The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1967-1968 Season 8

#220 Opie's First Love 09-11-67
Arnold throws a swinging, "stag or drag" thirteen birthday party, and Opie goes from "drag" to "stag" when Mary Alice Carter cancels her date with him after accepting the invitation of cool guy Fed Simpson. Opie is dejected and decides not to go, but takes Andy's advice and goes alone with the intention of having the best time ever. Mary Alice, who gets dumped by Fred, sees Opie having fun and apologies for standing him up.

#221 Goober, the Executive 12-25-67
After working for Wally for eleven and three-quarters years, Goober buys the station and faces the problems that come with ownership. He becomes so worried and proccupied that he forgets to order gasoline. Taking advice from Opie, he makes up his mind to trust his own judgement and things fall into order.

#222 Howard's Main Event 10-16-67
Howard falls for Millie Hutchins, the new woman at the bakery. He summons up the courage to ask her out, and he is rewarded with a wonderful evening. A relationship blossoms, and Howard is estatic--until he finds out Millie's old boyfriend is none other than Clyde Plaunt.

#223 Aunt Bee, The Juror 10-23-67
Aunt Bee is called for jury duty and ends up chosen to sit for a case involving a department store burglary. On the surface it appears to be an open and shut case, but the accused, Marvin Jenkins, insists on his innocence. The entire jury, except Aunt Bee, is convinced of Marvin's guilt. In the end, Andy catches the real criminal, who is attending the trial.

#224 Howard, the Bowler 09-18-67
Howard is one frame away from bowling a perfect game when the power in the alley fails and the match has to be suspended until the following night. Howard nearly psyches himself out, but returns to bowl three more strikes, recording the first perfect game in the history of Mayberry bowling.

#225 Opie Steps Up in Class 10-09-67
Opie makes friends with the son of a wealthy family. When Andy attends a father-son get together at the family's home, he catches himself doing just what he told Opie not to do: put on airs.

#226 Andy's Trip to Raleigh 10-02-67
Andy drives to Raleigh to go over a deposition with lawyer Leigh Drake who, he is surprised to find, is a beautiful young lady. Conducting business poolside, Andy gets a terrible sunburn and must make up a lie to cover himself with Helen by telling her he got it changing a flat tire. He is caught in his lie when the lovely attorney shows up in Mayberry.

#227 A Trip to Mexico 09-25-67
Aunt Bee wins a trip to Mexico and takes her two closest friends, Clara and Myrtle, with her. Ny the time they return, the threesome are no longer speaking. Andy gets all three women together to look at the photos from the trip. The good memories outweigh the bad, and the ladies forget their differences and make up.

#228 Tape Recorder 10-20-67
Opie and Arnold bug one of the jail cells with a new tape recorder and end up taping information that leads to the whereabouts of money stolen from a bank in Raleigh. When Opie takes the information to his father, Andy refuses to listen, telling Opie it would be a violation of the law. In the end, Andy manages to solve the case on his own without violating anybody's rights.

#229 Opie's Group 11-06-67
Opie joins a local rock group as the new guitar player. Before long his grades suffer and Clara, Opie's former piano instructor, speaks to him about his priorities. Clara becomes the band manager in exchange for Opie's promise to pay more attention to schoolwork.

#230 Aunt Bee and the Lecturer 11-13-67
Aunt bee catches the eye of Professor Hubert St.John, a visiting lecturer who soon expresses intrest in marrying Bee. Bee declines when she realizes that his interest in her is mainly due to the remarkable similarities she possesses to his first wife.

#231 Andy's Investment 11-20-67
Andy opens a laundromat to help earn money for Opie's college education. The business soon monopolizes his time, so Andy decides to sell.

#232 Suppose Andy Gets Sick 12-11-67
The town is near martial law when the Police Emergency Committee--made up of Goober, Emmett, and Howard--forms after Andy succumbs to the flu and must take several days of bed rest. Goober sets a record, issuing fourteen tickets in one day. When he's not writing tickets, he is bothering Andy. Fed up with the costant annoyance, Andy drags himself out of bed and back to work.

#233 Howard and Millie 11-27-67
Howard and Millie decide to tie the knot and ask Andy and Helen to be best man and maid of honor. The four travel to Millie's home in West Virginia for the wedding, but by the time they arrive, the couple has second thoughts and the wedding is called off.

#234 Aunt Bee's Cousin 12-04-67
Aunt Bee prepares for a visit from her globe-trotting cousin Bradford. Andy sees him arrive hobo-style, hopping out of a freight car. Andy tries to protect both Bee's feelings and her pocketbook by convincing Bradford to leave before Bee discovers the truth.

#235 Howard's New Life 12-18-67
Howard throws caution to the wind, leaving Mayberry, and moves to a CCaribbean paradise. Renting a shack on the beach, he realizes that island life is not for him and returns to rediscover his true pot of gold in his old hometown.

#236 Emmett's Brother-In-Law 01-08-67
Dub Taylor plays the role of an obnoxiuos insurance salesman who tries to help his sister by getting her husband, Emmett, involved in insurance. Emmett tries, but his heart isn't in it. Emmett returns to his true love--his fix it shop. His wife finds him there late one night, trying to coax an appliance back to life.

#237 The Mayberry Chef 01-01-68
Aunt Bee gets her own cooking show on local WZAZ-TV, Channel 12, Silver City. She sees that her outside interests conflict with her first priority--her family--so she gives up the show for her boys.

#238 The Church Benefactor 01-22-68
The church members struggle with the choice of how $500 endowed to the church should be spent. The choice comes down to new choir robes or the repair of the church foundation. Just after the Reverend Tucker decides in favor of spending the money on repairs, Howard comes in with a compromise that allows for both.

#239 Opie's Drugstore Job 01-15-68
Opie takes a job at the drugstore to earn money to buy a new electric guitar. The model of responsibility, Opie is left alone to watch the store and accidently breaks a display bottle of expensive perfume. Afraid he's let down his boss Mr. Crawford, Opie gets Arnold to buy a replacement. He then learns that the display bottle was not filled with perfume, but only colored water.

#240 Barney Host a Summit Meeting 01-28-68
Barney is sent to Mayberry to arrange accommodations for an upcoming U.S.--Soveit summit. When Barney fails to secure a suitable home, Andy volunteers his. The meeting starts of badly--the quarters are cramped, the neighbors are bothersome--and all looks lost when both sides end up at the kitchen table for a midnight meeting over Aunt Bee's cold fried chicken. The result is a huge success, and Barney earns another feather in his fedora.

#241 Mayberry, R.F.D 04-01-68
This episode features Ken Berry in the role of gentleman farmer Sam Jones. It aired as the final episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" and was used as the spinoff for the series of the same name. The story centered around Sam hiring an immigrant Italian family to work the farm. The family finds it difficult to adapt to its new surroundings.

#242 Goober Goes to an Auto Show 02-05-68
Goober meets an old friend who appears successful. Goober tells the friend lies about his own wealth, but discovers his friend has lied also about the same thing. Andy goads Goober into coming clean, but Goober thinks better of it and leaves quietly, saving his friend from embarrassment.

#243 Aunt Bee's Big Moment 02-12-68
Aunt Bee decides her life needs a little more excitement, so she enrolls in flying lessons. After facing her fears, she solos successfully and decides to give up the sky for her place in the home.

#244 Helen's Past 02-19-68
Helen is dragged before the school board when word of a prior arrest is leaked by none other than Andy. Helen defends herself by stating that her prior arrest came ehile investigating organized crime for her college journalism thesis. Cleared of all charges, Helen is reinstated.

#245 Emmett's Anniversary 02-26-68
In a quandary over what to get his wife, Martha for their anniversary, Emmett decides to buy her the fur she's always wanted. Trying to save a few dollars, he goes to Mount Pilot to see Flora's friend in the fur business. While Emmett is sneaking off with Flora, he is spottted by his wife, who thinks he is having an affair. Andy spills the beans to save Emmett's hide, but the plot thickens when Emmett decides against the mink and, with Martha expecting a fur, he returns with a bathrobe. He and Andy do some fancy talking, and Emett rushes back to Mount Pilot to buy the fur.

#246 The Wedding 03-04-68
Howard is finally free when his domineering mother remarries. Left with the house, Howard goes wild, turning it into a swinging bachelor pad. He throws a party, but only he, Goober, Emmett, Andy, and Helen attend.

#247 Sam for Town Council 03-11-68
It's Sam Jones vs. Emmett Clark in a showdown for the town council seat vacated by Herb Bradshaw. Emmett proves to be a wily campaigner, but honest Sam prevails.

#248 Opie and Mike 03-18-68
Opie comes to the aid of Sam's son Mike, when he's bullied by Edgar Watson. Opie plays buddy to Mike until he spots the new girl in town, Heatner Campbell.

#249 A Girl for Goober 03-25-68
A misunderstanding occurs when Goober applies to a computer dating service. Filling in queries about the number of books he reads monthly, Goober answers thirty. This is true, if comic books count. As far as painting is concerned, he enjoys it. He once painted a barn. As a result, Goober is paired with Dr. Edith Gibson. Even with Goober's new hairstyle, Edith sees through his veneer and they realize the date was a mistake. The two manage to become fast friends over Morelli's famous pounded steak(pounded right on the premises).