The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1965-1966 Season 6
This started the color episodes

#159 Banjo-playing Deputy 05-03-65
Andy, Struggling to find work for Jerry Miller, a one-man band who has lost his job with a traveling carnival, hires him as a part-time deputy. After realizing he's too incompetent to fill Barney's shoes, he decides to let him go. Before he can give Jerry the bad news, the musician-turned-lawman busts some of his former pals who were responsible for a string of purse snatchings.

#160 Aunt Bee, the Swinger 10-04-65
U.S. Congressman John Canfield retires to live in Mayberry and takes an intrest in Aunt Bee. The two go on a date and immediately begin behaving as if they both just bathed in the fountain of youth. The spring in their steps soon gets sprung when they both realize each has been trying to impress the other by pretending to be full of youthful pep.

#161 Opie's Job 09-13-65
Opie competes with Billy Crenshaw for a job as a box boy at Foley's Market, and after a weeklong trial, wins the position. Opie learns Billy wanted the job to help pay family medical bills, so he cleverly gets himself fired by telling Foley he'd rather be playing baseball. When Andy finds out secondhand that Opie didn't want to work he scolds him and then, hearing his explanation, realizes his son has become a man.

#162 The Bazaar 10-11-65
Jack Burns debuts as Warren Ferguson and doesn't waste any time getting himself in a jam when he arrests eleven bingo-playing church ladies for gambling. Andy urges him to drop the charges, but Warren will not budge until Andy makes his point by tricking Warren into a bet. Once Warren bites, Andy nabs him for the same offence, and Warren, in turn, comes around to Andy's way of thinking.

#163 Andy's Rival 09-20-65
Helen is visited by Frank Smith, a handsome teacher who proves to be a Renaissance man. Even though Smith is there only on scholastic business, Andy becomes jealous. Helen soon is so busy working on a project with Smith that she has to break dates with Andy, who loses his temper and confronts her. Helen tells Andy that she, too, has a career and sometimes must work hard to get ahead. Seems that Andy learned something from the teacher.

#164 Malcolm at the Crossroads 09-27-65
Bernard Fox makes his third and final appearance as Malcolm Merriweather when he takes the job of crossing guard from Ernest T. Bass, also in his final appearance. E.T. vows revenge and challenges Malcolm to a fight. Knowing Malcolm won't stand a chance, Goober tries to teach him how to fight. Just when it looks like curtains, Andy tricks Ernest T. by mentioning Malcolm is part Irish, and Ernest T., part Irish himself, takes his new friend to his busom, patching up the whole mess.

#165 Aunt Bee on TV 11-05-65
Aunt Bee wins many great prizes on the game show "Win or Lose," but loses her friends when she can't stop talking about all the wonderful new things she owns. The whole matter is settled when an agent from the IRS arrives looking for his cut of the booty. Bee then has to give up the prizes and, realizing how she has annoyed her friends, makes up with them.

#166 Off to Hollywood 10-25-65
Andy receives a $1,000 check from the Belmont Film Studio for the rights to his story,"Sheriff Without a Gun." After entertaining all the things they could do with the money, Andy is talked into taking the family to Hollywood to see the filming.

#167 Taylors in Hollywood 11-01-65
The Taylors get their first taste of Hollywood when they arrive to see the filming of Sheriff Without a Gun but are unhappy with the way they are portrayed in the Hollywood version of Andy's story. Aunt Bee is especially annoyed until she sees her role is being played by a younf, attractive blonde.

#168 The Hollywood Party 11-08-65
Helen becomes jealous of Andy's relationship with Sheriff Without a Gun starlet Darlene Mason when she sees publicity photos of the two in Mason's dressing room.

#169 A Warning from Warren 10-15-65
Warren believes he has psychic powers that warn him of impending danger. He tries to stop Andy and Helen from going on a picnic, but the couple ignore Warren's warning. Warren refuses to give up and makes his own prophecy come true by dumping Andy and Helen in the drink when he overturns their rowboat.

#170 A Man's Best Friend 11-29-65
Opie and his friend Tommy play a trick on Goober by placing a tiny transmitter under the collar of Goober's dog Spot. The boys trick Goober into thinking that Spot talks, and Goober wastes no time making a fool of himself. When Andy explains to Goober what the boys have done, the two adults teach the kids a lesson with a dose of their own medicine.

#171 Aunt Bee Takes a Job 12-06-65
Aunt Bee takes part-time work as the receptionist for a new print shop in Mayberry that Andy discovers is a front for counterfeiters. Andy busts the two cons just before they flee town, and Bee returns to the Taylor household to once again keep her house in order.

#172 The Cannon 11-22-65
It's Founder's Day again, and this time Mayberry plays host to a mobile museum that becomes the target of thieves. Just as the crooks are about to make their getaway, their escape is thwarted by Warren when he manages to get the old ornamental cannon working and blast the crooks' station wagon.

#173 Girl-shy 12-20-65
Warren turns out to be a sleepwalker because, after starting to snooze during an "International Secret Agent F-45" film on TV, he turns into an aggressive womanizer. The object of his affections happens to be Helen. Andy, unable to figure out what is going on, is forced to fire Warren, but hires him back when he realizes what has happened.

#174 The Church Organ 12-13-65
Clara pleads for a new organ for the church, and Andy gets the locals to pledge money to buy one from a local farmer. The only problem is that nobody honors his or her pledge. Just when buying the organ appears hopeless, Clara plays a seductive song for the widower who is selling it and the man decides to donate it to the church.

#175 Otis, the Artist 01-03-66
Warren takes a try at reforming Otis by getting him interested in mosaic art. Otid gives it a try, but his work turns out to be as bad as his former habit. He finally does a nice mosaic, but only after priming the pump with liquor.

#176 The Return of Barney Fife 01-10-66
Barney pays a return visit from his palatial suite at the Raleigh YMCA to attend his high school class reunion. This time, the talk of romance centers on him and Thelma Lou. Barney, however, is crushed to learn that she's now married. Trying to drown his sorrows in the fruit punch, Barney finally rallies back after he meets another classmate who professes an admiration for the former Mayberry lawman.

#177 The Legend of Barney Fife 01-17-66
Barney returns to Mayberry and gets a big ego boost when he learns he is the idol of his replacement, Warren. Barney gets as much mileage out of his legendary feats as possible before the news breaks that an wscaped convict is headed to Mayberry. Warren naturally thinks Barney will want to join them on the hunt, so Barney has no choice but to go. Andy steps in and makes Barney appear to be the hero -- saving Barney's pride and Warren'sd fantasy.

#178 Lost and Found 01-24-66
Bee files a claim to collect insurance for the loss of a rare piece of jewelry. After getting the money, she spends it, then finds the missing piece.

#179 Wyatt Earp 01-31-66
A traveling huckster passes through Mayberry with a man he claims to be Clarence Earp, the grandnephew of Wyatt Earp. Clarence puts on a show, living up to his name by bullying everyone in his path. Then, when Andy realizes Opie is impressed with the showman's belief that "a man who can fight is a man who is right," steps in and offends Clarence, who challenges him to a duel. Andy wins by choosing a book as his weapon, proving Clarence is an imposter by checking the Earp family tree.

#180 Aunt Bee Learns to Drive 02-07-66
Aunt Bee becomes "Miss Independent Wheels" when she buts a car from Goober and then must learn to drive. She breaks her promise to Andy not to drive on her learner's permit without a licensed driver accompanying her and backs into a tree. Lighting strikes twice when Andy comes home and accidently bumps into Bee's car, causing him to think he's the one who dented it.

#181 Look, Pa, I'm Dancing 02-14-66
An upcoming school dance has Opie worried he will make a fool of himself by dancing. Andy and Helen bring him around when the two of them get up and dance themselves. Opie figures he couldn't do any worse, so he asks a girl to dance.

#182 Eat your Heart Out 02-28-66
Andy finds himself stuck in the middle between Goober and Flora, the new waitress at the diner. When Flora takes more of a liking to Andy than Goober, Andy must find a way to put her off his scent and on to Goober's.

#183 The Gypsies 02-21-66
Andy runs a band of gypsies out of Mayberry, and in return they curse the town with a drought. When the curse comes true, the whole town starts to believe them. It turns out, however, that the gypsies' magic powers are only in being able to operate a shortwave radio that gives them a jump on the weather conditions.

#184 A Baby in the House 03-07-66
Aunt Bee is asked to baby-sit for relatives while they go away for the weekend. Bee gets upset when each time she picks up the infant it starts to cry. The baby cries because Bee is so nervous when she picks it up. After a while, Bee is worried that the baby is sick, so she forgets to be nervous, holds the baby, and it doesn't cry.

#185 The County Clerk 03-14-66
Jack Dodson makes his debut as the mild-mannered county clerk, Howard Sprague. In this episode, Howard, with the help of Andy and Helen, makes his first attempt to get out from under his mother's thumb. She doesn't give in easily, faking sickness when she learns he plans to go out on a date.

#186 Goober's Replacement 03-28-66
Goober's girlfriend Flora Mallerby offers to fill in for Goober at the filling station while Goober goes on a fishing trip. When Wally realizes that Flora can bring in the customers with her feminine charms, Goober returns to find he's out of a job. Andy intercedes, talking sense into Flora and Wally, and Goober gets reinstated as Nayberry's top pump boy.

#187 The Foster Lady 03-21-66
Because of her natural, honest way, Bee is hired to represent Foster Furniture Polish in its new television advertising campaign. When the commerical is shot, Bee is so nervous in front of the camera she comes off completely false. The ad is canceled, and Bee returns to her normal lifa at home.

#188 The Battle of Mayberry 04-04-66
Opie gets in hot water when he enters an essay contest by writing a paper on the historic Battle of Mayberry, a famous fight between the settlers and the indians that established the town of Mayberry. After interviewing many descendents of the people involved, Opie learns that the battle was nothing more than a misunderstanding caused by too much liquor. The only casualties were one scrawny cow, three deer, and one mule that was mistaken for a deer.

#189 A Singer in Town 04-11-66
Fictional pop singer Keevy Hazelton stops for a fishing vacation and ends up doing a cover of a song written by Bee and Clara on his weekly television show. Visiting the set, the two senior songwriters are upset at what Keevy has done to their song, and when they protest, Keevy performs it as they intended. The lines light up at the studio, and the song is a big hit.