August 29, 2006 - Msg 44811: Good morning everyone. It looks like rain...

BOO: Nora's first day went fine. She likes her teacher and is excited about the things they will be doing. She can't wait to visit the library and go to chapel. And she is happy that she knows about half the kids in her class of fifteen, six of whom are girls. She isn't enjoying getting up earlier then she got used to this summer. I have to get up earlier as well to make sure all the kids are ready and I'm not enjoying it a bunch, either.

MILLIE: How's it going? If you're feeling up to it, I'm not too bashful to second COLT's pie motion (he gets my vote in the next mayoral election).

ASA: Were they using rifles when you played? Or were they still using muskets?

MAVIS: Some advice: Now that you're a movie star, don't take any three-hour cruises.

Remember about ROMEENA's album, people!

Veda sleep eight hours straight last night. The Mrs. didn't know what to do with herself. I, on the other hand, had to get up for a bathroom run (Nora), then an hour later to find a blankey (Chad). So, it evens out I suppose.

Hey to IDELLE, ROMEENA, SPOT, and all the rest of you. I'll stop back later.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44812: No need to thank me for sweeping. It was my pleasure.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44813: Well, I'm back from the doctor. My numbers were good, mostly. Hemoglobin A1C was only 5.8, which is terrific for an insulin-dependent diabetic. There were a few high "excursions", which would correspond with servings of tiramisu from Olive Garden and lemon squares from Corner Bakery, but nothing serious. Cholesterol was 233, not bad, but should be lower. So, I'm trying Zetia. I can't take the statins, we'll see how I handle the Zetia. Mostly, I need to lose about 40 pounds and it would all straighten out considerably. Drat. Why is it always something? I don't smoke, drink, party or anything, but I do love good food. It ain't fair, it just ain't fair! My doctor, the clown, just suggested that it was okay to love good food, just to love a little bit less of it! He's a lot of help! (Actually, I know he's right.)

Just unclogged the pond filter and pulled a bunch of weeds, deadheaded some roses and such, and now my ankles are so mosquito-chewed they feel like they're on fire. Confounded nuisances. Sure do wish some bats would move into my bat house and clear the little pests out of the area.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle the Plum for a while, she was a little miffed when she got left behind this morning. I'm sure she thinks I went to the bank and she didn't get a cookie from the teller. She has snubbed me ever since I came in the house.

If she was speaking to me, she'd say 10-4. --Romeena

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44814: ROMEENA: At least your doctor didn't tell you weren't a spring chicken anymore.

Olive Garden's tiramisu is THE THING! Don't do that to me so close to lunch!


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44815: HI ALL

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44816: Well im up now ...back at work at 2...gona go read the mail...hey TOM...M-T...and you are right get those pics to Ro....lunch will be tuna sandwiches....chips....fanta grape soda...little gershins.....SPOT

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44817: Asa I coached ball for 8 years 2 teams a year and there is nothing like Little League Play...Managed 2 allstar teams and placed 2nd one year in the state about 6 years ago...and you can wash the Lunch dishes!..ha ha...SPOT

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44818:
Hello everyone.

Ro...I like the idea about the ear phone. I think I'll try that. Glad to hear your appointment went well.

Spot...thanks for the lunch.

Poor your order. You should have it in about two days. (three at the most) Thanks!

Gotta go mow some grass. It's hot out there. Spot you mine if I take an extra fanta grape soda while I'm mowing?
See ya blessed!

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44819: rev= a case of grape soda is on the way and a new lawn tractor, ac cab and cd player, gps guidance system and a cup holder for your grape soda. tom= sorry that idea didn't work out. anyway to connect others that do that and see if they have a source? have yu ever done picture frames with wrappers? romeena- just tell the doctor their jealous cause you got good porch vittles and your fine for the shape your in . remember that song- just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in? me- they - thanks for your vote on jan 1 2007 when we offer the mayors job for a one year term to anyone wanting to run. well spot like you a little later i'll have to back up and read what i missed in archives. colt says hey.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44820: COLT: No problem Mr. Mayor. You're the best one we've ever had. Of course, you're the only one we've ever had. But why mess with success?

REV: What is your website? I'm interested in learning more about your CDs. Thanks.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44821: Someone posted a bunch of trivial trivialities over at Miss Crump's. I am posting the ones I found most amusing or interesting below.

Canada is an Indian word meaning "Big Village".
The symbol on the "pound" key (#) is called an octothorpe.
Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp).
In Mel Brooks' 'Silent Movie,' mime Marcel Marceau is the only person who has a speaking role.
Los Angeles's full name is "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula" and can be abbreviated to 3.63% of its size, "L.A."
A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.
An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.
Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.
Deborah Winger did the voice of E.T.
Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.
When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers play football at home, the stadium becomes the state's third largest city.
Dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "Its A Wonderful Life."
A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.
Charles de Gaulle's final words were, "It hurts."
Cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them; a fully ripened cranberry can be dribbled like a basketball.
The name for Oz in the "Wizard of Oz" was thought up when the creator, Frank Baum, looked at his filing cabinet and saw A-N, and O-Z, hence "Oz."
The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister.
Hugh "Ward Cleaver" Beaumont was an ordained minister.
Virgina Woolf wrote all her books standing.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44822: To Rev Msg 44818, I'm looking forward to playing along with your cd's.

To Me-They Msg 44820, the Rev's website is Rocky Morris Music. Check out his music samples. I love his Christian country style of music. That's why I placed an order for five of his cd's.

To Spot Msg 44816, your postings about Little League have rekindled up some good and bad memories for me. When I was youngster, I was a baseball fanatic. I watched it on television almost every day during the summer, and I played on teams with neighborhood kids. In fact, I had dreamed of someday becoming a major league baseball player. I had it all planned out. First there would be Little League, then the Babe Ruth league, then American Legion or high school baseball, then college baseball, then semi-pro baseball, then finally the majors. Yeah, I had it all planned out. First I joined the Little League. Luckilly we had just enough players for all positions on all teams. So we all got to stay with a team for the entire season. Then next year, there were more Little League applicants than positions. So although everyone was assigned to a team initially, the pre-season tryouts would weed out the marginal players. One week before the season started, the coach gathered a small group of us to talk with us privately. All of us in that small group were being cut. I still remember that sad and lonely walk home from the park. How could I expect to make it to the majors when I just got cut from Little League? When I played with the neighborhood kids, I always wondered why I was usually one of the last to be picked. But that didn't stop me from playing because I still got to play. However, being cut from Little League dashed all of my hopes in continuing my career with organized baseball. As a result, I missed out on an opportunity to be on my high school state championship team. Today, I no longer watch or follow professional baseball.

from Poor Horatio

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44823: hey everyone ,hot here in N.C. .Im having septic tank problems ,got to have a new drain field put in ,the way the health dept. guy drew it up its gonna cost a fortune ,the septic guy says theres another way thats as good but less expensive but the health man says no ,burns me up .SPOT.. is the tropical storm gonna cause you guys any problems in GA. ,it is suppose to hit eastern n.c. with a lot of rain

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44824: Hey all!!!

Hope that none of ya are offended by this, but here's something to think about...kinda funny facts as it were...

Body: Q1.
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids
already, three who were deaf, two who were blind,
one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would
you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the
response for this one.

It is time to elect a new world leader, and only
your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three
candidates. Who would you vote for?

Candidate A.
Associates with crooked politicians, and consults
with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also
chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B.
He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until
noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of
whiskey every evening.

Candidate C
He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian,
doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never
cheated on his wife.

Which of these candidates would be our choice?
Decide first... no peeking, then scroll down for the
Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion
question: If you said YES, you just killed

Pretty interesting isn't it? Makes a person think
before judging someone.

Hope ya'll weren't offended by that, just some fast facts!!!

I'll give ya'll another in a minute!!! I'm gettin 'em from my cousin.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44825: Here's another one for ya'll...

And Finally, can you imagine working for a company
that has a little more than 500 employees and has
the following statistics:
* 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
* 7 have been arrested for fraud
* 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
* 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at
least 2 businesses
* 3 have done time for assault
* 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
* 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
* 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
* 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
* 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the
last year...

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet?

It's the 535 members of the United States Congress.
The same group that crank out hundreds of new laws each year
designed to keep the rest of us in line.

Hope ya'll like em!!!


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44826: Do we need to get a red carpet for Mavis when she posts. . .and does she have some of those fancy Hollywood sunglasses? Wow - a REAL movie star on our porch. I bet Barney would be your date for the premiere!


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44827: Mavis: I just went back and read about you being on TV!!! WOW!!!

HM: Maybe we do need to purchase a Red Carpet!!!LOL


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44828: BWB, Those were funny, and it dous make you think!

What, *Mavis is on TV? What'd I miss? Cool!

Uhhhh, I guess that's it!

See ya later porch!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44829: Hey ya'll!
I am beat..been at church all day decorating and getting ready for a new year.

MD-sorry to hear about your septic problems. Those are the absolute worst and the absolute most expensive. Its terrible. We have the kind with the pump..high dollar.

M-They- mind if I ask what you and your wife do for a living? I'm just so used to doing the primary stuff with the kids and you seem to do quite a bit, so I am just being nosey. My hubby has to leave at 5:30 in the morning, so he gets to skip out on morning routines here.

ROmeena-I guess good food can be a problem huh? I love to cook it and i love even more to eat it. I am a huge Paula Deen fan and cook just like her with LOTS of butter.

Yall have a great evening.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44830:
Hi all, just me.
I gotta go read archives.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44831: To Barnwannabe Msg 44824, those are interesting statements you provided about those three world leaders (Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler).
But when you are being highly selective, it is possible to make a good person look bad or a bad person look good. Let me give you an example by describing a former world leader who seemed to be blessed by God.
He was the fourth of six children born to European family. His three older brothers and sisters did not live past childhood. He was the first to reach adulthood (a miracle from God?). In war, he was wounded twice. Once was from shrapnel, and once was from chemicals that caused him to go blind. But the shrapnel was removed and he regained his eyesight (more mircales from God?). Throughout his adulthood, he survived over 10 other threats upon his life (even more miracles from God?). He honestly believed that God was protecting him because he was fullfilling God's work on earth. Would you agree with that conclusion? But what if I told you that his name was Adolph Hitler? Why did he rate so many "miralces"? I can't answer that.
Finally, I have to laugh at the fact that according to your post, candidate C (Hitler) did not cheat on his wife. Remember, he married his longtime girlfriend the same day he committed suicide. He didn't have enough time to cheat.

And as for the Congress example, of the 10 statements that you made, only 2 are based on proven charges (the assaults and bad credit). The other 8 were just arrests with no mention of convictions or just unproven accusations. To be accused or arrested for something does NOT mean you are guilty. Remember how you were accused when you first appeared? Does that mean you were guilty?

from Poor Horatio

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44832: PH: I didn't mean to offend anyone, honestly!!! I just wanted to show ya'll that, cause I thought it was funny!!! My cousin's friend sent it to her, and as a joke, she sent it to me, cause they were funny, not to offend, accuse, or slander anyone!!!

I hope that I didn't offend ya'll, and if I did, I'm truely sorry!!!

Hope that I didn't mean any thing by that!!!


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44833: THat should be I hope that ya'll know I didn't mean anything by that.


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44834: Truck hit a pole here tonight and broke it....busy busy...SPOT

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44835: Hey did we eat supper?....been busy...SPOT

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44836: For those that want to see me on TV WCYB TV Hope it works for you, I think you have to watch the whole thing to get to mine, I was on around 20-25 minutes into the broadcast. Back in a bit. Please have the red carpet ready. teehee

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44837:
Hello porch. Though we were going to get a storm a while ago but it moved around us. Got my grass cut and yard cleaned up. It was hot.

Thanks Colts for that new mower with a/c and that case of grape soda. And with that gps I was able to finish up at the same spot I started. hehe

Me-They...Poor Horatio (thanks) posted my website link above. Just in case you missed it:

Don't work too hard Spot. Did the person get hurt that hit the pole? may have told us before but what type of work do you do since you travel so much to other countries?

I'll check back later. Blessings and prayers for all our porch family.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44838: To see my segment, scroll up to about 27.30 minutes, but there is a really neat segment about the Prayer Pager Project at 20.00 minutes you all would like too. If you see a black screen, just fast forward through it, that is where the commercials are at.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44839: Hey Mavis, Can I have your autograph?? I saw you on the news and you were great!! Now I know a real local tv star! Big Maude

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44840:
With all the Daniel Boone showing, when do I know that it's prayer time!? ha (And i dont even have cable!)
DWF- I sure am still watch tdvds. Will watch the next one tonight. Jackie Brewster was great!
Boo- hope Sean is doing ok in school.
HM- good to see you back and laughing again.
The new job hunt is on. Lincoln IL here i come!
Colt and i will open up a retro malt shop! His 62 chevy will be right out front and inside will be the best burgers fries and malts we can make. Opps, I was describing heaven! haha
Prayers for all!

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44841:
BWB- no problem here. I see those kind of things a lot on the net. I think PH was just trying to show how facts can be manipulated, tho i cant speak for him, just guessin'. I think all is cool.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44842:
Mavis, yore a regular Darlene Mason!

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44843: Mav could not tune you in?..hey Rev,MDC...Mav will you sign my forehead?...hey Big Maude!...lets have fried bologna sandwiches and butter pecan ice cream...strange comob but what the heck!...about to get caught up here at the broke pole changed out..all lights are on!...SPOT

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44844: Spot mine comes up on Real Player, don't know if that is what you have or not. I am about 27 minutes into the hour long broadcast. Maude I wondered if you would be watching me live or not. I will have a press meeting & autograph signing this weekend. LOL

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44845:

Well hello again porch. Just checking in before I hit the bed.

What's everyone planning for this Labor Day weekend?

Mavis...good interview. Yep...let's break out the Red Carpet.

Prayers for you all...-REV.

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44846: Wow Mavis. I'm impressed. Will you sign my toolbelt?:)


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44847: Whoops, howdy Rev, didn't see ya. How's things?


August 29, 2006 - Msg 44848: mavis - you will have to be our grand marshal at the next mayberry days festivities in mt airy. limo and a real mayberry squad car ride. anyone remember roger millers song kansas city star thats what i are, i'm on local tv, etc? asa- i don't know what mavis charges for tool belt autographs but worth every 100 dollars worth of it. rev- on labor day weekend outside of chruch and if weather stays like it is ow i'll probably build a fire in the igloo and watch it melt. no serious plans. mdc- won't we need a lincoln cae for lincoln? we could name it pluto you know the little use to be planet that we kept raising the teachers blood pressure cause we wouldn't acknowledge pluto as a planet. me- they i think those were funny . spot- i think i'll pass on the bull meat, i mean fried bologna abd pecan ice cream cause it might ly heavy on my chest. hope rest of shift is slow and easy. md- move the city and county line so you won't be robbed by that nut the inspector. sewer robbery i tell you. big maude- what are you doing labor day weekend? stop by mdc and my drive in and we'll throw somehing together for you from the menu. BWB AND REV CAN YOU FIX BREAKFAST FOR THE PORCH? THANKS. bed time for colt- night everyone. colt

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44849: Night guys!

MDC, I'll watch that episode tonight...

Im a little stiff and tired today, so I'll pack it in early.

Have a good sleep guys!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 29, 2006 - Msg 44850: Colt, didn't see ya there! Who's house is breakfast at?

Well, goodnight for sure now!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44851: deputy warren ferguson breakfast at bwb and revs. this way if you take a wrong turn you'll still be fed. colt

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44852: whew,it was hot and muggy here today,i'll take one of those grape soda's you all are passing out.romeena,I sent you an email and it was returned,boo,I sent you one too.and it was returned,have you all changed email addresses lately?Take care everybody,prayers for all,ky girl

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44853: To Barnwannabe Msg 44832, you did not offend me at all. I know you were relaying something from your cousin. It's just like MDC posted in Msg 44841, I was trying to show how facts could be manipulated from one extreme to another. Thanks MDC for helping out.

To Mavis Msg 44836, thanks for providing that streaming video link so we could watch you on television. What's next .... Hollywood? Can I have your autograph on a blank check please?

To Rev Msg 44837, I'm a landlord and real estate investor in Canada and the USA.

from Poor Horatio

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44854: A BIG HELLO AND WE'VE MISSED YOU A LOT KY GIRLS BACK. THE MAYOR DECLARES TODAY KY GIRL DAY ON THE PORCH. poor haratio- whats the rental price average and average house sale prices? ky girl one case each grape- strawberry and orange crush just for you. srev- while you slept i put a cd player in your mower and a couple of cds by a fellow named rocky, have you met him? well outside to england and northern germany sherlock type weather foggy, misty etc for anothr day. flowers that went dormant have revived and rebloomed prettier than ever. have a great day. mayor colt

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44855: I didn't find anything offensive in your posts, BWB. I got a kick out of them.

Now ASA, if you let Mavis sign your toolbelt, I might get jealous. You know how I am about toolbelts.

Romeena, I wanted to tell you that I have been taking Zetia for 5 years and it has worked great for me. No side effects and it really lowered my cholesterol. I take Lipitor, also, but it wasn't lowering it enough until my doc added Zetia. I now run about 180 (down from 280) and the LDL/HDL are withing normal range, too. Hope the Zetia does well for you.

MDC, thank you for asking about Sean. He is doing just fine now. His teacher met with the principal and they decided to reduce his work load so now he is able to finish most of his work in class and only brings home work to study for tests. He is one little happy camper now. Thanks for your prayers, you're the best!

Just finishing my coffee and now time to get those children off to school. I'll chat more later, I've been missing the talks with Me-They during the day because I have just been too darned busy. I will try harder to take time to relax on the porch...


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44856: Good morning everyone! Itís (finally) raining a little bit. We are supposed to get more this weekend when the hurricane travels up the coast.

IDELLE: No problem. I work for an educational nonprofit historical organization that maintains a few small museums and research library. Although I have a history background, I donít really work that side of it and mostly do development, business and public relations. My wife is an RN at a hospital. She works OR/recovery.

I work pretty much 9:00-5:00 (or more often, 6:00) Monday through Friday. The Mrs. works three nights a week (through the week), 8 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. We always have dinner together, but three nights a week I fly solo with the kids. She leaves at 7:15, and the kids go to bed at 8:15, so itís actually good ďdadĒ time. I get the kids up and ready and take Nora to school everyday and, as soon as the Mrs. is up or walks through the door, Iím off to work. It works pretty well for us, though itís harder on my wife since her sleep is all over the place. But, our kids are great nappers so that helps (At three, Chad still takes a three hour nap every afternoon. But look out for him when heís up!). It can be hard, but since we can avoid daycare we do. My wifeís mom comes over on Tuesdays to watch the kids after nap until I get home. She and they love spending a few hours a week together, and my wife can sleep a little longer since thatís the second of her ďback-to-backĒ nights. My wife and I really, really enjoy our weekends together.

Of course, the schedule gets a little trickier with a baby around. I wonít have to worry too much about it until she goes back to work in a month, though.

HORATIO and REV: Thanks! Iíll check them out. Letís see if I canít get those speakers reattached to my computerÖ

BOO: Missed you yesterday. Did you catch my Blandings quotes the other day?

BWB: Enjoyed your trivia.

Iíll stop back later. For some reason, they actually want me to get something done this morning. The nerve of some people!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44857: Good morning, everyone! Boo, thanks for the encouragement on the Zetia. I absolutely cannot take the statins, so am still wondering what this one will do, but I'm willing to try. While 233 isn't awful for cholesterol, I'd like to see it lower.

Mavis, you were just great! Sure do wish I could put the Plum in your capable hands now and then. I bathe her myself, and keep her combed and brushed out, and she never has any skin problems. Still, I like her to have a good scissor-trim at least once a year, to get her coat up off the floor, clean up her feet, and lighten the load around her face and neck a bit. Her hair will get 8-10 inches long if not trimmed now and then. It's like I have two dogs. Untrimmed, with flowing coat, she's just gorgeous. Trimmed, she's cute as a button. Not sure which I like better.

ky girl, my email address has not changed, but there was a short time while I was in Destin a couple of weeks ago when my mailbox was full and a couple of people have told me that they got messages returned. Try again, if you wish. It should work now.

Well, I'm beat to the socks after working last night. I declare, that 12-hr shift was a week long. I'm ready for a nap, then going to lunch with a friend. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44858: boo= we'll have to start calling you boo in a hurry. you'll have to have your car breakdown on the porch on sunday so you can listen in on the phone line and see how we relax. ha. ro- you get some sound plum tuckered out. me- they= the nerve of those folks wanting you to work and for what they pay you there lucky you show up. ha. mdc- you sleeping in or on your way to look for lincoln? anyone wanting to see some neat pictures go to lincoln presedental colt

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44859:
Morning Porch

Happy "ky girl" Day to you all!

Hey-Asa,Me-They,colt,ky girl,Boo,Spot,and Poor Horatio.

Damp and cool again on this end of the porch, leaves are changing and the birds flocking up.

Me-They, Your juggling of the "home schedule" takes me back to when our young'uns were younger, good times, good times.

BWB-No offense here concerning your post. But, I must say that when I see items like that in media outlets I want to bust something. There are too many Michael Morons out there misleading people. Your post, while interesting in this context, is similar to how the media covers, oh say, the anniversary of Katrina, a bunch of possibilities stated as if they were definitive. Darn that George Bush and his mechanical weather device anyway.

Poor Horatio-You're right about the Fuhrer; Hitler also gave Eva Braun the poison capsules that she used to commit suicide. So, while he did not cheat on her he did indeed help to kill her.

MDC-Such a positive attitude regarding the layoff, that's great to see. God Bless.

God Bless,

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44860:
Morning Romeena, need mean to try and budge in front of ya.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44861: Hi All.
Will it bin raining for the pass week now.
I wisk it would stop for two day for we can det the grass cut it bin about three weeks so it ben cut.
Mavie do not git to big and run go from the porch and every be you will git more bussis.

Hunger for Spring
Like thirsting flowers awaiting rain,
My heart cries out for Spring again.
Once more to feel the softening air,
Caressing, tender, everywhere.
For fertile esrth beneath my feet
Not carpete by the Winter's sleet;
Now unconfined by wintry blast,
Comes forth God's handiwork at last!

Love Tom

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44862: Yep, Auh20, there's not much good to be said for Hitler, is there. About a year ago, you may remember I talked about visiting the Holocost museum in Houston. I saw things there that have not been shown on television or movies. I was horrified at the inhumanity and cruelty...beyond imagination (things I would never mention here). I don't know how it was even possible. Hitler and all those who did his bidding were the lowest of the low and as far as Eva Braun goes, how could a woman fall for a guy like that?

Thanks for missing me, Me-They. I missed you, too. Sounds like you and the Mrs. have a plan, there and I applaud you for not putting the children in daycare. I was listening to a radio program yesterday (while washing dishes!) that talked about the big tax cuts given to those who put their kids in daycare but the ones who choose to stay home and take care of their kids get "squat" from the goverment for doing it.

Me-They, I remember a Blanding's quote from the other day but now I can't remember what it was, care to repeat it?

Colt, I will try to slow down, thanks. I think it was you who asked what we are all doing this holiday weekend?..I am trying to arrange a weekend away with my husband because our anniversary is on Friday (12 years of mostly bliss)!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44863: 12 years Boo? Congrats to you and Mr. Boo. That's a great accomplishment these days. Hope you have many more.

Good to see you auH2o. The tree's here in the higher elevations are starting to turn some also. In another month they will be in full splendor.

Well, the American Legion is having its convention in Salt Lake City this week. Yesterday we had Rummsfield and Condie Rice speak at it, and George W. is due in tonight to speak at it tomorrow. Every freak show on earth is planning demonstrations around town tonight and tomorrow. I live 40 miles north of the city, and was not planning being any where close to it all, but the local news has been showing what all these protesters are planning so I will be attending a pro Bush and pro Troops rally tomorrow. The Mayor of Salt Lake is going to a beat up on Bush rally and has really caused some waves with his antics. Cindy Sheehan was scheduled to be here but she cancelled due to recent surgery. Anyway, hope it doesn't get to carried away.

What's for lunch? I'm starved.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44864: I enjoyed BWB's trivial trivilaties, but all of you who talked about "stacking" facts were exactly correct. That said, it's often helpful to look at things in different ways.

I'm a Christian, socially conservative, and politically independent. And I see things from that perspective. But as a historian, I believe that to get a true understanding of history one must read a variety of sources representing a variety of perspectives. Just reading what we want to hear often leads to myth. Because, no matter how objective or fair a historian attempts to be, he or she is human and will bring subjectivity to the party.

By the same token, I have never had trouble hearing about the faults and failures of people I admire. FDR is a big favorite of mine, but he was a flawed human being. Aren't we all? It's not attacking a historical figure to explore the whole person, warts and all. It irritates when I hear someone hammer away on someone, but it irritates me just as much when I hear others deify historical figures and react to anything other than glowing comments as character assinations. For instance, try to discuss Ronald Reagan intelligently sometime. Some think he was the devil, some think he did no wrong, and the rest of us who can see the good as well as the bad just scratch our heads. (That's NOT meant to start a Reagan moulage, by the way!) Anwyay, that's how I see it.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44865: ASA: Maybe you can make them protesters some signs about the gold standard or lead them in a chorus of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

BOO: "How can you say you don't like it before you know what you're getting?" "I've seen Bunny Funkhauser; I know what I'm getting."

COLT: For what they pay me, they're lucky I do show up.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44866: me-they= i knew i liked the cut of your gibblet. i have an mba in history however when asked i tell folks i social history. its the ordinary folks in seemling oridinary places that made real history . i feel sorry for the young minds who don't get geogoraphy or social studies. its sad we live in a time when were asked to forget what we learned about planets, history etc. what do you think? i like history detectives show on pbs, do you? asa- salt lake city sounds like another bufflo nickel pointed the wrong way. brother i'll do my talking at the ballot box if half those folks would vote or direct there energy into a recall petion demonstrations wouldn't be neede. amen boo- it was rev asking what we all were planning . congrats on your anniversary. its hard to slow down these days however i saw a study that said we spend 9 years of our life buying, picking out and putting clothes on and off. 11 years on computers and electronics like cell phones, tv watching takes up 5 more years of life. travelling to and from work is 3 years. and the list goes on. and less than 10 minutes a day on prayer, quiet time, family and friends each. makes a person ask;;; what do i want to do for the rest of my life. sadly in a couple more generations kids won't be able to look back on the interactions between them and grandparents etc because they simply were to busy to smell a rose. supper at KY GIRLS, OH BOY. enough cheerful news colt

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44867:
Boo-LOL, I agree, that Hilter guy was bad news.

colt-I love History Detectives also.

Asa-I was thinking of ya yesterday when I saw Rummy on the news.

M-T, I really enjoy reading your political views, as well as, looking at historical and political events from different angles. Unless I'm in church I don't enjoy "the preach to the choir" approach. I, too, am a Christian, socially conservative, and consider myself of independent mind, albeit conservative, politically. However, I feel that today's Conservatives seek to guard the liberal (lower case L) ideals of our founding and today's Liberals (upper case L) seek to endorse the over reaching government that our founders tried to protect us from. That being said, I had to hold my nose firmly while voting for W in 2000 and I truly feel the FDR was the man the nation needed at that time. The second time was much easier voting for W.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44868: Me-They, now THAT might be another good name change, "Boo Bunny Funhauser"! ha! By the way, is FDR the one who wore a skirt? Was he married to Eleanor....(I am historically challenged due to having football coaches as history teachers throughout high school....never had to take it in college, either).

Thanks, ASA! It's been a good marriage and I am very thankful. The only thing I regret is that as far as passion goes, I used to be a real stick of Dynamite and now I'm just a little firecracker (do you know of a nutritional supplement for THAT MDC or Lucy??).


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44869: Oh ASA, I thought of you yesterday when I say Warren Jeffries on the news. At least one polygamist got arrested!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44870: ...not saying Asa is a polygamist for those who are wondering why I said that. I said it because ASA lives in Utah...just wanted to clarify.


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44871: Afternoon to you all, Just checking in. I had to attend a continuing education seminar this morning and just got to work. Mavis, do you need a press agent? I am available if the job if needed. I am pretty good with people so "please" can I have the job? Congrats to Boo on the anniversary. Raining off and on here today and the rain is much needed and the cooler temps as well. Guess we are getting some of the weather from the almost hurriance down south. You folks have a good afternoon and see you at supper. Supper will be at my place: oven fried chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, cole slaw, home made rolls, sweet tea, soda and Millies pies for dessert. dinner around 6. se you there. Big Maude

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44872: Afternoon Y'all! Wow,a movie star in our midst! You go,Mavis! You can come autograph my rock sometime,ok?
Still recuperating from this bronchitis.I need some of the Colonel's elixir to pep me up-haven't felt like singing "Toot Toot Toostsie" these past few days!
Looks like we're going to have a visitor named Ernesto tomorrow.It's funny,the South always gets these storms with very "unSouthernlike" names- we had Gaston a few years ago,bad boy Hugo in 1989,and now Ernesto.I'll tell ya,there ain't nobody walking around here with those names! Names like Joe Bob and Bubba would be more suitable for these storms-don't ya think? Ha!
Happy Anniversary to Boo! Friday is mine & Mr. Possum's anniversary as well!
Hopefully Ernesto won't be too bad and power stays on.Hang in there Fla.,Ga.,and Carolina porchsters. I'll check in with updatesfrom SC when possible. Y'all have a good afternoon and a Happy Ky girl day!!
possum under a rock

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44873: Asa - do you think we could see your mullet in the protests rally? If you were your toolbelt - we will be able to distinguish you from the rest of the mullets. I bet you like Billy Ray's new song - "I wish I had my mullet again?"

I think between Mavis and Asa - this porch is getting a might high falootin. . . HA HA


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44874: Oh,Asa,about those bullet earrings.. I have a friend who makes jewelry,so I would like to help ya out. What I need to know is,do you have pierced ears? If ya don't,don't fret because I'll get her to make you some clip-ons. Or as the old Southern ladies call them: ear bobs. So start polishing your bullets and let me know if you've got a few extra holes in your head,uh,ears!
possum again

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44875: Morning Guys!

MDC, I watched that episode last night, the "Who Owes Who" one! It wasn't of my favorites so far, but still very funny! Sally really cracked me up in this one!

Boo, Happy Anniversary! It's great to see you guy's have lasted so long! In today's world it seems everyone divorces within the first 3 years!

Possum, Im glad to see your ****SMILES**** back!

Big Maude, you really are Big "Slaw" Maude arn't you? Ha, Ha!

auh2o, nice to see you in!

Uhhhhh, I guess that's it!

See ya!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44876: BOO: To my knowledge FDR never wore a skirt. Now there's a picture I don't need in my head. Bunny Funkhauser, however, may have. After all, he wore "open-toed sandals." Congrats on your anniversary. In this day and age, twelve years is a real milestone indeed.

AUH2O: Couldn't agree more. Ditto on the nose-holding experience voting for "W" followed by it being real easy the second time. That said, I wouldn't do it a third time even if I could. Not to get political, but I think Bush is a good, Christian man who wants to do the right thing, even if that's not popular or easy. But everyone has their faults, and his are being too loyal to incompetent or untalented subordinates and unwilling to admit mistakes.

Anyone else vote for Ross Perrot in 1992 (the first time; not the second time when he flipped his lid)?


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44877: Well i have been gone a lot today again. Trying to catch up on whats been posted here. I am not much into the politics and the history, so I guess I cant add too much to what ya'll have been talking about it. I do vote though.

Boo:Hope yall have a wonderful anniversary. You deserve a weekend away.

ME-THEY: Gotcha on the home life..haha.. you have a newborn too? Maybe I got confused. My hubby used to work shift work as well. It was fine for a couple years, now he is back on days and it is WONDERFUL. We love our weekends together too, although they do get busy really fast.

Hello to everyone else!!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44878:
Howdy everyone.

Colt...thanks for the cd player on my mower. Helps the time go by while cutting. And yes I've heard of that guy named Rocky. He's a good fellow...I grew up with him. hehehe

PH..sounds like an interesting and busy job. ready does sound better with those speakers hooked up..ha

Ro...hope you get some rest today.

Boo...CONGRATS on 12 years!

See ya'll a little later today. Be blessed!

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44879: IDELLE: I have a six year-old daughter, three year-old son, and another daughter who was just born July 17. It's now officially a three-ring circus. The plan is for the Mrs. to go back on days (three a week) after our last one is in school. The plan also calls for three children. But you know what they say about the best laid plans...


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44880: M-T..thanks for filling me..I feel like I've known ya for years now! ;-)
You are brave..I thought I wanted more kids too..but two is enough here. Waiting for hubby and the dog to go get fixed! My kids are 5 1/2, and one is almost 3, both girls. Congrats on your newest one. I stay at home and love it. We are so blessed for me to be able to do that.

Take care

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44881: IDELLE: Yeah, I wish we could swing that. Bad decisions years ago and a humanities degree, y'know. The Mrs. brings home more bacon. Our situation is not the ideal, but it's certainly not the worst.

Stay away from me with them scissors!

"It rained last week, ya know?"--Ramona
"Yeah... yeah... I was right there in it."--Ernest T

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44882: M-T..I dont think your situation is the worst at all. You're taking great care of your kids and you're Christian people. Its all good.

Well it is storming here. I need to get back to church for more work too.
Talk to you all later..


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44883: I agree with Idelle Me-They, you are doing great with that family of yours. I am often very proud of you when you talk about your beliefs and love for your wife and children...not that what I think really matters. God knows all that you do for your family.

IDELLE, are you SURE you don't want to try for a son?? They are really wonderful! If I had started sooner (33 when I had my first and 39 when I had the second) I would have had more than 2, I think. They are very expensive little critters, though, aren't they...I try to see them as an investment in the future...maybe one of them will keep me out of the nursing home, ha!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44884: Jelsik is a good boy's name.

Thanks for the compliment, BOO and IDELLE. Same goes for the both of you. In fact, I'd stack the parenting of the people on this here porch against just about anybody. Maybe it's the Mayberry in us all.

Well, grandmom is watching the kids (except Veda) and the Mrs. is meeting me to go out to dinner, then to pre-school parent orientation. I'm tired of teh special at the diner; maybe we'll head out to Morelli's for the pounded steak.

See y'all tomorrow. Well, I won't see know what I mean.

"Jelsik, dance with me. Jelsik, kiss me on my mouth."

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44885: APB for AFD (hey, that rhymes), CHARLOTTE, GOOBER, DIXIE, FRED, and others. And where has SPOT been today? What, we don't have to eat?!?


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44886: Boo - we are tooo much alike, I was 34 when I had my first and then 35 for my second. Too old and too close together to have a third. And besides the the second one had red hair and my momma always said, Red meant STOP!


August 30, 2006 - Msg 44887: Hey to the porch! Boy, y'all have been busy while I've been gone....funny, homemaker, I've got 4 kids, and my last one is a redhead, and the only girl!!! Ooops! kids need a little back in a few....

August 30, 2006 - Msg 44888: Evening, all! Kids, huh? Well, I had my first son when I was 19, then two girls, then another son when I was 30, and believe me, that was enough. Some say four kids are too many, and maybe that's true, but I can't imagine which one I'd be willing to give up. All different, each one special, and I'd do it all over again.

Me-They, while your family's arrangement may not be "traditional", it seems to work well for you. I see no reason why your family has to compromise just to satisfy other people's idea of the "ideal". If your wife's degree happens to allow her to command a more attractive income, why shouldn't she do so? You're obviously secure enough in your manhood that you don't feel threatened by assuming the role more traditionally filled by the mom, and I strongly suspect that you're raising some very secure, self-confident children. In most cases, a close relationship with their mom is a given for the children in a family. If they're also close and comfortable with their dad, that's a bonus. Your kids obviously have both. I applaud you. Well done.

Well, gotta go clean out that pond filter before it gets too late and the mosquitoes start forming up into squadrons. It really doesn't need it until tomorrow, but am leaving at 7:30 in the morning, to be gone all day, on a day trip with a group from church. Should be fun!

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena