Mayberry quote of the Moment:
...A Black Day for Mayberry

        * * * EPILOGUE * * * 
The scene is the interior of the courthouse. Barney is pacing back and forth
at the desk.

BARNEY: Boy, it frosts me, it really frosts me...
ANDY:   Now Barney, there's no need for you to carry on like that. That's the
        plan the Treasurer men had....they wanted us to follow it.
BARNEY: Well, you know what REALLY frosts me? The fact that they didn't tell
        us it was a decoy.
ANDY:   Well...that's the plan they had.
BARNEY: Well, I don't frosts me, they didn't trust us.
ANDY:   Oh, they trust fact they told me the REAL gold shipment, is
        going by way of Raleigh. Now that's top secret.
BARNEY: Oh, thanks alot ! ! (sarcasticly)
ANDY:   Want some coffee?
    Andy heads for the back room to get a cup of coffee
BARNEY: No.......
    Telephone rings and Barney picks it up.
BARNEY: Hello, Sheriff's office........oh, hi Juanita (Voice picks up) How
        are you doing? . ... . listen I'm going to be over 
        tonight....yeah...yeah, Operation Gold truck's all want to hear the real clincher?
        That truck that came through here was a decoy. Yeah, the REAL truck
        is going through Raleigh.
    Andy reenters the room and exclaims
ANDY:   BARNEY ! ! !
BARNEY: I didn't say Raleigh, I said REALLY! ! I'll be over tonight Raleigh,
        er REALLY ! !

Andy gets that pained look on his face that is so familiar to us viewers.

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