August 02, 2011 - Msg 84917:
Ah yes "texas tea," reminds me of a jingle...haha
Rev, good to have you home.
APB for TOM, anyone seen that boy?
Boo, ya gotta hang tough with Erin. This is where all those TAGS eps morals come in handy. Maybe watch the Spoiled Kid ep with her. (and what Ro said:)
Lucy, prayers for you, Maude's friend and all in need.
God bless,

August 02, 2011 - Msg 84918:
Wow, I havent swept in a awhile, and with all our dust storms on this end lately, i must say that it sure needed it! haha

August 02, 2011 - Msg 84919:
And what everyone else said too! (:

August 02, 2011 - Msg 84920: Good grief! I just checked the temperature displayed on my computer screen, which comes from the National Weather Service (I think) and it says it is 109 here in the Dallas area. That's just ridiculous. I'm glad the hospital is air-conditioned, because I'm working tonight. Believe it or not, I remember when that was not the case. When I had my oldest son, born in the Nix Memorial Hospital in San Antonio, that building was NOT air-conditioned. My room had windows which were open to the outside. Traffic noise was loud, even on the upper floors, and yes, the room would have been hot, except he was born in January. Still, in San Antonio, those windows were opened a bit in the afternoon, because it wasn't all that cold outside. Things sure have changed over the years. Now our patients complain if the temperature is a degree or two warmer or cooler than they want it to be. --Romeena

August 02, 2011 - Msg 84921: Hello everyone. It's me Rafe. Sorry for not coming round recently, had some issues I was working through, but God is good all the time! God bless you all. Talk at ya soon...


August 02, 2011 - Msg 84922: Hey!
Quick rock to let y'all know my surgery has been cancelled until the swelling calms down from trauma caused by the car accident I was in last week.
Love to all!

August 02, 2011 - Msg 84923: I'm sorry Rafe for your troubles. Just keep singing, but no moonshine though, ya hear?

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84924: Morning porch. Another day in store for us.

Hey Rafe. Good to see you. Sorry you are going through some tough times but glad you can see Him helping you through them.

Lucy, my goodness, I hope the surgery works out for you whenever you have it.

Nice sweep MDC. You got experience with it. :)

Sure hope the Markets settle down some today. It's very discouraging to see whats going on. I'll leave it at that. :(

Hazel, I bet you are having a wonderful time teaching your daughter about gardening. It's fun to watch them grow and mature and actually seek out your wisdom, huh?

Speaking of gardens, my first crop of corn should be ready by this weekend. So lets have a corn party at my house. Good stuff I gar-un-teee. (That's my Justin Wilson imitation)

Well I'm off to get some work done. Hard to think about this, but August is when I have to start getting things ready for winter here. If I don't start early, I don't have things ready in time. That's my life though. Working on snowblowers in summer and lawnmowers in winter.

Y'all be blessed and have a great day.


August 03, 2011 - Msg 84925: Mornin' dears & honeys! Glad to see Rev back home-hope he brought back some of that cool Maine weather! Gonna be 108 today & could reach 116 tomorrow!
DANG Hot!! Hey Rev,hurry up & open up the doors to the RV & let that cool air out!
Hey to Rafe- prayers, friend.

Y'all have a good hump day- try not to let the heat get to ya!

possum under a rock

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84926: morning porch, hope all is well today. working today and trying to get things accomplished.

My friend saw her surgeon yesterday and has decided to have a double mastectomy. That seems to be the best option for her situation at this point given all the facts she was given. Please continue to pray that this will heal her body and God will guide her and her husband through this. Also, please pray for her family as well. Her older sister came home from work yesterday and found her husband dead. He had some medical problems for a while now (aneurysms sp?) but his death was certainly unexpected and because it was an unattended death they are doing an autopsy. I am sorry to be such a bearer of sad news but I do appreciate your concern and prayers for me and especially knowing you all pray for folks you don't even know. thanks again.

It is supposed to be HOT again here today so guess I will stay in my little office and work away.

Lunch menu will be: grilled cheese sandwhiches with fresh garden tomatoes, chips, pickles. Mr. Cookie bar for dessert. sweet tea, lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all!
Big Maude

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84927: I see that Calvin Coolidge was RIGHT! (:

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84928:
Hello porch family...yes hot here too! 106 right now. the doors open but no cool air coming

Lucy....prayers that all goes well when you're able to have the surgery.

Asa....the corn party sounds great. I was hoping that some of the Maine corn would be in before I left but no luck.

Maude....continued prayers for your friend.....keep us posted.

Rafe....good to see ya back.

Ro....I too remember our hospital had no a/c when I was a kid. They had the windows up pretty much all summer.

You all have a blessed day!
Love and prayers

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84929: Just got my computer up so my first post had to be on the porch. One of many. Pappa bear

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84930: Making my reservations today for Mayberry Days, (10th) year! Any one on the porch going???
6 1/2hr. drive 6 if I drive like Gilley Walker. No, I have learned my lesson...low & slowww, on the straight & narrow from here on out. Got lucky earlier this year, promised the officer I'd be good! A ticket would put a crimp on my Mayberry $$$$

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84931:
Howdy porch family

Pappa glad you got your puter up and going again. Hope to see ya in your rocker more now:)

Goober-Fife....I'm sure the Mayberry days would be a blast. One of these days I'm gonna make it there. Not that far for me but I just stay so blame busy it's hard to get there.

Well you all have a good night and TRY to stay cool. Jesus loves YOU!
Love and prayers

August 03, 2011 - Msg 84932: Thought I better check in for the day before someone thought I spontaneously combusted. ;) Strange to hear you all talking about those high temperatures. Our summer is going along same as usual and we seem to be one of the cool spots in the nation at only 95. I had a feeling when those bad tornadoes were reeking havoc a couple of months ago, that we might be in for some extreme heat. I am anxious to see what this winter might bring...probably record snowfall (sorry are wise to start preparing now for what might be the toughest winter on record, considering how things have been lately).

Been having a great time today watching some Bette Davis movies on TCM. So much fun to watch between loads of laudry, cleaning, and going to the store. :(

Prayers for you friend and her family, Maude. Tough situations.

"Hey" to Pappa Bear!

Romeena, I think the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is about to burn right off the map! Mercy! It has been hotter than blazes there for days on end.


August 04, 2011 - Msg 84933: You're right, Boo. It has been extremely hot. Eloise and I were out and about today, and when we got back to the car we had to stand with the doors open for a couple of minutes before we could even get inside it. The heat builds up to unimaginable levels, in a very short time. In spite of that, four children were left in a car here in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, while their parents went into a plasma center to donate blood, of all things. The kids ranged from two months old to five years old, and were in the car for an unknown length of time, possibly up to two hours. Thank God, someone noticed and called police. The parents are now in jail, which is exactly where they belong. An air-conditioned jail, naturally.

You know, I have all the compassion in the world for the folks who somehow forget and leave a child in a car. I can think it would never happen to me, but I'm sure those folks thought so too, until it did happen. A variation in normal routine, an emergency situation, terrible pressure of a job, an illness, finances, whatever. So often, the people seem like such responsible, caring people, caught in a terrible accidental situation, and you know they're going to suffer soul-deep agony for the rest of their lives. And then you have these two Einsteins, who waltzed into a plasma center, very likely to sell blood for a few bucks, and made the conscious decision to leave their four children in the car, knowing how hot it would be in just a short time. Sure, they may have needed the money badly - I don't doubt that. Their situation may have been desperate. They may have been under pressure. But you just don't decide to leave four helpless children, one just two months old, to roast in a car for an unspecified length of time, while you sit in a cool waiting room for a chance to sell your blood. In the first place, why would they leave a two-month old baby anywhere, much less in a car, with the no one but a five-year-old to supervise? Good Lord in heaven. I hope the state takes those kids (but they won't) and I would hope they would then sterilize the parents so they won't beget more (but they can't, it's not legal) so I hope God will open their empty skulls and pour a few ounces of sense and good judgment in for future reference. Those poor little kids.

Now I see that the "Today" show ran a segment in which they blamed the car companies for kids left in hot cars. More Nanny Government. Next thing you know, next time you buy a pencil it's going to bear a tag that says "Warning! Don't poke this pencil into your eye, it will hurt and will likely cause blindness!" Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Blessings! --Romeena

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84934: Amen Ro, and then when you do stick it in your eye anyhow you can sue the pencil maker, the lead supplier, the pencil sharpener company, heck and even your parents for not teaching you any better.

Hey Papa Bear. Good to see you back. You've been missed.

Goober Fife, someday I hope to make it to Mayberry Days. It would be awesome. I'd love to do the cruise also that Ro has done a couple of times I believe. But like so many today I feel like I'm giving it my all just to keep my head above water.

Boo, did they get your roof all buttoned up? No more toolbelts? What will you do? :) How was the waffle Iron event?

Maude, I'm so sorry about your friends situation. I will pray that the dang stuff has not advanced to far and that the treatment will be successful.

Good to have you back Rev. The old Porch just doesn't seem the same when your not here.

Best get rolling I reckon. Lots to do today.

Love ya all.


August 04, 2011 - Msg 84935: Good morning porchsters. Prayers for all in need. Goober fife ii wik. Am going to may Berry days this year. L hope we can hook up for a visit. Three of us from Lincoln il and I am from danville will be checking in on the twenty first. Look forward to it. Like man in a hurry I will visit more later. Hey to mdc and the rest of the porch. Our weather is dang hot. I even tried openlmg. An igloo hotel but the guests kept complaint that their rooms melted. You would think they would be grateful they didn't. Ha. Pappa bear

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84936: Hard to believe, Ro! leaving little ones in a car at 100+ degrees ON PURPOSE! Makes you wonder what their little lives are like at home. God help them. I am reading a book right now about a woman who escaped from the FLDS church and about the abuse of women and children that go on without any intervention from the state, and they Texas had to bungle the situation when they took those children out of the compound in El Dorado only to return them. I read about a family who fostered twelve of those children while they were out of the compound and 10 of the 12 had suffered physical/s#xual abuse, including some with lasting physical defects from the abuse. One 5 year old with evidence of 19 broken bones. All children were returned to the compound and their families. Some were literally forced out of their foster homes and back to "Yearning for Zion" ranch, where Warren Jeffs was thier "prophet". If you haven't done any research into the FLDS and what is happening right now in El Dorado, Texas, everyone should. Something has got to be done to help those children.

Asa, they finished the house roof but still have some barn roofing to do. I don't miss these particular toolbelts but am hoping that when another crew comes in to replace the drywall in the laundry room, the view will be better. *wink* The waffle iron was not bad...the tech doing it was fast so it was over in a jiffy. The most painful part was waiting in the waiting room for such a danged long time!

What am I doing up so early? I think I might go back for a few winks before any roofers show up. We did get the well dug, finally but now they have to put the tank and the pump in place. They laid the concrete around it yesterday.


August 04, 2011 - Msg 84937: Papa Bear, Good to hear that you are making the pilgrimage to Mayberry Days,first time? Being next door to Indiana did you make it to any of the 3 events at New Castle In.? They were GREAT, alot of guests,very well organized! MDC I think Papa Bear is tring for a wheel chair bolt should we award him one? Boo I think your roofers are like the painter on "Murphy Brown" they come and never leave? What was his name?......

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84938: His name was Eldin, played by Robert Pastorelli, who died in 2004 of an apparent heroin overdose. That's sad - he seemed like such a great guy. Or maybe it was Eldin who was the great guy. Sometimes it's hard to separate the actor from the character.

I wish you folks could see the sight I'm witnessing right now. In my back yard, I have a pear tree. It's about 15 feet tall (needs to be pruned) and was loaded with pears, with emphasis on "was". The pears are not particularly good, at least as far as I know. I've never gotten to sample a fully tree-ripened one. Anyway, as I said, it WAS loaded. There are maybe three dozen remaining right now. At this moment, there are at least three squirrels, just swarming over the tree, "harvesting" the pears. They're like little machines! They'll perch on one limb, reach up and grab another and pull it down so they can reach the pear, and with one quick snip of their little scissor-teeth, the pear is theirs. They then carry it off to parts unknown, and return. As the harvest progresses, they'll start just snipping them off and letting them drop to the ground, but when I go out there later, the pears are gone. They come back for them, apparently. It's fascinating! They're very methodical. They started at the top of the tree, and have worked their way down, stripping it by sections. There's one clump of pears left, on a couple of lower limbs, and they'll be gone in a couple of hours. Nothing but a bare tree left!

Squirrels are quite the little farmers. In a few weeks, the peanut vines they've planted around the yard will start to dry and turn brown, and the squirrels will return and dig up the peanuts that have formed on the little rootlets. They won't leave a single one. I'm always careful to put some raw, in-the-shell peanuts out for them every spring. They shell and eat some, but they also plant some, and they always return to the vines at the right time and dig the new peanuts up. The funny part is, you can't tell by looking at the ground that the squirrels have been there, because they cover up the holes they've dug. I just know they do it because I've seen them, and because the peanuts I uncover when I dig around the vines just magically disappear later. I wouldn't take a dollar-and-a-quarter for this window on my backyard world!

I'm really enjoying the fishpond a lot more now. Since I got the new bio-filter, and changed the setup on the pre-filter, I only have to do maintenance about every two weeks now, instead of every day, and the water is clear and clean. The fish are growing, getting really pretty, and that miserable bird hasn't been back in quite a while. The last time I know of, he spotted the big old plastic snake, decided he didn't want to risk it, and went flapping off over the housetops. I sat here and watched him, ready to bang on the window if he chose to bypass the snake and head for the pond, but he didn't. Haven't seen him since, and the fish are all there. The two baby koi I put in there have grown at least an inch. They have the potential to get well over a foot long in a pond the size of mine. I hope they make it, because they surely are pretty. There are also comets (one is a calico), shubunkins, and regular little goldfish in there. When all have matured, there will be various sizes from about three inches to over a foot in length, and that makes for such a pretty mix. Even though they're different varieties, they do tend to school, and make such a lovely display of vibrant color and activity. It's well worth the effort it takes to maintain it, especially now that I've gotten the filter problem under control. As for the expense, most of that is behind me. It doesn't cost much now to keep it going. I'm not even having to put algae-control chemicals in there, much to my surprise. A properly functioning bio-filter was the answer. That, and the UV light sleeve that I installed a couple of years ago.

Uh-oh. There are now five squirrels, and a big old tail-swishing turf war has broken out over the last remaining clump of pears. This should be fun to watch! Later, taters. --Romeena

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84939:
Morning porch family.

Ro....I agree with your take on those parents.

Thanks's good to be back.

My mom just called and invited me over for lunch so better get over and get some good viddles.

Love and prayers

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84940:
Hey to Pappa Bear! Hope you got my latest letter
about AZ duststorms, etc. Glad you finally made it back. Maybe you and goober-fife (a porch newbie, and one heck of a guy) could meet up there, and wax the steps! ha
So how did our ancestors live BEFORE electricity? ha
Our forefathers banged out the U.S. constitution in a hot room whilst wearing powdered wigs, for months on end!
Now our guys bang out a sorry budget bill whilst in A/C, and then head home for yet another va-kay! :(
Well, hang in there, prayers for all,

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84941:
BOO- from what Ro said above about her fish,
I remembered about those "documentary" cartoons again, because that was another one, like, "Fish tend to travel in schools, lets look in on one coming by now..." and there would be a little "teacher fish" with a little backboard and all the "student" fishes sitting in their little desks! I just loved those when i was a kid. ha
"and now here is a famous outlaw demonstrating his quick draw..." and the guy would grab a sketch pad and start "drawing fast" haha.
How goes things with Erin??

August 04, 2011 - Msg 84942: Mdc. Just got your camel gram today. Goober fife only made one new czasle Indiana shin gig. It was great. Hope to see you at the big event. I will be the one with the loaded goat. Ha. Thanks everyone's. Great welcome back.I it is so hot here that ups made deliveries. By camel again thanks. For the welcome home. Been real busy. S o post s m some later good nigh

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84943: The above was pappa bear

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84944: Good Friday porch. We made the weekend. Well, just about there. To plagerize Yogi Bear.... yabba dabba doo!

So it does make you wonder what folks did before a/c came around. I hate , just hate the extremes in temps. It brings out the worst in people. And because my job is to make sure all the a/c equipment is working (or heating equipment in the winter) I get the brunt of peoples moaning and groaning and whimpering. And let me tell you, the worst of them by far are not women, but a bunch of burly diesel mechanics. The shop they work in is cooled with evaporative coolers. Because of the dry climate here, most of the time these units do a pretty decent job. But at best they will drop temps about 20 degrees. So if you have a 95 degree day out there, and the relative humidity is say below 15%, you should have a shop around 75 degrees. My gosh, you ought to here these fellers cry cause it is not cool enough for them. The last week here we have had some moist air come up from the south. That will make the evap. coolers much less effective. Wow. These guys act like they are going to die. I checked the temps yesterday and it was 79 in the shop. It's the best this equpment will do under these circumstances. And yet, the whining drones on! (HA!Can you tell I've had a gut full?)
Anyway, it's the same every summer, and in 6 months the crying will be because they are to cold. I told one guy yesterday I was gonna call him a waaambulance. I think I need a vacation. :)

Boo, I see the jury convicted Jeffs yesterday. Good! I hope they put him in jail and throw away the key! Unreal what folks will do and how they will behave under the cloak of "doing the Lords will". Shame on them!

MDC, Look feller, These Pomogranite (sp) tree's won't grow by themselves you know! HA! I wish Reid would go back to Nevada permanantly. We would all be better off. And take his little dog Pelosi with him! (sorry, the stock market has me a bit edgy this morning. I'll quit now)

Anyway, I hope you all have a good day. HA1 I9 hope I have a good one too. I'm sounding pretty onery this morning, ain't I?


August 05, 2011 - Msg 84945: So funny about the "waaambulance" ASA! haha..I'm gonna have to use that one. Poor Bruce needed one last night! He has been kicking himself since we put on the new roof. We went with a darker roof this time and it is making a big difference in upstairs...hotter. He hates making bad decisions and can't seem to just chalk it up to experience. Its not like you can change it. He was also down because his truck finally "bought the farm" and has a cracked engine block. We were expecting to have to replace it soon, so no real big surprise. Also, he lost bunches of money yesterday from his retirement account (just the way things are in the economy right now), and he is fretting about the laundry room needing to be gutted. He works so hard, and believe me he does, and he just doesn't handle setbacks well. I guess he is just tired. It makes me want to tell him to just sell the house, quit the job and move. Surely he would be happier doing something else..or not...he is the kind that worries no matter what, seems to me. It is like he feels the need to be perfect and always make perfect decisions...its like an obsession and I am afraid of what it is doing to his health. I guess we have talked about this before but I wish I could understand him. Trying to tell him that it's "ok...nobody has a terminal illnes..we have a great life" is like looking the cat in the face and telling him how to do algebra. It gets nowhere. Can any of you guys explain this to me?!

Better get going on the chores.


PS-Yep, I knew when Warren Jeffs came to Texas, they would convict him. I have read alot about his branch of the FLDS and it is really unbelievable what goes on.

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84946:
Hey Folks

Asa-Don't worry about the stock market. I think it's a lot like sausage, we'd never eat that if we saw the process, but the end result is good.

Peace to all,

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84947: Asa, Waaaaambulance...Have not heard that Bruce Willis line for awhile..Good one! 1 wheel chair bolt for that post!...MDC thanks for the kind words to Papa Bear...PB, at least UPS don't use Giraffs you may never get a package, they'd keep it for themselves....TOM, are you stuck in a possum hole or something? No one has heard from you, or did you take a road trip back to CLEVLAND? Where are all the "Mother Figures" seems like you're laying low.....or maybe the guys just have more time on their hands??? Speaking of that better get back to work....

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84948: Good morning, porch! I just got up, in response to a call from Joe, my landscaper friend. He's coming by to get some work done that we had been talking about. It was 9 a.m., time for anyone to be up, but I guess I can be forgiven, since I didn't go to bed until 5. I worked last night from 11 to 4. They wanted me to stay the whole shift, but I knew I needed to get some rest, as today will be busy. So - they took what they could get, and I got time and a half for it. Not a bad deal. I'm going to do a few more of those short pick-up shifts - it's good money!

Yep, I'm glad they convicted Jeffs. The man is deranged, or as my Dale would have said, he's just downright sin-sick. I think everyone knows that he's not truly representative of the LDS church, and they will be as happy as everyone else to see him convicted. Speaking as a Baptist, I'm not particularly happy when that old devil, Fred Phelps, represents himself and his crowd of thugs as being the "Westboro Baptist Church." He is no more typical of a Baptist than Jeffs is typical of the LDS church. Both are tools of the devil, busy trying to embarrass the cause of Christ. Shame on both of them.

Well, Jorge is here, I see him out back, just finding things to do until Joe gets here. He is one hard-working guy. Joe is picking up some greensand, and they're going to spade it into the big island flowerbed, then plant the flats of pentas and periwinkles I bought. We killed the weeds out with vinegar, now we're starting over.

Blessings, friends! Try to stay cool. --Romeena

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84949:
ASA- I think you meant Fred Flintstone above. Ha
Ya gotta get those cartoons right man! ha
I feel your pain bro! ha "Just back away from the AC unit..." (: Prayers.
Boo-In "knowing" you all these years, I'll just say this about your question above. I seem to see several "patterns' in people's lives.
One fits your situation. I call it "Can't catch a break." In other words, things just always seem to happen to you guys. The new home was to be the big problem solver over the apt, yet it seems to have a number of more problems that keep coming up, etc. Just things like that. With others, things just all seem to flow so smoothly along. And for others, they have a bit of both.
I dont know the WHY of it, it is simply my observation.
I will tell you this, I go around and bless my home every once in a while. If anything inadvertently got in, I say in Jesus' name to leave, etc. Just a thought.
Well, have a good day all,

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84950: Lunch time!...hey gang...storms here have kept me busy!...lets have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches,veggie soup and some maude slaw.....I will start now..Rev you in town?...will read in just a bit.SPOT

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84951: Hey Y'all! Howdy,Pappa bear-great to see you back on the Porch!

Oh gosh,the heat! I'm not even gonna go there,other than to say it is DANG hot in SC!!

Thank God someone spotted those kids in the car, Ro! But you're right-what kind of life will they have with imbeciles for parents? May angels always watch over those little ones.

Prayers for your friend & her family, Maude.

Glad that Jeffs got a guilty conviction. Oh, he is one evil, sick person!

I like the thought of speaking blessings over your home,MDC. Good thought..

Well, let me head over to spotty's doghouse for some lunch-see y'all there!

possum under a rock

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84952:
ePossum, regarding the blessing, I guess you could say that i just want to "get the h--- outta there!" (:


August 05, 2011 - Msg 84953:
epossum? how's that happen? (:

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84954:

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84955: Hi, porch! I'm back. Worked in the yard with Joe and Jorge until almost 2 p.m. Then picked up Eloise and her granddaughter and great-granddaughter and took them out to the airport. They're flying to Ft. Walton Beach this evening, then when the "we're gonna drive" part of the family arrives tomorrow, they'll go on to Destin for the week. Eloise said no way was she driving with the 18-mo old in the car. Can't say I blame her. Anyway, my David and Brittney went also, and my grandsons, so Im the only one left at home. I guess it's just as well that I'll be working Saturday, Monday and Wednesday nights, because there's nobody left here to play with! Toye Starr will be a happy puppy, because Bentley is staying with us, and she just loves him. They'll have a wonderful time, and I guess all I'll do is work! Sniffff! (Po, po me!)

The yard looks so pretty! The big flower island is no longer a week-choked eyesore, and is nicely planted with pentas and periwinkles. I'll keep watering regularly, and it will be beautiful in a few days. I love the yard after a day of work. Eddie was here too, so it has been mowed and edged, in addition to the flowerbed work that was done. I've run a couple of sprinkler zones, so the birds have descended in great numbers, both to prowl the newly-mowed grass for worms and bugs, and to enjoy the wet grass. They played in the spray too, while it was running. Anytime I look out there, something is moving somewhere, there's never a dull moment. I just love it!!

Well, tonight is bunco night, so guess I'd better go get in the shower. After a day in the yard, I'm not fit company for a flock of goats, let alone a group of nice ladies. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84956:
Hello porch some much needed rain today....Praise the Lord!

Ro....I would agree with Dale....that dude is sin-sick. They better keep an eye on him in prison cause those guys in prison can't stand child rapist.

Spot.....yep I'm back in town. We just got those storms that you guys had.

Sitting here watching Jeopardy with my daughter......I would tell ya'll that I'm getting all the answers but.....:)
OK it's back to the Braves.

Love and prayers!

August 05, 2011 - Msg 84957: I was thinking the same thing, REV (about Jeffs in prison) but I'll just bet you that they put him in some sort of seclusion to protect him...wait and see. I must say, though, that I am proud of Texas for prosecuting Jeffs when other states seemed to be unable or unwilling to open their eyes and do something. The terrible problems within the FLDS have been know for many years but not dealt with since the raid in 1958.

Bruce has been down in the dumps all day. I had a long talk with him and I know I said everything any of you would say to help him but he is just going to have to work things out for himself. I think they are killing him at work with the projects he is on and he works so hard all the time. He needs a break but there is no way to take one until the end of september unless he just up and quits. I told him that if he wants to sell this house, find another job and get the heck out of here, I am right behind him. I want him to be happy and he is just to stressed to be.

MDC, I know what you mean about problems that have cropped up since the house has been built and I try to be understanding toward Bruce but to me, when I look around, our problems seem so very small compared to most. I just can't help but rejoice every single day. I can't help it. I just had some really rough years in my life and there were times I didn't want to live but the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful family and such sweet friends, and eternal life! I want to soak up and enjoy every day because I am sure these are the best years of our lives, while our children are still under our roof and my parents are still with me. I really try not to sweat the small stuff.


August 06, 2011 - Msg 84958:
Well BOO, you could always invest $400, and open up a Chinese Restaurant like Aunt bee did! ha
and tell the noodle people that they're off their noodle!" teehee
I saw that colored ep tonight on TV, and it seemed like they were really "grasping" for jokes and Andy seemed rather "plastic" in it. Definitely not a fav.
Boo, my prayers are with you, as you have indeed "caught a break!...the Lord! (:

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84959:
Morning porch family.....still cloudy here today.

Boo.....prayers for you and Bruce that he would get some time to just rest and get some much needed refreshing in the Lord!

MDC....I saw that same ep a couple weeks ago and thought the same thing.

Well gotta get ready for a day out with the family. Taking my wifey, daughter and her boyfriend out.
Love and prayers!

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84960: Oh my goodness! REV, Erica has a boyfriend? How serious is it? How are you handling it? Of course, I'm sure she wouldn't choose someone who wasn't a great guy, but knowing how much you love that beautiful girl, I think the young man had better just about walk on water.

Boo, I'm praying for you and Bruce. You're in a rough patch right now, and Bruce really needs to step away and get some rest, even if it's only a few days off to putter around home and do as he pleases. What do you do with guys like that? I don't know. Eloise is pretty upset with Jerry right now, because at the last minute, he backed out of the Destin trip. Had his plane ticket and everything, but he decided to stay home and work! His phone never stops ringing with people needing his services. He installs and repairs a/c units, and in this heat, he's got customers backed up for miles. He's working from dawn to well past dark, and still can't get caught up. He says he just can't go off on vacation and leave people with hot houses. Also, he sees a lot of $$$ going away if he's not here - doesn't want his regular customers having to call someone else. I see his point - but he's killing himself. His health isn't good, and in those attics in this murderous heat - well, it's pretty scary. He talks about retiring, but Eloise says he never will, and I think she's right.

Well, guess I'll go find something to eat, then try to catch a little nap this afternoon. I have to work tonight, so a couple of hours of sleep beforehand will really help. Guess I won't make it to preachin' in the morning - will be too sleepy after working all night - and I got some new dangly earrings, too! I'll just wear them next week, I suppose. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84961: Boo, I've been at the same job for 36yrs. I thought too, I was invincable and could do it all, but there comes a time where you just "NEED TO BE A GIRAFFE" and be selfish with your time and just say NO. Been there done that! Feel better for it! Don't mean to stick my nose in, but WHAT"S YOUR HURRY?
MTD..(Mayberry Therapetical Advisor)

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84962: Just so you know..... I got my MTD degree from Dr. Pendyke.

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84963: Sorry it is MTA (Mayberry Therapetical Advisor)
Degree.....from Dr. Pendyke.... G-F

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84964: Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragment! You folks are the best. Bruce is still moping and obsessing but he will come around...soon, I hope.

That is a tough situation with Jerry and Eloise, Ro. I guess there are lots of guys like Bruce and Jerry (sounds like an ice cream company..hmm).

It is super hot here today but still not over 100 like alot of folks. I had to go to two different birthday parties, one was at a park from noon to 2pm! We were in the shade and there was a breeze but boy, they should have done it in the evening. It was Emily's (St Susan's grandchild) fourth birthday..can't believe she is already four.

Already took a shower and now I am going to kick back for awhile. I'll try to be back to say goodnight. :)


August 06, 2011 - Msg 84965: I think we need to ask Floyd to install a spell check on the porch! invincable? I before E except after C and there should not be an "A" in invincible. I useta could be a good speller.
Night All.....G-F Over & Out

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84966: ...I always forget that rule...
- Hazel

August 06, 2011 - Msg 84967: Barney: "R-E-V-E-N-G!"
Andy: "Reveng?"

Spell check would be really useful, wouldn't it?


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84968: Good Morning porch...keeping the Church lights on! the next 3 weekends off...glad yer in town Rev...ya can come and eat with us...hey Lucy,Boo,auh20,mavis,hazel,NN,asa,mdc,Ro and all...lets just have coffee and a piece of toast...and Then a big spread after Church...I will bring the maters and Fried Chicken and a jar of my hot peppers....spread at 1:00 est...SPOT

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84969: Spot, speaking of MATERS, the other day I ordered a BLM, the watress asked "What's a BLM"?
I said " Bacon Lettuce & MATER". She looked at me funny and said: What's a MATER? If I have to explain ,you would'nt understand! Just give me a #3. There is little hope for this Generation...
Have a good day ALL...Goober-Fife

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84970: G-F, yesterday my daughter, Erin, asked me if before her friends came to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday, could she and I watch some TAGS together. How neat is that? She loves watching it with me. :)

Didn't go to preaching today. I was on my feet alot yesterday and when I went to bed last night, my right leg was aching and kept waking me up. It feels like a torn muscle and I took some advil and have been on the heating pad. I am so tempted to get up and start doing housework but I know I have to let it rest. Today I think I will work on updating the kid's chore lists and start making a schedule for the new school year. Not sure when we will starting yet...probably end of August.

Bruce is still obsessing on what needs to be done around here but seems some better today. He didn't bother to go to church, though, which is highly unusual. He called and had someone else take his sunday school class this morning. Maybe he just needs to rest. I know he is struggling with his faith, though.

Better go put my foot up.


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84971: not a torn muscle, but a pulled muscle...


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84972: Boo, That's how it is when the Grandkidders come over, they love watching TAGS with Papa. We can always find a lesson from them! :) Maybe we could get help from fellow porchsters on a Rx eppisode for Bruce.....I know it always helps me when the world closes in....I'ts THERAPETIC !You're not talking to a jerk ya know...
Goober-Fife.... MTA ><>........><>...

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84973: You probably have a fracture of the petula obindala, Boo. Soak it, soak it a lot.
- Hazel

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84974: ooops, I don't know how all those spaces got in there. Must be the fallout.
- Hazel

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84975: Naw Hazel. I think Boo has a torn calcium. Classic symptoms of a torn calcium. Requires hourly application of Miracle Salve.


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84976: How about I soak it and then apply the Miracle Salve...I'm think it might the "versitis" like Aunt Bee's cousin had.


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84977: Why don't be ask Helen, she's a teacher.
- Hazel

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84978: I meant "Why don't WE ask Helen, she's a teacher."

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84979: Will you ask her, Hazel? You know I don't get along with her.


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84980: Versitis? You never said anything about walking crooked Boob. This changes everything.
Maybe you have a touch of the pip!


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84981: Crooked boob? Oh dear. Leave that second "b" off of there. (I'm ashamed of myself)


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84982:
Good worship day porch family.

Race fans.....good race today after the rain.

Ro.....yep my baby is seeing a young man and yes they are very serious. They been seeing each other for close to a year. And yes I approve of him. He's like a son I never had and treats my baby like a queen. Of course it might be because he knows that I love guns and know how to use No just kidding...we love him. His dad is a pastor and very good folks and they love Erica. I told his dad that Jonathan is the young man that I've been praying for Erica since she was a baby. He's a high school teacher and a coach. Well I've bragged enough but I'm just a proud dad:)

Spot.....our Braves are hanging in there for the wild card....just ahead of MDCs DBacks. They will be playing each other next.

Gotta get moving.
Love and prayers!

August 07, 2011 - Msg 84983: Who you callin' a crooked boob, ASA?!

REV, you let us know as soon as they set a date, you hear? What a blessing. God does answer prayer about such things. My sister always prayed for the woman her son would marry someday and she sure is a sweetheart and a Christian who has a heart for serving the needy. She and my sister get along great, too, like good friends.

Speaking of MIL's..just had to take a laxative to my mother-in-law. Poor thing seems to be full of...ahem...I'm tempted but I'm not gonna say it (especially on Sunday).

The versitis is getting better so think I'll go clean the kitchen. Adios.

Oh, it got up to 100 but lots of wind today so it doesn't feel as hot as usual. When you turn on the cold tap water, it comes out warm...doesn't even feel the least bit cool, though. I think when we get that water well hooked up to electric, I am going to start taking my cool water, redneck showers outside behind the barn or something! Can't wait for that nice, cool well water to just pour all over me. Yippee.


August 07, 2011 - Msg 84984: Forgot to say that Sean has a girlfriend now. He has known her since they were both three and they are great friends. I like her and she and her parents go to our church and have been friends for years. Sean doesn't drive yet so they don't go out on actual dates, and they aren't alone ever. They visit at our house or her's when a parent is at home and they both volunteer at a Christian thrift store together and sit in church together. I am waiting to see how things might work out. They are still young (sean is 16 and a half) but we'll see. In the meanwhile I am being very careful and talk to him often about how to behave and respect the girl.


August 08, 2011 - Msg 84985:
Good morning all! I say that tongue in cheek, as we wake up to this credit situation! How did this happen to the USA? Well, I know the answer, greed, pure and simple. We really need the Lord folks. I saw Gov. perry on TV Sat. That guy is on the right track! OK, with that off my chest, I can say have a good day, but just don't look at the stock page! ha
REV- our local TV is doing color eps right now,
and again, I know I'm beating a dead horse, but once the barney/Andy team was gone, the show went down faster than an S & P rating! Andy just didnt "click" on his own.
Well, take care all,

August 08, 2011 - Msg 84986: Good morning, porch! Wow, Boo, Sean has a girlfriend? Oh mercy! The fun is just beginning. Now he'll get all moony and distracted, won't be able to concentrate on anything for more than three seconds, will be lazy and useless around the house and will bite your head off if you ask any questions, but will get his feelings hurt if you don't show interest. Bless you, my dear. You're going to need it. Here's a tip - if you don't care much for the girl, keep it to yourself. Any objection on your part will obligate him to hold on that much tighter. However, you have already said that you like the girl, and that's wonderful. Just know that you need to pretty much keep that to yourself as well. You can be nice to her, and occasionally speak well of her, but don't show too much approval, or he'll push her away. Remember, he's well within the "separation from mom and dad" stage of his life, and in his teenage mind, the only way to establish his autonomy is to do the opposite of what you want, think the opposite of what you think, etc. It's all about making his own decisions and choices, and it will be several years before he'll be mature enough to realize that choosing to agree with you is in itself a choice. You have raised him well, brought him up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord", and set good examples for him. Nature is now winding him up, your role is to stand back and let him run. Pray that he'll run on the track you laid out for him.

REV, I'm so glad that Erica has chosen well, but I'm not at all surprised. You folks are entering such a wonderful phase of life right now. You love your daughter, of course, but now you're into the part where you're free to just like her too, and enjoy her company, not only as a daughter, but as a friend. That she has chosen a young man who will fit into that picture is just wonderful. How does little Jake feel about him? There's a good barometer! Dogs know!

I'm having a draggy week. Eloise is in Destin, and David and Brittney and the boys are there too, so I have no one to play with. My back is giving me fits, I walk all crooked for the first couple of hours when I get up, and it just never stops hurting. (sniff) If I tried to describe the pain, I'd sound just like Emma. I'd take a muscle relaxer, but it makes me soooo sleepy, and I've got to work tonight. Worked Saturday night, and had a really great night, for a change. Had three moms and three babies, all nice folks, one couple in particular that I had a lot of fun with, and babies all good feeders, no issues. I hope tonight goes as well.

I found the cutest pink flamingo (I may have told you this) a few weeks ago, and he's now standing out in the big flower island, since it's now weed free and contains some flowers once again. He's a metal sculpture, not the standard pink plastic, and he's really fun. I love whimsical things like that. Scattered around the yard, you'll find a metal-sculpture cat, a couple of metal lizards, some carved wooden ducks, several little elfin angels (very small, usually sitting on a boulder somewhere), four stone turtles (one with river-rock insets in his shell) and three resin meerkats, up on their haunches looking around. When you just look out there, you don't see any of these things, except the flamingo and the meerkats. Everything else is just tucked in and you find them as you walk around the yard. They're nestled in, around and under shrubbery or next to a boulder or something. I love the little surprise encounters.

The plumeria tree is blooming nicely, for a change. It has several clumps of deep coral-red flowers on it. I guess the squirrels finally quit eating the buds - probably about the time they started eating the pears, the little knotheads.

Well, better go tidy up the kitchen, then think about resting a while before I go to work. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 08, 2011 - Msg 84987: Well, Romeena, Sean's "girlfriend" told him last night that she like's his best friend, Josh, so guess she doesn't have the same feeling sean has. I know how they are though, they will remain friend.

Better get back to the chores. will be back later.


August 08, 2011 - Msg 84988:
Hello porch family.....yep it's still HOT in SC:)

Possum...did ya'll get any rain over there? It rained like crazy in Newberry and Saluda but not here.

Ro....very good advice to Boo concerning Sean. It's stage that they have to feel they are "making" the choices not mom and dad. I had to learn that a couple times through the years the hard way. The dad nature in me wanted to step in a take control.
As for him and Jake....o my word they love each other to death. They are always playing and fighting each other. Erica said that was a "MUST" But really...he loves Jake so much. And of course remind me to show you pics when I see you in October.
Speaking of's looking like I will be in Monroe, La on the Tuesday and then in Livingston, Tx on Wednesday night before being with you folks on Thursday so at least I won't have a real long drive on Thursday coming your way.

Well my wifey is on her way home so I better get off here and look like I'm doing something productive....LOL

Love and prayers!