Mayberry quote of the Moment:
"Three Wishes for Opie"       EPILOGUE      transcribed by Jack Fellenzer

(Fade to Helen's Living Room.  Andy and Helen are laying out Tarot 
 cards on Helen's coffee table. )

ANDY: got two unicorns. (Andy looks in the book) You get one wish!
HELEN:  Oh, good!
ANDY:   Go ahead and wish.....(Helen wishes)...... what did you wish?
HELEN:  The same thing Barney did!
ANDY:   A fingerprint set?
HELEN:  No, the OTHER thing
ANDY:   Oh, you mean..ah, you and me?
HELEN:  For June.
ANDY:   Well, let's just sit back here and wait for your wish to come true!
(Barney comes in the front door as they are getting comfortable on the sofa)
BARNEY: Listen I hate to come barging in like this, but well, I just had
        to clear up something.
ANDY:   What is it?
BARNEY: Well I don't know how this got in the paper but I just wanted you to know I 
        didn't do it!
ANDY:   What is it?
BARNEY: Well it's right here in the paper in the Mayberry After Midnight column.
ANDY(Reading the paper):      Miss Helen Crump and Sheriff Andy Taylor are making 
        plans for their wedding, probably in JUNE ! ! !
(Andy, Barney and Helen start looking upward as the Count Iz Vantelecky music plays).

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