December 21, 2001 - Msg 3942: Hey Rock you got yer mashed penny? It will protect you in yer travels ya know. I see I missed another good party at Romeena's but somebody had to get up & go to work this morning, so it might as well been me. FINALLY, it is over for me & the grooming until after Christmas, I love dogs, but I sure have seen enough of them this past week, I groomed 58 puppies this week & still haven't bathed my babies! I have to go to Roanoke to pick up my son for Christmas tomorrow, so keep me in your thoughts for my travels. I got my mashed penny.

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3943: Merry Christmas to you Miss Ellie, sure nice to hear from ya.
Mavis, you be careful out there on them highways. Check in when you get back or I will be worrying myself sick. I see you swept up tonight, bless your heart.
Just in case I don't see some of you before, Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine. Ya'll gonna watch Andy's Christmas episode on tv land this weekend? One of my favorites I tell ya.


December 21, 2001 - Msg 3944: night porch, I'm going to bed, it's cold here in VA tonight, way too cold, weatherbug on my 'puter says it's 23 degrees right now. Gonna find the old quilt my granny made & snuggle in for the night.

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3945: didn't see ya there Asa I'll be careful, & I'll check in I promise. Of course I'm gonna watch that ep!
say something like Santy Claus

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3946: GOod morning porch kinda quiet out here this morning. Asa must still be asleep or he'd be out here singing or vacuuming or something. Got some more wrapping to do then it's off to work for a few hours. Just stepped out here for my coffee, but looks like everyones still snoozin. I'll tiptoe when I leave. Later-- Salty Dog

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3947:
font fixed?

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3948: font check?

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3949: I'll be real quiet this morning so I don'twake anyone. I'm sorry to be such a pest, sometimes I just can't help myself. Can you here me as I whisper? Don't forget to wrap my present Salty Dog. I'm so excited. Well, I'll quietly slip out the back door. See ya later, Shhhhhhh..... BANG
Sorry, the door slipped out of my hand.


December 22, 2001 - Msg 3950: Asa- Please hold it down. I don't think we need to be up at the crack of dawn. Did you find that perty bedjacket for my Christmas present? I just had my heart set on it... OOOO what a headache this morning. To think I hafta clean this morning, Hey somebody give me a maid for Christmas! Merry Christmas to everyone, if we don't catch up with ya on the porch. ~New Neighbor and GANG

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3951: GOOD MORNING PORCH. . . we succeeded in Power shopping unfortunately by 2 am the poer wraping died so it looks like this Santa will still be helping on Christmas eve nite. And who said that it couldn't be done?!
you be careful Mavis - and have a merry Christmas with your son!
Asa - are yo going to watch Return to Mayberry too this week? I don't know if it is on TNT or TBS or one of them such stations. They have been advertising it hot and heavy. Matock was on when we got home late last nite - my hsband couldn't go to bed without finishing the episode.
Mrs. Wiley, Helen, Salty Dog, NN, Hazel, Tom, and I know I am a missing a few and I don't mean too. . .ya'll have a great Christmas and remember to keep Jesus in your heart. Our Christmas eve tradition is to visit our church's live nativity scene. It is so precious.

have a good day !


December 22, 2001 - Msg 3952: that should be power wrapping. . .i don't have finger dexterity this morning. . .

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3953: Asa, here I am trying to be real quiet like and you let the front door slam. Pipe down will ya? I got yer present wrapped and ready to go. You reckon Santy will find my stocking hung on my AD2K instead of the fire place? I hope so. Maybe he won't get all hung up in it. Mavis, be careful girl, lots of crazy drivers on the road this time of year.NN did ya have too much cider last night? That can cause a headache ya know. Well I've had my Pepsi break now I can finish cleaning up the mess I made wrapping. See yall later--Salty Dog

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3954: Hey Homemaker you beat me in there girl glad you're all ready too. How was the Cracker Barrell? --SD

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3955: Mornin' all. Mavis, I know you're 'dog-tired'! (Sorry couldn't resist that one.) Have a safe trip and enjoy the time off. Asa you were invited to Romeena's, she invited everybody! So don't feel so bad! We all love ya. Those CHRISTmas episodes are some of my favorites too. Got the big family get-together today, always a lot of fun. Everybody have a good day.--Helen

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3956: Happy Holidays to the Porch!
- Hazel

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3957: Guess what. My niece have me an early Christmas present. She's 17 and just the sweetest thing. She gave me a Christmas tree ornament - it's a glass pickle. I know I'll always treasure it. Her mother (my sister) died when my niece was just 9 years old, and even after all this time the holidays are still kinda rough. But anyhow, she's been coming over to my house for years and when she was little she'd say, can we watch an Andy tape? And one of our favorites to watch together is the pickle story; I always have to stock up on pickles and we sit around and eat them during the show. So she knew I would love that ornament. sniff.
- Hazel

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3958: oops, that was "gave" me, not "have" me.

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3959: Hazel- some of the best memories are the ones that don't cost us anything...but time spent together. God bless you for your time you spent with her. Have a blessed holiday, just remember the Reason for the Season! ~New Neighbor

December 22, 2001 - Msg 3960: Thats a neat story Hazel. And some special memories you have.
Hi N.N. Whats new with you?
Mavis, you promised you would check in and let us know you returned safely. Where are you? I am officially worried now.
And where are you Salty Dog? Hmmmmmmm?
By the way, it seems we have a lot of pepsi drinkers here on the porch. I like em.
You all sleep tight, and I promise I'll be extry quiet in the a.m. Ya'll sleep in late and we will brunch over at N.N. place.


December 23, 2001 - Msg 3961: BANG!

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3962: shhhhhhh... everyones asleep still... be vewy vewy quiet... heh heh heh...


December 23, 2001 - Msg 3963: HUH? WHASSAT? I'm up, I'm up!! Oh Asa, it's you. Sorry I musta slept-in. Work's over for a whole week and I sure am glad - I have a tense, high-pressure job and I just want to rest all week, ponder the Love God has for us by sending his Son, and maybe do a little art work. Might even go down to Wallys' for a diet-Pepsi. Hazel, wahat a sweet Niece you have! Guess it must run in the family. NN, see you soon for brunch - I'll bring some champagne (and sparkling apple-cider for those who don't 'imbibe' sp?, that means drink).

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3964: Who's there?

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3965: Asa, are you huntimg wabbits? huh huh huh ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3966: Mornin' Porch! I'm back, safe & sound & with a 13 year old to boot! teehee (sorry about leaving my font running up there last time, told ya I was tired!)Asa you can be as noisy as you want this morning, I won't fuss, had one of the family call me already & wake me up! So feel free to holler!
Best get off here & get ready to get some of the last minute stuff done.

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3967: Morning all, I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best in the coming new year.


December 23, 2001 - Msg 3968: Please keep my cousin Kris in your prayers. She is gravely ill in the hospital with viral encephalitis. My aunt and uncle flew out to CA to be with her and my aunt fell down a flight of stairs, broke two vertebrae and her ankle...she is now in the same hospital as my cousin. My uncle is trying to hold up the best he can.
Christmas blessings to all of you.

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3969: Hello porch friends how is everyones Sabbath? Sorry I am late today, went to my Grams for Christmas lunch (YUMMM) and now I am off to a play at a friends church. So, it's just busy busy busy. Asa, I believe you could make a racket in a tornado! Good to see you made it back Mav we was starting to get worried about you. Looks like another rainy night in NC tonight. I wish Asa would send us some snow for Christmas. See yall in a bit--Salty Dog

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3970: Jennieboone, I'm so sorry about your cousin and aunt. My thoughts will be with all of you.
- Hazel

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3971: Howdy, friends! jennieboone, how awful! When it rains it pours, I guess. Sorry about your kin's problems. Asa, sweetie, I didn't mean to leave you out. Everyone was invited, I thought you knew. Anyway, you know you're always welcome, you don't need an invitation!
Well, my girls arrived from Fredericksburg (TX) late Friday evening, and we all spent all day Saturday together, making a big old Mexican meal (yummm!), eating, laughing, and enjoying being together. The girls went out for a couple of hours yesterday morning to finish some shopping (not a lot of stores where they're from) and I stayed home with the grandsons, ages 6, 7 and 8. Being an experienced grandma, I kept them busy. I put them at the trestle table and let them make chocolate-covered cranberries. They're scrumptious, v-e-r-y easy (the 6yr old had no problem) and it kept the kids occupied. Then we ate the cranberries all evening. (They're addictive!) This morning we sat around in the sunroom and drank coffee and ate munchies, and around 2pm they all packed up and left. A lovely weekend, and I thank God for my kids.
Tomorrow night I'll take my dad to the vespers service at church, then out to my son's house for Christmas Eve. Tuesday my brother and sister-in-law are coming here for lunch, and that night I go back to work. (Yuck.)
So, I wish each of you a lovely Christmas, a very happy New Year, and I thank the Lord for each of you. A couple of you know how special and helpful this porch and my friends here have been. Many of you may never really know, but each of you have a special place in my heart. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho!--Romeena

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3972: Romeena, bless yer heart, You mean the world to me. Sure sounds like you had a great weekend and are planning a greater Christmas. Good on ya.
And I agree about the wonderful folks on this here board, cream of the crop, each and everyone of you. Thank you for your friendship.
jennieboone, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin and aunt. This time of year to boot. My prayers and thoughts are with them and you. I hope all is well soon.
Salty Dog, trust me, if it was in my power to send you snow, I'd do it. We got puulenty to spare, trust me. Over 20 feet deep at one resort.
Well I reckon I'll go watch a little feetball on the tube. Sorry about them skins Mavis. There goose is officially cooked I hear. Next year...
Ya'll get on here tomorrow and say hey before the big day.


December 23, 2001 - Msg 3973: Jennie, prayers for your kin.
Salty Dog, I am from NC too, but you can have the snow they send....I don't want any. That snow of Jan 2000 was enough to last me a life time.
Romeena, your Christmas sounds nice. You're a treasuh, you and Sugarplum.
Merry Christmas to all.

Miss Ellie

December 23, 2001 - Msg 3974: Hello again porch, wonderful Christmas play tonight. Got to see a lot of old friends Not "old" Asa, but long time friends(tee hee). jennieboone I hope all will be better for you girl, keep the faith. Everyone else have a good evening and I'll will see yall later on.--Salty Dog

"and to all a good night!"

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3975: Here's to all the Porchsters,
(I hope I don't leave anybody out, I'm trying to get all the "regulars".) To Mavis, Asa, New Neighbor, Floyd, Homemaker, Salty Dog, Helen, Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, Rafe, Miss Ellie, Tom, Fun Girl, Merle Dean, The Rock, Tilley... and let's see... Uncle Ollie, Jelsik, Jennieboone, Brian, Barney 2001, Charlene, Des, Milton P. Oliver, JubalJubalJubal and MaryGrace. Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! My family has always thought I was a bit nutty for being so addicted to the Andy Griffith Show, and it's so nice to have all you other nuts to share stories with. You all mean a lot to me. We see each other through sick kin, court dates, misspelled words, stress at our jobs, too much hard cider and the list goes on. You all are great listeners. Thank you.
- Hazel

Opie: Pa, what's a soliloquy?
Andy: A soliloquy? That's when you look away off and kinda talk to yourself. They used to do that a whole lot back then. You do it today and somebody'll take you away.

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3976: Oh Hazel, what a great quote! Thank-ye kindly for that one!! Jenniboone - I'll pray for your Aunt, Uncle and Cousin - what a shame, I hope all will pull thru OK. Romeena, sounds like a fun time was had by all - you and Sugarplum make a great Grandma team! Well, it's Christmas Eve. What's everyone doing tonight to celebrate? Or do many of you wait to celebrate Christmas day? When I was a kid, we'd open our presents to each other on Christmas Eve, then have Santa presents Christmas Morning. Now as an adult, I do Champaigne and hourderves on the Eve, and cook up a big mess o' vittles on The Day. Then the power shopping on the 26th. Sale, sale, sale!!

Enough ramblin', don't want to neglect to tell you all how special you are to me. You all are such a blessing.

*snif* ~ Mrs. Wiley
a prince, that's what you are a real PRINCE!

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3977: Well then that makes you a pricess Mrs. Wiley.
I would also like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and tell everyone how much they mean to me. This front porch is the greatest place to be, and meet the nicest people. I came here in June of this year, and have just loved it. I am looking forward to a new year with all of you guys and gals. You all are so special to me, I wish someday we could meet in person.
And a special Christmas wish to our boardhost Floyd, for providing us this forum. I know his wish is to keep the spirit of Mayberry alive, and he has sure done that here, Thanky Thanky Thanky Floyd.


December 24, 2001 - Msg 3978:
Merry Christmas to all you.
"The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay..."

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3979: Well yall just got me all choked up this morning,sniff. I have got to go into work for a little while today, the lady I work for who was supposed to work today, found out about a needy family in our community that wasn't going to have a Christmas and she decided to run out at the last minute and get them a few things. Some of the churches are donating things and so I have to work a few hours for her.After that I'm going to Mommas for supper tonight! Well I didn't mean to ramble on so much. But I do want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and healthy and prosperous New Year. You guys mean the world to me. I don't know what I'd do without yuns. I would list everyone but I know I'd forget someone and I have already taken up too much room. But you guys know that I love ya with all my heart. May God bless each one of you this year and especially you jennieboone. I know this will be a hard season on you too. Have a great holiday. (sniff)--Salty Dog

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3980: Is everyone happy or are there those that want out of their current situation - Howard Sprague

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3981: I'm a person that wants to be happy, but I need a fresh start - Howard

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3982: Merry Christmas to ever'body at the Porch~

Milton P. Oliver
"Have a holly jolly Christmas....."

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3983: Well Howard, I can relate to your question. I don't think it's possible to be totally happy all the time. But remember, the grass aint always greener on the other side. Talk to us, maybe we can cheer you up. We got lots of people here who've been thru all kinds of things, maybe we can help. Might work. Oh, Merry Christmas, Miss Peggy; I left you out of the line-up earlier.
- Hazel

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3984: HO,HO,HO AND A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AN

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3985: Afternoon Porch! You people are the best you know that? Just reading all them nice things up there has helped me cheer up a little bit myself! I do wish all my Mayberry family all the joys they can have on Christmas & a wonderful holiday from me & mine! Ya'll be careful in yer travels tonight & tomorrow!

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3986: Just found the neatest site thought you all would enjoy, I have had a ball on it. Folks with kiddies will love it! Track Santa's Trip It tells you where Santa has been, where he is now & even gives video & news updates, it's really cute.
Merry Christmas Ya'll!


December 24, 2001 - Msg 3988: Merry Christmas to the Porch.
Briscoe Darling Jr.

Yes, it's really me.

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3989: Merry Christmas to all the FAMILY on the porch.. It's been an honor to host the meals, sittin's and funnin's. We truly have so much to be thankful for, and you'll are at the top of my list!! May your family time together be one of joy and memory making!! See ya at the manger~ New Neighbor

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3990: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! to all my family on the porch. I hope you all have a great day! You guys are the greatest.--Salty Dog

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3991: Just wanted to wish everyone in Mayberry a Very Merry Christmas! from me & mine! May all your wishes come true & may you be blessed with wonderful happy times! Brisco!! welcome back home!
Luke 2:1-20

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3992: font check?

December 24, 2001 - Msg 3993: yep, A-OK!
Nite Porch, gotta get inna bed 'fore Santy gets to Bristol!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3994: Santa says Hey!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3995: TV Land should be airing the Andy Griffith Show Christmas episode today.

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3996: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sp00ky Benson

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3997: Merry Christmas, Porch Friends!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3998: oh dang it!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 3999: What I meant to say was: Merry Christmas Porch Friends! ~ Mrs. Wiley loves each and every one of you! It is a mess of pretty colors though, isn't it?

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4000: Merry Christmas, Mrs. Wiley; you are a bird in this world. And Merry Christmas Spooky Benson, good to see you. Merry Christmas to Everyone!!
- Hazel

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4001: Merry CHRISTmas porch! I hope each and every one has a blessed Christmas Day. Thanks Mrs. Wiley for the pretty decorations! Does anybody need any CHRISTmas paper? It is slightly used. Gotta go my son is scootin' down the hall with his scooter. Ya'll remember the reason for the season and it will be a good day. MERRY CHRISTMAS. --Helen Luke 2

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4002: Hey Mrs. Wiley, I fixed your post (Msg 3997) for you. Merry Christmas to you!!

Asa, Re: Msg 3977...thank you for the kind words.

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4003: Oh Thank you Floyd! I almost emailed you about it - I thought it was gonna mess up the porch. And I shore didn't want to make a mess today of all days. Howard, a new start is always possible, especially at CHRISTmas! Sometimes you have to start out in a different direction, though. Hang in there, Sprague - and everyone elso out there that might be wearing a "brave face".

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4004: Howdy, friends! It's late on Christmas Day, and I'm thinking of my friends here on the porch. I especially appreciate the loving emails I've received - you folks are too kind. My "Christmas", as such, is over and all is quiet here at my house. I was supposed to work tonight, but got cancelled due to low patient census, and that's fine. I'll hang out here with Sugarplum, and have a quiet time, remembering other Christmasses, when my beloveded and I would sit amid the remnants of the celebration, and count our blessings. I have to count 'em alone now, but those times with him are some of the blessings I count these days.
Howard, you ask a hard question, and make a provocative statement. To the first I'd say it's likely that the majority of people here on the porch would like to change something about their circumstances. I certainly would, but the only change that would be acceptable to me is not possible. People do not return to this earth after the Lord has taken them home. So, I've spent the past almost six years learning to live without him. It's not been easy, but I'm still here. Family, friends, porch friends, even my little Sugarplum have helped make it possible. I say "helped", because the major influence has been the knowledge of the love of God. I indulged in a couple of years of anger toward Him, secure in the knowledge that He understood, forgives, and would be there for me when I was ready to lean on Him again. And He was. I'm still rebuilding that trust, and re-learning to accept His comfort, but He's there. I'm the unsteady one, at times.
You state that you want to make a fresh start. Well, you can. The hard part is to make it a truly fresh start. Too often we try to start over and just proceed to make the same mistakes, go the same places, see the same people, do the same things as before. Obviously, this doesn't help anything, and we just end up back where we started. Howard, sit down with paper and pen, and list everything and everyone that you feel has contributed to your problems. Make a vow to change those things. It may mean leaving old friends if they're a part of the problem. Maybe it's family, and you can't exactly leave them, but you can change the way you relate to them. As someone once said, "It's not the things that happen to us that matters, it's how we respond to those things." It can be done, Howard. Make up your mind, square your shoulders, ask God to help you, and go for it.
Have a happy whatever's left of the holiday, friends. --Romeena

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4005: AMEN!!!

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4006: Hello porch friends hope everyone had a wonderful day today. Romeena your thoughts were too true. I second them whole heartedly. It is so nice to come somewhere on the net where you know you'll be encouraged and uplifted. It's hard to find a place nowdays where theres no bad news or stories. Thank you all for making this such a wonderful place to come to when lifes problems get too much for us. If we encourage just one person who reads this and gets a blessing out of it, then it's all been worth it! Didn't mean to get so sappy on yuns tonight but it just knda seems fittin. Good Night God bless us everyone--Salty Dog

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4007: hello front porch friends...i was looking for a place where i could find front porch friends for encouragement,friendship...i would thoroughly enjoy and consider it an honor to become a front porch is a kind of a sappy night but ya know...take care everyone, good night and god bless...chrisley

December 25, 2001 - Msg 4008: god bless you one and all

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4009: Who saw the Andy Griffith Show E Entertainment special last night? It was good. No, it was great!

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4010: Good Morning Porch friends! Welcome to ya chrisley - we'd be pickled tink to have you join us here! Pick yourself a name from the endless supply of Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) characters, jump in and hang on! You'll get encouragement along with a heapin' helpin' of sillyness. 4009, I missed that last night, but I think I've seen it before - it was great! Romeena, God Bless your strength and courage - you are an inspiration to me. I didn't loose my loved one to the Lord, but I lost him. And the holidays are all the harder for it. Especially when the harrassing phone calls come even on this day when we're supposed to FORGIVE and be KIND.

Alright me, enough of this mollycoddling and self-pitty. I'm going SHOPPING! Who's with me?

Ta-ta-ta ta-da! CHARGE IT!
~ Mrs. Wiley

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4011: Hi, All! Merry Christmas, and watch Man in a Hurry for some great spiritual messages! I received many beautiful Christmas greetings this season and am so very appreciative for them. Love you all--Aunt Bee-e

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4012: I can't seem to get into the dad blame bulletin board. Every time I come here, I get blocked some way or another. I don't know if I'm the blockhead, or my computer is blocking me, or the block on which Miss Crump resides is blocked! Love, Aunt Bee-e-- ( I'll keep trying, though)

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4013: Oh, well, since I can't get into the board, I'll post here and hope all my friends see it. Feel free to email me if you know my address and say, "Hey!" Mr. Bee-e and I attended my reunion! We really had a blast, and I had my yearbook. My family reminisced about Andy and Barney attending theirs, and I thought about them a lot, as I was trying to put names to faces. Aunt Bee-e

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4014: We are back from the Christnas odyssey. Got to visit with aunts, uncles, nephews, neices, great nephews and neices, sister and in-laws. It is a hard trip but it is worth it. Now it is time to sit back, relax and get ready for all the Bowl games. I'm hoping that the good Tennessee team shows up for the Citrus Bowl. Who are ya'll pulling for in any of the other bowl games. This and March Maddness are my favorite times of the sports year. Welcome to the porch Chrisley. Howard, you hang in there. Change is hard but often times it is for the better. Be well aware that you have friends and support here at the porch.
The Rock
"You hear that boys, no hollern at the table" (Brisco Darling)

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4015: Reading these posts for the past several days has made me plumb sentimental. You folks are the greatest! Prayers for jennie boone's family. I hate to hear of illness at this time of the year. Howard, you hang in there too. Talking about the grass not being greener on the other side makes me think of the theme song to a Nickelodeon show. Yep, here I am a grown woman, able to have dates and everything, watching cartoons, but they have some sweet, wholesome shows on Nick.

Sounds like everyone had a beautiful CHRISTmas. I still have half of my Christmas coming this weekend. Getting together with Mr. Tilley's family. It's always BIG.
Aw, big ain't the word for it.

Thanks to everyone again for the beautiful words. My spirits were lifted just by reading your posts.

As Told By Ginger theme song.
"Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side. So I paid a visit, but it's possible I missed it. Seemed different yet exactly the same. 'Til further notice I'm in between. From where I'm standing my grass looks green."
Sorry for getting away from TAGS, but this song makes me feel good.
Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4016: It was great to see Ernest t. And Thelma Lou and Gomer and everyone like they are now.
Ernest T is 80?? and just got married for the 6th time!

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4017: Bass

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4018: Pyle

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4019: Did Thelma Lou have a last name?

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4020: How was your Christmas gang. We had a great one here. Lots of food fun and family.
Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, I read both your posts and was touched by both of them. I admire your strength and ability to look at adversety in the face, and keep on going. May the Good Lord bless you this coming year with all the blessings you may stand in need of. You are both an insperation to me.
I see a lot of our regulars took the day off. Sure hope they didn't make to much "merry" yesterday.
Well, I best go do something else now, ya'll take care and keep in touch.


December 26, 2001 - Msg 4021: Hey porch friends. Just thought yall would get a kick out of what happened to me this morning. I was at work watching my tags video and the ep Andy the Marriage Counselor was on. Well it got to the part where they're doing the mornin dear morning honey thing. Well anyway this guy comes in and said Morning! Without even thinking I said Mornin Honey!! He started laughing and said well mornin to you too! Fortunately it was someone I knew so he didn't mind. Hope yall got a kick out of it as much as I did. Well I'm off from now till Monday and I'm gonna enjoy it. May even read the geographics. See yall later--Salty Dog

P.S. Welcome to ya Chrisley!

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4022: Hello all. I got a baseball hat for Christmas. Hey Rock, I'm pulling for the Vols. Mavis, I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year all!

Briscoe Darling Jr.
"Be careful crossin' the street...And don't drink too much."(Andy)

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4023: Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!
Sorry to hear about your relatives, Jennie.
Howdy!!! Just passing by.
your healthy girl,

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4024: Hey to the porch! Little Opie got a new puppy for Christmas. He named it Lucky. The puppy is a boy and half beagle and we think half lab or collie. He is all white but face is spotted and he has what looks like black eyebrows. (like Groucho Marx, or maybe Howard Sprague!) Yeah I think I will call him HOWIE. Mavis let's book him for the works. A wash and brush and even a manicure. What do you charge for a full day's beauty. We'll paint your door red and call you Elizabeth Arden.

Hope all had a wonderful holiday. One of my darling boys is spending the night with us tonight. He plays the guitar and is showing me a few things on my new one. Little Opie and my hubby bought me one for Christmas.

Howard, many times there seems to be something or place than where we are or what we have that seems so much better that our present circumstances, it seems like our present lot in life is unbearable. Guidance from God is the best way to know what is right. I have, in the last 12 years had many times when I thought that other pastures would be so much greener. I am using marriage for an example but any situation fits. It isn't always easy to stick with your commitment, but in the long run it has made me happier than I have ever been in my life. I think the main thing is appreciation for what you have.
An attitude of gratitude can change your outlook on many situations. Even if you don't really feel it, fake it. Often times our feeling will follow our actions. Run on Faith not on Feelings. God bless you.
Fun Girl

I gave Little Charlene her tamborine on Christmas morning. She said "OH, I GOT A TANGERINE!" She's just too cute for words.

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4025: Does anyone know who MRS FLETCHER was in episode ?249 i my knowledge she was only in one episode...can anyone tell me what she was like or anything about her character...or anything about the actress herself...chrisley (TAG...(maybe)mrs fletcher)

December 26, 2001 - Msg 4026: my knowledge...she did not have a last name...on the A & E channel the interview she gave, she even told us everyone asks her if thelma lou had a last name and she said least that is what i recall...chrisley

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4027: Good Morning Porch, Seems kinda quiet around here. Do I need to start singing again?
Welcome chrisley, I can't answer yer question on Mrs. Fletcher. I don't remember her. Jog my memory would you please.
How is everyone's pre-season training going? I hope ya'll get here in top condition.
I must go now and face the cruel harsh world, wish me luck.


December 27, 2001 - Msg 4028: All the best to you and your's Asa! My training is going well - toting bags thru the mall. And my pocketbook ain't no feather either. Uniforms will be done by this weekend, y'all be sure to swing by Andy's house to pick em up.

FG, that little Charlene is a jewel! Tangerine. Hee Hee he.

Glad y'all had a Blessed Christmas! Now, back to your regularly scheduled weekday.
~ Mrs. Wiley

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4029: Morning porch. Asa, do we have any returns to take care of or did everyone like their AD2K's? If ya need me I'll be able to help you till Monday.And If ya don't need me can I come play in the snow anyways?:) I don't know a Mrs. Fletcher either unless it was Judd's wife but I don't remember him mentioning her either. You're gonna have to help us more on this one Chrisley. Mavis where have you been hiding girl? Yall have a good one today See yall later--Salty Dog

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4030: Hey Salty Dog, you done so good on them AD2K'S we didn't have a single return. So enjoy your extended weekend. Your more than welcome to come play in the snow. Got pulentty to go around. In fact take some home with ya if ya would. I got some new golf shoes fer Christmas and I can't hardly stand to wait till March to try em out.
Sounds like Mrs. Wiley is doing some power shopping. She has the uniforms all done so go get em. I can hardly wait.


December 27, 2001 - Msg 4031: hello my friends, howard here, and mother, as well, would like to thankyou all for being so nice, and wishing you a very happy holiday season. barney, i was so pleased to see you the other evening, i just cant tell you how good it was when u made a visit recently. hollywoods not where my rainbow is, but soon ill be off to the tropics, toting my bongos and swimmin and hangin in my hammock, till the cows come home. my beards growing nicely now, i hope u r all well. best to you all, aloha, from howard

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4032: Hey to the porch -
For Chrisley - Mrs. Fletcher was played by Almira Sessions. She had been the housekeeper and cook for Sam and Mike Jones for 12 years but when the Vinchenti family moved in with the Jones' and Sophia started taking over the kitchen, Mrs. Fletcher left. I don't think we ever know her first name and I can't remember her saying where she was going when she quit the Jones family.

Milton P. Oliver
font check?

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4033: I heard that there is supposed to be a TV show about Aunt Bea taking flying lessons. The show is planned for this Friday Dec. 28th. Does anyone know what channel it is on and what program??

Apparently, the show was filmed in 1968 - I don't know if it was on the Andy Griffith show or some real-life documentary about Aunt Bea!!
Your help would be appreciated!!

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4034: Lawwd...Aunt Bea flying? I don't think she ever got the hang of driving! The uniforms will be ready Saturday Asa, I'll have Thel call all the girls and we'll meet at Andy's right about story-time. Power shopping is good therapy as long as there's no power spending! ;-) MPO, you're a regular book of knowledge there. Aloha to Howard, glad you're sounding 'chipper'!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Spread a little sunshine every day,
Spread a little sunshine every day.
Help someone along life's wayyy,
Spread a little sunshine every day!"

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4035: Asa now do you really think anybody would actually RETURN on of those contraptions of yours & chance The Wrath of Asa I mean really, you ain't mean & nasty but you sure could make it rough on a body that tried! teehee I been here, just not doing much talking Salty Dog still trying to recoup from Christmas! Off to do the dishes, them things is worse than rabbits, keep reproducing DIRTY in the kitchen sink!

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4036: The Wrath of Asa? I'm as easy going as an old hound dog Mavis. But I do demand a certain amount of respect as coach. But I ain't got a mean bone in my body. GIVE ME 20 NOW MAVIS!!! Just so's we understand one another, hee hee hee.
Thanks Mrs. Wiley for your dedication to the team. I bet them uniforms look spectacular.
Message 4033, That show you was asking about is a regular TAGS show. It is episode 243. I think it will be on T V Land's line up this week.
Well I have to go draw up some plays on a chalkboard or something so see ya later. By the way Mavis, if you don't start talking to us more often I will have to get rough with ya. I hate to get rough with a women Ang, but sometimes ya just gotta do it.


December 27, 2001 - Msg 4037: OK now we need to show some team spirit out there now. We've got to have more respect for our coach. How are we gonna train if we got members sassin our head coach. Asa I declare I dont know what you're gonna do with her. Maybe she should wash and groom our mascot before each game or something. Tee hee. Well I'm off to bed have a good night.--Salty Dog

December 27, 2001 - Msg 4038: Hi All will I see everyone had a good holiday?
Me was like last year and thim nut one thing did i it from my friend or family.
I think win you git oil no one what to think about you on the holiday.
our wish for you
May the miracle ofchristmas
bring you lasting happiness ,
may you feel the warmth of friendship,
of caring love expressed!
may the wonder and the miracle,
of eager girls and boys
bring to yuo remembrance
of long-forgotten joys!
may the gentle peace of cristmas
touch you softly from above,
as the christ of christmas
fills your home with harmony and love!

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4039: Mornin, Porch. Tom, I'm sorry about your Christmas; does your family not live nearby? Sometimes we do overlook people that live alone and that sure aint right. I wish there was something I could do to help. I know you kept the spirit of Christmas in your heart on that day. Thanks for the poem.
- Hazel

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4040: Morning porch friends. Tom I sure am sorry about your Christmas. No one should be alone at Christmas. Can we do anything for you? Your poem was very sweet. And very true too. Everyone have a good day today I'll see ya later on.--Salty Dog

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4041: Hello again porch, I don't mean to be a chatterbox today but I just found out that a very good friend of mine committed suicide yesterday. No warning or anything. So please remember his family and his friends. Thank You :(-- Salty Dog

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4042: Salty Dog, news like that is always so tough to hear. I will pray for them and for you.
Prayers for you also Tom. Sorry your Christmas was a lonely one. You have friends here, good ones at that.
I hope everyone has a good day today. Talk at ya later.


December 28, 2001 - Msg 4043: Morinin Porch. Not much going on here, wife and kids still asleep. Salty Dog sorry to hear about your friend. It is always a shock to have things like that happen. I had a good friends father do that a few years ago. We're still not completely over it. Prayers are with you and your friends family. Think I'll run down town do some banking and try to find a bayberry candle. We burn one every Christmas Eve and New Year's day. The one we have now is running low and bayberry candles are harder to find than a june bug in December.

The Rock

"Everybody on the truck" (Brisco Darling)

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4044: Morning TOM, Asa, Rock, Hazel and Salty. Prayers for your friend and his family Salty - that's so sad. TOM, I'm sorry it was a lonely Christmas for you - I'll shure be pleased to put you on my mailing list if you will send me your address! Uh-oh, I can't find my link to The Cutlass - but you can find my email address there, TOM. You got FRIENDS here!

Mavis, you reckon Asa sometimes has too much starch in his shirt? I remember one time the laundry put too much starch in his shirt and it made his underarms all red and chaffed and he went around mad all day. Cause generally he's a pusycat!

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 28, 2001 - Msg 4045: Meow, Thats me, a real softie.


December 28, 2001 - Msg 4046: Howdy, friends! Salty Dog, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That's a tough one. I can't imagine the depth of pain that would prompt such an action. I had pain that I thought I couldn't bear when my precious husband died, and I'll admit the thought of following him crossed my mind several times, but the point is, I didn't. I cannot imagine how much worse it would have to be before someone really does it. Prayers for his family, and for his friends. The pain that such an action leaves behind is one very good reason for not doing it!
Tom, I wish I could have dropped in on you at Christmas, so you wouldn't have been lonely. No one should be alone at Christmas, but I'm afraid that many people are. If it helps any at all, I truly did think of you on Christmas Day, and said a little prayer for you, that your day would be a happy one. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, dear Tom, so you weren't really alone. Besides, our Lord was there with you, in your heart. And remember, as Mrs. Wiley said, you got FRIENDS here!
You know, home ownership has its perils! Seems like it's always something. Today I had my handyman friend out to fix my back door so it would close and could be locked again! Lots of rain, something had apparently shifted a bit, and I couldn't even lock the door! Got a plumber coming out tomorrow to replace a faucet out back that just won't quit leaking no matter how often the washers are changed. Gonna just replace that rascal! Yes, I called the man - Andy was so right about that. Don't mess with it, just call the man!
Well, I've got the night off, gonna cook up something quick and good, find a good old movie and cuddle up with my little Sugarplum for the evening. She's delighted - hates it when I go to work. Have a great weekend, friends.--Romeena