May 02, 2001, 14:45:10 Msg #1
Hey Folks, Welcome to my "homage" to the old "Front Porch." I've been wanting to put up a site to pay tribute to Frank's "Porch" for a while and just got around to it. If you remember the old porch, please tell me what the differences are between what you're seeing here and what Frank had. I'd like to get it to looking just like Frank's did. -- Allan "Floyd" Newsome

May 02, 2001, 14:59:21 Msg #2
Cool! Thanks for doing this Allan. I never did get a chance to post much at the old porch. It went away 'fore I got really involved in Mayberry posting.


May 02, 2001, 15:08:23 Msg #3
I'm still testing it out and I'm working on a "bad word" filter for it so we can keep folks from doin' wrong as much as possible. I hope folks will enjoy it and see that it's a tribute to all that Frank did way back when... --Allan

May 02, 2001, 15:29:13 Msg #4
I've got the "bad word" filter working now, I think.....

May 02, 2001, 15:46:23 Msg #5
Good, it is working...I'm glad that word I typed to test it was blocked. ha ha....

May 02, 2001, 18:29:05 Msg #6
Allan Good job my friend! Looks like the old familiar place alright. Like that 'bad word' filter. After the day I had reckon I could get one installed on my mouth?? I didn't say that! LOL

May 02, 2001, 18:32:25 Msg #7
Let's Mayberry this place up a bit.....
"Call the man" "more power to ya" "Sarah, get me the diner" "Ever'body on the truck!" Move over, I'm drivin'" "If I was a spider, that's where I'd go"

May 02, 2001, 18:38:03 Msg #8
Hey Mavis, Thanks for dropping by. Do I need to make any changes around here to make it look more like the "old" Porch? -Allan

May 02, 2001, 18:51:29 Msg #9
"Hey" to Allan! I can't think of a better fella to pay tribute to the ol' Porch—the place looks great! Any chance you can also install a "moulage filter?" :-)

Plain Claude

May 02, 2001, 18:52:37 Msg #10
PS: I like the white coat of paint better than the old gray one.

Plain Claude

May 02, 2001, 18:55:05 Msg #11
Hey Plain Claude, you think I ought to make it gray? I can't remember if Frank's was grey or not. If you're using MSIE it'll be white even if I don't do a background color. I wish I could have a "moulage" filter...but I ain't that good. ha ha...Good to have you here.
-- Allan

May 02, 2001, 19:10:42 Msg #12
" I like my moulages a little on the fluffy side."
This is nice Allan.
Miss Ellie

May 02, 2001, 19:42:03 Msg #13
Looks good to me Allan. I think it's a nice tribute. Maybe we'll see some old friends return.
Mr.Cookie Bar

May 02, 2001, 19:54:35 Msg #14
Frank's porch didn't tell the time of each post.

May 02, 2001, 20:03:50 Msg #15
Thanks...I didn't remember...It just told the day?
-- Allan

May 02, 2001 Msg #16 time showing now....
-- Allan

May 02, 2001 Msg #17
You sure it didn't give the time? That just don't look right to me?

May 02, 2001 Msg #18
That's the way it was, no time. Looks like the old porch. Sniff....

May 02, 2001 Msg #19
Okay...We'll keep it with no time. What about the background color? Y'all think I should switch it to gray like the old porch or just leave it? It'll show up white in Internet Explorer anyways.
-- Allan

May 02, 2001 Msg #20
Just looks like Newton Monroe was here with his white paint. He's ept, you know. The old gray was nice... I'd vote for the gray. "How'd you vote, Ange?"

May 02, 2001 Msg #21
I'll get it turned grey ASAP....

May 02, 2001 Msg #22
-- Allan

May 02, 2001 Msg #23
Allan, your education was worth every penny of it.

May 02, 2001 Msg #24
Hey to all you Mayberrians.
Be sure to come by the station. I know gas is high, $1.69 here, but air and water is still free.
Sp00ky Benson

May 02, 2001 Msg #25
Hey Sp00ky, good to have you drop by. Remember, any pointers on making it look more like the Old porch is something I'm looking for.
-- Allan

May 02, 2001 Msg #26
Well, Allan, if you put it that way...;o) On the old porch each post began directly after the msg #, not on the line below.

May 02, 2001 Msg #27
This sure is fun! How about a "Barney Quotathon" to get things rolling? Here's my favorite: "WE DEFY THE MAFIA!"

Plain Claude

May 02, 2001 Msg #28
BTW--whatever happened to ol' Frank, anyway? (The Front Porch originator, not "Ol' Blues Eyes").

Plain Claude

May 02, 2001 Msg #29
"I'm braced."

May 02, 2001 Msg #30
Hi All this look good to me.
This is foreveryone
Our Great and Glorious God.
Our Fther made so many things
of beauty and of light,
Inchluding flowers and leafy trees
Which are of pure delight!
He madethe mountains and the lakes,
The gemlike singing sea;
And yes, our Father up above
Has fashioned you and me!
The crocus in the early Spring,
Which pushes way through sod,
Is fashioned by the mighty hand
Of our great and glorious God!


May 02, 2001 Msg #31
Allan, it looks good to me. Niiice, real nice. I can't remember any differences in the old porch and this'n, but my memory ain't what it used to be. "We're no spring chickens."


May 03, 2001 Msg #32: n Thanks for that pointer, #26. I've fixed it to start the posts on the same line with the message number.
-- Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #33: Oops...had that extry "n" at the start of the line. -- Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #34: I'm with Plain Claude....anybody know how to contact Frank? I emailed him at his old addreses and got bounced emails.
-- Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #35: Barney Quotathon: "POW, POW, POW!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #36: Hey ALLAN! Good job! Really cool site! Thanks so much for bringing back "the old front porch". It makes me all teary just remembering what good times we all had over there. Nice, realnice MaryGrace
"Now Aunt Bee don't you start or I'm a goner!" (Barney)

May 03, 2001 Msg #37: Looks great Allan! Feels like I've come home again. cgirl

May 03, 2001 Msg #38: Thanks NRNMG and cgril!! Does anybody remember exactly what it should say at the top of the page? I know it said "The Taylor's Front Porch" but I can't remember exactly what it said below those words. --Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #39: I think it was something like 'come on in and sit a spell' cgirl

May 03, 2001 Msg #40: Allan I think cgirl is right, it said something about coming in & sitting a spell. But it looks just great to me. Makes me feel right at home. Barney Quotathon: "Gomer, get down there with them spiders & start workin!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #41: Another Barney quote: "He's a nut!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #42: Didn't it say something about "sit a spell and shoot the breeze with us"? Somewhere around here in one of these movin' boxes, I probably got a page or two that I printed out from the old porch. Wish I could find it. I'll keep lookin'. NRNMG
Meanwhile, "all God's chillin' got a uvula!" (Barney)

May 03, 2001 Msg #43: If'n you find anything...let me know and I'll get 'er fixed up. --Allan
"If you give 'em 40, they'll take 45......"

May 03, 2001 Msg #44: "well, here I am, you lucky girl!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #45: "iveheardjustaboutenoughaboutthattomato!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #46: Great quote #45!!! ha ha...

May 03, 2001 Msg #47: Did this Frank fellow die?

May 03, 2001 Msg #48: I don't know if he died or not, but I do remember the company he worked for wouldn't allow him to have the 'porch' on their server or something like that. cgirl

May 03, 2001 Msg #49: You're right, cgirl. Actually, Frank changed jobs, and his old employer allowed him to keep the old Porch there for awhile, then one day, POOF! No more Porch!

Hey Allan!! Woo-HOOOOOO!!! This place looks GREAT! I went back through some of my old Porch archives and found the "header" info you're gropin' for... Here it is:

The Taylors' Front Porch

Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a sody. . . maybe see what's showin' at the pitcher house. . . . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

Boy, that brings back memories...

Thanks again for doin' this, Allan. I appreciate it. I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"Oh, it'll be a red-letter day in Mayberry if the whole Ladies' Aid Church Committee gets CROCKED!" (Barney)

May 03, 2001 Msg #50: "Oh you're real funny, you are. Why don't you just go down to the old folks home and take the bolts out of the wheelchairs!"

"You two are real funny. Why don't you both go on the road. They could call you Bert and Squirt!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #51: "You know what we really need is an unlisted number!"

May 03, 2001 Msg #52: Left your <I> runnin', 50... There we go...

May 03, 2001 Msg #53: I think he's a nut!

May 03, 2001 Msg #54: Well now, ain't this a sight for sore eyes. Great job, Allan. Hey to everybody.
-O'Malley (You know, they'll let you take a bottle in there...)

May 03, 2001 Msg #55: Hey Rafe!!! Thanks! I fixed the top of the page to what you said!!! Looks really homey now don't
it? --Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #56: This place is makin me cry....

May 03, 2001 Msg #57: Try to curb them hot flashes....a one and a two....

May 03, 2001 Msg #58: Hey #47, no...Frank didn't die (that I know of). Just just quit working for the company that use to host and they stopped hosting it for free for him. He let the domain name go and somebody has registered it but they haven't done anything with it. I wish that TAGSRWC could have gotten the name so we could have recreated this page on that domain.

If anybody knows how to contact Frank....let me know. --Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #59: "Forget about them, am I gonna pull through??"

May 03, 2001 Msg #60: I hate to get obtuse right off the bat, and the Taylors' Front Porch header looks great and all, but can anyone remember anyone on TAGS calling a soft drink a sody? I can only remember them calling it a bottle of pop.

-O'Malley (He’s sure got slim pickings here. Dogs, nothing but dogs. Andy, if you flew a quail through this room, every woman in it would point.)

May 03, 2001 Msg #61: Actually, I kind'a thought the same thing but in the interest of looking like the "old" Porch, I figured I'd leave 'er up there. Maybe I'll adjust the language just a little after a little while. That'll be up for a vote.--Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #62: Allan, I wasn't suggesting that you change it. I don't much like change, you know. I was just wondering if somebody may have called it that at one point, and I missed it. My memory's like JJJ's; I'm not a spring chicken anymore either. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever being one to start with.

-O'Malley (You wear your uniform, and I'll wear my uniform)

May 03, 2001 Msg #63: I don't remember the #, I thought it was like Msg. 63-, but I could be wrong.

May 03, 2001 Msg #64: I like the # fine. I am just so glad the PORCH is back, big thank you Allan. cgirl

May 03, 2001 Msg #65: Hey Rafe, could you look in your archives and see how the Msg # was done? --Allan

May 03, 2001 Msg #66: Hey, Allan, this is what the code for Frank's Porch looked like (for the Msg number):

<A NAME="3492"><B>July 3, 1996 - Msg 3492: </B></A>

Which would print out like this:

July 3, 1996 - Msg 3492:

I like the use of the "NAME=" parm, 'cause that way, we can get to individual messages by using the # followed by the message number, and get right to the message, instead'a havin' to scroll down through all the messages to get where we wanna be. That's how Frank had it set up. Plus, whenever a message was posted, the entire URL was listed in the "Location" box when you were done, like "". That would allow that particular message to be saved as a Favorite/Bookmark, and when we wanted to pick up where we left off (the next day, or whenever), we'd use that Favorite/Bookmark to get right back to our last message! See what I mean?

Thanks, Allan.
*Rafe Hollister

May 03, 2001 Msg #67: Well, a little bird told me the Front Porch was back..and it sure looks like it to me. Thanks Allan! The Taylors Front Porch was the first place I ever visited back in '97 when I first got my computer and got online. Sure is nice to see it again. -Emma ("WEELLL...if it ain't DADDY LONGLEGS!")

May 03, 2001 Msg #68: "Let me take you to the land of rhythm and pleasure"

May 03, 2001 - Msg 69: Thanks Rafe!! I don't know if I can make it display the URL for the message or not but I'll see.... Make take a few tries. --Allan

May 03, 2001 - Msg 70: Okay....let's see if this does what Rafe described. --Allan

May 03, 2001 - Msg 71: Looks like we have a winner. Any other things I can do to make it more like the old Porch, let me know. -- Allan

May 03, 2001 - Msg 72: I think I'll leave the "zero" in front of the 3 on the date. At least for now. I'd have to look up in a book to see how to remove it. ha ha.

Barney: Him? why, the big ones will take care of him. The big ones take care
of their own. (Thunder) And you know dogs have a way of keepin' dry. Ya know
that, They're insulated, you see, they've got this keeps them cool
in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. They're really set up better
than human beings as far as that goes. (Thunder and lightning) And as far as
the little one goes, why the big ones, they'll take care of him...the little
trembly one...(Thunder) and they're short, you see, close to the ground,
that way they can't get struck by lightning. Now if they wuz giraffes,
they'd have been hit by now, uh..., but dogs are short and they take care of
their own. Giraffes don't. No, giraffes don't at all. Boy, giraffes are
selfish, just run around looking out for number one, getting hit by
lightning, but dogs....(Thunder) You just gonna sit there or you coming with

May 03, 2001 - Msg 73: Wow RAFE, I'm so glad you had that in your archives. I still couldn't find mine. Must be in a box in storage. That sure looks great to me ALLAN. I'm just "Pickled tink" we got the porch back. NRNMG
"I'm just pickling a few things to take with me."

May 03, 2001 - Msg 74: Woo-HOOOO!!! The Porch is BACK!

May 03, 2001 - Msg 75: "It was a gas!"

May 03, 2001 - Msg 76: Thank you Allan for bringing back 'The Taylor's Front Porch'. It looks great. Now I'll always know where to find NRNMG. Charlie Foley

May 03, 2001 - Msg 77: I vote on changing "sody" to "pop!" It's more Mayberry, even if it wasn't on Frank's porch. We might as well get it right this time!

TRIVIA: In the ep where the roadside farmers pick on ol' Barn, what are the flavors of pop that Floyd mentions at the gas station?

Thanks again for the new porch, Allen—I haven't had a Mayberry site set as my start-up page since the original porch!

Plain Claude

May 03, 2001 - Msg 78: I'm glad that you folks are enjoying it. --Allan

May 03, 2001 - Msg 79: I changed it to Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us.
Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop... maybe see what's showin' at the Grand.... What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

I thought that sounds better. --Allan

May 03, 2001 - Msg 80: Barney: "Now this is the well known ink blot test. Now I'm gonna show you this design and I want you to tell me what it looks like...I just want you to tell me the FIRST thing that comes into your mind..just say ANYTHING you think of, okay? Ready?"
Otis: "That's a bat."

May 03, 2001 - Msg 81: This is GREAT!! Hello Everyone
your healthy girl,

May 03, 2001 - Msg 82: Way to go Allan!! It will be great to see some old friends and meet new ones. Thank you.
jennie boone

May 03, 2001 - Msg 83: I'm with NRNMG I'm pickled tink too to have the Porch back & looky what it done, brought all the old porchsters back to go with the new ones! Rafe I thought Andy done had to sing Dig My Grave With a Silver Spade for ye! Glad to see you still prefer to be a "live you instead of a dead hero!"
Nite All,

May 03, 2001 - Msg 84: Barney: "I swallowed my gum"

May 04, 2001 - Msg 85: Good morning folks!!! Happy 4th of May(berry).

May 04, 2001 - Msg 86: Good morning everyone, I call pop (soda) any my sister calls soda (pop). It propbaby has something to do with where we live. I live in MD and she lives in IL. Lets take a poll, what do you guys call it?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 87: pepsi

May 04, 2001 - Msg 88: Coke.

May 04, 2001 - Msg 89: Here where I grew up, in northern Alabama, folks ask, "Whould you like a coke? What kind do you want?" Everything is coke. --Allan

May 04, 2001 - Msg 91: Barney: Will you help us?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 92: "'Bout time we modernized this place 'lectronally."

May 04, 2001 - Msg 93: We call it pop here in SW VA. Mornin Porch!
"Sarah, get me Juanita at the diner. Hello Juanita? Oh hi Frank.

May 04, 2001 - Msg 94: I have lived several places in the U.S. and it seems to be a regional thing as to what you call a "soda" (what we called it where I grew up in southeast Missouri). But if you go a little north, out by Kansas City, it becomes a "pop". Here in Illinois where I now live about an hour west of Chicago, I here it called both at different times. When I lived in the south, I also heard it referred to as coke, pop and soda. I still just call it a soda, cause that's how I grew up referring to it. NRNMG
"It's a compelsion complex."

May 04, 2001 - Msg 95: I call it soda or coke also NRNMG, by the way what does NRNMG stand for? cgirl

May 04, 2001 - Msg 96: Nice, real nice Mary Grace ..that's my TAGS handle..NRNMG

May 04, 2001 - Msg 97: Nice, reeeeeal nice, MaryGrace (NRNMG)

May 04, 2001 - Msg 98: bread and butter!

May 04, 2001 - Msg 99: All this pop talk is makin me thirsty. Anybody for a huckleberry smash?


May 04, 2001 - Msg 100: Thanks Mary Grace, Lillian if you can find a huckleberry smash reserve one for me. Does anyone remember the grape and orange smash's in the returnable bottles? cgirl

May 04, 2001 - Msg 101: What sites have clips from the show?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 102: Wow... this is really neat, Allan!!! Ya done good, son. :-) ~De§~

May 04, 2001 - Msg 103: Hey Mister Cookie Bar, drop me an e-mail. I've lost your address.

Milton P. Oliver
("Hey" to 10110)

May 04, 2001 - Msg 104: That "comments" right by the posting box don't look quite right. What did ol' Franks' porch have there? I don't think it was "comments", but I can't recollect what it was.

May 04, 2001 - Msg 105: Did it just say "Post"?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 106: Maybe it didn't have anything above the posting box? Maybe, maybe not.

May 04, 2001 - Msg 107: If y'all figure it out (104,105,106) just let me know. I'm all open for change. I did add a feature so I'll get an email telling me to sweep the porch if it gets to 45K in size. I'm trying to figure out how to do it automatic like. --Allan

May 04, 2001 - Msg 108: De§~, I'm glad you like it. I hope all the "old" porchsters will enjoy it here. --Allan

May 04, 2001 - Msg 109: When you sweep the porch, will it go into an archive?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 110: That's the I said, I'm planning on making it automated, eventually. --Allan

May 04, 2001 - Msg 111: De§ How's them baby dogs of yers? all the big ones still taking care of the little trembly one?

May 04, 2001 - Msg 112: I'm enjoying it Allan, and I'm NOT that old.

--Jeksik the Bulkhead

May 04, 2001 - Msg 113: internet years, anybody that remembers the original porch is OLD. haha --Allan

May 04, 2001 - Msg 114: "Watch it Three!!" Who you calling old???

May 04, 2001 - Msg 115: Hey can I put a vote in on this here porch? I vote we put the time back on here even tho it wasn't on the old one, I like it!

May 04, 2001 - Msg 116: you're not young either, Jelsick

May 04, 2001 - Msg 117: But porches don't have no clocks. (do they?)

May 04, 2001 - Msg 118: Milton P. Oliver!!, You made my day once more, and I thank you kindly. You're still lookin' good in blue! And congratulations to you and the lovely missus on the accomplishments of that bright son of yours! You must be some kind of proud!


May 04, 2001 - Msg 119: Jelsick I like to think I'm somewhere in between! No, porches ain't supposed to have clocks, but I still like it!



May 04, 2001 - Msg 121: lololol Jelsik good one!
nite porch

May 05, 2001 - Msg 122: Good morning', Porch! I agree with *Mavis, I like the TIME on the posts (in addition to the date). Hey Allan, how can we put that up for a vote?

You all have a good day. I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
BARN: "I was just saying that after a close and thorough inspection, I cannot find one, NOT ONE mind you, effective countermeasure in the event of a ten-twelve."
MR. MELDRIM (To Harriet): "Well?"
(Harriet shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders)
MR. MELDRIM: "Glenn Ford!!!"

May 05, 2001 - Msg 123: Let's leave the clock off for a while. I think it adds to the "easy and slow" attitude we should have here in Mayberry. We might put 'er back at a later date. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 124: Yeaaaaa! Thanks Allan. We don't need no clock. Them timers are tricky anyways. ;o)

May 05, 2001 - Msg 125: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Great job Allan...

May 05, 2001 - Msg 126: Hey Rickyb!! It's great to hear from you!!! How have you been? Don't be a stranger. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 127: RICKYB!!! Where you been?? Folks been worried 'bout you! Ok I give in to the clock idea. Wished I'da got that 100th name on the petition tho. LOL
Life is good!
"you ain't Uncle Nat, yer a goat!!"

May 05, 2001 - Msg 128: Goodmorning Mayberry Friends. I hope we won't
forsake Ollie's Porch. He worked so hard to put it up for us after Frank
couldn't keep it up. We can post both places.
Idelle Bushey posted something over there about
a Sundee night social at Sarah's at 8pm.
Hope everyone can make it.
Allan, this looks really nice. I would like a clock. That way if you read a post
and it is near the time you post, you might can catch your frined online with an email.
I don't have IM anymore. Still got this old Packard Bell, that sometimes works, sometimes not.
Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Nice to see everyone.
Miss Ellie

May 05, 2001 - Msg 129: Hey, anybody got the link to Sarah's fer me, I lost mine!

May 05, 2001 - Msg 130: Never mind, I found it.

May 05, 2001 - Msg 131: I'm with Ellie about Ollie's. I didn't do this for a long time because Ollie had his Trivialities site up and I didn't want to take away from it. Now Ollie has added several new things to his site so I felt like I could go ahead with this. Ollie's done a fine job and that's why, if you look at the bottom of this site, I have a link to his homage to the Porch. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 132: What's happened to the Trivialities site? I when there just now and it wanted me to download a ZIP of the site? It seems to be broken?

May 05, 2001 - Msg 133: Same thing happened to me Message l32. I didn't download it because I don't know how much space it takes and this old Packard Bell just ain't got no memory. I keep hoping to find the computer I want with no interest (not accrued neither), no payments for a year, but so far so such luck. So I keep tightening wires, beating on it and praying for it.
Allan, "You're a prince a real prince".
Miss Ellie

May 05, 2001 - Msg 134: Done me that way too. Anyone know how to get hold of Ollie & find out what's up?
It's the fallout-it's affecting the milk

May 05, 2001 - Msg 135: Ithinkwe'veheardJUSTaboutenoughaboutthatclock!

May 05, 2001 - Msg 136: Barney wouldn't need a clock on this page. He has one in his stomach.

May 05, 2001 - Msg 137: I emailed Ollie about his site. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 138: I just heard from Ollie. He said he was having trouble maintaining his site because of some problems he's having and wanted to make it so folks could download his programing and use it. Let's keep Ollie in our prayers and thanks to him for all his efforts. I'll be removing the link to his Trivialities site from the bottom of the Porch. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 139: NO more trivialities? That makes me cry!!

May 05, 2001 - Msg 140: Me too. I HATE that. Ollie had done a lot of work. I will add the archives from that site to this one so you'll still have them. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 141: Yer a fine fellar Allan!

May 05, 2001 - Msg 142: Poor Ollie. He's having a tough time alright. Definitely keep a good thought for him. He's lucky to have such fine upstanding folks looking after him.Hope all is well w/ everybody today.

Mr.Cookie Bar

May 05, 2001 - Msg 143: I talked to ollie (by email) Thursday night. He seems to be hanging in there. I just went to Trivialities and had to open it as a zip file. I didn't know what happened so I came here to see if anyone knew. Wishing you the very best, ollie! You've been a good friend to us. Allan, you have too. Love y'all! ~De§~

May 05, 2001 - Msg 144: Allan, could you change one little thang? On the bottom of the porch where you mention Trivialities, could you possibly say trivialities was "ollies" tribute to the porch? All the work ollie did should be recognized by name, don't you think? Thanks, Allan.

May 05, 2001 - Msg 145: Well, I added Ollie's name. That was a great idea. Sorry I didn't think of it. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 146: I'll try and get the archives online when I archive this site for the first time. That shouldn't be too much longer. --Allan

May 05, 2001 - Msg 147: Thanks Allan. Prayers for ollie and his family.

May 05, 2001 - Msg 148: You can get to the archives here.

May 05, 2001 - Msg 149: Nite Porch!

May 05, 2001 - Msg 150: Nite'All! I've missed you all. Have a Look at our pics from '99 and 2000 when you get a chance.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 151: Allan, the last I heard from Frank, his email was: "", and his web directory was: "". However, they currently seem to be in-op.


Andy: "I bet if you was to go to New York or one of them other big towns, why they'd say 'boy, where you been?'"

Jim Linday: "Oh yeah! They say where you been and why don't you go back as fast as you can."

May 06, 2001 - Msg 152: Thanks Rick, Those were the one's I had as well and I agree that they don't seem to be working. I checked out your pictures!! The look great. I signed your guestbook but I left an "e" off my email address so the email won't work...sorry. It's really great to have you around!!!

May 06, 2001 - Msg 153: Good Sabbath to you all. It looks like we're off to a good start. Thanks for all your
efforts, Allan (just a prince of a fellow). Reading through all the names takes me
back to some great memories and makes me look forward to more good times. I figure it
won't be long before I'm forgetting my </>'s on this porch too! hahaha

-Opie "Darn her mushrooms"

May 06, 2001 - Msg 154: Good Sunday Morning Porch! Remember, don't go pullin the hairs out of yer jacket & tradin or anything on Sun!

May 06, 2001 - Msg 155: Opie!! how are ya? RickyB email me please. You got me & Mp worried bout you!

May 06, 2001 - Msg 156: Oh my gosh.... I just might cry..... I've been searchin' fer ya'll for almost a year now.... I used to sign here.... Do any of you remember me???? Please say yes......

Miss Dixie Belle Edwards

May 06, 2001 - Msg 157: What happened to Franks Porch???? I've been away too long.
Dixie Belle

May 06, 2001 - Msg 158: Des!! I haven't seen you in so long. When you get this message talk to me!! :)


May 06, 2001 - Msg 159: .

May 06, 2001 - Msg 160: Good Sabbath everyone. Good to see some old faces here. Last night, our Momma cat had two darling little kittens...only the two.. we named them Burt and Squirt.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 161: I'm home with Adam from church this eye (him not me...yet). Frank shut down his Porch about a year ago. He was getting free hosting and when that went away he let the site pass away.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 162: Heya, Dixie Belle! Been a long time! Glad you found the new place. Happy Sunday, y'all. So whatcha gonna do later? I thought I'd go by the fillin' station, get a bottle of pop, go home and take a nap... then maybe over to Thelma Lou's for some tv. Yep, that's the plan... bottle of pop, nap, Thelma Lou's. What're you gonna do, Ange? ~De§~

May 06, 2001 - Msg 163: Bless Adam's heart..Hey to him and Jan.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 164: Have you heard? Idelle Bushy and Charlene got into it after preachin' this morning. Idelle baked Dud a hoot owl pie. I heard it from Sarah. Now I told her straight out she was gossipin'. It's rude to gossip you know. Well, do you want to hear it??!! Charlene picked up a rock and hit Idelle right on the head. Must be hangin around that Ernest T. Bass too much. Idelle has a bump as big as a chicken egg. Such goins on, such goins on, such goins on. Now I hate gossip. Just tellin' the facts. Now did you hear the one about Myra Koonts.........
Mrs. Von Roeder

May 06, 2001 - Msg 165: Hey to ya Dixie Belle! I remember ya! How you been? In fact how's everybody been?
Nice day today! Gonna go enjoy it.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 166: Well glory be! Lookie har! The Porch is back! Howdy all! An' a Dynomite ~Des~!
Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 06, 2001 - Msg 167: Hello Dixie Belle and BDJ and Mrs. Von Roeder.
Cool, cloudy day here in Mayberry.
Saw some beautimus flowers going to Granny's.
She ain't perculating too well. At 89, with all her health
problems I guess she is lucky to be walking around.
Hope all of y'all come to Sarah's at 8pm EDST tonight
for a big bash. I'm bringing the ice cream.
Emma's bringing some fresh baked pies; there settin' in the winder cooling right now.
See ya later, alligator.
Miss Ellie
"I hope that's not more soup."

May 06, 2001 - Msg 168: Hey BD, bring your jug?

May 06, 2001 - Msg 169: Hey there Miss Ellie!
Sorry I missed the big bash at Sarah's. I had company earlier. Course I could have brought him and passed him off as Oliver Gossage from Raleigh. He don't spill food no more. A big slab of Emma's pie and a scoop of ice cream sure would have hit the spot. Was the ice cream West Indian Licorice Mocha Delight? Have a good night all.
Mrs. Von Roeder

May 06, 2001 - Msg 170: Sorry I couldn't make it to Sarah's tonight, Mr. Neff (is there one??) was hogging the 'puter tonight. Maybe next Sunday. Hope ya'll had a good time. Hello to ever body! Miss Ellie Hope I'm still walking around when I'm as old as yer Granny!!
Nite Porch!
I'm not talkin', I'm not talkin' the more yer askin', the more I'm balkin'

May 07, 2001 - Msg 171: Mornin' Porch! Birds singin so pretty & all is well with the world!!
...Yeah, but don't the trees sound nice & full

May 07, 2001 - Msg 172: Good morning all. Just wanted to pop over and say howdy. Hope yall have a great day!

Charlene D. Hollister

May 07, 2001 - Msg 173: Good mornin', sweetie! And good mornin' to my Porch buds. It's nice to see a lotta familial faces. Here's a whole mess'a (((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))) goin' out to ever'body!

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"Okay, but if you get all shot up, I don't even wanna HEAR about it!" ~Barney

May 07, 2001 - Msg 174: Hey to everyone. I started to name names, but I figured I miss someone. I hate I missed the Sunday Social at Sarah's. Hope everyone has a great week.


Ange: Now Goober, I'm gonna get outta here 'cause if I don't I'm liable to start hollerin and when I get done Hollerin, I'm liable to take one of these guns out of this rack and shoot you. You understand that?

Goober: YO

May 07, 2001 - Msg 175: JJJ, when did ol' Ange say that to poor Goob?

May 07, 2001 - Msg 176: Andy said that to Goober in the episode, Goober takes a car apart.

Charlene D Hollister