The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1963-1964 Season 4

#96 Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee 10-28-63
Briscoe Darling falls under the impression that Aunt Bee is sweet on him, so he decides to court her with the intentions of making her his bride. When he is finished courting, Briscoe kidnaps Bee and takes her back to the Darling cabin. Andy rescues her by convincing Bee to try to reform Briscoe. Bee's attempt to civilize the Darlings causes Briscoe to call off the engagement.

#97 Gomer the House Guest 11-04-63
Wally fires Gomer for talking too much and working to little, and since Gomer lives in the back of the gas station, the firing is also an eviction. Andy offers to take Gomer in, which is when the trouble starts. Before long, the Taylor house has become Wally's West, as Gomer's customers line up for repairs in Andy's driveway. Andy is able to prove to Wally that Gomer is the reason many of his customers come in, so Wally hires him back and Andy's life returns to normal.

#98 The Haunted House 10-07-63
Opie loses his baseball in the old Rimshaw House and is scared off by what he thinks are ghosts. Andy sends Barney out to fetch the ball. Barney forces Gomer to come with him, and they are both scared away by what they, too, believe are ghosts. Andy takes the two of them to the house and discovers the true spook is a moonshiner who has rigged up the house to keep people away.

#99 Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army 10-14-63
Ernest T. wants to join the army to get a uniform that he can wear back to the hills to impress his lovely Romenna. When he is refused induction. Ernest goes on a window breaking rampage. Andy and Barney haul him in, but the jail can't hold him. After Ernest T. tells Andy his reason for coming to town, Andy settles the whole matter by giving him one of Barney's whiplash cord uniforms to take home.

#100 The Sermon for Today 10-21-63
A visiting minister from New York delivers a sermon encouraging the members of the Mayberry congregation to "slow down." Those who are still awake take the message so seriously they spend the Sabbath working themselves to exhaustion in order to arrange a concert in an effort to relax.

#101 Opie the Birdman 09-30-63
Opie accidentally kills a mother bird with his new slingshot and takes it upon himself to raise the orphaned baby birds. After adopting them with the Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, Opie faces the difficult task of setting them free.

#102 A Black Day for Mayberry 11-11-63
A top-secret gold shipment from the Denver Mint to Fort Knox is scheduled to make a stop in Mayberry, and only Andy and Barney know about it. It turns out Barney can't keep a secret and everybody in town knows about the gold. The top secret shipment is greeted with a carnival-like reception and Barney almost blows another secret when he discovers the gold is gone. What Barney did not know was that, at the last minute, the real shipment was diverted and the truck was a decoy.

#103 Opie's Ill-gotten Gain 11-18-63
Opie surprises everyone with a report card of straight A's only to find out later, after Andy rewards him with a new bicycle, that the marks were a mistake. Afraid he's let his pa down, Opie decides to run away and join the navy.

#104 Up in Barney's Room 12-02-63
Barney is evicted from his room at Mrs. Mendelbright's boardinghouse after being caught violating her rules regarding cooking and high wattage bulbs. With nowhere else to go, he moves in temporarily to the back room of the courthouse. When he goes back to beg for his room, he learns that Mrs. Mendlebright is about to sell her home in order to pool assets with her new boyfriend, Mr. Fields, whom she plans to marry. Something about the whole deal doesn't smell right to Barney. Andy finds out Mr. Fields is a con man, and he and Barney save Mrs. Mendelbright from financial ruin.

#105 A Date for Gomer 11-25-63
The big Chamber of Commerce dance is approaching, and Thelma Lou refuse to go with Barney unless he gets a date for her cousin Mary Grace Gossage, who is visiting from out of town. Both Andy and Barney are about to give up when Gomer appears. Just when all seems right, Gomer jumps up and leaves Mary Grace. After the entire evening is ruined, the four return to Thel's to find Mary Grace and Gomer dancing and having the time of their lives. Gomer had just gone off to find her a corsage.

#106 Citizen's Arrest 12-16-63
Barney resigns and spends five days in jail after Gomer turns the tables and places him under citizen's arrest for a u-turn violation. Once Gomer finds out how seriuos the matter has become, he reports a fictitious robbery at the filling station in hopes of pressing Barney back into service.

#107 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 05-19-64
In this episode Gomer joins the Marines. Andy tags along for his first day at boot camp, and, realizing how important it is for Gomer to succed, plants the idea in the head of Drill Sergeant Carter that Gomer is related to Marine General Lucis Pyle. Carter, thinking he's being tested, takes Gomer under his wing and is stuck with him from that point on.

#108 Opie and His Merry Men 12-30-63
Opie plays Robin Hood to his own Sherwood Forest gang and gets involved in stealing from the "rich" Mayberry citizens in order to feed the "poor" hobo whom the gang meets in the woods. Andy goes out to meet their new friend in order to prove to Opie and the others that Andy is a good sheriff and that the hobo has been taking advantage of the kids' good intentions.

#109 Barney and the Cave Rescue 01-06-64
Andy and Helen wander into a cave while on the town picnic and are trapped when the entryway collapses behind them. Barney discovers what has happened and organizes a rescue party. Andy and Helen manage to find a safe exit through a hidden opening on the far end of the cave. Hearing a report of the accident on the radio, he and Helen have to climb back in so Barney can rescue them, saving Barney from becoming the laughingstock of the town.

#110 Andy and Opie's Pal 01-13-64
Opie has a new best friend, Trey Bowden, but before long, friend becomes foe when Andy starts giving Trey some attention. Andy teaches the jealous Opie a lesson when he excludes Barney from their Saturday fishing date. When Opie sees how hurt Barney is, he learns the importance of sharing.

#111 Aunt Bee, the Crusader 01-20-64
Aunt Bee champions the cause of a small farmer who has been forced to sell his farm to make way for a new highway. When Bee leads a group of ladies in a demonstration, Andy and Barney head out to break up the protest and stumble over a group of six stills Farmer Frisbee has hidden under the hen house.

#112 Barney's Sidecar 01-27-64
Determined to nip the speeding on highway 6 in the bud, Barney purchases a motorcycle and sidecar at a military surplus auction. With the town up in arms over Barney's new toy, Andy tricks Barney into donating the motorcycle to a museum.

#113 My Fair Ernest T. Bass 02-03-64
Andy tries to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear when he takes it upon himself to turn Ernest T. into a presentable gentleman. The big test comes at Mrs. Wiley's weekly reception when Andy tries to pass him off as his cousin. Even Andy is surprised at E.T.'s progress when Mrs. Wiley places his accent as being definitely Back Bay Bostonian, but the whole scheme blows up when Bass smashes a vase over the head of a man who won't allow him to cut in for a dance with his chosen woman.

#114 Prisoner of Love 02-10-64
Andy is taken in by the charms of a seductive female prisoner. He can't get the image of her out of his mind and returns to the courthouse just in time to prevent her escape.

#115 Hot Rod Otis 02-17-64
Otis saves up to buy a used car and becomes the object of a full-time surveillance by a worried Barney. After catching Otis leaving a party drunk, the sheriff and deputy play a trick on Otis in order to convince him to give up the car. It works, but it wasn't necessary. When Otis wakes up, he reveals that he had already sold it.

#116 The Song Festers 02-24-64
John Masters discovers Gomer's singing voice and decides to give him the solo in the upcoming concert instead of Barney. When Gomer realizes how important the solo is to Barney he fakes laryngitis, and just before curtain, Andy has to talk Barney into going on. Gomer's trick is discovered when, in his excitement to see Barney, he forgets himself and speaks in a full voice. As a result, Barney refuses his charity, but Andy grabs both of them as the curtain goes up and the solo becomes a trio.

#117 The Shoplifters 03-02-64
The strange disappearance of merchandise from Weaver's Department Store has the Mayberry sheriff's office on a full alert. When all other tactics fail, Barney decides to go undercover as a store mannequin and he catches the thief.

#118 Andy's Vacation 03-09-64
Andy is at wit's end with being sheriff, so he takes a vacation. Leaving Barney and Gomer in charge, he soon realizes that he'll never get any rest at home so he goes camping for a week in the woods. Trouble finds him when a prisoner held temporarily in the Mayberry jail sneaks away from Barney and Gomer and ends up finding Andy's campfire. Andy recognizes the prison garb and nabs him. He even has to capture him a second time after Barney and Gomer let him go again.

#119 Andy Saves Gomer 03-16-64
Andy finds Gomer napping in the garage and snuffs out a small fire in a can full of oily rags. Gomer blows the whole incident out of proportion, and Andy must then deal with Gomer's indebtedness. Gomer offers himself to Andy as a slave for life. Desperate to get rid of Gomer, Andy tries to find a way to even the score by staging his own life-threating mishap. Gomer screws it up and Andy must save his life again, but this time he is able to manufacture a story to get Gomer off his back.

#120 Bargain Day 03-23-64
Diamond Jim's, a new butcher shop, opens and Bee heads there hunting for a bargain. She walks out with a side of beef to put in her last "bargain" purchase-a freezer that she discovers doesn't work. Now stuck with a freezor full of thawing beef she must return to Foley for help, but even though Foley offers to store the contraband, Andy won't allow it and instead buys a brand-new freezer.

#121 Divorce Mountain Style 03-30-64
The Darlings return to arrange a mountain divorce for daughter Charlene. Andy gets involved and gets tagged to be the next husband. He decides to fight fire with fire when Barney discovers a way to curse the proposed union in a book on mountain folklore and superstition.

#122 A Deal is a Deal 04-06-64
Opie and his pals get suckered into selling useless salve in order to win a pony. When one of the boys gives up and sends his salve back, he gets a letter from the Miracle Salve Company advising that he has been blacklisted. Barney and Gomer head to Mount Pilot to "fight fire with fire." Disguised as Dr. Pendyke, D.V.M. Barney fools the two Miracle Salve cons into buying all thier salve back by convincing them it is a miracle cure for the mange. The plan backfires when a trucjload of it arrives at the Taylors' front door addressed to Opie Taylor Sr., the name Gomer used as a alias.

#123 The Fun Girls 04-13-64
Andy and Barney are forced to work late doing inventory and end up saddled with "The Fun Girls" from Mount Pilot--Skippy and Daphne. They end up in hot water when they are caught by Helen and Thelma Lou, who drop by for an unannounced visit. Now with no dates for the big dance, Barney decides they will take Skippy and Daphne, who dump our heroes for Gomer and cousin Goober.

#124 The Return of Malcoom Merriweather 04-20-64
Bernard Fox reprises his role of Malcolm Merriweather when he passes through Mayberry and is enlisted to help at the Taylor house in order to give Aunt Bee a break from her regular workload. The plan backfires when Aunt Bee, feeling useless with nothing to do, becomes listless and takes to bed sick. Malcolm realizes what has happened and gets himself fired by prentending to be drunk on cooking sherry.

#125 The Rumor 04-27-64
Barney starts a rumor that Andy and Helen are about to be married when he spots Andy sneaking a kiss in the jewelry store where Helen is shopping for a gift for her neice. Barney proceeds to alert the entire town, and Aunt Bee decides to redocorate Andy's room--to make it more appropriate for a bride. When Andy and Helen are brought by the house for the surprise, they surprise everyone with the truth. Barney is the goat again, but Andy calms the crowd by telling them he'll pay them all back and give Bee the room she has always wanted.

#126 Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfft! 05-04-64
Gomer drops the bomb on Barney and Thel's romance when, giving her a ride to Mount Pilot, he slips and repeats something Barney said about having Thelma Lou wrapped around his little finger. Thel turns the tables and starts flirting with Gomer to make Barney jealous. Barney becomes fighting mad, but matters get worse when Thel slips and kisses Gomer on the cheek, which to Gomer means that you have to get married. Andy finally steps in and clears up the whole mess by getting Barney to apologize and Thel to take the kiss back.

#127 Back to Nature 05-11-64
Andy takes Opie and his gang on a camping trip. Barney, who tells the boys he's a regular pioneer when it comes to the wilderness, manages to get lost in the woods with Gomer. Andy finds them and manages to trick Barney into finding his way back to camp, where he tells the tale of how he managed to ensnare, clean, and cook a wild pheasant.