Mayberry quote of the Moment:
FLOYD:  92....people always talking about the weather but nobody does anything 
        about it.(Pause).You know who said that?.....Calvin Coolidge said that.
ANDY:   No Floyd, Calvin Coolidge didn't say that. Mark Twain said that.
FLOYD:  Are you sure Mark Twain didn't get that from Calvin Coolidge?
ANDY:   No Floyd.  Mark Twain lived before Calvin Coolidge.
FLOYD:  OH!...Well, he couldn't have gotten it from him then.  Well what did Calvin 
        Coolidge say?
ANDY:   I don't know, Floyd.
FLOYD:  I KNOW, he said, 'I choose not to run'.  I knew he had to say something or 
        he wouldn't have been President.

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