April 01, 2009 - Msg 71528: One more thing - why on EARTH does anyone blame the third party who got involved with their "loved one" while the "loved one" remains blameless? Never did understand that one. If my DH had ever gotten involved with another woman, friend or not, I would have blamed him, not the woman. He would have been the one breaking a vow, a commitment, a trust. If I fell in love with him, I could hardly blame some other woman for doing the same thing, but I surely could blame him for breaking his vows to me. --Romeena

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71529: There, I thought I'd sweep the porch before hitting the ironing board for a nap. Got to go to work tonight. Spot, when you come around, how about wagging your tail real hard and get the corners. Thanks. --Romeena

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71530:
See mavis, I told ya Ro would have something to say! (:
And, good sweep Ro!

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71531: WOW...haha, that Romeena really shoots straight, doesn't she?! One would assume that a 21 year old would know what he is at risk for, but maybe not. Maybe young men that age have the "It'll never happen to me" mentality and need to be "scared straight"! ha That is an interesting point about how people tend to blame the person who had an affair with their significant other, when the one they should be holding accountable is the significant other. I've seen alot of that, too...not sure of the ridiculous psychology behind it, though. I know that when my mom found out about my dad's affair with one of her friends, she probably wanted to kill them both. She packed up and left, leaving me behind with my dad, and went to Michigan. After a few months, Dad was calling and wanting to work things out with her and she gave in, though. She never really got over it and never trusted him again, even now when he is 83! The good that came out of it is that Dad finally got committed to mom and after her stroke, he cared for her at home and is very protective of her now. I wonder how things would have been different if they had divorced and she was alone now. It's sad to think about.

Oh, I get it about Pottersville now! Yes, I do live in Pottersville ;)


April 01, 2009 - Msg 71532:
I will be AFK for the rest of the day and tomorrow, so I'll talk to ya all on Friday.
Prayers, and may the goodness of the Lord abound!
Hope you are all avoiding any APRIL FOOLS jokes.
As Proverbs says, "The way of the fool seems right to him, but a wise man heeds advice." 12-15
God bless,

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71533: Right on,Ro! That's exactly what Jacob needs to hear,& I believe you are strong enough to lay it on the line with him,Mavis. It might not be easy,but you can do it.Prayers,friend.
If I could ask for prayers now... my husband is in search of a new & better job. Through no fault of his own,he is having a lot of problems (not being paid for all time worked,for example) with his crew leader. My husband may have his problems,but trust me when I say he is one excellent worker.That company will go ballistic when he's no longer there.He has made a ton of money for them-he's not going to be easily replaced. But fair is fair,and enough is enough.He has put up with it long enough. Please pray that the Lord will put him in a better work situation.Thanks,y'all.
Let's have some of that chicken that Aunt Bee is always cooking too much of for supper tonight! I'll make some sweet tea,tater salad,and we'll have banana pudding for dessert-y'all come on over!
possum under a rock

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71534: Prayers to all...gosh gang I have been yard working all day here and at Miss Sherrys...Possum I will take some of that chicken...ok..still burning brush and Idol comes on at 9...got to hurry will read in just a bit...love ya porch!...SPOT

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71535: Hi All.
MDC I here just not saiding a thing for now.


April 01, 2009 - Msg 71536: SPOT, I had to miss American Idol because I went to church...who got the boot? I hope it was the blonde girl.

Why aren't you talking, TOM?


April 01, 2009 - Msg 71537: She is gone BOO!..nothing personal toward her but she needed to go...and she new it...bottom 3 was allison,enup?(spelling)and meg...they said she could sing the so called last song but before she sang the judges said she would not be saved...ok let me water this fire...SPOT

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71538: Thanks for all your advice with Jacob, guess I wasn't doing as bad as I thought, because I've already done all the things you guys suggested. Romeena I told Jake about the AIDS thing as well, but like Boo said, he has that it won't happen to me attitude. I've tried to get through to him about laying the blame at her feet, not at Justin's not sure how much he listened though. Thanks again guys, y'all are the best! Now, on another subject, I heard from Lucy and she asked me to let you guys know she lost the baby, went into early labor and ended up losing alot of blood in the process. That did a number with her blood disorder and she is on rest right now. She doesn't want to hear alot of apologies or talk about the baby right now, but she did say to tell everyone hey from her.
Now, I'm off to the ironing board.
Nite porch

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71539: MESSAGE REMOVED

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71540: MESSAGE REMOVED

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71541: MESSAGE REMOVED

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71542: MESSAGE REMOVED

April 01, 2009 - Msg 71543: Floyd...we need ya, Buddy...

Thank you for sharing about Lucy, Mavis. Nothing I can say except I hurt for her and am praying.

Think I will head to bed.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71544: You're welcome Boo I feel for her too, I know she appreciates our prayers. And I've sent an email to Floyd about the interloper. That's just one poster according to the ip number. Now, I'm off to bed.

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71545: I figured as much, thanks Mavis.

I feel rested this morning and slept well. I forgot to tell you all that my new neighbor has a large dog in the backyard that kept me up barking yesterday night, but he was quiet last night, thankfully. I really don't want to have to complain because is a neat dog. He looks like a cross between a Husky and a Australian Healer...furry and gray with dark spots and is very friendly. I swear the dog smiles at you. At first I thought he was showing his teeth in an unfriendly manner but he was wanting to be pet. It was so funny because he came to the fence (it's a short fence) and jumped up for me to pet him. He smiled at me until I started petting him. Smiling and tail wagging. I never saw a dog do that before.

Well, today is Sean's birthday and he turns 14. I can't believe it. Time flies. You know, I am trying to decide what is best for him concerning his education. He is under grade level in most subjects due to his learning disability and everyday is a struggle just getting him to do the required pages in his workbooks. I am wondering if I should just start getting him ready for the GED. He has to be able to pass that. Have any of you taken a GED, and if so, did you attend classes or study at home? I have been doing a little research on the subject but there is so much different information on the internet my head is spinning. I know alot of folks think that only a high school diploma is worth anything (I am not one of them) but I have known too many homeschoolers who took GEDs and went on to college and did well. Sean doesn't have a choice, he won't be able to get a diploma and I expect if he goes to college it will be the junior college in the technical department. He is smart, but has so many struggles with learning the traditional way. His reading isn't a problem much anymore, and his comprehension is good now, but trying to teach him math concepts or spelling and writing is very difficult. He doesn't seem to grasp the concepts or be able to retain them if he does. We can sit down to the same math problems everyday for weeks and everyday, I have to re-teach him how to do them. It is very frustrating. He is a whiz with machinery and can fix and often fixes vacuum cleaners for folks. He will buy cheap ones from the thrift store or pick them up off the curb and fix them, and give them away to friends and family that need them. He is also knows alot about cars and engines...nearly as much as his dad and if the car is doing something funny, he usually knows what is wrong with it before we even take it to the mechanic. He is a very different, quirky kid and who knows what he will end up doing but he is pretty down on himself alot of times. I feel for him.

Well, the coffee is gone and Erin is still asleep. The swelling in her cheek is going down, thankfully..thanks for the prayers. Better get moving.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71546: Wow, that was a novel, sorry...


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71547: Mornin' Y'all. So sorry about Lucy.Thank you for letting us know,Mavis.
Boo,wish Sean a very Happy Birthday from me.Glad Erin seems to be on the mend.
Well,don't have much to say following the Lucy news.My heart sure hurts for her.
Y'all take care.
possum under a rock

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71548: I know, Possum, it's hard to take. Let's all remember to be praying especially for Lucy.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Sean...I will pass on your greeting.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71549: Good morning, porch. Guess one advantage to working all night is that I was spared the interloper's contribution. Floyd cleaned up the mess before I got on the porch. Thanks, friend.

Oh my. My heart just breaks for Lucy, she must be feeling so bruised right now. I know we're all praying for her, and in time, she'll be okay. She is made of strong stuff, and she knows where the source of all strength is to be found, so she'll be fine.

Boo, if Sean likes mechanical stuff, and is good at it, just toss him that ball and let him run with it. That's a huge field - he could end up with a Fix-it shop like Emmett, or he could become one of those elite mechanics at a high-end car dealership. Those boys make serious money, so I'm told. They work in a clean shop, they have good benefits, I think they get discounts on new car purchases - it's really a good field to get into. College isn't necessarily a must for everyone. Two of my kids have degrees, two don't. All are doing well, and all are happy with what they do.

Mavis, I was pretty sure you had already covered all that ground I talked about. Just take that message as a vote of confidence. Hang in there. He may have to totally hit bottom before he can find a place to push off from and head for the top again. Just keep listening, and talking when you think it will help, and sooner or later, he'll grow up enough to see reason. Or not. And if he doesn't, you will at least have the comfort of knowing you did your best.

Well, I'm headed for the ironing board, try to get a couple of hours sleep before Joe arrives and we work on the finishing touches in the yard. Wedding in nine days!! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71550: Thanks for that encouragement, Ro. I think sometimes because Bruce and I have degrees I tend to get into the frame of mind that it has to be that way, but if I think about it, of my four siblings, three of us have college degrees and one doesn't. We are all doing just fine. In fact, my sister, who didn't finish college, married a man who didn't finish college, either but he has a great job working for the Army and makes some pretty big bucks...also likes his work. He mostly teaches and gets to travel alot. It wasn't his education that got him where he is today, it was determination and people skills. My sister works part-time as a church secretary and is good at it. Most of the time she likes it and the extra income isn't bad, either. Here I am with my degree and haven't even worked outside the home in 10 years (which is just the way I like it). Thank God I don't have to and can be here to deal with Sean's needs. The Lord's been very good to meet our needs.

Better get something else done..


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71551: Good morning everyone. Itís foggy and wet but warm here today.

Thatís sad news from LUCY. She and her family are certainly in my prayers. I just donít have words.

BOO: I think itís great that Sean is mechanically-inclined. I have several friends who got GEDs. All are gainfully employed. One went to college (through the community college route) and one didnít. I think that vocational/technical training gets a bad rap in some circles nowadays. I think thatís a shame. The reality is not everyone needs a four-year college education. Heck, not everyone needs all the stuff they teach in high school. I have friends who do hard, physical labor for a living and couldnít be happier with their employment, and I have friends with masterís degrees who dread getting up in the morning. Itís all about using the gifts the good Lord gave you. And money? The two of my friends who probably make the most money are a doctorÖan auto mechanic. Skills are skills, whatever the field.

The guys in my accountability group often ruminate about how we are parenting our kids and our troubles. When we stress too much with school or sports or such, there is one of us (who doesnít have kids) who asks the question of the rest of us (who do have kids): would you rather raise Godly ditch diggers or lukewarm doctors? It reminds us to put our concern and efforts into proper priority. With the rest of the world (secular and even many Christians) so quick to judge our success as a parent on the educational, physical, and professional achievements of our kids, itís sometimes hard to keep our eye on the prize. BOO, you are instilling the love of Christ in your children. That is your best contribution to their eternal success.

Happy birthday to Sean! Hope you all have a great day.

Iíll be back later.

"Your education was worth every penny."

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71552: APB for HAZEL, STERLING, AFD, NEW NEIGHBOR, KY GIRL, RAFE, and others.

Good to hear from TOM. We'd like to hear more from you, buddy.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71553: MDC: I did a little research about Obama's traveling entourage of 500, which I thought obscenely large. I found out that it indeed is about 500 and includes security, advisors, medical staff, and even a team of personal chefs. I was a little taken aback until I did a little more research and found that President Bush's overseas traveling entourage in 2007 consisted of: 250 Secret Service agents, 150 National Security advisors, 50 political aides, 200 advisors from various other executive departments, 5 personal chefs, and 15 dog sniffer teams, among others, for a whopping nearly 700. Both presidents also took their official helicopter, traveling hospital, and limousine. So it may be that Obama actually has "cut back." I'm inclined to find such numbers (whether 500 or 700) overkill, but I have to hope that they know what's necessary to get the job done and get home safely.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71554: Thank you, M-T. Your post was super uplifting and made me smile (big). I agree with your friend...I would rather Sean be a Godly ditch digger than a lukewarm doctor. As parents we need to examine our definition of true success and train our children accordingly, don't we?

I think that maybe I have been focusing too much on Sean's weaknesses instead of his strengths. He really has alot going for him. He is strong in his faith and is loving. You should see him with Baby Emily. He is so good with her and just loves her to pieces. He watches after her and keeps her out of trouble and I can see that he will be a good father some day and he is good with housework so he will be a blessing to a wife, too ;)

I need to go check on his birthday cake...it is in the over and sure smells good!


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71555: uh, that's OVEN...


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71556:
Hey Folks

Hoping all is well with Lucy, what a tough row. Prayers for her.

Boo-I found this link for In-School GED programs at, what I think is, the official State of Texas Education site. It says at the site that, "The Texas In-School GED Option Program will provide an alternative for high school students, age 16 and over, who are at risk of not graduating from high school and earning a high school diploma. The purpose of the program is to prepare eligible students to take a high school equivalency examination (GED)."

Romeena-I love the vintage photo album.

Me-They President B.O. is our country's greatest treasure, how could we not protect him. At least his poll numbers are falling.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71557: AUH2O: Well aren't you Mr. Helpful today. I'm still waiting to see your pic in the album. You didn't wear wear band buttons all over your jacket or safety pins up your pants legs, did you?

I don't know about being our greatest national treasure, but I know that you believe that any and all of our presidents must be protected. As far as poll numbers go, where else could they go but down? Reality sets in.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71558: BOO: Save me slice of cake. Like Goober, "one with icing all over it."


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71559: AUH2O: Besides, if something were to happen to the president, just think about the line behind him: Biden, then (shudder) Nancy Pelosi. Talk about going from the frying pan into the raging inferno.

"Pot too black, jump in the crack..."

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71560: You got, Me-They. I'll save some for everyone.

Thanks Auh2o! That might be just what I have been looking for. I will read up on it after my dr's appointment (just routine follow-up).


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71561: "Pot too black.."?? I am sure there was no pun intended, Me-They...(I'm just trying to pull your "crack" out of the fire).


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71562: And this from the Dept. of Political Correctness and Super-sensitive People: By the way, that quote should in no way be taken as a racial crack.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71563: BOO: I was typing that before I knew you posted. I didn't think much of it when I typed it, but after reading my post decided that it could be taken in a way I did not intend. Lay off my crack.



April 02, 2009 - Msg 71564:
Me-They B.O.'s pigmentation didn't come to mind. But, his drug days did. I don't wish him any less protection then others Presidents but I do wish his father never met his mother.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71565: Prayers Lucy..Rain and storms..hey Mavis,M-t and all...let me get back to work here..busy here...will someone cook supper...hey possum...maude,ro,Rev,Tom and all....ok back to work..SPOT

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71566: ok..got a break but BIG storms are in Alabama and will get here in about a couple hrs..some tornado warnings..got extra crews staying over to help...hey Mavis,auh20,M-T and all..supper: Chilie dogs and chips..Boo tea..Maude slaw..and possum pie!;)..hee hee.that made possum shoot under her rock!..possum get out from under there I was just kidding!...SPOT

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71567: Good heavens! To prevent that succession of power, I would stand in the rain and defend BO, armed with nothing but a fondue fork. Having Biden next in line, but even worse, HER in the line of succession, may be just the greatest support-getter BO has. I truly believe that Pelosi is unhinged. Aside from the totally illogical and unreasonable notions she spouts, she just has a "look" in her eyes. Years ago, I knew a woman named Ruth who had that same wild-eyed expression, and she eventually ended up under "supervision." I've seen that expression in the eyes of one other person - now let me see, who was it? Oh yes! John Astin, back when he was Gomez Addams!! --Romeena

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71568: HAHAHA...you people are hysterical! Oh my, Romeena, I really laughed at the John Astin observation! Don't you really wonder how Pelosi got to be in the position she is in?

Ok Me-They, I'll lay off your crack (and any crack for that matter...).

Stay safe, SPOT.

Well, can you believe I had a 1:30 dr's appointment and I was in and out within 30 minutes? I couldn't believe it. I even spent a good 15 minutes with the doctor.

Think I will kick back and put my feet up before Erin has to go to baseball practice. I have been spending so much time on my feet that my ankles are swollen.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71569:
"Oh, Tish you spoke French!"


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71570: My my where is everyone...waiting on the storms to get here...and did I skeer yall with the "Possum Pie" in msg 71566?..I was just joking!!;)...ha ha SPOT

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71571: I'm here, SPOT and I was kinda wondering where everyone was, too. Maybe they are watching TAGS on TVLand. They had the ep tonight when Opie was working at the drug store/soda fountain and had the accident with the bottle of perfume.

Sure hope those storms that are heading your way don't cause you alot of trouble.

We took Sean out for pizza for his birthday and it is such a beautiful night; cool and dry, just perfect.

Well, better get Erin to bed.


April 02, 2009 - Msg 71572: I'm right-chere, Spot. Just got home from going out to dinner with a friend. We ate at Applebee's, then went to Marble Slab Creamery and had some wonderful home-made style ice cream. Good friend, good food and good conversation. It hardly gets any better than that. Here's an exception, though - copied from an email I received today:

"ptl ptl. just heard from joyce. betty had her chemo and is doing grrrrreat! she is eating what she wants (a pbj sandwich) and is doing so well. she wanted the bunco babes to know how well she is doing. she will have another chemo and the doc is talking that she may get to go home by the last of april!!! i don't know about you; but this is god's healing miracle. we sometimes forget that god is still in the miracle business. thank you god and thank you joyce for that update."

This refers, of course, to Miss Betty, for whom you have been praying. It's working, friends, don't stop now! Remember, just a few weeks ago, the doctor had suggested that she likely only had a few days....

Now I'm going to get into an old t-shirt sleep thing, which is more holey than righteous, but is very soft and comfortable. Then, with a large glass of tea at my side, and Toye Starr in my lap, I'm going to watch some TAGS. Life is good, and God is good. Be blessed! --Romeena

April 02, 2009 - Msg 71573: Boo,I can relate to everything you are going through with Sean, I have the same thing with my daughter Jamie. Only differece is she started public school because she needed the learning support and so far she has been getting it. Now, the attitude and the mood swings are a whole other ball of wax! Wow,does she have those,and,getting a little sassy. Not bad,but,at least she is standing up for herself at school and she wouldn't do that before. Gotta go get some dishes done. Prayers for all-ky girl

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71574: Hey Romeena,Boo,ky girl..guess we are holding the porch together tonight..got one broke pole the crews are changing out right now..car hit it...rain in alabama about an hr away...but we are holding our own....back in a bit...SPOT

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71575: Mornin' Y'all! Well spot,ya gotta catch me first-wanna make a pie outta me,huh? That'll be the day! Ha!
Wonderful news concerning Miss Betty! Continued prayers for her.
Boy,did it rain here. It quit briefly yesterday,then started back again. It's been raining for two days straight-just stopped about an hour ago.
I'm headed to an Arts & Crafts Festival down near Charleston.I look forward to it every year.I am going,I don't care if I'm knee deep in mud! Today is the best day to go & beat the crowds. I better get a move on.Will check in later with y'all. Watch out for Spot- don't let him put any of y'all in the cook pot!
Speaking of cooking,let's run over to Waffle House this morning. We'll let Spot foot the bill-that'll teach him to wanna make a pie outta me!
possum under a rock

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71576: Wonderful post, Romeena. So happy to hear that Betty is doing so well! Prayers continue for her.

Please remember to continue to pray for Jubi. I have not gotten an update from her mom in several days, though I saw Jubi on Thursday. She went with us to the Third Day concert and was able to walk a couple blocks from the parking area to the amphitheatre. It seemed she was pretty tired once we got there, though. At least her counts are high enough that she can be around people. She is looking very thin and pale. I guess all those treatments over months really take their toll on a person.

Well, the neighbor's dog didn't wake me last night, hooray! He woke me 30 minutes early, but that's ok. He has a very loud, high-pitched bark that is like nails to the ears!

Hope SPOT got through the night without any major disasters.

Looks like I am finally going to get my Yukon today. They finally finished the body work on it and I saw it yesterday. It looks like new, very good job. We are blessed, because our friend gave us a terrific deal on it and even gave us a better trade-in on our suburban that we deserved. Bruce says he isn't going to take that much, though, because he is afraid Mike will lose money on the deal. Anyway, I will be happy to have another set of wheels with a good air conditioner now that it is getting hot here in south texas.

Waffle House, it is, Possum. Tomorrow I will take you all to Cracker Barrell.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71577: I haven't seen any further trouble here on the porch from our interloper. Be sure and let me know if he turns back up. Y'all have a great day!

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71578: hey Spot, are things still o.k. your way this morning? Hope so. Boo, glad to hear you get your yukon today. yes, air conditioning is a necessity in Texas.I can remember being in Texas in the spring and summer.I didn't move away from the air conditioning too far.Romeena that is wonderful news about Miss Betty,praise the Lord.Possum have a good time at the arts and crafts festival. I love to go to those. Some people are so creative. I'm not one of them,so I really enjoy seeing what other people can make.Well friends,I have to get the kids to school so I better get going. Ya'll take care today,-ky girl

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71579: Tom,did you send the rain and cold weather this way? I know you had it down your way a few days ago-kygirl

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71580: Hi All.
The rain is here for the day.
Sorry KYGRIL it was not me!
Maybe Spot send it ti you.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71581:
Morning Folks

Thanks Floyd! Again.

Me-They Nope, I wasn't the pin wearing type. I may have been a teen in the 70's but that doesn't mean that I wasn't an uptight Conservative. Although, at the time, I didn't realize we were called Conservatives. I couldn't stand "hippie" types or the whole peace, love, dope crowd. I was in a tough spot I knew I didn't agree with Carter, Kennedy, or Mondale and I couldn't stand Nixon. I did send Romeena a couple of pic's from that crazy decade.

M-T About B.O.'s poll numbers did ya know that they now have fallen behind W's at an analogous time in 2001. Funny, I didn't see that mentioned too much during worship service on MSNBC.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71582:
Hey Tom, stay dry.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71583: Brrrr! It's cold here this morning -- 44 degrees, but it's rising. The sun is out, sky is blue, the blustery winds of yesterday are just gentle breezes right now, so the day will probably be gorgeous. I'm glad, because Joe is coming. We're going to go through the yard, doing some last-minute plantings to fill in some bare spots, maybe revise some of the pond plumbing (or maybe not), trim up a few shrubs that are getting too rowdy, and transplant a rose. Next week, along about Thursday, he'll come by and we'll do a final inspection, but most of it will happen today. First will be just a walk-through to make a list, then to his brother's garden center to get what we need (I'm figuring about five flats of bloomers) and back to get it all in the ground. One major clean-up - my neighbor's elm tree has finally finished shedding those awful little seeds that look like big oatmeal flakes, and we need to clean them up. The corn gluten meal we put down a couple of weeks ago will keep them from germinating, thank heavens, but still they're unsightly. A few will germinate, but I'll pull them as soon as they pop their hateful little heads out of the dirt.

Boo, corn gluten meal, spread over your property, will go a long way toward eliminating the stickers. It might be a bit expensive to put it over the whole thing, but the part that will actually be your lawn? I'd just dose it liberally with corn gluten meal at least twice a year, and put down some dry molasses as well to repel fire ants, then plug the area with whatever lawn grass you want to use, and you should have a nice lawn in no time, provided you can water it.
I said plug it, not seed it, because the corn gluten meal will prevent grass seed from germinating as well.

I'm so glad Jubi is holding her own. She's going to have a rough go, there's no way around that, but it's a fight that has been won by many before, and with God's help, Jubi will win as well.

Well, got to get out of this nightshirt and into some clothes before Joe and his helper arrive. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

OH MY GOODNESS! I just saw the first hummer of this spring. OK, one more task on the list. "Wash and fill hummer feeders!" Seems a bit like overkill, to have feeders out there with all those flowers, but they do use them. --Romeena

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71584: "Worship service on MSNBC?" I love it! auh2o, you are a hoot. And I just love those falling numbers. They encourage me, it makes me think there might be hope for America yet, that there are still a few people out there who are capable of thinking with their head instead of their - well, whatever it was that people were thinking with back in November.

Folks, he is one man, and we are millions. We can win this thing yet. --Romeena

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71585: What pictures, auh2o? Snail or email? --Romeena

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71586: Ha! Just as I posted that, I heard the little "ding" from my email, checked it out, and found your pictures. --Romeena

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71587: Good mornng Porchsters! Looks like all that rain everyone here on the east coast are having has finally made it's way to TN. Our new house driveway/road is going to be a mess! We have a guy out there this week widening it and taking down some of the trees to make enough room to get the motorhome in there. I hate having to take trees down, but so far he's only had to take down one large one, the rest are more or less saplings. He's going to start working on a french drain next week if we don't get too much rain. We're shooting for first or second week in May to be moving. I sure hope so. possum have fun at the craft show, I love those things! Spot hope you didn't have too hard a night at work. Tom I meant to tell you those new pictures in your album are great. I love the one with the little guy playing in the puddles. Romeena be sure to take pictures of the wedding for us. And did you get the picture I sent over of Miss Peggy Sue watching tv? Well, I better get off here and get some stuff done, I have a dog to groom at 1:00 today, then that's it for the weekend.
Later taters

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71588: Good morning everyone. It's rainy hard here.

AUH2O: Yeah, I tune in to MSNBC for a minute or two when I'm channel surfing, mainly to get my blood flowing. I really don't like Rachel Maddow, but, though a peaceful man, Keith Olberman almost puts me to violence. Most of the time I hear him speak I want to punch him in the face. Not very Christian, I know. On the other hand Rush Limbaugh provokes anger in me, too. Just about the only pundit I much enjoy anymore is Ann Coulter. I find her both insightful and funny.

You know I like Carter (sorry everybody!) but I never cared for Mondale, either. I wore a "Nixon for President in '84" sweatshirt in high school, butn that was mainly to irritate my teachers, many of whom were "love children of the 60s" and thought he was the Devil incarnate. It was my lame way of rebelling, I guess.

FLOYD: Thanks for all your scrubbing!

BOO: Continued prayers for Jubi.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71589: Dad burn it! I meant to say Happy (late) Birthday to Sean! And tell you Boo not to worry so about him getting any kind of degree or such. He is a smart boy in other ways and like Ro said, if he decides to become a mechanic, that boy will be just fine. Our auto tech that works for us at our repair shop brings home around $1000/week and that's here in this little hillbilly town of Bristol! I'm going to tell you the same thing you told me about Jake, give him to the Good Lord and He will see to taking care of Sean. ;) Prayers heading your way and prayers for kygirl and Jamie as well.
I don't wanna be a dead hero, I wanna be a live ME!!

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71590: Me-They boy a body's gotta get up awful early around here to be the first moulage starter! You rebel you! heehee (did I use that apostrophe right??) Don't work too hard my friend, you'll need your strength to keep your moulage from bein runny. ;)

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71591: Thanks Mavis! I appreciate the encouragment.


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71592: Worship service on MSNBC.
ha! Very good auh2o


April 03, 2009 - Msg 71593:
"Ring a ding ding, now that's what I call a female." ha
I was at my dads the other night, he has cable, and that Barbara Eden ep came on. Always a good one!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sean! 14 and hormores a churnin'. ha
Boo- maybe he could design and demonstrate those Dyson vacumns! I always think of the ep where Emmitt's wife wants him to sell insur@nce, and he just wants to work in his little shop. It ends with him coaxing a toaster back to life! very cute but also very realistic! The world is made up of all kinds of folks, and we all find our niche.
A friend sent me a bunch of puns. Here's one:
What was the name of the "fattest" knight of the round table? Sir Cumference! haha

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71594:
A few more:

I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan Island, but it turned out to be just an
"optical Aleutian."

No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be "stationery."

The dog, who gave birth in the middle of the road, was cited for "littering."

The soldier who survived pepper spray is known as a
"seasoned veteran." (:

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71595: Ok im back at work let me get everything up and running here....SPOT

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71596: Ok kinda caught up here...hey Romeena,ky,Mavis,Boo,MDC and alll..Asa?..hey possum...well lets go to Red Lobster tonight its friday...drip butter everywhere...lobster shrimp...SPOT

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71597:
Where'd everyone go? Spot, spot, spo...

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71598: Dont know... who posted msg 71597?...SPOT

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71599:
Oh, that was me spot.
Seems like no one told us about the boycot! ha

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71600: Good afternoon, porch. Just got back in the house after working all day in the yard with Joe and Jorge (George). I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to put that period inside the parentheses. It would look ridiculous. I just don't think that's right, and if it's not true for parentheses, then why would it be true for quotation marks? Incidentally, I asked my English teacher daughter, and she didn't know! I'm going to go online when I have more time and get to the bottom of this weighty question. Ha!

Anyway, we worked all day, the yard is looking really good. Now I just have to keep it watered, Eddie will mow next Thursday, Joe will come by on Friday and walk over the whole yard with me to put the last minute finishing touches on things. You know, a snip here, move that pot there, that sort of thing. Also, his brother (my neighbor, who owns the garden center where I get everything) has offered to loan us anything we need, things that I normally wouldn't buy and use. For example, we're going to get several large ferns and ivy pots and use them to dress up the rock pile behind the arbor, so it looks less rock pile-y. Also, a few tall slender potted shrubs to place along the side of the house, to help mark out the pathway to the back yard. John told me again today to just come over next Friday, and anything he has in the store that we can use and Joe can get in his truck, we can borrow it. Very kind, I'm thinking!

Well, going to go play bunco tonight, so gotta hit the shower. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71601: Boo, I just realized I didn't say Happy Birthday to Sean. Please wish him a belated Happy Birthday from Jamie and me.Right now, she is busy telling me about all the things that happen at school. Let me tell you, it would make interesting Mayberry after Midnight reading!There are so many crushes and breakups and arguments, it keeps you on your toes trying to keep track of all the names! TAke care all, see you tomorrow-ky girl

April 03, 2009 - Msg 71602: WOW what a slow porch...did I miss a meeting or something?.(who is on the phone committie?).hey ky,Romeena,MDC,....SPOT

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71603: Sarah, Get me Spot's house. (waitin, waitin) Spot? The porch is gonna be slow tonight, just thought I'd let you know. heehee

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71604: Happy belated birthday to Sean!! --Romeena

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71605: Funny Mavis...ya ought to get ya a red nose and join the circus...;)...ok yall sleep in a bit and I will have brteakfast at about 8:30...SPOT

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71606: Mornin' Y'all! Poor Spotty was all alone last night on the Porch? Somebody run down to Foley's market when it opens and get Spot a nice juicy bone. At least he can gnaw on that to pass the time when the Porch is slow!
Had a good time at the Festival even though my "soap people" weren't there this year. My "candle lady" was though and she also sells soaps & gave me a free bar of oatmeal & honey soap,so it was all good! Good thing too,because I got muddy walking around after all that rain. What a mess!
What really made my day was coming across a booth with all sorts of handmade little plaques.When I read the saying on one,I laughed right out loud & had to buy it.Some of y'all can relate,I'm sure,when I tell ya what it said:
My Mother taught me Time Travel."If you don't straighten up,I'm gonna knock you right into the middle of next week!"
Now 'fess up- how many of y'all have ever had your mama tell you that?! Let me see show of hands!
I just thought it was a hoot!
Ok,Spot,I'll be ready for breakfast at 8:30. Can we eat in your Bill-Yard room? Ha! (That's for all you Beverly Hillbillies fans)
possum under a rock

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71607: Possum I like it! I guess alot of us were time travelers before and we didn't even know it! Of course, I can't say I saw the middle of next week before it got there, but,I'm glad I didn't because it sounded like it wasn't going to be a nice trip!The soap sounds nice.I've been meaning to go to a local shop that sells candles and stock up on a few, they are having a sale.Spot,did you get any sleep or did you go home and start working around the house? Well, I'll talk to you all later, take care-ky girl

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71608: Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sean! He is excited to be 14, that's for sure. Wonder what he will do when he turns 15 and gets a driver's permit!

Sound like you have been busy, Ro. Are you almost done with the yard prep for the wedding?

Can you all believe I had a dream last night that i was watching an episode of TAGS that I had not seen before? I can only remember bits and pieces but I know it was about Andy and Helen and was a serious episode. In the dream, I remember thinking, 'Why have I never seen this before?'. I wish I could remember it all!

Glad you enjoyed the festival, Possum.

Got lots of chores today...laundry, mostly.

Better "Get to it!"


April 04, 2009 - Msg 71609: Good morning, porch! Possum, are you kidding? Heard that saying about the middle of next week? Honey, I used to promise my kids that trip on a daily basis! One kid in particular kept his toys in a little bag, so he'd be ready for the journey! :}

Yes, Boo, it's about all done. It will be mowed next Thursday, Joe and I will "walk it" on Friday, then put all the pots in their designated places, and go to John's to pick up the loaner items. Right now, a lot of the pots are sitting on the wall around the big flower island, where they'll be watered every night, and will have full sun during the day. They would get neither if I put them in their intended place now. Then after the wedding, I'll find then new homes.

I know in all the real troubles people are having, it may be selfish to ask this, but I sure would appreciate prayers for a pretty day next Saturday. Right now, the extended forecast is for cloudy skies and a 60% chance of rain! Oh, mercy! We just have to have sunshine, or at least no rain. I suppose if I just HAVE to, I can squeeze 60 people in my house, if they all stand up, but it won't be very comfortable, and it certainly won't be a very pretty wedding. The bride will have to push her way through the crowd!

Life gets tedious at times. --Romeena



April 04, 2009 - Msg 71611: No thank you Tom that old weatherman says it's supposed to hit here Monday night. Spot I don't know about a red nose, but I did think about me and you headin over to the old folks home and waxin the steps or loosin the bolts on the wheelchairs. You game? ;)
Ok, I'm off to work on some more stained glass, I'm on a time schedule to get them done and I better snap to.

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71612:
Hey Folks

Quick stop for now, we got about 6 inches of snow so far today.

Romeena-Prayers for next Saturday. I know things will be fine even if they may be unplanned.

Boo- HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sean!!

Spot-The lights are flickering a bit here, rats!


April 04, 2009 - Msg 71613: Have you all been praying? I think you have, because I just checked the extended forecast again, about five hours after I checked it this morning, and it's now calling for clear to partly cloudy skies next Saturday, no rain. Don't stop now!! --Romeena

April 04, 2009 - Msg 71614: Romeena Maybe no rain but I'm going to send all the snow that is called for exten week!


April 04, 2009 - Msg 71615: Great news, Ro!

Thanks, Auh2o. I can't believe you have 6 inches of snow there. Mercy! It is a warm 85 degrees here today and we are all running around in shorts. I am NOT looking forward to the heat of summer, though. That awful feeling you get when you get dressed and put on make-up (well, not you Auh2o...probably ;) and as soon as I walk outside and get in the car, the make-up starts to sweat off. Ro knows what I'm talking about. It's even hotter in her area than it is here on the coast.

I am about to have a serious fit and my kids are about to do some time traveling (hope they like the middle of next week). I am working hard around here trying to clean and catch up the laundry and they are not helping much. Sean will usually do what I ask but I have to ask more than once. Erin doesn't like to clean her room but she will do any other chores I ask, especially if she thinks it will help me. She loves to feel like she is helping. Sure hope she keeps that quality. I don't know what she will do when she grows up but sometimes I think she would be make a good nurse because she is tough enough to do what's called and she likes to take care of people. I see alot of potential in that little spit-fire.

I just thought of something I meant to share with you guys that is kind of funny (kind of not...how is that for butchering grammar?). A few weeks ago, I was going to the dollar store, and you have to realize that this a small, conservative, mostly Baptist community. Well, I saw this man come out of the store dresses like a woman. He was about 6'2" and was wearing a blond wig, high heels, the whole nine yards. I was thinking that I was glad the kids weren't with me so I wouldn't have to explain it to Erin, well, a couple of days ago I was in the same dollar store with the kids when the man entered the store and the kids didn't notice it but we ended up behind him in the check-out. I was so afraid that Erin would say something loud enough for him to hear. I was watching her face, just waiting to put my hand over her mouth. I tried to distract her, but after we got out of the store, of course she had questions. I tried to explain as well as I could that just like people sometimes have diseases of the body, they can also have diseases of the mind that cause this sort of thing. Anyway, it was interesting. I think the man should have gone into the city to live, for his own good because I can see some of these rednecks trying to run him out of town. I can remember when I was in highschool, a boy came to our school and would dress like a girl, color his hair and so on. I thought he was nice and would talk to him because he was in band with me. I remember that one day he never came back to school and I found out that a bunch of guys had beaten him up after a football game. So sad.

Well, better go check the laundry...