March 27, 2008 - Msg 61362: Yes, Boo, I've eaten that salad, and some sliced or diced avocado doesn't hurt it either. Avocado and strawberries are great together. --Romeena

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61363: Just thought I'd sweep while I was here. Tipping is allowed. --Romeena

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61364: Prayers for Mrs. MDC & Chuck. I don't think I knew that Chuck had been in the hospital.Did I? Maybe I did. Hmm..Guess I'm another pms woman on crack-move over,sterling! Ha!
Ro,thanks for the word on Tom.Hope his mood lifts and he's back on the Porch once again.
Well,gotta get something together for sup-pah (that's my Aunt Bee pronounciation).For someone who was supposed to be from West Virginia,didn't Aunt Bee sound like she was from "Back Bay Boston" or somewhere like that? Sure didn't sound like any West Virginia accent to me!

Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61365: Ok gang...prayers all around hey Rev,boo,ro,possum,Tom,hazel,mavis,auh20,goober,md,mdc,asa and all!!..busy here at work but not to busy to get supper,menu:baked chicken pasta salad,mac-n-cheese [kinda burnt on top],fresh green beans,corn on the cob,fried okra,turnip greens,rolls,Big Maude slaw,tea,green onions...and a tear from my roll of paper towels..lets eat outside on the picnic tables..76 degrees here in Georgia!...CHUCK ole buddy we will fedx you a plate....well back in just a bit...SPOT

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61366: Supper sounds fantastic SPOT, thanks! You'll find me at the picnic table.

Funny Possum! Maybe we should form a PMSC club or something.

Well, going to mom-in-law's for the evening. Ya'll have a great spring evening.


March 27, 2008 - Msg 61367: Hey Romeena and all,did yall know the real name of Romeena..its Jackie Joseph, her name and read...she was in alot of stuff...she was married to Ken Berry from 1960 to 1977...ok back to reading...see yal at supper...SPOT

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61368: Hey yall I have been reading...yall probably know this stuff but I did not realise "Little Ricky" and "Jonny Paul Jason" were the same people.aka Keith Thibodeaux...ok back to school....SPOT

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61369: well? I posted that last post at work and now im home?..over 3 hrs ago?...where is the porch?..there was not many at supper so you all have lots of left overs to take for lunch tomorrow! hitting the irong board..4:30 comes to work day shift tomorrow so I will holler then...prayers>>.SPOT

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61370: Thanks for supper, Spot! I love chicken, but without the skin.

I didn't know Jackie was married to Ken Berry. I liked him on Mama's Family. Oh, and on Mayberry RFD. ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

March 27, 2008 - Msg 61371:
Hello porch family

auh2o....19...that's cold for this time of year. brrrr

Boo....hope you get those clothes dry. Wet clothes just don't wear good.

Tom....hope you're feeling a little more chipper now. Come on back buddy and sit in your rocker with your friends.

MDC...your wife is in my prayers. Keep us posted.

Ro....once again you spoke your heart....and once again I agree. That is one sick/satan driven group.

Chuck....praying that you're feeling better. are just full of information brother. Miss Crump would be proud of all your smarts.

Heading to bed....Prayers for all the porch family. I'm so glad that Jesus loves us!

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61372: Uh-Oh, REV is a member of the PMS women on Crack, too....

What exactly are you reading, SPOT Dear?

I'm going to beddy-bye.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61373: Thanks, REV. It seems my "heart" leads me to say some pretty outrageous things now and then, but when it comes to the likes of Phelps, softness won't work. As you said, they're Satan-driven, and our Lord Himself showed us how to deal with such as that. Demons have to be driven out, you can't sweet-talk them out. I guess I'd just like to see somebody find a way to discourage them from their activities before, as I said, some stressed-out family member takes the law into their own hands and ends up in prison for their action. Perhaps a couple of well-placed snipers to take out the tires on their vehicles several miles before they get to the scene? Hmmmm???

MDC, let us know how your good wife is doing? Any word on her MRI yet?

My yardman showed up alone today, and my yard looks beautiful. He said he left his "helpers" at home, told them he didn't need their kind of help. One is so bone-lazy he's just useless, and while the other is energetic, he's the one that pushes ahead and does things he shouldn't, like shearing my spirea bushes! Eddie said he wished he could merge them into one person, and maybe the "average" would be worth having around. Anyway, Eddie did the entire yard himself, and did an excellent job, as always. For this big yard, (the lot is 66x176 feet) with all the flowerbeds, trees, walkways, the pond, curbs, patio and such to edge around, and including blowing everything clean, he charges $40. He usually mulches the grass, but if it's too long or heavy and he has to catch and bag it, I always add $10. I supply bags, and the fridge in the garage is full of sodas and fresh fruit for the taking, but I still think his price is pretty doggone cheap for this yard.

I didn't know Jackie was married to Ken Berry, either. Somehow, they don't seem to go together.

Well, I guess I'll hit the hay. Little Starr is a pooped puppy - she had a lot of barking to do today, what with the lawnmower going and all. See you in the morning. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61374: Evening everyone!

Romeena, that sure does sound like a good price for your yard! I recall my parents hiring two professional yard men a long time and it cost around $200...! Im sure whatever they were doing was probably a more intense job of course, but still, sounds like quite the steal!

MDC, I must have missed the situation on your wife, but whatever it is you have my prayers and thoughts!

Guess I'll watch a flick then hit the sack for the night. Sleep tight everyone.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

(P.S......saw the mention of avocado's up there, great vegetable indeed!!!)

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61375: Oh and about the foot...seems to be cleared up, so no worries there, haha.



March 28, 2008 - Msg 61376: Boo I was just surfing the net last night....under mayberry names...hey Brother Rev,Sterling I will remember and cook you chickens with out skin...they are just hard to find :) ha ha...breakfast will be waffle house on me..hey DWF...yall get up now....SPOT

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61377: Thanks for all the prayers. I Had a three blocked arteries. Two of them were existing stents that had closed off from scar tissue, and the third was a native artery. Two of them were 90% blocked and the other one had completely closed off, but that part of my heart was already being fed by another graph that was done in 2004.
Wednesday was the seventh heart cath I've had, starting in July of 2004.
I get sick of this stuff, but as my heart surgeon said...the only ones that complain about it are the survivors.

It DOES feel good to be rocking on the porch again.

SPOT....I really appreciate the FEDEX. Much much better than hospital food.

Ro, I just bought a brand new zero radius turn mower... If gas was so high I come to Dallas and mow your yard..just for the opportunity to slide by and see my Grandson. Thanks for posting his picture.

Possum under a rock, I'm sure you've already explained it a thousand times, but how'd you get your name?

Well, off to take the girls to school this AM.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61378: Mornin' Y'all! Chuck,hope you're getting along okay after all the work on your ticker.Prayers continue for you.

As for my name,just think back to the TAGS episode in which Ernest T. Bass gets his education.Recall the part where they are diagramming the sentence "The o'possum hid under a rock" and how Ernest T. goes on about how he can get a possum out from under a rock by smoking it out or jabbing at him with a long poinky stick? That's where my name comes from.Now,don't go trying any of those techniques on me,ya hear? I'll come out willingly in order to spend time on the Porch with y'all!

Coffee's going and I have everyone's favorite-Krispy Kremes,so enjoy!

Spot,I did know about Jackie Joseph & Keith Thibodeux.Lots of random trivia floating around in my lil' possum brain!

Hey,DWF! Glad to hear your foot is better & it's also nice to see you on the Porch again!

Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61379: Goodness, Chuck, you've had some trials there. I pray things get and STAY well for you. Sounds to me like the Lord has been at work in you and needs you here.

I remembered about Jackie and Ken Berry from when I was a child. Not sure why I remembered, but I did. I think they were a cute couple.

Hey Warren, glad you foot took care of itself. Most things just seem to work out, don't they (when you're still young, anyway!).

SPOT, I was doing some Andy Griffith web surfing myself yesterday (on YouTube) and found some really good stuff. Go to You Tube and do a search for "Mayberry After Midnight", its a really neat little video someone made that is fun to watch and really unique. It is made to feel like a movie trailor. Fun. I also found a really creepy clip from a movie with Andy back in what appears to be the early 70's. He plays a real creep who is stalking this hippie couple who is camped on the beach out in the middle of nowhere. Let me tell you, it is NOT the Andy we all know and love. He's plays a very convincing bad guy, too. Check it out, the clip is called "Andy Griffith; A Hippy With Money".

Better get Erin moving. Today's another busy day.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61380: Good morning everyone. Wow! Tire irons, H*llís Angels, and snipersÖnobody better cut ROMEENA off in traffic today! Just pickiní at ya!óI agree with you.

STERLING: Glad you checked in.

BOO: Give that man a raise! I'm gonna check out those videos when I can.

I heard a story on the radio this morning and found it amazing and inspiring. Itís very short, and can either be read or heard at If anyone checks it out, let me know what you think.

Iíll stop back later. Pass me a Krispy Kreme, POSSUM; I like the (white) creme filled with chocolate on top. By the way way, did you know there's as much fat in one KK as in three Big Macs? I'm a killjoy.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61381: Oh, and prayers for healing, CHUCK. Next time (hopefully you won't need a next time, but) ask for bionic parts.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61382: And prayers for MDC's Mrs.!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61383: Me-They, I went to that website. Amazing. Hmmm. Let's see - I believe that man just pretty much did what Christ said to do - If someone takes away your coat, give him your cloak as well. That's a very hard thing to do - the natural reaction is to fight back. This man did the right thing, and just look what happened. That would-be mugger will never be the same. I'd love to know, ten years from now, how that boy turned out.

Ooooh - Krispy Kremes! I'll have a raspberry filled one, please (or two). I just love those things, and I just plain don't want to know how much fat is in one of them - so there! Haven't we always heard that what you don't know doesn't hurt you?

Chuck, you have had some really serious cardiac issues, haven't you? I'm sorry to hear that, but am glad you're doing whatever it takes to stay on top of it.

DWF, glad your foot is better. When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts, and nothing works right.

Oh my! There's a pair of red-headed flickers (a small woodpecker) on a tree out back. The male has ideas, the female isn't particularly interested, and they're putting on quite a show. They're such pretty birds. They look pretty much alike, except the female's red head is really just a little red cap - the male's cap is much bigger, extending down onto the back of his neck, like a mohawk haircut. They have sharp-looking black and white bars on their wings and backs, and their bellies are just blushed with a russet red. Such pretty little creatures. Once they get successfully paired off, the male will be seen gathering worms and bugs and flying off, presumably to take them to his mate as she sits on a nest. I've never seen their nest, though.

Well, I need to get busy around here. Got to run to the bank and a couple of other errands. I think I'll take Starr along. She seems to be doing a bit better with her car-sickness, and I think it's really just a matter of getting her used to it.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61384: Lunch Menu:sloppy joe sandwiches,sour cream and onion chips,bread and butter pickles,cold milk...these will be on the BIG size buns!..may have to use a fork!...hey possum,sterling,Romeena.Lucy,CHUCK,DWF and all...SPOT

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61385: Prayers for you and your condition, Chuck. I'm glad you're taking care of it though.

Well folks, I'll be out of town for the weekend(actually will be in homemaker's neck of the woods - Indiana) as we have to go down and help with a Native American booth at an Indian museum down there. We're actually doing it so that her brother can put on a yo-yo show in the museum(they won't let him unless there is also a booth set up there).
Not really looking forward to the trip or the destination. MIL was already balking and putting on the guilt-trip(to my wife and to Kai, which really didn't set well with me) when we told her that Kai might not be coming with us(have to drag her out of school and besides she didn't want to go, which I was ok with - I know how obsessive her grandmother is).
So, I imagine we will probably end up taking her, as wife has been trying non-stop to cajole me into bringing her.
As Thelma Harper from Mama's Family says, "it's going to be a regular trip through h@ll." ;)

Well, one good thing is that I will be driving alone in the car with Kai, as my wife has to drive her nephew and his wife down in another car.

Talk to you later,

-Sterling Holobyte

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61386: Spot - I think I'll make my sloppy into a Smyrna Burger (you add a dollop of cheeze whiz and some pickle relish to the top of the sammich). Named by the Smyrna Lutheran Church Fair Booth. It is yummy!

Still have problems with the arm and shoulder. Not fun!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61387: The Eiteljorg is a beautiful museum Sterling and Indy is a pretty city. They have a great zoo too!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61388: Hm a dollop for you and me too!..will give it a try..hope your shoulder gets better [vicks?] these joe"s are sloppy!..Asa put that napkin in your shirt collor....when i get off at 2 im gona get some weed and feed out...gona rain here the next few storms but just light rain...Allatoona [my home lake] is back to full pool! ready for boating...back in a bit...SPOT

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61389:
Hmmm, HM that sounds as good as a fried baloney sammich or maybe one with bananas and peanut butter! ha
Sterling, hang in there my firend. As thelma also said to Eunice, "That's your third beer today!" to which Eunice responds "And let me tell you, I NEEDED each and every one of 'em!" ha
DWF- did you see the Dick VD ep where they didthe western spoof? It had me in stitches!
DWF My wife has MRI in about an hour to look at the brain. Praying for no tumors!! Thanks
She has been having blurred vision bouts lately.
Prayers continue for all!

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61390:
Hey Folks

Just got the phone lines working again. We had about 8 inches of heavy snow last night and it made a little bit of a mess. Spring!!

M-T, MDC, Asa- and anyone else that cares. I have a bit of a news flash for ya'll. I know this only pertains to New York but the Governor actually has said, he is gonna cut spending!!! Not raise our taxes, just to through down some rat hole...boy that was bitter, sorry. Wow, taxes in New York may actually go down.

Chuck-Prayers for a quick recovery.

Rev-We gonna get down closer to single digits tonight but then the warm up starts this weekend, 40' and 50's. Everything being relative that is, it's a warm-up for here.

Boo-What you said about your dad is so true. That is a bit, not ironic, what's the word I'm looking for? Coincidental! That's it. Our families were both going through some trying times back in '78. I sure am glad you still got your dad around. You said he was 83 years old? Both our fathers were close to the same age then also. When my Dad passed, he was 52 years old. He would have been 83 this May.

God Bless the Troops,

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61391:
Ok... that's, "throw down some rat hole."
That's what I get for being bitter.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61392:
AuH20--there is a God!

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61393: Poor Sterling! A yo-yo booth at an indian museum...doesn't sound like much fun. Hope you can make the best of it.

That really is a coincidence about our families, Auh2o...I only wish your story had turned out the same as ours. 52 is so very young. Yes, Dad turned 83 in January and it looks like we will probably have him around for at least a few more years, Lord willing.

Think I will take a little afternoon siesta. I am feeling tired today and we are taking Sean and some of his friends out tonight to celebrate his birthday. He will be 13 on Wed.


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61394: AUH2O: I thought I felt the earth tilt on its axis.

ROMEENA: Great insight.

MDC: Conmtinued prayers for your dear Mrs.

HM: Prayers for your neck and arm. Have you tried ASA's hanging contraption?

BOO: Sweet dreams. And, uh, by the way, I hate to be pushy, but pretty soon it's gonna come down to commando or recylcled drawers...

Well, I'm outta here. You all have a GR-R-R-R-EAT weekend!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61395: Happy birthday Sean!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61396: Did Native Americans really use yo-yos?
Ah the power of a diet dew!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61397: Hi, all. I just wish you could see what all is taking place beyond this window of mine. Those tiny brown wrens are just the sweetest little things. They land on my window ledge and wing, and they land on the small shepherd's crook that supports a candle lantern a few feet away, and one insists on landing on top of a sprinkler head, just outside the window. I could really do him dirty, but of course, I don't. Now if he was a cat, he'd be a wet cat by now.

The neighborhood morals police may visit. I never saw such goings-on. There re three squirrelly courtships in progress, one astonishingly puffed-up pigeon has high hopes in spite of being totally ignored by the hens, and a big boattail grackle has about danced himself dizzy, tail all V-ed up, one wing spread and dragging the ground as he gyrates. Honestly, it's a regular little den of iniquity out there! Too funny!

Well, back to my voyeuristic peeping - where are my binoculars? --Romeena

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61398: Ahem - the wrens land on my window ledge and Sing, not wing. Good grief. --Romeena

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61399: hello mayberry how are u today i'm fine ........gizzmo

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61400: Opie: I'm gonna have to work for the 25 cents?
Andy: Right. All clear to you?
Opie: Yeah, the bigger you get, the tireder you get.

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61401: Have a great weekend and take care all. PEACE Dr P

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61402: ONCE I PRAYED, LORD,

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61403: Welcome Gizzmo!


March 28, 2008 - Msg 61404: Hi, Gizzmo. Long time no see. We're missing Tom, too. He hasn't been around in a while. If you see him, tell him we miss him. --Romeena

March 28, 2008 - Msg 61405:
Happy Birthday to Sean!

Romeena-Red-headed flickers! Now ya got me really looking forward to Spring. I love those birds, we get quite a few of them here in the woods. We occasionally get the larger ones also. What are they called? Do you know?

Gizzmo-Hey! Long time no see. Nice to have ya around.

Tom-If ya happen to swing by, a nice Springtime poem would be great. Do you take requests?


March 29, 2008 - Msg 61406:
Hello porch family

Chuck.....good to see you back rocking buddy... Been praying for you.

Ro.... I tried the pine cone and peanut butter idea and those birds go crazy over that stuff. I just love watching them.

auh2o....glad you're warming up a little. I'm sure you're ready for it.

MDC....still praying for you and your wife. Please let us know something as soon as you can.

Watch out Boo....a teenager mom....hehe

Spot... let's all meet in the morning at the diner for breakfast on me brother. I'll get there early to be sure we get a table big enough for us all.

Hey there Gizzmo. Good to see you.

You all have a great night and remember to thank God for the very breath that you breathe. HE is so good to us and loves us so much!
Prayers for all the porch family.

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61407: Im there brother Rev. I will hold the door for the ladys and leave the tip..CHUCK glad things are looking up,moring Romeena,MDC,auh20,M-T,Maudy,Lucy where are you?...well im here keeping the lights on till 6 pm then out to eat with Miss Sherry..bought me 2 new rod-n-reels yesterday,gona get them strung up tackle box too..well let me get these comp. fired up this morning...see yall at Rev"s breakfast get together!....SPOT

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61408: Good morning, all. auh2o, since those red-headed flickers are actually small members of the woodp#cker family, I suppose the larger ones are, too. The ones that come around here are about the size of a cardinal, maybe a tad bigger. The male has an orange-red cap that pretty much covers his head and goes a little way down the back of his neck. The female's cap is more just a big dot on her head. Their bellies look like they were dry-brushed with the same orange-red color, just a blush, a dusting of the color. I have a few good pictures of them, and I think there are a couple of them in the album, under "Yard and Wildlife".

REV, did you roll that pine cone in bird seed after you applied the peanut butter? That'll keep 'em coming back for more, believe me!

If you all want some summer fun, hang some ears of dried corn from a bungee cord and watch the antics of the squirrels. You will need to use a combination of wire and bungee. You just need about a foot-long bungee, and the rest can be wire. Put some eye-bolts on the end of the wire, the pointy kind, so you can twist them into the ends of the ears of corn. Hang it so the corn is just out of the squirrels' reach, so they have to jump for it. The resulting bounce is just hilarious, and I've found that some of them will do it just for the fun of it, jumping up there long after all the corn kernels are gone. They just jump onto the cobs and hang on for the ride. Squirrels are fun-loving little critters.

I'm so happy that spring is here, and summer is coming. I just love this time of year! Well, I see a beautiful black iris has opened, got to go get its picture. I keep a pictorial record of my iris, who opened when, where it's located, etc. Not really necessary, but I just like to know. Be blessed, all. See you later. --Romeena

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61409: Did you ever get that squirrel e-mail I sent you awhile back, Ro? It was on your old address, so maybe you didn't get it. I'll send it again if you didn't, if I can find it. Back later.
- Hazel

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61410: auh2o, I know what you mean about your Dad. Mine died in November, '85 (the day after Thanksgiving of that year). I still remember every detail of that day. He was only 56. So he'd be 78 now, turning 79 in June. I really miss him.
Ro, I keep binoculars handy by my window too. Our family room has a window which looks out to the back yard, and I got tired of running to the hall closet for my binoculars every time I wanted to get a better look at something. Now I just keep them sitting on the table so I can grab em. The birds and the squirrels are so fun to watch. Last year we had 2 Barn Swallows build their nest under the eave of our house. Their nests are built out of mud, and I read where they use up to a 1000 beak-loads of mud to build it. Amazing. We're not going to let that happen this year however. Last year we didn't notice it until the nest was all built and I think the eggs were already in it. It was cool to watch them, and fun to have, but as the time got nearer for the eggs to hatch, and when the babies did hatch, the mom and dad got a little aggressive. Every time I'd walk out to my garden I'd have to go clear around, not use my usual path, because those birds would get all upset and start flying around my head as if to get me out of the area. I don't want to be mean about it, but they need to build their nest somewhere other that right off my patio this year! Like around the side of the house would be fine. Hopefully I'll be able to see when they start building, so I can wash it down with the hose, and maybe that will encourage them to build it around the corner. Because, of course, once it's built, I'm not going to touch it because there might be eggs in it and I don't want to harm those.
Got so much more to say, but I better get some Saturday work done. It doesn't get done if I sit here at the keyboard.
- Hazel

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61411: Not that I can remember, Hazel, but since I've probably slept since then, I can't be sure! Seriously, I don't remember getting it, it probably got lost. That's one of the reasons I'm leaving my old email handler - lots of things would get trapped in the spam filter, even things from people who were in my address book or on my trusted senders list. That's why I always had to wade through the garbage, to find things that were trapped that shouldn't have been. I just got tired of it, finally. So far, no spam at the new address. Another things I've done - I've opened a free account at Yahoo, and will use that for nothing but online ordering. I think that's what attracts a lot of the spam, and since no one I want to hear from will have that address, the spammers can just bombard that account all they want, I won't care. We'll see if that works.

I just got a picture of a beautiful black iris, with raindrops on its face. It has an orange beard, and is quite beautiful. It just amazes me how the hybridizers develop all these exotic varieties, and they all began with the simple lavender "flags" our grandmothers grew in the backyard and watered with the dishwater. I guess it's a bit like dog breeders over the centuries who managed to produce a Maltese from a wolf, by selective breeding. I don't accept evolution, but we have examples of adaptation within a species all around us. Now, how's that for a moulage-starter? (heehee)

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61412: Hazel, I know what you mean about the little mud nests and all. My son and his wife had a pair of swallows who built their little nest in a corner inside their entry porch! Talk about getting dive-bombed! Imagine being in that little confined space by the front door, and having a pair of irate bird parents diving at you! They just started going in through the garage instead. There were eggs in the nest, but when the little mama bird started sitting on them, the unthinkable happened. The little mud nest broke and everything tumbled to the porch. My DIL was heartbroken, and my big old soft-hearted son got a little teary when he told me about it. Of course, the eggs broke and there were tiny half-formed birdlings inside. So, my son cut a little triangle of wood and nailed it up like a tiny shelf (not easy on a brick wall, but he did it) and they hoped if the birds rebuilt there, the shelf would hold the nest. However, the birds abandoned the site and built elsewhere. Guess I can't blame them.

It's chilly here today, 57 degrees, and very damp. It rained earlier, but is just cloudy and gray right now. Still, the wild critters are out and about, feasting at my feeding station, and the silly, love-struck boy squirrels are busy making plans for an orgy, while the little girls are just mostly looking bored. They're so funny!

Be blessed! --Romeena

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61413: Hey Y'all! I checked out that "Mayberry After Midnight" YouTube video that Boo told us about and it was really good! Y'all should check this one out-as Charlene Darling says "That one makes me cry"! I found one that will really tug at the heart strings.Boo,make sure you see this one.
Look for "I Want To Go Back To Mayberry" and make sure you listen to the song. As hazel would say- DO IT!
possum under a rock

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61414: OOPS- Wrong Title. It's "TAKE ME BACK TO MAYBERRY".It just made me want to go back to Mayberry!

possum again

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61415: Im gona try that possum!..hey all...kinda busy here at work..some rain..hey Rev thanks for breakfast...I think we all skipped lunch?..hey Maude,ro,bo,hazel,auh20,TOM and CHUCK...and all...since we skipped lunch I will treat you all to Red Lobster for our sat night open toed shoes you men and ladys wear your earings..Romeena you can have all the crab legs you can eat!..lots of butter...Asa wear a bib..prayers....SPOT

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61416: I just checked out that YouTube site, Boo. It's great, thanks for sharing.

Folks, I just wrote TV Land yet again. I would encourage everyone to go to, click on "Contact Us" and in the space provided, really let them know what you think of the silly, trashy programming they're running right now. That idiotic "High School Reunion" is bad enough the first time around, but everytime I surf past (note the "past") the channel, it's on again. Then the lame movies they insist on running over and over are yet another story. Too bad movies aren't on actual film anymore, their copies would surely have broken by now and we could move on to something else. Anyway, please write them and let them know how you feel. Maybe if they get enough negative feedback, they'll start to listen. They used to be the "safe" place, but not anymore.

A pair of mourning doves has moved into the area, or at least some seekers are here. I was outside a little while ago, and heard them calling. One was very nearby, and another was answering from pretty far away. I hope they find each other - I'm sure they will.

Be blessed! --Romeena

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61417: Oh, Spot! Crab legs?? Yum! I'll bring the melted butter and a lot of lemon. Oh, boy! --Romeena

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61418: Mery sakes, sure hope you leave me some crab legs Ro. I like em.
HM, You doing any better? I still have a few of them Asaltydog 2001 contraptions around here if you want one.
Hey Possum, good to see you.
Chuck, get better soon friend. You owe me a round of Golf.
Prayers and waves to all.


March 29, 2008 - Msg 61419: Hey there, hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Been a long day but a good one. We had opening season ceremonies and parade for little league. Erin had her first t-ball game and it was absolutely hilarious. What wonderful, spontaneous comedy those little ones provide! So cute. One little girl who was 5 or 6, was up to bat and she hit the "T" instead of the ball 18 times before she actually hit the ball. I couldn't help but laugh at that poor coach having to put the ball back on the T that many times and try to lower it, pulled it in half, you name it, anything to get that child to actually hit the ball. Watching them scramble for the ball was funny, too. They would run and pile on it like football player pile on a fumbled football. Erin played 1st base and got so many kids out I felt sorry for them. She seems to be a good little player. The only problem we had is that she throws well and hard and she hit several kids with the ball because they were picking flowers or digging up dirt with their shoes when she threw the ball at them! So funny. I guess little league is another reason to like spring.

It's been in the 70's and cloudy here today and we got rained on at the ball field. I hear there are some winter storms coming on in the north, though. Hope everyone stays safe and warm on the north end of the porch.

Well, think I will vegetate for a bit...

Oh, Possum, I did see the "Take Me Back To Mayberry" video. Did you see that really stupid one about the women of Mayberry? The worst song ever!


March 29, 2008 - Msg 61420: Evening folks, just sat down for a minute and read the posts for today.

Romeena, I emailed TV Land as well about their current programming format at your encouragement. I do not like that HIgh school reunion show at all. Those people need to grow up and get on with their lives.

I have been busy today, laundy and ran the vaccum.
I also took my daugther and one of her friends and my son to the mall. My daugthers 8th grade English teacher has written a book "Looking for Papa". The book is fiction but has local amiliarity to it. It has morals and family values in it as well. The local Waldenbooks had a book signing this afternoon and featured her and her book. I took my daugther and her friend to buy the book and have her autopraph it for them. They really like this teacher and wanted to support her. Her name is Patricia Johnston, if any of you might be interested in checking out the book on line.

Raining here and chilly this evening. Guess March is going out like a Lion.

Lets have a snack: chocolate milk and graham crackers.

Hello to ASA,SPOT, Romeena, BOO,Possum,
M-T,Rev,Auh20, Mavis,HM and everyone else around the porch tonight.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61421: oops that should be familarity rather than amilarity. Sorry

Big Maude

March 29, 2008 - Msg 61422: Has anyone had children to read Belle Prater's Boy? A really excellent book about life in Coal Station, VA in 1954. I won't spoil it for you but it is a really good book!


March 29, 2008 - Msg 61423:
Do unto others, says the Golden Rule,
As you'd have them do unto you.
It's a simple rule to live by,
Day by day- the whole year through.
We all are God's precious childern,
No matter the creed, colr or race.
Let our lives reflect God's abiding love
So that others will know of His grace.
Don't hide your light neath a bushel,
Let it shine for all to see.
The world is to be our parish
To extend love to humanity.
Have I done my very best, I muse.
Shown charity toward my fellowman;
Have I used my God- given talents
To show God's love wher I can?
Don't hide your light in the shadows,
Nor allow it to grow faint or dim.
Let it shine with all its glory-
To proclaim your love for Him.


March 30, 2008 - Msg 61424: I agree Maude. To me High School Reunion is rubbish. Just a bunch of adolescents in adult bodies...I can't believe it will last. How good can the ratings be? I took the time to watch about 20 minutes of it (all I could take), to be fair in my opinions, and it was pure stink-o.

I just woke up after falling asleep at 8pm (it's now 11) and I sure hope I can go back to sleep. I have nursery duty again in the morning because I am doing a favor for a friend. By the way, my pastor (who you were praying for cancer) had a baby this morning (well, he wife did, actually). Its a healthy boy. Now they have 3 boys and 2 girls. Wow...can't imagine but I am happy for them. Their children are ages 11, 8, 5, 2 and newborn. Pastor is 42 and his wife is 37. Brave people....

Well, think I will try to go back to bed...wish me luck, I could use a good night's sleep.


March 30, 2008 - Msg 61425: Hey, Tom, it's good to see you back on the porch, and thanks so much for the poem. Timely, as always.

I don't think "High School Reunion" is intended to last, necessarily. It's one of those reality shows that TV Land trots out now and then. Remember "Chasing Farrah", that dismal, dull and exceedingly boring thing they did with Farrah Fawcett? I think after "Reunion", they're planning something about turning 40 years old. Now there's some interesting material. It wasn't much fun at the time, and I doubt it's going to be any better watching it happen to someone else. Honestly, if they didn't run TAGS, Lucy and the Beaver on a regular basis, I'd never tune in to TV Land.

Well, I'm off to beddy-bye. Church comes early in the morning. Starr says howdy! --Romeena

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61426: Wow Red lobster was good last night....Good Sunday to all...I will keep the Church lights on and catch a sermon on the tube this morning..breakfast will be light..bacon,egg-n-cheese bisquits,coffee,...rise-n-shine yall...SPOT

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61427: Well, I managed to go back to sleep around 12:30 and slept through until 8 so I am hoping I'll feel rested today.

The weather here is yucky. Warm and very humid.

Yes Ro, a show about turning 40 sounds like something I would certainly not be interested in. I don't even watch Lucy or Beaver so the only thing I ever catch on tvland is Andy.

Better go try to get ready for preachin'...


March 30, 2008 - Msg 61428: Mornin' y'all! Boo,I didn't see the video about the Mayberry women-thanks for warning me.I discovered that several of the Mayberry videos are just clips of the show that some yahoo dubbed profanities over the original dialogue,so watch out for those.What possesses some people,well,I just don't know.

I also e-mailed TVLand (Something I've started doing quite regularly) to voice my disgust at the lame movies & that High School Reunion trash. We had the tv tuned in to TVLand this morning and a commercial for HS Reunion came on.I heard the announcer say "What happens when the bully,the prom queen,and so on.." then I heard Mr. Possum reply : "You wanna know what happens? I turn it off-THAT'S what happens!' Ha! Now,if everybody would do that,maybe TVLand will wake up.
I'd better run-y'all have a good Sunday!
possum under a rock

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61429: The only things I watch on TV Land are Lucy, TAGS and on Satuday & Sunday mornings I watch the Adams Family and the Munsters. I like those. Other than that, I follow Mr. Possums lead, and turn it off. The weather's been pretty good here and it's time to start my early stuff in the garden, so that'll keep me busy after work anyway, so not much time for TV. Going to try to get the onions in today.
- Hazel

Aunt Bee: "Do you like pearly onions?"
Briscoe: "Oh, they twang my buds!"

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61430: Good afternoon all..quite here at work..back cool here in Ga.46 for our high but gona warm back up this week...had some good preaching on the tube here today...for supper lets have a covered dish dinner..I will bring baked ham and fried chicken and sweet and un-sweetened tea and plastic cups...let spread at about 6:30..well the race is about to start...Varooomm...SPOT

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61431: Dang. Warm and humid in Texas? Pretty good in Boise? 46 in Ga.?
I look out my window at it's a blizzard Snowing like mad. I know it won't last long though and that makes it ok.
I'm sorry but I have given up on TV Land. Along with all the crud shows y'all been mentioning, the last episode of TAGS I watched had so much of it cut out I got more into the commercials than the show. So when I feel the need to watch TAGS I plug in a DVD.

Hazel, what kind of onions you planting? I was thinking of sticking some in this week if it quits snowing? What do you recommend?
How many folks here do vegetable gardens? I've been following what's going on with wheat prices and hay because of all the corn being planted for ethanol (what a joke) and am thinking more folks may be forced to start growing some of their own food whenever possible. It's getting nuts out there.
I'm gonna try another early variety of corn this year and hope we don't get any late season hard frosts. Then later in May plant my other variety's that are so sweet and delicious. I'm even considering buying a beef to raise. I'm fortunate to have the land it could graze on but buying hay for it to see it through the winter may change my thinking. Hay has gone out of sight.
Oh well, He who is prepared need not fear.

Who's cooking dinner tonight?


March 30, 2008 - Msg 61432: Hey all. Been on spring break with the family. Lots of fun. We stayed at a lodge and went fishing in a state park. Went to see "Horton Hears a Who." Hung out at the Library and many area parks. It was great family time. Now I'm catching up on all the laundry I've neglected over the week (along with all the housework.) I have about another 10 loads to do. No joke. I may just haul it all to the laundromat so I can use more than one machine!

I'm with you all on TVLand. One night I was having trouble falling asleep and caught some of that high school reunion junk. I couldn't get past about 10 minutes of it.

I have a large grape vine wreath on my front door and a mamma and pappa Wren have set up housekeeping in it! It's just the sweetest thing! There are 2 little eggs sitting in their little nest, nestled on top of the wreath. Needless to say, we are no longer using our front door. It was surprising though. I opened the door this morning and there was this little mamma bird about 12 inches from my face! Luckily, she flew out into the yard rather than into the house. MW

ANDY: "Well, Mr. Darling, can't you and your boys handle him?"

Briscoe: "Well, we thought about killin' him, but we didn't want to go that far."

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61433: Asa we are having a covered dish dinner [msg 61430] the chicken frying..I have a big garden every year..check ro"s album for pics..I will get started soon...I dont plant early veggies..we still have okra and peas in the freezer from last year but will be gone soon...I plant 40 or so tomato plants and 50 or so hot pepper plants,okra,peas,corn,greenbeans,squash and green onions for the basics then some cuks and and I have a good bond every year with the garden...he works me to death!..and he is 76yrs old! picks and freezes..its a family thang!...will probably turn mine next week..hey there MW!..mavis,goober,md,m-t race is on!...well back to work :)...SPOT

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61434: I don't do any sort of garden, except flowers. Just really not enough room on a city lot, even though it is a bit bigger than average. Besides, I've noticed that the things I would grow get very cheap in the markets at about the same time my "crop" would come in, so there doesn't seem to be much point. I could make a case for growing tomatoes for the flavor and quality, but I know a little local market that buys homegrown tomatoes and sells them at a reasonable price, and they're delicious. Besides, anything I grow would be subject to the predations of the birds and squirrels, so I probably wouldn't get anything anyway. I grew strawberries for a couple of years, but rarely got one. I have a pear tree, but the squirrels get them all, so it's really just not worth the trouble. I'd rather have the flowers. I do have a few herbs in the flowerbeds, though, and one big rosemary bush, which I raid often to season things.

I know I've mentioned the "Glory" brand of canned veggies before, but I'd like to plug them again. Last night, I diced up some frozen smoked brisket, left over from Easter, and opened a big can of Glory's roasted potatoes and carrots in gravy. Stirred it all up and heated it in the micro and I had instant beef stew, and it was delicious! I have a can of their red beans and rice, which I haven't tried, but will do so very soon. Their greens are legendary, or course - very good!

Well, off I go. See you later. --Romeena

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61435: Hi All

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61436: Hey TOM, RO and SPOT (&all)! TOM, loved your poem. SPOT, your garden sounds delicious and how nice for you and your dad to work together on a project. RO, I have a rosemary bush, too. Love to use it with grilled chicken. Well, back to my laundry and I need to get a meatloaf in the oven. mw

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61437: hey gang , good race at Martinsville today .I may be off here for a few days ,Im switching ISPs .going from cable to DSL ,I m tired of cable going up every few months .everyone have a great evening and prayers for all in need

March 30, 2008 - Msg 61438: Asa - the boys and I are planting a big garden this year. Plan on canning and freezing as much as I can. Yes, corn prices are sky high - try feeding animals. The price of meat should come down because of so many animals going to market because we farmers can't hardly afford to feed them. But with the price of gas - - the price remains the same or higher. I am hoping that once we get moved we can raise our own beef cattle (one or two) to put in the freezer for us, the inlaws and some of the outlaws. My parents will eat goat and lamb but not my husbands' family. So we can't help them there.

We are planting corn, green beans, maters, squash, taters, and whatever else I think the boys will eat.

Well - take care all . . .soon it will be time for bed.

nighty night and don't let the bed bugs bite!


March 30, 2008 - Msg 61439: Asa, when I said the weather was pretty good here, I meant, as compared to what it has been. Today it was sunny, and we haven't been seeing the sun much. It was 22 this morning, so it's still pretty nippy here, but as least no snow or rain. I did get the onions in; but durn it was cold out there! I planted Walla Wallas, and another white kind that I don't know the name of. Also some sweet reds. About 100 in all.
My garden is mostly centered around salsa. I plant tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, and cilantro. I also plant carrots, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, sweet peppers, peas, green beans and lots of flowers. I start most of my flowers in the house in February and March and plant them outside after the last frost (usually around the third week in May.) Fun! Some years I plant corn, but it's kind of a space hog for what you get, in my opinion. My garden's not that big.
Well, 10-4.
- Hazel