Mayberry quote of the Moment:

Judge: "I said you may step down."
Barney: "You can say that all you want to but I 'aint steppin' down.  This is
        a hearing, 'aint it?  Well it seems to me you oughta' hear everything, not
        just a bunch o' yes'."
Judge: "Very well.  You may speak if you wish to."
Barney: "Thank you.  ...Sure I said all them things.  But the truth is,
        sometimes I get carried away with myself.  When I was talkin' with the young
        lady there I... well I got to braggin' a bit.  I guess that's one of my
        faults.  But I sure didn't think it was gonna backfire and be used against
        Andy.  Why Andy's the best friend I got in the whole world.  And as far as
        I'm concerned he's the best Sheriff too.  All them things I said - for
        example his usin' the squad car for personal reasons - sure, he was
        deliverin' groceries to Emma Watson because she was too sick to get down to
        the market.  And that's just one example of the things Andy's done for the
        folks in this town.  I could give ya a lot more.  Ya gotta understand this is
        a small town.  The Sheriff is more than just a Sheriff.  He's a friend.  And
        the people in this town, they 'aint got a better friend than Andy Taylor.
        And as far as Andy knowin' his job, I'd just like for you to take a look in
        the record book, Mr. Jackson.  You know there 'aint been a major crime
        committed in this town thanks to Sheriff Taylor?  The only ruckus you'd ever
        have in Mayberry is if you tried to remove him from office.  Then you'd have
        a riot!  You ask me if Andy runs a taut ship, Mr. Milton - well no he
        don't.  But that's because of something that he's been tryin' to teach me
        ever since I started workin' for him - and that is, when you're a lawman and
        you're dealin' with people, you do a whole lot better if you go not so much
        by the book... but by the heart."

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