June 15, 2009 - Msg 73324:
Gee, Possum, I feel bad for ya. Wally got a
"creepy" new girlfriend, and Lumpy, well, he's lumpy! ha I guess I'm just easily entertained! ha
During my first year teaching in an inner-city school,
I put "STUPENDOUS" at the top of a student's composition, and next thing I knew I had an
angry dad in my classroom saying that I called his kid "stupid!" True story. it took me three languages and the principal to calm him down and to get him to see that "stupendous" meant "good!"
God bless,

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73325:
Whew, I finally swept!

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73326: Ha! That brings yet ANOTHER incident to mind,MDC. Again,I was working in the schools and had a group of kids that I was teaching social studies/history to. We were discussing ancestry and I touched on my background (German,Swiss,& English)then pointed to one black student and told him that he might be descended from African royalty.He sat up quite proudly,as I recall! Then,I told another boy that he could be proud because his ancestors were the Native Americans.And on it continued-no problem,or so I thought.
The next day when I walked into the room,the kids all "oohed & aahed" at me.I heard "You're in trouble!".The teacher handed me a note along with a "Boy,is this stupid!" look.
The note read like this:
"What do you mean telling Marlo he gots
Indian blood in him? If you got a problem,call me 123-4567 anytime and I will meet you in the street.."
I wasn't sure how to handle it,so I took it to the principal's office and explained what had happened. He told me to just ignore it,don't respond back. I asked if I could circle all of the grammatical errors and send it back to her! Ha! Anyhow,I returned to the classroom, & said nothing about it. I guess the kid told his mom I got sent to the Principal's office or something,and that satisfied her.You'd think she would be proud of their heritage.Danged stupid if you ask me,wanting to fight!

Is it the girlfriend that has a face like a flounder,MDC? I remember Beaver saying that about one of Wally's girlfriends.
I liked Larry Mondello and his mother. She was always threatening to sic his father on him when he got back from Cincinnati! Wonder if Mrs. O'Malley did the same to her kids? Can't you imagine this scene?
"You're really gonna get it when your father gets home from DEE-troit!" Ha!
possum again

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73327: Hi friends,I haven't had time to read the archives,but,I did see Boos post about teenagers asking questions and I will give you a witness!I am going through that again with my daughter and it is so unpredictable!Prayers for all-ky girl

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73328: Guess I've got shrinking ovaries too!haha!-ky girl

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73329:
That Wally is "stupido!"
hey to kygirl.

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73330: I understand they are building a new Andy Griffith museum in Mt. Airy, NC. They should put more props and items there on display, like Barney's motorcycle, Barney's deputy uniform, Andy's courthouse chair, etc. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?? CKH....Virginia

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73331: Oh MDC, you are so "STUPENDOUS"! haha....that story is pretty funny (not at the time, I'm sure).

You're about my age, aren't ya, KYGirl? Prepare for shrinking ovaries.

Oh Possum, some people just seem to walk through life with a huge chip on their shoulder, don't they. They are only punishing themselves by it. Life is so much better when we are kind to others.

Today has been tough. Bruce came home showing me an email from his brother that upset him and then an email from his sister asking for 400.00 or her car will be repossed. He was so stressed that I saw him put his hand to his chest. He said he had pressure, so I made him relax in the recliner and try to get his mind off of things. I feel very sorry for Bruce because since his dad died, he seems to feel responsible for what happens with his siblings. He tries to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and it is going to kill him. Please pray that he would find a way to give his burdens to the Lord and realize that he isn't responsible for everyone else. I just don't know what to do for him. Nobody can drive you crazy like family (can i get another witness, KY girl?)!


June 15, 2009 - Msg 73332: "repossesed"...sorry.

CKH, I didn't know about the museum in Mt. Airy. I think what you suggested about the props is a great idea. I wonder how many of things are still around, though, and who has them.


June 15, 2009 - Msg 73333: IM HOME!...Love ya porch...got to get the camper put away and LOTS of un packing...Miss Sherry says Hey!.....SPOT

June 15, 2009 - Msg 73334: Oh, it so good to have you home, SPOT. We really miss you when you are away. We love you, too! "Hey" to Miss Sherry.


June 15, 2009 - Msg 73335:
Boo-I'll give ya an AMEN! I can recall not wanting to relocate after college. Boy, I wish I had a mulligan on that shot.

Hey Spot! Welcome back.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73336: Auh20, you can run but you can't hide. :)

Boo, I'll keep Bruce in my prayers. The poor feller needs to not get caught up in the familys problems like that. Not easy to not do when you care, but sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Just let conequenses happen and hopefully folks will learn. We are dealing with a family member in much the same way right now. And it's not easy.

Gee MDC, You finally swept up around here. Good job. You even got the corners.

CKH, I have not heard of any museum of what you speak. Doesn't mean it isn't so though. I will keep my eyes open and if I hear of a confirmation, pass it on to you here. Sorry, thats all I have.

Welcome back Spot. Hope you had fun. Hope your ready to cook though. Things been a might tight around here in the food department while you were gone.

The stories I have read from Possum and Romeena the last few posts have been troubling for me. Political Correctness has gone nuts in the society IMNSHO. The fear of saying anything that may be taken the wrong way because of race, gender, disability, or any of the other countless ways the advesery is using to devide us has created a world of people walking on egg shells, while others are just looking for ways to be offended and make a big moulage of it. It's just plain nuts! Drives me crazy I'll tell ya. Oh well, what do you do?

Best get going. Lot's to do today.

Prayers for all.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73337: Mornin' Y'all! Welcome home to Mayberry,spot-we missed you! Hey back to Miss Sherry!

Should we start a new club,ladies? The Shrinking Ovaries? Ha!

Poor Bruce.no,he can't fix the world's troubles,Boo.Prayers for him.it is so hard to have to deal with family issues.

Lots of chores after having Laci these past few days-I'd better get busy. Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73338: Good morning everyone. They promised cool, sunny weather today, but it looks like rain. I want my money back!

MDC: The Greek Orthodox Church includes all the books of the apocrypha in their Bible; Roman Catholics a few less. The ones in the RC Bible were included in the King James until the mid-1600s. Martin Luther himself booted a couple of the books. After that it was spotty. They were taken from most Protestant Bibles in the early 1800s.

All the books originate from around 500 BC to 100 AD, which means they kinda fit "between" the books of the Old and New Testaments. However, there canonical place has always been in doubt. Even the RC church did not feel comfortable "mingling" the books among others of the testaments. The American Bible Society came out and okayed their inclusion in Protestant Bibles in the 1960 or 1970s, but while most denominations (like Methodist and Baptist) consider them worthy of study they do not consider them inerrant and so they are not part of canon.

I knew that class would come in handy some day. My educashun was worth every penny.

Prayers for Bruce today.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73339: Thank you so much for those prayers, friends. I know they will make a difference.

Asa, what you said really sums up what has been going on in our family this week. Even when you try to walk on egg shells with some folks, you still manage to offend them. You can't win with some people so you just have to move on. Like someone told me recently, "Let it be like water off a duck's back".


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73340: Or a bat's wing.

"What's wrong with bats? I like seeing a bat every now and then."

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73341: Yeah, I like that even better..."like water off a bat's wing"....it has a certain ring to it.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73342: "You're not talkin' to a jerk y'know!"


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73343:
Possum, I was looking at a LITB site and they said
that only season 1 and 2 have been released.
Seasons 3 thru 6 had a different producer and they are not releasing any at this time! bummer.
OK, back to tags. Where's Sam Allen when ya need him! Instead we got Inspector Case! ha
Thanks for the info inspector Me-they. I'm glad you saved all those old Police Gazette articles for the Bible info. ha Do you have True Detective too? (:
CKH- I also have not heard of the museum.
For a bunch of TAGS buffs, we're not too up on things are we? Sorry. Now if you asked me if Opie was out or safe at homeplate, THAT I could tell you! ha (In fact here ya go: If you slow down the video or dvd,
you will see that, despite Helen's "staged" photos, Opie was really and truly out!)
You'll have to ask our museum curators M-T or
BTW- APB for sterling!
Prayers for Bruce! Good job of calming him, Boo.
Well for my brother Daryl, and my other brother Daryl, It's just me,

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73344: MDC: LITB is one of my favorite old shows. Some people think it's corny, but Ward and June offer a lot of sage advice if you ask me.

I used to take True Detective but had to stop after I got married ;-).

A conpsiracy video, huh? I think there were two runners heading for home. If you really look, you can see teh other on the grassy knoll.

I'll second your apb for STERLING and offer HORATIO, AFD, RAFE, MERRIWEATHER, and lots of others.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73345:
M-T -I really like it too, but if we all took a nip 'o squeezins every time they said "gee", we'd all be gassed by the end of each ep! ha
We'd be like Mayor Stoner (pun intended) whilst he was waitin' for the gov'ner! ha
Welcome home spot.
Cherio mates,

PPS: Boo, if you ever want to get MY goat, just
publish the lyrics of "Gerogie Girl" Now there's a Weird song! ha

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73346: Sorry, don't want to have you guys worrying. I was working like a crazed mouse trying to get out of an electrified maze trying to get caught up at work Friday, Sat. and Sun. Seems the supers weren't keeping up on some of the things the director told them to during my absences during the week. Not to worry though, I got totally caught up on Sunday, and didn't even have to stay later than normal. Hopefully next weekend will be better.
Though part of the problem was that my director gave me about 30 employee handbooks to copy, double-sided, and put together. Add to that a cranky copier that didn't want to cooperate(kept jamming and not printing some of the rest of the book), so that kind of set me back with my normal routine.

Kai is doing fine. Right now she has her best friend she has known since pre-school over, and they are singing on some Disney game on Xbox.
She is still doing well on not getting too rambunctious, but I worry about her forgetting not to do so much as she increasingly feels better. I did tell her that she probably is going to feel like she can run and jump and all that, but that it is important that she doesn't do that. She seems to understand.

Wait, you guys are discussing the books of Bibles from a Catholic and Protestant perspective? I am going to have to read back and see what you are talking about, as that is something I have been pondering recently.
Though I like the church I am in, I almost feel like I have to defend my Catholic upbringing with them. They just had another missionary speak there, who once again, had an emphasis on how false the Catholic church is. And I have just been wondering about the books taken out of the Bible by Protestant leaders(Luther), and why they are not included, when they are in the Catholic Bible.
I just don't understand the animosity of other churches toward the Catholic church, I mean, I can understand some of the misinformation they have about it, but when I was a member of the church, I remember thinking of most of the other denominations as people in the same family of God, working toward the same goal. It didn't seem to have this "exclusionary" (my church is more holy than your church) mentality.
I'm sure not all Protestant churches are like that. Oh well, I guess that might be what I get for going to an independant, fundamental church.

Looks like a storm coming here. Hope your weather is nice where you are.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73347: Good afternoon, porch. Hot and humid here, I tried to work outside for a while, lasted about half an hour and had to quit.

There are new pictures in the album. Ky girl, there was a crease line where your picture was folded in the envelope, and while I did improve it a bit, I couldn't make it all go away. Still, it's a good picture. Daphne sent a composite picture of her new baby, Mariner Kate, and herself. Little Mariner is cute as a bug, and Daphne has promised some more pictures soon, as the baby is now a month old.

You folks do know that you can click on the little thumbnail pictures in the album and they'll enlarge for you? Also, explore the options line below each enlarged picture, there are more choices there.

I'm not about to get into such a deep theological discussion. First of all I'm not qualified, and second, I just don't think it matters. Any church that believes John 3:16 (that's in everybody's Bible!) and teaches it as the central core of faith, has got to be pretty close to the mark. There are all sorts of doctrinal differences, developed by man, sometimes by interpretation of scripture and sometimes seemingly pulled out of the air, but the heart of the gospel never changes, and it's all I need to know. And as Goober said, believe it or not, that's all I have to say.

Now I'm off to catch a nap before going to work tonight. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73348: Hey STERLING! Good news about Kai. I agree with ROMEENA: more unites us than divides us. To pose a possible answer to your question, in some churches I've attended I believe the "hard feelings" some Protestants have are based on what they perceive of as faulty Catholic theology (pergatory, veneration and hyperveneration, faith v. works, the role of tradition, etc.). The faith and works thing is particularly thorny since most Protestant denominations base salvation on faith alone. I think there also is some deep-seated resentment in some churches based on the fact that the RC church did not recognize Protestant baptisms and other rites until, I believe Vatican 2, or at least the modern era. Then, there are all those pesky Protestant-Catholic European wars that still carry baggage in some places. Some people just can't let the past lie and face forward.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73349: I'm not talking about your church, STERLING, but my dad had a funny saying about really small, independent churches that claimed they knew it all and the rest of us were clueless. He called them the "Church of Us Four and No More."


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73350: Ha, I have heard that statement, Me-They.

Well Sterling, I attend a Baptist church and it isn't like that. I have never heard anything spoken in our church that would insult or put down any other denomination. There are many Catholics in south texas and many in our own church who have Catholic backgrounds. My way of thinking is, teach the truth like Christ instructed us (preach the gospel and make disciples of all men) and let the Lord deal with hearts about what is truth. When I go to the drug rehab on Mondays, sometimes we have many girls from catholic backgrounds and they have questions like "what about Mary", etc. We don't talk about their denominations, but steer them to the basic truth of the gospel, as Romeena said. Frankly, there are alot of things I don't know and there are many mysteries about our faith, so I don't claim to have all the answers. I have been studying in Galatians this week and reading about Paul's letter to them. He was very upset about what he describes as a "perversion" of the gospel (the gospel of grace and salvation by faith alone), because there were jewish men coming in among the gentile christians telling them that faith was not enough, but it must be accompanied by certain works of the law, such as cirumcision. Paul was more than a little upset and pleads with them not to be led away from the pure gospel of grace. I am sometimes confused by religions that seem to add something to that. I don't have all the answers but I am concerned that some denominations teach people that they have to "do" certain things to be forgiven or acceptable to God. I was in a church that taught that and I was one miserable Christian for years. I'm not sure about what is taught in the Catholic church these days so I can't make a sure statement about it. I have had questions about it, though. I had heard that the main theological difference in Catholic and protestant has to do with "justification". Most protestant churches believe that when we come to faith in Christ, repent and believe in what Christ did on the cross, we are born again and justified before God. I heard a teaching by a theological teacher that taught that the Catholic teaching is that if a baby is baptized, he becomes justified before God at that time, but that when he reaches the age of accountability and commits a known sin, he comes out from under that justification and then needs to present himself before the priest at confession and if he performs what is required by the priest, whether it be prayers or penance, then he is justified before God again. Maybe you can help me with that, MDC. If that is true, those two beliefs are really quite different. I am open to education on the subject...


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73351: oops...I just read your post, M-T, and kind of repeated some things you said..I don't know how I missed reading it before i posted! Must be due to those darned shrinking ovaries again...


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73352:
Which begs the question,M-T, what is a 4 square church? or a church 4 square that i have seen? ha
RO- There is a Scripture passage where other folks are
driving out demons and the apostles dont like it,
but Jesus said something like, "if they aint agin us, they're for us." to paraphrase, right?
Me-They- the whole faith-works thing was also
discussed at Vatican II and basically we are faith alone, but as the Sriptures also say "faith without works is a dead faith," or in other words if you truly have a real faith, works will follow and be part of your faith in action. Also, as you say protestant
baptism is now indeed recognized.
Also as RO says, John 3:16 is as big with us as it is at any football game! (I'm just honoring
those brave and clever sign holders!)
But therre are continued controversies. IE: I will NEVER again support Notre Dame. I believe they made a horrible mistake that is inexcusable!
OK, back to TAGS..
"I stickin with Pastor Tucker." (:

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73353:
Boo, now i see your post, so we both must have been on at the same time.
Infant baptism continues to be a topic of interest. Anglicans and Lutherans do it also,
but we seem to get the rap. ha
Seriouly tho Boo, that teacher may have been going by some older theology. Tho, we do infant baptisms, we also have the understanding that the parents and godparents have a Christian duty to teach that child and bring it up in the faith.
Hope that helps. Confession topictomorrow when i have
more breaktime.
God bless,

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73354:
oops, that should be MDC

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73355: it hot hot here today know I wish some rain would come
I no I said no more rain, but now us can uesd some.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73356: I apprciate the explantaion, MDC, and I feel good about it. Thanks. It certainly could be that the teacher, who was Lutheran, was discussing catholic beliefs at the time of Luther and I am just too old to remember what the context was! ha.

You know what I always think about is this...I was born again at age 16 and knew nothing about religion or theology other than there was a God and a man named Jesus who was crucified. I had no understanding of why, or of grace, or justification. I just knew when I watched a movie about Jesus, that I loved him and believed in him and that changed everything. I think there are many like me in many different denominations and as we grow in our faith and knowledge, we understand more about the grace by which we are saved, as the Lord gives us revelation. In the meantime we should be humble and love people. :-)

I LOVE this porch so much! You wonderful people always challenge me, teach me and bless me.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73357: Oh, hey TOM...hope you get some relief from the heat soon.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73358: Hey guys and gals...TOM I know what you mean buddy about the heat...well into the 90"s here in Ga...just a quick hello to all...let me get out here to this garden for a bit will holler after dark....got some roast chicken and green and cream taters for supper...yall git some...SPOT

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73359:
AMEN to that boo..."love covers a multitude of sins, and I'll throw in Ephesians 4:32 as well,
as it is my desk calendar's verse for today! (:
Spot's gonna go hollar fish!
TOM- prayers for just a nice light rain to cool
you off.
See you tomorra,

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73360: I know I said I wouldn't say anything else, and I won't. I'll let the Apostle Paul say it - Ephesians 2:8-9 says, "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast." That's pretty plain. MDC nailed it: "if you truly have a real faith, works will follow and be part of your faith in action."

And now I'm off to work. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73361: Well said, Ro. Hope you have a good night at work and have patients that are thankful for your good care.


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73362: I was just looking at the new pictures in the album. You look so young, Ky Girl!

Now, refresh my memory here. Is Daphne the porchster who lives in Clute, TX? I am having a little trouble remembering. She has one cute little munchkin there!


June 16, 2009 - Msg 73363: "I stickin with Pastor Tucker."? hehe MDC, don't you mean, "I hold with Reverand Tucker." Get your quote right, Man, get it right! (just pickin' at ya) I know you been taking from Reverand Tucker for a good many years and you ain't about to change!
I was raised Lutheran, which I think is a lot like the Catholic church.
- Hazel

June 16, 2009 - Msg 73364: That seems strange since it's named after the reformer, Martin Luther...curious. I know the Episcopal church is similar. I used to attend one years ago and really liked it. I think the only church have not been to is a Lutheran church (that I remember anyway). Is it like the Methodist church or Presbyterian?

I like this church talk..it's interesting.

What is the name of the church that Andy and Barney attended, does anyone remember if it is ever mentioned?


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73365: boo,
It was mentioned many times. All Souls Church.
The Reverand Hobart M. Tucker, D.D. presided.
jennie boone
"That's one thing you can never talk too much about...sin" ~Barney Fife

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73366: He didn't talk about sin!
- Hazel

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73367: Thanks Jenni...strange name for a church, don't you think?

Right, Hazel! I just love that episode...so funny.

I forgot to tell you all something that happened today. Remember I mentioned that a few weeks back one of Erin's teammates wanted to buy her a snowcone after the game (his name is Corbin, and he is 7 or 8). Well, it so happens that Corbin lives across the street from us and he and Erin have been playing together. I noticed this afternoon that he had walked her home and said goodbye to her at the door. She came in with a shy but happy look on her face and she whispered in my ear, "Mom, Corbin kissed me twice and asked me to be his girlfriend!"...she was so excited and I was thinking, "WHAT?!!!SHE KISSED A BOY! Oh NO!!", but instead of freaking out, I asked where he had kissed her and she said on the lips. So then I asked her how long the kiss lasted and she showed me on my cheek and it was a bit too long, I thought. I remember kissing a little boy in 2nd grade and it was completly innocent but I can't say I really like the idea of a boy kissing my little girl! I didn't think this would happen so soon. Should I be at all concerned? Those of you with more parenting experience than I, please help! LOL


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73368: Oh, I did explain to her that she is still very young and maybe it would be best to limit the kisses to kisses on the cheek. She told me, "I finally gave in. Every since the pool party he keeps ask me, 'Do you wanna kiss me? Do you wanna kiss me? Do you wanna kiss me?!"....ha He really is the cutest little freckle-faced kid and he seems to be completly smitten with Erin. I think I will suggest that they play together here at our house so I can just keep an eye on them. I really don't know anything about his family or how he has been raised.

Better go to bed. I am beat after all the housework, and babysitting little Emily tonight. She is so much fun but very typically 2...opinionated and into everything!


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73369: Morning Porch.
Well Boo, if it was a kiss on the lips at that young an age, and it was longer than you felt good about, I'd be concerned. It just seems we live in a different era now, and young-uns are starting younger and younger into this type of thing. I'm sure it's innocent enough, and not worthy of making a big moulage over, but I would, if I were you, pull Erin aside and just offer her some council about appropriate behavior. Anyhow, that's my thinking on it. Talk to Bruce and see what he thinks. I think us men folk are a lot more strict when it comes to our Daughters. At least I know I was. Remember Gomer's words, "Heck, my Ma and Pa just shook hands on their deal". hee hee hee.
I do enjoy studying on the different religions out there to Boo. I sometimes feel challanged in discussing them with folks though. It seems to be a hot item button for some folks, and frequently ends up in an argument as to who is right and wrong. It's at that point I feel the Spirit leave and the advesary take over. So I usually won't get into those discussions unless I know the person well enough to know we can talk about things without offending. I agree with MT, we should all focus more on what we share in common rather than on what seperates us. And I love Romeena's thoughts about at the end of it all it is through the blood of Christ that we will gain salvation. She is a wise women that Romenna.
I always love Andy's admonition to Opie, "Opie, Bible knowlege is a fine thing, but don't flaunt it." Good advice there.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73370: Good morning everyone. You know how it is, TOM; everybody complains about the weather but no one does anything about it. Calvin Coolidge said that.

Methodists baptize babies as well. We thought about joining the church associated with the kids' school. We love the people and really get something from their services. However, in their statement of faith they state their opposition to infant baptism and basically let it be known that in order to be "equally yoked" they expect people joining their church to buy into their very general statement. The other stuff is pretty basic and I have absolutely no problem with, but in good conscience can't just skip over this dfifference of opinion. I don't think the Bible makes the baptism thing crystal clear and believe it's one of those things good Christians can disagree about without emnity.

BOO: I would be concerned. Have been a young boy once myself, I will tell you that "innocent" little things often lead to more. How soon before the newness of kissing wears off? And then what? I'm of the mind that this should be nipped in the bud.

My feeling is this, if it's okay to kiss this boy, what about when the next one has an interest in Erin? It will be settled in her mind that kissing is no big thing. Every step is another hurdle cleared and one step closer to the next. This hurdle isn't that big of a deal in the scheme of things, but I wonder if you'll be hearing, "But mom! I've kissed boys before. What's the big deal about us going to a movie alone?" sooner than you expect.

That said, you and Bruce are good parents and see the situation firsthand. With prayer I have no doubt whatever decision you make it will be the right one.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73371: ASA: I couldn't agree more about discussing "religion." I enjoy studying about faith and discussing it as well. But as you said some people just can't. I don't mind having heated arguments about politics, but don't like to when it comes to faith.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73372: Thanks for that advice, Dads. I hear what you are saying, Me-They. I made that mistake with Sean by not being careful enough about things and lived to regret it later when he got involved with a girl about a year ago. I "nipped" it then, but by then some damage was already done. Sometimes I am too lenient about such things because of my own upbringing. My parents never talked to me about such things and the one time my mom did talk to me she did it to shame me and I decided I would not do that to my children. I have always been very open with them but maybe I didn't teach enough about the negatives.

Asa, I did tell Bruce and you should have seen the look on his face! He said we have to tell her that's not allowed and he was ready to go find the little boy and set him straight. I calmed him down and said I would make sure they understand and would talk to Erin. Who thought we would have to be dealing with this so soon?! Mercy.

Asa, I don't remember that bible quote from TAGS, but its a good one.

Me-They, I was baptized as an infant and then when I made a decision to follow Christ in my teens, I was baptized again. I think that happens to lots of folks.

Well, better get off the computer and get some work done...I'm still tired from yesterday's work!


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73373: Good morning, porch! Just got home from work, gonna get me a little nap, then have to see my diabetes doc at 1:40, just a routine visit.

On the subject of infant baptism, I think it's necessary to clarify just what the baptism is intended to confer. Being a Baptist, you would naturally know that I don't believe a baby is unsaved if it hasn't been baptized. John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9 both speak of faith and belief, and an infant is incapable of either one. Some churches, and mine is one of them, offer new parents the opportunity to publicly dedicate their child to God, in a brief but sweet little ceremony, usually done at the end of a worship service. This is really more a matter of the parents committing to raise the child "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord". There is no baptism, in any form. The baby hasn't got a clue, and I will never believe that God would condemn an innocent child just because his parents didn't get him baptized.

At some point in a person's life, they realize that a question is facing them, and they make a choice - to believe in Jesus as Savior and trust Him for their salvation, or not. For a child being reared in the church, this usually happens in the very early teens, but can occur earlier or much later. Whenever it comes, it's that moment when faith and belief take over, or are rejected.

In the Baptist church, we do not baptize infants because we do not believe that baptism brings salvation - contrary to what many people think we believe. Baptism always follows a conversion experience (belief, faith and trust), it doesn't come before. In other words, we choose to be baptized because we have been saved. We are not saved because we've been baptized.

Well, for someone who wasn't going to get in the discussion, I've sure run on, haven't I?

Boo, I don't think I'd get all steamed up over the Erin/Corbin thing, because that will just make her more curious, and knowing Erin, more determined to pursue the activity. Just keep the lines of communication open, don't let her see too much concern on your part. Just downplay it, and suggest to her that they find a more appropriate way to share their friendship, instead of sharing germs. (Mention cooties a lot!) I guess kids still talk about cooties - don't they? Anyway, don't give it too much attention and the whole thing will probably die. But keep your eyes and ears open. Good idea to have them do their playing at your house.

Now I'm going to gather up my little warm puppy, and hit the sack for a couple of hours. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73374: Haha, that is too funny Ro, because that is pretty much what I told Erin...I think I said something more like, "Ewww, germs...". She went along with me and after talking more with her, i think she just gave in to the pressure of being asked over and over. So, this is a good teaching opportunity to talk to her about staying true to herself and that she can say "no".

One of my nieces, that is Erin's age has a little friend that is 8 and her mom actually used to be a stripper and has a pole for dancing in her home. Mercy! Anyway, the little girl knows alot more than she should and was telling me niece this week that she had been kissing a boy who is older than her and he was putting his tongue in her mouth. When my sister told me that story yesterday it got my attention. I don't want to over-react but I am going to keep my eyes open because many kids these days are growing up much faster than we did!

BTW, Romeena, a couple of days ago Erin told me that she wanted to be baptized and when i asked her why, she said, "because i want to go to heaven". I had a talk with her about what saves us and why we go to heaven to be with Jesus but I don't think she gets it yet. I'm not sure where she got the idea that she had to be baptized to go to heaven...hmm, I guess i need to pursue that a little farther in case she is having some anxiety about it.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73375: I agree, ROMEENA. Although we are born into sin, I also believe that until we reach an age of understanding we are covered by God's grace. The God of my Bible wouldn't condemn an unbaptized baby.

I also agree that baptism is not necessary for salvation but is an outward symbol of it. I grew up in churches that "dedicate" babies as you describe, but did not call it baptism. I've been to some very moving dedications. However, all my kids have been baptized and I believe that they truly took part in a sacrament and not a ceremony. Some people also think you've gotta be immersed (as Christ was) to be bapstized, but I'm cool with sprinkling.

But as I explained, I think it's a gray area on which good Christians can disagree. God lays out many things explicitly in the Bible, but this isn't one of them. So, to each as the Lord lays on his or her heart!

BOO: That surprises me about you being rebaptized since you grew up Methodist. The Book of Discipline frowns on rebaptism (even when baptised in another denomination) and many pastors won't do it.

If you want to hear a story about what things like this can lead to that'll make your hair curl, e-mail me.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73376: BOO: It wasn't clear above, but about the kissing thing, not baptism!


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73377: Hope I didn't start a big moulage with my religion questions. It wasn't my intention to start a debate on which denomination is better. Just trying to figure things out in my situation, so thank you all for your input with that.

The infant baptism subject is a part of that "figuring" as well, since my current church doesn't believe in it, and discourages taking communion if you are not "immersed". So I generally don't go to the evening service on the days when I know they are going to have The Lord's Supper. The times I have forgotten they were having it I sort of felt like an unwelcome outsider, but I will respect the churches ordinance and not take communion.
I will probably never take communion there as I consider myself already baptized and don't plan on doing it again. Of course that could change if the Lord tells me, but so far I have not had a tug in that direction.
Like you, Ro, I don't think that God would condemn a child if they are not baptized. However, I also cannot say that infant baptism is somehow "wrong", as in the Bible many times, whole households would be baptized. And I imagine there were infants or small children in those days and in some of those households. That, and not everyone lived near a river or pond so that they could be immersed and not poured over with the Holy Spirit.
My baptism was followed by confirmation, when you are older and can accept or reject Christ.
Some will just go through the motions but not follow through, whether baptized as a child or young adult or an older adult. While others will feel the Holy Spirit working through them and will know the truth that is God. And that can happen whether you were baptized through immersion, sprinkling, or pouring. And with any denomination you are.

Anyway, that is just part of my questions I have regarding all this.
The mysteries of the Bible are plenty. I just wish sometimes that they weren't so mysterious. ;)

Ok, since I've used up so much space on this baptism topic, I will keep my suggestion to you about Erin short and sweet, Boo. Nip it in the bud.
Make it clear what the rules are to Erin(like no kissing). And then drop the topic.
I always found with Kai that she did really well when I explained with no ands, ifs or buts, what the deal was and how things were going to be. Anyway, that's what worked with her.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73378: Now that four of us agree on the baptism thing, maybe we can form a church, huh? Of course, we're not lettin' anyone else in ;-).


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73379: Can we have a secret handshake? Or maybe a secret growl? --Romeena

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73380: Can I be keeper of the flame?!?


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73381: Well, hehe, maybe basing our meetings around flames isn't such a good idea...


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73382: Let your light shine MT. Don't go hiding it. :)


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73383: Hey M-T,Boo,Possum,sterling...looks like some heavy reading here on the porch...I will get to it in a bit...busy and hot here...but did want to stop by and leave the supper menu:Southern Fried Chicken,cream taters with gravy,tiny little green peas,green onions,and peach cobbler..and Boo tea and Maude slaw...back in just a bit...around dark....SPOT

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73384:
Yup Hazel, I do indeed HOLD to Pastor Tucker! ha I sure aint "runnin"' with him. Now THERE's a moulage! ha
Not much time today. God bless,

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73385: That supper sounds great,Spot! LOL @ "Boo tea"!

See y'all over at the doghouse for supper.I'm going to go slick down first and I'll swing by & pick Asa up,if somebody will run him through the creek and get him into his suit of threads,ok?
possum under a rock

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73386:
Anone got some barn paint, and we can all be
"blood-brothers" ha
Also remeember that Nat Pike says that a penny
struck by lighting is worth 6 cents!
"I been to the river and I been baptized..."
Gotta go,
love ya,

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73387: I'm ready Possum. Got the old salt and pepper on, the hat is polished, and a gallon od brylcream slathered on.


June 17, 2009 - Msg 73388: Possum im jelous....you running with Asa now?...SPOT

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73389: "Boo"Boo" Boo hoo(Boo) possum left our running around gang....hope Asa"s brylcream drips....SPOT

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73390: Asa that slick-um is running down yer white collar..and your leg hair is sticking through yer yellow sox...im just so beside myself....and DONT run out and get possum a flower....grrrr....SPOT

June 17, 2009 - Msg 73391: Possum If ya get back in check yer mail.....Asa you aint even got yerself a car yall are gona have to walk to the dance...grrrr...Mary Grace( I mean possum)all I can say "nice real nice"....funning with yall....;) SPOT

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73392:
Hello porch family.....man have I been busy. I stopped in at my house for 2 days but leave back out tomorrow and will be on the road until August.

Spot.....I'll be coming through the big "A" town tomorrow heading west. Be watching for a motorhome pulling a music equipment trailer.

I haven't had time to read the archives so I don't really know what all has been going on lately. But one thing that has been going on is my prayers for you precious folks.

Gotta get some sleep. You all have a great night.
Sending my love and prayers your way....each one of you!

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73393: Rev you gona be running I-20?...gosh wish we could meet but never the less I got to work....Prayers and keep doing the great work for the Lord....you are great....new CD soon?...ok...got to go find possum and Asa....SPOT

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73394: Wow - I just read the moulage on baptism, etc. . .and I think you all have covered it pretty well. Those forming that church with the secret handshake, next thing you know you'll be barn burning if you let M-T have the candle. Maybe a flashlight would work just as well or maybe the light from his cellphone.

Got my niece's wedding this weekend. It is going to be an interesting sort of thing. No one is happy about her groom choice but she is a little different, I think let them live in the reality that they want to live in. They are moving to St. Louis and I think that is good because my sister won't me able to meddle as much. The older she gets - the more of a nose problem she has. It has become very irritating to me. Prayers for the wedding and no massive flare-ups!

Then we are getting ready for our TX vacation. A friend has a ranch outside of Austin and has invited us to stay with her in her guest house. That cuts down on hotel stays. Some of you know that my idea of vacation is a hotel!!

Well - keep the kissing down to a minimum Boo and hang in there!


June 18, 2009 - Msg 73395: "I've got a canteen! Will you help us?" :-)
Rafe Hollister

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73396: Hi All.
Bin fighting what my strpdad to stay out of the tain, becaus I do not want him yo come down sitck.
Had a bad storm last night and the rain came downhared all night and the creek is just a little ovre the top now.
Hope Mavis did not git the storm?


June 18, 2009 - Msg 73397: Mornin' Y'all! Now,spot,don't go off on one of them cryin' jags- I ain't 'runnin' with Asa! (That's our story and we're stickin' to it,right,Asa?)Sorry you had to go looking for us. We missed out on a good supper! But.. we got caught in an afternoon rainstorm and all that Brylcream made a mess on Asa's suit. We were over at Mr.Goss'cleaners trying to repair Asa's suit of threads. (That's where we were,right,Asa?!) Ha Ha
possum under a rock

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73398: Uhhh, yea, right Possum. Mr. Goss at the cleaners Spot. That's where we were. But no need to go asking him. He's getting on in years and his rememberer ain't so good no more, so don't go ask him Spot. Plus sniffing all them cleanin agents has not helped him either. But thats what happened and thats where me and Possum was.


June 18, 2009 - Msg 73399: Calm down, SPOT. Lydia told me that when you get all upset like that, you get the Herpes.

A TX vacation, Homemaker? There are some nice places in the Austin area. I would highly suggest you visit Krause (pronounced krow-zee) Springs, just west of Austin in a little town called Spicewood, near Marble Falls. Some good swimmin' there, especially on weekdays. There are couple of pictures in Ro's album of my kids at Krause Springs if you are curious. Lots of cool spring water and giant cyprus trees (and it's cheap) ;-)

"Hey" to Rafe. Don't be such a stranger.

My new computer is on the fritz so I am on Bruce's computer. Can you believe I got the "mother of all computer viruses" on mine! I thought I had blocks on all that stuff.

Better get back to some chores.


June 18, 2009 - Msg 73400:
"It pays to look yer best."

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73401:
G'day porch!
Ro- maybe I'll by a 'judge'too and you and me can
go crow shootin'! ha
Have any of you seen the letter that a lady sent
to all the congressmen and senators?
It is posted at Glen Beck's website.
She's fed up with this locomotive that's running thru DC, as am I. It's very good, and i think there are many more like her.
Here's the link if interested, then go to "the letter."
Gee Possum, you runnin with Wally now too? ha
Prayers for all,

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73402: Boo I laughed out loud..Herpes....ha ha...let me get settled in here at work gang..Cheeseburger hamburger helper tonight....get a bunch...SPOT

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73403: "I dont like chit-chat or the guitar."

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73404: 6 Cant play bridge....

June 18, 2009 - Msg 73405:
Well gang, I'm cutting out a little early.
33 years ago today I said "I do" to a beautiful woman named Cecile, and so we're going out for
a nice dinner, and then barney is going to play
the bongo drums for us, even tho we will trying to
be alone. ha At least all the mo-z-z-er-ella will
have been eaten by then! (:
God bless,
Mr Darlin's Cuz