May 02, 2012 - Msg 88452: Very nice, Asa. Sounded just like Glen. Be careful you don't fall down and break your hair.

Toe report - doesn't even hurt anymore. I soaked it tonight, looks pretty awful, but isn't hurting at all. He left more nail than I expected, based on what he told me before he did it, and I'm thinking it's just going to curl back around again, but that's okay. I'll worry about that later. After all, tomorrow is another day! (Scarlett O'Hara)

I'm glad Mrs. Rev can go with you on this trip, REV. I know it's much more enjoyable for you to have her company. That road gets long and lonely all by yourself.

Well, got a lot to do. The bunco crowd comes Friday evening, and I have to have a meal ready. Just found out that Robbi and Richard are coming tomorrow afternoon, to spend tomorrow night with me. This house looks like it has been stirred with a large and dirty stick. I just haven't felt like keeping up with it, and have let it go to ruin around here. Laundry piled up, dust everywhere, floors have dustbunnies - it's awful. Now I've just got until mid-afternoon tomorrow to whip it into shape. I'd call Jorge and Maria to come clean in the morning, but quite honestly, I can't afford them right now. So, guess I'd better get busy. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

May 02, 2012 - Msg 88453: Exactly what I'm doing sweeping this porch, with my house in the shape it's in, I don't know. Just couldn't help myself, I guess. --Romeena

May 02, 2012 - Msg 88454: Goodnight, Mayberry!

possum u.a.r.

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88455:
JM.....I talked the mayor into listening one more time and he finally let me go...but what he didn't know was I had my cd playing in the background and I was

Spot......have fun at the lineman rodeo. glad the toe is doing so good but if you keep sweeping the porch you gonna mess around and hit it with that broom. Then you're gonna be dancing a high step higher than Gomer.

Getting late. Goodnight porch family....ya'll behave while I'm gone.
Love and prayers!

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88456: Ro, if you are going to bunco, watch your toe! i don't know how it is for you but down here bunco gets wild and crazy...women diving on the floor for dice, chairs flying...

MDC, speaking of Whataburger, I forgot to mention that Sean now works there. He was hired last week and has finished the orientation and will begin working this weekend. He looks kind of cute in his big orange shirt, blue dickies, and blue cap with the orange "W" on the front. ;) His dad told him 2 weeks ago that if he didn't have a job in 3 weeks so he could pay for his car insur@nce, no driving. That did the trick.

Well, G-F, Bernie is bahaving and yesterday I cornered him and picked him up. I held him and pet him. No problem other that him looking at me kind of suspicious-like. I now have quite a few eggs in my frige just from my one hen that is old enough to lay eggs. :)

Well, I am up too early...Bernie isn't even crowing yet. Maybe i will go back to bed for just a bit...maybe.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88457: Good morning!

Ro - Good to hear the toe isnt hurting anymore.

Boo - And......the perks of also having discounted food brought home by son too! LOL!

Looks like a rainy day on my end of the porch. Will be nice to watch it rain outside my window.

Have a great day, All!

John Masters

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88458: Thanks Ro. You always was good at recognizing talent. :) Glad your toe is feeling ok. I read somewhere that Glenn Cambell has got alzhiemers. Sorry to hear that.

Save travels Rev, and enjoy some time with your honey on the road. Them road trips with just my sweetie by my side always seemed to help our marriage. I miss that right now as she can't really travel no more. :(
Well I hope and pray y'all have a wonderful day and behave yourselves. That means you too Bernie. I don't wanna hear about you being the main course at Sundsay dinner. Boo won't play around, and I think you know that. So shape up feller!


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88459: Yes Asa ya did a good rendering of Old Glen, Spot may have to take you with him just for the singing! Your are right about Bernie, I keep telling the boy the same thing! One day Boo will do what Aunt Bee said she saw in a movie where the Nazi's strung a wire across the road and Phifft! chopped the heads right off!...
Or we have a large Amish community just to the south of us and we may have to take out a Amish woman contract hit out on him!....G-F...

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88460: Rigth, G-F...wish I knew an Amish woman...I think I can find one in Beeville (not far from me) selling baked goods in front of the grocery store.

Asa, I think of your wife often and want to ask about her but your always seem to want to keep that part of your life kind of quiet, and I respect that. I am sorry to hear that she isn't able to travel. That hurts me heart to think about it.

Well, better hit the chores. Very thankful today that I am feeling well, no trace of that cold left, and ready to work. I'll be back on my coffee break.

Oh, and MDC, I know sean only pays half-price at whataburger and I wish he didn't. I'm trying to get him off that fast food. Maybe making hamburgers all day will make him sick of them.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88461:
Asa, despite the two complements, I wouldnt quit the jobs at the bank or at Weaver's! haha
Boo-worked for me when I worked a year at pizza hut...could NOT eat pizza for another 5 after that!! ha
Congrats to him with the job. A lttle incentive is all it takes. When I was 10 I asked my dad about an allowance. He pointed to the bike I had gotten for Christmas, hinting to get a paper route. I did, and learned the value of work ever since!
Prayers for all!

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88462: Hi All
It going to a HOT HOT day up to 90 degreen!
Stepdad is not feeling at time? Eveytime we go out to my siss and come home , he git sitck fpr a week. and I m slow lousing it.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88463:
Could you folks say a prayer for my daughters? Thanks much!


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88464:
Prayers for Tom's family and for AUh20's daughters, you bet!

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88465: Praying for your daughter, Auh2o. Please pray for my nephew, Matt. He is having a tough time right now after the break up with his wife.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88466: Prayers for Auh2o's Daughters and for Matt.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88467: Well gang its a 4 hr trip for me in the morning at 4 to head to the Ga Linemsns Rodeo...yall check out the web site...will have my net book with me...wish us luck...ablut 60 of us going from Cobb some good young men to compete...ok...Boo feed this bunch ok...prayers to all...hey Rev,Romeens the rose has bloomed once again! ya porch...will holler tomorrow night...SPOT

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88468: So many prayer concerns, can I add one more? Please pray for my friend Lara, just diagnosed with cancer. Thanks.

May 03, 2012 - Msg 88469: I'll feed 'em, SPOT.

Praying for Lara.


May 03, 2012 - Msg 88470: Prayers for Hazel's friend, Laura.
Have fun and be careful Spot. Don't go breakin yer neck.
Hey to Possum. Hope you are well. How's Laci doing?


May 04, 2012 - Msg 88471: Hi All.
Will it going be a good hot day.
Praye for the porch family.

May 04, 2012 - Msg 88472: Good morning, porch! Robbi and Richard came in yesterday afternoon, and I have done nothing but sit around like Miz Thing ever since. The house is clean (thanks to Maria, whom I had the good sense to call) and now all I have to do for bunco tonight is make the King Ranch Casserole. I even bought roast chicken last night, and will use that in the casserole, so very little cooking. Robbi and Richard cooked dinner last night, and it was wonderful!! They just left, heading for East Texas and his family's ranch. Eloise and I are driving out there in the morning, just for the day. There's an exotic game sanctuary across the road, and Richard said they have some little baby zebras and camels that are just cute beyond belief. They're quite tame, and the little zebras will follow you around like puppies. So - as you would imagine - I'm there!

Robbi has recovered well from her surgery - thanks to the Lord for answering the prayers of good folks like you. I may not always acknowledge the requests for prayer on the porch, but you can bet I read them, and follow through. I learned the power of prayer long, long ago.

Well, I guess I'd better go get my spinach dip made, and start putting those casseroles together. King Ranch Casserole - yum!! --Romeena

May 04, 2012 - Msg 88473:
Hi Ro and all. That casserole sounds good, long as it aint that tags chicken a la king! ha
Good luck to Spot and his linemen, and thanks for the bigger wires on my house! ha
Well, may you all have a day where no one's obtuse, no rocks come flyin' thru your window, and no one gives ya a ticket for litterin'!
"Oh, we dont call Barney "chicken" because he's scared, but because he brittle, like chicken bones!" (:

May 04, 2012 - Msg 88474: So glad to hear that Robbi is doing well, Ro!

Wish I was coming for Bunco. I love spinach dip and King Ranch Casserole. I never make it because I am the only one around here who likes it. Bruce's mom used to make a horrible version of it and that ruined bruce and the kids. They don't even want to try it again.

Well, I am CELEBRATING today!! My friend Terri who has the horse ranch offered to take my goats. She has hundreds of acres for them to eat off of so no doubt they will be happy goats out there. They were just getting too hard to deal with here because we were having to let them out of the back 2 acres to graze near the house and that was getting to be a problem. Since the terrible drought last summer we just have not been able to grow enough grass for all them. It is going to be so much easier just careing for Thelma Lou and the chickens. In the meantime, Bruce is going to work on getting the grass seed sown and watered in the back so we can get some good grass growing back there. Right now it is nothing but sand and a few weeds that even the goats wouldn't eat. I will be letting Thelma graze near the house until we get enough grass growing back there for her.

Bernie is behaving himself real nice these days, which makes me very glad. So, life is getting a little easier with all these critters. The pup is doing great...such a calm, smart little thing. He already knows "sit". I make my dog Dea sit when I hand feed here. I always give her the "sit" command and she sits. Well, it only took once or twice for the little pup to catch onto that and began sitting before I even tried to teach him. He is going to be a smart one, alright. He learns his lessons quickly. I tried to dart in the kitchen door and Sean accidentally closed his little paw in there. He hasn't tried it again AND he stays far away from Thelma Lou since she stepped on him once!

I am making beef and chicken fajitas and pinto beans for dinner, iced tea, and brownies for dessert if anyone is hungry. Better go help Erin with her Social Studies. She is learning about the Articles of Confederation and it is a little complicated for a 5th grader. Wish we were doing "The Emancipation Proclamation" instead. ;)


May 04, 2012 - Msg 88475: I mean "the pup" tried to dart in the kitchen door, not ME! haha

May 04, 2012 - Msg 88476: Down sizeing the Funny Farm? What will I have to talk about now? It puts alot of pressure on the ones left behind, Bernie can't be the main attraction......
.......but then again maybe he can.....G-F

May 05, 2012 - Msg 88477: G-F, we still have Thelma Lou to talk about. I will try to keep you informed of any of her shannanigans (is that a real word?). I already let her out of the back to graze this morning. She seems to be a happy donkey since that crazy Elvis goat is no longer pushing her around. Bernie tried to act tough when I let him out of the coop this morning but only to the other chickens. He doesn't mess with me. I forced him to let me pick him up and pet him again yesterday and he did ok with it. Anyway, it is quieter around here and much more peaceful. I am happy to be rid of the goats and so is the whole family. I was surprised that the kids helped up load them up yesterday and didn't even say goodbye to them! They were like, "Goodbye and good riddance". They really had become difficult to handle. No more goats for us.

Quiet here on the porch so far this weekend. Wonder what everyone is up to?


May 05, 2012 - Msg 88478: Hi All.
Will it look like wind the warm weather come everyone run away from here!
G F who is thing go there in Cleveland?
Ro who did you party go?


The world is silent, white and still,
Deep snow has covered every hill.
The trees stand quiet, almost lost-
Covered with a velvet ftost.
The only sounds in winter air
Are moving branches, dark and bare.
Then in the distance, one lone deer
Runs the fields without a fear.
And as I watch his agile form,
For just a time there is no storm.
And in my memor there is sun
With summer green and winter done.


May 05, 2012 - Msg 88479: Happy Birthday BIG MAUDE!!

Party at O'Malley's tonight-y'all be there!

possum under a rock

May 05, 2012 - Msg 88480: Thank for the birthday wishes possum!
Big maude

May 05, 2012 - Msg 88481: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maude, I get the first dance even tho I can't dance! not a lick...
TOM, the Indians have been winning WHAT A SHOCK!!

Boo,Tell Thelma Lou It's better that Elvis is gone, Those rock-n-roll goats just can't be trusted! She needs to find her a good'ol country boy donkey that speaks her language and won't have her in his hip pocket either! You see I give my wisdom to animals too. But not hearing about Goober & Gomer anymore kinda make me sad...
Tonight is the BIG Full Moon ("Super Moon") so be sure you and Bruce have a "AMAZING" night and howl at the moon behind the barn, your neighbors would not suspect anything suspecious coming from your Funny Farm, figure it's Normal for you guys. Tell your son I CAN help him remember the year 1776 tho...I do have a funny story that fits in with Barney telling how to remember 1776 It has to do with my cell phone number some time I'll tell it to ya all...G-F

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88482: Mornin' porch. Blessed Sunday to you.

Happy belated birthday to you, Maude. Hope you had a wonderful day.

G-F, I don't think Thelma Lou minds a bit that Elvis is gone. She and the dog are buddies and she isn't lonely. The other day I went out back to give Thelma some older produce from the frige and as soon as I started feeding it to her, there under my feet were both dogs, my hen and Bernie. Even the dogs were eating celery. Poor Thelma can't get a break from the critters out here.

Feeling tired this morning. Went to bed too late after watching a movie with the kids and woke up early, as usual. We have the quartely luncheon and business meeting after church and I don't know if I will stay awake for it. Maybe I will leave gracefully and come home for a nap...

Hope you all have a great day. Slow down and enjoy it.


May 06, 2012 - Msg 88483: Happy birthday Big Maude Tyler. I get the second dance after G-F. Yer starting to get to me! :)

Well Boo, I guess I can't call you a goat roper no more. I'm gonna miss hearing them goat stories, but it sounds like they weren't a good fit on your farm. I hope you lined up the rest of the critters and made them watch the goats leaving as a warning to them to shape up or be shipped out! Especially Bernie. He needs to see you mean business.

Well we are finally reaching a point where we can start planting our delicate plants here. May 15th is the average last frost date for our area. I just about planted some maters yesterday, but it was supposed to get pretty cold last night so I put it off. And I'm glad I did because I woke up to a pretty good frost this morning. So it can wait until next weekend.

Boo, you are such a kind woman to mention how it hurts you to read about my wife. I don't mention much about her here, not because I don't want to, but there isn't much good to report usually. Her condition is not good, and not getting any better. It is frustrating for both of us, more for her than for me, but it is what it is. I find great joy in being there for her, and doing whatever I can to tend to her needs. It has drawn me closer to her in fact. The frustrating part is just seeing her condition get worse and feeling so helpless to do anything to change that. In my line of work, I fix things when they break. I take great pride in being able to do so, and get a little puffed up when folks at work, and neighbors praise me in telling me I can fix anything. But I can't fix her, and it frustrates me. But I know she and I are in the hands of the great Healer, and He is aware of our situation. We may not understand why it is we go through the things we go through, but leaning and trusting on Him sure does help us get through it. I don't know how well we would be doing without that faith in God. And I don't want to know.

Prayers for all to have a great day.


May 06, 2012 - Msg 88484: RIP, George Lindsey aka Goober.


May 06, 2012 - Msg 88485: RIP George Lindsey aka Goober.

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88486: Both "The Goob" & "The Fife" are now both gone,kinda makes me sad...Thanks for the great Memories guys...Think I'll go and get me a Huckleberry Smash and drown my sorrows :( ...G-F

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88487: Boo, It just came to me, don't know why I had not thought of it before your're a Doctor!....
Dr. Boolittle you talk to the animals and they come all around you for comfort & joy.
Did ya go out and watch the moon last night? ;)

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88488: Good afternoon, porch. It makes me very sad that we have now lost George Lindsey. He has always been a favorite of mine, not only as Goober, but for his other roles as well. He did the voice-overs for animals in several Disney movies, and did such a great job. I have no idea what he was really like as a man, but I think he must have been very nice. He will be missed.

Happy Birthday, Big Maude!

Boo, I'll miss hearing your goat stories, but I can well understand you wanting to get rid of them. My daughter had some for a while, and they were a trial, most of the time. They came in handy once, though. There was a small garden plot that had been unused for a time, fenced off from the rest of the property, and it had grown up solid with thistles. The things were over five feet tall, the kind that form a central stalk with sticker-y leaves all up and down the stalk, and they top out with a purple pincushion type of bloom. They were so thick that I don't think a rabbit could have run through the area. Well, my daughter put three goats and a tub of fresh water in there, and shut the gate. Those goats went to work, starting on the outer perimeter, and literally ate their way through the plot. I guess it was about 60'x60'. They just kept munching, and in about a week there was nothing to see but fat goats, three-inch stumps and a LOT of goat droppings. My son-in-law then ran the tiller through the area several times, and later had a fantastic crop when he planted tomatoes in there.

Beautiful poem, Tom. Brings up such lovely mental pictures. As for the party, it went well, and was a lot of fun, as always. Twelve old gals who have known each other forever, no pretenses, just getting together to have fun.

Asa, I want you to know that I pray for you and your dear wife every day. I'm sure we all do. It's very hard to understand why things like this befall good people, but they do. God never promised us it wouldn't happen, He just said He would help us with it. I know you know this, maybe better than any of us. Perhaps that's one of the reasons it happens - to teach us to depend on Him. Obviously you have learned that lesson well. You're an example for all of us.

Dr. Boolittle?? Now, G-F, that's funny! Leave it to you....

Well, guess I'll go watch one of my favorite TV movies - "The Good Witch." No, of course I don't believe in witchcraft. That's one of the reasons I like this movie, and the two sequels as well, because as the "witch" does what appears like magic, you always are shown how she accomplishes the things she does. She just helps the people find the "magic" within their own abilities. Fascinating. Oh, and does anyone besides me think Catherine Bell looks like she could be related to Ed Ames? Remember him? Catherine Bell is beautiful, but there is still a strong resemblance. She could be his granddaughter.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88489: Asa, you are a good and wise man. It's an honor to call you my friend. I am praying for you and your dear wife.

Rest in peace, Goober. Makes me sad whenever any of the cast passes away but I thought Goober was an extra nice person.

Dr. Boolittle

May 06, 2012 - Msg 88490: RIP Goober...back home from the Linemans Rodeo!...has a bunch of first place events...done great....just letting yall know im to get unpacked prayers....SPOT

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88491: Glad your back safe and sound Spot. Sounds like you had some fun to boot.

Boo and Ro, gosh, you make me want to blush. Thank you for those kind words and for encouraging me. It really means a lot to me. Thank you. And thank you for the prayers on our behalf. They are greatly appreciated I can assure you.

So sad to here of Goobers passing. We are losing so many of the cast now it seems. :(

I pray you all have a good day and are safe in your travels.


May 07, 2012 - Msg 88492: Morning porch, hope everyone is good today. made it to work today, after than wild party at O' Malleys I wasn't so sure I would be good to go today. My feet surely are tired from all that dancing.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I appreciate ya'll more than ya know.

So sad about Goober, may he rest in peace knowing that he made us all laugh and loved him in Mayberry.

SPOT so glad you are home safe and sound.

Patrick started his Co-Op job today. He was excited about it and is looking forward to earning his own money. I am not complainng about that either.

Mr. Maude has his 2nd visit to the would care center about his leg ulcers. Hopefully they will heal quickly. The doctor said it may likley be due to the blood thinner but that he had good blood flow coming in to the leg but maybe not so good going back to the heart. I guess once they get his legs all healed they will figure that out.

Breakfast menu will be: eggs, bacon, sausage, sliced tomatos, toast with jelly and apple butter. coffee, tea and juice to drink. fresh fruit as well.

Ya'll have a blessed day. Prayers for everyone.

Big Maude

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88493: You're welcome Asa. Gosh, you have encouraged me countless times. Glad we could encourage you for a change.

Maude, remind me about Mr. Maude. Did he have a heart attack not too long back?

Congratulations on doing so well at the lineman's rodeo, SPOT!

Busy day. Housework and laundry! We are having a garage sale this weekend so clothes to wash and sort and things to go through and get rid of. Better get some breakfast and get started. Sure wish I could hire some help.


Judy! Judy! Judy!

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88494: Hi All.
Just nut going to do a thing today!


May 07, 2012 - Msg 88495:
Well, Heaven now has the pleasure to hear Goober "take off" on Cary Grant! (: Thank you George for also "taking a car apart" and for taking ME apart with laughter many, many times!
Hey Gang, Floyd has set up a "George Lindsey memorial page" on imayberry's homepage. Check out the many tributes to this great man. Even a quote there from Andy Griffith.
It's a sad, yet happy day, knowing that he is with the Lord.
Have a good one.
Prayers for Asa's waife and all!

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88496:
Oops, sorry Asa, I'm sure that your wife is definitely NOT a waife!!!

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88497: Hey BOO, Mr. Maude did not have a heart attack but has A-fib. He found out he had sleep apena and the cardiologist thinks thay contributed to the A Fib. He said after a week with the wound care treatment his legs look much better!
Thanks for asking.
Big Maude

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88498: God bless George Lindsey. He was a great actor and made a tremendous contribution to the greatness of The Andy Griffith Show.

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88499: Holy moley I just typed a message and hit something by mistake and it disappeared!! Anyway prayers to all that need them. Big Maude I love sliced tomatoes with eggs and bacon. My Monday thru Friday breakfast consist of a banana eaten while walking from the parking garage to my office. My favorite breakfastis cream chipped beef over biscuits

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88500: MSG 88499 is from Frankie...breakfast is mis spelled.

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88501: Hey Possum, got a Cracker Barrel question for ya,how come the servers at C/B are so afraid to let the salt shakers get to low? They say they get into trouble if a space is seen at the top of the shaker is this true? I think they were afraid Goober may stop in, Andy once commented on Goobers character, he said Goober would be the one to go into a restrant and say: "This place has GREAT salt." I would like to believe that theory..Maybe it's just me?...yea, it's just me!

A question for the Dr.***Dr. Boolittle how come my cat clicks like a squirrel? is it beacuse she watches to many squirrels from the front door?..
Goober-Fife....N.E. Ohio

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88502:
Howdy porch family....had some really good crowds down in Florida this past weekend.

I just found out about Goober passing. Prayers for his family. He gave us a lot of great memories and will continue on TAGS.

I would ask for prayers for my uncle. We have always been very close. He fell out on the ground today and his heart stopped. A lady was passing by, saw him, stopped and did CPR while calling 911. They shocked him around 5 times before getting anything. Then flew him to a heart center. Now they are saying since they don't know how long he was without oxygen, it's possible he may have some brain damage. Thanks for your prayers.
Oh and by the way....he had by-pass 20 years ago and they said they were blocked but his heart has made it's on path over the years.....that's weird.

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

May 07, 2012 - Msg 88503: Good evening, porch. I'm supposed to be working tonight, but the hospital offered me a "delayed start", meaning I didn't have to be there at 7, but may have to go at 11. Or maybe not. I have to call about 9:30 to find out. I hope I can just stay home.

G-F, your cat is doing something that many cats do. I've heard people say they are "charming" the birds, but I don't know about that. I know my DIL's cat used to sit in the windowsill and make that chattery, clicky sound when she saw birds in the bush outside. I think it's just an expression of excitement and frustration, at seeing prey so near, but unable to get to it.

REV, I'm sorry about your uncle. I gather that the lady who helped him didn't actually see him go down, therefore they don't know how long he was without oxygen. Let's hope it wasn't too long. The fact that they were able to get his heart started again is encouraging. After a very long time, it would not have started. As for the new circulation pathways, that's called collateral circulation, and is not that unusual. If the blockage forms slowly enough, often the heart will forge new pathways like that, bypassing the blocked area. Just another example of the wonder that God created.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. I've about finished off the Fredericksburg peaches that Robbi and Richard brought me. Oh my, were they ever good. Early crop, small, clingstone - but juicy and sweet and sooo good! The regular peach crop won't be in for several weeks yet, but these little early birds were delicious!

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

May 08, 2012 - Msg 88504: Ro, I think you are right about the cat...I think it is a kind of cat profanity that they exhibit when unable to hunt prey. ;)

Prayers for your uncle, REV. Back when Bruce had the stint put in his blocked vessel the doc told him he had an unusual amount of collateral circulation for someone his age and it probably saved him. Usually the older you are, the more you have.

Certainly glad your husband didn't have a heart attack. My dear old dad had a-fib for 30 plus years...something to do with heart surgery in 1980. He was on blood thinners but did fine with it. Get Mr. maude on a CPAP machine will make a new man out of him.

Better go watch a little TAGS with Erin and then off to bed!


May 08, 2012 - Msg 88505: Morning all.
Rev, I sure will pray for your Uncle's recovery. Glad they was able to revive him. I had never heard of this collateral circulation thing before. Very interesting. Sounds like Gods bypass.

Maude, I've had a few instances of A-Fib but have been fortunate they have been able to convert me back to normal each time. I think MDC deals with that a bit though. I guess the thinners are to reduce the chance of a stroke. I'm glad your Hubby's wounds are healing up now.

Well I better get going. Just not enough hours in the day it seems.


May 08, 2012 - Msg 88506: Yes, I think MDC gets A-Fib....I guess Oregano can't fix EVERYTHING! haha....just kidding with you, MDC.


May 08, 2012 - Msg 88507:
Boo, I am in a-fib 24/7. It started in the 80s and they did not have "ablation" "cardioversion" and other options back then so i am now stuck with it as several cardiologists have told me that it is now "too late" to try anything other than the digoxin and metroperol that I take.
And yes, that is a negatory on the oregano helping the heart other than helping to keep the coronaries clear. (:
Prayers for Rev's uncle and all ailing.
I watched the "quarter million" ep last night where Goober gets the lock open and he and Andy see the money. Andy says, "Goober, you didnt see this." and Goober says, "but I'm lookin right at it!" haha
God bless,

May 08, 2012 - Msg 88508: Good morning, porch! I was able to stay home all night, didn;'t get called in, and got a good night's rest. Now I'm ready to get a few things done around here. It's cloudy and cool outside, a bit windy, and looks like a good chance of rain. It would be welcome!

On the question of blood thinners for A-fib -- my doctor recommended Coumadin (and now Pradaxa) to me and I have refused. I take two baby aspirins each morning and evening, and he's letting me get away with that. He wants me to take something, because I do get short runs of A-fib now and then. However, they're not frequent, and the duration is seldom more than five minutes. The longest recorded by my pacer was just under eight minutes. That's not really long enough for a mural clot to form in the heart, and the aspirin should be quite effective in preventing it anyway. For those with lengthy runs of A-fib, perhaps a more powerful thinner is indicated, but not for me.

I had a "stand-in" doc (mine was out of town) at one visit, and he decided he was going to convince me to take Pradaxa. Knucklehead! The first thing he said was "I know you have refused Coumadin, and I don't blame you - who wants to take rat poison? Pradaxa is different, you can take it." I very quickly informed him that Coumadin (warfarin) is not rat poison. Yes, it is the active ingredient in many rat poisons, but the same thing could be accomplished with a large quantity of aspirin. It thins blood, for cryin' out loud, and if given to a rat in sufficient quantities, it will kill him by causing him to bleed from every orifice, just as a human would if overdosed on it. That's why they do all those frequent clotting-time tests. It is NOT a poison, it simply does what it's designed to do - it thins the blood. I told him I did not appreciate being approached with scare tactics, and didn't plan on taking either drug, unless my A-fib pattern changes dramatically. Needless to say, he changed the subject.

Anyway, for those who experience prolonged or very frequent A-fib (like Asa, apparently) a thinner is indicated. When you have needed cardioversion, obviously there is cause for concern. For me, with my infrequent and brief runs, it's overkill, and I'll just keep taking my aspirin. Besides, that little bit of aspirin may be helping with my arthritis, maybe more than I know.

Well, gotta run. My rent checks came in, need to get them in the bank. I'm so grateful, I've got tenants in both houses now who have been there two years or more, pay like clockwork, and are generally taking pretty good care of the property.
Thank you, Lord!

Prayers for my porch family, and blessings! --Romeena

May 08, 2012 - Msg 88509:
And yes, I do take coumadin, but i watch my vitamin K, so i keep it at a pretty low dose,and am usually at 2.0 on my protime every month.
In fact I have struck up a real friendship with the phebotemist over the years. the same gal usually draws it, so there's the "upside" to it! haha

May 08, 2012 - Msg 88510: Oh My Rev..Prayers for sure....possum is fine she is just gona be off line for a few days...prayers MDC,Romeena and all in need...well im back here at work for a few days..Garden is looking Great...FB friends I will be posting pic as it grows!...good to see ya here my buddy Asa...and my good friend Boo..hey hazel,Frankie,JM,Tom,Lucy and all....apb out for LOTS of old time porsters..well let have some supper:Slow Cooked pot Roast with taters and onions and carrots,fresh blue lake green beans,boiled fried okra,cuke and onion salad,rolls,sweet tea and a local news paper to scan over while we eat...ready Now!..prayers ...SPOT

May 08, 2012 - Msg 88511:
Hello porch family

Thank you all so much for your prayers for my uncle. I just got back from seeing him and talked with the doctor. She said he is improving each hour. Still don't know we're there and still in serious condition but things are better. She also said he responded to a few commands earlier which she says is VERY encouraging.
Ro....she also explained about the body re-routing the blood flow just as you said above.

Again.....thank you for the prayers!

Spot.....I'm hungry so I'll be right over for some of that grub.....Man it sounds good:)

See ya'll at Spot's
Love and prayers for all

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88512: Mornin' porch.
Glad to hear the good report on your uncle, REV!

Nice and cool here this morning but will be warming up, as usual. Wish I had something interesting to say but can't think of much. Should be another busy day around here.

Sean finally starts his first day on the job today. He is a little nervous but I'm sure he'll do fine.


May 09, 2012 - Msg 88513: We are all sure he will do fine, Dr. Boolittle. That's what happens when we bring out kids up right, they are more prepaired for the real world. A little work dosen't hurt a bit....Amen??
We have tooo many Maynard G. Kreb's already in the world!...."WORK"??....
Maude, Boo is right about the CPAP, take it from experiance, he will feel much better the very next day, will get a better nights sleep than he has had for along time....Just don't call
him "Snorkie" since he will look like he has a snorkle on his head...G-F...

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88514:
Howdy porch family.....we'll I've been saying that I was going to do it and I finally did it......I buzzed my hair off and it feels so good. I wear a hat most of the time anyway (either a ball cap or a cowboy hat for concerts). My wife and daughter nearly fell over when I walked

Back in a little while.
Love and prayers

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88515: You, REV? A buzzcut? I just can't picture that! I'll bet your ladies sure enough did a doubletake. Did Jake bark at you?

It's so beautiful here today. Warm, but not too hot, so many things are blooming, birds and squirrels are busy. My yard looks beautiful - Eddie came today and mowed. He usually comes on Thursday, but had a death in his family and the funeral is tomorrow, so bless his heart, he called and asked if I'd mind if he came a day early. Well, of course I don't mind! Eddie is a treasure, and takes good care of me. Of course, he runs off with my ladder for weeks at a time, but I don't care, and he knows it.

Well, I'm feeling like a nap would be nice. Neck and shoulders are so tired. I'll be glad when that surgery is done and over with. I really hope it helps this situation.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88516:
HI all, just popping in to say hey. Heard the BO announcement, and not real thrilled! :(
Prayers continue,

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88517: Rev, Ya got clip happy? When I was a kid, Dad called it our "Summer" hair-cut! Did you get the side burns straight? It's all good if ya got a smack of bay rum on both cheeks too. G-F

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88518: What BO announcement??

I have been spending some time reading through the archives for 2007 because I was looking for the date of an event that I needed to remember. What a year 2007 was! was the year our dear Millie was so ill and told us she was dying, the year that Sugarplum passed away, my best friend Karen died, my father-in-law died on Christmas Eve, Ro's son Dale Jr. had the seizures was in the hospital, and those are the things I can remember. I was so touched by the love and support we all gave to each other! I was also struck by the realization that God brought us through it all and it is all a memory now. Tough times, but we got through them. It's a good thing to meditate on. :) On a sad note, though, it hurt to see how many good friends are no longer coming to the porch. I think it is a shame that they are no longer here and I miss them. I really miss Me-They, especially. He was hilarious and always interesting. He was also so caring towards everyone. Of course, I do not miss washing his shorts all the time (do you all remember that?) haha. I would gladly wash a mountain of shorts if he would come back.

I think its time to shake things up around here a bit. Let's share some favorite jokes or something...or quote-a-thon?


May 09, 2012 - Msg 88519:
Howdy porch family

Ro....Nope Jake didn't bark...he didn't know any

G-F......yep the side burns are straight and the bay rum is smelling:) Man I'm ready for a date night out on the

My daughter just got her engagement proofs back today and oh my word they are so good. I know I'm a bragging dad but they are so so good. In case you haven't guessed, yes I'm a proud dad!

Spot....our Braves went down tonight.

MDC....I hope Obama's decision today will put the final nail in his re-election bid.

Well I better get off here.
Love and prayers for all my porch family......and our nation!

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88520:
Hey there Boo....didn't see ya rocking there:)

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88521: REV & MDC, I have a BIG jar of nails (spikes)that I will contribute to the cause!.....I'll throw in the hammer for FREE!.....
SPOT, Tell us about the Linesman Rodeo, sounded interesting....Pulled up the website, looked like they compete at linesman's work... I bet when there are thunderstorms & poring rains those guys work can change out a transformer in record time...Those guys are FAST!! They don't get enough credit for their work I sure would not like have to do it!
Dr. Boolittle, Joke & Quote time? I'll study on it and see what I come up with ok?....G-F
Bedtime for the Goob's end of the porch....

May 09, 2012 - Msg 88522: Here's something to make ya smile:


May 10, 2012 - Msg 88523: test

May 10, 2012 - Msg 88524: is something wrong with the porch today? It is nearly 1pm and I don't see any posts since mine from last night.


May 10, 2012 - Msg 88525: Slow it down and let me in
Or I'll go out and get some gin.


May 10, 2012 - Msg 88526:
GF- Yup, my brother is a lineman and worked on an "emergency crew" for a few years. They often get to downed power lines, etc, before those so-called first responders do! (:
It was hard, hard work for him, but well compensated work, as Spot will attest. We have chatted about it.
BOO- You forgot to mention that 2007 my dear mom passed on to her reward as well. I miss her terribly, but I KNOW she is in heaven!! (:
God bless you all,

May 10, 2012 - Msg 88527:
OH REV, just looked at your CD cover, and yup, with yer hat on, one would never know of the buzz under there! ha
How is the Taylor strummin' these days.
I still recall when you got it, and I thought "taylor" how appropo for a TAGS fan!!

May 10, 2012 - Msg 88528: Is the new CD out?

May 10, 2012 - Msg 88529: Wow, I missed that somehow, MDC...must not have been reading that month. It was some year, wasn't it?


May 10, 2012 - Msg 88530:
Howdy porch family......such a nice day in SC today.

MDC......the Taylor just gets better as time goes on. Still loving it. It's been on every cd cover since I got it. And yes the new cd is out. Been out for about two weeks now. Turned out great for us. Looking forward to debuting it in concert Memorial Day weekend.

My uncle continues to improve.....thank ya'll for your prayers!'re right, it's really slow today on the porch.

You all have a good night and a Jesus filled day tomorrow!
Love and prayers

May 11, 2012 - Msg 88531: Prayers to all and to all a good morning!...quick trouble check , will read when I get a a broke pole (car hit) here at work...busy busy...Breakfast??...SPOT

May 11, 2012 - Msg 88532: Hi All
Boy no one came for the day prayer .


May 12, 2012 - Msg 88533: Wow no posts?...88531 I posted yesterday morning??..ok...Boo lets take this bunch (if anyone shows) to breakfast at the Waffle House!...scattered smothered covered and ham and toast...OJ and coffee....any takers?...SPOT

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88534: I'm in!


May 12, 2012 - Msg 88535: Hu Al.
I stop in yesterday and saw that spot was here.
Sout just coffee pkease.
A chilling to start the monring out, but it hoing to br abut 70 degreen.
Stepdae is not feeling good last Friday he fall wind coming the the house.


May 12, 2012 - Msg 88536: look like no one at home


May 12, 2012 - Msg 88537: Where Is Everybody?...Asa and Tom and I are the only post since breakfast and its almost Lunch!...will be back with lunch menu in just a bit...SPOT

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88538: where is BOO and ROM hope the bad weather did not wash thim away ?


May 12, 2012 - Msg 88539:
Hi all! Did everyone go to the moon?
Hope all are OK.
For me, it's just a quick hello on this "errand" Saturday.
Hey to spot, asa, tom and all,

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88540: Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all ladies here on the Porch. My grandsons will be stopping by and I'll get a chance to play with them, can't wait!

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88541: Wow I have never seen the porch this slow!...well happy Pre Mothers Day to all the Moms...getting off at work at 6 pm...Sherry and I are going to a Cook out at Friends house...they have a private 4 acer pond stocked....gona fish and grill!...well prayers to all..Miss Sherry is up to half days now if that makes sence..she gets tired around noon or can start at noon and go like that...she rested till lunch today and we are steppen out tonight!..peace and Love yall porch...SPOT

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88542: Gonna fish at the Duck Pond? What'ya gonna do at the Duck Pond SPOT? Make sure you pack a BIG picnic basket you hungry Buzzard.....That's right I forgot a cook-out..take plenty of left-overs with you especially the chicken...If ya catch O'l Sam put him back he doesn't like aquariums....G-F

May 12, 2012 - Msg 88543: Hey, porch! Tom, I'm sorry about your stepdad, taking a fall like that. Did he break anything, or is he just sore?

Spot, I hope you and Miss Sherry have a wonderful time, catch a bunch of fish, and enjoy your day. Is Barney gonna watch over things while you're gone? Don't tell him where you'll be, or he'll pester you all afternoon.

We've head some very refreshing rain storms, but nothing damaging so far. It's very cloudy and looks quite threatening out there again this evening, so I'm going to stay tucked in here, car in the garage, and not going anywhere! I know how quickly Texas weather can turn brutal.

Would you believe I've got the "versitis" in my shoulder? I can reach forward, but any backward or lateral movement of my arm hurts like crazy! Guess I'll go put an icepack on it and see if I can cool it down. If not, I guess it will be a cortisone shot for me! Yuck. Those things hurt!

Well, take care, everyone. Blessings! --Romeena