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Volume 6, Issue 1

January 17, 2006

"The eBullet"
An Online newsletter of
"The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club (TAGSRWC)
Volume 6, Issue 1
January 16, 2006

Welcome to our first “eBullet” for 2006!  This was actually scheduled to be the last issue of 2005, but Cousin Virgil and Newton Monroe helped Goober put it together, and they decided to give it a little more polishing and a second coat of paint before sending it out.  Plus we were waiting on a few last-minute tidbits of news to develop.



   The next night, April 22, Jim Nabors will be inducted into the Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame.  The gala (black-tie) evening will take place at Shelton State Community College (home of the Hall of Fame).  Ronnie Schell, Barbara Stuart and Elizabeth MacRae are among the stars who will be on hand to help Jim Nabors celebrate that night.  The other inductee into the Hall of Fame this year is Rick Bernstein, HBO Sports Executive Producer.  Among those on hand to honor him will be NFL analyst and former Cincinnati Bengals star Cris Collinsworth.  The time for the Hall of Fame ceremony is TBA, but will be around 7:30 p.m.  Ticket and info are available on the same schedule and through the same number listed above for the Friday portion of the weekend.

   Check our Event Calendar online as more details become available about the exciting weekend.


   Check our Event Calendar online between issues for continual updates as new info becomes available.  The calendar is located at http://www.iMayberry.com/tagsrwc/wbmutbb/anewsome/private/calendar.htm


**** NEWS OF CAST & CREW ****

   ANDY GRIFFITH has a supporting part as Old Joe in Waitress, a film starring Keri Russell that began filming in December.  When Andy has acting work, he and wife Cindi are spending more time at their home in the L.A. area.

   DON KNOTTS has been doing more voices than on-camera acting during the last year.  Chicken Little was a big hit in theaters during the holiday season (Don is the voice of the Turkey Mayor).  The “Hermie” videos, in which Don is the voice of Wormie, continue to be popular as well.

   RON HOWARD and Imagine Entertainment partner Brian Grazer made a presentation about the film business at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, N.Y., in early December.  The next night Ron was honored with the Moving Image Award in gala event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.  That salute to Ron has been airing on the Bravo channel in January.

   Ron is now in post-production work on The Da Vinci Code, which is one of the most highly anticipated films for 2006.

   Ron’s father Rance and brother Clint Howard both have been busy with films in various stages of production during the last few months, and they have full schedules in the months ahead, including a couple of films together.  One of Clint’s most visible recent screen roles was as an INS agent in Fun with Dick and Jane starring Jim Carrey.  (The holiday release is still in some theaters.)

   JIM NABORS had another successful production of his “Merry Christmas with Friends and Nabors” concerts in Honolulu in December.  As noted in the Event Calendar, he is also being inducted into the Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame in April.

   GEORGE LINDSEY recently returned from his first appearance of 2006, a show in Cypress Gardens, Fla.  George says that he enjoyed spending part of the holidays with his family, including his son, daughter, and grandson, all of whom came from California to Nashville.  George marked his birthday in December at a celebration with several dozen friends.

   George is very excited about his film festival, which has a record number (well over 200) entries this year.  Academy Award nominees Diane Ladd and Graham Greene are among those expected to attend this year’s festival in conjunction with the premiere of the film When I Find the Ocean.

   JAMES BEST is doing a couple of car shows this winter in conjunction with “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV show.  (One was Jan. 14; the other is in our Event Calendar for February.)  He also has been painting up a storm and is working on putting together the film production for his screenplay Hell-Bent for Good Times.

   Darlings boy MITCH JAYNE was the subject of nice profile in a Fall 2005 issue of Rural Missouri magazine.  Mitch continues to keep a full schedule with lecturing about language and the Ozarks and such and writing a weekly column for The Current Wave newspaper in Eminence, Mo.

   RONNIE SCHELL says he’s having a ball doing “Senior Class” again in Palm Springs (through April).  He’s also pleased that “Good Morning World,” the TV series he did in the late 1960s with Goldie Hawn and  superb cast and crew (including direction by Carl Reiner, who also produced the series with Sheldon Leonard) is now on home video with all 26 episodes.  The show has been nearly impossible to find for three decades.

   It is with sorrow that we once again report the deaths of several people who had roles on TAGS or were closely associated with Mayberry.

   KEITH ANDES, who played publisher Roger Bryant in “Helen the Authoress” (Episode #213), died at his home in Santa Clarita, Calif., on Nov. 11.  He was 85. 

   Keith Andes was born John Charles Andes in Ocean City, N.J., on July 12, 1920.  He became a busy actor of stage and screen and was known for his fine singing as well as his acting skills.  He began getting leading-man roles during the late forties and into the 1950s.  He appeared in The Farmer’s Daughter with Loretta Young in 1947 and opposite Marilyn Monroe in 1952’s Clash by Night.  His commanding presence landed him the role of Gen. George C. Marshall in Tora! Tora Tora!” in 1970.

   Around Mayberry and Richmond, Keith Andes will always be remembered as the man whose character obliviously editorialized Andy Taylor’s by calling him “Sandy.”

   JOEL REDLIN, who played Clara’s nephew Ferdie in “A Singer in Town” (Episode #189, died in Los Angeles on Nov. 15.  He was 78 years old.  Though he had a one-time and relatively small part on TAGS as goofy accordion player Ferdie, Joel Redlin enjoyed his association with TAGS and kept up on Mayberry news through TAGSRWC’s publications through the years.  And he was without a doubt the best accordion player around Mayberry.

   BEVERLY TYLER, who played Barney’s fiancée Gladys (a.k.a. Melissa) Stevens during their brief, low-wattage romance in “Barney on the Rebound” (Episode #36), died of pulmonary embolism in Reno, N.V. Nov. 23.  She was 78. 

   Her stop in Mayberry was one of Beverly’s last film roles, though she continued acting a little in theater productions around Reno for a few years after marrying writer Jim Jordan Jr. in 1962.  Born Beverly Jean Saul in Scranton, Penn., on July 5, 1927, she was a busy film star in the 1950s, including two westerns with Mayberry’s James Best (Cimarron Kid and The Battle at Apache Pass).  She had remained in touch with Mayberry goings-on through the years.  She is survived by her son and three stepdaughters.

   MARY JACKSON, who played Mrs. Parnell Rigsby in “Opie’s Fortune” (Episode #136) and Mrs. Vogel in “The Senior Play” (Episode #197), died at home in Los Angeles in on Dec. 10. She was 95.  Born in Milford, Mich. on Nov. 22, 1910, Mary Jackson was probably best known as Emma Baldwin, one of the spinster Baldwin sisters on “The Waltons.”  In Mayberry, her calling of “Parnell!  Parnell!” when reporting that Andy and Barney were returning his missing money will always bring a smile to our ears.

   NORMAN LEAVITT, whose several roles in Mayberry included filling station owner Wally, died on Dec. 11 in Los Angeles.  He was 92.  Born in Lansing, Mich., on Dec. 1, 1913, he was active in the early days of film and then TV.  His list of credits, often in small roles in classic movies, is about as lengthy as for any character actor working between the 1940s and the 1970s. 

   In Mayberry alone he played five characters in six episodes.  He played Cal at the roadblock in “Manhunt” (Episode #2), gets hit by the pitcher of water as Gil in “Andy the Marriage Counselor” (Episode #18), sees Barney’s body block in “Barney Gets His Man” (Episode #30), plays Councilman Ralph (“here, here”) in “The Mayberry Band” (Episode #72), and then appears twice as Wally in “Lawman Barney” (Episode #73) and “Man in a Hurry” (Episode #77).  It is probably his diagnosis of Man-in-a-Hurry Malcolm Tucker’s clogged fuel line that will bring the most smiles to Mayberry for years to come.

   ARGENTINA BRUNETTI, who played Queen LaFarona in “The Gypsies” (Episode #183), died on Dec. 20 at her home in Rome.  She was 98.  She had dozens upon dozens of roles in movies and TV in a career that spanned from the 1940s to the Millennium.  Her films included It’s a Wonderful Life and The Shakiest Gun in the West.  Born in Buenos Aires on August 31, 1907, Argentina Brunetti began acting at age 3.  At the time of her death, she was still working.  She was writing a novel about show business and she had an active Web site to which she regularly contributed (http://www.argentinabrunetti.com).  As one would expect of a gypsy queen passing through Mayberry, she knew a lot of stories about Hollywood (maybe that short-wave radio the gypsies had could pick up Hollywood news as well as the weather!) and was beloved by generations of fans and her peers in the movie business.

   ROY STUART, who played Corporal Chuck Boyle on “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”, died in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Dec. 25, of complications of cancer.  He was 78.  Born in Bronx, N.Y., on July 17, 1927, he had a long and varied career on stage (including Broadway), in movies and on TV.  He appeared in more than 100 TV commercials.  His film credits include a role in The Love God? with Don Knotts.  Though he never appeared on TAGS, his long association with Mayberry’s extended family of “Gomer Pyle” merits mention.  In recent years, he had even expressed interest in attending some of the Mayberry reunion shows that included some of his fellow “Gomer Pyle” stars, such as Barbara Stuart, Ronnie Schell, and Elizabeth MacRae, all of whom did appear on TAGS.  Roy Stuart was universally liked by all who got to work with him.

   CLYDE CLIFTON “SAPPO” BLACK died in Jasper, Ala., on Dec. 26.  He was never on an episode of TAGS, but he was a part of Mayberry.  He was George Lindsey’s best friend from childhood onward.  If you’ve seen George perform on stage, you’ve heard him talk about Sappo.  George has a whole section of his act devoted to Sappo jokes.  Sappo and his wife, Missy, were often in the audience for George’s shows.  George and Sappo were present for the important events in each other’s lives throughout their lives.  George included an entire chapter about Sappo in his autobiography, Goober in a Nutshell.  A lot of Mayberry fans and friends got to know Sappo over the years, so we wanted to include mention of his passing here.

   And that’s about all the sadness from a sad year that we can report in one issue, so we’ll just take this opportunity to express or heartfelt sympathies to the families and friends of the members of the Mayberry family that we lost in 2005.  We remember you and will continue to do so.  We are thankful for the Mayberry memories you have given us.




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Note: A handful of episodes on the Fourth Season DVD set do not have their original laugh tracks included.  Paramount has not yet provided an explanation for the lack of laugh tracks on these selected episodes, but it applies to all of the Fourth Season DVD sets.  Some fans find a lack of a laugh track on a few episodes to be refreshing, while others miss the canned laughter.  In any case, love it or hate it, that's the way a few of the episodes in all of the Fourth Season DVD sets are.  Just so you know.  (We'll provide updates from Paramount as we receive them.)

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While TAGSRWC and Weaver’s have several ongoing efforts to help people suffering from last year’s hurricane damage (straight donations to relief agencies and the sales of Goober’s Grab-Bag of Goob Stuff above are the two main ones so far), Mr. Weaver got to studying about how he could do even more. 

   He looked at the 12 designs of painted, wooden Mayberry building fronts that we’ve sold for the last five or six years.  The limited-edition building fronts are out of production now, but Mr. Weaver still has some.  Wouldn’t it be great to use the sales of these building fronts to raise money for those who have lost their homes? Mr. Weaver thought. 

   And so it is that Weaver’s is now donating all profits from the sale of our wooden Mayberry building fronts to Habitat for Humanity.  We’ll be ear-marking the donations specifically for Habitat’s efforts in areas hit by Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

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1. The Darlin’ Boys
2. There Is a Time
3. (I Wish Life Was Like) The Andy Griffith Show
4. There Goes the Neighborhood
5. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
6. Doug's Tune
7. Wicker Rocking Chair
8. Ebo Walker
9. Salty Dog Blues
10. Banjo in the Hollow
11. Dooley
12. The Mayberry Hat
13. Mayberry Moment
14. Wet Shoes in the Sunset

   That’s 13 outstanding tracks of Mayberry and Mayberry-esque music, plus a track with Rodney’s personal reflections about what it means to have a Mayberry life.  Price: $15.00

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We’re proud to welcome three new chapters since the last “eBullet.”  They are:

Andyology                                                                                             Hammond, La.
“You Look Just Like Your Maw”                                                               Inman, S.C.
“I Didn’t Know You Stranged”                                                                  Moundville, Ala.

    That brings our total number of chapters since TAGSRWC was founded in 1979 to 1,287.

   If you are interested in starting a chapter of TAGSRWC, all you have to do is pick a name that has not already been chosen and submit a list of your founding members by postal mail.  What you do as a chapter is entirely up to you.  Your group can do as much or as little as you like.  Or write to us also if you would like to contact a chapter near you.  Our address is TAGSRWC, 9 Music Square South, PMB 146, Nashville, TN  37203-3286.


**** CHAPTER NEWS ****

   Many chapters were active with the usual gatherings during the holidays, but otherwise the 45th Anniversary year of TAGS wound down quietly, which always seems just about right for Mayberry.  Several chapters and others are organizing events with cast members for 2006 (see the Event Calendar for early news about some), and it looks likely that this year may actually have more Mayberry activity than last year’s milestone Anniversary year.

   “Doggone Firefly Hit Me…Knocked Me Right Down” chapter (Huntingburg, Ind.) sent out a holiday edition of its Firefly newsletter and is working on an issue for its 15th Anniversary as a chapter.

   “Barney’s One-Bullet Volunteers” chapter (Morristown, Tenn.) put together a memorabilia and cultural display about TAGS and Mayberry at the town’s Rose Center (“Morristown’s cultural center”) to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of TAGS.  The display was up throughout November and December.

  Correction: In our last issue, we incorrectly identified the winning team in Mayberry Days Bowling Tournament.  The team winner was Goober’s Service Station headed by Tim “Goober” Pettigrew.  I guess you could say our first report was “a decoy…Shazam!”

   At this time of year, most chapters are just hunkering down and hibernating for the winter and resting up for full new year of Mayberry excitement.  With our local broadcasts, TV Land and four (and soon five) seasons on DVD, we should have what we need to make it until we “welcome sweet springtime.”


Answers to Miss Crump’s Mayberry Quiz #66

   In one of our toughest quizzes to date, Miss Crump’s substitute quizmaster (trivia champ Dennis Beal) stumped a lot of folks.  Several folks got a lot of questions right and just missed one or two.  Dennis didn’t achieve a total skunking of the class because one person did get all the answers right.  And the winner of this quiz therefore is…Barbara Adams of Gainesville, Fla.  Way to go Barbara!  She receives her choice of any single item available at online at our Weaver’s Dept. Store, except items in the Collectibles areas, such as scripts and Hawthorne ceramic buildings.  Boxed sets of TAGS videos also are not considered a single item.  (We “ain’t no Rockefeller!”)

   Here are the answers Dennis was looking for:

   1. Somebody in Mayberry whose hair turned orange when he or she tried dyeing it blonde was Agnes Drumhiller (Frizzy), which we find out from Floyd when Andy’s “Cousin” Gloria is visiting.

   2. Six people who have served as Sheriff of Mayberry include Andy Taylor, Barney Fife, Pinkley, Fred Paley, Dale Buckley (all mentioned during the turmoil preceding Gomer’s “citizen’s arrest”) and Poindexter, who is mentioned amid the resolution of Floyd Lawson and Charlie Foley’s nose-punching spree.

   3. According to Barney, someone in Mayberry who is “as ugly as homemade soup” (or more typographically correct, “soap”) is Mrs. Devereaux, which we find out when Ernest T. Bass is trying to join the Army.

   4. Three distinct instances where “John Wayne” is mentioned around Mayberrians include when Andy guesses that Gomer has seen a John Wayne movie (when Gomer announces that he has signed up for the Marines), when Opie says that he hopes to meet John Wayne (when the Taylors are off to Hollywood) and when Goober tells Sam Jones that he has a picture of John Wayne during the time when Mike Jones is idolizing Opie.

   5. Two distinct instances when a brother of Aunt Bee Taylor is mentioned include when Andy says that Aunt Bee “won’t even allow fruitcake in the house, on account of a brother she had” and during the time when Howard is trying to buy Floyd’s Barbershop and Aunt Bee says that she used to cut her brother’s hair.

   BONUS: Someone who is known to have worked at the library in Mayberry could be either Mrs. Armbruster (or Armbrister), which is mentioned when Mayberry is putting on its Centennial Pageant, or Miss Hartzell, who is said to be a librarian during the “return of Barney Fife” to Mayberry.

   BONUS BONUS: Someone who has served as the official newspaper delivery person for the Andy Taylor household is the Thompson boy, which we learn during the time when Aunt Bee has lost her prized broach.


Miss Crump’s Mayberry Quiz # 67

Miss Crump is back from her hiatus.  She thanks her substitutes Dennis Beal and Paul Mulik for their fine service while she took a break.  It’s too bad that, as former teachers, Dennis and Paul are no longer eligible to compete for prizes in Miss Crump’s Quizzes.  (What’s that?  You boys didn’t read that clause in the verbal agreement of your substitute teacher’s contract?  You see, it’s sort of like when Barney couldn’t sing with the choir any more after winning prize money.  Dennis and Paul no longer have amateur status in Mayberry trivia.)  Their loss is everybody else’s gain.  Of course, with folks like Barbara Adams and Stan Nicholson out there, it’s still a tough field.  (And Dennis and Paul are still encouraged to enter in order to keep a sharp edge for Mayberry Days and other contests.)

   But enough yammering from Old Lady Crump.  Here’s this issue’s quiz:

   1. Name an instance when Wyoming is mentioned in Mayberry?

   2. Identify four babies who are seen or talked to in Mayberry.  (Babies in this case are children who are young enough to be in a baby carriage and/or are not old enough to walk upright without assistance.)

   3. Name five distinct instances when something or somebody in Mayberry is described as being a rose or like a rose.

   4. Whose first husband is reported to have gotten run over by a team of hogs?

   5. Which Mayberrian would have to be considered the most likely to be a close enough look-alike to Ed Jenkins that he or she could be his twin?  (And also probably one of the few Mayberrians who could enjoy sorting his or her way through that syntax!)

   BONUS: Identify six humans in or around Mayberry who have been seen either up in a live tree or fastened to one.

   The deadline for entries to be postmarked (when sent to TAGSRWC’s HQ in Nashville) or sent by e-mail to MissCrump@iMayberry.com is February 25, 2006.  We’ll print the answers and announce the winner in “The eBullet” shortly after the deadline.  The prize is the same as in the last issue: Any single item that’s not in one of the collectible sections of Weaver’s online.  Good luck and have fun!  And remember, it doesn’t always take a perfect score to win at Miss Crump’s Quiz.  And Miss Crump has been known to have soft moments when she awards a prize to more than just the top score in order to encourage her pupils, so just you never know.  It’s worth a shot.


**** POSTNOTE ****

Between issues of “The eBullet,” keep up with the goings-on in Mayberry with the more-or-less daily “Who’s Been Messin’ Up the Bulletin Board?” Digest.  It’s a free subscriber list that consists entirely of comments, newsflashes and questions and answers from subscribers.  You can sign up for that list by going to the “Mailing Lists” link at http://tagsrwc.com.

   TAGSRWC also publishes “Weaver’s Newsletter” in more-or-less alternate months to “The eBullet.”  Like “The eBullet,” the “Weaver’s Newsletter” is free.  Its focus is mainly on new Mayberry merchandise and collectibles and quick newsflashes.  To sign up, go to http://www.tagsrwc.com/ebullet/joinebullet.htm.

   TAGSRWC’s other main vehicle for Mayberry information is simply our Web site at http://www.tagsrwc.com (and it’s nearly identical sister site http://www.iMayberry.com.  It has extensive content and links for just about everything a Mayberry fan might be looking for.

   The next issue of “The eBullet” is scheduled for late February, with a “Weaver’s Newsletter” planned in the meantime.