October 25, 2010 - Msg 81478: Morning porch, time to wake up, breakfast is ready!

A rainy and very windy Monday on my end of the porch. My umbrella about blew inside while I was walking into the office and my poor hairdo is certainly a windblown look now. I just heard on the radio that a tornado cloud had been seen in the area, Tornado's are not seen much in these mountain areas.

Breakfast menu: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, english muffins, jelly, country ham, cofee, tea, chocolate milk. someone bring a paper.

Loved your picture from the cruise Ro. lovely just lovely! Wish I could meet you in person someday.

have a great day. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81479: Wow, looks like the wind even swept the porch!
Big Maude

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81480: Mornin' y'all! Maude,we're expecting some of that same nasty weather here today,too. Hope nobody gets the tornadoes,but we do need rain badly.

I had Miss Laci this weekend,so wasn't able to sit & rock on the Porch much.Did I tell y'all that she has a little boyfriend on the school bus? Yep,from what I hear,he's a cutie-looks like the kid on "Jerry McGuire"-they sit next to each other & hold hands! Wish I could see them!

Well, I'd better get some errands done before the storms move in. Y'all have a great day!

P.S. Ro, you & Eloise looked very lovely indeed!
possum under a rock

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81481:
Good sweep Maudie! Just a quick hello, more later,

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81482: Thanks for b-fast Maude!...Im like MDC just a quick hey....doing pasture fence repair today...late lunch at Burger King...SPOT

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81483: Rush, rush,rush!

Slow down... take it easy...

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81484:
Well hello porch family....it's been a few days but been really busy on the road. The concerts are going great. I'm touring in LA now but was in TX last week.

I had such a wonderful time with Ro at her church. Some great folks there. And of course Ro....she's one of a kind. She is the sweetest lady! We had lunch together the next day before I had to head out for my other concerts later that night and it was so much fun. (Of course I ate to much!) I already look forward to next year.

Well I better get going. I'll try to catch up on the archives and see what's been going on.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81485:
Hey REV, will you be going back thru Phoenix?
if so, maybe we could meet up fro a quick Hey.

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81486:
Hey there MDC.....the LA that I'm in is Louisiana not the L.A. in Ca:) So I won't be heading through AZ on this tour.
But thanks for the invite anyway...-REV.

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81487:
ANDY: Y' all cooking for yourselves now that Charlene's married, are you?
BRISCOE: Oh, the boys there...they been takin' turns. They're just about the worst
cooks they is. Just the other night they cooked up about the worst mess of
grub I ever did see...hoot owl pie! Perfectly good hoot owl, just plumb

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81488:
Bummer Rev, well it was worth a shot.

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81489: HEY ALL.
Will MDC Iwish he wound come me way here in CLARKSBURG WV SOMETIME.
Will it ben raining off and on all day.


October 25, 2010 - Msg 81490:
We are having mild temperatures here in the Chicagoland area. However, by tomorrow morning, they are predicting thunderstorms with heavy winds gusting up to 65mph!. One of my neighbors sure picked a bad time to shingle his garage roof.

Asa and any other NASCAR fans, you can watch the entire 43 minute Undercover Boss episode about NASCAR by visiting http://www.cbs.com/primetime/undercover_boss/. Don't delay too long since I don't know how long that link will remain active.

from Poor Horatio

October 25, 2010 - Msg 81491: Watch them boys, Possum!

Had an exceptionally nice day for the funeral. The sun came out, but the temps remained comfortably cool. And the rain didn't come.
Since my (I don't know what I would call him) "godbrother" is a deacon, he did a lot of the service. More than I would've expected for a guy who just lost his mother. I could see by the homily(for those who don't know what that is, it is basically a sermon) he gave that he is still the same guy I knew: gentle, caring, firm in his faith. Watching him reminded me of our pastor after he had lost his son last year. The attitude, composure, and solid faith of these two men during the funerals for their loved ones gave me the thought that these were people who knew where they were going, and knew who was going to be there when they arrived. What a wonderful way to live this life.

Take care with those storms, Poor Horatio. I saw the forecast on the weather channel and those look like some doozies headed your way. More up North we are just going to get rain, it looks like. And then later in the week, snow. Eegad! Time to break out the snow shovel, and put away the shorts.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81492: troublecheck

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81493:
Barney: "Look buddy, how I vote is my business..."
Hi all, just askin' ya all to exercise the right to vote next Tuesday, Nov 2. To say it's important
is an underestatement, so i won't. haha
Good to see TOM, PH, Sterling and all.
Prayers abound,

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81494:
APB!! (:

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81495: They took Casey's hard cast off yesterday and he felt immediate relief in the pain. I would say it wasn't exactly positioned right. Thanks for the prayers - gotta run now but will get back later.

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81496: Glad to hear Casey got some relief!

Did I already tell you that my goat's ear fell off yesterday? Yep, you read right...that old dead ear finally dropped off and a stub, of sorts, remains. That's good because will speed up the healing process but we found an infected puncture wound under the good ear that has to be treated and I had to get another antibiotic injection from the vet today.

Been busy and not much time to stop by the porch this week. Hopefully things will slow down soon.


October 26, 2010 - Msg 81497:
HM- so glad casey is better, and that we had a couple of quick-witted nurses here on the porch to
suggest cast removal! And not only that, they are
much beeter to get a kiss on the jaw from, than a rub from a mule's nose! haha

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81498: O K Who sant the shorm this?
It was a nice day watm out ben out all day in it but now the old dart clu came in!


October 26, 2010 - Msg 81499: Hey gang ..Rev motor safe...look for the Food truck!...well football fans ...Auburn #1...good deal...well storms here today....lots of rain but we needed it...hey MDC,HM,sterling,Romeena,Lucy,Boo and all....anyleft overs?...Im hungry!...SPOT

October 26, 2010 - Msg 81500: You are right MDC - I called the doctor three times Monday morning and they didn't call back. I told Case to get in the truck - we are headed to Cincinnati. Once I was headed out - I made the fourth call and said, "I'm a coming. Like it or not." They fit us in, snipped off the cast and he had relief. No cast now, just wearing that big ol boot. The little boy turns 14 on Friday. What happened to that little preemie baby I brought home??

The rain was a welcome relief today. Didn't care much for the storms and we are still in a drought.

Guess it is time to hit the hay!


October 27, 2010 - Msg 81501: Morning folks, hope everyone is doing okay today. Raining again on my end of the porch and supposed to rain all day. good sleeping weather but I am at work (yawn)!

Looks like we need breakfast: pancakes, maple syrup, butter, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, eggs, coffee, tea, chocolate milk, orange juice.
lets eat and then take a nap.

Glad Casey is doing better without that ole cast.
gotta get back to work. have a blessed day
Big Maude

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81502: Good for you, HM. You're a good mama. Glad you got some rain. Can you believe it has been in the 90's here this week?! Supposed to be more of the same today with high humidity.

You're nice MDC. :-)

Mornin' Maude...thanks for breakfast.


October 27, 2010 - Msg 81503: Good morning, porch! HM, good for you! You definitely did the right thing. A painful cast is not normal, and should be investigated right away. There will always be some pain, but it shouldn't be that much worse than it was before the cast was applied. This is a perfect example of the need for consumers to be informed, and to take initiative in managing their health care at times. There are two sides to the story, of course. To take the devil's advocate position for a moment, I can see what the medical staff might have been thinking. He's been in pain all along, the cast is heavy and always causes a little discomfort, he's tired of the whole thing and that can tend to magnify the discomfort, etc. However, not returning your calls is inexcusable. They should have returned the first call, asked some pertinent questions that would no doubt have led them to the conclusion that something was indeed wrong, and the whole problem would have been solved. You did the right thing when you forced their hand, and they'd better thank their lucky stars that you did, before some serious complications set in. Pressure ulcers, mis-aligned healing, sepsis come to mind. Boo, do you agree?

Your goat's poor little ear just fell off? Good grief! Nature seems to have a way of healing injuries in animals at times. I remember a little squirrel around here that was dragging a damaged tail. The first couple of inches of the tail were fine, but then the rest just hung limply and had no fur. It had been, to use a medical term, "degloved". How, I don't know, unless a cat had latched onto it, biting through the skin, and as the squirrel pulled, it just skinned the tail. Anyway, it was all black and looked infected. I tried to catch him, but couldn't. I would have taken him to the vet to have the damaged tail amputated. Anyway, the poor little thing dragged that miserable tail around for a week or so, and then one day he came scampering in, with just a little two-inch ball of fluff where his tail used to be. I guess the thing finally dried up and dropped off. Amazing.

Well, gotta run. I have to take the car in for repair. Seems there's an airbag that supports the rear shocks, with a compressor that keeps it properly inflated. That bag has developed a tiny hole, and is leaking air, so the compressor is running nearly all the time. Obviously, this will soon wear the compressor out, and it's big bucks to replace it. The airbag isn't cheap, but it's a sight cheaper than the compressor. So, off to Sewell I go. They'll give me a loan car (no charge) and it will be a nice car, probably less than 10k miles on it. You can't beat Sewell for service.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81504: Good Morning, Everyone!

Just thought I would drop by to let you all know that I am still alive. That rumor of me shooting myself was just a rumor. I just nicked myself cleaning my gun. LOLOL!

Sorry I have been absent. Much going on and still struggling with finding some peace.

Hope this finds you all ok!

John Masters

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81505:
John! Good to see ya. Those sulfa drugs are great! ha
I hope all porchsters survived the storms! My goodness, waht a lot of damage they have done.
Prayers for all!

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81506: I heard that a guy that goes my the screen name of "Imagineer" has a bunch of TAGS original set stuff for sale on Miss Crump's Blackboard. I can't seem to find him or see what he's selling. Any suggestions?
Carolina Tom

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81507: Hey y'all!Yep, the storms sure have been awful across the country lately. Hoping all the Porchsters are safe & sound.

HM, so glad that Casey got some relief-finally! And kudos to you by taking matters into your own hands and getting him back to that doctor. You've sure got my vote for "Mayberry Mother of the Year."

Well, looky here, it's John Masters! Good to see ya back on the Porch!

Carolina Tom,wish I could help you.Nobody with the screen name "Imagineer" hangs out here on the Porch. My best suggestion would be for you to post over at Miss Crump's Blackboard concerning this. Good luck and feel free to come back and rock with us on the Porch anytime.You can sit next to me- I'm a Carolina possum! LOL

Y'all have a good hump day- love to all!
possum under a rock

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81508:
Possum, you are a bird in this world! ha
Is that even possible? teehee

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81509:
Hello porch family....another hot day here on the road.

HM....so thankful you took action with the doctors and so glad he's feeling better.

Carolina Tom....sorry I can't help you with that one. As possum posted, we don't have a "Imagineer" here on the porch. But of course we welcome you to stop in whenever you can and rock with us. Some wonderful folks on here.

JM....good to see ya in your rocker.

Possum....be sure to keep SC straight while I'm away and make them behave themselves:)

Well better get going. You all have a blessed day and know that you are all in my prayers!
Love ya'll....-REV.

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81510:
Welcome Carolina Tom. Although I only visit Miss Crump's a couple of times a year, I visited it today to help you out. After logging in, I clicked on the MEMBERS tab, typed in IMAGINEER in the FIND MEMBER BY NAME search box, then clicked on GO. When the list displayed IMAGINEER's basic info, I left clicked on the name IMAGINEER, and that brought up more information including CONTACT INFO. Click there to send a personal message to IMAGINEER.

from Poor Horatio

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81511:
Carolina Tom, I just noticed another unique feature over at Miss Crump's. Follow all the steps I mentioned in my Msg 81510. Then at the very bottom of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section, there is a GO button that will display the last few postings from IMAGINEER. You can select to view up to the last 25 postings. I tried this and found some of his/her postings about authentic memorabilia he/she has for sale.

from Poor Horatio

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81512: Hi, I'm back. The loan car that Sewell gave me is a Cadillac CTS, with about 5500 miles on it. Nice looking car, VERY peppy and responsive, lots of get-up-and-git. It's considerably smaller than my car, and rides like a buckboard, by comparison. It doesn't have that "Cadillac ride", probably because of the much shorter wheel base. The salesmen like to call it a "sporty ride" - I call it rough. They're not making a car right now that's comparable to mine, so I'll just keep mine in good repair and keep it, thank you. --Romeena

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81513: What Poor Horatio said about Imagineer, Carolina Tom. Our PH is very ept!
I have visited that board and remember Imagineer talking about building a replica of Mayberry. A full sized community, which then people could buy a home and live there. I hope he hasn't given up on his dream, as lofty as it is, and is selling some of the stuff he was going to put in the town.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81514: Casey yer doing good bud..Hey sterling Ro,Possum,Horatio,Maude.....Rev its stormed like crazy here...you out there in any of it?....possum you are a bird in this world for sure....got some beef stew in the crockpop for a late supper....carry some for lunch...ok....will buy breakfast at cracker barrell....SPOT

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81515: Hi, porch. Got my car back. It may be my imagination, but with the repairs made to the rear shocks, it seems to ride even better than ever. Wonder if Merle Dean knows about those airbags in the shocks? Mine weren't squeaking like his, though - maybe it was something different.

PH, I declare, your education was worth every penny. Ask a question on this porch, and whoosh! There you are with the answer. What would we do without you?

Back to that CTS that Sewell loaned me - I did like the instrument panel. Very compact, but everything you could possibly need is there, is easily accessible, and easy to read. Instead of those miserable little green LED displays, or whatever they are, (the ones you can't read with your sunglasses on), the displays are a blue background with white numbers or letters, and very easy to read. The clock is - are you ready for this - an actual clock face, with hands and everything! There is a digital clock as well, but I love having a real clock face. If the car was a little bigger, with a true Cadillac ride, I'd probably love it. There is very limited leg room in the back seat - a tall person would be miserable. The front seat is most definitely made for two - twin bucket seats with a console in the middle. Toye Starr was not happy, as she couldn't get close to me, and kept trying to sit on the console, which of course didn't work too well. The back seat would possibly seat three, if one was very, very skinny and had very short legs, but no one would be comfortable. It's really designed for just four people. The trunk is bigger than you'd expect, but still pretty small. So, end of story - I will not be trading for a CTS. Love that engine, though. Wow - vroom, vroom!

A replica of Mayberry? Now there's an idea! Put me down for a lot, okay? We could all move there. Maude could run a diner, Boo and I could run a little clinic, HM could raise goats (I like cabrito pretty well) and Hazel could have a veggie garden. REV could pastor our church, Floyd would be our barber of course, and PH could be our county clerk and keep us all up to date on the latest from the internet. John Masters would manage the hotel and would be our choir leader as well, and could also be our town historian. Asa would keep order at the bank, and guard against any robbers. Me-They and Sterling and auh2o would hold down the bench in front of the barbershop, moving now and then to the one in front of the court house. Do you reckon we could persuade Andy and Barn to come back to town? Also, we need someone to run the department store. Any volunteers? Gosh, wouldn't that be fun?

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 27, 2010 - Msg 81516: Boy, it WOULD be fun!! I am going to by the house next door to Andy and Aunt Bee so maybe I can get invited to dinner now and then. Ro, you can hold down the clinic in town and I will go out to the sticks and vaccinate folks like Rafe Hollister. :-)...and yes, I agree with you concerning Casey.

Long, long day. I want to post longer but I have to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow I can sit longer. Life just seems to get busier and busier for me.


PS-great to see you back, John Masters.

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81517:
RO- you and Boo would be "two young people lost in a world of pills." haha

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81518: Busy? Oh yeah - I know what you mean. I worked Sunday night, and was supposed to have the week free, until Friday night. Uh huh. Yesterday, I spent three hours at the hospital for CPR recertification. Tomorrow, I have a half-hour annual performance evaluation at some point, don't know exactly when yet. Also have to spend an hour in a "Safety Day" presentation, a come and go thing, so I get to choose the time. As if that wasn't enough, we have an online "module" that has to be completed and a test passed - we can do it at work if we can find the time, but there's never time, so most people are doing it at home. We will be paid for four hours' time if we do it at home, but it's taking six to eight hours to complete it, and most people aren't passing the tests, so it will have to be repeated, time not paid for. I had scheduled vacation time starting November 4, for a couple of weeks, but will have to go in for a two-hour neonatal resuscitation recertification session on Nov. 8. None of this is my manager's fault, it's just the way things fell here at the end of the year, but for somebody who only works part-time, I sure do spend a lot of time at that bloomin' hospital!

One more thing, while I'm griping, I resent that the hospital as an entity has chosen email as a way to communicate with employees. Not that email is bad, but they expect us to keep up with it whether we're at work or not. If you're off work, and an email goes out about something (there are at least five or six every day) you're still expected to know about it. Before email, if you were off, there was a note in your mailbox when you returned, and you weren't expected to know about anything until you had time to read the notes. The way I see it - I don't read my personal email at work, so why should I be expected to read my work email at home? Just because something is possible doesn't necessarily mean it has to be done. Truly, invention has become the mother of necessity. Too bad.

Well, enough of my complaining. Blessings, everybody! --Romeena

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81519: Morning all. Hope you are all fine and dandy.

I have to agree with your grumbling Ro. Work related e-mails belong at work. After all they didn't send the official verification to Barney's house, did they? Nope, went to the Courthouse. :)

Hey Boo. What you so busy with dear? Just life in general, or you got other thing cooking you ain't telling us about?

Hey to John Masters. Good to see you. Next week we will be bitter enemies, but for now we are good. LOL (Did you see what my boys did to the donkeys Sunday?)

It would be a blast to live in Mayberry huh? Go sit on Boo's porch and contemplate life.

Carolina Tom, PH steered you in the right direction. Imagineer did actual stage work I believe on TAGS and I think has quite a few of the original props and what not that were used on the show. If you can't connect with him by the method PH posted, let me know. I can connect you with him.

MDC, How's things going in Arizona these days. Sure seeing some interesting reports with all the early voting going on with possible shenanigans.

Well better get. Gotta go take my DOT physical this morning. Wish me well. My hearing ain't what it used to be.


October 28, 2010 - Msg 81520: Goooood morning, Fellow Porchsters!

Whooo...time to bundle up a might on my side of the porch! 34* degrees and a might breezy.

WOW! That Rocker's Cold! Shouldnta set down so fast!

Thanks for all of the "welcome backs" and it's good to see all of you again too!

Hey ROMEENA - Whose gonna run the gas station and provide the water and air? Whose gonna put in them eight plugs?

Yeah, ASA...I was tracking the game on my wife's cell phone as i was comin' back from Arkansas! I hate the Raiders, but I hate the Broncos way worse! To the Raiders, I say "Thatsa time!" Too bad they'll meet their demise when they meet us! Sorry, Asa....I had to get the poke in somewhere!

Thanks REV, possum and MDC!

Ok, gotta get to the research! Maybe if it warms up a spell, I'll leave some tea later!

Y'all have a great day!

John Masters

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81521: afternoon porch, just a quick check point chickie today, busy today at work, so I missed breakfast and looks like lunch as well.

good to see everyone today. a beautiful sunny day today, cool and breezy. Hopefully the week end will be nice. We are supposed to go to Pigeon Forge Saturday. My brother in laws are involved in an antique car show (they have 3 Hudsons) and will have a least one of them to show. Hopefully it will be a good day for the show and for our day road trip.

Better get back to work.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81522:
Hello porch family

Ro....the Mayberry community sounds great to me. Well at least we can dream here on the porch:)

Spot....I've run into a couple storms on the road but nothing too bad. I got a alert last night on my phone that they were having all kinds of warnings through the night back home.

Well sports fans....S.F. takes game one in the series. I'm really pulling for the Rangers to take it.

Gotta go for now. You all have a blessed day and be sure to share HIS love with someone.
Love and prayers!

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81523:
I revisited Miss Crump's today and decided to read through some of Imagineer's postings. Because they are directly related with The Andy Griffith Show, I decided to share them with all of you by posting them here. As a result, this will be a lengthy post.

Actually, The Rimshaw House was right next door to the Taylor's home. If you stood on the street facing the Taylor home, The Rimshaw house would be to the Right. This was also Mayor Stoner's House. In one of the color EP. a young girl and her family live there for one ep.
Also this same house, which was built for Gone With The Wind, was the home of Aunt Pitty....
Oh and directly across the street was the old broken down home that Andy visited where Mr.?
had the old worthless Bond, and the Mayor and friends fixed and painted this house due to lack of funds in the town treasury.
I got items in a few different ways.
After the show closed and props were released on sort of a quiet basis then on different occasions and auctions. All of the TAGS stuff was not auctioned at one time, just different lots. Some of these were from the shows studio, some from a auction clearing house mixed with other studios.
I acquired, through a period of time, props from other shows in order to trade for TAGS items...
I had props that were eventually traded or sold for TAGS props from: Green Acres. later from MASH, Disney Props, Petticoat Junction..... etc.
Spent a lot of time and money and fun and aggravation, joy and disappointment collecting these items.
When the show closed, and after a period of time I was able, thru my studio connection, to acquire a bunch of props from the studio from TAGS. Also picked up more items at the auction afterwards.
I do have the ORIGINAL one and Only Courthouse Phone. I even have a BRICK panel about 3 feet by 4 feet from the exterior wall above Floyd's Barber shop. AND BARNEY'S COURTHOUSE CHAIR.......
A sad part of the story: I actually bought and paid for the JAIL Cell cots and The JAIL CELL DOOR PANELS. But because of the size, I had to come back for pick-up, and the cots were gone, Yes Gone. The cots could not be found and I was told that the Jail Cell Doors were going to be used on an upcoming new show. So I was repaid. I am not sure but was told that the cell doors plus additional doors were going to be used on Mission Impossible.
Karl.....besides the hair cut poster, I have the one directly behind the barber chair, on the back wall. It has a cartoon type barber with a bottle tilted to one side. Also shaving mugs and brushes and bottles from the corner shelf unit, miscellaneous razors, scissors, leather razor strap. one broken bottle of aftershave, now in a plastic container. I guess that I have the only OFFICIAL SMELL or SCENT of TAGS. I believe also some linen or towels, and a wisk broom. Oh, and the exterior Barber Shop sign.
Besides Barney, Andy, and the others, the writing, and the Town Of Mayberry, a great factor in the success of the show is the Music.....It seems to Always be playing in one form or another. TAGS always had good musical support in every episode, unlike the other sitcoms. Just take the music out of the show and see what we have.
I've got Barney's Hot Plate... It's packed away in storage.
The house to the right [east] of the Taylor's house is also the old Remshaw's house, Mayor Stoners house, and in the color episode the House of the new girl in town.
Also across from this house [which was Aunt Pitty's house in Gone with the Wind] is the old corner house that was in the ep. Mayberry Goes Bankrupt when an old bond is found and thought to be worth something.
I put this in for our new members, so they can start to figure out the layout of the town.

When I find more, I'll post them here.

from Poor Horatio

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81524: Poor Horation, thanks so much. I enjoyed your post. appreciate your taking the time to share with us. This may be a dumb question but any idea who the imagineer might be?
Big Maude

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81525:
Very cool PH, thanks. I've tried to go to miss Crump's recently, but it seems like one has to jump thru lots of hoops to get on there these days.
ASA- the shenanigan ghosts are out and about.
We may have to dip our thumbs in ink to get a fair vote count!! ha and grrrr at the same time!
REV-too bad your LA wasnt my LA! oh well, still love the music and the message.
prayers all,

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81526:
Big Maude and MDC, I'm glad you liked my lengthy posting.
I have no idea who Imagineer is over at Miss Crump's. So I privately messaged him and invited him to our Front Porch.

from Poor Horatio

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81527: Vote shenanigans? No surprise there. But please, let's try not to get involved in politics, if at all possible. I'm talking to myself first of all, but I really do think we've lost a lot of porchsters to the political discussions we used to have. I think by now we all know how each other thinks, and I'm pretty sure nothing is going to change no matter what we may say. And - there's always email if something just must be said. So, I for one declare - tick-a-lock!

PH, thank you so much for the research, and the effort it took to transfer it to the porch. Very interesting - very interesting indeed, and I'd love to know more. I wish Imagineer would just join us and share what must surely be a wealth of background information about the show.

I always did wonder about the ever-changing residents of that house next door, on the garage side of the Taylor home. I forget the name of the man who presumably lived there when Opie was trying to explain the noise Dolly (the horse) was making in the garage. Opie said he was building something. Then in the Birdman ep, you get the impression that the cat that everyone feared lived next door. I guess the cat could have belonged to the man's wife. Of course, Opie's little girlfriend had just moved in there in the ep where Opie saves Mike from the bully. There were other occasions where Aunt Bee refers to a neighbor, and I just presumed, perhaps wrongly, that she meant someone in that house. She took Andelina over to show her - and there were others, I think. Anyway, now to find out that the actual house was used for others that weren't intended to actually be next door - very surprising. The camera does a wonderful job of convincing us of the "reality" of a scene, and we never even think of what might be just a few feet away. I think it would be a very interesting industry in which to work.

Well, my day is done, meetings all attended, errands run, pond filters cleaned, critters fed (fat little marauders are everywhere), voting done, and I'm ready to settle down with something to eat and Toye Starr in my lap. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81528: Oh, one more thing. I've always been intrigued by the way the back door moved from the side of the house to the back, the big back porch appeared and disappeared, and the door from the kitchen into the dining room changed position as well. And what did Andy do with that cute little truck he was washing in the very first episode, the one he was helping Aunt Bee into when Opie came running out in his PJs? Also, and this has been mentioned before - the door that was to the left of the cells, close to the front wall of the court house - where did it lead? Apparently someone decided it couldn't really lead anywhere, so it was eliminated and a stove stood in its place later on. I also found it interesting that there apparently was no plumbing in the cells, and no restroom ever seen anywhere in the courthouse. Of course, it could have opened off the "back room". But there were no facilities in the cells for prisoners. Not surprising, as it wouldn't have been very aesthetically pleasing. Come to think of it, the Brady Bunch didn't have commodes, either! --Romeena

October 28, 2010 - Msg 81529: Go text


October 29, 2010 - Msg 81530: Hey all,
Kai's been having a "spirit week" at school all week. And tomorrow is "career day", and Kai is dressing up as a veterinarian. We have a white shirt we will use as a smock, we made up an "ID badge" for her to wear, and she will take one of her stuffed animals with her(with a band-aid on it), but I don't know what else we can do to make her look more "veterinarian-ish".
I thought maybe one of you porch nurses or animal caretakers might have some ideas of stuff we can use that we might have lying around our own home(cause we won't have time to run to the store). If not, we will just take her as she is. Unless I happen to dream up something while sleeping.

Are there some extra security precautions over at Miss Crump's, MDC? I never had a problem before. But I haven't been there recently.

Hope you all survived the wind storms and what-not the last couple days.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81531: Morning porchters. Another Friday upon us. Ain't it great? Hope you are all fine and dandy.


October 29, 2010 - Msg 81532: Hey All.
Will it a little cold day so I will stay in door.
It that time of the year for halloween funthis weekend.


October 29, 2010 - Msg 81533: Wow, I wanna live & work in Mayberry too! Can I work at the Lingerie Shop?? Me and Myra Koontz- ha!
Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum "bird in this world" under a rock

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81534:
ANDY: "Well, that was very democratic of you Barney."
BARN: "Now look, how I VOTE, buster, is MY business. Now that's freedom, and I'm FOR that!"
Andy's response: "Well you can put me down for it too..." (

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81535: (:

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81536:
Possum, just don't sell Opie no stockings! ha
Per Andy, "Stockings are kinda personal." teehee
PappaBear says he'll meet Boo, TOm and all of us over at the remshaw place.

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81537: I won't MDC! ha!

Ro, Aunt Bee took Andelina over to see Mrs. Johnson ( she loves babies!) ,but can't recall the man's name from next door when Dolly was in the garage.
Bet Poor Horatio could find out for us-he's pretty danged smart for half a boy!
possum again

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81538:
Hello porch family.....nice cool day on the road today. Got an outdoor concert tomorrow night so hope it don't get too cold:)

PH...thanks for that post. Sure did enjoy it. It would be great if he would come over and join the porch.

Thanks MDC....maybe I'll get back out your way one day. Would love to meet you.

Today is my sweet wife's birthday. Of course since I'm on a tour we will have to celebrate when I get home. Thank the Lord for cell phones though.

You all have a great day and remember....Jesus loves you so much!
Love and prayers!

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81539:
Amen to that (all that you mentioned above) REV!

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81540:
Romeena and possum under a rock, cue up the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKtm2KsYDeE to about 01:30 and listen until about 04:00. I hear the first name Fred but I'm not sure about the surname. When Andy says it, it sounds something like Hartman. When Opie says it, it sounds something like Hardy.

from Poor Horatio

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81541: Thanks, PH. It does indeed sound like Hardy when Opie says it. I noticed something else too. While the porch is still there on the back of the house, like it was in the freezer episode, it has shrunk! It was a very long porch, with the freezer down in one end, but as Andy and Opie came out of the house, the porch is seen to be very short on that end. It might have extended further in the other direction, but that's not the configuration we see in the freezer episode. Curiouser and curiouser! --Romeena

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81542: Rev SF is putting it on texas!motor safe....suppose to be nice here the next few days..I get off in the morning and off till Thu...got to do work around the farm!..slow here at work..hey Maude,Romeena,Possym,Boo,horatio,Tom,sterling,asa and all my friends...well cool here ..may get down to freezing tonight..quick change but thats the south!...got some chicken salad left over if yall want some and crackers...yall see the movie "Catch me if You can"? Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks? good true based movie....check it out....ok...breakfast will at Boo"s house and Posum you will do the clean up...I myself will bring a paper....hee hee Prayers...your talking dog of your porch...SPOT

October 29, 2010 - Msg 81543: Howdy to the Porch, you all have a good and safe weekend.

October 30, 2010 - Msg 81544: Thanks, PH- it sounds like Andy said "Hartley" and I think Opie did too, although he seemed to slur his speech a bit,making it sound a bit more like "Hardy".

Oh, and Spot,where do you get off telling me I've got clean up duty?? Ha Ha Don't make me "whoop up" on you first thing this morning!

Y'all take care & enjoy the day!
possum under a rock

October 30, 2010 - Msg 81545: Morning all. Happy Halloween.
I look forward to breakfast at Boo's house. She's a pretty good cook I bet. And how nice of Possum to offer to clean up afterwards. Good your using a paper though Spot. :)

Hey to Frankie. You have a safe weekend too.

MDC, I know I have your e-mail here somewhere but I'll be dogged if I can remember it. If you have mine could you e-mail me. I have a political thought or two I'd like to run by you, but hesitate to do so here anymore I reckon. I kinda think more folks have left here from having posts ignored and feeling left out than from political discussions Romeena, but I will respect your request. My lock is officially ticked! Or is it my tick is officially locked? Well, you get my drift. :)

John Masters, I am really interested in seeing how well the Raiders do on Sunday against the Seahawks. I'm hoping last Sunday's game against the Broncos was a "breakout game" of some sort, but it could have been just one of them flukes. Who knows? Although you guys have lost two in a row, you have been competitive in both games, and they were against two good teams. K.C. has been the surprise team of the year, for me at least.

Well better go fire up the riding mower. Got tons of leaves to suck up and mulch. I deposit them in the garden and till them in later. Great compost for the garden and doesn't clog up the landfill.


October 30, 2010 - Msg 81546: Yep, it was Fred Hartley who was the neighbor of the Taylors. And Possum, it was Mrs. Jones who Aunt Bee took baby Andelina over to see. (not Mrs. Johnson...) :)
Do you all have Rite Aid stores in your areas? I'm not sure if they're a national chain, or just here in the west... Anyhow, while shopping at my local one the other day, I found "Mayberry's Finest" products! I couldn't believe it. Previously I have been ordering the products on-line, because they only used to be available in stores in the south, or from their website. I was very excited, and although the selection was very limited, it's a start! Next time I see the manager, I plan on shaking his hand, hehe. (He'll probably mutter to himself afterwards "there goes a happy nut."
- Hazel

October 30, 2010 - Msg 81547: Yeah, you're right, Hazel! Got my "J" names mixed up! You are way "ept-er" than me!
Try those "Mayberry's Finest" muffin mixes- as Andy would say "They're GOOD!"
Well, let me skeedaddle back under my rock. Talk to y'all later!
possum again

October 30, 2010 - Msg 81548: Good evening, porch! It's nice to see Hazel and Frankie on this fine Saturday, always a pleasure!

Asa, you could very well be right about folks feeling left out, I won't argue that point at all. If anyone left because of hurt feelings in that respect, I'm sorry, and can only say I hope they would give us another chance. As many have said (probably including you, I can't remember), no one intentionally ignores anyone. It's just that since it's not instant chat, many times the topic has already changed by the time someone sees it. Also, again because it's not instant, several people can post at nearly the same time, and a single post can get "buried" in that and not seen. I would hope we've never intentionally ignored or put the "big freeze" on someone, unless it was one of the rare interlopers who come here to start trouble. There have been a few occasions when I've refrained from responding to a post, simply because I felt my honest response would be divisive, and best left unsaid. Well anyway, be that as it may - I wish some of our folks would come home.

My son and his wife are at the Ranger game! My DIL got involved in a lottery of some sort a while back, through email - she sent an email in to the sponsor, and from those emails, some were drawn for the chance to buy tickets for a Series game. She won, and was able to buy four tickets for a total of $600. They're in section 14, a very good location on the third base line, and those same tickets would sell now for around $8000 total. They thought about it, and my son said (wisely, I think) that ten years or so from now, he wouldn't remember what he'd done with the money, but if he goes to the game instead, he'd never forget it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them, and I'm glad they chose to go. I sure hope the Rangers win tonight! They plan to frame the tickets!

Well, guess I'll go see how the game is going. Eloise and I just got home. We were out at the kids' house, taking care of the boys until their sitter could get there. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 30, 2010 - Msg 81549: Romeena-that was a good game tonight. I bet your son and his wife had a great time at the game. They play tomorrow also. Take care all.

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81550: IMAGINEER here, Wanted to stop by and say hello to all of you great folks. I hope you enjoy my posts from Miss Crump.Always was a fan Always will be. I have collected a lot of TAGS props over the years, I have them stored in a climate enclosed storage facility. When time permits I need to un-crate and take new photos for display........

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81551: ok ya'll ,I have a stupid question to ask,did the clocks get set back last night? The clock on the computer is an hour behind what my other clock has,and the computer clock changes automatically.Hope you all are doing great,I have been so busy with kids and grand kids and work,I sure do miss all my porch friends.I noticed that about the Taylors back porch,it is shorter in some episodes than in others,and,the entrance to the living room seems to change when you are coming from the kitchen in some episodes.I liked the episodes where the stove is in the corner at the jail,it looks more realistic than what is in some of the other scenes,in my humble opinion.Well,think I'll get ready for church,might be early,but,if I am I'll just listen to the choir practice for awhile!Take care folks,hope to talk to you soon-ky girl

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81552: test?

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81553: Hey ky girl- There was some confusion here at my rock over Daylight Savings Time as well. My daughter had Laci out Trick or Treating last night and one of the people they visited told her to set the clocks back. So ,when they stopped by here, she asked me about it. I didn't think so,but checked my calendar and according to it, Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 7th.
My computer clock was an hour behind this morning too,so not sure what's going on! Maybe the Count is messing with us on Halloween! Anyhow, as far as I know- NO, we did not fall back an hour yet.
Oh, any "Munsters" fans out there?? I noticed The Hallmark Channel has a marathon on all day.
Y'all have a good Sunday- love to all!
possum under a rock

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81554: Good afternoon, porch! So some of your computer clocks changed? That's odd - mine didn't! My "atomic clock" didn't change yet either. I don't know how the clock in a computer works - do they respond to a signal, like the atomic clocks, or are they preset and preprogrammed for changes when they're built? My computer is new since January (thanks to the crash of my old one) so it would probably have been programmed to change according to the new DST guidelines. Older ones might still be responding to programming that was in effect when they were built? You folks realize I have no idea what I'm talking about here, just guessing. So, PH, can you enlighten us? I would bet a doughnut that you know.

Well, since I have to work tonight, I guess I'd better try to get a few things done around here. Just three more shifts - tonight, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and then I'm on vacation for a couple of weeks. My son will fly in around the 10th, and take me back to Florida for a week or so. Then back home, and back to the grind. It will be a nice break, though.

Imagineer, it's nice to have you drop by. I hope you'll consider staying around and becoming a regular. We would enjoy having you here, and hope you would enjoy being one of us.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81555: Hmmm. I think I just answered my own question about the computer clocks. In thinking about it, I realized that there is a function whereby you can set or re-set the clock on your computer, so obviously, they're not responding to a signal, like the atomic clocks. Am I right, PH? --Romeena

October 31, 2010 - Msg 81556: Hey Ro- I went in and reset my computer clock. That's all I can tell you- still don't know why it changed or why some folks thought DLSavings Time ended last night. I agree- we need Poor Horatio to enlighten us!
Have a good evening, Ro!
possum again