December 30, 2011 - Msg 86856:
Boo, my prayers are with you. As you know I can indeed say that I know EXACTLY how you feel. My faith and family got me thru it! Happy 2012.

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86857: Good morning porch family.

Boo, as usual, Romeena's advice is spot on. In my Dads last days, he was seeing people that were not there. One day as he was sitting on the edge of his bed, he motioned to an empty chair and asked me "who's this woman?" I said, "Dad, there's no one there". I picked up a jacket that was hanging on the chair just to show him it was empty. Well he got angry with me and said, "I hope you don't ever get sick like this", or something to that affect. I know he was very frustrated with everything at that point, so I made it a point to just kind of go along with whatever he was saying. If he asked why so and so was in the house, I'd just say something along the lines, "they just cane over to see you Dad." He was fine with that explanation, and all was well. My Dad was always so strong and self sufficent in his life, it was heartbreaking to see him struggling so bad. I'm sure that's what's bothering you Boo. You just have to put your faith in God, and put it in H

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86858: Sorry, hit the wrong key again. Put it in His hands, and know that He is in charge and will see you both through it. I know you know all this, but sometimes it just helps to hear it again. And I promise you, you will never regret being there for him when he needs you most. As hard as it was for me to see my Dad in that condition, I can honestly say we were closer then than perhaps any other time in my life. My sister, on the other hand, could not seem to deal with seeing him like that, and avoided spending much time with him in the final days. I know she has felt guilty about that since. I think it all goes back to the commandment of Honor thy Father and Mother. What better way to honor them, than to be there for them when they need you the most. Boo, you are a blessed Daughter, and I know that God smiles favorably upon you for Honoring your Father at this time. Hang in there.


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86859: Wow Asa, My words to Boo were going to be exactly the same! The porch is kinda like being brothers & sisters from different Mothers, we all do have the same Father tho....
Boo,your a tough cookie, but take care of Boo too! Go to a Zoo, sit back and drink a Dew,give a cow a Moo,do something new with your crew!
I do I do like Green Eggs & Ham Goober-Fife I am I am.....;)

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86860: git a life.

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86861: Aw, you all made me shed a few tears. :) Such perfect words and encouragment! I love you all.

"Burned shoes?"..hehe...that sounds just like something my dad might say! I am going to tell my sister to get on here today and read what you all have shared because I think it will help her. She is there everyday and it is getting very hard on her. I am really going to try to get over there at least three times a week and help keep dad cleaned up because that is a huge challenge for them. He won't seem to take a shower when they ask him too, even when they offer to help, but for some reason he seems to let me take more of a caretaking role with him and he will do what i tell him if I get a little authoritative. Maybe because I am a nurse, maybe because of my personality...not sure. One thing I know is that my sister has some tough days but especially with mom, who is becoming more demanding. Sometimes susan loses her temper a bit and mom puts her on a looong guilt trip! Ro, what you said about humor is how we cope alot of times. Susan and I can always find something to laugh about in just about any situation. When her husband (Pat), send me a text message the other day saying that dad was relieving himself off the back porch, I bout died laughing because I know what Pat's reaction must have been. Why I found so much humor in Pat's discomfort, I don't know, but I sure did! haha...Anyway, we'll make it. I am very blessed to be a part of a very supportive and loving family (at home and here on the porch) :)

Better go get the beef tips ready to go in the crock pot. Poor Bruce has that nasty cold I had last week and I want to make something that might be comfort food for him (which means beef, not chicken). He is totally, 100% all-man (meat and potatoes), unless he is wearing my houseshoes or robe to go get the paper. hehe


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86862: Wow. I'm honored to be in such company. Asa, as always your innate wisdom and kindness shows through, and is so beautifully expressed. G-F, your wit and head-on approach to life will win every time. I love your little poem - funny, but offers excellent advice. You guys are the cats! MDC, I well remember the trials you came through. You do indeed understand. I guess all of us will experience these things to some degree, if we outlive our parents, and most of us do. For some, the failing is physical, for some it's mental, but either way, it's hard to see someone you love as they slowly lose their grip on life as they have always known it. I'm not sure which is hardest - the physical failure, or the mental deterioration. Each brings its own set of challenges. All we, as caregivers, can do is trust God and hang on for the ride.

I was supposed to go to a baby shower this morning, but got up with my back in its typical vise, so won't be going. It will release in a little while, but not in time to go to the shower. Oh well, I had ordered a gift, and my absence will leave more cake for everyone else, so I guess it's okay.

Well, guess I'll go get in my big old chair for a while. The position that chair puts me in usually somehow opens something in my back and the "lock-down" relaxes. I'm grateful - I take my blessings where I find them! --Romeena

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86863: One more thing...a note to Asa; I'm sure you are right about how it will be worth it. My sister tells me alot..or reminds me, that I need to come spend more time with them because she doesn't want me to feel guilty later on. I'll admit sometimes I want to avoid getting close because it is painful but it will be worth it, that's for certain. I have a hard time sometimes juggling the demands of homeschooling the kids, taking care of things here and going over to visit the folks but I am going to have to make it work. I really don't think Dad has much time left.


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86864: Hey, Boo. I think you may be right - the fact that you're a nurse may cause your dad to be less resistant to you helping him with personal care. My dad felt that way to some extent, even said it once - "Oh well, you're a nurse, guess you've seen it all before." He was an extremely modest man, so I'm surprised that he gave in at all, but he finally did, and I think my background was the reason.

As for him relieving himself outside - just make a little game of it. Insist that he confine his activity to the back yard, and then let him go for it. If you have fire ants or any other ants for that matter, you could put little flags by the anthills, and tell him to aim for them. Ants hate it! Not surprising, I guess, when you think about it. Anyway, with the tacit approval offered by that approach, it will remove any rebellion that might be motivating him. Also, if that's not the case, and he just really thinks it's okay, then giving him a target will remove any perception of disapproval and he'll be more comfortable. Besides, it gets rid of the ants! I know if I was an ant, I'd relocate in a hurry.

Blessings! --Romeena

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86865: St. Susan is right. Do whatever you have to do with your schedule, because when it's all over, all you'll h ave is memories. Memories beat the socks off regrets, believe me. --Romeena

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86866: Thanks, Ro. :) As for the ants, I might have to try that out here on our place... ;).


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86867: Wouldn't that just make them pis.s ants though? :):)


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86868: Asa, How did you get that last post past the censors? Guess it depends on where ya put the dot? haha..How about the Browns vs Steelers?
No intrest hugh...Don't blame ya, a Cleveland car dealer is gonna give you a new Kia if the Browns shut out the Steelers...I think it's a safe bet he won't be giving any away...G-F

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86869: and all of us here are so blessed to have the advice from so many wonderful folks here. You folks are "spot on" with your advice. are a trip...p____ ants..LOL

Ro....since I live out in the country I just may try that out on the fire ants around here. But now my question is, how did you find this info out:)?

Well my baby girl (23 yr old) was very sick last night. Throwing up all night long. Feeling a little better now but still very weak. Giving her saltines, chicken broth and pedialyte for lunch. Any other advice from our resident nurses here?

You all have a blessed NEW Year tonight.....of course us east coast porch rockers will be partying before the rest of ya'll. We'll save ya'll

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86870: Hi All.
Now G F Steeler are playing there in Cleveland.
The dealer think becaues playing there the BROWN may win, will if you look at the reco of all the games that play there you can see who the good team is going to win .


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86871: Oh, Asa.


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86872: Hey there REV. So sorry to hear that your girl is sick, bless her heart. That is such a miserable way to feel! At least it was only a 24 hour virus. Just make sure she rests and gets enough fluids to replenish the loss. If she doesn't feel like eating yet, that's ok, she will probably get her appetite back by tomorrow.


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86873: Hey, REV. Boo is right - fluids are the most important thing. Pedialyte is good, and if she's eating a few saltines, she's getting plenty of electrolytes. I'm so sorry - she's just too sweet to be sick. Did Jake give her a lot of attention?

As for how I found out about the ants, my Dale told me. It does occur to me that he might have made it up to give him an excuse not to go to the house when he needed to go, but was all dirty from working in the yard. He passed the idea on to David, and the two nut cases used to visit the yard all the time. I must admit, we didn't have ants.

I know how we can foil the censor. We can call them the Piston Ants. If you say it just right, it fits. (Good grief, conversation is deteriorating around here!)

Piston Ants nowithstanding, I still contend that the best remedy for fire ants is dry molasses, applied with a fertilizer spreader, at the rate stated on the bag. It does work, and it's a really great organic fertilizer.

What's everyone doing tonight? I'm going over to a friend's house - she has a party every year. There will be about thirty people, all from the church, all friends for many years. Should be a lot of fun. These are not stuffy people, there will be a lot of laughter and kidding, good food, and gentle fun.

Well, got to go find a pretty bowl to serve my spinach dip in, and a nice plate for the little squares of candy that likes to call itself fruitcake. There's a bakery in a little town near here, called "Mary of Puddin' Hill", and they sell the most delicious, fruity/nutty concoction. They call it fruitcake, but I defy you to find a square millimeter of cake in it anywhere. Even people who think they hate fruitcake love the stuff. It's so rich, I'll cut it into little cubes about the size of large dice, and stick toothpicks in them. No one could eat a slice of it.

Have a great evening, friends. See you next year, if not before. Blessings - and you all be careful if you're on the roads, hear? --Romeena

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86874: Good advice from good friends, Boo. I feel for your situation, although thankfully I haven't been in your shoes... yet. My dad died at age 56, and although my mom is 81, she is still driving, thinking clearly, and overall doing well. Watches a little too much public TV, in my opinion, haha, and don't get her started on a political discussion, because she'll likely tell you just how she feels! I love her dearly, and am quite aware that at some point I'll be dealing with what you are going thru.
Okay, almost ready for the party tonight. Let me just check my bag.
Mullberry squeezin's. Check.
Extra lampshades. Check.
Big pot of chicken a-la king. Check.
Dangley earrings. Check.
See you at Spots!
- Hazel

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86875: LOL

I don't think I have EVER read anything here that made me laugh as much as Asa's " pis$ants" remark!

I couldn't even read the rest of the posts & can hardly type,I'm laughing so hard!

Asa, you're a pip!

Wonderful advice for you, Boo. Isn't this Porch such a blessing?

Ok,y'all remember- Party tonight at spot's doghouse!!

possum under a rock

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86876: Hey up here on the river camping and yall gona head to the doghouse?..that possum and Boo...what am I gona do with them..I would just like to take the time to say I have met many friends here on the porch in the past 8 or so yrs...I treasure yer friendship so much...I hope eavch and everyone a great new year and have faith in God and you will go far....Love ya a fire going on the river and collards for tomorrow...will be back in just a bit....SPOT

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86877: Uh-oh..busted! Where's our lookout Tom?
Well,I say the party is still ON! We'll deal with Spot later-LOL

Hey Spot piddles in his barn- too bad he missed the conversation about Boo's dad & the ants! Ha!

possum again

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86878:
Thanks for the advice Boo and Ro....she's still weak but better. you ole dog...sounds like ya'll are having a blast. We gonna miss ya at the dog house for the party tonight. We'll try not to leave a mess:)
Wonder if Spot has a fire ant problem...we know how to get rid of them now. Just drink plenty of water:)

Love ya'll

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86879: Well, Romeena, how come you never told me about Dale's ant remedy? All you ever told me about was dried molasses! ;) I figure, though, that if the donkey and goat urine hasn't discouraged the ants, nothing will.

Thanks Hazel, when you go through it, we will be here for you. :)

Yes Possum, this porch is one heck of a blessing for sure. See at the doghouse, Chickie. Hey, how do you know SPOT piddles in his barn?...what the..?

Thanks, SPOT, we treasure your friendship as well. :)


December 31, 2011 - Msg 86880: Happy New Year to each and everyone of my porch friends/family. You're the cats. thanks for being a part of my life!
Big Maude

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86881: Happy New Year to all my Mayberry friends! I hope you guys have a great 2012.

December 31, 2011 - Msg 86882:
10 more minutes before we welcome in the New Year.

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86883:
IT's 2012 here on the East coast...Happy New Year porch family!

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86884: I got by the Eastern Time because I'm ready to go to bed. Ha ha. Happy New Year, Rev.

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86885: I would like to wish all my porch friends a very Happy New Year.
And as Colonel Potter used to say(on one episode of M*A*S*H at least), "May it be a sight better than the last one." Or something to that effect.

Let the Kai stay up til midnight to watch Dick Clark's Rock'in New Year's Eve. Though I made her turn it when Lady Gag-a came on. I know she makes me want to gag.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86886: Happy New Year, porch family!

Great to see ya, Sterling.

My ironing board is calling me...


January 01, 2012 - Msg 86887: Your ironing board?! Well I say let the voicemail take it and you get some sleep, Boo. It's after 12 am! :)

-Sterling Holobyte

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86888: Happy New Year,y'all!!

What a wild New Year's Eve party- hey,somebody come help me hunt for Spot's roof! It blew clear across the Georgia pines when Asa lit up those fireworks last night! Might have landed across state lines-Rev,you seen a doghouse roof over your way?

To answer your question,Boo.. Spot is always telling us here that he's out "piddling" in his barn-where ya been ,girl?! LOL

Hoppin' John for lunch,y'all!!

possum under a rock

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86889: Good morning, and a Happy New Year to all! Hey, possum, put me down for some of that Hoppin' John. Can't start a new year without it, you know! According to my mother, that would be almost a sin.

Boo, I would imagine Thelma Lou and the goats have better sense than to stand over a fire ant mound to "make water", so I doubt they're much help in that regard. According to Dale, you have to hit the mound directly. Obviously, being of the male persuasion would be very helpful in this case. A girl-type person, or a four-legged animal, wouldn't get very far before being attacked by a swarm of p-'d off ants! (Sorry, couldn't resist. I suppose if ol' George from years ago is lurking, he's fainted dead away by now! I doubt he's here though, we sent him off with his tail feathers scorched, as I recall.)

Well, gotta get ready for preaching. Apparently I need it! Again, Happy New Year to you all. --Romeena

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86890: Ok I will give yall till late tomorrow to get my barn roof back on!...Happy New Year and cloudy here on the river....gona put collards,ham hocks and peas in the big pots outside at 3...whos gona cook the cornbread?...SPOT

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86891: Wow! What a great party at SPOTs last night to bad he was'nt there. (maybe it was a good thing).Hope his neighbors will still talk to him, and yes all us guys will get the roof back on. Boo & Possum are helping too,Romeena is the Foreman, she will keep us all in line. As for the shed, sorry to say it's a total loss, a couple of sky rockets kinda got away from Asa, we'll make that a spring project!
As for the FOOD do I need to say more,Boo made those little cheeseburger pie things everybody tore them up! (Guess ya just needed to make 'em for the right crowd), hugh Boo?.....
REV sang for us most of the night, and even did "O Canada" for PH @ Midnight. Floyd stoped by for a he HAD to do "Sweet Home Alabama"
for him, I never heard a Gospel version of it before but it was GREAT!
Thanks Hazel for the leftovers, I have a couple of rooms I need to wallpaper. As for Asa running around yelling TOGA,TOGA,TOGA let's just call that a urban myth...and leave it at that!
Got to R-U-N-N-O-F-F for now....
Goober- "Don't call me JUDY"- Fife........

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86892: O, by the way.... MDC, don't worry I won't rat you out, "What goes on at a Mayberry party stays at a Mayberry party"..:)....G-F....

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86893: But we could't get him off the porch....maybe he had a better view of the fireworks from there? Ya think that's what it was??.....

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86894: Happy New Year Porchsters! Hope everyone is doing well this morning and Spot got his barn roof back on!
Wanted to share pictures of Christmas on the Ridge and let you guys see my cute little grandson. Jake tells me he's not the father, but he went to the hospital with her when she had him. I swear though, the more I look at that beautiful, happy baby, the more I think he IS Jake's. Either way, he's the sweetest little thing and I think I'm in love. :)

That's my FB album. Again, Happy New Years!


January 01, 2012 - Msg 86895:
I found it...I found it...Spot's roof is about two miles across the SC state line. Anybody got a big truck to haul this thing? Everybody bring their tools and meet G-F at Spot's barn. He sounded kinda mad in his post and I'm not sure he's had his rabies shot. And don't ask me to crawl under that thing cause it's dark and there might be spiders.

G-F..."What goes on at a Mayberry party stays at a Mayberry party"..except Spot's roof..hehe

Well got all the decorations down from the yard. I wanted to get them today cause it's almost 70 degrees today but supose to get very cold and windy tomorrow. Wierd weather.

You all have a blessed New Year's day!
Love and prayers

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86896: Ugh. I got a head that feels like it's been in the drawer all night. That was quite a party last night. Would love to help clean up, but I think I'll stay in bed a little longer. Keep my breakfast warm and my coffee simmering, please.
- Hazel

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86897: Uh...don't know when you posted that Hazel but it is after 3pm here. The coffee is old and the eggs are hard.


January 01, 2012 - Msg 86898: Auh2o, Better hunker down buddy, the high winds & snow is heading your way.....G-F...

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86899: GF it there in cleveland right now.


January 01, 2012 - Msg 86900: TOM, Yes, and so were your Steelers! Big Ben was limpin but still got the job done....Now it's time for them to get out of Dodge before it really starts coming down ya sure don't want to be snowed in Cleveland, i'm below the snow belt so I hope we will miss most of it...G-F

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86901: Hello!
I'm on my ithingy which has gone dark from dropping in a, um, bowl of water and cannot read the page well. I just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed and happy 2012!

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86902: Oh my word- George?!
Ha Ha- he gave us fits, didn't he Ro?

And that other guy "Dud"- remember how he claimed he had some Chinese computer geek spying on us? Good grief!


Ok, let's nail Spot's roof on real good before it gets cold & windy.And somebody get a ladder,climb up there where Spot's spyware is and take ky girl's skirt off of that thing!

possum under a rock

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86903: Possum, Soooo that's who was on top of the barn howling at the moon, thought it was you and Boo? You had me lookin up what "Hoppin John" was it sounds good! My Dad always put up 80gal of kraut every year so thats what I grew up on for New Years! Mom would steam dumplings on top along with pork. We had it all the time,since it was a cheap meal for the 5 of us kids..
Lucy say's she dropped her thingy in a bowl of water but we know better, it was the punch bowl now tell the truth Lucy....
Thanks REV for finding SPOTS roof it did look funny strapped down on top of the REVmobile, but we got er done in record time so SPOT will be happy when he gets home!....G-F

January 01, 2012 - Msg 86904: p.s. Ky Girl,So that is that why Kentucky's team is called the "Wildcats" now it makes sence!.G-F

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86905: I don't remember George but I sure remember Dud and Barnwannabe!


January 02, 2012 - Msg 86906: Barnwannabe had a friend ( could've been the same person,though-multiple personalities or something!)and they'd both post at the same time. Can't recall his name though-do you remember, Boo?

George thought he was the Porch censor and jumped all over me for something I posted that he didn't like.Don't remember just what I said,but boy, Ro really nipped ol George's bud- heh heh!

Ok, way past time for me to hit the ironing board. Goodnight,Mayberry!

possum again

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86907:
God bless you all,

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86908:
OK, I'll jump in the fray and mention that new book... Green Spots on the Lawn by I.P. Freely. haha
You guys...

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86909: Oh gosh, I had forgotten about ol' Dud. I'm trying to remember exactly what happened, not sure I've got it straight, but I think I used the page source function and found out he and Barnwannabe (I think) were using the same ISP, so suggested they might be the same person. That really spooked him, he thought we had some sort of tracking device following his computer activity! That's when he started spouting about the Chinese computer guy who had "friends" who could give us grief, etc. Shortly after that, he dropped from sight. I may be fuzzy on the details, but that's the general idea.

MDC, you are a caution! Please don't make me laugh, it hurts my sore throat!

I think I'll put myself and my throat to bed and get some rest, since I have to work tomorrow night. Am also supposed to see the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning, but I'm going to call them and let them decide whether they want me in their chair or not. If they don't mind, then I don't, but I wouldn't blame them if they wanted to reschedule me. Nobody wants this stuff!

Blessings! --Romeena

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86910: Yep,that's pretty much what happened here with ol Dud,Ro. And I remembered the name of the other person who'd post here during the Barnwannabe period- Warren Ferguson. Bet he & Barnwannabe were one & the same. Do y'all remember him? The only thing that stands out in my mind is that his cat died.

Ro,hope you feel better.

Funny, MDC!

Breakfast at IHOP-see y'all there!

possum under a rock

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86911: Good morning, porch! I called the dentist's office, spoke with the doc himself and told him about my sore throat. He said if I felt up to it, come on in, said they're "prepared" for such as that. I guess he's right. The hygienist does wear gloves (of course) and a mask with eye shields, so she's pretty well protected. Guess I'll go on and get it over with. My ins#rance pays, so I'll take advantage of it.

Yes, Possum, that was the other name. Those were some weird little dudes, all right, and I think they may have been exactly that. Little dudes. I'm guessing they may have been early teenagers, the way they scattered like quail when they thought we could track them. I think grown men would have known better.

Well, gotta put on some war paint and head for the dentist. I've been going to this dentist for 32 years. He had just opened his practice, was a fresh-faced kid himself, and his wife was his office person. Now he has a beautiful office, three or four people working there, and he's a grandfather! It always surprises me now when I see the little wrinkles around his eyes, and the gray in his hair. Wonder what he thinks of the deep ravines in my face, and my silver crown? He's the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet, a professing Christian, and an excellent dentist. The fact that I have a full set of teeth, at my age, attests to his skill. He takes the loss of a tooth very personally.

Well, away I go. Then I'm coming home and going back to bed. Wish I didn't have to work tonight, but I do. Blessings! --Romeena

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86912: Good afternoon porch. just stopping by for a visit. It is cold on my end of the porch today, cloudy and snow flurries about. not sure if we are supposed to have any accmulation though.

I am working today and been busy so far. not sure what possesed me to work today as seems like I am the only office open in this building today. so far everyone I scheduled has shown up for their appointment though. I have someone coming in at 4 and then I will be off to have my hair cut. I am looking kinda shaggy.

Beth goes back to school tomorrow and Patrick says he has to be back in Cookeville for the new semester before the 17th.

Dinner menu will be: spagehtti, salad, garlic bread. cheesecake for dessert. coffee, tea, soda to drink.

Better get busy cooking that spaghetti.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86913: Yes, Possum, it was Warren and Barnwannabe that were the same person, I think...maybe Dud, too! Ro, do you remember that one night Millie and I got freaked out by him and you had to calm us down? haha Seems so funny now..but not then!

Been trying to put up the last of the Christmas decorations but still have a bit to go. I kept it up longer than usual this year. Usually it is all down and put away the day after Christmas but I just couldn't part with it that soon. I just love the way all the lights make the house look at night. Bruce still has to take the lights and garland off the outside of the house, though. He is still feeling puny and snorting and coughing alot.

I forgot to tell you all something funny that happened yesterday with Thelma Lou the donkey. I had some old peanut butter fudge and peanut brittle that nobody wanted so I took it out to the animals as a little treat. The goats loved it and so did Thelma Lou. I tried giving Thelma a peice of peanut brittle that had gotten real sticky and somehow it missed her mouth and got stuck on her upper lip. You should have seen her trying to get that peice in her mouth..hilarious! I should have helped her but I was enjoying the show too much. She finally rubbed it off on something and ate it.

We are having gorgeous weather, dry and sunny and the animals have been out grazing in the yard. I think my female goat may be pregnant afterall. She is getting much bigger and is lying down alot like she is tired. Its hard to tell with a goat, though, so we should know by spring if she is or is not. I really suspect she is, though.

Well, today is dad's 87th birthday and me and the kids have to get ready to go over there for dinner and spend some time with him. Erin baked him a cake all by herself. :)

Better scoot...


January 02, 2012 - Msg 86914:
Howdy porch family...It's cold and windy here..brrr

Happy Birthday to Boo's dad...That was so sweet of Erin baking him a cake.

Ro...pray that that sore throat gets better soon.

Wow..I had forgot about those porchsters of the past. I remember Dud being from Monroe, Louisiana. The reason I remember him, he always said that he was going to come to one of my concerts whenever I was in that area. Course he never did. Too busy doing business with all the Chinese

Spot.....those South Carolina Gamec@cks won big time! Had a great season!

Well better get off here. You all have a good night.
Love and prayers

January 02, 2012 - Msg 86915: Thanks, REV. Dad seemed to be doing alot better today and was more lucid...less short of breath, too. My neice made him some gumbo and he even ate a bowl of that.

It is pretty cold here today. Supposed to freeze tonight so I had to put the chickens up safe with their warming light and have to fix the dog a warm place in the garage.


January 03, 2012 - Msg 86916:
Boo, glad to hear that about your dad. Just a word--there will be good days and bad days. It sorta comes with the territory so to speak. Prayers continue for you and yours.
All- I may be old fashioned, but I sure liked it better when the Rose, Cotton, Sugar, and Orange Bowls were all played on January 1, come rain or shine, and had no sponsor names!! Now one needs a GPS or something to figure when they all are played and what they are all called! Ha! Oh well,
Happy 2012. I'm ready,

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86917: Mornin' y'all. Asking for positive thoughts & prayers today as I do battle in divorce court.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

Will keep you posted- thanks,friends.
possum under a rock

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86918: Morning porch family.

Possum, you sure do have my prayers. I'm sorry you are having to go through all this, but things will get better. Hang in there.

MDC, I agree about the bowl games. I just don't follow them much anymore. It's all about money anymore, ain't it?

Boo, sure am glad your Dad had a good day on his birthday. And I hope Bruce is getting better.

Hey Rev, here's a penny for your travels as you head out on tour this week. Drive safe buddy.

Hey Big Maude, you may have been the only one working yesterday. How'd that happen? :)

Romeena, sure hope you're feeling better. How'd you get a sore throat? To much whoopin and hollerin at our party? Or was it Hazel's chicken ala-killya....I mean ala-king? :)

Well I'm back to work today. Anniversary for me on the job. Been here 28 years now. Whew, what a ride it's been. The Lord has blessed me with good health and good employment over the years. I prat that may continue for a good while longer.

Prayers for all as we start a new year. Make it count, and remember who's made it all possible.


January 03, 2012 - Msg 86919: Morning porch, just stopping by for a minute to warm up. It is very cold on my end of the porch! It was 20 degrees outside as I was coming to work. snow all around us but not at my house or as I was driving in to work. Many of the surrounding areas, especially Southwest Va got ice and snow last night so there are a lot of school changes for today.

Asa, not sure how I ended up working yestersay. Guess I did not realize it was actually a "holiday" when I scheduled my clients. It was not that bad and I muddled through the day okay, managed to keep busy seeing my clients and was off by about 4:15.

Hope you feel better Romeena. Glad your Dad is doing better BOO. It is hard when the roles reverse and we become the parents to our parents.

Lunch menu will be: potato soup with bacon and cheese, mexican corn bread muffins. oatmeal cookies ofr dessert. coffee, tea, kool aid to drink.
Back to work I go

Prayers and blessings all around.
Big Maude

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86920: Hi All.


January 03, 2012 - Msg 86921:
Mornin' honeys and dears. Tis a grand mornin, new year's resolutions all made and now ready to be broken!! haha PappaB says hey!
ASA- CONGRATS on 28 years, lots of hvac changes during that timespan! My dad worked for 32 years at our local newspaper, and is still amazed thatit is published daily without his help! (: Also, yes, I wish the BCS and all its contrived hype would just go away, especially afeter our big Fiesta Bowl scandal!
Hey to big maude, I bet your clients liked coming in on their day off! ha
FLOYD- Happy new year to you and yours!
Prayers for RO, Boo and REV.
2012 we go!

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86922:
TOM- keep that up and I'll make you put your tongue on the flagpole! (:

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86923:
Morning porch family

Boo....glad your dad had a good day.'re right about the bowl games. I liked them being on the first also. And they have a bowl game for everything these days. You can have a losing season and still be in a "bowl". It use to be when you made a bowl game it meant you had a good year.

Asa....thanks for the lucky penny buddy. I'll keep it close. But I've often wondered, if it got ran over by a train, how is it lucky?..:) Thanks though!

Possum...stay strong and you know we're praying!

Well better get all have a blessed day.
Love and prayers

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86924: P.S. Prayers for Possum as she deals with things today.
Big Maude

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86925: TOM..Sorry for the snow, God made Lake Erie & the snow, so you may want to take that up with him...As Dr. Sidney Freidman on M*A*S*H used to say: "Ladies & Gentelman,Take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!"
As the Weatherman predicted, we got 6" of partly cloudy last night......G-F........



January 03, 2012 - Msg 86927: Aw, thanks for all the kind thought concerning Dad. I appreciate every one of them.

Happy job anniversary, Asa! That's a great accomplishment...28 years and still in good standing?! Congratulations.

Been praying for you, Possum. Please let us know how things go as soon as you can.

TOM, it is ever pretty cold here in south texas, if you can believe it. The sun is shining though and it promises to be another perfect day and less windy today.

Better go get some chores done.

Oh, almost forgot...last night i went to the archives to March and read the TAGS eps we made up together. Remember those? I enjoyed reading them altogether and forgot how good/funny they were. I had quite a few laughs reading them again...especially Asa's contributions! haha Maybe we should start another one for the new year. Anyone interested?


January 03, 2012 - Msg 86928:
Prayers for Possum today!

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86929: Thank you all SO much for the prayers.Everything went in my favor at the hearing! Even though his sisters had written sworn statements making me out to be the cause of all the world's troubles & him to be the greatest thing since sliced bread,the judge waded through all that mess and saw the truth and ruled for me. Now I wait until the final hearing. Not sure when that will be,but my lawyer said it should all be over with in April. Can't come soon enough for me!
Again,thanks, and love to all.
possum under a rock

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86930: Thank you Jesus! (:

January 03, 2012 - Msg 86931: Wow. Good news, Possum. So glad the judge wasn't fooled by all their hype. If you want to talk about it, you know where you can reach me. If not, you know I'll be praying anyway. We all will!

It was 32 degrees last night, and there was a layer of frost on my new roof when I drove in from work. I got through my 12 hours okay - not a bad shift. Came home, ate a "sarjit eggamuffin" (as David used to call them) from McD's, and went to bed. Woke up at 4:15, not feeling wonderful but not too bad, but can barely talk. My voice is just a weak little croak. Good thing my fingers do the talking on the porch. I couldn't help laughing (which comes out as a wheeze) when I thought of all the things my Dale would be saying right now. He would be elaborately giving thanks to the Almighty for giving his ears a rest, etc. You get the picture. Oh yes, he would be getting a lot of fun out of this, even as he offered me juice, put my socks on me so my feet wouldn't be cold, offered to make or go buy dinner, - well, as I said, you get the picture. God broke the mold after he made that man.

Friends, please pray for my friend Ray. I've asked for prayer for him before, as he battles renal cancer. He had been in the hospital for a few days, and yesterday they sent him home and ordered hospice care. Unless God intervenes, we won't have Ray much longer. It's heart breaking. He and his wife are such wonderful people, strong and faithful Christians, and so loved by everyone. At this point, it's pretty obvious that God does not intend to heal Ray on this earth. We are now praying for a comfortable journey, and for strength and courage for his precious wife, Nancy. They are extremely close, and this will be very hard for her. How well I know!

Well, I'm going to get some juice and curl up in my big old chair, and thank the Lord that I don't have to work tonight. Sounds like a deal! --Romeena

January 04, 2012 - Msg 86932:
Howdy porch family

Possum....that is such great news. We continue to pray!'s so funny when you tell stories of what Mr Dale would be saying. My wife would probably say that I would say the same thing if she lost here voice..hehe
Also my prayers for Ray and Nancy....that's so sad.

Well supose to get down to 19 tonight...that's cold for us.
You all sleep good and stay warm.
Love and prayers

January 04, 2012 - Msg 86933:
Opps...that was supose to be -REV.. I just got through answering a bunch of emails and just automatically put my

January 04, 2012 - Msg 86934: Yes - I wish you could have known him, REV. You would have liked him very much, and he would have liked you too. He'd have become a strong supporter, believe me.

Well, it's official. I am a dinosaur. Tonight, as I followed the Iowa caucus, I heard them making predictions based on the number of "tweets" each candidate was receiving on "Twitter." Tweet, twitter - good grief. The only tweets I know anything about emanate from tiny feathered creatures in my back yard. It is not something that I, personally, do! Yep, it's official. I am a dinosaur.

Blessings! --Romeena

January 04, 2012 - Msg 86935: Morning dears. Hope the new day finds you all well.

I declare Ro, I know the feeling about technology passing you by. So much of the things I learned as an apprentice electrician is now "old school" and is being replaced with new gadgetry. In some cases it's for the better, but in many others situations, the new stuff just doesn't last as long or is as reliable. I try to keep up, but with each passing year it gets tougher and tougher. I guess each generation goes through it though. I was reading one of my James Herriot books last night, and reading about some of the old school farmers when he was a young vet, who were dealing with trtansforming from working horses to using tractors instead. So many of them really had a hard time making the change, and not just because they feared progress. Many had developed a special relationship with their horses, and loved that way of life. I also remember reading a book of life back in the earlier 1800's. Back then plows were made out of hard wood. But a feller by the name of McCormic came out with the first "steel" plow. He almost went bankrupt because most farmers were convinced that steel would contaminate the soil and ruin it. It wasn't until a few brave farmers started using the steel plow, and they discovered they could plow much more land with much less strain on their beasts, and the crops were every bit as good, that the steel plow finally took off. Gosh, not sure what all this has to do with tweeting and twirping. I'm just rambling on. LOL I will pray for your friend Ray, that his last days will be as comfortable as possible, and that Nancy will be blessed and strengthend to handle her situation. I honestly do not know how folks with no faith are able to handle such situations. I'm glad they do have their faith though.

Possum, I'm so happy your case went well. I pray it will be all over for you in April and you can then lokk upward and onward.

I feel for you Tom and other who are getting that bitter cold. It has been very mild for us thus far. We were near 50 yesterday. Just unheard of around here for January. I can dig it, but I'm sure it won't last. But I am gonna enjoy it while it does for sure.

Well I better get moving. Lots to do today.

Prayers for all.


January 04, 2012 - Msg 86936: Good morning, All!'s not the Return of Barney Fife, it's the return of John Masters. Been a long time comin' and I felt I had to come back here after some life issues, reconnecting with God and just flat missing being on here. So, I will try to catch up with all of you and hope you will all be patient as I try to get back into the loop!
Tonight, SONIC drinks on me!

Good to see you all again!

John Masters

January 04, 2012 - Msg 86937: Good morning, folks - especially you, Asa. It's evident to me that you do understand the frustration I'm feeling. I had a PC when no one else did, an Epson Equity I, purchased when they first came out in 1985 or so. It had dual 5 1/4" floppy drives, and 256K of memory! Can you imagine? Hard drives hadn't arrived yet, and Windows were something that let light into your house. The monster ran off DOS, and I learned the basic DOS commands. Whenever I wanted to use the thing, I had to load the DOS driver disk in first. Much grinding and groaning, and finally a C: prompt would appear. I could now enter the appropriate command and it would try to carry it out. Files were kept on floppy disks, and of course, the machine couldn't find the file if it wasn't in a drive, so I was always "flipping those floppies", as Dale described it. The disks didn't hold a lot, so many times only one or two files would be on a disk.

By that time, Dale had refused to accept a promotion in his sales company, because it would have moved us to Massachusetts, into the home office, and neither of us wanted that. I would never have made it as a "corporate wife" (too out-spoken and independent) and he was too kind and gentle to survive in those shark-infested offices. So he refused, and it cost him his job. He was given the choice - move or resign. He resigned - much to their surprise and dismay, I think. They didn't think he'd do it, but once he did, they couldn't back down. So, in his mid-forties, he was unemployed. Not good, especially not at that time. So, just to keep his sanity and bring in a very few bucks, he took a paper route (they're all motor routes these days, of course) working with a friend who was the city circulation manager. He enjoyed it (was always an early riser) and within about four months, he had been given a district, managing a crew of carriers. He made as much off each route as the carrier did, and he had eleven carriers, so the pay became surprisingly good at that point. It was seven days a week, it's true, but it only involved about five or six hours a day, so it wasn't too bad. Sometimes on Sundays or holidays, I'd go with him to the drop (at 3 a.m.!) and try to help, but usually just got in the way.

Anyhow, one day he suggested that I could keep his carrier records on the computer. At last, something to justify what had been, up until then, just another of my "foibles." I accepted the challenge, and started creating a file for each carrier route. I studied up on making spreadsheets, and learned to write formulas, so that all the math was done automatically. Still, with the files on separate floppies, there was no interface, so my little spreadsheets were quite limited.

Then along came the hard drive, and not far behind was Windows. The rest is history, as they say. I built a master spreadsheet for Dale's entire district, with each route file feeding into it, and all his bookkeeping was done at the touch of a few keys. Of course, the data entry had to be done, but I was quick and accurate with that as the carriers turned in their collections, so at the end of the month, the whole thing always balanced out perfectly. Dale was the envy of the other district managers. At the time of his death, the company was talking to him about moving into a city manager position, which would have been very sweet. But - it was not to be, God had other plans for him.

Well, sorry. I don't know where all that came from - just a little discussion of technology. I guess my point was that I started out ahead of the wave, and now feel like I'm on dry land, pursuing a wave instead, and can't catch it. The biggest problem, I think, is that I really don't care. My phone looks like a fat little hand grenade, and I don't care. It doesn't take pictures or send emails, or tweet or anything. I miss most of my calls because I've accidentally silenced it, and anyway, it's in the drink cup in my car! I'd like to have an iPad, but they're costly and I really can't justify a need for one. Maybe I'll just get a Kindle instead, and read more. Or maybe I'll just renew my library card. --Romeena