Mayberry quote of the Moment:
Gomer: "What time's the gold truck comin' through?"
Andy:   "Barney!!!"
Barney: "Well he's a deputy!  He had to know!"
Andy:   "I told you not to tell it!"
Gomer: "Barney didn't tell me.  I got it from Laura Lee Hobbs up at the dime
Andy:   "Laura Lee Hobbs?!!  ...Yeah, it looks like it leaked out all right."
Barney: "Well who can ya trust these days?  Who can ya trust?!"
Andy:   "You tell me."
Barney: "Well not Gomer!  That's for sure!  ...Andy, this ain't good!  This
        thing's got outta' control!  You better call it off!"
Andy:   "I can't call it off!"
Barney: "Well you better phone the men or the President or somebody and tell
        'em to stop that truck!"
Andy:   "They can't stop it.  It already left.  ...Somewhere between here and
        Denver there's seven million dollars headed for Mayberry ...and you and me
        and Gomer and Laura Lee Hobbs -WE'RE gonna be here to receive it!"

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