The eBullet: Volume 19, Issue 1.5, February 2019

The eBullet
An Online Newsletter of "The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club (TAGSRWC)
Volume 19, Issue 1.5
February 2019


Link to Special Edition of The eBullet
February 2019

WORDS OF INSPIRATION?--HOWARD SPRAGUE: "This is your town. One of these days, you'll be picking up the torch and carrying it forward."


This issue is being published solely for the purpose of providing a link to our February 2019 Special Edition of The eBullet.

Our Special Editions don't automatically get distributed to the subscriber list for the regular issues of The eBullet, so the purpose of this mini-eBullet ("A decoy! Shazam!") is just to notify you about the February Special Edition, which is dedicated to a unique Mayberry story that also happens to be especially timely for Black History Month.

Notice from Old Lady Crump: It's a lengthy Special Edition--probably our longest Special Edition ever, but we hope you'll find it interesting. (It also has lots of rare photos!)

By the way, you can find all previous Special Editions by clicking on the Special Editions subhead beneath the masthead in any issue of The eBullet.

Look for the next regularly scheduled issue of The eBullet in March.  And if you're a subscriber to our Weaver's Newsletter, its next issue will be out later this month.

Keep on watching TAGS!


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