August 03, 2021 - Msg 116929:

Oh, RO, congrats to your grandson!!

August 04, 2021 - Msg 116930:

Hello again. Well, after the two 'not-so-good' episodes last night, tonight started tags season 3 of the B/W shows on me-tv, the best season IMHO. Tonight's first was Mr. McBeevee, and then Andy's Rich Girlfriend. :)
I don't mean to 'flaunt my Bible knowledge,' but this past
Sunday our pastor spoke on John, Chapter 6:22-59, sometimes referred to as the Bread of Life discourse. It is very profound, Jesus speaks of how the manna in the desert for the Israelites was a foreshadowing to Jesus being the Bread of Life. It is a quick but powerful read. :) Just a suggestion, but a good 'shot in the arm' of a different type. :)

Today was a Costco day for us. We got TP etc, but also we like to check out any new items, and now they are giving samples again!. Then Wed. is our senior day (10% off) at our Fry's grocery store.
Billy Ray, just think, you can now shop on a Wed. morning! ha

I hope everyone is doing OK. Hello to, and prayers for, ALL!

August 04, 2021 - Msg 116931: Good afternoon, porch! It's been a busy two days here, have been a little scarce on the porch. We did finally get some more rain, and the yard has perked up. Ted came by this morning and installed the new sprinkler system control box that I had bought, and now all 12 zones are working! Unfortunately, the new box does not work with my little remote control, I have to go outside to the box to start anything, but I guess that's okay. It's preset to run on specific days, and will do that without any input from me, but I can't just run a zone at will from my window like I used to do. I could have spent a little more on the box and bought one that can be operated from an app on my phone, but hated to spend more. Oh, well.

David and Brittany and the boys, Landry and Hudson, are on the mend from Covid. David is back to work, on a somewhat limited basis, and Brittany has a persistent headache, but it will go away. The boys have been pretty well for over a week now. At the moment, the family is concerned for Hudson's long-time girlfriend. She's in the hospital with an as-yet-undiagnosed illness, but they say it is not Covid. She's pretty sick, please add her to your prayer list!

My oldest, first-born grandson and his wife will come through here next Wednesday. I am so eager to see them! They live in Seattle, and have come to Texas to visit family. They'll spend several days with Robbi, (Gary's mom) and then come through Dallas for a couple of days on their way back. They are both delightful, and I enjoy them so much!

Well, better go get a little dusting done, and start policing the front part of the house. I rarely go up there unless there's company, and I need to start getting it spruced up before Gary and Elaine arrive.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 05, 2021 - Msg 116932: You know you’ve been hanging around your Porch Friends too long when you make breakfast and over cook the bacon 🥓 and you say to yourself...”This sure wouldn’t fly with Romeena and

Also a funny story from yesterday...
*Under the heading...
Olivia my 5hr. old Granddaughter was nagging me about playing in the basement, so we went down, she proceeded to tell and show me that she got some of her privileges taken away and Mommy took some stuff out of her room...So I asked her, WHY?
She said it was because I was Acting Like a Giraffe!...🦒
She said..Yep, I was acting like a selfish Giraffe 🦒 so Mommy took it all away!..🤷🏼‍♀️😩

How can one keep a straight face after that? It was hard to not laugh....Yep, Yet ANOTHER Andy Griffith Show teaching moment!....👍🤣🤣🤣

First sign of a child going wrong...
.....Barney Fife


p.s. How you adjusting to life outside “The Rock” Billy Ray?

August 05, 2021 - Msg 116933: Good morning, porch! A hazy but lovely day here. Eddie has already mowed the back yard, making a great improvement in the shagginess of it. He'll edge and blow the clippings off the path and patio later. What would I do without Eddie?

G-F, your post is hilarious! I love it! It shows very clearly how children are affected and influenced by what they see and hear, and that should be enough to tell us to boycott Disney, Muppets, and any other child-aimed entertainment today. I hate to inject a negative note, but the stuff that is being cranked out by the entertainment industry today is poisonous to children and should not be supported in any way. If you got my recent email forward, you know what I'm talking about. Sad, isn't it? Where is the joyful innocence of my own childhood? Long gone.....

I think I may have mentioned (or maybe not) that after the upheaval around here with getting the plumbing project done to stop the leak beneath the house, my desk phone (of all things) was a casualty. When Ted was repairing the hole left in a wall to give the plumbers access to a connection, he accidentally stepped on a phone line that was left exposed when a big credenza was pulled out from the wall. It broke the line free from the clip that goes into the jack. So, I got another line at Office Depot, but we weren't sure where it fit into the goulash of lines and connections on the computer, printer, scanner, phones, etc. We abandoned the project for that day, as my caption phone was working, so I wasn't phone-less. The next day, I discovered another connection point and tried that, but it still didn't work. No dial tone. Finally, I got another line, thinking the first one might be faulty. The new line works perfectly, and yes, the first one was faulty, but not from the factory. As I was removing it to trash it, I noticed a roughness on the line. Yep, little Trinket toothmarks! During that interval before I found the other connection point, my little friend and helper had chewed on the line, so it still didn't work, even when it was in the right port. So I spent $8 on a phone line I shouldn't have needed, bless her little heart. I think I'll take it out of her allowance. Anyway, all is well, and phones are working now. Gotta love a puppy!

Well, guess I'll get busy. My oldest grandson and his wife will be here in a week, so guess I'd better start policing up the front part of the house. It's not too bad, except for the Christmas room. A kitten couldn't find a place to bed down in that room, with the huge collection of Christmas stuff in it. Fortunately, the room is not needed. There are two other bedrooms (remember, we raised four kids in this house) so the Christmas room won't be needed. It does need to be tidied up, though. There's some closet space where some of the dolls, Santas, reindeer, pillows, throws, etc., can be hidden away. I probably wouldn't do it if Gary and Elaine weren't coming, since it won't be long before it all will be pulled out again, but I may take the moment to sort it a little, and maybe take a few of the dolls and teddy bears up to the fire station or police station for them to share around. They carry them in their vehicles and use them with children in stressful situations.

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 06, 2021 - Msg 116934:

Hello to all! RO, so glad that things are going better for you now. I read your email, and when things like that are aired, it is no
wonder today's kids are so confused. I do so pray for our kids,
and hope that they will turn to the Lord in these strange times.

All goes well here. It was hard to get re-acclimated to our heat
after that week in SB, but we are doing better now.

Two good episodes of tags tonight.

Prayers for all,

August 06, 2021 - Msg 116935: So happy to hear that your loved ones are on the mend, Romeena. My nurse friends are telling me this delta is no joke. Hope all my porch friends stay well.

Yes, before you know it, Ro, you will be taking out the christmas stuff again. Only four more months until the holiday season and the decorating begins. I dont know if I mentioned that our family and Susan and her family are going to Cloudcroft New Mexico the day after Christmas. We decided that instead of spending money on gifts, we would use our resources for a family vacation. Its been over ten years since we have been out of Texas and to the mountains so I am ready! We found a really nice cabin in the pines that sleeps ten people. It looks beautiful and I cant wait. This heat is about to wring me out! I dont know if I will do all the usual decorating this year but will probably put up our artificial tree.

Been making my first rag quilt today. Any of you ever made one? I watched a tutorial on youtube and decided to try it. I am making a star wars themed one for Zach's new baby, Charlie.

I took Erin back to San Antonio yesterday after she did the final appointment for her hearing aids. They are officially hers now and they really help her to hear. She seems to be gaining some wisdom, from our conversations. I certainly hope she is growing up.

Forgot to tell you all that I rescued a little dog this week. It was being neglected and abused by a family of illegals. The poor little thing was skinny and had an open wound on its side from an attack by other dogs. It only weighed about 8 pounds and was less than a year old. He had eye infections and a broken tail, too. I took him and found a good no kill shelter that will tend to his medical needs and find him a good home. He was the sweetest little dog I have ever met, and I mean that. I would have kept him if I didnt already have three right now. So many people out there who should never have a pet OR a child. I am of the belief of most native Americans, in that I dont think people should actually "own" animals. Animals are living beings and should be cared for and loved but if they are being "owned" by cruel and neglectful humans, its time to take them away from that and get them help.

Think I will go put my feet up. Its been a long day!


August 07, 2021 - Msg 116936: Boo..Dogs 🐕 Dogs 🐕 Dogs! Like they say..The quality of mercy is not strained...
It droppeth as the gentle rain 🌧 from Heaven. You're not talking to a jerk, you know! ......

Good on You Sister for looking out for it...🐕...But if it was a Giraffe 🦒 It woulda been a WHOLE different thing!...

Personally I don’t think Clint Biggers was a very good custodian of those pack of 11 dogs 🐕 ..Just Sayin’ 🤷🏼‍♂️


August 07, 2021 - Msg 116937: A Mayberry Bible 📖 Study on that very subject...👍

G-F again

August 07, 2021 - Msg 116938: *Maybe if Mr. Biggers would have went to church more often..
In my BEST Aunt Bee

August 08, 2021 - Msg 116939:

Hello All. Good Sabbath. GF, a good lesson for us all on this Sabbath Day! :) Thanks.
BOO- I know that you are no longer a carnivore, but if you were...our What-a-Burgers here have a new burger called the Pico de Gallo burger. We tried one tonite, mmm good. :) Hope all is better with erin and your talks with her. Maybe you can finally ease up
on the shuttle service. haha. She continues to be in my daily prayers.
RO--as I watched Ask This Old House the other day, it showed a guy who invented a 'weed robot.' It is like one of those round vacuums, but for the garden. It is quite clever, but also quite pricey. But as you and Eddie are not spring chickens anymore,
it may be a thought. Here is a link:
Also, with the new phone line in, hopefully you are FINALLY done with such things now.
I have finally finished up all the 'little things' with our new kitchen,
like moving around some of the pull out shelves, etc.



August 09, 2021 - Msg 116940: Good morning, porch! I've been a little scarce for the last few days, just been busy. Feels good to settle in my rocker for a while, and catch up with the news. Pretty day outdoors, busy little squirrel exploring the old cottonwood outside my window. There will be another one along in a minute, most likely. I rarely see just one squirrel at a time.

I had been fighting with my sprinkler system for a while, and finally gave up and got a new control box. Ted installed it for me, then found that the front yard zones still would not turn on. Then he remembered when Eddie had dug out a dead shrub, a victim of our -3° freeze last winter. (That made headlines around here! -3°? Good grief! Lots of dead shrubbery and even trees around town.) Anyway, Ted probed around that area, and found where the line that connects to the non-functioning area had been cut. He spliced it, and everything works now. I still needed the new box though, because the old one no longer responded properly anywhere, including some of the zones in the back yard. I could set the dial to a certain function and it wouldn't respond at all. I couldn't even turn it off! The new one is a snap to program, and works very well. The only thing is, my beloved little remote thingy can't talk to it. So now I have to go out to the box to make any adjustments, or to turn on a particular zone when something looks droopy. Grrr. There are new boxes that can be controlled through an app on a phone, but they're a lot more expensive, so I didn't get one of those. The one I got was just $132, and it still beats the socks off of dragging hoses and sprinklers around this big old lot.

MDC, that weed robot thing is hilarious! I'd love to be able to use one, but I don't have a neat, row-style veggie garden, just overcrowded flowerbeds. That robot would soon be lost and trapped in the jungle! It would blow a gasket trying to figure out what to dig up and what to leave alone. Great idea, though!

I have long wished for a Roomba to vacuum my floors, but it won't work in this house. Too many levels. I could get one for the living room, but it couldn't go anywhere else because that room is six inches lower than the rest of the house. It would program itself for that room, but that would be all. Sure is a good idea, though. Actually, I have a suggestion for the manufacturer. Why not build one that can store multiple programs, with a toggle that lets you set what zone you want it to clean? For example, David has one that keeps the downstairs of their home clean, and does an excellent job of it. However, it can't go upstairs, where there are three bedrooms and a playroom, because it only programs itself and stores the instructions for the downstairs. It would have a nervous breakdown if it tried to clean upstairs. They will probably get a second unit in the future, but not now. It's hilarious to watch "Marty" (they named him) as he scoots around the floor on the ground level. When he's finished, he sits and whirs for a moment, then goes humming over the floor in a beeline to his dock, locks onto his port, and whoosh! Everything he cleaned up is sucked up into a chamber, and Marty is clean. Amazing!

Well, I'd better get busy. My grandson Gary and his wife will be here on Wednesday, and the front part of the house, where they'll sleep, could use some tidying up, I'm sure. They're down in Fredericksburg right now, with Robbi, Gary's mom. They'll come through here for a couple of days on their way back to Seattle. It will be so nice to see them. Gary is my oldest grandchild, and his wife, Elaine, is a delight!

Boo, it sounds like things are a bit better with Erin. I'm glad her hearing problem is being addressed, and is responding. I understand all too well how frustrating that can be. The hearing aids will help, but they will never be as good as natural hearing. However, she'll adjust. When I'm here by myself, I often don't wear mine. When I do, I hear things I haven't heard in a long time, and it can be startling. No matter how good the devices are, they aren't like natural hearing. For example, when my a/c is running, I hear an annoying, rattly roar coming through the overhead vents. David says he hears it, but it's not intrusive, and doesn't sound like what I describe. To me, it's annoying. It never was when I had normal hearing, but the amplified version the aids present, is annoying! Well, it beats a silent world, so I accept it. I can put up with the a/c noise, because I can also hear the windchime outside my window, and the birdsong out there as well. A mockingbird serenades every morning, and I'm so grateful that I can hear him!

Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 09, 2021 - Msg 116941: GF, I am loving retirement. I am not getting all boiled up in road rage like I used to when I was working. And I don't find myself driving around too fast like Gilly Walker. And I'm sleeping much better, about like Gomer in church.

I just signed up to audit a music appreciation class at my alma mater. You can audit classes for free at state schools in Ohio if you're 60. I hit that a few months back and with the retirement, I have time to chase down some interests.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman

August 09, 2021 - Msg 116942: Hey Billy Ray...Here’s The Official Video for us Retired Folks for when we drive....G-F

p.s. Yes, I happen to be Friends with Tim White, he also hosts The Song of the Mountains show on PBS.

August 09, 2021 - Msg 116943: yes, Ro, things are a little better with Erin but still some awful situation she is in. Sooner or later something will have to give and she will be back here. As far as the hearing aids go, she can program them using her iphone and mute background noises and she seems to like that feature. I just hope nothing happens to them because they are very small and delicate. The insur@nce will replace them once for a four hundred dollar deductible but after that they wont and they need to last about five years.

Sounds like fun having your grandson and his wife for a visit! Wed I am having Emily, Susan, and Matt over for birthday cake for Emily. She had a birthday last week but celebrated it with in her mom's home with a bought cake so we are having her over here to the house and I am making her a favorite strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting that she loves. I made her a pretty rag quilt from a pretty christmas print fabric and flannel. She has a real love for Christmas, as I do so she will love it.

Sean's little business is taking doing pretty well so far. I went with him to clean a condo on padre island today and it was an easy of those little bnb rooms, super simple. I went and finally got a haircut after! my hair was down to the middle of my back since covid. I got it back to a respectable length for a woman of my age. lol

Well, better go unload the dishwasher. Love to all!


August 09, 2021 - Msg 116944: PS-can you believe that Baby Emily turned 14 and my Erin is 20 today?!


August 09, 2021 - Msg 116945: G-F, thanks for the King of the Left Hand Lane video. Although I like the music melody, his lyrics need some work. At 0:17, he sings "I've got nothin' to do". Then at 1:17, he sings "I've got things to do". Sounds like a contradiction to me.

from Poor Horatio

August 10, 2021 - Msg 116946:

Hey Billy Ray, now that you have all this time on your hands, try implementing this time saver...

More later,
MDC :)

August 10, 2021 - Msg 116947: Gotta love the practicability of Red Green MDC... G-F. 🚗💨💨💨💨

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116948:

Howdy folks! Well, I don't believe it, I found a small blooper in the Bed Jacket episode tonight! When Miss Lukin opened her dress shop
in the morning and Andy was waiting for her, one can assume that it must have been 9 am or so; yet when
Andy went to see the mayor, the mayor yells out the top window that Andy woke him up
from a sound sleep! I guess he could have been sleeping in, but you'd think
that he would be up for his 'mayoral duties!' haha
Oh, the other evening I was watching the old George Burns show on another
oldie station, and there was Howard McNear! With jet black hair even! Maybe that was the
start of Lawson Enterprises!
He apparently got around!
All is well here. We had a good rain last night, and today it only got to 99 degrees. It felt so nice! :)
I hope all is well with everyone.
BOO- I hope the birthday party went well for Emily.
Ralph Henderson, aka MDC :)

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116949: Wow, Red Green's mobile tire changing idea seems like a good business possibility.

Billy Ray the Retired Postman Considering a Part Time Job

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116950: Here’s one just for Billy Ray... Their looking for a experienced Butcher down at the meat 🥩 market, you know anything about cutting meat 🥩 Billy Ray?

That’s Life.....G-F

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116951: *They’re 🤦🏼‍♂️

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116952:

"They're" - Contraction for "they are," as opposed to
"their"- possessive form of a group of persons. Ha!

Retired English teacher (:

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116953: Has anyone here read Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance? He is from Ohio and running for the senate. The book is about his life and was recently a movie. The bed jacket reminds me of a smoking jacket, does one actually wear a bed jacket to bed and who puts a smoking jacket on to smoke. Sarah

August 11, 2021 - Msg 116954: Sarah....Being from Ohio we are aware of him...G-F

August 12, 2021 - Msg 116955:

Sarah, hello! I like the bed jacket episode because of the sacrifice
that Andy was willing to make by selling his fishing rod.
But I admit that I never even heard of a bed jacket until that episode. A smoking jacket, however, I had seen in many movies.

I caught the first of tonight's episode where Barn was "Glen Fording" it all
over town! ha, a good one. :)
God bless,

August 12, 2021 - Msg 116956: MDC, Have you ever noticed the scene when the Mayor is trying to buy Eagle eye from Andy? Andy has to peel his fingers off his pole because the Mayor won't let go. Alays makes me laugh.


August 13, 2021 - Msg 116957:

Ha ASA, yup, we both have watched WAY too much tags! :)
In fact tonight I saw Man in a Hurry (my fav) and I caught a
small blooper... Coming out of church Barney says he's due over at Thelma Lou's, but then, the next thing ya know, he's on Andy's front porch,
where he says the well known line about taking a nap, going to Thelma Lou's, etc.
BUT, in the final epilog scene he is again on Andy's porch talking about
getting a bottle of pop! ha! (It also reminded me of our CHARLOTTE TUCKER. Charlotte, I hope all is well!)

Our 'pleasant' weather continues, only forecasted to be mid 90s for the next week! That is very nice for August around these parts.
I have been watching our neighbor's dog whilst they are on vacation this week.
All is well in that department, but I noticed that their pool was starting to look a bit stagnant, and sure enough, the pool pump is shot, as I tried to turn it on manually.

We do not have a pool, and I normally get to use theirs when they are gone, or when they have BBQs, etc, so I knew what I was seeing was not good. The man is coming Friday to replace it.

RO--you doing OK??
Prayers for all,

August 13, 2021 - Msg 116958: If You Build It...They WILL Come!...⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

August 13, 2021 - Msg 116959: Just saw aunt Bee's medicine man episode and noticed she was wearing a wedding ring, was there ever any mention of her being married. The heat index is going to be 105 on the East coast today I plan on staying indoors. Sarah

August 13, 2021 - Msg 116960:
Billy Ray. You gonna be the oldest kid in class. Bring apples..
maybe a TAGS lunchbox for show and tell.

August 13, 2021 - Msg 116961: Been a little slow here on the porch this week. Hope all are well. I thought I would sit down and rock for a spell.

We have been fairly busy these days but are doing well. Unfortunately, covid cases are way up in the county we are in and our county tops the state of Texas right now for cases. Corpus Christi isnt as large as some of the other cities but the hospitals in Corpus serve all the surrounding areas, so they stay busy. Two of my nurse friends have been sending me messages and they are worn out. Both are working in the ICU at the busiest hospital in the city. My friend Amanda works in an 11 bed ICU that now contains 32 patients, 30 of which have covid. Both nurses are telling me that this delta variant is making people more ill and the patients are younger. They are having to hold the hands of the dying who arent able to see their loved ones before they pass and it is taking a real toll on them, mentally. I fear for what they will go through in the future because they have been traumatized over the past year or more. They now have a tent set up outside the hospital to render certain treatments to people 55 and older. Its a really bad time for my friends in the health field right now. Please lets remember to pray for them and take precautions to protect the weaker members of our communities, and our health care workers. People who have been vaccinated are still getting this covid but are not as ill with it, according to the nurses I have spoken to. As I have said before, I dont believe everything I read out there but I believe the frontline nurse friends who deal with it daily and its a crisis. Stay safe, friends.

Glad you are cooling down a bit, MDC. We have had a really mild summer here. It still gets plenty hot most days but we have had so much rain this year that it has really made a difference in how we tolerate the heat and everything is still so nice and green! I am looking forward to those first cool fronts so much so I wont be so warm when I am outside throwing the ball for King.

Bruce and I went out to eat at our favorite mexican food place this evening and there were only three or four people in the place. We wore our masks in and then removed them to eat. The food was so good! We had a nice chat and then came home to feed the mutts and play with them a little. Bruce is still knocking the golf balls around the yard for King.

Well, not much else to report. Hope you all enjoy your evening.


August 13, 2021 - Msg 116962: I got to thinking I needed to buy my textbook for my class starting in 10 days. Silly me, it's an electronic book. Truthfully, I don't quite know what that means but anyway. So I reckon I'll have to buy a laptop. And when I got ready to go to the campus bookstore to get my electronic book, and ask some questions, I found you can only buy them online. I tell you, what is this world coming to when you can't go to a bookstore and buy a book? Miss Crump's class warn't never this complicated.

Billy Ray the Low Tech Postman

August 14, 2021 - Msg 116963: Billy Ray.... If you work hard, you too can’t get you one of these!... G-F

I thought your tag is now.. “Bill Ray... *Postman Retired”

"Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Dark Of Night Shall Stay These Couriers From The Swift Completion Of Their Appointed Rounds.".... * Unless your truck breaks down! 🚐

August 14, 2021 - Msg 116964: *Can get....Sorry

August 14, 2021 - Msg 116965: Good late morning, friends! My house seems so empty today. Grandson and his wife left yesterday afternoon, and I miss them. They are the sweetest, kindest people in the world, great houseguests! Gary fixed a couple of things that needed attention around the house, even repotted my Desert Rose plant that's looking sickly. He's an avid gardener in his own home, and is quite knowledgeable.

He even solved a big problem I've been having with the hot water delivery since the plumbing project. Ever since the copper pipes on that side of the house were replaced with Pexx tubing, going overhead in the attic, I haven't been able to get a warm shower. It's either blistering hot, or ice cold. As soon as I'd turn on some cold to temper the hot water, which could boil eggs, the hot would shut down. I knew it was the resistance that the competing cold caused, which would shut the tankless water heater off and the water coming from it would immediately run cold. I could turn the hot flow off, then back on, which would restart the heater, but it would only last a few seconds, and then the water would turn cold again. Rinse and repeat, throughout my shower!

So Gary did two things. For one, he knew how to reduce the heat put out by the water heater, so the hot water didn't require so much cold mixed in to cool it down a little. Then he removed the gadget inside the shower head that reduced the flow, to conserve water. I hated that anyway, because I like a good powerful water flow, not a shower that just drizzles on you. Allowing a full flow, and reducing the original temperature, worked miracles. He took those gadgets out of both showers, that the Bosch tankless serves. Both now work.

Trinket just loved Gary and Elaine both, they played with her more actively than I do, and she had a wonderful time. After they left, she kept going to the entryway, and gazing down the hall that leads to the bedroom they occupied. Then she'd go to the door out of the kitchen into the garage on the other side of the house, and when she didn't find them there either, she'd come back into the living room, tail plume dragging on the floor. Then she would hop into my lap, and snuggle in very closely! I'm going to hate leaving her in the morning when I go to church, as she's really going to be anxious, and feeling abandoned! Poor little girl!

They are perfect guests. They took me out to eat twice, Gary fixed things, and they did the laundry they generated! Yep, washed their towels, and their bedsheets and remade the bed. I know where Gary got that trait, as his mother (my Robbi) and Richard do the same when they're here, but Elaine was right there with him. After a meal, Gary would clear the table and load the dishwasher, and demand that I "go sit down" while he did so. They are great kids, and I will miss them. I wish Seattle was in my driving distance!

MDC, the bed jacket ep is one of my favorites. I had never thought about the timing you mention, but you're right. Or - maybe the mayor just liked to sleep late! Very late! Lazy lout!

Billy Ray, you are a lot more ambitious than I am. I can't imagine studying up on electronics. My expertise in that field consists mainly of being able to turn on a light fixture. Much more complicated than that, and it swiftly gets beyond my pay grade. I admire your ambition!

Well, guess I'll go stand in a warm shower for a while, thanks to Gary. It's gonna be a real pleasure. Blessings, everyone. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 15, 2021 - Msg 116966: Please pray for our beloved friend Mavis. Her son Jacob passed away this evening. She is understandably in great pain.I love her very much and am heartbroken for her. Please remember Jacob’s young children in your prayers.


August 15, 2021 - Msg 116967: Oh I am so sorry Mavis. You and your family are in my prayers. I know the pain you are currently suffering.
Thanks Boo.


August 15, 2021 - Msg 116968: So sorry to hear about Jacob, your family is in my prayers Mavis. Sarah

August 15, 2021 - Msg 116969: Mavis, my heart hurts so for you! I'm very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and love out for you and the children.

possum u.a.r.

August 15, 2021 - Msg 116970: People mentioned and never seen in Mayberry, Viola Slatt, Juanita and Frank (diner) Sarah, who else? Sarah

August 15, 2021 - Msg 116971: Hey everyone,

I hope that all are doing well! I'm doing just peachy.

Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you!

I'm popping in to see if Mavis posted here. I'm so heartbroken for her. I cannot imagine how she's feeling.

Take care everyone and I'll pop in again tomorrow.

~Lucy Matthews

August 15, 2021 - Msg 116972: Hi Lucy. I am hoping that in time Mavis will come to the porch again. There are others here who have lost beloved children and I think they could be a support to her. It may be awhile until she is up to coming around, though. Keep the prayers going for her. She needs them more than ever. Mavis is someone who loves deeply, faithfully, and unconditionally and this will be the most difficult thing she has ever faced. I havent spoken of it before but she has become one of my dearest friends over the past years and a big emotional support to me. She always has my back and is there for me. I only hope and pray I can be some comfort to her in time. Love to all.


August 15, 2021 - Msg 116973:

Good Sabbath to all! So much going on in the world right now, the earthquake in Haiti, that poor place!, the border, virus coming up strongly from there, Afghanistan etc. I won't get into all the ramifications, but I pers.know two solders who gave their all there, and it tears me up inside to see what is now happening. I pray about all these situations. Lord help us.

Mavis, so sorry to hear of your son's passing. I hope you can be comforted in this
tragic time. Ro and Asa may be of a help for you. My prayers for you.
I got a call from Pappabear yesterday. He is still in and out of the hospital. They have
finally fixed the vein issues and DVTs in his legs. He thanks everyone for your prayers for him.
RO, that is so nice that you had such good visitors, certainly no Ollies among them.
I too cant deal with the 'lo-flow' shower heads. It's like I dont feet clean afterwards. I did a little jury-rigging myself when I ended up with one a while back.
Reminds me of a seinfeld ep where a guy is selling shower heads from his trunk!ha.

The other day I saw "Mr Tucker" on a hitchc@ck ep, and he was driving a little jalopy
and was pretty mean, but turned out to be a police detective in the end!
Sarah, I will add Myra Koontz to your list! :)

One bright spot recently was the baseball game from the Iowa cornfield.
Tho i have some mlb foibles recently, it was still a good game of our national pasttime.
Good to see Regis and Lucy too.
Hang in there Billy Ray, all this electronal stuff gets to me too! :)

Thank you Jesus!

August 16, 2021 - Msg 116974: Love and condolences to Mavis and family. You are in my thoughts. Regis.

August 16, 2021 - Msg 116975: Good morning, porch! It's cooler today, at just 87°, predicted high of 90°. We had some rainstorms over the weekend, moderate thunder but a good soaking rain. More predicted for the next two or three days, with moderate temperatures. A very welcome relief!

I am just so very sorry to hear of Mavis's loss. Does anyone know how old Jacob was? Never mind, to lose a child at any age is heartbreaking. My son was 59, and I definitely wasn't ready to lose him. I wish there was something I could do to help her, but that's a path that one must walk at times, ready or not. Fortunately, for those with a relationship with God, you don't have to walk it alone. After losing my Dale in 1996, I was inconsolable, but finally learned that my comfort was there, if I would just accept His help. Then when I lost Dale, Jr., in 2018, I followed that well-worn path and survived. I pray that Mavis will do the same. My heartfelt prayers for you, dear girl. You are loved!

I had a delicious breakfast! Gary and Elaine brought me a bag of the famous Fredericksburg peaches, and they are ripe, sweet and so good! Freestone peaches, just cut them in half, pop the seed out, dice and put a little cream on them, and voila! Breakfast! Or skip the cream, and just enjoy the fresh, delicious peach! And it's a big bag of them, too! And guess who else likes peaches - yep, Trinket! Much chompy chewing, a little juice to be wiped from her lower jaw, but her blissful expression is worth it. She knows what's good, for sure.

About sports on TV - I'm done with it. Football, baseball, the Olympics, etc., - it's all just a stage for a lot of disrespectful posturing and showing off, and I'm tired of it. I used to love the Olympics, but such a mockery of it all has been made by spotlight-seeking "woke" athletes, and the ridiculous cross-gender thing, it all just turns me off. Maybe we need three categories - men, women, and whatever. There, I said it and I ain't takin' it back!

There is a little lizard romance in full bloom in my back yard. (No gender confusion there!) They have chosen a particular spot on a tree outside my window, and they meet there every day. Much flirting and playing, culminating in an apparent mating, and they go their way in an hour or so, but they return again the next day, to the same spot! So cute! Such fun!

Well, guess I'll go scratch up some lunch. There's a small amount of Spring Creek barbecue in the fridge, and little dabs of side dishes, just about enough to make a decent little lunch. Fortunately, as my weight has declined, so has my appetite. It's not a fight, I just don't want much. I'm down to 134 this morning, and it surely does feel good! I'm shooting for 125 eventually, but I'm just letting it happen naturally, no "dieting" involved. Happy little side effect -- my insulin needs are about half what they were when I was heavy. That's a big money-saver right there - that stuff is pricey!

Blessings, friends. Prayers for Mavis, for sure. Keep looking up! --Romeena

August 16, 2021 - Msg 116976: Boo, how did you learn about Mavis' son passing away? Did someone telephone you or did someone post the news on social media?

from Poor Horatio

August 17, 2021 - Msg 116977:

HI PH, good to see you. I meant to ask you a while back one more question about the Hanc@ck building. Do you know if the criss-crossing beams that are seen on the outside actually help stablize the structure, or are they purely cosmetic? Just curious, as I have always liked that design.

As Me-TV continues with season 3 of tags (my favorite) tonight's were the Reunion ep and Rafe Sings ep. Here is some neat trivia from my "Mayberry Memories Book" The yearbook, The Cutlass, was named after writer Jim Fritzell's high school yearbook; and the Mayberry UH colors of orange and blue are from writer Everett Greenbaum's high school. It doesnt say who wrote the fight song however. Maybe Nate Bracey! ha

We have been getting some nice, tho brief, thunder showers here the past few evenings. We sure need them, and especially nice after last summer's record breaking heat.

RO- we get some pretty hefty lizards here in our backyard. We have a 6 ft high block wall in the back, and they like to sun themselves alongst the top,
and they do the cutest little 'push-ups' with their tiny legs. so funny to watch them. Sometimes I can get very close and watch them eye to eye.
They are great bug catchers too! :)

Prayers continue for our world. Lord be with us, hang in there folks,

August 17, 2021 - Msg 116978: MDC, going back to what I learned in the mechanical engineering courses I took in college, I will try to explain using layman terms.
There are two reasons why there are cross beams used in the John Hancok (I misspelled to avoid the sensor). One is for aesthetic reasons and the other is for rigidity and strength.
For aesthetic reasons, it makes the building appear unique giving something for tourists and residents to remember it by.
Now for the rigidity and strength reasons. Depending on the location of the contents (furniture, machinery, people, etc.) on each floor, the load (weight) will vary in different locations for each floor. Many of these differing loads are supported by the internal vertical columns. But by adding cross beams, some of this load is able to be distributed to the exterior vertical columns. This results in increased rigidity and strength for the entire building. And since very tall buildings are prone to bending and twisting as the result of external forces, such as the wind, those cross beams reduce this effect.
When I worked on the roof of the 100 floor John Hancok building, I never felt the building move probably because of those cross beams. But when I worked on the 102nd floor of the Sears Tower, I could feel it move slightly under certain wind conditions.
One additional fact about the John Hancok building. It tapers by getting narrower as the height increases. The base of the building at street level occupies about 43,000 square feet and that decreases the higher you go until you reach the roof where it is only about 16,000 square feet in area. This tapering also helps to reduce the effect of any winds especially since the building is located so close to the wide open area of Lake Michigan.
I hope I answered your question so that you and others could understand it.

from Poor Horatio

August 17, 2021 - Msg 116979: To clarify, all the high tech stuff I'm trying to figure out is just to take the class. Sort of like that early dating service Goober got mixed up in using a computer.

The class itself is a music apprecation class called Understanding Jazz. I'm hoping for an appearance by Bobby Fleet.

Billy Ray the Hipcat