December 24, 2016 - Msg 106398: Wow Romeena, that is indeed a Christmas miracle!
Praise God that your son is alive and well (Well, mostly well that is!) Thank you for sharing,
and thank you Jesus!
I guess we are all about as ready as can be, but I hope our poor
possum's hangover isn't too bad. ha
Pappa Bear, good to see you on the porch! Merry Christmas my friend!
SANTA-- Ive been good, what's with the coal?? haha
John Masters, I'm sure the Mayberry Choir will be at their best this weekend.
Too continue with Possum's lead... "On the second day of Christmas, Mayberry gave to me...two fun girls,...three little birdies, four merry men, FIVE years for Barney,
six singin' Darlings, seven calls to Juanita, eight Tucker spark plugs, nine carp a leapin', ten quarts of pickles, eleven tipsy ladies, twelve Jeff Pruitt' backwards... ho ho ho! :)
and an old Christmas tune by the Royal Guardsmen...


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106399: Wow!! Rejoicing in Romeena's news. This could have been a very sad Christmas for all of us. Thank God, thank God! This has been a day for rejoicing..I feel like I have received a couple of gifts of joy today, and this news is certainly one of them! I wont go into the others just yet. :)

I just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas Eve. I am going to hit the ironing board for some sleep because I probably wont be getting enough rest for the next couple of days. That's ok, though. I am happy in my heart!

Merry Christmas Mayberry.


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106400: PS- enjoyed the red baron song, MDC..had not heard that one in many years!


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106401: Thanks for the cards porch and all the Birthday wishes ! Well hello asa,possum,Boo,Romeena,GF,MDC,Lucy,Maude,John Master,Pappa and all . Wells o far a great Christmas..had it will my kids and parents this week..Mrs SPOT"s kids lastnight and grandkids !..she and I will have this evening when I get home from work to share alone ..I get off today at 4..Working tomorrow so some co-workers can have off with their familys . Ok..let me get started here..Prayers to all...back in a bit ...SPOT

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106402: Praise the Lord,Ro! Oh,what a blessing not to have gotten the other outcome-so relieved that your son will be all right after his ordeal.

possum u.a.r.

P.S. Hope everyone has a Joyous Christmas!

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106403: Oh My Romeena, a Christmas Miracle for sure!. Your Son is a good pilot but we know who the Co-pilot was!... God is great..and a pretty good pilot too!.... Glad to hear he only has bumps and bruises... After that experience everything thing else this Christmas season is just......Topping on the cake!..

Thanks Santa, it's been cold, I can't speak for MDC or Asa, but I sure can use those 5 boxes of coal to burn in the fireplace!...It's much warmer than a new tie!...👍


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106404: i am so happy for your son ro being ok. atter my hear fatal car wreck in oct i told people i wasnt done with the missions god had for me to do. santa left me a note wanting to know where to dump a train load of coal bless his little heart for asking. have a great christmas. pappa bear

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106405: Good morning, porch. Thanks for the kind comments regarding my son's near-tragedy with his airplane. I can't explain it, but my personal response has been calm and peaceful. My daughter, who called me and told me about it, began the story with "First let me say, everyone is okay, no one is hurt, you have to know that before I continue." That took a lot of the shock out of it, but still - when I think of what could have happened, I'm amazed that I never felt anything but the assurance that he's okay and nothing was hurt but the plane. It's like I just didn't expect anything else. I trust his skill and ability completely and am not surprised that he handled it the way he did. I'm surprised that the engine failed, because he maintains that airplane meticulously, but I've done some reading, and apparently "unexpected catastrophic engine failure" can occur, and does, though it's rare. I guess he just won the prize. For me, it's reassuring, because he has now demonstrated that he knows what to do, and has the presence of mind and the skill to do it. God is good. --Romeena

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106406: AMEN ROMEENA....

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106407: Wow Romeena, I am so glad he is ok. I had a friend who was in a similar situation years ago. He lost his engine coming down Ogden canyon. Unfortunately he was unable to find any clear field to land in. He finally set it down on top of an old abandoned canning warehouse. He survived the crash, at least for a few years. Because of severe head injuries, he suffered with frequent seizures following the event for several years. Then one day he suffered one while bathing and drowned. Very sad deal. I knew him and his wife. So your son is very blessed I'd say. Sounds like the Lord has plans for him yet. :)

Well got all the presents wrapped, I'm off work until the 3rd of January, by golly I am gonna kick back and relax. We have a large snow storm due in tonight, and I don't have to even fret over it. I might just kick on the fireplace, open the blinds and enjoy the falling snow on Christmas eve. Then off to preaching in the morning, and off to Stacey's for dinner. And the drive to her place is less than a mile, so let it snow, let it snow, let it.... snowwww! (well not to much)


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106408: "A Wheeler Christmas" sounds like a Hallmark movie Asa...I heard tell of that storm from our Cleveland weather forecaster. You need to check this guy out.... If you wear this outfit to Sunday preachin' you would be the talk of the town for sure! Just Sayin'....G-F

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106409: p.s. Then again we ARE talking about Cleveland...👍

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106410: HI ALL


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106411: thank god he gave us his son. thank each one of you for being such special friends for so many years. merry christmas and a blessed new year. pappa bear

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106412: So kind of you, SPOT, to work so your coworkers could be off with their families. I talked about going in on Christmas Day to relieve my boss but my kids almost had a riot since I worked last Christmas. I hope you and Mrs. Spot have a lovely, tranquil evening.

Whew! It's almost 5pm and I finally got everything done for this made, presents under the tree, house straight. Now I just have to get ready for the Christmas Eve service tonight a church. A little bird told me that we are having an actual, old-fashioned live nativity. I cant wait.

I think I would feel a bit more jolly if it were not 80 degrees and sunny here in south texas. Oh well, I have had many a Christmas in shorts and sandals.

Hope you stay warm, Asa. Sounds like an ideal Christmas Eve. I wish I could spend mine like that tonight but I am hosting the family, and even an extra kid. Erin's good friend, Bree is with us because her mom is a single mom (Bree's dad passed away several years ago) and her mom is a teacher and a paramedic on days off. Erin invited her to spend Christmas with us so she would not be alone. If you are so inclined, say a prayer for Bree. Erin has been talking to her about Jesus and it seems Bree has turned her life over to God and been able to find forgiveness (she had been mad at God due to her father being taken). She is asking for a bible and very excited to be going to church with us tonight and tomorrow. Isnt that a wonderful blessing?! I am rejoicing.

While I was taking a break today, I made several phone calls to relatives to relay some Christmas messages. It was a blessing. My only living uncle sounded in such good spirits and actually took the time to tell me a little story about his childhood. Everyone I talked to is doing well and that is a huge gift. Family is so important, as is my porch family....and on that note, Merry Christmas...may you have a blessed Christmas Eve!


December 24, 2016 - Msg 106413: central illinois is suppose to be 51 with rain tommorow go figure. dashing thru the rain sunscreen ready ho ho pappa bear

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106414: i sure hope santa doesnt track mud in so hard to get out if carpet. pappa bear

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106415:
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! ! (:

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106416: Wishing all of our dear Porchsters a very Merry Christmas! Love you all.

possum under a rock

December 24, 2016 - Msg 106417: It's a Christmas Miracle!.... The Browns won their first game today... They probably lost the first round pick in next years draft now... See how they are, they lose even when they win!

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE G-F is going to bed now...

Santa just put my 5 boxes of coal on the front porch, I'll get it in the morning.....

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106418: good morning porchsters here is a quizz what gifts do you think the following recieved? 1. ben weaver 2. otis 3. emma watson just saw last night on santa an animated santa landing on a roof throws a bag down each chiminey and drives off have a great day. pappa bear

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106419:


December 25, 2016 - Msg 106420: Oh, G-F, did you notice AZ on that weather map?
Yes, we are experiencing a very unusual wet and cold Christmas eve! Hey to Pappa Bear, and all!!

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106421: MDC Sorry I didn't catch your weather, I got sorta distracted by the weathermans outfit if you saw my link...G-F

BTW...Santa brought be som high quality coal, not the cheap stuff you get at the Piggly Wiggly!....😂😂

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106422: santa brought me the piggly wiggly coal pappa bear

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106423: Guesses: Ben Weaver got a guitar so's he could sing "Sunshine". Otis got the deed to Jubal's barn, including all the corn. Emma got a deluxe vaccuum sold by Barney hisself.

Billy Ray the Gifting Postman

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106424: Merry Christmas!! lol
It's Christmas night and the work is done, the food served and the clean up done...still some desserts out but I'm not going near them. Talk about full! I hosted the family for two days and a good time was had by all, I hope. I know there was ALOT of good food, including some really good tamales last night. Do all of you eat tamales on Christmas or is that just a texas thing? It aint Christmas without tamales around here.

Last night we had the most lovely Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. I made sure I didn't sit next to mom in law this year, to avoid having my hair set on fire. After services, we dropped by St. Susan's for a little while, which is out custom, and she gave the gifts she had to the kids. One of the her son's stepkids came over with a fever and possible flu or strep, unfortunately. Her mom, my nephew's ex, is not exactly a wise person..and her decision making skills aren't good. She didn't want to stay home with the girl because she was going to her live-in boyfriend's parents house for Christmas, so now we are all exposed to something, including my 84 year old mom in law. I wasn't happy about it, but nothing to be done now.

I did a lot of cooking and we had a big dinner here today with mom in law and Bruce's younger sister, Vicki. Luckily no fights took place today, although, my mom in law got mad at me. She has severe tremor disorder and was trying to help dry dishes..very nice of her, but she was trying to dry one of crystal bowls and I took it from her. She was not happy with me. She said, "What do you think I do when I am at home?! That's not right!". Poor thing is like a willful child. Her dementia is much worse. I did all I could to try and make her happy since she will be moving north in a couple of months. It is sad because it takes a large amount of patience to deal with this sort of thing. She has little tantrums several times in a visit now. Not sure if it is Alzheimer's or what. Her memory is pretty bad, too, so if you explain something to her, she wont remember it in a few days. She fell again a couple of days ago and didn't have her phone with her again. She somehow managed to get herself up from the floor and into bed but her phone was dead once she got to it. It is a bad accident waiting to happen, so everyone is trying to get everything worked out to get her into a good facility very soon. In the meantime, she is very stubborn about following our instructions for her safety.

Well, I think I will get my shower and into my pjs and watch the TAGS Christmas ep. I have it been saving it for tonight.

Merry Christmas!


December 25, 2016 - Msg 106425: WOW Boo, sounds like an Uncle Ollie visit for sure.
Glad you made it thru. My mom had alz for ten years, so I know how hard it can be on all.
I pray that you all will find a good place for her.
Are you still working at the kids facility. You havent mentioned
it lately so wasnt sure.
Since we do a big spread here now for thanksgiving, we all have our own little Christmas celebrations, so we started with midnite Mass, our day was quiet, Cecile cooked a turkey breast and fixings, our home remodel was
our gift to each other this year.
God is good.
May His blessings be upon all in the new year.
MDC :)

December 25, 2016 - Msg 106426: Oh, pappa bear, I like Billy Ray's answers!
And Margie of the Rifleman site says "Howdy!" :)

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106427: HEY ALL.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THERE M.D.C. may it be a good one.


December 26, 2016 - Msg 106428: MDC Just quoted Emma Watson.."I'm in my forties and I admit it!".. Have a GREAT Day Buddy 🎂🎊🎈G-F

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106429: Happy birthday, MDC. Remember, you're not getting older, you're getting better.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106430: Happy Birthday, MDC!

John Masters

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106431: Happy Birthday, MDC! Cake & ice cream for everyone!

possum u.a.r.

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106432: Will Will it hippy possum

December 26, 2016 - Msg 106433: Thank you for the prayer and sympathy, MDC. We have found the right facility for her and it is very nice, but it takes a little time to get everything in order to get her there. I am hoping and praying nothing happens before that time. We could move her in here but all of us are gone much of the time, which wouldn't really benefit her. She has two daughters who are retired that could take care of her but they won't. I guess it is that way in many families. It seems there are those who will take the responsibility and those who just won't. When my parents needed help, it was just my sister and I but we did what needed to be done. I really don't understand the selfishness I see in Bruce's sisters. It is very discouraging for him. Please say a prayer for Bruce, as he has his nuclear stress test tomorrow. He has been getting some rest since he got home from San Angelo the day before Christmas. I don't think I mentioned it to you all because I am always reluctant to talk about Bruce's job due to the nature of the job, but he is being sent to San Angelo to work for a week, then back home for a week, so about half the time he is away. San Angelo is about a 6 hour drive from here. That is part of the stress he has been having to deal with...they send him to do a job up there and when he returns all the work is waiting for him here because there is nobody to do the work here when he is away. There is not enough money in the budget to get him some help. I'm not happy about it but he cant retire yet so we trudge on.

Well, I am happy that the feasting of Christmas is over. I feel like a big oompa loompa...I don't want to even think about food. I don't feel like I ate that much, but I think it is the kind of rich food we consume during the holidays that just gets to be too much...too much sugar, for sure. I really want to try to get off all sugar next week. I know I will feel so much better if I do.

Yes MDC, I am still employed at the rehab facility but I am on what is called PRN status, which means I choose when I work. They can call and ask but I have the option to say yes or no. I had decided to take of most of December because Bruce was going to be away from home most of the time. I have not worked in a couple of weeks but I am going to work new year's eve day and will just have to see how often from there. I do miss being there, which tells me that I am not ready to leave yet. I am, however going to look into some home health jobs soon.

Today I just took it easy. I could tell I was in need of rest, so I listened to my body. I did just a little straightening up but other than that, no work today. Last night Susan and decided that next Christmas it will be Chinese food at the nearest Chinese buffet, and then come home and have dessert later in the day for everyone. No more of this huge meal least not next year. I think we wore ourselves out preparing food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I told her last night that it is ok to think about ourselves a little. Our inner child deserves to have some fun on Christmas, too (or whatever).

I already wished MDC a Happy Birthday, but I will do it again. Happy Birthday! :)

Good to see you, Sterling. Please drop in and fill us in on what is going are the kids?


December 27, 2016 - Msg 106434: THANK YOU for all the great birthday greetings!!!
It was a lazy day. The only thing we did was to go to the store to see our new overhead microwave and new oven, paid for them both, and set an install date! Then in the evening we went to Possum's favorite place (ha) Cracker Barrel for some comfort food. Tomorrow, back to the doc for another pre-op appt.

Boo--wise choice to back off the throttle a bit for next year. Ya cant do it all, all of the time! I will keep Bruce in my prayers. My nuke test went swimmingly and am sure his will also! (Havent used THAT word in a long while.) :)
God bless you all.
Going on midnight here, so off to the ironing board i go.

December 27, 2016 - Msg 106435: Good morning all.
Happy belated Birthday MDC. Sorry I missed it. I spent most of the day with Stacey and her family. Watching all the Grandkids playing with their new toys. Very enjoyable. Then of course Matt and I had to play the world championship of 9 ball on his pool table. Ate way yonder to much.

We ended up with about 10 inches of snow. Gave my snow blower a good workout. Now the skies are clear and it is cold, cold, cold! 4 degrees this morning. The cold that makes your nose sting and your eyes water when it first hits you. And I am sorry to say that our little Barney slipped on some ice and has hurt his back. He is having a hard time using his back legs right now. So I am carrying him out to do his business. I am worried because he is no spring chicken. Keep him in your prayers if you don't mind praying for a furkid. Thank you.

Boo, I will sure keep Bruce in my prayers that his test goes ok. And that if there is a problem they can detect and remedy it. I am glad you had a lazy day yesterday. You deserve it girl. I sure am enjoying the scarf. Thanks again. :)

I pray everyone had a delightful Christmas. We sure did.

Hey GF, I see the 49r's turned right around and gave that #1 draft pick back to y'all. Just be sure they choose wisely now. I had to go down this morning and clean my flame sensor on my Carrier furnace. I noticed it was short cycling this morning, so I went downstairs and watched it. The combustion fan would kick on, then the hot surface ignitor would cherry up, then the main burner would kick on, but only run for about 10 to 15 seconds, then go off. Then the main blower would run for about a minute and a half, then it would shut off. Then the whole process would repeat itself. So I figured the sensor was dirty. Cleaned it up gently with some steel wool and it seems to be happy now. You think I did good? I hope so. I surely don't need my furnace going south in this cold.

Well I think I'll go muster me up some breakfast, and see what's on tv. I am about to start the final season of TAGS tonight. Last night I watched the episode where Goober is giving away cash money, and Floyd ends up with a $200.00 cash prize that was a mistake. I think this was Floyd's last episode. You could see he was really struggling in speaking from the effects of the stroke he had a couple of years earlier. I thought it was a real nice thing that Andy and crew brought him back after his stroke, and did so much to make him part of Mayberry again. Class act IMHO.

Well prayers for all for a good day.


December 27, 2016 - Msg 106436: Good morning, porch. Asa, I'm so sorry to hear little Barney hurt his back. Those little "long doggies" seem to do that pretty often. He may have a slipped disc. Is there such a thing as a vet who does chiropractic? Poor little feller, and you can bet I'll pray for him. You folks have prayed for my furkids - specifically Sugarplum, in her last days. I still miss that baby.

We had a lovely Christmas. None of it happened here - we went out to David and Brittney's on Christmas Eve. Went to church with them, then to their house for sandwiches, and way yonder too much other food. Brittney and I were talking a couple of days before Christmas and she was trying to decide what to cook. I kn ew she was tired, just getting over a little sick spell, and trying to do too much, as usual. So I told her I was hungry for some good old sandwiches, and to consider just putting out all the tuff, let everyone make their own, and make it easy. She took it and ran with it! Had a spiral-cut ham, some croissants and assorted bread, nice fresh tomatoes, a very sweet onion and three kinds of cheese. I made some guacamole, she made a rotel/cheese dip, we had cookies and stuff and I made a banana-nut bread. We all had plenty, believe me.

Then on Christmas Day, we all gathered at Eloise's house, where she had cooked a tenderloin, and we had mashed potatoes and assorted veggies with it, and it was great! Very peaceful, slow-paced, and pleasant. Will probably do New Year's Day here. One of my church friends always has a New Year's Eve party at her house, and everyone brings a snacky thing. We play games and have fun, and I usually come home around 11. I prefer to be in the safety of my own home at midnight, away from the drunks on the street.

Well, guess I'd better go feed my little roommate, she's patting my ankle with her soft little foot. That's the code for "I want something." It could be feeding, ready to go to bed, or just wanting attention, but she definitely wants me to know something. Cute little thing. Asa, I hope little Barney improves rapidly. These little critters are so much a part of our lives, and it hurts when one is in distress. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

December 27, 2016 - Msg 106437: Yep Asa, Sounds like ya doctor''d it up right!. Doesn't take much of a residue to make the flame sensor act up, typical to those Carrier units... I hope O'l Barn feels better, did he yell out. "Where's the Tylenol?"

Hope everyone one else had a good Christmas or, at as good as you could... That party at O'Malley's I'll bring the coal for the stove and fireplace... I have plenty!... But remember Maude, unlike AL I don't care for my burgers hard...

MDC...I hope your prep for your operation goes well and you can get on with it so you can get on the mend and don't have to walk like Chester no more!...

Boo...Prayers for Bruce...STRESS, is much like studying History, there's SO much more of it these days. You don't realize how much work stress you had until you retire and don't have to deal with it. But then you get new stress BECAUSE of retirement.... But that's Life thru & thru.....


December 28, 2016 - Msg 106438: That was nice of Sheriff TOM for letting school out for Christmas! Sounds like everyone had a jolly good time.
Asa, you didnt have to 'call the man' because you IS da man! ha Prayers for Barney. Regarding that ep, I understand what you say about having him back, but I felt so sorry for him in that ep.
I think the bowling one with Howard will be coming up soon.
BOO--did the stress test go OK. Bruce is in my prayers.
I guess you all heard about the passing of Carrie Fisher. may she rest in peace.
God bless,

December 28, 2016 - Msg 106439: May the Force be with her!....💫

December 28, 2016 - Msg 106440: Prayers for the familys of the 2 icons we lost this week .. very say...Good morning gang ! so foggy and rain here in Ga...gona fix Mrs SPOT and I some breakfast...we are both off today ! yall stop by ..SPOT

December 28, 2016 - Msg 106441: RIP Debbie Reynolds and prayers to the family,as they just lost Debbie's daughter Carrie Fisher. So,so sad for them.

possum u.a.r.

December 28, 2016 - Msg 106442: Wow, we have lost so many good ones in 2016! I guess we are of the age when those we knew growing up are just getting old, or have health issues. RIP to all these great folks.
ASA--how is Barney doing now? better I hope.
SPOT--good seeing your FB posts.
ROMEEna--saw that great family photo on FB. I believe that is you seated in the chair on the right.
Two more days in the year. See you at O'Malley's! :)

December 29, 2016 - Msg 106443: Thank you all for the prayers and concern for Bruce. It seems the stress test went well, although we have not gotten the final results. He is now talking about putting in for another job under a different branch of government that would be less work and stress. Same pay grade, so why not? We'll see where the Lord leads us.

Asa, sorry to hear about little Barney. I had a dog like Barney years ago and she jumped out of the car window and injured her back. The treatment was steroids and keeping her confined for a couple of months. It worked and she was fine after that. It was hard to keep her crated for that long, though. Let us know how Barney does.

Very sad, indeed, about Debbie Reynolds and her daughter..poor family that is left to deal with the grief.

Sounds like you had a good Christmas, Ro. I saw a pic that Brittany posted on facebook of all of you on Christmas Eve, I think...maybe Christmas Day. Glad you didn't have to overwork yourself. Are you going to make Hoppin' John on New Year's? I made a good bean soup yesterday using the bone from the Christmas ham and some navy beans. It turned out real good. I do have some black eyed peas that I can cook on Sunday, but not sure I want to. There are only a couple of us in the family that will eat them.

Been chipping away at the Christmas clean and up got the Christmas decorations out of the kitchen and the ornaments off the tree. I think I will leave the tree up for awhile, though, cause I like the glow it gives to the room. I might leave the garland on the mantle until after new Year's, too. I always feel better when I get the Christmas clutter put away, but I like the warm glow of the lights. I got my Christmas village all put away, too. Been working on laundry cause I got WAY behind the last week.

I took Erin and a couple of her friends to the movies tonight to see the new Star Wars movie. I didn't stay, just dropped them off because a handful of boys from the church youth group were meeting them there, so I knew they would look after them, and they did. While they were in the movie, Sean and I did some shopping at walmart for some after Christmas deals. Everything was fairly picked over but did find a couple of things that were a bargain, and most importantly I found a screen protector for my new phone. I found a really cute Hallmark ornament half price that is a sweet nativity that plays Away in a Manger. I will put it away in my trunk and give it as a gift at one of our Christmas parties next year. A year goes by so quickly and I just love it when I find gifts tucked away that I had forgotten about come next December.

Well, guess I will go chill for awhile..maybe watch a little TAGS before bed.


December 29, 2016 - Msg 106444: SHAKEDOWN! (:

December 29, 2016 - Msg 106445: Boo, that is what I did too with our leftover ham bone too...As "They" say...."Soup is good food!"..G-F

December 29, 2016 - Msg 106446: It did make a good soup...easy to make, too. In case Asa needs a new recipe: I just sauted an onion, celery, and diced carrots until carmalized (in butter), added chicken broth, seasoned salt, dried oregano and basil, navy beans that I had brought to a boil and let sit for an hour, then rinsed and drained, and the ham bone. I cooked it all in my pressure cooker, but it can be done on stovetop or crock pot. Just be careful with the salt because the ham and the chicken broth can add a lot of salt already. The soup would be great with some lentils or other beans, too, like the 5 bean mix you can by at that store, but here is warning....I bought the five bean soup mix in the store year and made the mistake of using the seasoning packet included with the beans and it was not good...ruined the soup, IMO. Use your own spices.

Slept until 9am and ready to tackle some more un-decorating. My sister in law, Linda, is making turkey salad today from leftover turkey, and she said I could come get some. It's a 30 minute drive, but worth it. Linda is probably the best cook I know and if she makes it, it is worth the drive.

Best finish my coffee and get going.


December 29, 2016 - Msg 106447: With all the celebrities we have lost recently here is a neat video Romeena sent be quite awhile ago, thought it was neat to see all those who are now gone singing together... take a look and listen.


December 29, 2016 - Msg 106448: Thanks MDC...whew the wind kicked up here at work..about got all lights back on..Boo that soup sounds great !GF that retirement stress...hum..may give that a shot in about a year or so...36+ years here at the rock keeping good folks lights on..Have yall got any vittles left over?..had a boiled egg a bit ago...well let me get some crews dispatched to the last jobs (I hope) back in a bit ..prayers SPOT

December 30, 2016 - Msg 106449: Hi All, took down all my front yard decorations today because we are suppose to get a pretty good rain storm coming in tomorrow, and didnt want all the
scenery to get wet just before the end of the season!
SPOT-- good on you for getting all the lights back on!
I see none of you were too worried about the Shakedown! ha
GF--that was a good video. Thanks for sharing.
Boo- sounds like you are also getting things put away. That's what I need to do next, start on the indoors.
We bought a new range/oven and overhead microwave!!
Hope to have it installed next week sometime.
can't believe its only two days until the new year!
I watched the ep tonight where that gal tries to get Barney for breach of contract. Two lines of Barney's that I really like: "Boy Thelma Lou, you just don't kiss a deputy on the jaw right out scheer on the street." and "well sure she held my hand through the Post Office, but maybe that's just a custom where she comes from."
Ha, well, nite all,

December 30, 2016 - Msg 106450: Wow, G-F. I had forgotten about that video. It's a dandy, isn't it? I think I'll just send that little thing around again. Somehow I feel a lot more hopeful about it all now, compared to a few weeks ago. There will be some bumps and potholes, but I think the goals are far more appropriate now than they were. Just keep on prayin', folks! --Romeena

December 30, 2016 - Msg 106451: Good morning all.
Enjoyed the video very much. Somehow I just don't see todays hollyweird elite singing that song.

Thanks for the prayers and words for Barney. I think he is getting a little better. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. Just having a hard time walking.

MDC, Glad you "called the man" to get a new oven and microwave installed.

Boo, I hope Bruce gets the new job. And still praying for his health.

I met with my Cardiologist yesterday concerning my 4 weeks with the monitor. She said that what I have been experiencing and thought was skipped beats is actually getting an extra beat, or two quick beats together with a pause in between. She called them PAC's and told me they are not a concern and not unusual for 3 to 4 months after an ablation. So I am grateful for that and for your prayers on my behalf.

Hey GF, The furnace has been purring like a kitten since I cleaned the flame rod. That makes me happy.

I am about halfway through season 8. Old Andy just doesn't seem to be excited about the show anymore. He seems very sullen and disengaged in several episodes. Last night I watched the episode when Howard and Millie are going to wed. After the train trip to Wheeling, they decided that might not be a good idea. I always laugh at Howards reaction when Mille suggests he shave off his moustache. He was quite offended at the thought.

Well I best get going. I am doing my weekly grocery shopping this morning instead of tomorrow morning. I reckon I will buy a few goodies for New years eve for me and Debbie. Then Stacey and Matt and the grandkids are coming over on Sunday for a feast of roast beast. So I need to get the fixins for that.

Prayers for all for a great day.


December 30, 2016 - Msg 106452: Hey Asa, glad to hear you got a good report Buddy... I guess you just got rhythm for a HVAC guy!
Jut a question on your Carrier unit, how old is it? My experience with them, the earlier units with the Penn Johnson G-60 control had a lot of problems with short cycling. If your unit is a late 80's early 90's vintage let me know I have a couple of tricks that the Penn Johnson engineers told me that really worked for me....Sorry to bore you other folks but a guy has to help a Brother out when he can....

Yes I agree too the show seemed to be "forced" towards the end, but nobody really wanted it to end tho....

MDC, I got a video for Christmas about one of your Cardinal Hero's The Pat Tillman Story"... Wow what a shame, I had forgotten all the details, lies, and deceptions by our Government about his death...His mother should have gotten Mother of the Year for her diligence in finding out the facts of what happened to him...


December 30, 2016 - Msg 106453: Thanks GF. I am blessed for sure.
I built my home in 2000 and the furnace was new then. But I am still interested in your thoughts. I always enjoy learning those little tricks. So please share buddy.

Pat Tillman, A true American Hero.


December 30, 2016 - Msg 106454: Ok Asa, here ya go... These particular Carriers were counter flows stuck in a small closet along with the hot water tank. As I had stated before I'm sure they were starved for combustion air. So the flame sensor would get dirty quickly. So this was only one of several issues with them.

So you see how this became a "challenge" for me to solve the problems. It was hard to determine if it was a control issue or a installation issue. Come to find out...ALL OF THE ABOVE!...

So I did finally call the Johnson Control engineer guys. It was neat being a part of figuring out how to solve their problems. Long and shout they had me try a few "quick fixes" in the field. The best solution after cleaning the probe was to file about a 1/16 of the flame sensor down which sent a stronger signal to the control to open the gas valve. This immediately helped the cycling problem!... So I shared this with my co-workers and I WAS "THE MAN"... It made me feel good as you well know how that goes.

The permanent fix was a larger orface on the pilot burner to put more flame on the probe and replace with a shorter sensor probe. (They ended up sending me 50 packs of the retro fit replacement parts for them) FOR FREE!...So I was THE MAN with the bean counters too!...

I did get a letter from the President of the company thanking me for helping them solve their early problems...

Kinda makes a guy feel good even tho I was just the Maintenance man, but it did get ya home on those after hours call outs and kept people

Sorry to bore the rest of you, but I hope it helps you out Asa....


December 30, 2016 - Msg 106455: Moral of the Story....Don't ever underestimate the the knowledge of us "Old Dogs"....We STILL got a lots tricks up our sleeves yet!...Do I get an Amen?...The rest of you who are retired already know the footprints 👣 you left behind too!...

As my sign said that I made for my office... "THE COST OF THE DRAMA IS FAR GREATER THAN THE COST OF THE TASK"... So when you do that little extra it doesn't come back to bite you later... It served me well in my 38 years on the job!

G-F again...

December 30, 2016 - Msg 106456: Good evening, porch. G-F, you're not boring me! I listen and learn. As you know, my son David puts in a few hours just about every week, helping his FIL, Jerry, who has an HVAC business. Naturally, the dinner-table conversation often goes into that subject. I guarantee you, it will if Jerry is present. It's on his mind constantly. David is always eager to learn, so he will ask Jerry questions about this or that install or repair, and we all get to hear the answer. You'd be surprised at how much I've learned! For example, I know the principles behind the flame sensor and how it influences the behavior of the gas valve. It's always fortunate when the big kahunas can step down from their pedestals now and then and listen to the troops, who are actually doing the job.

That was true in nursing, as well. Some high-up nurse manager, who hadn't been at a bedside in twenty years would come up with a hare-brained plan and expect the nursing staff to carry it out and live with it. Example - when I was serving on the "Noise Abatement Committee", trying to find ways to reduce the noise level in the hospital. The chairperson decided we needed to carpet the rooms and hallways, to reduce the noise of foot traffic and rolling equipment. I objected. Strenuously. This annoyed the chairperson, who argued with me toe-to-toe. After exhausting all other arguments, and there were many, I finally resorted to "dirty" tactics. I walked him through a procedure - taking an incontinent little old lady to the bathroom, with a clear description of the trail left along the way. Then I hit him where it hurt. I asked which he thought would be more cost effective - a floor which could be mopped, or replacing the carpet? Also, if OSHA decided to culture the environment, what would they find on a daily-mopped bare floor, vs a daily-vacuumed carpet? Crickets chirped for a minute, and then he said he would think about it and get back to us. We never heard about that idea again. Old Dogs? Oh, yeah!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 30, 2016 - Msg 106457: Yep, and we can still bite too, when called to action!.😬

December 31, 2016 - Msg 106458: Happy New Years Eve all.

Thanks for the tips GF. You da man! I imagine if those were starved for air as you described it, they were losing combustion chambers prematurely a lot as well. I remember back in the early 90's we had to replace a 2 stage boiler after only about 10 years in service when it started leaking. After getting the new unit installed, I tore into the old one, to see if I could see why it had failed. I found the cast iron tubes were filthy with carbon residue, a pretty sure indication that the burners were starving for some oxygen. So I went back to the boiler room and did some calculating, and sure enough, although the room it was in was quite large, it was lacking seriously in fresh air openings into the room. So I figured what it would need, and cut some more openings into the doors the lead into the room from outside. Well this new boiler has been in there now for over 20 years and doing just fine. It is the exact same as the old one so we can pretty much do an apple to apple comparison. I know it does make a feller feel kinda sporty when he can come up with a fix like that, that the original "engineers" or architects got wrong. I have had to deal with engineers throughout my years and really get frustrated with their condescending attitudes towards us trade people. I have worked with a couple of different ones who were a real pleasure to deal with. They had respect for us fellers in the trenches, and would try our fixes if it sounded reasonable, or would show us why it might not work as we thought, but do it with total respect to us. Most of them though have a very pious approach that just doesn't set well with me. Very arrogant and pretentious people rub me the wrong way really quick.

Romeena, I bet you have learned a lot about HVAC stuff listening to your family talk about it. You're a smart cookie. :)

My Daughter brought me over a DVD to watch last night that she had gotten at Redbox. The movie is called Sully. It is about the commercial jet that the crew had to put down in the Hudson river in New York a few years back. I would recommend it to anyone. Very good movie. I didn't realize that the Captains decision to put the plane down in the Hudson had been questioned by the "experts" as much as it was.

Well I better get off my rear end before it gets stuck in my Wheeler permanent like. I have plenty to do. I see that the Scyfy network is doing its usual New Years Eve Twilight Zone marathon starting tonight. I will watch a little of it I am sure. I enjoy watching so many of those very young actors on there before they became big names. There seemed to be a lot of them on that show. And a lot of TAGS alumni also.

Prayers for all for a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year.