The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club

1960-1961 Season 1

#1 The New Housekeeper 10-03-60
In the premiere, Andy asks Aunt Bee to come to Mayberry and help raise his son, Opie, after Rose, their old housekeeper, gets married. Opie refuses to accept Aunt Bee because she does things differently than Rose. Just as Aunt Bee is about to leave the Taylor home, Opie stops her because he realizes that she needs him.

#2 The Manhunt 10-10-60
Andy and Barney are the brunt of jokes by state troopers who come to Mayberry to capture an escaped convict. Andy is able to prove that he is not the country bumpkin the troopers think he is when he captures the convict himself by allowing him to steal his leaky fishing boat.

#3 Guitar Player 10-17-60
Andy helps local guitar player Jim Lindsey (James Best) find a job with "Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat." When Fleet's band arrives for a lunch stop in Mayberry, Andy arrests them for a parking violation and forces them to listen to Lindsey while jailed in the courthouse.

#4 Runaway Kid 11-07-60
Andy finds himself in a dilemma after teaching Opie a lesson about the importance of always keeping your word. Opie has made a sacred trust not to divulge that his new friend, George "Tex" Foley, is a runaway. Andy must grapple with violating Opie's trust or returning the boy to his family and explaining that there is always an exception to every rule.

#5 Opie's Charity 11-28-60
Andy is embarrassed when he mistakenly believes Opie has donated a total of 3 cents to the Underprivileged Children's Drive. Andy scolds Opie after learning he's saving money to buy his girlfriend a present. Later, Andy discovers Opie's true intentions: his girlfriend is underprivileged and he is buying her a winter coat because her mom doesn't have the money.

#6 Ellie Comes to Town 10-24-60
The first outsider to move to town, Ellie May Walker, Ph.G(Pharmacy Gal), arrives to help her uncle at Walker's Drug Store. Before long she is faced with adapting to Mayberry ways after refusing to sell Emma Brand , the town hypochondriac, sugar pills.

#7 Irresistible Andy 10-31-60
Andy gets himself in his first jam with the opposite sex when he wrongly assumes Ellie is out to trap herself a husband. Andy tries to foil her plot when he sends three eligible Mayberry bachelors her way, but Opie helps Ellie uncover Andy's scheme.

#8 A Feud Is a Feud 12-05-60
Andy is caught in the middle of two feuding mountain families when one's son and the other's daughter show up at the Taylor house to be married. Andy brings the feud to an end by bluffing the heads of the families into settling the matter once and for all with a duel.

#9 Andy, the Mathcmaker 11-14-60
In the shows first try at finding a girl for Barney, the deputy is brought together with Miss Rosemary after Andy tricks him by deciding to declare for her himself.

#10 Stranger in Town 12-26-60
Ed Sawyer, a mysterious stranger, arrives in Mayberry and puts the entire town on edge when he displays an eerie familiarity with the town's people, places, and things. Andy finally confronts Sawyer and learns that he is neither a foreign spy nor a spook, but only a man without a home.

#11 Christmas Story 12-19-60
Andy and barney keep the spirit of Christmas alive for Sam Muggins and his family after the town Scrooge, Ben Weaver, demands Andy keep Muggins icarcerated for running a still. After being accidently inoculated with a little of the courthouse's Christmas spirit, Weaver comes around and manages to get himself arrested so he can bring gifts for all.

#12 Ellie for Council 12-12-60
Ellie runs for office, breaking the Mayberry tradition of what had been an all-male town council. Once again, Andy learns a lesson from Opie when he hears his own antiwoman opinions parroted by his son. Realizing the error of his ways, Andy speaks in favor of Ellie, rallying the citizenry to her side.

#13 Mayberry Goes Hollywood 01-02-61
A hollywood producer visits Mayberry and, taken with the town's charm, decides to use it as the setting of a new film. The town members become screen-struck and busily go about giving Mayberry a face-lift, changing everything the producer liked. Just before the citizens are about to cut down a landmark oak tree, the producer stops them and tells them what Mayberry's appeal was to him: the townspeople's simple, honest, down-to-earth ways.

#14 The Horse Trader 01-09-61
Andy proves fallible when he cons a traveling antique dealer into buying the town's old cannon with a fabulously fictional story of the cannon's glorious past. Opie follows his father's example and cons a friend of his into trading roller skates for some "licorice seeds" that Opie got in a bad trade for his cap pistol. Andy, again seeing his own actions mirrored by his son, turns around and makes ammends for his bad dealings.

#15 Those Gossipin' Men 01-16-60
Aunt Bee teaches Andy a lesson after he ridicules the Mayberry women for being such terrible gossips. Bee sets a trap to prove the men are just as bad by planting the seed of a rumor that ends up leading most of the Mayberry males to the hotel room of a mild-mannered shoe salesman. The men are convinced he is a talent scout for the fictitious TV show "Manhattan Show Time."

#16 Andy Saves Barney's Morale 02-20-61
When Andy is called out of town, Barney gets his first chance as Actin' Sheriff of Mayberry and jails twenty citizens, including the bank president, Mayor Pike, and Aunt Bee. Andy returns and promptly dismisses all the prisoners. Barney is so discouraged that he threatens to quit, so Andy spreads the word that he might have to let Barney go. The citizens return, jail themselves, and demand they be tried as charged.

#17 Alcohol and Old Lace 01-30-61
Based on an idea from a Broadway play, Andy and Barney run down moonshiners with the help of the Morrison sisters, Jannifer and Clara Belle. With more help from Opie, they discover that the Morrison sisters are themselves running a still--and running their competition out of business. When Opie brings flowers back to the courthouse preserved in a mason jar full of moon, Barney and Andy realize what is happening and go to destroy the still.

#18 Andy, the Marriage Counselor 02-06-61
The battling Boones, husband and wife, are engaged in an ongoing battle royal. Andy decides to put an end to their bickering by putting them on a probationary program of daily niceties. His brilliant idea backfires when the Boones turn nasty toward the rest of the town. Finally, Andy gives in when he realizes the couple's way of expressing their love for each other is based on their freedom to fight.

#19 Mayberry on Record 02-13-61
Mr. Maxwell, an independent record producer, passes through Mayberry and records some of the local talent. After Barney, Floyd, and several other locals invest some money with Maxwell, Andy becomes suspicious. Having convinced the town they've been conned, Andy has to eat his words when Maxwell returns with the syndicate's first dividend check.

#20 The Beauty Contest 01-23-61
Andy finds himself the center of attention when chosen to jude the Founder's Day beauty contest. Everyone in town tries to persuade him to get behind his or her pick. His solution, at the last moment, is to award the honor to an older woman, Erma Bishop, whose selfless work qualifies her as the woman who is most suited to wear the crown.

#21 Andy and the Gentleman Crook 02-27-61
The legendary con artist Gentleman Dan Caldwell arrives for a stopover in the mayberry jail and quickly beguiles Aunt Bee, Opie, and Barney with his charm and sophistication. When Barney is left alone to watch him, Caldwell reels him into his web, takes his gun, and manages to escape. Before he reaches the courthouse door, Andy walks in with Aunt Bee and Opie, who are able to see through Caldwell's charismatic veneer.

#22 Cyrano Andy 03-06-61
Andy is caught in the middle of a misunderstanding between Barney and Thelma Lou. The victim of Thel's scheme to make Barney jealous, Andy is cast as a rival for Thelma Lou's affections. Andy finally manages to work his way out of the mess and brings the two lovebirds back together.

#23 Andy and Opie, Housekeepers 03-13-61
Aunt Bee leaves for Mount Pilot after Cousin Edgar calls to tell her Maude has taken ill. Within hours, the Taylor house has become a lion's den, and Andy and Opie must enlist the help of Bee's friend Bertha to get it back in order before Bee returns. Andy realizes that Bee's feelings will be hurt is she thinks they don't need her and promptly dispatches Opie to mess the place up again. After discovering the newly made mess, Bee feels wanted again and all is well--until Bertha shows up.

#24 The New Doctor 03-27-61
Barney convinces Andy that handsome, young Dr. Robert Benson is moving in on Ellie. Andy decides to act and steps between these "two people lost in a world of pills" to claim Ellie's hand. When he learns that Dr. Benson is actually about to be married to someone else, Andy is forced into a proposal. Ellie, though, turns him down.

#25 A Plaque for Mayberry 04-03-61
After discovering the descendant of a local Revolutionary War hero sought for a commendation by the Women's Historical Society is none other than Otis Campbell, the mayor and town council pressure Andt to tell Otis he is no longer getting the award. Andy stands by his friend, and Otis comes through woth flying colors.

#26 The Inspector 04-10-61
The state inspector visits the Mayberry jail to check on police procedures and is horrified at the lackadaisical approaches he finds. After threats to remove Andy from office, he accompanies him on a call to a local moonshiner and discovers Andy is more of a lawman than he had imagined.

#27 Ellie Saves a Female 04-17-61
Reprising the feminist theme, Ellie decides to liberate local farmer's daughter Francine Flint against the strong objections of her father. Andy finds peace by convincing Farmer Flint that you have a better chance of catching bees, or in this case an extra hand, by using honey.

#28 Andy Forcloses 04-24-61
Ben Weaver is up to his Scrooge-like tactics again; this time he is out to evict the Scoby family from their home. He is foiled by some of Andy's patented reverse psychology.

#29 Quiet Sam 05-01-61
Barney becomes suspicious of the odd habits of Sam, an unfamiliar farmer. Sam is acting strangely because his wife is about to give birth to their first child and he has nobody to help him. With the local doctor unavailable, Andy and Barney come to the rescue. Andy winds up not only delivering the child but also baby-sitting Barney.

#30 Barney Gets His Man 05-08-61
Barney accidentally nabs bad-guy bank robber Eddie Brooks while issuing him a ticket for littering. Brooks tries to escape after spotting state troopers, but the troopers get their man. Before Brooks is carted off, he makes a point of promising revenge on the bumbling deputy responsible for his capture. Brooks manages to escape and is last seen making a beeline to Mayberry. Andy orchestrates Brooks's recapture, tricking Barney into firing his gun (directly at Andy), which induces Brooks to surrender.

#31 The Guitar Player Returns 05-15-61
Hometown hero Jim Lindsey makes a flashy return, but the town soon suspects he is not the big star he appears to be. After Andy investigates, he learns Jim cannot pay his bills. Furthermore, a collection agent shows up in Mayberry to repossess Jim's new Merecedes. Andy takes matters into his own hands, calls in Bobby Fleet, and Bobby and Jim patch up their creative differences.

#32 Bringing Up Opie 05-22-61
Opie is banned from the friendly confines of the Mayberry courthouse when Aunt Bee decides it is not an atmosphere conducive to the proper upbringing of a young boy. Andy goes along with Bee's wishes until Opie wanders off and turns up miles away in another town. After his return, Bee agrees that father and son are better off together than apart.