Mayberry quote of the Moment:
"The Case of the Punch in the Nose"      EPILOGUE       transcribed by Jack Fellenzer

[The scene is inside Floyd's Barber Shop. Floyd is just finishing giving Barney a haircut. 
 Barney admires his new cut in the mirror.]

BARNEY: Oh, that's a good haircut, Floyd.
FLOYD:  Oh, thank you, Barney.
BARNEY: Very good. (Barney reaches in his pants pocket for some money)..dollar, dollar 
        and a half, and..... a dollar seventy-five.
FLOYD:  It's two dollars even!
BARNEY: Two dollars? I thought a haircut was a dollar seventy-five?  What's the other 
        two-bits for?
FLOYD:  Well, for tonic! You said you wanted tonic.
BARNEY: I did not. I said I didn't want it dry. I wanted water.
FLOYD:  But I USED tonic. Water's no good for the hair. It dries up your scalp.
BARNEY: Well, I'm not gonna pay for it!
FLOYD(excited):       Well, the heck you're not! You've got it on your head!!
BARNEY: Well, I didn't ASK for it!
(Andy enters the Barber Shop looking perplexed by the exchange of words)
ANDY:   What's going on?
BARNEY: Floyd used tonic on my hair and I didn't ask for it, so I'm not going to pay 
        him the quarter!
FLOYD:  He DID ask for it, he ALWAYS gets tonic.
BARNEY: But I didn't ask for it THIS TIME! I didn't ask for it by name, did I?
FLOYD:  So what!
ANDY:   Give 'em the quarter.
BARNEY(excited):      But Andy, I'm not givin' him the quarter. I mean, he can pull that on 
        some people....he's not pulling it on me!
ANDY(more firmly):      Give him the quarter!
BARNEY:(still agitated): It's not the money. It's the principal of the thing......
ANDY(VERY firmly):      Give him the quarter ! ! !
(Barney relinquishes and hands Floyd the quarter then storms out of the Barber Shop.) 
(Andy turns to Floyd)
ANDY:   Want to finish that haircut you started the other day?
FLOYD:  It's bad.........water's bad for your hair!

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