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Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop .  .  . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand .  .  .  . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

June 18, 2019 - Msg 112399: Oh, I forgot to mention, June 18 is 43 years for me and the missus! I posted a pic on my FB page.

June 18, 2019 - Msg 112400: See, I even swept the porch to make things all nice lookin'! :)

June 18, 2019 - Msg 112401: Happy Anniversary to the Cousin’s of Mr. Darling...We wish y’all many more!..”43”...SHAZZAM.....G-F

June 18, 2019 - Msg 112402: Good morning all.

Happy anniversary MDC. Good on you and the little lady on 43 years of bliss. The years just fly by don't they? I think you need to take her out to dinner tonight and let her have both soup and salad. Live it up! :)

I got a phone call last night from my son in law. My Daughter Stacey was in the E.R. and they were prepping her for an emergency appendectomy. Thank the Lord everything went well and she is fine. Sore but fine. A long night for sure.

Well I hope all is well with everyone. Nice sweep MDC.


June 18, 2019 - Msg 112403: ASA...who said anything about "bliss?" ha, just kidding.
Cecile can order the pounded steak tonight at Morelli's! :)

June 18, 2019 - Msg 112404: Well MDC, just don't call her a "fishwife". They don't cotton to it. And be sure to slip that violinist a quarter. They can be moody you know.

Ro or Boo, I was talking to Stacey this morning and she was saying when she woke after her surgery last night, she was unable to breathe. She was kind of freaking out, but they gave her some oxygen. They said there was a name for it, but she can't remember what they said. Either of you know what she is talking about?


June 18, 2019 - Msg 112405: Poor Stacey! So glad she is ok. As far as shortness of breath after surgery, she was probably experiencing something called Atalectasis. Not totally uncommon. Probably feels very scary at the time, though.

Matt is finally home and following up with the family doctor who is so kind. He is a Christian man (Catholic) and is doing matt's labs at his cost so he only has to pay 30 dollars. So, things are going well and Matt hasn't smoked or had a drink since he got home. God help him, please. He actually went to the skating rink with Emily today, but didn't slate, himself of course. He is on 2 blood thinners right now so has to be very careful.

Today was a pretty good day. I picked up Erin and her friend and they spent the day with me. No problems came up and everyone got along well. She is starting to open up and allow herself to reconnect with Bruce some. The sweet family she has been staying with is going through something very difficult right now. The mother, who has a 3 and a 5 year old has newly diagnosed breast cancer and is already having trouble meeting the deductibles from the tests. She is going to require a mastectomy in a week. I think it is just stage 1 so she has a good chance. If you feel led, please say a prayer for Anna. Bruce wrote a check to her to help compensate for any expenses from having Erin in their home, and I pray she will accept it. She is a school principal and her husband is a high school science teacher and they foster a teenaged girl. They are good, giving people who are really going through a rough patch.

Sean is still in Florida but no longer at Disney World. He got some blisters on his feet the second day there and he said it was miserably hot but he did enjoy most of it. He is back in St. Petersburg now just taking it easy and liking that just fine. The friends he is visiting got him a nice B&B to stay in and he is living the high life and eating out every night.

I finally have a few days off after my 5 day stretch so been doing my share of chores today. I will be tackling the laundry tomorrow. I hope to get a new washer and dryer soon. These are 10 years old now and are the energy saver ones that use less water but take longer to do each load. It take me all day to do laundry because of it. When I get new ones, they will be the standard top-loading type.

Anyhow, better get my feet up and rest awhile. Hope you all are well and blessed.


June 18, 2019 - Msg 112406: PS-and news on the new puppy, Romeena? I am getting antsy! I pray your new pup will bring you as much joy and laughter as my Poopsie gives us. She is learning so quickly and a smart little cookie, for sure. She now will stop at the door instead of charging out. Erin took her outside to run and play today and she was really good and didn't run off. You should see that little streak of white running her little legs off out there! She is now passed out on my quilt on the ottoman.


June 18, 2019 - Msg 112407: Oh, and I have to brag a little more. Poopsie loves to fetch but we never taught her to bring things back to us. Her favorite thing is to place hide and seek. When I throw a toy, she charges after it but then wants me to chase her around the furniture and try to get it from her. She will play that way forever but the other day she had her toy in her mouth and I said, "Do you want me to throw it?"...(just talking to myself, never imagining that she would understand what I said), and as soon as I said it, she placed the toy on the floor and waited. I thought it had to be a coincidence so I threw the toy and after she retrieved it a few time, I tried it again. I looked her in the eye and said, "You want me to throw it?" and again she placed the toy on the floor in front of her and waited. She did the same several times and still does it. I was flabbergasted. I guess I didn't realize how smart these little things can be! I never knowingly taught her anything like that but she just picked it up. Once I thought about it, I remember that most of the time I throw her toys for her I will say, "You want me to throw it?". Sweet little thing was paying attention! lol


June 19, 2019 - Msg 112408: Meanwhile Poopsie is bragging to her canine buddies how she has her master trained. "All I have to do is place my toy in front of me and wait, and then Mommy says something and throws it for me. She is so smart". hee hee hee. I will for sure add Anna to my prayers list. Glad they caught it so early. Thanks for the response to Stacey's event. And glad to see Matt is progressing so well. I hope it stays that way for him.

Well I wonder how MDC did on his anniversary night. You reckon he and Cecile got all kissy faced? I bet he looked just like Barney, with lipstick all over his face and his hair all fussed up. He is so suave and debonair. :)

Well off to putter in the shop, and then going swimming at Stacey and Matts house. They have a nice pool in their backyard.

Prayers for all for a safe day.


June 19, 2019 - Msg 112409: Asa..So you’re saying you are going to go swimming in their “Cement Pond” Hopefully there’s some vittles too!-G-F

June 19, 2019 - Msg 112410: Yep, probably true Asa (concerning Poopsie! Haha. Have fun swimming.


June 19, 2019 - Msg 112411: Yep, probably true Asa (concerning Poopsie! Haha. Have fun swimming.


June 19, 2019 - Msg 112412: Oops. I’m repeating myself.


June 19, 2019 - Msg 112413: Howdy, porch! Beautiful sunny day, stiff breeze blowing, everything looking fresh and green after a dilly of a rain-and-thunderstorm last night.

Big beautiful swallowtail butterflies all over the zinnias out back. That would be the "dwarf" zinnias I planted from seed, supposed to be about a foot tall, so I just broadcast them around my hardy hibiscus shrubs, which are about three feet tall and loaded with buds. There are five in that flowerbed. Well, the "dwarf" zinnias are now over four feet tall, and the hibiscus shrubs are completely obscured, except the one on the end, which didn't have any seeds near it. I had no idea the zinnias would attract butterflies like that, but at this moment, there are four swallowtails, as big as the palm of my hand, and they're not missing a bloom. I will plant them again, though maybe in a different place. My beautiful hibiscus are blooming, and I can't see them, buried beneath the zinnias. One big pink flower with a red eye has poked itself out from the wall of zinnias, and that flower is as big as a dinner plate. They are so pretty! The hardy hibiscus is just a better deal, compared with the tropical hibiscus. The tropicals are pretty, but they freeze and don't return. In tropical regions, like maybe the Texas valley, or in Mexico, they are perennial, but here they're annuals. My hardies, on the other hand, are now four years old, and going strong, and the flowers are huge and spectacular, compared to the tropicals, which are about the size of an average rose.

Boo, I would love to meet your Poopsie. Sounds like she and Robbi's little Bexar would be good friends. Very similar-sounding personalities. On the laundry front, my Maytag twins are about 25 years old, work perfectly, never been worked on, and do a very good job. Of course, I don't have the volume of laundry that you do, but I still have quite a bit.

Asa, keep working on the gravy. Give me a call sometime and I'll talk you through it. It just takes practice, and it's very hard to describe in a text. When all else fails, you can buy a fairly decent packaged substitute in the store, and there's a way to put a "homemade" spin on it that yields a pretty good gravy.

I will be mindful in my prayers of the needs that have been mentioned here, and will not fail to give praise for the answers that have been received. God is good! --Blessings! --Romeena

June 19, 2019 - Msg 112414: BOO--I've just gotta ask...with Sean gone to Florida, and Erin staying at a friend's house, how much laundry can there be?? HA! I'm just in a
razzin' mood. But here's some washer advice: Do NOT get a Maytag without an agitator, and a bunch of electronics. I suggest the 'mechanical' settings of small, med, and large loads to get a decent amt of water in the tub.
Our 8 year old has already had 3 motherboards, and the no agitator models just dont clean that well. Ro's were made when things were still made to last!
Your pooch sounds a lot like our last cat. She had the personality of a human, and I really mean that!! She played us like an old upright piano! I still miss that darn cat. I cant believe it was 3 years ago that we had to let her go. I will be praying for Anna. Is the portable AC system still working at Shoreline? It seems like that place is always on the verge. So sorry.
ASA and ALL...we had a very nice dinner last nite at our version of Morelli's..Red Lobster! I could survive on their buttery little biscuits alone, but ended up with 3 kinds of shrimp. All in all it was a very nice day.
I am glad to hear that Stacey's operation went well. I had a breathing tube after mine, and I believe the nurse told me it was for the reason that Boo mentioned.
RO--your flowers sound absolutely beautiful!
Tags tonite was about the johnjacobjingleheymerschmidt Mayberry youngsters!

June 20, 2019 - Msg 112415: Well, to answer your question, MDC. I didn't do a bit of laundry for the five days I worked, AND, there was already some that needed washing. I am about caught up now..for now.

I decided to wait on the new washer because I need a new refrigerator worse. Bruce wants to buy new kitchen appliances during the fourth of July sales. My poor refrigerator is falling apart, literally. We have been using it for about 13 years now, but it was in storage for a few years before that. We have not been able to use the icemaker for about 5 years because the hose that carried the water to the icemaker continued to crack and spray water out the back. The drawer inside are mostly broken and I can only use one of them. I am really looking forward to a refrigerator with filtered water and ice in the door. As it is now, all we drink is bottled water, which I like, but it gets to be a hassle keeping enough of it in the outside refrigerator and we go through a lot of it in the summer months. We aren't tea drinkers around here, like most Texans. I cant stand sweet tea and any kind of tea causes a flare up of my bladder symptoms.

Ro, I wish you could met Poopsie. She hates to ride in the car, just shakes the whole time so I don't expect I will be taking her on any long trips to visit you. :) I try to get her used to it but she just never does. She is like that little dog Opie mentioned, a "trembler". She acts very brave when she is playing, but when things get real, not so much. I haven't always been able to tell the difference between the fear tremble and the excitement tremble but she does both. When I give milk to the cat, I hold her until the cat drinks some and she shakes until I put her down. Sorry, Im sure you all aren't too interested in all this. Just wait until I get a grandbaby. lol

Things have been fairly stress free this past week with both of the kids out of the house, I'll tell you. I could get used to the empty nest thing. Bruce and I have been spending more time together and its been great. You know, going through the difficulties we have been going through have brought Bruce and I much closer together, and I have no doubt your prayers have had much to do with that. Sometimes it seems like its him and me against the world! ha

How can I thank you all enough for the many prayers on behalf of my family. You are all the cats.

Well, sister in law is coming over for dinner tonight. Says she wants to talk to us about something. She has been of opiates for 8 months now and has been getting injections in her knee. The poor thing is trying to suffer it out without pain meds but she is doing it and I am very happy about that. She will be having surgery on it when she loses some weight.

Better git!


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112416: Oh Ro, if you still have the same phone number you had last time we talked, I will try and send you a little video of Poopsie.


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112417: never mind, I can share it on your facebook page.


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112418: Afternoon all
Just a thought Boo, you said Bruce trembles everytime he goes on a ride with you. You called him a trembler. And then you said your kids are the same way. Tremblers when they go for a ride with you. You see a pattern here? (lol, just pikin at you girl) You know, I always dreaded the empty nest time coming, and I found it worked out just fine. Seems they were as ready to git as we were to have them git. And everyone was happy. lol Glad you and Bruce are teaming up. And we just replaced our fridge/freezer. I have not been impressed a-tall with the ice maker on the new one. It seems to struggle just keeping up with the two of us, and Debbie doesn't use that much ice. It frequently jams in the shoot. If it jams to much, you really have to yank the door open hard resulting with a slug of ice cubes on the kitchen floor. It's a GE. So buyer beware.

Romeena, I will give you a call on gravy making. I have gotten better from where I was, but I only had one direction to go. It's pretty hard to fall off the floor. lol Most stuff at the store has corn starch in it, so that's out. I can make a good texture gravy by doing a rouge with flour, but I just can't get the flavor that Debbie could get from hers. I appreciate your offer to help.

MDC, I like Red Lobster too. Although I'm not sure they pound their steaks right there on the premises. That's disappointing. :)

Gosh, tomorrow is the first day of summer, and they are predicting snow in the Uinta mountains here. Cold front moving in tomorrow and our high is gonna be in the low 60's. But back to 90 by Monday, so we will enjoy the cool down. Except they sad low 40's tomorrow night. Our weather is bi-polar I declare.

I watched the episode this morning where Ben Weaver is trying to foreclose on the Scobie's. I love the scene with Andy and Barney talking about the "Troublecheck" calls. Delightfully funny stuff. :)


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112419: A rouge? What am I saying?


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112420: Roux! I had to go look it up. :)


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112421: You put rouge in your gravy, Asa? That there could be your problem, Buddy. 😆

Hey, quit making fun of my driving skills!


June 20, 2019 - Msg 112422: Asa might not have the tastiest,but I just bet he's got the prettiest gravy in town!!

Hey to all! Will get caught up soon, I've been a sick possum lately,but starting to feel better. Prayers and love to all!

possum u.a.r.

June 21, 2019 - Msg 112423: Possum, glad you are feeling better. Maybe you had a touch of the pip!
Not too much going on today. Our ins. co called and
we closed out the claim. I had x-rays done the day of the accident and they wanted to know if anything was necessary, which it was not, so all is good.
BOO--I to was just razzing you a little. Heck, you can do my laundry too if ya like! ha Happy that our prayers have been helping.
Well, I'm tired tonite, so will hit the hay.

June 21, 2019 - Msg 112424: That's anything ELSE... (in my post above)

June 21, 2019 - Msg 112425: Hello Porch!
Nice sweep MDC
Glad to hear you are feeling better Possum.

June 21, 2019 - Msg 112426: The Weatherman has called for two days without rain!..WoooHoo!! It has been ONE rainy Spring around here.
We have much flooding and I don’t expect to be able to mow my back yard until July!..I’m sure when it heats up the mosquitoes will be as big as Boo has down there in Texas.

Asa quote...”I love the smell of gravy in the morning...Smells Like....VICTORY!”...


June 21, 2019 - Msg 112427: LOL GF. You got that right buddy.

Possum, thanks for the compliment. My gravy looks better than my bullets I think. Not green and moldy. :) Sorry you have been ailing. You got a touch of the pip? Did we ever decide what the "pip" is?

MDC, Glad you have the accident behind you. Are you still liking the new Nissan? I bet it looks good in your garage with the new painted floor. Did you ever plant any veggies in your new planter boxes? I gotta tell ya, we came very close to freezing here last night. In fact I suspect some places did.

Well I hope everyone has a nice Friday. First day of summer. Maybe we should have a B.B.Q. at Spots house.


June 21, 2019 - Msg 112428: Good Afternoon Porch!
Hope you all have a good one.
I am sitting around waiting for the handyman to deliver a refrigerator. My old one needs to retire. Found a nice one over at Home Depot this morning.

June 22, 2019 - Msg 112429: HI ALL, I was watching the Uncle Ollie ep tonight,
and forgot about this funny line exchange:
Opie said that one of Ollie's sons kicked him in the back; so Aunt Bee said that she'd put some witch hazel on it. Opie then said that witch hazel makes his eyes water, to which Bee says "You won't see so well, but you'll feel better!" harhar!
And then there is Andy's white lie at the end about the convicts heading to Mayberry! I guess we've all done such a few times. :)
HAPPY SUMMER...longest day of the year. Since we dont have DST here, the sunlight leaves completely about 8:30 PM, but i can still remember our family summer vacations to Minn. with the sun still up at 10 PM!
ASA--Freezing!? Wow! The new truck is running good, but it's a six and I sure miss the get up and go of my 8 cylinder vortex Chevy. But that's life! All is well. A SPOT cookout and barn dance sure sounds good.
Frankie--i hope you got the fridge finally.

June 22, 2019 - Msg 112430: Morning all.

MDC, The nice thing about the truck is when you have Gomer and Goober work on it, when it comes to spark plugs it's got 6 cylinders. She'll take 6 instead of 8. Well you multiply that out at a dollar and a quarter per, and this thing will pay for itself in time. lol BTW, Have you given the truck a name yet? They do run better if you name them and call them by name. 10-4 Goob? My Jeep Liberty is Libbie. My Tacoma is Tommy. I know womans names are most often used on vee-hickles, but I prefer manly names for my trucks, especially for my 4WD off road package truck. He required a male name. :) The sun is down here just after 9, but it's still fairly bright until 9:30 or so.
I love that episode MDC. My favorite non Barney episode. I love the scene when Ollie and Nora start hollerin at each other with poor Andy right there in the middle. Ollie is spread out in that bed leaving Andy about 6 inches of bed. ha ha And this episode has one major boo boo in it. Anyone know what it is?

Frankie, did you get your new roof on yet? I am calling to get bids next week on mine.

Well I hope y'all have a great day. Supposed to be in the 60's here all day. I can dig that.


June 22, 2019 - Msg 112431: As far as my car 🚗 it being Red My Granddaughter calls it the Tomato 🍅 car!
Off to the campground soon, finally a nice weather day in the mid 70’s I can dig it too!...When Mother Nature gives you a nice day, it’s best you dig her back!..


June 23, 2019 - Msg 112432: MDC-The handyman came exactly when he said. Got the new fridge all set up and the old one out. And I love my new small fridge.

Asa-The roof men are scheduled to be here the end of July. They are so far behind because of the late rain we had this spring. Just as long as I get it in this summer I will be a happy camper.
I went out and gave the front porch a fresh coat of paint and it looks so much better. With so much time on my hands I have been doing little projects around the house. And it makes me feel good to be productive.

My Oakland A`s are doing good this year. Just love watching those guys.

June 23, 2019 - Msg 112433: FRankie--you farm girls can paint a porch in no time! :) Just be thankful that Don Rickles didnt do it! ha
ASA--no name for the truck yet, but my old one was 'betsy.'
I'll have to have a good think about it under a bucket.
And, btw, no veggies in the garden. I planted green bean seeds but nothing came up! So it is all flowers. Real purdy ones tho.
SPOT--got some blueberries yesterday, and they are from Georgia! Good too! :)
Well, I did a bit of a 'tune up' on my mower today. Oil, air filter and spark plug. ASA, she only takes ONE! ha
Even tho I have a service for these hot months, they use my mower, cuz i set it just how I like it.
I hope you all are having a nice Sunday afternoon.
Does anyone here have an address for Sterling? I thought I might
try sending him a note.
God's Blessings,

June 23, 2019 - Msg 112434: Oh GF, and when someone digs your threads, ya otta dig 'em back too! :)

June 24, 2019 - Msg 112435: MDC-I went to the hardware store and picked up some presto patch a multi-purpose patching compound. Filled up some cracks in the garage yesterday and it looks much better. And then gave it a little paint job. I was tired of looking at those cracks. This is a good compound that you mix with water and was easy to do.
Now I am going to check with someone on cleaning the carpets. I love my brother`s big dog but he made a mess on my carpet. It needs a little more cleaning than I can do.
Hopefully we should be getting some cooler weather in a day or two.
You all take care.

June 24, 2019 - Msg 112436: The guys came over and did the carpet this morning and did a fabulous job. My carpets look new again. Been a busy morning. Went to Mass and the Rosary. And had the carpets cleaned all before noon.

June 24, 2019 - Msg 112437: Afternoon all.

My goodness Frankie, sounds like you are keeping busy. Good for you. Usually when I paint I get more on me than on my object. I don't cotton to it a-tall.

MDC, Let us know what name you come up with. Just make it a good one. lol And glad you realized that mower only takes one. Yer ept! :)

Stacey had her follow-up with the Doctor and everything looks to be healing ok. They told her they got it out non too soon.

Well off to scare up some supper.



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