Mayberry quote of the Moment:
BARNEY: I don't know how they do it for 80 cents.
ANDY:   I don't either, I tell you.
BARN:   Three Vienna sausages-heavy on the tomato puree, slice of bread, and butter 
        on a paper dish.
ANDY:   And more than an ample portion of succotash. Don't leave out the succotash.
BARN:   Yeah.  You know, when you get a good meal like that with as good a service 
        as Olive gives you, you don't mind leaving a generous tip.
ANDY:   Did you leave a tip?
BARN:   Well, yeah, a quarter.
ANDY:   I did, too.
BARN:   A quarter?
ANDY:   Yeah.
BARN:   Well, Andy, didn't' you see me put a quarter down?  That was supposed to 
        be for the both of us.
ANDY:   Huh.  I'll be dogged.  Oh, what the heck.  It's just a quarter.
BARN:   Well, no, Andy.  That's just throwing money away.  Look, I'll run back over 
        there and put my hat down on one of the quarters and get it back.
ANDY:   Barney, that's not necessary.  Poor ol' Olive is a widow with four children. 
        She can use it.
BARN:   Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that, bless her heart. (Pauses to contemplate the 
        situation)  Let's let her keep it.
ANDY:   You're all heart, you know that, Barn.

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