Mayberry quote of the Moment:
BARNEY: I remember I went overboard with Thelma Lou on her last
ANDY:  Did you get her something nice?
BARN:  Nicest present I ever gave her.  Know what I did?  Took her to 
ANDY:  Oh, Morrelli's!
BARN:  Now ther's a place to take a girl.   Out on the highway like
       that; nice and secluded.  Red checkered tablecloths.
ANDY:  Fancy, fancy.
BARN:  You know, they'll let you take a bottle in there.
ANDY:  You didn't drink, though.
BARN:  Noooo! (laughs)
ANDY:  What did you have to eat?
BARN:  The Deluxe Special.  You know you can hold it down to $1.85 out
       there, if you don't have the shrimp cocktail.
ANDY:  Did you have the shrimp cocktail?
BARN:  I told Thel let's not fill up.  Minestrone was 
       delicious, though.
ANDY:  Oh, yeah.  When that's made right that's really something.
BARN:  And fro the main dish, pounded steak a' la Morrelli.
ANDY:  Oh?
BARN:  It's really pounded, too.  Not question about it.  They
       have one of these open kitchens and you can look right in
       there and watch them pound it right with your own eyes.
ANDY:  Oh, yeah.  Kinda see what you're gettin'.
BARN:  I tell ya, Andy.  When that meal was finished, I did something
       I rarely do.  I sent my compliments back to the chef.  They
       appreciate them things.  He kinda looked up from his pounding
       and sort of waved at me.
ANDY:  I'm gonna have to take Helen over there one of these days.
BARN:  Oh! She'd LOVE it, love it!  It's not on ly the food either. 
       It's the atmosphere.  Well, they have athe candles on the table
       and the music.  They got a gypsy violinist out there.  He 
       must have played six or eight songs standing over our table.  Of
       course, you got to slip him a quarter.
ANDY:  Yeah, those fellow work on tips.
BARN:  One thing about gypsies though, they're moody.

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