December 09, 2015 - Msg 103358:
Hey G-F, I'm right here. I try to stay current with the postings even though many times I have nothing relevant to post.
Here near Chicago, we will come close to breaking the record high temperature this weekend. Last I checked for the Greater Toronto Area, still no snow.
The other day, I was watching one of the earlier episodes of TAGS. There was a scene where I believe it was the first time Barney accidentally fired his gun while it was in his holster. But what I thought strange was that since Barney only had a single bullet, why did Andy remove the spent shell from Barney's gun when the gun could no longer be fired again even with the spent shell loaded? It would make more sense to unload Barney's gun only if he had additional live bullets loaded.

from Poor Horatio

December 09, 2015 - Msg 103359: HI THERE .


December 09, 2015 - Msg 103360: HI THERE .


December 09, 2015 - Msg 103361: Hey, Tom, is it really you? Long time no see, friend! So is your computer fixed, or are you using someone else's to say howdy? Details, please! We want details! --Romeena

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103362: Hey PH, thanks for the sweep! And you thought that you had nothing to contribute! ha Also, if that was an early tags ep, maybe the one bullet policy was not established yet! :)
Now that McD's has breakfast all day, I have been enjoying Sausage McMuffins at two for $3.33. (at least that is a special here) I have been helping with scenery for our church's Christmas play, and brought those and coffee to the three other retired volunteers! i think they like me! haha
ASA--so you having photocell problems...solution: Grainger! lol
TOM??? Hey buddy, how's our sheriff doing these days?
RO--did you get all your lites up yet??
God's blessings on all,

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103363: Ok everyone time to get Right!....The Sheriff is back in town.. Glad to have ya back rockin' with us again... Asa and I have been trying to be good but you know how that

Same story in Cleveland, the Browns still stink, same story different year. Enough about Cleveland, I don't want to get enarculated on your first day back. Joking aside, good to see ya back TOM....

Asa, ya know those photo cells come with a outa site guarantee, once you're outta site their outa
They just don't make'em like they used to...

MDC, what happens if you want only one McMuffin? Better ask PH what the ratio is on that...haha

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103364: I called in early yesterday for an air compressor problem in the shop. It was a relative easy and quick fix, so I figured I'd go grab a quick breakfast. It was 5:30 in the a.m. so I figured no problem. I went to McD's drive up and ordered the big breakfast. I was informed that the cook was not yet "set up and prepared" to cook eggs? Now wait, I thought they was doing breakfast all day, but you can't cook scrambled eggs at 5:30 in the morning? Oh well.

GF and MDC, I take care of multiple properties spread out over about a 40 mile area. On these properties are numerous pole lights. And I do mean numerous. Years ago, as I would work on these lights, I was installing a particular brand of photo cell that I prefer. These just plug into the top of the light fixture. Well the bean counters said I had to purchase another brand, that was not as pricey. I argued the other brand was cheaper for a reason and over the long haul what I was using was a much better deal. Guess who won that battle. Well after several years of these "great buy" cells, I have had problems with them working. What I have discovered is the plastic cover over the actual cell is breaking apart from the u.v. rays of the sun. Can you believe that? A device whose entire function is to sit in the weather and monitor the sun, is made with a product that can't hold up to the suns rays? Unbelievable! The preferred brand I had been using are made to last. You plug it in and pretty much forget about it. But these things have to be changed out now every few years. When you factor in the boom truck, the fuel, the time spent doing it, I wonder how much those cheaper cells cost them. Anyway, I got the ok to replace them when they go bad with the better quality cell. Bean counters, can't live with them, can't kill them. Whatta ya do?


December 10, 2015 - Msg 103365: Oh Asa, if that story doesn't sound familiar!.... Those bean counters! You can't get them to understand the "BIG" picture of maintenance work. Yep, pay me now or pay me later as the commercial says.. That s why the concept of "preventive" maintenance is so hard to sell!!... As I have said before, they have a certificate on the wall that proves they are smart... Right? Whereas we got our smarts at the college of the"Real World" room 101..But what do we know! Lol,LOL...

We tried to tell'em didn't we Asa....haha.......G-F

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103366: .....and all the other things you COULD be doing with your time instead of hanging off of a boom truck....
Just sayin'....

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103367: Happy Birthday Floyd!

(I was messing with that BOLD again,but I don't think I broke the Porch this time-LOL)

And a very Happy Birthday to Salty Dog too!

Hey to Tom!!

possum under a rock

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103368: Good morning, porch! And a Happy Birthday to Floyd. Today is my dad's birthday as well. He passed in 2003, but would be 98 today if he had lived. I miss him, but I do not grieve for him, nor would I bring him back if I could, with all the frailties that had come upon him. He went home in God's good time, and he's happy now, in that place where death has no power and he's with many people whom he loved. I believe that, because the Bible says "...then shall I know, even as also I am known." I Cor. 13:12. What a wonderful, comforting thought!

Mercy, Asa! Multiple properties, in such a large area! Do you have helpers? And yes, I understand about bean counters. They exist in hospitals, too. They have zero knowledge of medical things, and should leave decisions about supplies, equipment and such up to someone who does, but they don't. I recall an instance from some years ago. I was to assist a thoracic surgeon in the removal of two chest tubes from a post-op patient, and went to the supply department to get two packages of 4x8" vaseline-impregnated gauze. I knew he would need it to quickly slap in place over the entry sites when the tubes were pulled, to prevent air from entering the man's chest through those puncture sites and re-collapsing his lung. You need the big ones, because a small one can get a wrinkle in it, and you'd be amazed at how much air can enter through such a tiny defect. The big ones are heavier, and have a wider margin around the site, so no problem. Well, I got down there, and the supply room manager handed me a roll of 1x84" vaseline gauze. When I protested, he said "you're asking for 64 square inches of vaseline gauze. I'm offering you 84 square inches. He can just cut this in pieces and put it anywhere he wants it. Those big pads are too expensive, this is much cheaper, and I'm phasing the big ones out." He would not listen to me, so I said, fine! I went back upstairs, told the surgeon not to start the procedure yet, and told him why. He was livid, of course, and stomped off the floor. He was back in about fifteen minutes, with the big pads in his hand. He had gone into an operating room and raided a sterile pack, which would now have to be repacked and resterilized, to get what he needed. He had also stopped by the supply room, and as he put it, "It will probably be a while before that guy tries that stunt again."

Well, today is going to be a busy day. Joe and George are coming, bringing a load of compost and soil, and we're going to build up my flower beds. It's been 11 years since we built them, and the dirt has settled and compacted a lot. We (not me, Joe and George) will do a little spading to loosen the existing soil, then refill the beds. The island bed has settled about 10" and looks pretty shabby. The other beds mostly just need about a 2" top dressing of compost to refresh them. The weather is nice, partly cloudy and heading for the mid-70s today and tomorrow. Saturday, we're supposed to have a 90% chance of thunderstorms, so right now is our window of opportunity!

Well, better get little Starr fed, and get ready to meet the day. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103369: Romeena, the way you described them flower beds could be used to describe me. I too have "settled and compacted" over the last 11 years. What a shame in this world. :)

I neglected to give Tom a shout out this morning. Well not really neglected, I just didn't see his post when I checked in this morning. Heck, I could barely see my keyboard. Good to see you Tom. I have tried to keep GF in line, but laawww, that's a job you know. (just kidding GF, Yer a good egg).

And Happy Birthday to Floyd and to Salty Dog. Seems like Hazel has a birthday right around this time also. I am thinking it was maybe back on the 4th of December. But I may be wrong.

Well we have the south wind howling pretty good. That means we got us a storm coming in. Supposed to hit tonight. Start with rain, then turn to snow, but they said not to much.

Better get.


December 10, 2015 - Msg 103370:
First of all, I am surprised and glad to see that our TOM has returned. We sure missed his inspiring poetry here. Welcome back TOM. Did you get your computer fixed or are you using another computer?

Asa, you mentioning about bean counters who always seek the lowest price reminded me of a personal experience. That last company I worked for was very concerned about high maintenance costs. So they hired a man and gave him a secretary. All purchase orders were to be submitted to him so he could search to find the cheapest before approving the request. Guess what? He was terminated when the company learned that cheap was not always the best choice.

from Poor Horatio

December 10, 2015 - Msg 103371: Lol PH, as I told Asa.... We tried to tell'em didn't we...

Hey Asa, I'll send you a picture of my new snow blower, it will scare off that snow. You can hang it up in your garage, It has worked good here in Ohio.
They are even talking about breaking record highs by the weekend it suppose to be in the lower 70's ....


December 10, 2015 - Msg 103372: Hi All.
This computer used for now! My may be did
by the holidays he say?
It going to run about $150.00 to fix!
Romeena it was like this with down in June because lusting my bother stay to come back and the computer no.

How for G-F leaver the brown be just gave thim some time!


December 11, 2015 - Msg 103373: My Cards won again tonight! 11-2 and playoff bound.
GF-that ep was on Me-TV tonite...the "we tried to tell 'em" ep, that is! At least the oak tree was saved yet again! ha
Got the rest of my INdoor decs up today. Now starting my cards.
POSSUM and PH, good to see ya!!

December 11, 2015 - Msg 103374: Good Friday morning all.

Well our storm brought rain here in the valley and snow in the mountains. Perfecto! I showed that picture of GF's snow blower and scared it right away. Thanks buddy. That line you quote from our "fat little Mayor" always cracks me up. He portrayed the typical politician, didn't he? Always making decisions based on popular thinking. Very funny stuff. I loved the characters of Mayor Pike and Emma Brand/Watson. I wished they could both have lived longer and been in more episodes.

Yes PH. Cheaper is not always the best choice. And as Romeena pointed out, companies should perhaps allow the folks who have the expertise call the shots on what to purchase for various applications. I understand wanting to be mindful of budgets, but you have to look at the long term ramifications also. That is where I see the shortfall of allowing budget minded only folks having the last say.

Congrats on your teams win MDC. You guys have a great H.C. in my view. I hope they can win it all. Way over do IMO.

Enjoy that 70 degree winter weather GF. We got into the low 60's yesterday. But only in the low 40's today. And next week we will be lucky to get out of the 20's so they say. Not unusual for this time of year, but it doesn't mean I gotta like it, and I don't!

Guess I better go in to work and see whats what. I am hoping for a day where I can put it in "cruise control" and finish out the week coasting in. Ha! Fat chance. But a feller can always dream.


December 11, 2015 - Msg 103375: Good morning, porch. For those of you who are on my email list, and might be tempted to just delete one of my many forwards (I wouldn't blame you) be sure you open the one about the morning after the zoo's Christmas party. It is just hilarious!

Does anyone need a Christmas card list? Let me know, and I'll send you one. I guess I'll just use last year's. If it was okay to share last year, I guess it's still okay. If any of you have changed your mind and wish to be removed, just tell me, or if you're not on it and would like to be, tell me that too. I'll probably send it out on Sunday, to give everyone time to respond.

My yard is about four inches deep in fallen leaves. You can't see grass anywhere, except beneath the sycamore, which is still harboring its leaves like pearls. It will wait until the rest of the trees are completely bare and the yard is cleaned up, then it'll drop all its leaves at one time. You can practically hear a thump, when they all hit the ground at once! Ornery tree.

Asa, you're so right. Too often the wrong people are making the decisions. Years ago, I was serving on the "noise abatement committee" at the hospital, and one of the bigwigs proposed putting carpet in the hallways to reduce the noise from people walking. Worse yet, he wanted to carpet the patient rooms, so the nurses wouldn't disturb the patient when they walked in at night. Apparently, he didn't know that nurses wear rubber-soled shoes and could teach a cat something about walking quietly. Anyway, I immediately threw up a red flag and protested. Carpet in the halls would make moving beds down the hallway very difficult, and in the patient rooms it would be a disaster. With all the "stuff" that hits the floor in a hospital room, it would be unsanitary and unsightly, to say the least. Stinky, even. He argued, but I dug in my heels and argued back. Some of the other committee members were starting to shift to my side, so he proposed a compromise. No room carpet, but carpet the halls. That won. The first hall was done, and a great uproar from the staff caused them to postpone the other halls. Three months later, the carpet was taken up. You can't imagine how hard it is for two women (usually) to roll a very heavy bed, with a very heavy patient in it, on a cushy carpet! It ain't easy! I think they decided to stop it before they started having to pay for back injuries.

Well, I've got to get some laundry done, and the kitchen floor needs a good mopping. Guess I'd better get busy. Blessings, all! --Romeena

December 11, 2015 - Msg 103376: WORRY

Why should I WORRY?
Why should I fear?
I put my trust in Jesus,
He is always near.
Every person has a problem;
It is just part of life.
And how we do react
May cause stress or strife.
Worry gets you no place,
Instead, resort to prayer.
Trust Jesus for the answer;
We are in His care.

TOM :)

December 11, 2015 - Msg 103377: Hey Ro- Thanks for offering to send out the Christmas card list again.I just figured that I would use last year's list,like you suggested.Spot couldn't find his list,so I sent him one and I didn't have Pappa Bear's current address,so I asked MDC for it.See how well we all work together? Gotta love being a Porchster!

If anyone adds their name to the list,then please let me know,but otherwise I don't need a copy.Thanks!!

Received Tom's card in today's mail-thank you very much,Tom! You'll be getting one from me soon.

And thank you for the nice poem. It's good to see you back on the Porch!

possum u.a.r.

December 11, 2015 - Msg 103378: Good one TOM... We have missed them... Why worry is Right!..G-F 👍

December 12, 2015 - Msg 103379: Sheriff TOM is back in town? Yikes! OK, I guess we better get out of our "trick or treat outfits", and start acting like somebody! ha Tom is a-walkin' the streets of iMayberry once again! :) Welcome back.
ASA, GF, RO, now one more perspective...where I was office manager before retiring, one of OUR bigwigs who was in the California corporate office must have got a pretty good kickback (IMHO) to go with a certain after-market printer cartridge company. I had been using HP in our 19 printers in the AZ office and was getting an excellent price; had very few problems, and if I did, they were immediately replaced FOC. Well, to put it as kindly and as porch friendly as possible... the other co's cartridges sucked!! haha Streaking problems, sometimes arrived only half-full, etc, no replacement guarantee, lots of hoop jumping.
Well, after 6 months, I told "corporate" that i was going back to HP only! Eventuallly the whole co did.
ALL- I got MY 4 inches of leaves raked into piles today. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow. We shall see, as I just washed my pick up.
SPOT??? You doing OK these days?
I hope everyone's Christmas preparations are going well.
God bless,

December 12, 2015 - Msg 103380: Haha MDC... I think our company bought those same "junkie" cartridges too. We used them on the big old HP printer on my desk that printed out our "service work orders". The good ones lasted for months, the pieces of junk ones.... Let's just say, Not So much and just leave it at that! For the same reasons you described.

But man, they really THOUGHT they they got a Great deal on them!

It was Kinda like the Boss trying to save a buck by cutting out the Christmas bonuses on "Christmas Vacation", except we didn't get a subscription to a "Jelly of the Month Club" I kinda woulda liked the jelly tho..haha


December 12, 2015 - Msg 103381: Good morning gang gona be 70 here in ga wow...SPOT

December 12, 2015 - Msg 103382: Good Saturday morning all.

70 Spot? Wow, enjoy that. 38 for us today.

Well GF and MDC, you could at least say you got some expensive paper weights with those cheap printers. Funny you brought up Christmas Vacation GF. I watched that last night. You just gotta love Clark Griswold. My wife always busts a gut laughing in the scene where he can't get any of his Christmas lights to come on and has a complete meltdown in the front yard, punching Santa and kicking the reindeer while cursing up a storm. She says it reminds her of me. I must confess when I was a younger feller I would, on rare occasions, have a tantrum. But I have mellowed with age. Truth be told, I just ain't got the energy to get mad at to much anymore. LOL

Well my little angel Amy is getting baptized this morning, and the tomorrow our little Charlotte will be blessed. What a grand weekend for sure.

Just got back from shopping already, got things put away, and now going to do some inside stuff before the baptism. If it isn't to cold when we get home I may turn my attention to some outdoor things I need to button up.

I just read that Marjorie Lord (played the wife of Danny Thomas) has passed away. Lived a long life.

Well these terlits (my Archie Bunker impersonation) ain't gonna clean themselves, so if it is to be, it is up to me. Hey GF, Now that you are retired, and have some free time on your hands, maybe you could invent the worlds first self cleaning terlit. Man, you could make millions buddy. I'd be your first customer.

I got you card yesterday Tom. Thanks so much, and it is so nice to have you back with us on line.


December 12, 2015 - Msg 103383: Good morning, porch! And thanks for the poem, Tom, and the beautiful card. So nice to have you back rocking with us. We've missed you.

On those ink cartridges, I think you fellers are talking about the big old cartridges, about the size of a book? Our hospital printers used those, and we had about a six-month run of sorry, sorry cartridges, then miraculously, they got better again. I've always figured some honcho got a "deal" that wasn't such a good one, and learned his or her lesson. Guess what? The same goes for the little cartridges, a bit bigger than a matchbox, that go in a desktop printer like mine. I tried the "refilled" ones (much cheaper) and found they didn't last half as long, so went back to the standard HP cartridges. So much better. Even if the others were actually cheaper, it's not worth the hassle of having to buy and replace every whipstitch.

I had this weekend all planned, to finish up some shopping, put the final touches on the decorations, and maybe do a little baking. Then the office called, with a man who needs to be seen today and tomorrow, with extensive dressing changes to be done. And naturally, the nurse who sees him during the week didn't bother to restock his supplies, so I've got to go meet the manager at the office this morning and pick up supplies. I'll get enough for three days, so she'll have what she needs on Monday. It's so rude to use everything up and not restock, or at least to let the next nurse know! The patient told me when I called to set a time with him, otherwise I'd have gotten there, no supplies, and no way to get them. At least, when he told me, I was able to arrange a time to meet the manager and get what I need. Some people are just inconsiderate! Anyway, I now have a big chunk of time taken out of both days. I hate when that happens. For what a visit pays, it's almost not worth it.

Aw, Asa, I wish you hadn't said that about mellowing with age. Here I thought I was finally getting control of my temper and getting more mellow, and now I find out I'm just tuckered out! Doggone it!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 12, 2015 - Msg 103384: Thanks TOM, I got your card. Looks like during your absence you got elevated to the Mayors position. I suppose it gives you more authority to bust Asa & l, by the looks of you note on the back I'm already headed for the Big House... Dang, I tried to be good.... But it is good to have ya back on duty....


December 12, 2015 - Msg 103385: now ASA and YOU are going to help out there
with thing for the holidays.

December 13, 2015 - Msg 103386: No problem Mayor TOM.... Asa and I have it all covered. Ready for Inspection Sir!...

G-F 🚽

December 13, 2015 - Msg 103387:

December 13, 2015 - Msg 103388: Good Sabbath porch dwellers.

Sure is good to be enjoying another Christmas season.

We had a great time at Amy's baptism yesterday. She was radiant and so excited. Charlotte will be blessed today, so another wonderful day.

Well GF, looks like we have been deputized by Sheriff Tom. We wont let you down Tom. We do need to be assigned numbers though. Do we get guns? I even shined the backs of my shoes. :)

I woke up with a headache this morning. Must have ate something yesterday with corn starch in it. Dang stuff is hidden in everything. Oh well, this to shall pass.

I need to go find something to eat with protein in it. I have found that seems to help ease the dagblame things.

Ro, I'm sure you have mellowed with age. All I have done is aged.

Cute clip GF. Saluting terlit seats. Maybe while you're inventing the self cleaning terlit, you can also invent one where the seat automatically raises when a feller comes in to use it, and then drops back down when he is done. Make many a woman happy I bet.

Well I am off to go cook something.


December 13, 2015 - Msg 103389: Asa, Msybe this will help

December 13, 2015 - Msg 103390: G F STOP PLAYING AND GIT THE TREE UP

December 13, 2015 - Msg 103391: TOM.... DONE & DONE!!

December 14, 2015 - Msg 103392: My wife and I got all our ash leaves raked and bagged for pick up! woohoo. That is getting to be harder to do each year it seems. It is a 40 ft tree, so it drops a lot-o-leaves!! Our church Christmas play is this Wed. I have been helping with scenery and "logistics." We saw the one at Crystal Cathedral one year, and ours is about 1/100th of what that one was, but it gets across the same message!
I have a couple more gifts to buy and then that is done! I like walking thru our local mall, watch the kids going to Santa, the shoppers rushing with their treasures, etc. I really "need" Christmas this year with dad gone, and with all the craziness in the world. Thank God for our Savior!!!
BOO-I saw all the youth party photos that you posted on FB. Looks like all had a great time. You are so good to do that for them.
RO--dont forget to post yours when you get a chance!
Prayers for all,

December 14, 2015 - Msg 103393: Good evening, porch! MDC, you'll forgive me if I stifle a smile at your lament about the leaves from your 40-ft tree. One tree? I have five cottonwoods, one sycamore, and one elm, all at least. You wanna talk leaves? Eddie (my yard guy) has it down to a science, though. He wades through them with the blower, and blows them all toward the house. There's a passage down one side, between the house and the fence, that's about fifteen feet long and five feet wide. He blows the leaves into that confined space, and piles them about three feet deep. Then he goes to the gate at the other end, with big wide-mouth bags and scoops them into the bags. He may repeat that several times before he gets them all. Also, he just gets about half or 3/4 of them up, depending on how thick they are at the time. The rest he mows over with the mulching mower and they just disappear. They sift down into the grass and compost there. With that and the addition of dry molasses and corn gluten meal two or three times a year, I have never put a chemical fertilizer on the yard, or a weed killer, and that grass is gorgeous. It's St. Augustine, and it's about four inches thick, dark green and essentially weed free. The occasional little patch of clover appears, but he just mows it and it blends in until it dies out.

Well, it's late, and I'm sleepy. Guess I'll hit the ironing board. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 14, 2015 - Msg 103394: Uh, that's "at least 40 feet tall" up there. Hey, I told you I was sleepy! --Romeena

December 14, 2015 - Msg 103395: Good Monday morning porch! Hope everyone is doing good. Its about 64 degrees and its 9:30 am on my end of the porch. very warm this time of year around here. I expect cold temps and winter will arrive soon enough here in Northeast Tenn.

Busy weekend on my end of the porch. we traveled to Harrogate Tennessee on Saturday which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes for us. Daysie (Patrick's finace') graduate from Lincoln Memorial University which is located there. Actually, looked like its about all that is there. LMU is a small private college out in the middle of the country. The next bigger town is Middlesboro, KY. We had the opportunity to meet her fathers side of her family and have a nice lunch. A good time was had by all. Very proud of Daysie and her accomplishment.

We went to Sunday school and church yesterday and I spent the rest of the day baking cookies, filling out Christmas cards and cooking supper. Ole Maude was worn out by bed time.

guess I better get back to work.

Lunch menu will be: tomato soup with bacon and grilled cheese sandwhiches, assorted cookies for dessert. tea and lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 14, 2015 - Msg 103396: Big Maude, I like your lunches! They always sound so good! --Romeena

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103397:

from Poor Horatio

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103398: I may have to put on a jacket today, after another record breaking weather day yesterday... The snow blower omen is still working..... G-F

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103399: The snow incantation...."The Snow Joe" see it blow, go away snow, go and blow, see it throw! Throw to the left, throw to the right, Goober Fife don't want no snow tonight!....

(Now all I need is to see an Owl and it will be Done & Done!)

G-F again

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103400: GF, come do yer omen here please. We got dumped on hard yesterday. A foot of very wet heavy snow. Not the powdery stuff we are famous for. The kind that plugs up snow blowers left and right, all day long! YUCK!


December 15, 2015 - Msg 103401: Mr.Fife
Will you please stop the snow blower omen
some of us would like a little snow for Christmas!
Now ASA stop cry about the snow this year just be happy it not like year!


December 15, 2015 - Msg 103402: TOM, don't worry that omen doesn't work within a 40 mile radius of Clarksburg...

Asa better hang that snow blower picture back up, sorry ya got dumped on. I saw the report on this mornings news, not looking forward to that stuff this year... G-F

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103403: Just a FYI, our Floyd did one of his pod casts on that very subject of Omen's and Jinx's... Enjoy....

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103404: I would actually like some of that snow here after two and a half days of constant rain. And you all know how much I like rain. :(
Finally no rain today, but it has gotten colder. Too late.

I know what you mean about that wet snow, Asa. Not fun using a shovel for that stuff, either. I have a snowblower, but sometimes I just like to quickly go out with my snow pusher shovel and get rid of it that way. I try not to be too "pushy" though.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103405: Good evening all.
Sorry Tom, I have mixed emotions on this snow. We really do need it, but I still don't like it. This was a particular wet heavy snow, just what we need, but dang hard to deal with.

Possum and GF, I got your cards today. Thank you so much. I better get on the ball. Ro, were you going to send out the list? I didn't get it if you did. If you can send it to me I'd be grateful.

I think that storm is headed your way GF, Tom and Sterling. Enjoy.

I need to go spend some time in my massage "Wheeler" tonight. 16 inches of snow is letting my back know I ain't no spring chicken no more.


December 15, 2015 - Msg 103406: Wow Asa, 16"... I hope that "Wheeler" has a turbocharged setting... Where's the Tylenol? 💊.....G-F

December 15, 2015 - Msg 103407: HEY ALL
Asa I can take the snow because I like playing it
but you keep the cold there!
G F it going to be as cold three dogs night this weekend down in the 30-40 for high!


December 15, 2015 - Msg 103408: HEY ALL
Asa I can take the snow because I like playing it
but you keep the cold there!
G F it going to be as cold three dogs night this weekend down in the 30-40 for high!


December 16, 2015 - Msg 103409: HI ALL, we have had "cold" weather here too! 51 was the high on Monday with rain, then 54 today with only a
60 minute drive north to see SNOW! Someone said it was colder here than in Green Bay Wisc.
BIG MAUDE--you have been busy too. Lots going on, or should I say "such goings on, such goings on." ha
I think I am ready for Christmas. The Christmas play at church is 'tonite,' (Wed.) Just found out that now
I will be helping with lighting too. Hope ole miss bulbsnatcher dont come around, or I'll get TOM after her.
Sterling, now dont be a Bert! lol

December 16, 2015 - Msg 103410: Well Asa, I just saw the weather report, and it seems we are supposed to warm up a little tomorrow and get some... you guessed it, rain. Yuck.
Then once the rain leaves it is going to get colder again, with a little chance for some flurries later on. Boy, I sure would like a white Christmas.
Who do I talk to to do something about the weather? Calvin Coolidge?

Speaking of Christmas, as you know I have been watching TAGS on Netflix. I am up to the episode with the two vegetable sellers who won't leave their location. But I was thinking I should probably watch the Christmas episode again even though I watched it already in Season 1. Then I was wondering why they didn't do more Christmas episodes on TAGS. You would think such a "small-town values" show would have more Christmas episodes in it, don't you think?
Then I remembered that the TAGS spinoff, "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." doesn't have even one Christmas episode in it, that I can recall, anyway. Curious. But then, I guess there weren't many episodes of either TAGS or Gomer Pyle that were specific to other holidays either.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 16, 2015 - Msg 103411: Good morning, porch! All this talk of snow makes me dream about a White Christmas, but a dream is probably all we'll have. With our current temps in the 50s, snow is not very likely. Of course, this is Texas, where the weather can turn on a dime, and we could be under a foot of snow tomorrow. You just never know. Not likely, though. (sniff!)

Asa, I'll get that list right out. Watch your email. Anybody else want it?

Well, gotta go teach ESL this morning, then that's the last class until after the first of the year, when the kids are back in school. We follow the city school schedule. When the kids are out of school, we don't have our class either, because the moms have all their kids at home and can't attend. Suits me! I'm ready for a break.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 16, 2015 - Msg 103412: Hey Sterling, not sure if you caught my post about CBS airing both the Pickle Story & The Christmas Story in "colorized" version on Christmas Day @ 8:00ET. I'm not "Big" on messing with a good thing, nor do I think they should do them all, but I think it's a good Christmas treat to see those two episodes "colorized". Just my opinion, but I thought I'd just float it out there if anyone was interested.
Floyd has been Glen Ford'in it all around town on his pod cast and on the Internet sites.

TOM, I know you didn't see it because you just got back up and running, so as I said, I'll put it out there if anyone is interested....

BTY Sterling, I bought the entire series of Gomer Pyle USMC. I'm on the second disc of Season 2. It's funny how many people from TAGS are on that series in guest spots. I suppose they were "under contract" with CBS is what I'm thinking.


December 16, 2015 - Msg 103413: Wow, G-F! The entire series? You must be a bigger fan than even I am. I have one season on dvd and I just watched the rest on Netflix. I thought I bought two of the seasons, but I can't find the other one.

And yes, I did see your post mentioning the colorized TAGS episodes, but thanks for the reminder.

I thought maybe Netflix wasn't showing all the episodes of TAGS, because I came to the "Peggy" episodes and realized that they didn't show the one where they first meet Peggy and Opie gets jealous of the attention that Andy is giving her.
Then I read on Floyd's episode guide here that even though that episode was filmed before the others, it was aired AFTER the other episodes with her in it, which makes no sense whatsoever. So I imagine Netflix must be showing them in the order in which they were aired.

Well, the Nativity scene is up outside. I put Mary, Joseph, and Jesus under the branches of the bush again since I couldn't think of anywhere else to put them and I don't have time to make them a stable. But the bush works pretty well and kind of looks like a natural shelter.
For the inside of the house, I found a nice stick-on version of the Nativity in silhouette that fits perfectly above the mantle on the fireplace. Complete with the guiding star as well as other smaller stars. And it has Luke 2:11 in big letters underneath. I like it even better than the small figurines that I used to put out on the mantle. I am just amazed that I put them on all relatively straight.

Like you, MDC, I have also been helping decorate at the church. I love helping decorate for Christmas at the church, even more than I like decorating at home. It seemed to be questionable if we would get everything done, but everything worked out in time for the Christmas Cantata this past Saturday.
Now all we have is the take-down after Christmas.

Well, you all have a good day!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 16, 2015 - Msg 103414: G F WHAT IS IT


December 17, 2015 - Msg 103415: Good evening all...the Christmas Pageant was a success, but I was busier than a you-know-what helping
with scene changes, lighting, etc, but the message came across so loud and clear! The narrator also touched on some obscure things, like how Bethlehem means "house of bread" and how he laid in a feeding manger, and how later Jesus referred to himself as the Bread of Life! Very powerful meanings that we sometime miss. But we also had standard kids in angel outfits (a fe 2nd class angels who left their wings at home, ha and a 4 foot, 9 year old King Herod who almost stole the show. And "Mary" did such a great job with her proclamation after visiting Elizabeth, "My soul proclaims the glory of the Lord and spirit rejoices in God my Savior..." For a 7th grader, she did an amazing 'soliloquy.' They did that and also said Hark a whole lot back then. :)
Weather still only 54 today and our birdbath had 1/4 inch of ice in it, and not a single wood peck-er in site to break it for the other birdies.
GF and ASA, I am in the 'wait and see' mode concerning the colorized versions coming up.
God's blessings to all!!

December 17, 2015 - Msg 103416: TOM, I was talking about you not seeing the first post about them colorizing the two episodes. They are colorizing the Pickle Story, and The Christmas Story. They are showing them Christmas Day evening on your local CBS station @ 8:00 pm.

Asa is making snow cones for everyone, from all the snow he has, he especially likes the raspberry ones, just don't bite off the bottom and suck out all the syrup, it kinda makes him mad!


December 17, 2015 - Msg 103417: Just finished up my Christmas shopping. I didn't have much to do, so just ran in Target and picked up a few toys for the youngest grandson. Kids are so easy to buy for. For him, anything Lego or Star Wars will make a hit, and I found a few things that involved both! Can't beat that.

As I waited in the checkout line, I noticed a large banner hanging over the lanes. It read: "Feliz Navidad" which of course means "Merry Christmas." However, nowhere was there even a tiny sign saying "Merry Christmas." So, as I was leaving, I stopped by Customer Service, and spoke to a young woman, who happened to be Hispanic, behind the counter. I said to her, "I noticed your Feliz Navidad banner, and am happy to see it. However, I would be even happier if there was another one that says "Merry Christmas" and I said it with a big smile. She looked at me with a blank, uncomprehending expression, so I just smiled again and said "Don't you agree that it would be nice if we were both represented here?" At that point, she smiled too, and said, "Yes, ma'am, it would. Fair is fair, isn't it?" I agreed, smiled at her again, and went on my way. Actually, I'm not sure that the "Feliz Navidad" is necessary, since this is America, and English is our language, but I can deal with that, so long as English is represented as well.

Oh, I just had a thought! I wonder what would happen if the posted signs (in the interest of fairness) in Farsi and other Arabic languages, that would translate to "Merry Christmas." I'll bet the Muslims would have a hissyfit! That could be fun! I guess I just have a mean streak.

Well, anyway. Merry Christmas, y'all! --Romeena

December 17, 2015 - Msg 103418: Don't get me started Romeena.. This is America.. So we should speak "American" as they say..Right?