July 03, 2021 - Msg 116816: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and cool here, temp 78°, thunderstorms predicted. I'll welcome the rain - every time it rains, it eliminates another "sprinkler cycle" from my water bill! And, of course, the rainwater is much more beneficial than the chlorinated water from the sprinklers. You can see the difference in the vegetation around here. The sprinkler water keeps it alive, but the rainfall spurs new growth, brighter color, stronger plants. God knew what He was doing.

MDC, I've seen those Sequoia trees and they are really remarkable. When I was about 13, my parents took me and my brother on a trip through the western states, and we spent time in Yosemite Park. A beautiful place! We saw the venerable General Sherman sequoia, and we drove through the opening in the tree that was tunneled by a lightning bolt many years ago, and lived through it. We watched the "firefall" after dark, and it was spectacular. A huge bonfire was built on the rim of a high bluff (El Capitan, maybe?) and after dark a bulldozer would shove the whole bonfire over the cliff, and it looked like a flaming waterfall. Just before it fell, a voice came over a loudspeaker, saying "Let the fire fall!" I understand the firefall is no longer done, they had to stop it because of the danger of a wildfire, but it surely was a beautiful thing to see.

No, I didn't learn to drive in a stick shift car. We had a '52 Buick, nice car and my dad loved Buicks, so it was kind of amazing that he let me drive that car, but he did. I did learn to drive a stick a few years later, though. It's an unlikely story, but true. Dale and I were married, had our first son (about a year old). Dale had returned from Korea and we were living in Caruthersville, MO, while he was stationed at the air base in Bytheville, Arkansas, a commute of about 30 miles. We shared a duplex with another Air Force family, (Barbara and Max) and they had a little girl, aged 3. Barbara's family lived in Brownwood, TX, and my folks were in San Antonio. We were as broke as churchmice, but our parents sent us some gas money, to be used to come home for a visit! Our car was my '57 Ford convertible, and Max had a Ford station wagon, a stick shift. We decided to make the trip to Texas, but Barbara didn't drive. No license, didn't know how to drive. The wagon was the obvious choice for the trip, with two toddlers on board. We could make them a padded sleep and play area in the bed of the wagon, with the back seat folded down. One hitch - I had never driven a stick shift. No problem. Dale put me in the driver's seat, got in beside me, and talked me through a couple of drives around the block. Then we loaded the car, put the kids in back, and away we went. A bit of hopping and jumping at first, but I soon smoothed out, Barbara was in charge of the map, and after a couple of fun stops at roadside attractions, and some burgers along the way, we arrived in Brownwood. I spent the night there with her family, and the next day drove on to San Antonio to spend a week with my family. Picked Barbara and Jackie up on the way back, and arrived home safely. I cannot imagine that Dale was okay with just that brief instruction and let me set out on the highway like that, but he did. Remember, no cell phones back then, either! Later in life, he would even drive me to the grocery store!

MDC, I have heard of the "thundershirts" and think they're a great way to calm an anxious dog. I know a couple of folks who use them, and they say they're wonderful. However, with Trinket's long hair, I would have a tangled mass of hair under that shirt that would take hours to comb out. Her hair mats so badly! Fortunately, anxiety isn't really her problem. I think she mostly sleeps when I'm gone, because she enters the laundry hamper cabinet, and I can see the little depression in the top of the pile of laundry, where she has been sleeping. I'd like to put a camera in the bathroom and just see what she actually does. One thing for sure, she's really happy to see me when I get home! Sweet little old thing!

Well, the man should be here shortly to vacuum the water out of the living room carpet. After it dries, he'll come back to clean the carpet in that room and in the office as well. They both need it. Blessings, everyone, and keep looking up! --Romeena

July 03, 2021 - Msg 116817: Well, I was pretty tired after that long post, but I found the strength to sweep the porch. Now I need a nap! --Romeena

July 03, 2021 - Msg 116818:

ASA--I forgot to respond to your cabinet comment in my last post, but, yes,
my taking off the doors of the old cabinets, as well as unpacking all the new cabinets really sped up the whole demo process, and installation. Also, so glad you see winter in a whole new light now! :)
BOO--I also got to thinking about my previous post to you, and it may be 'God-ordained' that
you mentioned erin's nasal situation, because a few years ago, my nasal
problems would cause me to wake up at night and have other anxious moments,
so her anxiety may be stemming directly from her septum problem! (That's when I got the little nostril dialators and a simple Kroger brand nasal spray, 5 bucks) Here is a link to info on both that may be an answer to prayers... https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27277070/
I am looking into a procedure here called sinuplasty to open my passages, but am waiting
until after our upcoming trip. Here's about the dialators... https://tinyurl.com/4ce4yhvv
Hope this helps! :)
MDC :)

July 03, 2021 - Msg 116819:

Good sweep ROmaeena!

July 03, 2021 - Msg 116820: I'd like to say Happy Fourth of July with a robust smile and cheer. However.... I'm just gonna leave this here...

BREAKING: The nation's largest teachers union has approved a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts.
The argument that "critical race theory isn't in K-12 schools" is officially dead.

Adjust accordingly, folks.

Stay safe!

John Masters

July 03, 2021 - Msg 116821: Critical Race Theory now official - Coming to all 50 states

Teachers will provide mandatory CRT lessons and oppose all efforts to ban it. This includes active resistance against the critics of CRT and efforts to ban the 1619 Project which teaches that America was founded to protect slavery in 1776.
This effort also includes "decolonialism" and "whiteness." It also includes a George Floyd national day of action.

I know this is Mayberry and we try to keep it non-political, but I wanted you all to know this. I have a niece and this is what's coming at her now. Your nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc. are headed for this too.

God help us.

John Masters

July 04, 2021 - Msg 116822: Apparently only He can! --Romeena

July 04, 2021 - Msg 116823: Happy Independence Day,Porchsters!!

Have a fun and safe holiday-God Bless!

possum u.a.r.

July 04, 2021 - Msg 116824: Good afternoon, porch. Just got home from church, am so glad I went. My back and neck are hurting, and I almost stayed home. Might have done so, if I wasn't committed to picking up a friend to help her get to church, too. She can't drive anymore, so I pick her up. That's what you do when you've been friends for over 45 years. Anyway, it was a great SS lesson (my teacher is also a 45-year friend, and a gifted teacher). The pastor's sermon was so on point, and I needed it badly. I suspect many others did as well. That's what happens when the pastor preaches straight from the scripture. It hits home!

John Masters, that CRT thing is downright scary, and thank you for bringing it up. I've heard and read some of the stuff that's in the news about it, but didn't fully understand what it teaches. Your comment sent me to the internet for a little read-up, and it's terrible. Just more of the Loony Left keeping the pot stirred and certain people all fired up, to keep them on their side and get their votes. That, of course, is also the reason for the sea of humanity that pours into Texas and the rest of the border states every day. Scary times indeed....

My plumeria tree, which managed to send up some buds in spite of the squirrels, is now sporting three large bouquets of white blossoms. So pretty. I just wish the other one would do the same thing - it's blooms are pink and so pretty, but I'm grateful to at least have the white one in bloom.

Happy Independence Day, my friends. Let's just pray that we can hold onto that independence. If we ever devolve into a one-party government, we will be on the express train to a dictatorship. It has happened to others, and our commitment to freedom and independence is our only immunity. Blessings, and keep looking up. --Romeena

July 05, 2021 - Msg 116825: 116821 - - - 🥱

July 05, 2021 - Msg 116826: Hope you all had a great Fourth!

Romeena - I know we try to keep it light here and try harder not to delve into politics too deep. But I really wanted you all to know this. As much as you all talk about your families and the kids/children in them, I felt I should post this as a warning.

Hope you all had a great time on the Fourth!

Take care!
John Masters

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116827:

Hello all. Been pretty busy the past few days.
Our 'next town over,' Mesa, put on a great fireworks display
on Saturday evening. The weather was pretty decent as well,
as it 'cooled off' a bit to sit on lawn chairs and watch it.
JM--yes, I hear you, but I have first hand knowledge that various
defending freedom groups have already filed amicus briefs in many courts, so hopefully this will be in courts for some time.
Hopefully it will never come to fullfruition. The big thing (really big
as Barney would say)right now is watching china. Not a good situation at all with what there leader is currently saying. But I am also keeping my eye on the Prize, Jesus, as all these things
are happening.
Hey to Possum! Good to see ya on the porch. I sure miss Spot and others.
I hope that everyone is OK.
GF and ASA, just out of curiosity, did either of you have to work
on holidays? I'm guess, yes, with what your line of work was. Now you can just sit back and say 'ahhh." :)
When I was a kid I used to swim almost everyday during the summer, and I was
barefoot about 95 percent of the time. I look back fondly on those days.
As I get things together for this final high school reunion, I recall just how
blessed those days were.
Well, hang in there and keep the faith, :)

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116828:

Hello all. Been pretty busy the past few days.
Our 'next town over,' Mesa, put on a great fireworks display
on Saturday evening. The weather was pretty decent as well,
as it 'cooled off' a bit to sit on lawn chairs and watch it.
JM--yes, I hear you, but I have first hand knowledge that various
defending freedom groups have already filed amicus briefs in many courts, so hopefully this will be in courts for some time.
Hopefully it will never come to fullfruition. The big thing (really big
as Barney would say)right now is watching china. Not a good situation at all with what there leader is currently saying. But I am also keeping my eye on the Prize, Jesus, as all these things
are happening.
Hey to Possum! Good to see ya on the porch. I sure miss Spot and others.
I hope that everyone is OK.
GF and ASA, just out of curiosity, did either of you have to work
on holidays? I'm guess, yes, with what your line of work was. Now you can just sit back and say 'ahhh." :)
When I was a kid I used to swim almost everyday during the summer, and I was
barefoot about 95 percent of the time. I look back fondly on those days.
As I get things together for this final high school reunion, I recall just how
blessed those days were.
Well, hang in there and keep the faith, :)

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116829:

Oops, chewed twice!

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116830: MDC....Yes as a Maintenance Guy I had to work MANY Holidays!...We were “On Call” 24/7 so I missed many parties, events ect. over the years. Plus we did our own snow removal so that meant working all night then doing our regular shift once 8:00 am came....Nope, I DO NOT miss those days....What I hated most was the residents had our PERSONAL home phone numbers!....No, NOT a good thing!....Later on when I became a Supervisor I had to carry one of those “bag” 🧳 phones everywhere I went so I could call out the troops for the emergency....So I was not popular with the Mrs. but that was Life in Public Housing during my 38 years working there!...

SO YES, I HAVED EARNED MY RETIREMENT....Do I get an Amen Asa and soon to be retired Billy Ray?


July 06, 2021 - Msg 116831: Me and my sign can't retire anytime soon. It dint earn me much between 1968 through 2002. ..Regis

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116832: Good afternoon, porch! We've had a beautiful day here, mostly sunny, with a lot of high cloud cover, but more sun than clouds. Temp has been in the 80s. Can't beat a deal like that, for Texas in July.

JM, you're right about trying to keep the porch out of politics, but it's just getting so scary. My chief concern is for the current young generation. They don't have the memories that most of us have, of a time when things were less threatening, even through the wars. I have the feeling in my soul right now that the threats are not born of politics and acquisition of territory, but rather for the control of our souls. Too many theories (CRT?), too many supposedly intelligent people telling us what to believe and what not to believe, and even little self-important governors telling us how to worship (can't sing in the churches in California, but can convene in bars and protest-mobs, masks or no masks.) Our children are growing up seeing these behaviors all around them, even in their classrooms, and they will believe them to be normal. That's one reason why I love to write "reminisce" stories - to let today's kids know what it was like to be a free-range kid in the 40s or a teen in the 50s.

When I was 12, I was bitten by a rabid dog. (Another story.) The doctor ordered the rabies series for me -14 intra-abdominal injections. Not fun. In those days, and maybe today, those shots were given only at the county health department, which was in downtown San Antonio. My mother walked me to the bus stop 2 blocks from our house, rode with me downtown and stayed with me as I received the very painful injection, and then rode back home with me. Once! The next day, she gave me bus fare and a big hug, and sent me on my way, so she could go to work. So, at age 12, I rode the bus into the heart of San Antonio, got off at the stop closest to the Health Department building, received my shot, and found my way home. I was not scared to do it, and my mom, though she was probably pretty uneasy, still felt confident enough to allow me to do it. Now I ask you....would you let your child do that today? San Antonio has grown a lot, but it wasn't exactly Mayberry in those days, either. The population there now is 2,368,000 of course, but even in 1951 it was over 400,000, and that's no little village.

Never has the phrase "the good old days" seemed so true and relevant as it does these days. I know, there were some bad things going on back then, we still had segregation, but we finally fixed it. Other things changed, too. Children were taught to obey their parents, and discipline was coming if they didn't. They were to respect their teachers and other adults. Now, teachers have to caution their students not to report to their parents when they're instructed on certain subjects which are mandated by the government. A child can be punished for having a Bible in their school desk. ??? Something is wrong with this picture. Well, enough of that. I won't ask for an "amen" on this, but I'll bet if I did, I'd get quite a few.

As for working on holidays - I was right there with you, boys! We had to alternate with the rest of the staff for all major holidays. If you worked it last year, you could be off. If you were off last year, you worked this year. Dale and my girls could stuff and cook a turkey as well as I could, because they'd had a lot of practice! I remember one Christmas, I called home about 11 a.m. to see how things were going, and could hear all kinds of laughter in the background. Dale explained that the girls had the turkey by the wings and were making him dance on the countertop! They were having a bit of fun before putting him in the roaster pan and adding the stuffing. When I got home around 4 p.m., he was just coming out of the oven and smelling and looking wonderful. Tasted good, too! Memories....

Well, the carpet guy is coming to see if we can clean up the mess made by the overflow of the a/c condensation drain. It's been several days now, the carpet is still pretty wet in that area, and I'm surprised it isn't mildewed. I'm just going to let him clean up the water and see how it looks. There are some light brown areas at the edge of the spread of the water, I'm hoping they'll come out. Then I'll have him come back in a few weeks, after I get some other things done, and clean the two rooms of carpet that adjoin each other, including where the water is now. What a mess!

Blessings, everyone! Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 06, 2021 - Msg 116833: Good afternoon all.

Poor Romeena, you just can't seem to keep them carpets dry. Wither leaking pipes or plugged drains. Mercy sakes. Anyway, glad you found as soon as you did. And getting a sensor on it is smart thinking for sure. I need to get one for my basement. I had a simular event happen a few years ago. My condensate line runs to a floor drain in the basement. That little bit of frequent water is a perfect conditiom for algae to grow. And sure enough my floor drain got plugged. Easy fix and I now dump hot water down it everytime I change the filters (every 4 months), but I still think a sensor is a good idea.

MDC, Yep, like GF and Ro said, worked plenty of Holidays, usually on a call out situation. I was essentially on call 24/7 for 35 years. And as GF mentioned, snow removal was a huge pain in the winter. I do not miss that a bit. In fact I actually enjoy winter now, at least a little. lol

It's a right screwy old world for sure John, but I do think there are still more folks who appreciate what our Nation is all about than what is indicated by the media. I honestly believe they try to make it sound like us traditionists are the minority and out of our minds. I refuse to accept that. I hope I am right. And I refuse to stay quiet any longer on some of these issues. The silent majority as being manhandled by the vocal minority and this nonsense needs to stop. By that I am talking about folks from all sides need to be heard and respected, not silenced and muzzled by those who do not want to hear our views. Whew, sorry. I probably ruffled some feathers there but it has just gotten to the tipping point for a whole lot of folks I believe. Now my jaw muscle is bulging. lol

Regis, I just knew that stance on the gold standard was gonne come back and bite you. lol I think Weavers needs a night watchman, if you can stand Ben.

Well best go see what I can rustle up for a light supper. To dang hot for much. I wish Alexa could cook and not just answer questions.


July 06, 2021 - Msg 116834: All this talk about working holidays brought back some memories for me. I did not get married until I was 60 years old because I was busy taking care of my handicapped and widowed mother. I did this while working a full time job and two part time jobs. I did not want a wife to complicate things like it had been for both my father and mother when one complained when the other would spend too much time with their respective mothers. So that is why I delayed a social life and marriage.
As a result, I remained single with no children during my time in the military and during my entire civilian career. So to help out with my married co-workers, especially those with children, I often volunteered to work on my off-duty days (military) and days off including holidays (civilian). And during my later years with my civilian job, my high seniority allowed me to select popular vacation weeks that I often traded away to my less senior co-workers who had families. I miss working those odd hours that others disliked. And I have no regrets.

from Poor Horatio

July 07, 2021 - Msg 116835: Good morning, porch! Another beautiful day here, with relatively moderate temperatures. It's 84° now, with a predicted high of 93° for the day. Trust me, for Texas, that IS "relatively moderate."

My carpet cleaner friend came yesterday, and I am so glad he did. I don't know how I could be so dumb, but I was thinking all he would need to do about the water would be to vacuum it out of the carpet in the area for about six feet around the front of the fireplace. Oh, silly me! The wet carpet that I could see was just the tip of the iceberg. I bought good carpet and a really nice thick pad. That pad acted as a wick and had carried water for about another 6 or 8 feet out into the room. The carpet was just floating on top and appeared dry, but the water had soaked beneath one of the sofas and also the 6' long cabinet that supports my TV and holds all the components, as well as the two stand-alone speakers alongside. Got under a coffee table, too. The furniture is all on little casters that disappear into the carpet, but were enough to keep the furniture out of the water. So, my carpet-cleaner friend, Derrold, has been here. He pulled the carpet back, and the padding was found to be completely ruined, just falling apart. He has removed all of that, returned the carpet to the bare floor, cleaned the carpet superficially and is letting the floor and carpet dry now. He'll be back with new padding, will put it down and replace the carpet again, and clean the whole room again. It's going to look like new carpet. The guy is a carpet wizard. Either this country is overrun with great service people, or I have been richly blessed with people who are honest, skilled and very competent, to help me run this household. God is good!

PH, it was kind of you to trade shifts with people who had families. As my children got older, I sometimes did that as well, especially on Christmas, for those who had little kids, so they could have the "Santa" thing on Christmas morning. My kids were used to having the meals and such on alternate days, so as they grew older, it didn't make much difference when we gathered on different days. It still doesn't. These days, David and Brittney and the boys go to a condo on a beach somewhere - Florida, Georgia, wherever - with Brittney's family. I don't go - walking in that sand just does me in, I'm not a fan of ocean water and its often-unpleasant critters, and would rather be at home. So, I have a peaceful few days here by myself, and then later some or all of my kids will come home, David and company are back, and we have a big old Thanksgiving Day, on whatever day works out for everyone. Okay with me!

Well, Derrold will probably be here before long, so guess I'd better get my act together around here. Blessings, friends, and keep looking up! --Romeena

July 07, 2021 - Msg 116836: Thought I had better drop in. Sorry it has been so long but been busy taking Erin to appointments, and frankly, it has been hard to sit at this keyboard. My back is much improved and I can manage for awhile now.

Erin's EEG was normal and now they want to do one that she has to wear leads on her head for a week. She saw the ENT last week and we got the bad news that she has inherited Bruce's nerve deafness. She has already lost 35% of her hearing and needs a hearing aid. She will be 20 in august and that is when Bruce began to lose his hearing. By the end of college, he had lost 75% of it. He now has 3% at age 63. So, I was shocked and somewhat devastated to receive that news, but after crying for a day, I was okay. Erin is taking it well, just for a few tears in the car on the way home. She said, "It's just one more thing I have to deal with". It is something she will have to deal with for a lifetime but technology is much improved since Bruce was her age and she will get a cochlear implant later down the road. I drove her back to san antonio yesterday. Romeena, Erin no longer has a car since her wreck and she uses the buses to get around in San Antonio. It doesnt seem to bother her a bit, even in the worst parts of town. I try not to worry because she is always in areas where there are plenty of people.

We had a very nice fourth of July. Bruce barbequed chicken and it was really good. Susan and her family came over and that evening, I spent hours outdoors in the rain playing with the dogs, throwing balls, etc. It was really fun.

I will stay out of the political discussion because I have a much different view than some of you and dont want that to become an issue. I see some positive changes on the horizon, I will just say that.

Well, been sitting here long enough. Hope you all have a great day.


July 07, 2021 - Msg 116837:

SHAKEDOWN!! Everybody up! (:

July 07, 2021 - Msg 116838:

BOO--did you see my two posts to you about erin? Just a thought, but I see there are even more things happening to her. Prayers continue for her and your family.

July 07, 2021 - Msg 116839: MDC, I’ll go back and look. Thanks, Brother


July 07, 2021 - Msg 116840: Boo, since Erin is without a car at this time, why not get her a two wheel bike, or an three wheel adult trike, or an e-bike, or a mobility scooter? None of them require a license nor insur@nce.

From Poor Horatio

July 08, 2021 - Msg 116841: Good morning, porch! A beautiful day here, with relatively mild temperatures. It's 86° here now, with a predicted high of just 93°. For July in Texas, that's pretty mild. We could use a rain shower, but none are predicted.

Boo, the news about Erin is both good and bad. I'm glad the EEG was normal, but so sorry to learn of her hearing loss. I'm glad she would be a candidate for a cochlear implant later on. I don't know much about them, but what I do know is encouraging. Prayers for her, always, and for you and Bruce as you share her journey with her.

The carpet restoration is still a work in progress. The guy is having to work my calls in between others, so it's taking a while, but it's okay. Only one side of the room is involved, and he has set me up in the other side where the TV is well-placed for viewing from my chair, there are paths that give me access to the kitchen and the front door and this office area and therefore to my bedroom, and that's about all that's needed for now. The delay time is just giving the floor and carpet time to dry out better, too.

I am loving these new hearing aids! I can adjust them through an app on my phone, of all things. I wish I had found these first, would have saved a ton of money. I actually sat here yesterday and watched two little wrens perched on the wind chime outside my big window. Not only could I see their little beaks moving as they sang to each other, but I could hear them as well! Couldn't do that with my old aids. God is good!

Well, better get moving. I'll see the audiologist this morning, for fine-tuning. She said we'll be doing that for a while, as I'm adjusting to the devices and she adjusts them to me!

Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 09, 2021 - Msg 116842:

RO--may I ask what brand and 'model #' your new hearing
aids are? My wife has some hearing issues, and her current ones seem to be a
lot like your old ones. I sure hope the carpet situation gets fixed soon.
You are indeed richly blessed! You have a good guy there, because what I call service just aint what it used to be.
I didnt mention it before, but the cabinet installers brought in their radio with pretty
loud music without even asking us if it was OK, and they used some pretty colorful language, and a few other things, some sloppy trim which I pointed out, and had them fix, etc.; and they are a Lowes sanctioned crew!

POSSUM--I see on the news that you have some weather brewing. Please get under
your rock and be careful!
We are in another 'heat wave' here with 110s and 115s again for several days to come.
Will be nice to be in Cal weather in about 10 days now! :)

RO, ASA and GF, I figured you all worked a lot of holidays. I know that SPOT did also
from what he used to post here, and now I see that PH did too. May your rewards be great! :) GF, when is the meet up this year, or did you have it already?
And RO you speak of the good old days. I agree, I lived on my bike, got a paper route when I was 11, and went door to door to get more customers. Had to collect money from them each week, etc, etc. Swam a lot all summer, was barefoot a lot, and had to be home by 5:30 for supper! Free range indeed. I knew every tree house and nook and cranny
for about a mile or so radius from our house. I still think back and smile about those times. I love your story about the turkey!

Well, that's all for now folks,
MDC :)

July 09, 2021 - Msg 116843: MDC...The Meet-Up is next weekend the 16-18 I will be leaving before the crack of dawn Thursday, which gets me in town around noon just before the Snappy Lunch closes....

It will be nice seeing Maude again, in the past she rolled with me to the place we all got together to have dinner on Friday.
But the group has gotten to big for that now, (100+) so we just go out on our own now and come back to the Gazebo in the evening for our activities....Come on Possum be a Sport and drive up to see us all again....

It was funny when she came that one time a bunch of us were sitting out at the Gazebo when she came up to us and said:
“Can anybody tell me where I may find a Gooberfife?” I raised my hand 🖐🏻 and said....That would be ME!. ...We all had a laugh 😂....

On Saturday a bunch of us dress up as characters from the show and entertain the crowd. This year a few of my friends are doing the scene where Barney gives out craft sets to start us on the path of “Rehabilitation” ....I get the “Mr. Potato” 🥔 set!...🤣🤣🤣👍

I’ll try to post Allan’s live videos so y’all can see what you’re missing!...It Sure is a FUN WEEKEND!...Like a BIG Family Reunion, (only we all get along)...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍


July 09, 2021 - Msg 116844: Good morning, porch! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that must be true. In my eyes, today is a beautiful day. It's gray and cloudy, not a drop of sunshine anywhere, and it looks like it will rain any minute! The temp is just 80°, not going to get much higher, and the rain will be so welcome. I ran a couple of sprinkler zones yesterday, where things looked droopy. Now it looks like rain today, so I'm glad I didn't run all twelve zones, especially the two big rotors in the middle of the back yard. Those things dump a lot of water! Oh, and more rain predicted for tomorrow, too! Yay!

Derrold (carpet guy) came yesterday evening and brought two big floor fans and a dehumidifier, and set them up in the living room. He says they need to run at least two days, so it may be Monday before he comes back. He put the outflow line of the dehumidifier into a 3-gallon water jug - an empty from my kitchen cooler - and I have emptied it three times, each time a little over half full. I don't let it get full, because it weighs too much when it's full, and I can't lift it up to the sink to empty it. So it has drawn over four gallons of water out of the air so far, likely most of it evaporating out of the carpet. I had no idea this was going to be such a project, but am glad for Derrold's expertise and perseverance. God always seems to bless me with the right person to help me around here. Without Ted and Eddie, (both of whom have helped me for about 25 years), I don't think I could continue to live here. Now here's Derrold who is saving me from having to replace three rooms of carpet, which would be crushingly expensive. God is good.

MDC, I'll email you an answer to your hearing aid question. I'm more sold on these aids every day, I'll say that for now.

You know, dogs just seem to sense what their chosen person needs. Right now, I've got an arthritic ankle that's giving me troubles, and Trinket apparently knows it. She licks at that ankle now and then, and at the moment, I have put my feet into her little cuddlebed which is under the kneespace in my desk, and she has wrapped her warm little body around it, still administering her little licks now and then. When I'm walking around, she follows me, apparently notices that I'm favoring that ankle, and does her little lick thing when I stand still. How do they know such things?? I'll never forget the night Sugarplum woke me about 3 a.m., and persistently bothered me until I was fully awake, then sat and looked at me with such concern on her face. I tried to sit up, and realized I felt terrible, that weak, shaky, not-quite-there feeling that comes with low blood sugar. I got up and eventually managed to make it to the kitchen where my glucometer was in my purse. I checked my blood sugar, and found it to be 38. Very dangerously low. I drank a glass of juice, waited a few minutes and checked it again, and it was actually 36. So, it was still dropping! I drank more juice, waited and checked it again, and it had made it all the way up to 41, as I remember. Obviously, it had been dropping when she woke me, and dropping fast. Another glass of juice kicked it up into the 60's, and some crackers and peanut butter got me into very safe territory. Without Sugarplum's intervention, I could, and probably would have just drifted on into eternity that night. Had I lived, there probably would have been brain damage. No wonder I loved that little dog! I don't know that Trinket is sensitive to that extent, but she does seem to know when something hurts. I think dogs (and other animals at times) are God's gift to the human race. Dogs just seem to be especially sensitive to our needs.

Well, guess I'll go find some lunch, and cuddle my little companion for a while. She likes nothing more than to get in my chair with me and snuggle down for a nap. Kinda my favorite thing, too! Blessings, friends. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 10, 2021 - Msg 116845: Hey Y'all! Yep,that's exactly how G-F and I met-I just walked right up to those fellas in the Gazebo and asked for Goober Fife! Found him,too and had a great time at the Mayberry Meet Up! Not gonna be able to make it up this time,but I'm hoping to get to Mayberry Days,as I have never been and really want to experience that. Y'all have fun and don't you go talking to no other possums in the Gazebo, G-F! hee hee hee!

Boo,you know how I feel- sending love and prayers your way-always.

Y'all have a great weekend!

possum under a rock

July 10, 2021 - Msg 116846: Good morning, porch! We never got that rain yesterday, but today looks like it could happen. The clouds are a bit heavier, so maybe they'll actually open up and water things today.

I've still got two big fans and the dehumidifier running in the living room. The furniture from the affected area is all pulled over into the other side of the room, and I have little narrow trails to navigate to get to the front entry, to get the mail. So far, I figure I've emptied about eight gallons of water out of that jug that the dehumidifier drains into. I don't know whether Derrold is returning today, but it doesn't matter. I would rather put up with the disarray a little longer, and be sure that everything is completely dry. Trinket doesn't care, she's enjoying being able to jump from one piece of furniture to another, rather than having to jump down and back up again. To everything there is a silver lining, I guess. At least from her point of view!

Boo, please keep us updated on Erin's progress. We care. Prayers for her, for you, for your family as a whole!

I would so love to go the Meet Up, and to Mayberry Days, but apparently, it's just not to be. Sure would be fun, though!

Guess I'll go get a shower and shampoo, then find some lunch and settle down to watch some things I've recorded on TV. Blessings to one and all. Keep looking up! --Romeena

July 10, 2021 - Msg 116847: Oh my gosh. We got a cable channel here in Canada showing Christmas movies!
Instead, I am watching another cable channel that showing "The Reluctant Astronaut" starring you know who (Don Knotts).

G-F, what is the difference between the upcoming Mayberry Meet Up and the Mayberry Days in the fall? I wonder if I will ever get a chance to travel the over 1,000 miles to attend in the future. I have thought about renting an RV, but unfortunately, my wife is not a Mayberry fan.

from Poor Horatio

July 10, 2021 - Msg 116848: PHoratio.. town money grab, only difference is size..

July 10, 2021 - Msg 116849: Thank you all for the kind words, advice and prayers. I really appreciate it, as always. Hope you are all well and blessed today.

It finally stopped raining here on the coast and the sun came out today and is drying up the flooding. We are sitting high enough here but some of our friends about 10 miles north of us are still confined to home and flooded out.

Ive been at home, mostly, and working on some sewing projects for Christmas. I bought some christmas panels and am going to make some quilted wall hangings. Sorry no more interesting news at this time.

PH, I believe they have a bike at the location where Erin is staying but it is near a very busy highway leading into san antonio and really wouldnt be safe for traveling by bike.

Stay safe and well, everyone.


July 10, 2021 - Msg 116850: Poor Horatio...The Meet-Up started 9 years ago as just a get together for the folks who watch Floyd’s podcast and it grew to over 100 folks. It’s a good time much like a big family reunion, but in this case we CHOOSE our Family...lol

Mayberry Days is a town event sponsored by the Surry Arts Council for over 30 years!...Well PH my wife is not a fan either so I come alone or I have brought friends in the past 🤷🏼‍♂️.
All I can say you’d enjoy either event...The Meet Up is much lower key’d, so it’s kinda how it got started. Just a bunch of friends who are like family just having fun together...Do I get an Amen Maude?....


July 11, 2021 - Msg 116851:

Hi all, i just wanted to say that we had a thunderstorm
roll in tonight, but not much rain in it, unfortunately.
We really need some.
BOO--I wish you'd send some of yours this way. :)
GF-depending on when my nephew sets the wedding date
next summer in NC will determine if we can make a side trip to the meet up.
I hope it works out. They sound like a great time.
I like your funny line about choosing a family! haha

PH and Boo, sounds like you two are having "Christmas in July!"
One suburb here does that with a few days of shops all decked out
each July.
PH, it's been years since I've see The Reluctant Astronaut!
Tonight I watched a western with, guess who? Gabby Hayes! yup

No word yet on our new countertops being done, but at this point we will
wait until after our SB trip.

Good Sabbath to all! So good to be at preachin' agin! :)

July 11, 2021 - Msg 116852: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and very slightly drizzly here this morning. I should be in church, but I did something stupid last night, and my back is telling me all about it, so stayed home this morning. I called the friend I usually pick up and take to church, and she was about to call me to cancel, as she's coughing her little head off. She has sinus issues, and sometimes has these spells where she coughs almost non-stop for hours. She has seen several docs, but no one seems to be able to fix it. Anyway, between her coughing and my angry back, we decided to just stay home and watch our church's service online. Hate to miss SS, though. We have such a wonderful teacher.

You know about the problem with the wet carpet in my living room. The humidifier that my carpet guy set in place drains into a 3-gallon water jug, and I empty it when it's about half full. Well, last night, I let it go too long, it was within two inches of being full, so weighed well over 20 lbs. Stupid me, I figured I could handle that, and attempted to carry it to the kitchen sink, a distance of about 40 feet. I picked it up, felt something "pull" in my lower back, but knew it would be worse trying to sit it back down, and it HAD to be emptied! I managed to get it to the sink, with the back yelling at me all the way, and got it emptied. I went to bed shortly thereafter, and this morning, it's okay when I'm sitting or lying down, but it gripes with every step when I'm walking. It will settle down by tomorrow, I've done this before. Getting old is very inconvenient. You do something that you could do easily in the past, and it causes a national issue if you try to do it today. I used to carry a 25 lb toddler on my hip with no trouble at all, and now I can't lift 20 lbs without repercussions. Even Trinket feels heavy, at 9.5 lbs. Grrr.

On TV, the Hallmark channel is having "Christmas in July" for the entire month. I've watched some of the Christmas movies, they're fun and I like them, but I'm not trying to watch them all. I want to save something for December! When I'm not watching them, I enjoy the Zoo shows on Animal Planet and NatGeoW. It's fascinating, all the behind-the-scenes activity in America's zoos, and also the Chester Zoo in England, and two Australian zoos. The loving relationships between the keepers/trainers and the animals are beautiful to see. They really get attached. On one recent show, a huge and beautiful tiger had to be euthanized, due to wide-spread cancer, which was causing him suffering. There were about eight people in the room when the tiger passed, and all were crying.

They love those animals, some have cared for the same ones for over fifteen years! It's fascinating to watch the training techniques, and how well the animals respond. They teach females who might be pregnant to come to the bars, press the side of their body up close and remain still while an ultrasound is done. They even did one on a pregnant rhino! You could actually see that big baby moving around! All behaviors are strictly voluntary on the animal's part. If they choose not to participate today, fine. We'll try again tomorrow! Zoos have come a very long way since I was a child. I remember a bare 10'x15' cage, with a bored gorilla sitting in it. No toys except an old car tire. Get too close to the cage, he would poop into his hand and throw it at the people standing near. Yuck! Today, they have "habitats" that look just like their natural environment, lots and lots of room, their food is "hidden" around the area, causing them to hunt for it and forage naturally. There are all sorts of toys and devices for them to play with and learn from. Most zoos are members of a society of zoos that's committed to preserving threatened species. Selective breeding is encouraged, with the goal of returning as many to the wild as possible. They also swap out animals from zoo to zoo, to widen the gene pool. Fascinating to watch, and often quite funny. I'm still laughing about the little skunk at one of the zoos. All zoos have "ambassador animals", animals who are representatives of their breed and are taken to "classes" with school children and adults, to make them aware of the beauty and worth of the animals, and foster a desire to preserve them, not obliterate them. Anyway, the little skunk was very friendly, the children were fascinated, and his name was - yep, Febreze!

Well, off to find something to eat. I bought some plum jam, since Eloise hasn't made any, and maybe I'll have a PBJ. Yep, that sounds pretty good. A little early, but who cares? Church service will start online in about 15 minutes, just enough time. Blessings, everyone! Keep looking up! --Romeena