Mayberry quote of the Moment:

Barney: "Come on!  Just step right in here.  Now Emma, I seen ya do it.  Now
        don't tell me ya didn't do it and don't think you're gonna get away with that
        kind of stuff on my beat...because when you commit a crime in this town you
        pay for it.  And I'm the one that sees to it you pay for it 'cause that's my
Emma:       "But Barney, I always cross Maple in the middle of the block."
Barney: "Emma, that's jay-walkin' and jay-walkin' is again' the law.  Now
        Emma, you just step right over here.  You got to be booked and finger
        printed.  Come on now."
Emma:       "Finger printed?!"
Barney: "That's right, Emma.  Them's modern police methods for heaven's sake.
        Now get your thumb there..."
Andy:   "Uh... Barney, uh... What're ya doin'?"
Barney: "Oh, I'm bookin' a prisoner, Sheriff... Jay walker!"
ANDY:   "Barney, you know we don't ever stop Emma.  Why, we figure if she can
        save a step or two here and there, why she'll just be with us that much
        longer.  Now you just go ahead on home, Emma."
Emma:       "Oh, thank you, Andy. ...Naughty deputy!"
Barney: "Now why'd ya do that, Andy?  Now you know she was guilty.  I seen
        her do it.  Now she's gonna go out and tell all her friends how she got away
        with it and next thing ya know people's gonna be jay-walkin' all over the
        place and disregardin' 'keep off the grass' signs and everything.  Well
        Mayberry's just gonna turn into a regular SIN TOWN!"

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