may get some weather from another storm. Keep well.
God's blessing upon all. Have a good weekend!

August 28, 2021 - Msg 117016: Billy Ray ...That was a nice article about Chris Hudson. I know Chris, He and I were talking at the Meet-Up. He has been working on his documentary project for several years. He has won several awards 🏆 for it at Film Festivals already.

It is due to be released tomorrow!... Here is the trailer it’s going to be GREAT! He has put his heart & soul into the project, and it gives a good representation of us Mayberry fans and why we are the way we are!...

They are going to show it at Mayberry Days along with the Mayberry Man Movie 🎥...SHAZZAM it’s gonna be BIG!

Just a note..Both movies will be available at Weaver’s Store here too is that link... it is run by Allan’s wife Jan. She (they) do an awesome job and you can find everything Mayberry there...Check it out!....

Sorry to ramble on, but these two projects are coming at a good time. We SURE can use us some Mayberry right about now..10-4?


August 28, 2021 - Msg 117017: *If you want to see the trailer for the Mayberry Man Movie 🎥 here it is too...

August 28, 2021 - Msg 117018: Good morning, porch! Gorgeous day here, but going to be hot. How hot? Well, just hot. It won't quite earn a "dang hot" at a high of just 92°. And there's a nice little breeze blowing too, so that helps.

G-F, thanks for the information about the movies. I guess I'll just have to stop in at Weaver's Store and order them. I enjoyed the trailers. So nice to see Floyd in them - called back memories of the Mayberry cruises Eloise and I went on, and the fun we had with Allan and Jan, and all the tribute artists. Such nice, and very talented folks! Allan, do you remember the "biscuit dough" lady? I wish I had taken a picture of that unforgettable spectacle!

Trinket is a mess! She usually eats dry kibble-type food, but I decided to give her a treat and bought a couple of cans of canned food, with nice chunks of meat in it, and surrounded by a rich-looking, good-smelling gravy. She does get meat as well, but usually it's something I trim off whatever I'm eating. This was all hers, with gravy, in a bowl. She sniffed it very suspiciously at first, then just buried her little face in the bowl and had herself a feast! The result, naturally, was a gravy-soaked face, and no amount of paper-toweling could get it clean. I'm going to have to wash her face, and that means a major struggle! She's like Opie, in her attitude toward that washrag! However, I will win!

Guess I'd better get busy around here. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena