The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1964-1965 Season 5

#128 Barney's Bloodhound 10-26-64
Barney's latest addition to the force is Blue, a stray dog he attempts to train as as crime-fighting bloodhound. The whole scheme backfires when Barney leads Blue to a criminal and the dog likes the lawbreaker better than the law enforcer. Blue comes through eventually, but only by accident. Blue hates the sound of the dog whistle, so Andy tricks the convict into blowing it and Blue attacks the escapee. Andy and Barney are able to nab their man.

#129 Family Visit 10-05-64
Aunt Bee invites her sister Nora and brother-in-law Ollie for a visit. They show up with their rotten kids, and Andy tries his best to act pleasantly. Ollie pushes Andy to the limit when, after keeping him awake all night, he insults a citizen and then takes the squad car fishing. Ollie hears a report of an escaped convict on the loose and then brags that he would like to get his hands on the crooks. Andy plots to call his bluff. Andy phones Ollie from the courthouse and tells him the criminal has been spotted near Mayberry. Andy says that he will pick up Ollie and take him on the manhunt. Within seconds, Ollie, Nora, and the kids are packed and gone.

#130 Aunt Bee's Romance 10-19-64
Aunt Bee gets a letter from her old beau, Roger Hanover, who informs her he will be passing through Mayberry and plans on paying her a visit. Bee is excited, but Andy and Opie soon become annoyed at Roger'd bad jokes and gags. The real reason for Roger's visit is revealed when Roger hints to Andy that if he doesn't fork over $400, he just might have himself a new uncle. Andy calls his bluff, and Roger backs off, packs his bags, and hits the road.

#131 Barney's Physical 10-28-64
On Barney's fifth anniversary with the sheriff's department, Andy learns that Barney's job is in jeopardy when the state passes new height and weight requirements. Andy breaks the news to Barney, who loses his temper and decides to quit. Andy doesn't give in so fast. He gets Bee to fatten him up and uses a harness Asa was given by Doc Harvey to stretch him to meet the new standards.

#132 Opie Loves Helen 09-21-64
When Opie's school dance partner doesn't show for class, Opie is paired with Miss Crump, who unknowlingly waltzes her way into Opie's heart. Andy and Barney realize Opie has a crush when he tells them he wants to spend his entire savings of 74 cents on a gift. Only later do they discover exactly which girl has captured Opie's fancy. Barney discovers that Helen is the lucky gal while relaying a love poem to Opie for his sweetheart. Andy has a man to man chat with Opie, telling him that he's messing with his woman. Opie understands perfectly and backs off.

#133 The Education of Ernest T. Bass 10-12-64
Ernest T. is back in Mayberry to get his diploma. He is so determined that Andy convinces Helen to allow him to attend class. E.T. is so out of control, she has to slap him across the knuckles to get his attention. Helen's discipline causes Ernest T. to fall in love with Andy's girl. Exasperated, Andy explains to Ernest T. that he loves Helen because she represents his "motha figer." Once that's all sorted out, Andy manufactures a diploma that Ernest T. receives in a touching graduation ceremony.

#134 Man in the Middle 11-02-64
Barney and Thel break up and it appears for good. In an effort to console Barney, Andy gets in hot water when Barney misrepresents his words to Thel. The harder they try to work things out, the worse it gets.

#135 Barney's Uniform 11-09-64
On his way back from finding out that Old Man Goss has misplaced his ol' salt and pepper suit, Barney spots Fred Plummer sweeping litter into the street and tickets him. Plummer pays the ticket but vows revenge, threatening to get his money's worth the first time he catches Barney out of uniform. Andy learns of the threat and arranges for Mr. Izamoto(Barney's judo instructor) to dress up in Barney's ol' salt and pepper and teach Plummer a lesson by proxy.

#136 Opie's Fortune 11-16-64
Opie finds a man's purse containing $50 cash. When he tells his pa, Andy puts it away for safekeeping, telling Opie if no one claims it within a week, the money is his. Opie's patience is rewarded, and he buys a new fishing pole. When Opie returns to the courthouse to show it off, Barney and Andy are gone, but the owner of the purse finally shows. Opie realizes he must give the money back and leaves to get the money together. Andy misunderstands Opie's intentions and thinks he is trying to keep the money. Andy scolds him but quickly has a change of heart when he realizes that Opie was trying to return the money to its rightful owner.

#137 Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor 11-23-64
Andy leaves Barney in charge when he goes to Raleigh to interview for another job. Barney immediately starts searching for new deputies. The only guys who show up are Judd, Goober, and Otis. By the time Andy returns, the whole town has practically been turned upside down. Barney tries to cover it up, but Floyd can't mind his tongue and spills the beans.

#138 The Pageant 11-30-64
The town prepares for a performance commemorating the Mayberry Centennial and begins to search for a woman to play the leading role. Aunt Bee thinks she's fit for the part, but when she auditions, she doesn't have the right stuff. Andy is faced with breaking the bad news to her, but he gets himself out of that jam by appealing to Bee's strong sense of responsibility for her family.

#139 The Darling Baby 12-07-64
The Darlings return to Mayberry searching for an appropriate husband for Charlene's newborn girl Andilina. During a social call on the Taylors, Briscoe thinks Opie is the man for the job, so he tries to railroad Andy into a contract of marriage between his son and Briscoe's granddaughter. Andy spooks Briscoe by signing the contract with a pen loaded with disappearing ink. Believing there's witchery in the Taylor bloodline, Briscoe packs up his family and heads back to the hills.

#140 Andy and Helen Have Their Day 12-14-64
When Andy and Helen realize they are so busy they don't have time for each other, Barney decides to give them the gift of a day alone together. Promising to take care of all thier chores, Barney sends them for a Saturday picnic at Myers Lake. It goes very well--for the first two minutes. Then Barney shows up with the first of many problems. Andy eventually gets hauled away by a game warden for fishing without a license. Andy calls Barney to ask him to bring money to a neighboring town's justice of the peace to pay the fine. Barney misunderstands the message and thinks Andy and Helen are about to tie the knot.

#141 Otis Sues the County 12-28-64
Otis falls while leaving the cell, and a lawyer is able to convince him to sue the county for damages. the whole matter ends when Otis remembers that the whole thing happened because he tripped over his own suit coat.

#142 Three Wishes for Opie 12-21-64
Barney gets Andy in trouble with Helen when he summons the two-hundred-year-old spirit of Count Iz Van Tileckie from a kit he bought at an auction and then spreads the rumor that the two are about to be married.

#143 Barney Fife, Realtor 01-04-65
Barney decides to moonlight by selling real estate, but his career is derailed after a huge four-way deal is foiled by the honesty of children.

#144 Goober Takes a Car Apart 01-11-65
Goober promises to mind the phone while Andy is away, but he gets tied up working on Gilly Walker's car. When both Andy and Gilly demand he live up to his promises, Goober decides to kill two birds with one stone by taking Gilly's car apart, reassembling it in the sheriff's officer, and working on it there. Andy returns just in time for the test run and blows his stack. Before Goober can get the car outside again, some state patrolmen show up and mistake Goober's project for a clever car saftey exhibit.

#145 The Rehabilitation of Otis 01-18-65
Barney decides to reform Otis and ends up running him out of Mayberry to do his drinking in Mount Pilot. The lawmen miss Otis so much they take a trip to the neighboring jail to beg him to come home.

#146 The Lucky Letter 01-25-65
Barney recieves a chain letter, and even though he insists he is not superstitious -- just cautios-- Andy shames him into tossing the letter in the trash. As soon as he does so, Barney is caught in a run of bad luck. With the police officers' pistol qualification upcoming, Andy realizes Barney has psyched himself out and needs help. Andy illustrates the ridiculous nature of the situation by bringing in Goober with another copy of the letter. Barney gets the point: Only a boob like Goober would believe in a chain letter. Andy brings a little insurance to the qualification in the form of Thelma Lou. That's all the luck Barney needs. With his woman there to impress, Barney fires a perfect score.

#147 Goober and the Art of Love 02-01-65
Andy and Barney tire of Goober being a fifth wheel on their dates and try to fix him up with a girl of his own. They fix him up with Lydia Crosswaithe. Barney gives Goober a lesson in romance by eavesdropping on Andy while he is having a romantic evening at Helen's. In the end, Goober gets a girl and Andy and Barney have not one but two people to tag along on their evenings out.

#148 Barney Runs for Sheriff 02-08-65
When he gets a job offer that would take him away to South America, Andy convinces Barney to run for sheriff. The offer falls through, but the election goes on. Turning ugly, Barney challenges Andy to a debate and accuses him of malfeasance. The examples he cites are typical Taylor oversights, such as allowing jaywalking, failing to have emergency equipment such as tear gas and submachine guns, and refusing to carry a sidearm. Andy readily admits he is guilty, but Barney backs off, endorsing Andy as the man for the job.

#149 If I Had a Quarter Millin Dollars 02-15-65
While chasing off a hobo, Barney stumbles over a briefcase loaded with $250,000 in cash. When he and Andy find the money is from a bank robbery, Barney goes undercover to catch the thief. Barney openly flashes the money around town as a lure for the crook. Unfortunately, the crook tricks Barney into believing he is an FBI agent on the same case and manages to get the money back during a stakeout. Andy arrives in time with the real federal agent and captures the criminal.

#150 TV or Not TV 03-01-65
An article on Andy entitled "Sheriff Without a Gun" appears in Law and Order magazine, drawing attention from an alleged Hollywood movie company. The movie company is just a front for a gang of robbers who want to pull a heist. The gang is caught in the act when Andy shows up at a "rehearsal" of a bank robbery. Andy doesn't fall for the scheme and hauls them to jail.

#151 Guest in the House 03-08-65
Gloria, the daughter of a close friend of Aunt Bee's, pays the Taylors a visit after having a bad experience with her boyfriend back home. When she arrives, Andy is shocked at how attractive Gloria is, which makes Helen jealous. The matter is resolved when Gloria's beau comes to fetch her.

#152 The Case of the Punch in the Nose 03-15-65
Barney reopens an old case that involved Charley Foley charging Floyd with assault. The incident happened so long ago that nobody recalls how the whole thing began. Barney manages to refresh everyone's memory by staging a reenactment that is so close to the actual event it starts another frenzy of nose punching. Andy gets all those involved to talk out their problems, and it works. Barney discovers that the papers on the case still aren't officially closed, and he goes to the barbershop. He returns with a bloody nose.

#153 Opie's Newspaper 03-22-65
Opie takes his cue from the adults and spices upo a penny newspaper he and his friend Howie publish with gossip he's overheard. When Barney and the Taylors get a look at the new issue, they have to scramble to collect the copies before they are read by the rest of the town.

#154 Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau 03-29-65
Convinced Andy is worried about her, Aunt Bee fabricates a story linking herself romantically with Orville Hendricks, the butter and egg man. Barney learns that Orville, a regular "Chicken Coop Casanova," is married. Andy goes to talk to Orville, who is shocked by the accusation. Bee admits the reason for her transgression, and Andy shows her she is loved at home.

#155 The Arrest of the Fun Girls 04-05-65
Skippy and Daphne pay a return visit to Mayberry and get themselves pulled in intentionally for speeding and reckless driving. Andy and Barney try to get them out of town quietly so that Helen and Thelma Lou don't see them. Nothing about these ladies is quiet, and the boys barely escape with their hides. All returns to normal.

#156 The Luck of Newton Monroe 04-12-65
Andy runs in Newton Monroe, a traveling salesman, for operating a shop from the trunk of his car. When he realizes Monroe is a man down on himself and his luck, Andy tries to build his self-esteem. Monroe makes a mess of every job Andy gives him. Andy sees the horrible job he has done painting Andy's front porch, so Andy repaints it himself but convinces Monroe it was his handiwork. Monroe realizes that he's not inept -- he's "ept." Monroe gives up being a traveling salesman to become a painter.

#157 Opie Flunks Arithmetic 04-19-65
When Opie does poorly in math, Andy overreacts and lords it over his son with an iron hand. Helen finally advises Andy that all work and no play is not the solution. Andy allows Opie to relax, enjoy himself, and be the best he can be.

#158 Opie and the Carnival 04-26-65
The carnival comes to town and takes Opie for a ride. Opie blows the money he saved for Andy's birthday present trying to win an electric razor in the carnival's sharpshooting game. The game is rigged, however. Andy finds uot and sets out to do some fixing of his own. Andy cleans the shelves of prizes and then flashes his badge. He advises the pair of hucksters that when Opie comes to try again, he better walk away with a razor. Opie does win the razor on his own.