The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1966-1967 Season 7

#190 Opie's Girlfriend 09-12-66
Opie is asked to entertain Helen's visiting niece Cynthia, who is athletically superior in every way to Opie. Opie takes a licking in football, then ends up with a black eye after starting a fight. Surprisingly, Helen suggest that Cynthia pretend to be impressed with Opie's machismo. Cynthia even throws a bowling match so that Opie can regain his male pride.

#191 The Barbershop Quartet 09-26-66
Howard gets laryngitis right before the big Mount Pilot Sheriff's Annual Barbershop Quartet Sing-off. Desperate for a tenor, Andy discovers that Jeff Nelson, his current prisoner, may be the most gifted singer to come to Mayberry since Gomer left town. Andy decides to take a chance on his prisoner, who has a rabbit's urge to run. Andy regrets his decision when the prisoner escapes through the backstage bathroom window. He returns, however, after a hobo who praises Sheriff Taylor, and Andy's quartet wins over rival Sheriff Wilson.

#192 The Lodge 09-19-66
Andy puts Howard up for membership in the Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship, a private Mayberry men's club. When the members vote, Goober blackballs him, thinking he is doing Howard a favor. As it turns out, Goober was told by Howard's domineering mother that Howard's father came to a ruinous end because of a weakness he had for playing cards. When Goober learns that Howard's mother was lying, the club votes again and Howard is elected unanimously.

#193 The Darling Fortune 10-17-66
The Darlings pay their final visit to Mayberry. They are carrying a large amount of cash and are looking for brides for the boys. They cannot find a suitable female and are just about to head back for the hills when they see the "omen of the owl", a sign that means the next female they see will still their heart away. Moments later Helen shows up, and Andy has to convince the Darlings that Helen is not for them.

#194 Aunt Bee's Crowing Glory 10-10-66
Aunt Bee is the talk of Mayberry when she buys a blod wig and becomes the sudden object of the new minister's attentions. Bee is then faced with the dilemma of letting the minister know that she is not as she appears. She removes the wig permanently when she realizes that everyone loves her for herself, not for her hair.

#195 The Ball Game 10-03-66
When Earl Gilly takes ill, Andy takes over as umpire for the big Mayberry Little League game against Mount Pilot. The game is decided by a call at the plate when Opie slides into home and is called out by his father. The crowd erupts, and Andy gets an earful from town critics, who believe it was a bad call. He's forgiven when Howard's column in the Mayberry Gazette's sports page praises him for doing his best and for sticking by his decision. Helen has a snapshot of the play at the plate that shows Opie was indeed safe. She shows the photo to Aunt Bee and then rips it up, nipping the whole matter in the bud.

#196 Goober Makes History 12-19-66
Goober returns from a hunting trip sporting a beard and becomes convinced he is more intelligent. He growd into such an insufferable bore that no one can stand to be around him. When he realizes this, he shaves off the beard and decides to be himself again.

#197 The Senior Play 11-14-66
Helen directs the seniors in a musical revue that is censored by her old-fashioned school principal, who claims the revue is a flagrant display that highlights the problems America is facing with today's youth. Helen does not appreciate the pressure, so she makes her point by revamping the show to feature a 1920s flapper-style theme. She proves that the youth of today are no different than the youth of yesteryear.

#198 Big Fish in a Small Town 11-28-66
Howard talks his way into going fishing on opening day of the season. He ends up landing the legend of the lake, "Old Sam," a rare silver carp. Much to Howard's surprise, he realizes that by catching the fish he effectively broke the spirit of the town. He retrives the rare carp from its new home in the state aquarium and returns it to the lake.

#199 Mind over Matter 10-31-66
Goober becomes stricken with a psychosomatic case of whiplash and ends up being a pain in Andy's neck when the Taylors allow him to move into Andy's room until he is better. Goober catches Andy trying to trick him into realizing he's fine by trying to get him to raise his arms to catch a football. Goober gets so upset at the attempted trick that he throws his arms in the air, telling Andy that he knows he can't raise them that high. Andy gets Goober to see that he can--it's a miracle.

#200 Politics Begins at Home 11-07-66
Howard and Aunt Bee square off in a racf for town council. Howard, clearly more qualified, gets his due when Bee realizes during a debate that he is the person for the job.

#201 A New Doctor in Town 12-26-66
A sporty young doctor, Thomas Peterson, wheels into town and has a difficult time earning Mayberry's respect. When Andy learns Opie needs his tonsils taken out, he faces his own doubts and hands Opie over to the new doctor. Opie returns from surgery alive and well, and the doctor wins acceptance.

#202 Opie Finds a Baby 11-21-66
Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby on the steps of the courthouse. They want to save it from the orphanage, so they start searching for a home for it. Andy realizes what's going on just as the baby's parents return to claim the child.

#203 Only a Rose 12-05-66
Aunt Bee finally has a rose that she believes will beat even the contest entry of her rival and best friend, Clara Johnson. Her hopes are dashed when Opie hits the rose with a football. Disappointed, she watches Clara win at the flower show. But she gets a surprise when Clara turns the prize over to Bee after seeing a photo of her rose.

#204 Otis, the Deputy 12-12-66
When Andy is held hostage by a couple of escaped convicts, Howard and Otis come to the rescue. Howard foils Andy's escape and gets both of them captured, leaving their fate in Otis's hands. Even though he is drunk, Otis somehow manages to stumble through to rescue them.

#205 Don't Miss a Good Bet 01-02-67
George Jones comes to Mayberry with a get-rich-quick scheme. He lures Goober, Floyd, Helen, and even Aunt Bee as investors in his treasure-hunting scheme. Andy warns them, but even he gets taken in by the wily prospector, who ends up skipping town with all the dough.

#206 Dinner at Eight 01-09-67
With Aunt Bee off visiting realtives and Opie away on a Scout trip, Andy is home alone. He is ready to spend a relaxing evening when Goober arrives to keep him company. He insists on making his special spaghetti recipe. Andy gives in, eats heartily, and then is reminded by Goober of an invitation to Howard's for dinner. Andy goes to see Howard, who did not actually invite Andy at all. They still whip up some spaghetti and eat, but then Andy realizes dinner was a Helen's. He rushes over, but is in hot water for being late so he must endure another dinner of spaghetti.

#207 Andy's Old Girlfriend 01-30-67
Andy is in trouble when his old girlfriend Alice Harper returns to Mayberry. Helen becomes jealous, but Andy patches things up by telling her that she is the only woman he loves.

#208 The Statue 02-20-67
The Mayberry Civic Improvement Committee entertains ideas on how to spend the $1,200 it has in its treasury. The members decide to erect a statue to the town's greatest benefactor, Seth Taylor, Andy's great-great-grandfather. After the monument is built, Andy learns that Seth was nothing more than a selfish swindler. There is a bright side, however: if it wasn't for Seth's profiteering, Mayberry might have become a busy, crime-ridden place like Mount Pilot.

#209 Aunt Bee's Restaurant 02-02-67
For an investment of $400, Aunt Bee buys into the local Canton Palace. After taking in upwards of $80 on opening night, Bee decides to turn her back on prosperity and returns to cook and care for her family.

#210 Floyd's Barbershop 02-13-67
Howard Sprague buys the building that house Floyd's Barbershop. He passes on the expense of ownership by raising Floyd's rent. After twenty eight years in the same location, Floyd decides to pack his scissors and move on. When the barbershop crowd ends up loafing around the courthouse, Andy coaxes Floyd and Howard to reach a compromise. Floyd is reinstalled as barber of Mayberry.

#211 A Visit to Barney Fife 01-16-67
Andy pays Barney a visit on his new beat in Raleigh and learns that Barney is in danger of losing his job. Andy gives him a boost by solving a string of grocery store robberies. The gang of crooks turns out to be the family that rents Barney his room. Andy makes certain Barney gets credit for the arrests, which allows him to keep his job.

#212 Barney Comes to Mayberry 01-23-67
Barney pays a visit to Mayberry and happens to be on the same train with Teena Andrews, a local girl returning for the premiere of her new Hollywood film. When Teena's publicity man learns she used to date Barney when she was known as the homely Irene Flogg, he arranges for the former deputy to escourt her to the premiere. Barney thinks he has sparked a new romance, but learns that Teena is married.

#213 Helen, the Authoress 02-27-67
Helen sells a children's book that she has written. She takes ANdy to visit the Virginia publisher who bought the book. Helen's editor suggests she change her name to Helen Alexian Dubois. Andy becomes jealous when Helen's time is consumed by her writing and work with the editor. He comes to his senses, though, when he realizes he's feeling threatened by Helen's success.

#214 Goodbye Dolly 03-06-67
Opie is asked to care for Dolly, the horse that pulled Walt Simpson's dairy truck. When she refuses to eat, Opie worries that it is his fault. Walt and Opie realize that Dolly is lonely for her old job, so Walt ties her to his new truck and continues to make rounds with her.

#215 Opie's Piano Lesson 03-13-67
Opie talks Andy into letting him take piano lessons. Suddenly, the lessons conflict with football practice. Trying to do both, Opie gets caught when his friend Arnold sits in as a proxy for his half hour on the ivories while Opie quarterbacks the team. The matter is solved when Coach Flip Conroy drops by and tells Opie he can do both. To illustrate his point, Conrot, an ex-New York Giant, sits down and plays a classical work on the piano.

#216 Howard, the Comedian 03-20-67
Howard tries his hand at stand-up when he does a set on "Colonel Tim's Talent Time," a local amateur television showcase. He's a big hit, but he hurts his friends by including their names in his act. He is forgiven when the others realize Howard's fame has rubbed off on them--so they supply him with new material.

#217 Big Brothers 03-27-67
Howard takes on the responsibility of being the Big Brother to a local teen, but ends up getting duped by the boy when Howard falls for the boy's older sister, Betty. Andy catches Howard at the Mount Pilot dance hall where Betty works, and Howard must admit his foolishness.

#218 Opie's Most Unforgettable Character 04-02-67
Andy puffs with pride when he learns Opie has chosen him as the subject of a school essay on his "Most Unforgettable Character." Arnold selects his own father as the subject of his paper. Both boys recieve the same grade--"F." Andy is dismayed, but not nearly as much as when he learns that Opie has written a second paper about Arnold's father that earned an "A." When Andy discovers that Arnold's second paper, which also garnered an "A", was about Andy, he realizes that Opie was to close to him to write anything of intrest.

#219 Goober's Contest 04-10-67
Ernie Gilly's "Line Up For Loot" promotion causes a drop in business at Goober's gas station. Goober decides to hold his own contest. He makes an error at the printer and accidently gives away a coupon worth $200. Floyd ends up with the mistaken prize and demands satisfaction. Since Goober can't pay, Andy must jail him for fraud. It is only a ruse, of course, because as soon as Floyd sees what happened, he demands that his friend be released.