July 03, 2009 - Msg 73718: Hey Y'all- Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July weekend.Stay safe!
MDC,you are a bird in this world -"kumbaya moment"! Ha!
Well, Mr. possum's yabbering at me about firewood- it's JULY,for Pete's Sake,so I can't think straight here- see y'all later!
possum under a rock

July 03, 2009 - Msg 73719: But,I can STILL sweep!

possum again

July 03, 2009 - Msg 73720: If I don't get back here tomorrow, A safe & happy 4th to ya'll! My baby boy will be 21 tomorrow! So ya'll behave, try not to burn the place down & don't eat too much!

July 03, 2009 - Msg 73721: Hi everyone. I'm not going to ruin a good sweep by any more of my opinions on the moulage at hand, except to say that I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th Of July!

Happy Birthday to the birthday "baby"? boy, Mavis!
I know, he will always be your baby. I can't imagine my Kai will be 21 sooner than I would like to think about it, but I'm sure she will always be my "baby" as well, no matter what age.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 03, 2009 - Msg 73722: Well Hello gang...I feel like I have been a lost dog!...here at work till 6 am then got to get ready for camping next week the next few days,work mon and tue then off we go..hey Mavis,possum,auh20,Rev,sterling,hazel,Romeena...well let me go back and read and watch this movie...Maude have you and Asa been feeding this bunch?..any midnight snacks left over for the dog thas come home and sitting on the porch?...ruff..;)...prayers to all..SPOT

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73723: Have a safe and happy Fourth of July tomorrow, friends! Have a hot dog, eat some watermelon and/or homemade ice cream, and stay out of the heat! Be blessed! --Romeena

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73724: Happy 4th gang...hope everyone has a mayberry day...im gona head home and snooze and get up and get the jset ski out and service it for the camping trip....burger king for b-fast....SPOT

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73725: Mornin' Y'all! Happy Independence Day to all.

Happy early birthday to Mavis' baby Jake!

Y'all take care and show up at sunset for the fireworks at Myers Lake. Asa,if you behave we will let you have a sparkler!
possum under a rock

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73726: Burger King, SPOT?...gaurd your arteries, buddy.

Happy 4th of July to all my porch family. Hope your's is a happy, memorable celebration!

Ours will be not so memorable, probably, but we will spend it together (appliance shopping) :-( Lots of good deals out there but deciding, that is not always an easy matter. I have been doing my homework and reading consumer reports, etc. I know lots about front loaders vs. top loaders, energy efficiency and so on (wish me luck)....better wear my comfortable shoes...maybe sneakers. I decided on a stove/oven called the Kenmore Elite from Sears. It has the glass cooktop (would rather have gas..no rude comments, please..but I have to have electric). It has two convection ovens; a small one on top that you use for most of your baking (uses less energy), and a large capacity on bottom for turkeys and such. So, you can cook two different things at the same time or cook one and keep the other warm, etc., which will be really nice for the holidays since I seem to be the one who has inherited the job of cooking since my mother had her stroke. I always do the main course anyway. My sister will do sides and some desserts. (I really hope ya'll aren't reading this, rolling your eyes, and thinking 'Who really cares?') ;-) I told you I would keep you updated on house affairs and I am true to my word (sorry...hehe).

Better get going...


July 04, 2009 - Msg 73727: Happy 4th Ya'll! And thanks for the birthday wishes for Jake! He is beyond excited that he is legal now. Seems like yesterday the doc laid that little tiny thing in my arms, now he's over 6 foot & driving! Boo we just got the appliances for the new house, well we ain't picked them up yet, go get them today, but I managed to save by ordering online & having them delivered to the Home Depot, you might look into that, I mangaged to knock about $1000 bucks off the end total that way.
Ya'll be safe!

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73728: Good morning, porch! Happy Fourth of July to one and all. Boo, you and Mavis enjoy this time, you hear? What fun, getting to build a new home, or renovate a newly-purchased one, choose new appliances and get all the latest conveniences. It just struck me that I will probably use what I've got until the end of my days. My Maytags may be fifteen years old, but they perform well and do their job. My fridge in the house is about six years old and the one in the garage is about fifteen. Both work perfectly. Dishwasher is around ten. Ovens are original so that makes them 35, but they work perfectly. I hope they continue, because as built-ins, they'd be awkward to replace. Stovetop is around ten. No, the only thing I anticipate needing replacement is the microwave, and that may happen soon, unless it can be repaired. It works perfectly, but the display is failing, line by line. It's getting hard to read. I figure, like most things, it would cost more to repair it than to replace it, but we'll see.

How about Sarah's big announcement? Can't say I blame her. I would imagine she just needs some time of peace with her family, to let media-inflicted wounds heal, and to let their family dynamic find a new level. Beyond that, I'll just offer my promise - girl, if you run in 2012, you've got my vote! You have raised the bar and set a new benchmark for grace under fire.

Happy Fourth, friends, and may God Bless America once again. --Romeena

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73729: O, my, gosh! It is sooooo hot out there. It's 92 at 11:10, humidity 45%, and it's like stepping into a sauna to go outside. I'll bet you can guess why I did it. Yep, clogged pond filter. Since the advent of Fatima, my big umbrella, I'm down to every other day, instead of every day, so guess she's doing some good. Sometimes people ask me if there's something wrong with the filter, since it clogs up so often. No, it's quite the opposite. The filter is doing exactly what it's supposed to do, which is to trap and hold free-floating particles of algae. These particles are actually small clumps of dead algae, killed by the UV light, but still suspended in the water. The algae is continually reproducing, the light is continually killing it, and the flocculant that I put in the water every couple of weeks is continually pulling the tiny particles into clumps. If it weren't for the filter catching the clumps and holding them, in a short time the water would be green again, only with dead algae instead of living particles. I'm grateful for Fatima's help in slowing down the production of the algae, but now my water lilies aren't blooming very much, because they're not getting enough sun. I guess there's a trade-off in everything.

Now I'm going to cool off with a shower and a big glass of tea, then later I'm going over to Eloise's for dinner and ice cream. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73730: Hello everyone and happy July 4th! Check out my love for the show by visiting my blog: http://www.steviebabysblog.com/

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73731: Well, gentlefolk, it's been awhile but I see "the usual suspects" are still rockin' on the Porch. That does a soul good to know some good things don't change. Like Romeena I'm just hidin' from the heat. It's been 103 here for a few days & I'm SOOOOOOO done with that. Is winter just around the corner? Spent some time with Scouts at Summer Camp this year & we averaged 111 each day... sheesh!

I have (including all in the "melded" family) grandbaby #6 due later this month. My eldest girl is having her third... this one a boy. She also directs an ICU floor at a hospital in California and is working on her masters. I try not to talk to her too often... makes me tired.

Ro'... I'm with you... all Sarah has to do is decide to run & she has my vote...

We've had a good 4th. Went to a minor league baseball game last night, ate brisket (cooked overnight in Claude's) & baked beans and home-made ice cream. Now I'm just groaning in my easy chair. Blessings on each of you... I'll try to drop by more often... Dragonfly

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73732: Hey Ro, it was 102 here with high humidity and I was running around in it all day in Corpus, whew! We had some luck at the 4th of July sales. I found a good deal on a Samsung front-load washer and dryer. Ended up getting 30% off and getting both for 1100. The same thing was much higher at Sears. I decided to wait on the oven and see if I can get it cheaper later. We did purchase some new living room furniture that was on sale. We have been keeping our eye on this one group and got it at a good price. We bought a sofa, loveseat, chair with ottoman, side tables and coffee table. The furniture is leather (kind of a dark maroon..almost looks like brown, depending on the light) and is so comfortable. We must have sat on 100 (seems like) leather couches at different stores and nothing came close to this one in comfort. They will also hold the furniture in our warehouse until the house is built and we are ready to use it. So, we knocked off the major buys today. I still need a kitchen table and chairs, a garage door opener, and a garbage disposal. Oh, and we still need that septic tank! ha

Mavis, what appliances did you get today? Give me the details...I need details.... ;-)

Welcome home, Dragonfly! Don't be such a stranger. 111 degrees at summer camp...OMGosh, I would have died.

What did Sarah Palin announce?...I was too busy shopping to hear any news today...


July 04, 2009 - Msg 73733: BTW, if you are interested and want to see the furniture we purchased, go to www.furniturerow.com and click on leather, then sofa, then the group called "Vintage". The coffee table and end tables are called "Jakarta". You might not be interested but if you are....I'm just sayin'....


July 04, 2009 - Msg 73734: Good evening, porch. Check out the link in 73730 - very interesting. Stevie, we would welcome you as an official porchster if you're so inclined.

Dragonfly, it's good to see you, but my word, it has been much too long. Don't go disappearing on us again now, you hear?

Boo, your furniture is beautiful! You're really going to enjoy the leather, I think. I don't have leather, my living room stuff is a fabric that looks and feels like suede, but David and Brittney have leather and they love it. If I ever have to replace my furniture, I'll probably get leather next time.

On the garage door opener, consider getting one that has a keypad outside the door, as an alternative entry. My son put one of those in for me, and it's amazing how handy that is. If the battery dies in your remote in the car, you can still open the door. If you're working outside, as I often am, you can close the door while you go to the back, and open it easily when you return, without having to carry the remote with you. You can even enter a temporary code to allow someone else to enter when you're not home, and then remove that code when you're through with it. It does come in handy.

Well, I had a very good dinner at Eloise's, and she made fresh peach ice cream that was just wonderful!! Good food, and good company. You can't beat a deal like that. Toye Starr had a good time too, and just went from lap to lap, the sweet, rotten little thing. She never meets a stranger.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Church will come early in the morning. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 04, 2009 - Msg 73735: Happy 4th Everybody, What an awesome end to the race I just enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you all had a great day- Salty Dog

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73736: Race fans! all I can saw is WOW...Smoke was ON..lets have breakfast..:3 eggs your way,country ham,hashbrowns,grits,bacon,sausage,salsa,bisquits and gravy,Milk,coffee......prayers to all and a blessed Sunday...SPOT

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73737: Okay Ro and Boo - who left the thermostat on HIGH when I was in Texas. I saw rain near Krause Springs on Wednesday and that was it. Saw the Alamo, Ripley's museum, the river walk, the TX Ranger museum, got some real Dr. Pepper and other than that it was tooooo hot! for me!

More on the trip later - it is a cool and rainy 69 here!


July 05, 2009 - Msg 73738: Smugosity is a sin, HM! Enjoy your 69 degrees, while we sweat it out here in Texas. It's tooooo hot for us, too! However, I'm happy to report that it's just 84 today, at noon. Very cloudy, hope we get some rain.

Pastor preached a great sermon today - all about "God Bless America" and how we should turn it around and say "Bless God, America!" As he put it, we continually ask God to bless us, but what have we done to deserve it? And do we thank Him when He does?

The music was patriotic, the choir was in fine form, the orchestra was unusually good, and there was an enormous flag that draped almost the entire back wall of the choir loft. Somewhere a hidden fan was blowing behind the flag, because it rippled gently the entire time. Beautiful!

Well, I'm off to pick up some Sonic ice to take over to Eloise's. Going there for lunch (hope she doesn't get tired of me!) and there will be about fifteen of us, so I'm taking extra ice in case her icemaker can't keep up. She's been having a problem with it.

Have a lovely Sabbath, friends. --Romeena

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73739: Yes, I agree with ya, HM...it's TOO HOT here! Too hot to really enjoy sightseeing for sure. I never go to San Antonio in the summer unless i have to. It seems to be especially steamy there in the summer. I have been to the Ripley's museum and the wax museum there, but not the Texas Ranger museum. Glad you are having cool temps today (wish I were!). It is hot here, but very breezy and that helps. Hey, I'm still waiting for those pictures of your house...

RO, thanks. I think we will be happy with the furniture. I love Sonic ice but rarely buy it by the bag...I just don't think about it at the time i need ice. Hope you have a good time with Eloise. I forgot to tell you something yesterday...When we were in Lowe's looking at appliances, Sean was looking at the vacuums (as usual) and while he was looking at them, a lady costomer came by looking to purchase a vacuum. Well, Sean gave her the sales pitch on the vacuums and helped her pick out one that suited her needs. She bought it! He is quite a salesman when it comes to vacuums. Too bad he didn't get a commission. Now he is saying that when he turns 18, he is working at Lowe's, selling appliances, vacuums and lawn mowers...might not be a bad idea. BTW, thanks for the tip concerning the garage door opener, great idea.

Well, the chili dog I had for lunch is layin' heavy on my chest so I think I will retire to the couch. See ya later.


July 05, 2009 - Msg 73740: Hi porch. Not much to say, just passing through. It's HOT here, too. One thing about Idaho, we have all 4 seasons. Snow in the winter. Beautiful springs and wonderful falls (my favorite season). As for summer, HOT. It's suppose to get up to 100 today. My tomotoes are digging it. (that's something they do when they like something)
About the keypad on the garage door. We have one of those too, and it has totally come in handy for us too. We discovered something several years ago about ours. If another house has one within a certain distance, you can open your door from their keypad. For example, our battery died on our keypad about a year ago. (we had had it for about 10 years, so those batteries last a long time!) Anyway, during the week or so that we kept forgetting to buy a new battery, and we needed to open the garage door with it, we just walked right across the street to our neighbors and punched in our code on their keypad, and like magic, our door opens. Works great if your battery in your car remote and the one in the keypad are dead at the same time, and you need to get in the house.

Over and out, Hazel

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73741:
Weird stuff Hazel, do you use the internet off
their wi-fi too? haha
Hey gang, here at the library today.
Yesterday, Cecile and I watched A CAPITAL 4th on PBS like we have done every year for at least
the last 20 years, but what happens this year,
that has never happened? The prez addresses the crowd! Yes, there was BO on the jumbo-trons getting in his 2 cents! My wife and I just
cringed and listened. (I'll hold back any other comments!)
Oh BOO, you would have loved it this year, they had Barry Manilow, and the muppets sang a
Carpenters' song "Sing a Song." haha
This morning we ended Mass with a full singing
of America the Beautiful with full organ accompaniment! The third verse always gets to me..
"Oh beautiful, for heroes proved..." I always tear
up on that one, and quietly thank all those
heroes " who more than life, their country loved.."
God bless,
his little message!
have done every year for

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73742: ??

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73743: Nope, MDC, we pay for our internet! But actually, it's the neighbors who got the better end of the deal. They didn't replace their battery for about 2 years (no kidding) and when the kids would come home from school and the house wasn't open they would come over and use our keypad to get into their house. So we figured they owed us during the brief time we used theirs!
By the way, I've got cousins visiting from Phoenix right now, and when I complained about our heat, they just looked at me funny. They're glad to be here, out of the heat from Phoenix!
Well, over and out again. (sorry, I already 10-4ed ya)
- Hazel

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73744: Hi porch,hope everybody had a great 4th and a great Sunday.I am enjoying my oldest son being home until Thursday.He came and visited a few weeks ago,now Friday he flew here by himself,and is staying until the end of the week.I had been praying I could visit with him,and the Lord sure answered my prayers.Well,talk to you all later-ky girl

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73745: Good evening, porch. Hazel, that's good information - I didn't know that about the keypads. My opener (the unit in the garage) works off something called "rolling codes". I'm not really sure what that means, but my son explained it this way. There is a long series of codes, and each time you use the remote, it "rolls" to the next one, to make it work next time. That's to keep hackers in a van down the street from pirating your code electronically. Now, with that in mind, I have to say I don't know how the keypad thing works - I guess it's the same thing. Punching in the preset access code sends the "open" signal to the unit, just like the remote in the car does. Any of you guys out there know whether I know what I'm talking about - or not?

Boo, Sean is going to do one of two things. Either he will go into research and invent and perfect vacuums and other appliances and make a ton of money, or he will repair and/or sell them, like Emmett. Either way, he'll be a happy man. Believe me, working for Lowe's could be a very good thing. A kid who grew up next door to us, same age as my David, went to work for the Home Depot pretty much right out of high school. He was diligent, and did a good job for them, eventually became a store manager. That wasn't the big thing, though. While he was working there, he took advantage of every stock option they offered. He bought every share he could get his hands on. Eventually, when the stock suddenly shot up, he sold it all for a cool million. He could never hit another lick in his life, and still live comfortably. However, he is working, just because he wants to. Says he hates to give up the ins@rance!

Well, guess I'll go settle down with a little cuddlebug in my lap, and enjoy a big glass of tea. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73746: Hey gang!...been busy here at the dog house..hey Boo,possum,Ro,Rev,salty.hm,hazel,auh20,mdc,md,asaand the whole gang...got some well need rain here in the south...thank you Lord....got some left over tuna and pasta for any takers...got to work at 6am in the morning...lets hit International House of Pancakes....know some of yall dont like that place but lets give it a chance after all Asa is buying.....well let me hit the ironing board ..(does anybody wana buy a canon?)....SPOT

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73747: Right, Romeena, I think he would be good at sales and Lowe's isn't a bad place to work and we have one less than a mile from home.

Hazel, it was record-breaking HOT today...100 with a heat index of 109. Funny thing is, though, we had a lot of wind so it didn't feel as high. I sat outside at the homesite from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight and it was beatiful...such a nice breeze and a lovely sunset that turned the sky baby blue and pink. I just love sitting out there and will be so happy to be living out there. I think I will spend alot of time outdoors. Anyway, I had no idea it got so hot in Idaho, mercy! At least fall is on the way.

Isn't it about time someone said "VICKS"?!

Hey SPOT...IHOP in the morning?...I'll bring the Pepto Bismal. ;-)


July 05, 2009 - Msg 73748: We have one of those type of garage door openers, but I didn't delve that far into the manual, I'm afraid. Putting the thing up was enough hassle in itself. :)
We put our keypad in our house just inside our back door, and we leave our remotes in the cars(that way we know where they are at all times. We have a habit of losing things. And by we, I mean my wife.;)) Then we just can punch in our code inside the house and look outside the window to see if the door is going up, or down.

Had a nice 4th. Went up with Kai and the wife to my mom's brother's(my Uncle, in other words) annual 4th of July reunion bash. Met some of my cousins I hadn't seen in a long while and Kai wanted to watch the parade they were having up there so we did that too. I just wish we could've stayed longer. The only time I got to do what I really wanted to do while there - just kick back and hang out - was just before we were going to leave. We brought my Mom and Dad along, and they just don't like to stay places very long, I guess even when someone else is driving. But we all had a good time.
Then we came back and later went over to our church parking lot as it was a good vantage point for watching the fireworks. We weren't the only ones to have that idea though. The lot was pretty full.

I started watching a movie last night called "1776". You can probably guess what it was about. I came in just in time to see the founders signing the Declaration Of Independence. I wanted to watch more of it but I had to get to bed as I worked today, but it was pretty interesting. I think it was made in 1971 or something, and it starred that guy who did the voice of Kitt on Knight Rider as John Adams, and I think it was the guy who was the White Shadow as Jefferson.
I find myself more interested lately in the founders and all that they went through and did.

Oh, Romeena, don't know if you heard, but I know you watch a lot of Britcoms so you may already know this. I'm sad to say that Mollie Sugden, who played the crazily-color haired
Mrs. Slocum on "Are You Being Served?" died earlier last week, I forgot to mention it. I think it was on Monday or something.
Don't know if you watched that show, but she was a funny lady and will be missed.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 05, 2009 - Msg 73749: You're furniture looks really nice, Boo! (just looked)

My wife didn't want leather because she says in hot weather she didn't want to peel herself off of it. I don't know what she would be worried about though, as she has a AC on the first minute the temperature moves 1 degree above 65.;)
I tend to like leather, and I think you made a good choice!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73750: Well thanks, Sterling! We have a leather recliner now that we have had for years and it is very comfortable...never stuck to it. If it's real leather, you really don't stick to it (and I oughta know, living in this hot box called "Texas"). I like leather because you can clean it and it never smells bad (I am wierd about bad smells). I have leather seats in my car, too, and it gets really hot in the car, but I don't stick to the seats. I got burned on the back of my legs when wearing shorts, though, the other day!

Well, I think I will turn in...been a long day. Goodnight..


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73751: Lets go gang..Boo has the Pepto Bismal.....I-Hop watch out....SPOT

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73752: Spot b-fast at I-HOp sounds good,and I'll have some of that tuna and pasta to go please!School starts back tonight,wish I could say I'm looking forward to it.I like going,just have to get back into the routine.I have to get moving,lots to do today and all I want to do is go back to bed!Talk to you all later-ky girl

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73753: Good morning everyone. Hope that your day has started off right.

We had a very nice July 4. Couldn't do all we usually do because of the Mrs. "delicate" condition, but we did go out for a bite and go see the fireworks. Still, it was nice, real nice. It was mid-60s Saturday night, and went into the mid-50s last night. GReat sleeping weather!

BOO: Good luck appliance shopping. The only thing I might add is that when we were washer shopping a few months ago the appliance repair man who came to work on our old one gave us a few rules to shop by. The first was to be skeptical of Kenmore. He said in teh old days Sears brand was Whirlpool with their name on it, but since K-Mart and Sears merged some years back they now put their appliance contract out for bid each year. So, some years it could be Whirlpool, some years it could be some other company with a bad rep. Since you'd never know, he thought best to avoid Kenmore. He also said that the LG brand was problematic. Also, he said we should avoid any new innovations that aren't at least a couple of years old. It usually takes a few years for the kinks to get worked out of the new technology. He said that teh Maytags are workhorses, for the most part. This guy has been a repair man for years and years (has his own company) and has done right by us on several occasions, so I'm inclined to trust his advice. Anyway, there is it.

I won't add anything to the patriotic zeal. I've been doing a lot of serious thinking and praying over the weekend. I'll keep my comments to myself. Yes, there you have it--I do have some self-restraint where my mouth is concerned. Surprised?

Y'all have a great day!


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73754: Mornin' SPOT.

I am still sleepy...got woke up way too early again. I managed to fall back asleep for about an hour, but it was still early. I should have stayed up because you know how sometimes when you go back to sleep you will have strage, vivid dreams? I had a doozie this morning...disturbing. It's still haunting me, and then to top things off, my MIL just called asking if she could bring Gizzy (the chihuahua) and her new kitten over for the day and night. She is tending to a friend who had surgery. I never mind having Gizzy but it is going to be difficult to have all three because my current kitty HATES Gizzy and he is rough on the other kitten. He just plays too rough with her and hurts her so I have to try to keep them seperated some of the time. With one litter box, that gets a little tricky. Oh well.

Speaking of kitties, for those of you who have one, I discovered a really fun trick....I bought a little lazer pointer thing they make for cats. Really cheap, but Fu-un! The cat chases that little ball of red light all over the house, non-stop. He goes nuts trying to catch the impossible red light. I highly suggest it to you cat owners. It even has little lenses that you can change so that the light looks like a spider or butterfly, etc.

Yesterday I was looking back over the archives of a year ago and had some good laughs. Sometimes you people are just hysterical!

Got the dreaded laundry task to do....Yesterday Sean and I were discussing the fact that soon I will actually get to do laundry inside the house. I have never had that luxury. I have always had washers/dryers in the garage and it gets so hot in the summer. The ones I am using now are in the back of the house in a little closet on the back porch and that area gets the full sun all day so it is really hot. It sure will be nice to stay cool while doing the clothes! :-)

Better go, the cat is trying to crawl on the keyboard! He is really starting to bug me but he is so darned fun most of the time.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73755: Hey there Me-They. Yay! I did all the things you suggested above. I did lots of reading and had already decided to steer clear from LG and had read quite a few bad things about Maytag washers. I also got a tried and true Samsung brand with basic funcioning. Nothing fancy for me because I think there are just more things to go wrong. Hopefully I made the right choice... The only problem is that the only stove I like is a Maytag! Bruce said he is going to do some shopping online to see if he can find the same thing in another brand. I have a hunch that whirlpool might have pretty much the same thing, although I have not found it out there. Thanks for the advice, my brother!


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73756: "The church is always trying to get other people to reform; it might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little, by way of example."

Hey, I didn't say it, Mark Twain did. Blame him.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73757: Hey there, BOO. The rapir guy we spoke to seemed to think Maytag washers were very good, so maybe the same goes for stoves, too.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73758: I say "Maytag" but I meant to say "Kenmore", darn it. I am doing a little internet search and am finding the same basic thing on the whirlpool site, so I should be able to find it in other brands.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73759: Morning, folks! Boo, I'm glad you corrected the "Maytag" comment. I have Maytags, washer and dryer both, have had them for at least fifteen years and absolutely love them both. Never had a service call on either one, they're fast and efficient and do a very good job. The washer doesn't tangle the clothes, either!

About the leather furniture, I think some people avoid it because of memories of sticking to vinyl stuff. The old "naugahyde", which was a vinyl, was bad about that. True leather just doesn't seem to have that problem. As Boo observed, I have leather car seats and have never stuck to them. Also, if they're hot, you can just "hover" above them for a few seconds before sitting down and they won't burn you. They start to cool instantly when you block the sun. Also, they warm quickly in the winter, which vinyl doesn't always do. I love my leather carseats, and just hate fabric seats. You can't move, it's like sitting on velcro!

Well, gotta go clean the filter, then over to a friend's house to check her husband's blood pressure. He's under treatment for leukemia, and is having some B/P problems. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73760: Okay. Iíve decided that Iím okay with the president. I had a few major concerns but decided that, as a Christian, Iím okay with him. Now, as a political independent, I have a few important concerns, but, to me, at least, those are secondary to the faith issues.

One of the biggies was that I wasnít sure he was a Christian at all. He hasnít been explicit regarding his personal relationship with Christ, and some of his affiliations with quasi-Christian and (what I consider) potentially anti-Christian organizations are problematic. His associations with questionable people also give me pause. And his take on religious ďtolerance,Ē while on one hand admirable, also is, I have to say, a little extreme. When it comes down to it, though, I have to take him at his word until actions prove otherwise, which leads me toÖ

The other biggie for me was his stand on the dignity and sanctity of human life. He says he believes one thing personally, but also believes that the nationís laws uphold the individualís right to decide for themselves ďwhoĒ is human and therefore deserving of the right to the life we enjoy. However, Iíve come to believe that he is a product of his timeólots of people believe like he does. Itís sad, but true. I think the Bible is explicit enough. I can only pray that the Lord will lift the veil of ignorance from them. But for this horrible belief alone I canít call them ďunchristian.Ē

The third thing that disturbed me is the sheer adoration so many people seem to have for him, making him out to be some sort of almost god-like being, or some direct instrument of God. He has blazed a new trail and set precedent, but I think the jury of history is still out on his success. He makes a powerful speech, to be sure, but they hang on his every word like gospel, and that cult of personality concerns me. I guess Iím the type of person who always is skeptical about following the crowd.

I have thought and prayed a lot about it, and decided that itís not for me to doubt his faith. He professes his belief in God; Iíll have to trust that he is right with the Lord. He seems be genuine enough. The Bible teaches us that government is instituted by God, and as long as we are not asked to sin we are to follow and uphold it. I may not like all the presidentís policies on a personal political level, but I donít think he ventured into that territory. As far as his past constituents are concerned, heís done a lot of good for them, so thatís something.

So, after a few months of doubt and a troubled heart, I have decided that Iím cool with George Washington after all.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73761:
Boy M-T, you sure had me going there for a few minutes. Wanting to start a moulage on a Monday morning - now don't that beat all.

Just trouble checking for the day -


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73762:
Boo- I suggest that you by an extended warranty.
We did that when we got the Maytag last year,
and sure enough, we used the EW 2 weeks ago.
A bearing went out, and the way they are made now,
they had to replace the whole tub with the bearing! So it has already paid off having that EW.
HAZel--112 to 115 predicted for all this week here!
M-T -not sure where you got all that, but it was
clever. However, history (written at that time, not the revisionist history in today's books) shows that Washington was indeed a Christian man.
Sterling- Yes 1776 was made as we were coming up to the Bicentennial and is very good, and free
of much the PC junk that would be thrown into such things now-a-days.
APB for REV. Is he still out on the road?
Have a good day honeys and dears, prayers for Boo's rehab group!

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73763:
Here's a trivia question from an ep I watched
this weekend.
Which ep had a lady named Jean Boswell
who said she went to Hillside University?


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73764: HM: What can I say? I'm a scamp.

MDC: Washington himself, in his writings and speeches, never once described himself as Christian. However, that doesn't mean he was not one. But it also is hotly debated (with reasonable arguments on all sides) where on the board you could peg him. Washington never referred to Christ, publicly or privately, and, though some accounts claim to the contrary, three of Washington's pastors claim that he would never take communion. Jefferson himself doubted in writing that Washington was indeed a "Christian," as in one who believes in Jesus as Savior. Others close to Washington had this same question or doubt. Of course, all these things are heresay. That said, anything conclusively claiming otherwise is, too. There is no doubt of Washington's belief in God, and that he felt religion was important. But Washington also thought the manner of that religion was not as important as having "a" religion. (To that end, unlike many of his time, Washington was an equal opportunity employer: he would hire Jews, Moslems, and even athiests.) Washington also was a Master Mason, an organization which then and now troubles many Christians. (Especially the Catholic Church. In a papal edict reaffirmed by the current pope, one faces excommunication for being a Mason. In many evangelical protestant churches Freemasonry is considered "incapatable with Christ's teachings.") The important thing is, God knows.

One caution I would offer is the general condemnation of "revisionist" history. History constantly unfolds, and new facts are being uncovered and better understood. Now, if history is being colored for political reasons, that's just plain bad history. But our understanding of history does change over time, and that's good. People don't like their preconceived notions of history to be shown false or faulty, and often react by calling new facts or ideas "revisionist."

I would say, all in all, history is better taught now than in 1850, when the good Parson Weems' (who never met Washington or even studied his life) fanciful and completely ficticious stories of Washington's childhood were taught in schools as fact. Or when history was twisted to justify slavery. Yes, we have to put up with some PC history today, and that's annoying, but there has never been a better time to read all sides and find the truth.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73765: MDC: The ep where Barney has to defend Andy (against Barney's own boasts to "that college kid") on the witness stand. I can't remember the name. Is that right? What do I win?!?


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73766: Yep, HM. I was reading his post and starting to sweat thinking of the potential moulage he might be stirring up! You're somethin' else, M-T!

Bible study at the rehab tonight...would really appreciate a few prayers from my porch friends. Five of the girls from the rehab were at church on Sunday. One of the leaders brought them over for church. They have to keep a certain "level" to leave the rehab and come to church so there were not very many, but one of them was the girl I talked about recently that prayed with us to receive Christ. Very sweet girl. It was a blessing to have them with me in the service.

Well, guess I will see if the sheets are ready to go in the dryer....speaking of, RO, you're right. Maytag makes a good washer/dryer, always has.

"Over and Under",

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73767: Oh hey there, MDC. We did buy the extended 5 yr warranty on the washer/dryer. It was fairly cheap and you just never know when something is going to go wrong on these new washers, especially. Bruce is getting too old to crawl around on the ground working on washers. BTW, how neat that you mentioned praying for the girls at rehab. You must have been typing that at the same time i was asking for prayer.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73768:
Hey Folks

M-T I really don't give a hoot if my President is a Christian. To me the presidency is a secular office. I would much rather have an atheist in office that would defend individual freedoms than a Christian that can not even keep his vows to his wife. Or, a Christian that hugs and refers to terrorists victims. Washington may not have shouted that he was a Christian on the street corner but I would wager that his actions, as President, did more to promote Christianity, than the actions of say Nixon, Carter, JFK, or Clinton.

However, it is good to see that you have endorsed George.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73769:
Hey M-T, that answer is correct and you win
the Nathan Tibbs award along with a styrofoam
statue. Ha
As to Washington, you make some fair statements,
but also some on the more "interesting" side.
The following is a quote from a sermon by D James Kennedy who did impeccable research before he
"Washington was elected to the vestry of his church (episcopal) which is comparable to being a Presbyterian elder. He attended faithfully upon the meetings, which are recorded in his diaries. Sometimes he rode for miles at night in the dark to attend. One time he rode many, many miles to attend a vestry meeting, and the meeting was not held because a quorum did not come. So he returned the long journey to his home."
"When he was inducted into high office, he appeared on the balcony clothed in dark brown with the familiar white silk stockings and dress sword at his side - American clothing in every way. At that time the Bible was on a purple cushion which was held out. He placed his hand upon it and was solemnly sworn into the office by Chancellor Livingstone. And when he finished being sworn in, he bent down and reverently kissed the Bible. That was the first act of the first President of our country." (plus more such statements)
"Still, someone might say, "Well, so, he was religious, but there are many people who live good lives, who are virtuous, who are religious, who are pious, and yet they still have never come to a real acceptance of Jesus Christ. Is it true of Washington? Well, let me let him answer that in his own words. Perhaps the most precious collection of all of Washington's writings are in a little diary of prayers that he kept. He started them when he was twenty years old. He called them his daily sacrifice. These prayers perhaps reveal more about him than anything else. If a person is truly a Christian he knows that he is a sinner and he is not trusting in his own righteousness, but rather he trusts in the merits and the blood of Christ. Was Washington trusting in these? Listen to his own words: "Accept of me for the merits of Thy Son Jesus Christ." Sunday evening: "I have called on Thee for pardon and forgiveness of sins, but so coldly and carelessly, that my prayers are become my sin and stand in need of pardon. I have heard Thy holy Word, but with such deadness of spirit that I have been an unprofitable and forgetful hearer." He says again. "Cover my sins with that absolute obedience of Thy dear Son that those sacrifices which I have offered may be acceptable by it to Thee, in and for the sake of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, offered upon the cross for me. Direct my thoughts, words and work. Wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the Lamb. And purge my heart by Thy Holy Spirit from the dross of my natural corruption. Increase my faith in the sweet promises of the Gospel. Thou gavest Thy Son to die for me," said Washington. He said, "That my sins that pass over my head, my sins and my iniquities are heaped up against me. If I should cast up an account of my good deeds done this day, how few and small they would be. But if I reckon my miscarriages, surely they would be many and great. O Blessed Father, let Thy Son's blood wash me from all impurities and cleanse me from the stains of sin that are upon me. Give me grace to lay hold upon His merits," He said "that my soul watch for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Let my bed put me in mind of my grave and my rising from there on my last resurrection. O Heavenly Father, so frame my heart that I may ever delight to live according to Thy will and command that holiness and righteousness before Thee all the days of my life. Look down upon Thine unworthy servant who prostrate myself at the footstool of Thy mercy and confessing my own guiltiness and begging pardon for my sins. What Thou hast done for me, what more would Thou hast done for me or what could I have done more against Thee. Pardon me," he said, "for the blood of Thy Son, Jesus! Christ." He says, "I humbly beseech Thee to be merciful."

Sorry for being so long, but M-T, that is directly
from his diary of only 200 some years ago.
We believe ancient Greek and Egyptian history of 4000 years ago, written by historians,yet why do we question words that
are in a man's own handwriting that are preserved
for us today? Yes, he was a Christian.
If not, then what am I? (:

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73770: Well said, auh2o.

Me-They, I would offer that though you stated, "there has never been a better time to read all sides and find the truth", that may be true for people who research it for themselves, as the info is out there for the taking. But I wouldn't say the same where our public schools and the mass media are concerned.

Oops, I never buy the extended warranty. I figure that the factory warranty should be enough, and if it isn't(like if you have to use it in the first place), then the product isn't worth spending any more money on.
Perhaps I should rethink that, at least on big purchases.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73771: Well said, auh2o.

Me-They, I would offer that though you stated, "there has never been a better time to read all sides and find the truth", that may be true for people who research it for themselves, as the info is out there for the taking. But I wouldn't say the same where our public schools and the mass media are concerned.

Oops, I never buy the extended warranty. I figure that the factory warranty should be enough, and if it isn't(like if you have to use it in the first place), then the product isn't worth spending any more money on.
Perhaps I should rethink that, at least on big purchases.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73772: I guess I chewed my cabbage twice. And I don't even like cabbage.


July 06, 2009 - Msg 73773: Very interesting doin's today. May I submit that it matters little to me what a man (or woman) says regarding their faith. The Bible says "ye shall know them by their fruit." My husband put it another way - don't listen to what people say, watch what they do. Makes sense to me. I have to say, in all honesty, that so far, I haven't seen a whole lot of fruit around Mr. O's tree, and some of the things he has done aren't very reassuring. However, as I've said before, the state of his soul is between him and God, and I am not his judge. I cannot judge him, won't try - but I can darned sure judge what he does. Signing the bill to commit American tax dollars to support the abortion process throughout the world was one of the first, and worst, things he has done. I do not favor abortion, but like it nor not, I'm helping to pay for them. That bothers me. The Bible also says that a man will be known by the company he keeps. Mr. O is powerfully cozy with highly questionable individuals, and that bothers me too. Slighting and snubbing our allies, and fawning over Muslim dictators bothers me. Then there is the nebulous and indescribable phenomenon known as "discerning of spirits." Most Christians have that power, though many are not aware of it. It simply means that often you can look into someone's eyes and see the spirit of God there, or the lack thereof. It was even written into a pop/gospel song, "Her Father's Eyes". Mr. O's eyes do not inspire confidence in me. They're hard and cold and inscrutable. Hillary Clinton has the same eyes, like ball bearings. Maybe I'm nutty, but that's the way I see it. Like most women, I put a lot of stock in intuition, right or wrong. I have just never had a good feeling about him, and doubt I ever will. Still, he is the president, and I will respect the office at least, until I can find reason to respect the man.

Now I have to go make a Christmas wreath! In July?? Yep. My SS teacher's sister was a missionary in Japan for many years, never married. She has left Japan and "retired" from the mission field. She came to Texas to reestablish her life here, and through a Christian friend she met a widower, a rancher in South Texas, and they fell in love. They're getting married soon, and we're giving her a wedding shower tonight. The man very thoughtfully told her that he will give away to his daughters all of his late wife's personal possessions, most of the furnishings and decorative items in the home, even the small appliances. Linda will be starting out with the ranch house "shell", with the freedom to make it her own. She has nothing but her clothes, as she left what few possessions she had behind, when she left Japan. I learned that the late wife's Christmas decorations had been given to the man's daughters as well, so I figured she might just need a Christmas wreath. I make a pretty nice one, and always have several wreaths and all the fixin's on hand. I plan to give her a couple of ornaments from my own tree as well, for "seed". Anyway, got to get busy. It takes me a couple of hours to wire one of those things up.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73774:

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73775:
M-T--I think what I stated and quoted above puts holes in what you said, "Washington never referred to Christ, publicly or privately,".
Oh, and speaking of holes, in one battle, there
were 4 bullet holes in Washington's coat, but, strangely enough, not one of them hit him. Darn right phenomenal! (:
Your ever lovin'
PS: We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper's sprout...114 right now, 2:21 AZ time

July 06, 2009 - Msg 73776: Well Romeena, I don't know about your friend but if it were me, I would be thrilled to receive a handmade Christmas wreath...very good idea, I might add. My niece's mom gave me a beautiful Christmas wreath that she made one year and I was very happy.



July 06, 2009 - Msg 73777: SH cabbage/..im hungry...was busy at work today..sorry I did not get to post..got the camper backed up at the house and got it loadedand ready for wed...jet ski ready..hey Maude you beencooking?..any leftovers...be sure to (whoever cooks) to send Rev a plate on the road...hey Boo,possum,MDC,asa,auh20 ,mavis....well let me go harvist the garden before dark...prayers...SPOT