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Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop .  .  . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand .  .  .  . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

September 13, 2020 - Msg 115321: ....For you Red Green fans... G-F

September 13, 2020 - Msg 115322:

Good Sabbath to all. Kinda slow on the porch,
but first let me say thanks to GF for the good sweep, and also
for the Red Green clip. I was a big fan of that show!
BOO--I am so sorry you had all those problems at
once. When I still had my Chevy truck, I had
OnStar, and I had to call them two times to remotely open my doors!
(Keys on the seat or some other place!)
I sure hope you are feeling better now from the intestinal misery.

Jennie Boone, first, good to see you again, and second,
thanks for the cool link! Wow, 60 years of tags...amazing
and shazam all at once! :)

I was watching the color ep of Emmett running for head of council,
and he was greeting people on the street! One of the 'people' was
Dr. Johnny Fever! Ha. He was standing by his car, very brief role.
Maybe it was even his first gig, like Jack Nicholsen in the courtroom.
(And guess what? I just tried to find the clip on youtube by typing in "Emmett for council" and
saw that there are many Emmetts running for council in many cities! Who knew! ha)

Well, Cecile and I are heading to Flagstaff until Thursday.
We are gonna cool down a bit, and explore a cave called
Lava River Cave. Have heard of it for some time now, but have never gone
to see it. (Yes, I'm going to wear a hat so no bat lays eggs in my hair.
Oh wait, I have no hair! haha)

May God richly bless you all, I may try to write ya around Tuesday.

September 14, 2020 - Msg 115323:

September 14, 2020 - Msg 115324:
That was me...The MHS fight song!

September 14, 2020 - Msg 115325: Good Monday morning all.

MDC, Have a great time on your little gat away. Sounded fine until you mentioned cave. That got me breathing fast just thinking about it. lol Bats or no bats. Johnny Fever was in another episode of TAGS also. Remember which one?

Jennie Boone, so good to see you and thanks for the great link. I guess that is the first time I have ever heard Olan Soul's name pronounced because it took me a bit to figure out who they were talking about. I love Andy's "What it was was football" skit. And I could here a littl Doc Pendyke in Barney's voice. lol

GF, Nice link buddy. You are in my prayers.

Boo, that was a good use of that putter for sure. Glad it all worked out.

My goodness, the weather her is just nuts. Last Sunday we hit 100. Then a cold front hit on Tuesday and we hit 50 for a high. Today we will be back in the 90's. As of this morning there are still folks without power. We have had crews here from all over the country working on downed lines. This has been quite a year.

I hope everyone is doing okay and keeping the faith. Prayers for all.


September 14, 2020 - Msg 115326: Good morning, porch! Funny old day here, cloudy, very still, lots of critter traffic out there. Usually on a day like this, the critters hole up somewhere, and are not seen. Today, I'm seeing birds that I rarely see, even a tiny nuthatch running up and down the tree trunks! The robins have discovered that the berries on my American Beautyberry shrubs are ripe, and have formed a squadron of birds, feasting on the berries. It's not just robins either, there are other birds in the mix. A mockingbird has decided one of the shrubs is his, and is trying to chase away the others, but they just hop aside and ignore him. By evening, they will have stripped those bushes, which must hold thousands of berries, as the canes are drooping to the ground! So beautiful, but they will be bare by nightfall. Oh well. Robins have to eat too! If you're not familiar with Beautyberry, here's a link:

I have one, which I planted, and another, which was apparently planted by a bird! Both are about five feet tall and six or seven feet wide, and just loaded with berries. So pretty!

Asa, you really do have a thing about bats, don't you? Like me and spiders, I guess. Creepy little things! I'm not too fond of snakes, either. Certain ones don't bother me, like the little grass snakes. I leave them alone, and they leave me alone, but the rest of them aren't on my friend list. I like lizards, yet I have a friend that practically breaks out in hives if she sees one. The little baby geckos get into the house sometimes - how, I don't know, but they manage. When I see one, I catch him and put him back outside, with a stern lecture about where little lizards belong. I suppose the birds get a lot of them, and the feral cats, but some make it. There's one old grandpa lizard, over a foot long, who lives on the cottonwood tree outside my window. He will align his body with the ridges on the tree bark, and unless he moves, I could be standing right beside him and not see him. Perfect camouflage. They eat bugs by the zillions, and are always welcome here.

Asa, did I ever tell you about my experience with bats down in the Texas Hill Country? There is an old abandoned railroad tunnel just outside of Fredericksburg, which has become home to about two million Mexican freetail bats. The area is now a state park, and access is controlled, with a viewing area about 30 yards back from the mouth of the tunnel. However, at the time Dale and I visited, it was still accessible. One evening we went to the area, and stood at sunset right on top of the entry to the tunnel. The bats began to make their exit, and soon we were just engulfed in a swirl of all those bats, as they left the tunnel and formed a column, rising skyward and then leveling out to head south. They were so close to us that we could feel the air currents from their wings, but we were never touched by a bat, not once. The tiny chirping sounds they make, their echolocation noises, were quite audible. They were within four or five inches, but never touched us. The whole thing lasted nearly thirty minutes, and we just stood there, surrounded by a swirl of bats, and absolutely fascinated, just mesmerized. Finally the surge began to decline, and there were just a few little stragglers left. We went home, and returned before dawn the next day, to experience the whole thing again, in reverse, as the bats returned to the cave. Visitors can still witness the exit and re-entry, and that's amazing enough, but we actually stood right in the middle of it, as the bats swirled around us. I will never forget it.

Thanks for all the interesting links posted recently. Such fun! Gotta run, several errands to get done today. Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands. Wash your hands a lot! Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

September 15, 2020 - Msg 115327:

Romeena was 'right out there in it!' (:

September 15, 2020 - Msg 115328: Well, they canceled our band concert. I was taking lessons from Barney on how to play those cymbals just right too. Dag nab it.

Good to see some familiar faces...MDC, Asa and my darling Romeena. Boo you have watch out for....

Haven't needed my Vicks lately but the weather is a changing so I think I will break out old blue and lather up generously.

love to all.....homemaker

September 15, 2020 - Msg 115329: Hydroxychloroquine tablets cheap! No box, loose tablets. Discount!
Color crayons. Primary colors only - 2 for a nickel. Bert Miller's.

September 15, 2020 - Msg 115330: Hey there, Homemaker. Yep, its almost Vicks season.

Romeena, that is quite a story about the bats. I saw a bunch of them come out of Carlsbad Caverns once when I was 19 but I wasn't that close to them. I'll bet the next morning when those bats came home, they were saying, "Look! Those two nuts are still here. Don't touch them cause they carry diseases!". lol

Just checking in. Today wasn't so bad and was able to eat a little. Hopefully tomorrow wont be bad because of it. Blessings,


September 16, 2020 - Msg 115331: Well, I couldn't let homemaker and Boo show up on the Porch without me-we're kinda like a small gang over on Facebook! LOL


Hope everyone's doing ok and Boo, we've gotta get you feeling better,girlie! Take care of yourself! I love you bunches.

Prayers for those dealing with Hurricane Sally on the Gulf Coast. We will see the remnants of that storm in the next few days. Hope Spot patched those holes in his doghouse roof-gonna be a rainy night (or two) in Georgia!

Happy Wednesday to all- stay safe out there in this crazy world.

possum under a rock

September 16, 2020 - Msg 115332: Good afternoon, porch! Homemaker, it's good to see you. Let's make a habit of this, OK? We miss you when you're not around.

I just got home from the grocery store. Wow. I can blow through $100 in that place in no time at all. The only meat I bought was a half pound of shrimp, for around $4.00. It's already steamed and peeled, and eaten cold with a little dish of red sauce - yum! Half of a bagged salad, and a couple of ears of corn cooked in the microwave, and I've got a meal ready in about ten minutes. Can't beat a deal like that!

I have finally solved the problem with Trinket's aversion to being caught for any reason. If she thinks, even a little bit, that I'm going to put her in the bathroom and leave, or take her to the vet, or for any other distasteful reason, she runs from me and it's like trying to catch a greased jackrabbit. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had a doctor's appointment, and needed to confine her in the bathroom. I don't dare leave her loose in the house, she will loot and pillage like you wouldn't believe, and I'm terrified she'll find a wire to chew on. She ran from me, of course, dancing around the room on little quicksilver feet, until I was exhausted, and pretty mad! In frustration, I picked up a little throw pillow from a sofa, one of the little light, soft decorator pillows, probably doesn't weigh 8 ounces. I threw it at her, which she wasn't expecting, and pegged her with it. It didn't hurt, of course, but it surprised the daylights out of her. She sat down, looking at me, and I just walked over and picked her up.

Well, now she knows when I'm leaving, and will try the dancing around thing, but all I have to do is say "I'm getting a pillow", and she stops and sits down! In fact, this morning, I just said "Do I have to get a pillow?" and she actually came to me and sat down. All of that makes me think she's pretty darned smart, but oh my, is she ever stubborn. By the way, being confined to that bathroom isn't actually a tough thing. It's roomy, she has a soft cuddlebed, some toys, a bowl of fresh water, a bowl of kibble and/or treats, a/c is on, TV is on in the bedroom so she can hear it, etc. Not exactly a bad thing.

Her groomer is coming this afternoon, so she'll be pretty for our Hill Country trip in a few days. She's not going to be happy about that, but she needs it. Her hair is getting too long, is already starting to mat in places where she scratches. I've started her on some daily tablets, with her vet's approval, that are supposed to ease the itching of whatever she may be allergic to, and she does NOT have fleas! I've also stopped giving her the beloved bites of peanut butter, and stopped sharing my dry-roasted peanuts with her, since peanuts are a known allergen for many humans, and animals as well. You should see the scornful looks I get when I'm eating peanuts and no longer sharing! She loves them, poor little girl.

Boo, I'm glad yesterday was a little better, and hope it's a preview of things to come. You've been sick long enough! I'll bet you've lost a bunch of weight, but that's a hard way to do it. Hang in there, and prayers for you and yours.

Well, guess I'll go put my feet up for a while. That grocery store trip wore me out! They didn't have any of the little short baskets, and I had to trundle that boxcar-sized cart through the aisles. That really annoys me. I have gently and tactfully complained, but it does no good. They have about four of the little carts, they're always in use, and the big ones just wear me out. I can easily get all I need into one of the little carts, and they're so easy to maneuver. The majority of the store's customers have hair the color of mine, so you'd think they'd take the hint, but they don't. This morning, I happened to encounter the manager, and asked him about it. He lied and told me they were on order, but "we just can't get them, there seems to be a shortage." That's what I was told two months ago. So I just smiled, told him I understood, and guessed maybe I'd just start shopping at Tom Thumb, because they have loads of the little carts and apparently know whom to contact to get them when they need them. Another big smile, and I trudged on my way, wrestling that big cart. He didn't respond. How could he?

Moral here - don't mess with old folks. We've been here long enough to recognize a snow job when we hear one, and to know which buttons to push, and when, and we really don't care if you think we're old and grouchy. We are!! Blessings, friends! Stay safe, stay well. --Romeena

September 16, 2020 - Msg 115333: Romeena one Trinket 0, the pillow game 😂. I saw the episode with Aunt Bee's car today, I love that car and would love to have one today even with the gears on the column. Sarah

September 17, 2020 - Msg 115334:

HI ALL, well, we drove to the cave today only to find a sign saying "Cave closed due to Covid." Grrr,
Wish that had been on their website!
But the cave is only about 40 minutes south of the Grand Canyon,
so we drove there knowing that IT was open! Spent about two hours there. A bit hazy from the Cal fires smoke, but still an
amazing display of God's creation!
More later,
MDC :)

September 17, 2020 - Msg 115335: MDC....Asa had them put up that sign...Sorry the Bat 🦇 Cave was closed...
On the bright side, at least you didnít get bat 🦇 eggs in your hair!...
Glad you got to see the Grand Lady....Have a Good Time Buddy!....


September 17, 2020 - Msg 115336: Ro, I literally laughed out loud about you throwing the pillow and hitting Trinket! Would love to see a video of that! Ang


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