September 01, 2010 - Msg 80611:
Possum, I didnt know that ole cousin "O-ther" even owned banks! (That was a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h at a joke! ha) (Outer banks)
ROMEnna- my goodness, what a deal with your poor
spine/chest. pray all goes well.
Keep pappabear in prayer today also.
As to the squirels, reminds me of the endding of little black sambo story, but I guess that one is
no longer mentioned anywhere these days.
Well, keep cool!

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80612: And S-W-E-E-P, right into September, bye bye summer! (well...)

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80613:
I see on the opening page that
TVLand is doing a 50th anniversary tribute
to TAGS. As someone mentioned here a while back,
WE SHOULD TOO! Maybe we could have balloons,
the mayor's daughter can sing, the squad car can
lead a parade, etc, etc. What do you all think?

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80614: What a sweep - - have enjoyed Andy, even the colored ones too. Glad to see the spaghetti episode today. Always loved that one!


September 01, 2010 - Msg 80615:
Hello porch back today from my old shipmates reunion. It was GREAT seeing my old shipmates and getting to walk through the old ship. Brought back so many memories. 30 years have pasted but as soon as I got on that ship, it seemed like yesterday. To be honest with brought a big ole lump in my throat walking back up that gangplank and as I boarded, they rang the ships bell.
The decom was also kinda hard for serveral reasons. They turned it over to the Pakistan Navy....that made me sick when they changed the flag. Some of the things they did right in front of us was so disrespectful. It was the "in your face" type things that really bothered us.
But seeing alot of the guys was worth the trip.

Well I've got to try and catch up on all the archives.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80616: Hey there HM...I need to send you a facebook message concerning a certain goat that I believe is pregnant and its not the one I expected!...its Holly Berry, the one with the lame leg. She has never had kids and with the partial paralysis I am concerned about how she will do. Maybe I'm wrong and she is just getting bigger but there are some might suspicious things going on with her back end...I won't go into detail here..I will message you on facebook.

Sure hope your unusual pain gets better after treatment, Ro. That sounds kind of creepy..

My poor dogs are still on a chain or cooped up. Bruce has been working himself to death trying to get their dog run finished so I can put them in it. They guy next door is a real nut and I think he might actually shoot them if they end up over there again. I just hate that they can't roam free anymore. The time will come when they can, when they are out of that puppy stage and don't tear everything up but does anyone know when that occurs??


September 01, 2010 - Msg 80617:
Boo- doesnt the neighbor have a least little bit of a clue that maybe HIS dog is causing some of the damage!? Sounds like quite a JERK, especially when Bruce talked to him!
REV- Glad you had a good time with your buddies!
I went to a boys boarding school, so I kinda have the same experience. Ya really get to know people when you're with em 24/7 !!
That is weird about Pakistan getting the ship.
Strange. I bet they got it for a pittance too.
So sorry about the bad transition bro!
HM- good to see ya. No firewood to chop this year!!
Well, ya all have a great evening. Possum, keep yer head low.

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80618: Morning porch, looks like nobody is up yet! wake up breakfast is ready!

menu: eggs your way, hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits, gravy, grits, apple butter, jelly, fresh fruit, sliced tomatos, french toast with maple syrup! coffee, tea, orange, appleor cranberry juice. come and get it.

have a great day.

Big Maude

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80619: Morning porch dwellers.

Been busier than a cows tail in fly season here.
Barney report: Things are back to normal with Barney. The "female in warpaint" seige has ended. Now I had a good long talk with Barney about how he will be visiting the Vet next week and not to take it personaly. I don't think he believed me. So I gave him the ultimatum. Your cajonies go or you do buddy. You ain't fit to live with twice a year. I think that got to him. :) In all seriousness, we had thought about using him for breeding (he is a pure bred and AKC registered) but he has shown some tendicies that we are not wanting to continue. They may be simple things of obidience we have been unable to teach him due to Debbie's health problems, or more of a bloodline issue. Not really sure. But because of her health we decided not to sire him out. So with that in mind, and due to the fact that the neighbors will not restrain their bi-otch, Barney is going to the "best clip joint in town". (pardon the pun)
Thanks for all who gave me advice on this delicate subject. :)

Rev, glad you had a good reunion but the story you mentioned really steams me up. What on earth is happening to our nation? I declare. I saw a thing on tv last night about Beaverton Oregon that has refused to approve a city celebration of the U.S. Independece day, but is forking over money for a city wide celebration of Mexican Independence? It just astounds me what is going on more and more in this Country. We seem to have lost all thought of common sense. Anyway, glad you had a good time (in spite of the other thing) and again, thank you for your service.

Boo, sorry about your dogs. It's good you are taking care of the problem though. Maybe they could join Barney with his procedure. That's supposed to calm critters down, ain't it. I know it would me!!!

HM, Yes the rocker is painted very nice. I love the little meatballs you painted on it. Makes it feel homey. But how did you get it smelling like meatballs too? Yer tricky.

Well I gotta get. Sorry I can't respond to everyone. Spot, get yer water line fixed, would you?
Maude, glad you and Beth are doing better.


September 02, 2010 - Msg 80620: Good morning, porch. Asa, I commend you for making the decision you've made with Barney. Sounds like you made a very well-thought-out choice, and you cited some very good reasons for not letting him breed. That's exactly what I meant by "responsible breeding." You're a prince!

REV, that just made cold chills go up my spine, talking about the final displsition of that ship. Next thing you know, they'll be turning it into a warship and shooting at our troops from it. Insanity. And changing the flag in the presence of her old crew - that was beyond rude. It's a reflection of the same mindset that wants to build a mosque at Ground Zero. No sensitivity or consideration at all. Disgusting, but boy, we'd better be sensitive to their culture, at all costs. OK, I've said too much.

Well, I've got to hit the ironing board. Will be up again at around one, to get showered and out to the doc for the steroid injection. Will have to work to keep my blood sugar under control after all that steroid hits me, but I've got a good supply of insulin.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80621: Boo - I am here to answer all of your goating questions and yes, she should kid with maybe a little assistance.

Please pray for my poor Casey - the surgery can't come quick enough. His foot is detiorating (spelling, sorry) more and so it the foot will be fused and he will also need a bone marrow graph to help make the bones healthy. He is on vicodin and tramadol and in a lot of pain. Air cast and crutches. After the surgery - crutches until January.


September 02, 2010 - Msg 80622: Yep, ASA, my dogs are in line for "the big fix", too. Wonder what its going to cost to fix both? Yikes! You know, maybe that is why I am so calm...guess my ovaries are shriveled up by now. ;-)


September 02, 2010 - Msg 80623:
Morning all-- to paraphrase Barney (Fife's) line:
"There's nothin worse than a DOG on a cryin' jag!" ha
HM- prayers for Casey, you bet. He's your youngest right? A lot of pain for a youngster
to endure.
Maude, thanks for the great breakfast.
John Masters, check in when you can.

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80624: Thanks for B-fast maude..prayers for the coast with storms coming...just a quick check in...big glass of ice water and back to yard work...grilled hot dogs with baked beans ans maude slaw for lunch....SPOT

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80625: MDC...I can't believe you missed that opportunity I gave you to suggest "oregano"!


September 02, 2010 - Msg 80626: Hey MDC - Casey is my oldest. This condition of his foot is congenital. He always complained of foot pain but he wears a 16. You don't get there without some growing pains. It was more than growing pains and now that his foot is pretty well grown, we are getting this situation fixed. About 1% of the population has this - so he is very special. He is also 6'1". He turns 14 at the end of October. My poor "little" guy!! Thanks for the prayers!

Spot - grilled chops for supper with Maude's leftover beans and slaw!! Still trying to get your goat!!


September 02, 2010 - Msg 80627: One of our subscribers, Sylvia, lost her beloved pet cat of many years yesterday. Please send her a condolence message at I know she would cherish them. Aunt Bee of Orlando

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80628:
Boo-so right, how'd I miss that! ha

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80629:
Prayers indeed for Sylvia. I think I've seen her on the facebook page.

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80630: Prayers for Casey, Sylvia,and everyone from NC on up the East Coast as Hurricane Earl approaches.
possum under a rock

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80631:
REV, glad to hear you enjoyed the reunion with your old shipmates. I have never attended a reunion. My ship had 25 years of service before I came onboard, so nearly everyone who attends the reunions served before I did.
You also mentioned that your ship ended up with the Pakistan Navy. When I was undergoing my initial training back in the 1970's, we were selling our old war ships to Turkey. Their navy would send complete crews to our base so they could sail the ship back to Asia. While they were here, they would challenge us to soccer games and beat the heck out of us. But then we got revenge by challenging them to baseball games and beating the heck out of them.

Hello Aunt Bee of Orlando. Why not tell us a little about yourself? And who is this subscriber Sylvia?

from Poor Horatio

September 02, 2010 - Msg 80632:
I forgot to include this in my previous posting.
I'm curious if anyone read the recent comments by the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking concerning God. Check it out at

from Poor Horatio

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80633: I read some of that about Stephen Hawking, Poor Horatio. It seems he thinks that you can get something from nothing.
And he is supposed to be so smart?
I think he is just "hawking" his new book.

I saw you mentioned "Firing Line" back there, auh2o. That's the one with William Buckley Jr. right? I remember watching that sometimes on Sundays. I was always fascinated by his thought processes. And that was when I was still trapped by the politically correct world of liberalism. Seem to remember I liked Reagan too.

Things have cooled down a bit about the school thing, though my wife still mentions taking Kai out of the school at least once a day. I dread it when she brings it up. Kai came home from school early today because of a stomach ache. Though I have to wonder if it was caused by the stress around her about this, because she was fine a little later. She did take a long nap though. I still am praying that God heals this family and this issue.

Sorry about Casey, hm. I will pray for him.

And prayers for Pappabear. We need our mayor.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80634: Good evening, porch. I'm back from the nerve-block procedure, finally fully awake and mobile. It's too early to tell whether it worked or not - I'll know in a couple of days, but so far, I'm encouraged.

Maude, that young'un is just 14 and wears a size 16 shoe? Good grief! I pray everything goes well for him, and he gets relief from his pain.

PH, the best I can say regarding Stephen Hawking is - sad, sad, sad. He is imprisoned in a failed body, but even worse, he is trapped within a closed mine. There is no doubt he is extremely intelligent, too intelligent for his own good. The Bible says in Proverbs 1:7: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction. And in 1 Corinthians 1:25 we find: Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

Hawking may be one of the greatest minds of this era, but he has missed the one single most important fact of all. God DOES exist. He, along with a number of other brilliant people, somehow misses that one simple fact. It's just not possible to generate something out of absolute nothing-ness. When I take a clean glass from the cabinet, I can "wish" all I want to, but it's not going to miraculously fill with iced tea. I must first add ice, which I have made from water and a system of freezing, and then add tea, which I have made by mixing water and some tea bags. In other words, the "ingredients" had to be there, and then I could combine them to make my tea. Similarly, there are basic building-blocks of life, and when a given environment is completely void, sterile, empty - nothing happens. Such was the cosmos, until life was spoken into existence by the power of an omniscient and omnipotent God.

I don't pretend to understand how He does this, but the evidence is all around me. Life is here! It takes faith, to be sure. But it takes even more faith, more than I possess, to accept that at some point in unfathomable time, a bunch of matter just appeared from nowhere, got together and BANG - the universe began. Maybe it did, but where did the matter come from? Did it make itself? What's beyond our universe? What's beyond that? Where is the end, and when you find the end, what's beyond that? Nope, there are no answers, at least not in our understanding, but it all exists, so there must be an answer somewhere. So until Mr. Hawking and his fellow wise men can explain it to me, I'll just go on believing that while I don't have the answers, God does, and that's enough for me. Oh, and I realize I'm preaching to the choir here.

As for Mr. Hawking, I pray for him. Imagine if that brilliant intellect could be combined with faith in God - what a power that would be! Poor Mr. Hawking. To be trapped in that unresponsive body, with a brilliant mind that's capable of such powerful reasoning, and to be unable to believe that there's anything more than that in his future. Ultimately, he's alone in that shell with his thoughts, and when his heart fails, according to his belief he will simply cease to exist. I can't think of anything much sadder than that, unless it's the fact that at that moment, he will find that he does continue to exist, but in a different plane, and he will be more alone than even he can imagine. Alone, and in that place we know as H-ell, which in its purest definition is eternal, unending separation from God.

The Bible has a lot to say about the value of possessing the "faith of a child" - and not without reason. No one is happier than a child who feels secure in the love of his parents, and it is the same with us. As it has been said, "I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." That's good enough for me.

Sorry for the length of this, but well, you asked, and some things just defy brief discussion. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80635: Hahaha! I stand corrected. Sometimes "brief discussion" is not only possible, but quite effective. Sterling said, "It seems he thinks that you can get something from nothing.
And he is supposed to be so smart?" That pretty much says it all, in two sentences! Thanks, Sterling. I love it! --Romeena

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80636: Ro, there verse that came to mind for me when I read some of Hawking's stuff was, "Professing themself to be wise, they became fools" and "The gospel is foolishness to them that are perishing"...both quotes from the apostle Paul.

For some crazy reason I am up at 4am!! and tomorrow is a busy day. I think I have my friend on my mind..the one I mentioned was on trial this week. Well, yesterday the jury convicted him and found him guilty on at least 2 counts of s#xual assault of a minor. Sounds like he has a rough road ahead of him in prison.

Better try to get some more sleep.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80637: Good morning all.
It's Friday. It's Labor day weekend. It's cool and dry here Boo. It's all good.

Ro, brilliant expose about Hawkings. Mans way is not Gods way and the more intellect one puts into the process, the less faith one is demonstrating into the ways of God. Don't get me wrong. Certainly God has blessed us with a brain and expects us to use it. But he has blessed us with a heart also. And it is through the heart that God speaks to us the loudest. At least thats how I see it. But I really liked your comment about it taking a greater faith to believe that all of this just happened by accident. The wonder of the solar system as just an example. If the sun moves just one degree one way or another, we burn up or freeze up. What a complex system that just happens to exist by accident? Sorry, I don't drink that koolaid.

I pray Sterling for your family to come together and for you and your wife to become as one. I know this has been a source of bother for you. Prayers for you Brother.

Boo, darn. I am sorry about your friend. But if he is indeed guilty, shame on him. I hope he will come to terms with this and get help. Sorry, but this type of stuff really ticks me off.

Ro, I think it's HM's son Casey with the foot problem. Prayers for Casey HM. My gosh, he is a stout feller. I'm sorry he is going through so much.

I'd love to hear folks chime in on this, although I'm sure what most reponses will be. There is a prisoner here in Utah who a few years ago while being transported from prison to a medical facility for an MRI after complaining about back pain, managed to overcome the guard who was escorting him, got his gun and killed the guard. He was eventually caught again. He goes on trial sometime in the next 6 months for this killing. Here's the kicker. He is a violent skinhead who is covered in tattoo's. An I mean covered. All over his face, with all types of vivid sayings and slogans and what not. Anyway, his lawyer (court appointed so we get to pay for it) has appealed to the judge. He wants this prisoner's face to be covered with a heavy make-up so the tattoo's will be covered. He doesn't want the jury to be prejudiced by the tattoos. The Prosecuting Attorney is fighting this obviously, saying this is who the man is, and how he wants to present himself. So the judge in now considering this. Any thought?

Better get. It's Friday. Breakfast burritto's are on me.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80638: Good morning, porch. Wow, Asa, that one really calls for some thought. My knee-jerk reaction is to agree with the PA - the man has made the choice to present himself to the world like that, so why should his right to self-expression, to free speech if you will, be taken away just because his lawyer thinks it's in his best interest now? I want to think about it more, and I reserve the right to change my mind, but at this moment, that's where my thoughts land. Good question, and should spark some interesting friendly debate.

homemaker, I'm so sorry. I know Casey is yours, I guess I was not thinking too clearly. Not unusual for me in the best of times, but while still muddle-headed from the sedation at the spine institute, I was just not responsible. I had just awakened from a nap in my chair, and was shocked to see that it was so late (about 6:15 pm) when I thought it was around 4. Then I remembered that we didn't even get back here until after 4, so my nap must have been pretty short as it was. I guess I thought time was going to move backward? Weird.

I've got to get a new alarm clock. I have one of those "atomic clocks" that has no way for me to set it. You just plug it in, and it sets itself automatically. Pretty nice, except it's steadily losing time, is now eleven minutes slow, and there's no way to correct it. I unplugged it, took the back-up battery out, and let it sit overnight. Put a new battery in, plugged it back in, and it came back to life - eleven minutes slow. Worthless thing. It's going to the trash can and I'm getting a new clock, with old-timey little buttons that allow ME to control the time it displays.

We have had rain. Real rain! Hard, pouring rain that washed the trees, the roofs and the streets. Wonderful rain! Best of all, it has cooled things down. it's 72 degrees right now, at 9:35 a.m. I folded Fatima up (the big umbrella by the pond) so that the rain could water the flowerbed that passes beneath it, and so the wind wouldn't do her any damage. No sun shining yesterday or today, so she's not needed. Maybe with the cooler weather, the algae growth in the pond will slow down a little - I hope. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this weather. Eddie just passed my window, smiling and looking happy, getting the mowing done during a little break in the rain, because it looks like it could do it again this afternoon. Maybe our drought is over, finally. Boo, I hope some of this makes it down your way.

Well, off I go. Eloise and I are going to get our toes done, and none too soon. My toes look like they belong on an old parrot. The pedicurist is going to faint when she sees me, poor girl. I'll have to give her a better tip this time - she will have earned it. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80639: HI ALL
ROM send the rain here we can uesd some.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80640: I understand your feeling, Asa, concerning my friend's conviction. I think I have felt every emotion possible about it, believe me. It is a hard thing to have sink in. You want to believe in someone you love but then the doubts are there whether you want them to be or not. I have felt confused, unsure, guilty for doubting, angry because he may have lied to me, pain at his fate, you name it. He is a friend of 20 years and was always there when I needed him, would give me his last dime, done anything to help me at anytime. Hard to figure out.

Blessings and healing on Casey today.

Better go..have to get Erin from school and then go feed the folks since St Susan is out of town.


Ro, that is TOO funny about your toes looking like an old parrot! HAHA

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80641:
HI all.
Possum, to paraphrase andy, i hope you (missVickers)are still holdin on to "Richmond!"
looks like Earl has taken a right oblique up the coast!
ASA- that's a tough one. If judge OKs it, it could set a presedent of all kinds of face changing, covering. This guy did it so he needs tolive with it and stop the whining! Crimey!
TOM- we need rain too.
Holiday weekend woohoo! Here's one to us workin stiffs! I'm bracing for new taxes Jan 1, 2011, unless I can get some folks in there to stop em!

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80642: Good evening gang...HM prayers for Casey..hey MDC,Romeena,Boo,Possum,Asa...ok im at work for the night and will carch up on reading of the archives....but in the mean time supper menu:Lets all go out for Pizza...Pizza hut ok?....and a good salad from the bar..Rev will send you a whole one all the way!...and Possum and I will pick up the just Possum....Prayers to all and see yall at the Pizza party....SPOT

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80643:
Asa, I see nothing wrong having him appear in court with his tattoos visible. After all, that is why he has them displayed in such an exposed area. Don't tamper with his freedom of speech.
Also, include my on the jury. I can be fair and impartial before convicting him of murder.
The sad thing is that if he is allowed to display his tattoos in court and is found guilty, a liberal court could overturn his conviction on appeal.

from Poor Horatio

September 03, 2010 - Msg 80644: I am going to try and provide a link to the prisoner in question. Hope it works.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80645: OK. It worked. Ain't he a sight?
And you are right on PH. If denied he could appeal it, and no doubt would.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80646: All I could think of is what a nice-looking young man he would be without the tattoos.

Well, my friend Paul was sentenced to 55 years and will not be considered for parole for 27 years, which will make him 67. Another man came forward and testified today before the sentencing..says he was raped by Paul at age 16. I feel angry, and maybe that is the right emotion to feel at this point.


September 03, 2010 - Msg 80647: I agree with the others, Asa, the guy ought to appear in court as he really is: covered in facial tatoos. He chose that route to take in life, and he needs to accept whatever comes now. He was fine with people seeing him "before" the crimes, well, he should be fine with them seeing him that way afterwards.

Boo, I am sorry about your friend Paul. It's a tough one, for you, as a friend. You don't want to see that happen to him, but as a mother - a human being, if it's true that he did those awful, evil things, then he should be in prison for a long long time. I can't even imagine what it must feel like; you want to be supportive, but if he's been found guilty and sentenced; then it's hard to know if you should let him know that you'll be there for him because you still believe he's innocent; or if you should let him know that you realize that he did these terible deeds, but that you still pray for him and that a loving God forgives him. Again, sorry, and try not to be angry. (It's not good for you...)

- Hazel

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80648: Good evening, porch! It's late, but I don't have to get up until I'm ready in the morning, so I'm enjoying this peaceful evening, and I'm sitting here in my desk chair without that miserable pain in my left side. The doc told me to expect full relief for the first couple of days. The real result will be known when the numbing agent they injected with the steroid wears off. We'll see, but right now I'm comfortable, and grateful for that.

Hazel, very well stated, on both counts. Sadly, PH is right - a liberal court would take great delight in overturning a conviction, but maybe with the upcoming elections, the courts won't be quite so liberal by that time. Warning bells are clanging, and being heard, I think, so maybe there's hope. Next question - what on earth possesses somebody to disfigure their body like that? It's one thing to put "Mother" on one's arm, like Gomer wanted to do, or some such, but it's quite another to complete mask and disguise one's whole body like that. I'll never understand it, but then - I don't have to. As you said, he made his choice - now he needs to live with it. Your assessment of Boo's friend's situation, and what her role in it should be, is right on the mark, very intuitive and well put. It's a sad thing, but it happens.

Boo, the scriptures you quoted with reference to Stephen Hawking hit the nail on the head. I feel so sorry for him. All that brilliance, which could be directed to the joy and appreciation of the incredible precision and beauty of God's creation, and he wastes it on empty, puffed-up intellectual attempts at explanation. Mr. Hawking, don't try to explain it, just enjoy it!

I was looking at a picture of a painted bunting today - an incredibly beautiful little bird. I don't care if God spoke him into instantaneous form, or if He chose to let him develop slowly through natural selection. He's here, he's beautiful, and I got a lot of pleasure out of that picture. Sure would like to see a real one, but they just don't seem to come into the cities, they're more of a meadow species.

Tom, I'd surely send you some rain if I could, but when I try, it keeps soaking through the box! (heehee) Anyway, it seems to have stopped for now. I'll be turning the sprinklers back on in a couple of days. It doesn't take long for things to dry out.

Well, I'm off to watch an episode of "How It's Made." Love that show - very interesting! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80649: Oh thank you, Hazel. I really needed someone to say what you said to me. Thank you for your understanding words. I expect in your line of work you often see the friends and family of the convicted and know some of what they go through. One thing that I didn't mention that is bothering me is that in my husband's position with the government, he (and I) are not allowed to associate with a convicted felon. It could cost Bruce his job. Back when our friend Scott was arrested, 4 years ago, I think, for selling stolen government weapons on ebay (!), Bruce was interrogated by the FBI for hours just because he knew Scott. He wasn't someone we associated with often, he was a church member. You just never know about someone.

So glad you are feeling better, Ro.

Fall is in the air (just a little) but will still be 90 today. I actually bought some really pretty little yellow mom plants and put them in the planters on the front porch...oh, how I hope I can keep them alive...any advice, Hazel? :-)


September 04, 2010 - Msg 80650: Ahem..I mean "MUM" plants...sheesh.


September 04, 2010 - Msg 80651: Good Morning Porch Family:
Just stopping by on my way to take care of my "little Angels" in their later years. They are so appreciative.
Asa- Sounds like you have had some problems there...I'll say no more!!!) Tell Deb I said Hi and am STILL praying for her! Such a sweetheart!
How she endures her illness (and you)- she's up for sainthood.

Gotta run. At least it's MUCH cooler here than the 100's like last week. 109 on Thursday!

Love you guys. New Neighbor

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80652: Happy Birthday to one of the original porch's all-time greats, jennie boone!

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80653: Hey NN,Asa,Boo,possum,Ro,Rev and all...well its race weekend in Hot Atlanta!..well its a shower and back to work for me...late lunch of grilled sirlon burgers with baked beans and maude slaw...will holler from work....prayers Hm...SPOT

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80654: Good morning, porch! Boo, you and Bruce are in a uniquely uncomfortable position for Christians to occupy. Certainly Bruce has to protect his job, but I'm sure for both of you, it's difficult. Your instinct as Christians is to offer kindness and forgiveness to a truly repentant offender, and even to those who are not so repentant. God loves them all, and so must we. However, the responsibility is not all yours. The offender at some point must understand that an offense such as theirs carries consequences that go beyond a jail term. Loss of trust, loss of respect, separation from former associates and friends - are all natural consequences that they set in motion with their misdeeds. A truly repentant offender will understand and accept that. If they don't, then one must question the depth of their repentance - they're still refusing to accept responsibility.

The fact that these people were church friends further complicates things, because the trust that should be a part of church association has been violated. It's important to remember though, that not everyone comes into a church for the right reasons. Some enter as outright wolves in sheep's clothing. If you are a predator - s#xual, financial or anything else - what better place to find victims than among people whose natural instinct is to trust? Also, even good people can be tempted to stray, and may be as surprised as anyone else by what they have done. As has been said so many times, a church is not a country club for perfect people, but rather it's a hospital for sinners, and we're all sinners. We view sin as a matter of degree - gossip isn't as bad as rape, is it? - but God just sees sin. That's one of the hardest concepts to grasp, I think. Our legal system recognizes degree, and punishes accordingly, as it surely must, but God does not. For His purposes, there is only one unpardonable sin - the sin of unbelief, but all else is forgiven in Heaven. Still, He allows the degrees of punishment on this earth, and a truly repentant sinner will accept that. This includes your friends. They must understand and accept responsibility and the consequences for what they did.

I know how it hurts. Years ago, Dale's SS school teacher, a man named Don, really shocked us all. He was such a fine man, a gifted teacher, led an exemplary Christian life, had a precious little wife. In his secular life, he was a financial counselor and investor, and did well. After we had known him for about ten years, and thought he was above reproach, he came to us with an investment proposition that looked like it couldn't fail. We had no money to invest, and sadly refused, but he was understanding and went on his way. He did, however, get quite a few of the church members to invest, some very heavily. Then one day he just disappeared. The whole thing had been a tissue of lies, and he just absconded with the money, leaving his wife as bewildered as everyone else. Well, he might have been money-smart, but he wasn't street-smart, and the police soon found him, living the high life out on the West coast. He's still in prison, the last I heard. His wife divorced him and remained in the church, with her little head held high. What happened, to cause him to do what he did? I don't know. He just gave in to temptation, I guess. Those who attended his trial said he was a broken man, looked twenty years older, and couldn't meet anyone's eyes. So sad, but it happens. Ultimately, the offender, and we, must realize that they and they alone are responsible for the crime, and there are consequences. Pray for them, yes. Forgive them in your heart, yes. But you are not required to risk your job and all that goes with it by continuing your association, and they must understand and accept that.

Well, I didn't mean to go on for so long, but you know me. I start typing and can't quit. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80655: Wow, I guess you just don't always realize what people are capable of (ourselves included). We had a deacon in our church several years ago that all of a sudden up and left his wife for another woman. That was a surprise to most, but not to me. I knew something wasn't "right" with him and didn't vote for him when he was voted in for deacon. Just the look in his eye and the way he said certain women know what I mean..kind of a lustful eye. It certainly serves as a sober warning to all of us. I am thinking of the verse that says that when you think you stand, take heed lest ye fall. Sometimes it just takes opening that door a crack to temptation and it doesn't waste much time pushing the door open and barging right in and getting it to leave is not very easy at that point.


September 04, 2010 - Msg 80656: You're right, Boo. That's absolute truth, neatly put. None are immune, thus watchfulness is very wise.

Well, ick, yuck and phooey! I just finished with a distasteful task - something I had been putting off exploring, mostly out of fear of the "unknown". Today I got led, or pushed, into it. For about three weeks there has been an unpleasant odor in my garage, around the two standing cabinets that contain my gardening stuff in one, and pond and sprinkler system stuff in the other. There is a little cross-storage, as space is needed. The odor was becoming really bad, and I just plain didn't want to know what it was, but knew it needed to be dealt with. I was fairly certain it wasn't a decomposing critter, because it just didn't smell like that, but you never know. I couldn't identify it, but it was bad. This afternoon, when I pulled up the pond filter to clean it, the little piece of garden hose that adapts the filter box to the intake tubing broke. I knew I had another piece of discarded hose that had that fitting on it, but I also knew where it was. Yep, in the bottom of the stinky pond/sprinkler cabinet, of course. So, I opened the garage for ventilation and more light, and prepared to do battle. When I started moving things around in the bottom section, the smell just got worse, and I saw a brown, oily liquid puddled in the tray. Then I saw where it was coming from, and knew I could handle it. I had a gallon jug of liquid fish, and a gallon of liquefied seaweed - gardening stuff, but stored in that cabinet. Both were leaking! What a combination! I just pulled them out, put them in a plastic bag, got a whole roll of paper towels and started mopping. It actually mopped up easily, and a finish with some Lysol spray and more wiping up, and it was done. Hands washed clean easily, and it's over. No more smell. The stash of hoses and tubing had remained pretty clean, because they were leaning on the jugs, not lying flat. It could have been a lot worse, and I'm glad to have it clean again. I guess sometimes the dread of a task is worse than the task itself. Don't know if that's worth anything, but it does seem to be true.

While out back, I put out a veritable banquet for the critters. Poor things have been fighting over one old shriveled watermelon rind. So I put out black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, some raisins, some fridgey-smelling walnuts, some baby carrots and filled the bird feeder with seed. Now one demented little squirrel is on the feeder, hanging on with his back feet and digging the seed out of the tray as fast as he can with his front feet, showering it down on the stones below. Messy little thing! I don't really care, though, because now whole flocks of birds can feed, instead of the few that can get on the feeder together. It all works out.

Two more squirrels just arrived, and now they're having a big old game of tag-around-the-tree. Hilarious!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80657: Burgers are done..lets go bowling after while..yall want too....SPOT

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80658: Evening porch, I am ready for bowling SPOT but will have to careful to not "wack" my back out again!

We spent the entire day in a little town called
Hillsville, Virgina. It is north of us about 2 hours or so away from here. The entire little town is turned into one massive flea type market for the Labor Day week end. This little town started this flea market many years ago with just a little yard sale thing to raise money for their local VFW and has turned into a 4 day massive flea market event. Folks come from all around to set up their stuff or just to browse. They have all types of food vendors and sell just about anything a body could want or need. My husband son and one of Patricks good buddies went one direction and Beth and I another. It was a fine weather day, about 75 degrees with a nice breeze. Beth found a purse ( which is her weakness, she probably has 50) but I didn't see anything I could not live without. We had a fine family day and a nice dinner on the way home. I am pretty tuckered out as is the rest of the Cox family. Better get ready for bed so we can make it to sunday school and preaching tomorrow.

Hopefully bowling won't have me out to late tonight! :)

Bedtime snack will be: toll house cookies with cold milk.

see you after church tomorrow!

Prayers for everyone and sweet dreams. Blessings.

Big Maude

September 04, 2010 - Msg 80659: Ro, I think that little story about the unpleasant task could apply to many situations in life. I know there have been many things I dreaded doing or going through in my own life that turned out to not be so bad. Sometimes my imagination is much worse than reality. :-)
I'm really hoping death is kind of like that..hehe. Speaking of, I heard something kind of funny on that subject today as the kids were watching an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive", about some guys who landed in the middle of the ocean after their little plane went down. One was getting very hypothermic and was think about how longer he would survive. He said something like, "I didn't know when it would happen. Would I just be floating along and all of a sudden a bright light and there's Grandma and Elvis?"....funny. Obviously he survived to tell the story.

Had a family dinner here tonight as SIL's kids came for a visit. It was such a nice evening! We had a great home cooked meal and watched some old home movies of the kids and laughed and laughed. After everyone left, the kids and I went outside and it started raining. Well, of course we had to play in it for awhile. I walked down the long driveway to the street in a gentle rain and walking back, I could see my front porch all lit up and Bruce and the kids sitting there. It sure looked something out of a good movie. I am blessed. :-)


September 04, 2010 - Msg 80660: Oh hey there maude...goodnight and thanks for your prayers for the porch family. Love to you and your's.


September 05, 2010 - Msg 80661:
Hello all!
Hope labor day weekend is going well. Looks like "earl" also took a day off.
Please keep praying about Nov elections.
I got an email about taxes that will kick in
big time on Jan 1 unless some things can be repealed before then. it is quite scary, especially
for the small business owner, but also for the everyday worker.
Preachin tomorrow, and no tradin horse hairs for smashed pennies! (:

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80662: I would like my labor day to be going well, MDC, but I have learned to hate holidays, usually because my MIL comes up, and this holiday is no exception. She has even put in her two cents worth about taking Kai out of Christian school, and she let it known that she's for it. And this is a lady who once told my wife that she was glad I wanted that kind of foundation for Kai. I don't know what gives in that family. She mentioned that one thing is the socializing aspect that she would get in public school.
Well, for one thing, school is not there to for kids to "network", they are supposed to be there to learn. The other thing is that Kai gets plenty of socializing at school. Sure, she gets the majority of her lessons on dvd's using the A Beka learning system, but it is not like she is stuck by herself in a closet. She is in a room with her teacher and other students, and they do go do other hands-on things, like science class.
As far as socializing, I don't know how much better results than those that I see at the school. When I go there, I am greeted politely with "Hello, Mr. ******" and "How are you, Mr. *****?" by the students there. You know what I got when I was leaving the public school after getting Kai's summer school papers? A funny look and a snide comment one kid(younger than the polite ones at Kai's school) made to his friend as they were walking in and I was walking out. True story.
Maybe that's the kind of kids my MIL would rather Kai be hanging out with. Now, I know they're not all like that, but they do "socialize" with a whole lot of different students, and plenty who never heard the word "manners", from their parents and certainly not from the school officials, who would be afraid of not being tolerant enough to a child's "self-esteem" to correct them.

Sorry, but I had to vent. MIL coming up and acting as another piece of fuel for my wife's angry fire does that to me. Luckily she is visiting her other daughter tonight, but will probably be back tomorrow. Lord, give me strength... and a nine iron. Just kidding!

We(wife, Kai and I) did have an enjoyable evening at a get together with some of the people from church, put on because one of their brother's just came back from Iraq. Even though I usually don't like those kinds of things, I did have a good time.

Well, have to get to bed because I have work tomorrow, and then church at the evening service. Have a good day all!

-Sterling Holobyte

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80663: Morning gang!!prayers to all..Sterling hope yer work day goes well..I have to go in at 6pm today...just got home and gona eat a bite and go to bed...Racing in Atlanta tonight Rev,Mavis,MDC and all race fans...breakfast menu: Scrambled eggs with cheese,hashbrowns,wheat toast with butter and jelly,center sliced country ham,grits,fried apple rings,sausage links and coffee,water and milk...ready in time to eat and get ready for Church...59 here in ga this morning nice real nice....SPOT

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80664: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO JIM NABORS 09/04

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80665: Good morning, porch! In a bit of a hurry, lest I be late for preaching, but do want to offer a suggestion to Sterling. Just suggest to MIL that she go and park her car in front of the local junior high, or (God forbid) the high school, as though she's waiting to pick someone up. Roll the windows down and just sit there and listen. What she will hear should be enough to convince her that she doesn't want Kai in that environment, to do her "socializing." I did that one day while waiting to pick up Eloise's grandson, and I have never been so shocked. I heard language I just couldn't believe, and most of it was from the girls! Now I'm not saying that the kids in the Christian school are going to have halos, but I think it won't be nearly so bad. Prayers for you, friend. You're fighting a lonely, uphill battle.

Blessings, friends. Have a lovely Sabbath! --Romeena

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80666: That "socializing" excuse is a bunch of crock. She obviously has her head in the sand and doesn't know what she's talking about Sterling. Just hang in there and smile and remember that ultimately, it is your decision as Kai's dad and the head of the house. Don't be discouraged and remember Christians before you, like the puritans who risked being eaten alive by indians to assure that their children were raise in a free country where they could practice their religious convictions...most of them died trying to secure that and because of them we have religious freedom still today. Never underestimate the influence you have on your child and future generations and remember that in this world you will face persecution for your faith convictions but stand firm. I know you know all of this but wanted to encourage you in your choices. :-)


September 05, 2010 - Msg 80667: Sterling Holobyte, I believe that not taking any positive action regarding Kai will cause more problems. So I hope the links I post below can help you.
And if these don't help, keep searching the internet. You'll be surprised at what information is available.

Boo, your story about that adultress deacon brings up something that people often overlook. It takes two to tango. Not only is the deacon at fault, but also that female he became involved with. I still find it hard to believe that people can be so self-centered that when they find out their "partner" is involved in a relationship, they won't end their relationship immediately.

Romeena, regarding your suggestions for Sterlings MIL, instead of just parking outside and listening, I think Sterling and his wife (and maybe the MIL) should make an appointment to visit inside a public school for a tour of the facitilities. They should stroll down the hallways as the students change classes and interact with each other. Also visit a washroom or two. And if it is around lunch time, stroll down to the cafeteria.

from Poor Horatio

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80668: I just read an insteresting story. A guy designed and built a full-size automobile and drove it between Canada and Mexico on one tank of gas (a standard 18 gallon tank).
Detroit ... are you listening?

from Poor Horatio

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80669: Good suggestion, PH. They would indeed get an earful in the hallways. --Romeena

September 05, 2010 - Msg 80670: One more thing - please pray for a man named Dave. He's a member of my church, his wife has been in my SS class for years, and today was a sad day for them both. The wife, Elaine, has Alzheimer's disease, and we have been watching her slowly slide into that silent place where such victims go. She has reached the point where she won't eat unless fed, walks with help, and doesn't speak. Dave has made the decision, on the advice of his own doctor, to place her in a residential care home, and today was her last Sunday with us. We gave her one of our traditional "prayer blankets" to remind her of our love for her, and we sang "Jesus Loves Me." To our amazement, she joined in and sang with us, and there were many tears and audible sobs when we saw that. She never speaks a word, but she sang that song! Dave has agonized over this decision, but his doctor more or less ordered him to do it, as he's killing himself, trying to care for her. Please pray for peace in Dave's soul, and comfort as he now lives alone in the home she kept for him for so many years. Thank you. --Romeena