July 11, 2021 - Msg 116853: Romeena, I also watch a lot of animal and nature television programs. I remember that zoo episode where the tiger had to be put to sleep because of terminal cancer. I also enjoy "Wild Bear Rescue" where a Canadian couple created a sanctuary to care for young abandoned bear cubs for a while before they are released back into the wild. And another program I enjoy is "Baby Animals in the Wild". They are so cute to watch.

G-F, thanks for the info about the Mayberry meet up and Mayberry Days.

MDC, I never get tired of watching "The Reluctant Astronaut" and "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116854: Atta Boy...Luther!...👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116855: Oh yes, PH! Baby animals are adorable. I don't care what species it is, a baby anything is cute. Have you seen Peaches, the warthog? Now, warthogs don't really offer much in the beauty department, but a baby warthog is adorable! Peaches was found as an abandoned infant, and was brought to one of the zoos, I'm not sure which one, I think one of the New York zoos. They have about five. He was just so cute! "Peaches" fit him nicely when he was tiny, not so much now as a fully tusked boar, but he's still friendly and funny. His kind, his counterparts, were captured nicely in Pumbaa, the warthog in "The Lion King." Not what you'd call beautiful, but still lovable. I guess he sort of gives us all hope??

I'd like to watch the "Wild Bear Rescue" but so far, haven't seen it on my TV lineup. That's a sad thing. In the winter, the mama bear holes up in a den and hibernates, cubs are born during this time, usually two, sometimes three, and mama barely wakes up. In the spring, she leaves the den, ravenously hungry, leaves the cubs safely stashed in the den, and goes in search of food. She's so hungry that she will seek out any source, and this often causes someone to shoot her. The cubs then are just left to starve, too young to find food. Eventually, hunger drives from the den, and with any luck, they are seen and picked up by a compassionate person, and taken to a safe place, such as the couple in the show you mentioned. Thank God for people like that!

Blessings! --Romeena

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116856: A loud Amen GF, the meet up is low key but packed with loads of fun, Mayberry like family and fellowship. Everyone is kind, very genuine and just plain ole good folk. Mr. Maude and I are heading out for Mt. Airy on Thursday morning . Looking forward to seeing you GF!

I hope everyone is having a good Sabbath. We went to Sunday school and church . I donít actually go to a Sunday school class but serve as assistant to the Sunday school secretary . We keep records of all the Sunday school classes , members and attendance, order materials and answer questions .

We are beginning to start our process to search for a new pastor. As I shared a while back our beloved pastor of 38 years retires the end of August . We have chosen an interim pastor who will be with us until we can find a new shepherd for our flock . Please keep us in your prayers in the coming months . Those of us on the search committee have a big task ahead of us.

Everyone have a blessed afternoon.
Supper menu will be: grilled BBQ boneless ribs , grilled chicken. Hashbrown casserole, tossed salad. Brownies for dessert. Come early and visit for a while.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116857: A loud Amen GF, the meet up is low key but packed with loads of fun, Mayberry like family and fellowship. Everyone is kind, very genuine and just plain ole good folk. Mr. Maude and I are heading out for Mt. Airy on Thursday morning . Looking forward to seeing you GF!

I hope everyone is having a good Sabbath. We went to Sunday school and church . I donít actually go to a Sunday school class but serve as assistant to the Sunday school secretary . We keep records of all the Sunday school classes , members and attendance, order materials and answer questions .

We are beginning to start our process to search for a new pastor. As I shared a while back our beloved pastor of 38 years retires the end of August . We have chosen an interim pastor who will be with us until we can find a new shepherd for our flock . Please keep us in your prayers in the coming months . Those of us on the search committee have a big task ahead of us.

Everyone have a blessed afternoon.
Supper menu will be: grilled BBQ boneless ribs , grilled chicken. Hashbrown casserole, tossed salad. Brownies for dessert. Come early and visit for a while.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116858: Opps mean to post that 2x.

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116859: Romeena, "Wild Bear Rescue" reruns are available on Amazon. In the meantime, check out https://www.wildlifeshelter.com/p/tv-series.html

And for you "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" fans, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meqfDFY0Ob8

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116860: Gosh, I must of been asleep up there . I didnít mean to post that twice. I need to wake up, so sorry
Big Maude

July 12, 2021 - Msg 116861: Good morning all.

Big Maude, that dinner sounded so good it was worth saying twice. You have my prayers as your Church family searches for new leadership. And have a safe trip and tell Goober Fife hey for me.

Boo, I am so sorry to read of Erin's hearing loss. I am glad it was found out though, and they can offer her some help. How close is Bruce to retirement?

Romeena, amazing what a plugged drain can do. Especially just from an a/c condensate situation. I am glad you have a good repairman on the job to take care of it right. I really enjoyed your talking about how are dogs can sense things that are ailing us. It is amazing isn't it?

MDC, I hope you have a safe trip to S.B. Our air here the last couple of days has been terrible. They said on the news it is from all the wild fires in California and Oregon. Makes for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets though. Seems to be a regular thing around here this time of year anymore. I hope your countertop situation works out better than the cabinets did.

GF, Just wondering if you had a chance to check your valve adjustments on your rider? Hopefully that's all it was.

Yesterday I attended church in person for the first time in a year and a half. And I didn't even attend my own church. lol Mariah was playing a piano recital in Sacrament meeting in her church, so I went to it. And she did a beautiful rendition of "Nearer my God to Thee" if I do say so myself.

Well I best be off. Mow day today and I am starting early to tery and beat the heat. Supposed to hit 104 this afternoon. I know for MDC, that's a bit chilly, but it's dang hot for me. :)

Prayers for all.


July 12, 2021 - Msg 116862: No Asa I havenít done that yet...Probably when I get back from the Meet-Up. I have to find my Feeler Gauge, I havenít used that in a LONG TIME!....


July 12, 2021 - Msg 116863: Good morning, porch! Another mild day here, temp is 88į now, with a predicted high of just 93į. No clouds to speak of, just a high, light haze. We could use a little rain, but none predicted for the next week. Things in the yard are starting to droop a little, so guess I'll have to run the sprinklers today or tomorrow. There goes my low water bill!

It's funny, how food preference trends seem to come and go. I can recall a time when any little buffet put out for a gathering of friends would include a dish of Price's Pimento Cheese and a tray of Ritz crackers. I always loved it, saw no point in bothering to make pimento cheese myself when Price's was so good. Then it sort of fell out of favor, and was replaced by guacamole and various sour cream dips, spinach dip, etc. Well, last week I spotted the familiar old tub of Price's, bought it and have been really enjoying it on my ever-present Ritz crackers. When I spread some for myself, I leave a dab or two on the spreader and let Trinket sample it. She likes it! She loves cheese in any form, but I wasn't sure how she'd go for the pimento, and I do stir a little sweet relish into the little tub of pimento cheese. Apparently, she likes that, too. She's so much fun!

I feel like I spent the weekend in a wind tunnel, and the air is so dry in this house that Trinket's hair is standing out from static electricity. That dehumidifier that Derrold, my carpet fixer, left running definitely works. I've been keeping a fairly accurate total of the water I've emptied from the big jug, and so far, I've poured about 12 gallons down the drain. Seems like such a waste, but I'm not sure what all that water passes through on its way to the jug, and besides, I'm not going to wrestle that heavy jug outside three times a day. I can't carry it and open the door at the same time, so the door would be open, admitting dozens of mosquitoes, as I manage to get the jug outside. Not worth it. I spoke to Derrold this morning, and he "thinks" he can get by here this afternoon to at least begin repairing the pad he had to cut out, and getting the carpet back down and cleaned. At least it's all dry, and I have my little water sensor in place now to prevent this from happening again.

Well, guess I'll go get in my wheelerette and relax for a while. Trinket has been making funny little attempts to get into my lap, when I'm sitting at a desk with my knees underneath it. Her plans don't work out too well. Once I get in my recliner though, we'll both find our comfort spots and maybe snag a brief nap. Retirement is a wonderful thing!

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 12, 2021 - Msg 116864: Thanks, Asa, Erin texted me yesterday evening and is going through a rough patch. She is getting her eyes opened to some things but I dont know how long it will take until she is able to realize what a terrible situation she is in. I wont go into details but it really is just a bad place to be. To answer your question, Bruce is going to retire in four years, which will make him 67 or 68 when he retires. I cant wait. St. Susan told me she wants to go to Cloudcroft New Mexico for Thanksgiving like we did years ago when we took my dad and had such a wonderful time. Bruce wants to go, so I guess I will at least get to go back to the mountains for the first time in over ten years. I have that to look forward to.

Nothing much new to discuss. I try not to watch the news lately because the little bit that slips in really scares me.

Take care,


July 14, 2021 - Msg 116865:
Hi all, I am sort of in this 'tunnel vision' as we
get things ready for the trip. Getting all squared away for the reunion
and the ve-HIC-cle for the drive over and back.
All is good. Will try to post more tomorrow.

PS: Ro, thanks for the lengthy email. Very helpful.
Have passed along the info on the aides to my sweetie. :)

July 16, 2021 - Msg 116866:

Hello porchsters, Did everyone go to the meet-up? ha
I know that GF and big maude are there.
All is well here, I have finally got all preliminary
trip items done. SUV has been gone over, oil, prestone, air, etc.
Suitcases are almost packed, and boxes for the reunion
are staged and ready.
BOO-- the only 'college' some people go thru is that of 'hard knocks,' learn
things the hard way. I hope and pray that erin will finally get her act together.

We finally got some rain the other day...it was a hard rain, but only lasted 20 minutes.
But we'll take it for sure! :)
RO--I too like Ritz crackers. Remember the commercial a few years back when they changed the well-known tune lyrics to "SITTIN' on a Ritz."
And then there was Andy Griffith's commercial...

Also RO, is your carpet now all dried out? Sure hope so.

Prayers for all,

July 16, 2021 - Msg 116867: I'm here, MDC. I would love to go to the meet-up sometime, but like you Poor Horatio, my wife is not a big fan of TAGS. She can stand watching it, but I don't think she would be up for a "fan" get together.

Noah has been at camp all week, and boy do I ever miss him being around, even with his sometimes rebellious attitude. Well, it's a Christian Bible camp, so I am really praying that he comes back with an even softer heart for the Lord. And that would reveal itself in his attitude towards his sister, us, and the way he handles frustration, which right now, isn't very well.
It was a last minute decision to go. He heard the church mention leaving for camp on Monday, and he told me he really wanted to go, even after telling him that he would be gone for a whole week. So after getting all his stuff ready Sunday night, he was on his way in the Church van on Monday morning.
I thought as the week went on, it would get easier. One being that I should be more used to him being away, and two, it was one day less than the day before. But during this week I have found myself getting more and more anxious just waiting for Saturday to get here. Isn't that crazy?

Well, only one more night. After I mentioned his going to camp someone told me that we would probably have a harder time dealing with it than Noah would. And I think they are right. Anyway, I hope they are right and Noah is enjoying his time there and really getting something worthwhile out of it.
I was working on getting his new bike put together while he was gone and that is all ready, so he(and I) will have that to look forward to. He knew about it, but it just wasn't ready to ride yet since his departure was so sudden. I miss riding to the park(s) with him. And now that he has a multi-speed bike like he had wanted, maybe we can ride farther sometimes.

Kai has quit her lifeguard job, after getting severe sunburn on her feet, as well as not getting along with some of the supervisors I guess. Apparently they didn't supply those big umbrellas for shade for their lifeguards like they do at the city pool, I don't know why.

Well, I am at work so I guess I should be moseying along. Have a great time at the meetup whoever is going!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 17, 2021 - Msg 116868: Good morning, porch! Where is everybody?? We need to get Barney to put out an APB for missing porchsters! Some are traveling, and I hope they have a wonderful time, but others are just missing. I miss them!

Well, if I didn't have bad luck, I guess I'd have no luck at all. MDC, to answer your question about the carpet, no, it's not finished yet. Dry, yes, but as the drying progressed, the water stain began to reappear. Right now, it's just a band, about six inches wide, on the leading edge of where the water was soaking across the room. When Derrold finished cleaning it earlier, it looked wonderful, but as the drying continued, that edge just got darker and darker. He's supposed to come back, probably today, to do something to remove that discolored streak. Imagine the leading edge of a wave washing up onto a beach. It always leaves a band of foam at the edge - well, my little "band of foam" is a brownish band of color, on a cream-colored carpet. It just comes from the west wall of the living room, makes a wide arc out into the room and curves around until it reaches the north wall. Looks pretty awful. I will be so happy when this is all done. Right now, my coffee table, one big sofa, two end tables, lamps, a small rocker, and the ottoman from an easy chair, and the 6' long electronics cabinet that the TV sits on, are all in a big huddle on one side of the room, with a little pathway I can get through to get to the front entry. The scary thing is - I'm getting used to it! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Sterling, I'm glad Noah got to go to camp. My kids all went to Christian camps, and I can still see the impact today. You may not see any huge difference in him right now, but I'm pretty sure he will come away with some truths and impressions that will stick with him. Not all camps are alike, I know, but most of them are firmly based in Biblical principles, and that's a good thing. I was a "camper" myself, for two years, and loved it. I was not one of the kids, I was the camp nurse, but I got the benefit of all the stuff they were doing, and got to see a few remarkable changes in some of the campers.

One incident I will never forget. A 16 year old boy, big old thing, about 6' tall and built like a blockhouse, was a friend of my son, who was also a camper. He liked to present himself as rough and tough, but my son kept telling me he was not really like that. Well, one night just after "lights out", there came a knock on my door. It was John, complaining of abdominal pain. I knew what he had eaten that night, and probably a lot of kids were having abdominal pain, but I just gave him some Maalox and sent him back to bed. About a half hour later, he was back, same complaint. I checked his temp, asked him to pinpoint where it hurt (appendicitis? - No, none of the signs fit) so I gave him a little more Maalox and sent him back again. In about ten minutes, he was back, tearful this time. Now I'm a little scared - we're 30 miles from anywhere, and I could have a sick kid here! While I was considering my options, he started talking. Here's this hulk of a kid standing here, choking back sobs, and here's what he said: "Dave's mom, (what my son's friends called me), do you think you could open the office so I can use the phone and call my mother? (sob) I think if I could just tell my mom 'good night' (sob) I'd feel a lot better." (Tears running.) Well, of course I let him in the office. He talked to his mom for about two minutes, came out smiling, said his pain was gone, went back to bed, and I didn't see him again until breakfast. They stay little boys for a very long time, apparently, no matter how big they are.

Well, the LeafFilter guy is here to extend the gutter covering I had installed on part of the house last year. It's expensive, and I only had it placed where I felt like the most stuff would fall in, and in the area that drained into the catch basin where the sump pump is to carry excess water to the street. All that debris clogs the pump, ruins them, and they're not cheap. The gutters on the other side of the house were supposed to handle the runoff from that side, which did not go into the catch basin, so I didn't have the LeafFilter thing placed on them. It had a grate to stop actual leaves, but nothing to catch cottonwood, sycamore fluff, and stuff like that. I figured just the flow of the water in the gutters would wash it down to the ground. Well, naturally, it clogged, I wasn't aware that it was, and water was going back into the soffit, so now there is about 15 feet of rotted soffit to be replaced. Ted will take care of that next week. What would I do without Ted?? If it ain't one thing, it's another.

Well, guess I'd better do a little something useful around here. Trinket is thinking, "Yeah, like put something in my bowl!" Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 17, 2021 - Msg 116869: Boo, once again I am sorry to learn about Erin learning about life's problems the hard way by experiencing them.

Romeena, I am here. And although I try to visit everyday, sometimes I have nothing to post so I just read.
I liked your story about the homesick kid at summer camp. I attended secular boy scout summer camp. It was my first time away from home. I also got homesick even though the camping only lasted two weeks. The best part was sitting around a campfire late at night as our elders told ghost stories. Then one of them would sneak off into the woods carrying two flashlights. He would turn them on close to each other to make it look like there was some kind of creature with glowing eyes.
I also investigated getting LeafFilter. But it is so expensive. And some of the reviews I viewed on YouTube complained about debris building up and getting stuck on top of the filter thereby blocking water runoff. I even attempted to invent an effective alternative that could make me a millionaire. I am still trying.
Correcting your water soaked carpeting has me concerned. If I were you, I would shop around to get quotes about replacing your carpets. I believe that is the only way to guarantee there won't be any issues with mold or other breathable growth. This is especially important because of your respiratory problem.
And regarding you emptying the water that is collecting, since one gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LYjdwvy8MY
Finally, I have a message for Trinket ... aarf aarf, whimper, aarf aarf aarf.

Sterling Holobyte, I used to bike a lot when I was in the military. But when I returned to the civilian world, I gave it up because I got tired of being chased by loose dogs. So now I have an indoor treadmill. And to keep from getting bored, I have a small television nearby.

from Poor Horatio

July 17, 2021 - Msg 116870: Thanks for your concern for Erin, friends. One day at a time. For now, our home is very peaceful with her in san antonio, and that is a good thing.

Sterling, hope Noah had a great camp experience. How old is he now? Erin started attending church camp at age 10 and went every year after through high school and loved it. The first year she was homesick for a couple of days but then was great. Camp had a lasting effect on her, for sure.

It stopped raining here and the yard dried up but still lots of skeeters from standing water near our place. I spray with repellent and go out in the evenings to play ball with King. That dog has boundless energy and I bought one of those ball launcher things..its a long plastic handle that you put a tennis ball on the end of and you can really sling that thing long way. The dog and I love it. lol He will run after that ball for hours and it wears him out so that when he comes inside in the evening he is ready for bed soon, just like a kid. He's a lot of fun and good for my mental health most of the time. He sheds alot, which I hate, but he plays outdoors most all day and just comes in to spend the evening hours with us. I have one of those huge powerful fans that I put in the garage and the dogs nap in there alot and the skeeters cant bother them because of the fan. Well, that was probably much more than you all wanted to know.

I think Sean has decided, with his dad's help and encouragement, to start his own little cleaning business. He's good at it and can set his own pace, so could be just the thing for him. Several months ago, he went out of remission and the Tourette's came back so he had to start back on a strong medication to stop the tics. Its a med they use to treat severe mental issues but he takes a smaller dose of it. It makes him very tired and kind of zoned out though. its the only med that will help, though, and we have tried them all over the years. I know it makes it harder for him to work but he can do it, I believe.

Guess I will go relax for a bit before I clean the kitchen. Hope you all have a great evening.


July 18, 2021 - Msg 116871:

Beware the man with the golden armmm. (:

July 18, 2021 - Msg 116872: Boo, Noah is 9. He'll be 10 in August.
That's awesome about Sean starting his cleaning business! I wish him much success with it.

Poor Horatio, I haven't been chased by a dog for a while now. I still remember the one dog who was like a stealth dog. I would be riding along and I would glance to my side and there he was, running after me, no barking or anything. He was kinda spooky. I tried riding on an indoor bike, but just couldn't get into it. I think I need to see some scenery when I am riding and breath the fresh air.

Romeena, I liked your story as well. Noah admitted to me that he "cried quietly" the first couple nights.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 18, 2021 - Msg 116873: Good evening, porch. A calm and pleasant evening, warm but not too hot, and with the promise of rain tomorrow. Let's hope so! Lots of vegetation is looking a bit wilty around here, will need water soon if it doesn't rain.

Sterling, I can't believe Noah is almost 10. They just grow up entirely too fast. I cannot imagine that my youngest son, David, is 50. He should still be about 25. Bless Noah's little heart, so he "cried quietly" at camp. I suppose a lot of them do, but it's just part of growing up. I hope no one teased him about it.

Boo, you mentioned standing water around your place, as a breeding ground for skeeters. Have you thought about getting some Mosquito Dunks, break them into smaller pieces and scatter them around in the pools and puddles? They're actually pretty effective, and are harmless to just about everything but mosquitos. https://summitchemical.com/products/mosquito-dunks/ I absolutely despise mosquitoes, and there are some in my house now, admitted when the carpet guy had to prop a door open to get his big old hoses and stuff in. I've killed a couple with my trusty alcohol spritzer, but there was one in here last night that bit me three (yes, 3) times! Miserable wretch!

PH, that's an interesting tutorial on siphon techniques. Actually, in this particular case, all I had to do was empty the jug often, when it was half full or less (3 gallon jug) and it would have been no problem, but I let it get too full. Still, even at about 26 lbs, I could handle it. My back hurt for a while afterward, but it got better. You're very kind to be concerned about my respiratory issues, and you're right, it could be a problem. However, the carpet was pulled back for 24 hours, with the dehumidifier going and two fans blowing across the damp concrete, which Derrold had sprayed with a solution to kill mold, fungus and bacteria. It's dry as a bone, and the carpet went back down loosely for two days, with fans going, to dry it, then Derrold put down new padding where the old wet stuff had been, and put the carpet back down over the new pad. He cleaned the carpet and it looked wonderful, but gradually, as often happens, there is a "watermark" that has gradually reappeared. He's coming back to treat just that area this week.

As for replacing it, it would involve replacing three rooms, not just the main room. The dining room and the "office" which was originally a playroom are all connected to the living area, so all three have to be replaced. If I could match the original carpet exactly, I could avoid having to replace the dining room, as that carpet is pristine. I like it, and would love to match and use it again, but we'll see. I've got a long-range plan to stay here another 2-3 years, to hit the 50-years-in-this-house mark. I hate to put money into carpet now, because the trend is hard-surface floors, and whoever buys the place will probably pull all the comfy carpets up and replace them with noisy, cold tile or whatever. As you said, carpet is expensive, and whatever I do, it will all be on me. I have a $2850 deductible on my insur@nce.

I don't want to leave this house, but it's just getting to be too much for me. More and more, I'm having to hire a lot of the work that I used to do without even breathing hard, but it's a quarter-acre lot, with something growing (including weeds) on every inch of it, and the house is a big old thing too. With four kids to raise, we needed it, but Trinket and I don't take up much room these days. So, I'm exploring alternatives, none of which have excited me very much, but it is what it is.

Folks, please pray for my son, David, and my grandson, Hudson. Hudson apparently caught Covid at camp, and I guess David got it from him. Both started feeling poorly a few days ago, finally saw a doctor, and both tested positive. The doc told them it wasn't bad, to go home and "wear it out" and gave Dave an antibiotic as the doc said he has a "mild" pneumonia. He didn't give Hudson an antibiotic, of course, as they're not effective against a virus. However, a bacterial pneumonia often snuggles in where there's a viral infection and makes the most of the situation. I'm sure they'll both be fine, but prayers are always a good thing!

Well, guess I'll go have a little something to eat. A group of us went to a favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch after church, and I brought half of mine home - will make a good light supper. I also got a quart of hot and sour soup (my favorite), so will enjoy that tomorrow. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 18, 2021 - Msg 116874: Haha! I just looked a little closer at the link for the Mosquito Dunks, and noticed something I think is funny! It shows someone putting a Dunk in a fish pond. Well, if the fish are on the ball and doing their job, that pond is the last place there will be mosquito larvae. I've never seen any sign of them in my pond, the fish eat them. In fact, I've seen the fish sneak up and snag a mosquito that has landed on the water, probably intending to lay some eggs! I guess it made a good picture for their ad, though. --Romeena

July 20, 2021 - Msg 116875: Where is everybody?? Has the Rapture come and I've been left??? --Romeena

July 20, 2021 - Msg 116876: Thanks for mentioning the mosquito dunks, Ro. I will certainly tell Bruce. So sorry to hear about David and Hudson. I will be praying for them both. Seems there are so many in need of prayer right now. We are having a real jump in covid cases in our area since people stopped wearing masks, even some folks who were fully vaccinated. I am looking into getting a booster soon since I had the Pfizer series.

Last night Sean and I got into a little accident in Corpus Christi on the busiest highway in town where they were doing some construction at night. It was 930 so I didnt think there would be many people out but there was a pile up of cars and we were sitting in the far right lane when a truck came barreling through and clipped a suburban, which spun and hit us on the driver's side. It was a minor hit and no injury but my door is jammed and I cant open it. We pulled of the expressway into a parking lot until cops showed to file a report for insur@nce. the young man who hit us was 18, had no license and insur@nce, and was immediately arrested for a warrant for aggravated robbery. So, now we will pay the five hundred dollar deductible and get it fixed. We just spent four hundred dollars yesterday to get our dog Ollie all caught up on labs and shots, medication, etc. I feel like we are bleeding money these days.

Well Ro, I hate that you may have to leave your home but I understand why you are thinking about it. Would you ever be comfortable living with one of your children and their families?

I think I need a tough love pep talk. Erin called today crying and begging me to let her and her girlfriend and girlfriends little girl live with us for two months until they can get a place of their own. She is miserable but refuses to come home alone. I told her it was not and wont be an option in the future to bring the girlfriend to live here. We have been through too much. It was hard for me to do because she was crying hard and begging me for help. I am trying to hold out until she finally gets to the point of realizing her only option is to come home and get her life straight. Its just so hard as a mom to know she is so miserable and there isnt anything you can do.

Well, hope all of you are stay safe and blessed.


July 20, 2021 - Msg 116877: Boo, you are in that proverbial "between a rock and a hard place." You want to comfort, help and protect your child, but what she needs is exactly what you said - tough love. It would very different if her problems were physical, like from an accident or something beyond her control, but that's not the case. She is getting the payback of things she's done herself, and she doesn't like it, and wants you to fix it. Not only does she want you to take care of her, but she wants you to take care of the girl and her child as well. That's not fair. They are not your responsibility, and you can bet that whatever bind the girl is in is of her own making. Hang tough, my friend. Erin still has some growing up to do, and you paving the road for her is not going to cause that to happen. Love her, be there for her, advise her, and let her come home if she's willing (with some pre-set rules), but don't enable her. She may choose to burn down her world, but you don't have to buy the matches.

Well, there's more news on my homefront. Not only do my grandsons have Covid, but now David and Brittany are sick as well. The doctor confirmed Covid in both of them, and sent them home, just like he did with the boys. Brittany has a temp of 103į, and a O2 saturation of 93-95R. She feels awful, but is on her feet, looking after the others. The boys seem to be recovering, Landry best of all. He is very healthy, and has a strong immune system. Hudson is a big, husky athletic kid, but has a lousy immune system. He gets every bug that comes along. His mother gives him all the good supplements, but they don't seem to help him much. So, he's still sticking to his bed and sleeping a lot. David seems to be the worst. His O2 sat dropped to 89% earlier today, but came back up when he got out of bed for a few minutes, and is hanging around 92-93% now. He has some pneumonia, that the others don't seem to have.

Brittany has a college friend who is an outstanding physician. She had not heard from her in over ten years, and this morning she received a phone call from her. The friend said she just woke up with an urge to call Brittany, so she did. When she learned of their Covid situation, especially David, she told Brittany she would call in a prescription for a drug (name I don't recall) that is showing promise. It may be Ivermectin, because I think Brittany said it is also used in veterinary medicine to combat parasites. It prevents the organisms from replicating, so that makes sense. If it blocks the virus from replicating itself, the remaining ones will die. Brit picked it up this afternoon, so we're hoping they'll start feeling better soon. Meantime, I can see God's fingerprints all over this. Why else would that friend have awakened with the urge to call Brittany, just out of the blue? Prayer works!

Well, guess I'll go watch Green Acres! I love that silly show! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 21, 2021 - Msg 116878:

Hi folks, mdc here from SB. All is going great
with great weather at around 70 degrees and cool
ocean breezes.
I read a few posts. Will keep David and Hudson and Erin in my prayers.
Will post when I can. :)
MDC north of LA-LA land!

July 21, 2021 - Msg 116879: I cashed in for recycling two blue mentholatum jars. Made 24 cents. .Regis

July 21, 2021 - Msg 116880: Romeena, have you considered advertising for a live-in companion that will allow you to remain in your home? Offer them a discount on the rent in return for providing you with assistance and companioship. Start by asking around with your friends and church attendees.

Boo, so sorry to learn about your difficulties dealing with Erin. If I think of anything that might help, I will post it here.

Regis, congratulations on earning some money through selling stuff you don't want. Keep looking for more. I once held an estate sale when I moved and earned over $9000.

From Poor Horatio

July 21, 2021 - Msg 116881: Good morning, porch! A beautiful day here, after some light rain showers yesterday. The droopy leaves I had noticed have perked up, even though the rain was very light. Looking ahead for the next ten days though, there is no more rain predicted and temps in the upper 90s, with two days calling for 100į. Guess we're in full-blown summer now. I need to get into my sprinkler controls and set a new watering schedule. I've tinkered with this zone and that one, and now I've got it all out of schedule.

PH, to answer your question - that's a good suggestion, and for some, would be a good solution. However, I'm not at that point in my life. I'm fully independent, and cherish my privacy. I come and go as I please, eat if I'm hungry and don't if I'm not, and answer to no one but myself and God. Well, maybe to Trinket, a little. To have someone else living here, sharing the fridge and the washer and dryer, and the TV - no, I cherish my independence too much for that. The time could come when I might need some help, but so far I can handle just about anything around here, unless it requires climbing (I've got a little too much smart to be climbing on ladders) and anything I can't do, I have a son, grandsons, and a trusted friend (Ted) to do those things. I also have trusted people I can call. Eddie has worked for me for 25 years, he handles the yard nicely, and he's my friend. Ted has handled repairs around the house for 25 years, I trust him like a family member, and he's my friend. We have long, after-lunch conversations around the table in my sunroom, and we solve all the world's problems. He has done some work for David, too - actually built a room on his house. David checks in with me often, we go to lunch, and he helps me around here too, replacing light bulbs and such so I don't climb. He and the boys put up my Christmas lights, and help me get that big old Christmas tree in place, then I decorate it. I decorate the top section before they set it in place, then I can reach the rest of the tree. I have an abundance of friends at church, we are together a lot, and I love them all, but I don't want to live with them, any more than they'd want to live with me.

I'll always remember Brittany and the friend who shared a little house with her before she and David married. The girl was a close friend, but living together brought out a whole new perspective on the friendship, and it pretty much ended, with Brittany suggesting she go live somewhere else. It's really too funny! Brittany had a stick of butter (real butter) in the fridge, and she had plans for that butter. She made herself some pancakes one morning, and when she went to get the butter to put on them, it wasn't there. Yep, friend had eaten it. Brittany was mad as a wet hen, and the discussion that followed wasn't pleasant. Even today, many years later, the mention of that girl's name gets "she ate my butter!" from Brittany. Holding a grudge is not typical of Brittany, so I have to believe that their friendship suffered greatly by that time of sharing a home. That butter was just the last straw.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. I might even make a couple of pancakes. I've got lots of butter! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 21, 2021 - Msg 116882: lol Two pancakes Romeena, and I've got the butter to swing it! Sounded like Floyd with his magazines. lol I am so sorry to read about your family getting this stuff. I am curious if they have been vaccinated. The reason I ask is I was just talking to a neighbor lady a while ago this morning and she has gotten Covid, along with two other women in the neighborhood. And all three of them have been vaccinated for a while. This is very concerning for me, for Debbies sake at least. If these vaccines are not working, or not working with the variants they need to let this be made known because there are a lot of people in high risk situations that are thinking they are safe when in fact they may not be. Our numbers here have climbed quickly the last month after a steady decline. I know everybody is sick and tired of this stuff. Anyway, they are in my prayers for a quick and full recovery. And I can appreciate your love for independence. I am very much the same way. Your butter story with Brittany was funny, but rings so true I think.

Boo, You have my prayers also. You know you need to stick to your guns, and I know how tough that is. But I think it is vital you do. Tough love is what James Dobson calls it. Tough but necessary sometimes. Sorry to hear about the wreck. Glad it wasn't worse and no one was injured. I know what you mean about bleeding money. Lately my oven has been acting up and so I have been looking on line for a replacement. It's due for sure, but they ain't cheap. Then the other day when my dishwasher was running, as it was going through it's drain cycle I suddenly smelled something burning. And it was strong. I figured it had to be the pump motor on the dishwasher, but it was running fine and no unusual noises. I let it finish it's cycle and everything was fine. But the burning smell sure lingered for a day or so. Anyway I suspect it is going to need replaced also. But I don't mind that one. The stupid thing is so dang noisy I hate running it. A few years ago Stacey bought a new Bosch dishwasher and my goodness, it is so quiet you really can't tell it is running. So that is what I want to get. Again, not cheap, especially Bosh but I think you get what you pay for. I know their power tolls are superb and everything I have read about their appliances has been pretty good. Then I had to fork over quite a bit to get the bats out of my attic. And there are some other things going on. Just about to drain me dry.

PH, I need to do some kind of sale of all the stuff I have. Especially tools. I have more tools than any 4 men I bet. And most of them are just sitting idle. I think some might bring a nice price if I can market them right. I have a steel lathe and a vertical milling machine that are not cheap. And tons of hand tools, both power and non powered. I mean I have 6 different circular saws, 4 jig saws, I can't tell you how many drills, corded and uncorded. Goodness, I am a tool hoarder and I need help. lol

MDC, Have fun in S.B. and enjoy that weather. I envy you. It gets warn in So. Cal this time of year but S.B. is a costal city and it gets those refreshing ocean breezes. Just don't come home with odd tan lines buddy. lol

GF, Are you at the big part this week? Sure hope you're having a blast.

Well oof to find some dinner I reckon.

Ya'll be good.


July 22, 2021 - Msg 116883: Hey folks,

Quick drop in to say Hi.

Asa - I am in the Missouri Ozarks where we are and have been the hotspot of the entire country. My county and four others are the worst of the worst. We are in lockdown of sorts. Fortunately, we are out far, far in the wide open with ONE neighbor family about a quarter mile away. We get EVERYthing curbside and wipe things down with sanitizer or alcohol if we have to being items into the house. My wife was recently diagnosed with adrenaline issues and her auto immune is razor thin. We have to be extra, extra careful.

Romeena - Watching "Green Acres," you might be interested to know that my mother lives in Eldon, Missouri. That's strongly believed to be the place where creator Paul Henning based the idea of "Petticoat Junction." If I remember, his grandparents ran a small hotel by the train depot in Eldon. Both the hotel and tracks are long gone. Paul Henning and his wife are buried just a bit east of Eldon in a town called Tuscumbia.

Boo - My best wishes for you and Erin. Hang in there!

Hey to MDC, PH, Regis, Sterling, Maude, GF, Sarah and everyone else who had the number 44. Stay safe and take care!

John Masters

July 22, 2021 - Msg 116884: Well...The Meet-Up was this past weekend, we all had a blast even tho Saturday night we got rained on it didnít dampen our spirits. We werenít able to do muck other than watch the episodes. Our Floyd worked it out so Folks could listen to them while sitting in their cars and those of us who were staying at the Motel could sit in chairs under the porch roof and listen too by tuning in on radios.....I got to sit out with Maude and Mr. Maude until the rain stopped, then we went out to the Gazebo and stayed up till 11:00 watching episodes.

We did have good weather Friday night and had a little over 100 folks come...Hindsight we should have done some of our Saturday activities Friday knowing there was a high chance of rain Saturday...But we had fun anyways and there was much to do and see in town during the day...

Mr. & Mrs. Maude and about 12 of us got together to go out to go out to dinner which was nice!....Hereís a link to some pictures and videos to enjoy.. https://m.facebook.com/TwoChairs/

All in All it was a FUN time....End of Report...G-F

July 22, 2021 - Msg 116885: Good morning, porch! Bright and sunny here today, going to be a pretty day. A little warm, but not too bad. Light rain forecast for tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Asa, to answer your question, no, none of them were vaccinated. Brittany didn't trust them, and I had my doubts as well, though I did get vaccinated. I'm still unsure about the vaccines, it was all done so fast, with no time for testing and verification of results. There is so much confusion, conflict of information, political posturing, highly questionable statements by Dr. Flip-flop Fauci and others, that a person just doesn't know who to believe. I think the answer is simple - trust no one. That's Brittany's view, and mine as well, and now they all have Covid, so go figure. The boys are recovering well, Brittany is still high on the puny list, and David is just dog-sick. He has said he thinks he has the flu, not Covid. He's had the flu pretty bad a few years ago, and he says he feels the same. I'm tempted to agree with him, except that his O2 sats keep dropping down to 90 or so, and flu doesn't commonly do that. He can't keep anything down, and that's bad enough when food won't stay down, but when oral meds come back with the food, it's a problem. If they won't stay down, they can't help him. I haven't heard from them this morning yet, surely hope the reports are better. No offense to any of you guys, but there's just nobody sicker than a sick man. David is 6'5", weighs around 260, about the same size as his dad was. Let me tell you, I know from experience. A sick man of any size is bad enough, but one that size, well honeys and dears, that is a whole bunch of sick! Prayers, please!!!

Sounds like the Meet-up was a lot of fun. Wet, but fun. Leave it to Mayberry folks to just roll with the punch, break out the umbrellas, and continue to have fun. Wish I could attend, just once!

Asa, I know what you mean - once the break-down ball gets rolling, it can really deal you misery. It's happening around here. First that huge plumbing thing, because of that piddly little leak. Then the cracked picture window. Then the backed-up gutter dumping water into the soffits, which are rotting. I had the gutter fixed, and Ted will fix the soffits, this week or next. Then the condensation drain stopped up, and dumped water in the living room. That's still under repair. Derrold (carpet guy) does a good job, but he has the attention span of a moth, and disappears for a few days, then returns. I don't know what's up with that, but when he's here, he does a good job, charges lightly, and is a nice guy.

Sounds like you do indeed need to sell off some tools. I know it's hard to do. Maybe you could just look them over, identify the ones you really know in your heart that you're not likely to use again, and just sell those for now. Sounds like you've got some big-ticket tools, and could get some serious cash for them. Then, on the outside chance you might need one of them, maybe you could rent one somewhere, for a lot less than you got for yours when you sold it.

I know how hard it is to let go. I've got a collection of Fiestaware dishes, about 600 pieces, including some very scarce and valuable pieces. For example, I have one of the carafes, with an intact cork stopper, in the Fiesta Red color. I just looked it up online, found one for sale for $225. I bought it at a flea market, about 30-35 years ago. It was in a group of 32 pieces, filled the top of a card table, many of the pieces rare (an ashtray, two vases, a teapot, etc.) and I paid $65 for the whole lot. The woman was tired, hot, and wanted to go home, didn't want to pack the stuff away. She was on crutches, and tired of sitting on the tailgate of her little truck. I was bargaining with her for a couple of the pieces and she said "Give me $65 and take the whole thing, but you have to pack it up." I quickly said, "Sold!" and started packing, while Dale went to bring the car around. That stuff is heavy! So I got the carafe in the deal, and now it's priced at $225 by itself. However, I'm not willing to sell it, so it's not worth anything until I do. I have a lot of plates and saucers, and I will sell those - plates go for about $10 each - but the rare pieces will be passed on to my kids and my granddaughters. One granddaughter (actually, she's a step-granddaughter, but I never think of her that way) is getting married soon, and has asked for a piece of my Fiesta as her wedding gift. Well, honey, I can do that, and she won't get just one piece, either.

I'm with you, Asa, on the Bosch appliances. I have two of their tankless water heaters, and love them! Also, I have their dishwasher, and as you said, it's just almost completely silent. Even with my hearing aids in place, I have to be standing right in front of it to hear it, and then I'm not sure! It gets the dishes spotlessly clean, and I don't pre-wash. For really dirty things like a casserole dish, I'll wipe it out with a paper towel, rinse it lightly under hot water, and put it in the washer. Table dishes get a quick rinse, and in they go. They come out squeaky clean. Just remember to check the drain screen often, and remove any solid debris.

Well, I've got an appointment with my audiologist - we're still fine-tuning my aids - so guess I'd better get moving. Blessings, friends! Keep looking up! --Romeena