Mayberry quote of the Moment:
ANDY:   Well, you've got three sandwiches in here.
BARN:   Well, that's right: two for lunch time and one for late in the day when I get 
        my sinking spell.
ANDY:   Well, we'll get you another one.
BARN:   That's on salt-risen bread, you know.
ANDY:   Well, we'll get on salt-risen bread.  There you are. (Feeds dog.).....
        Now, let's see what else.....there's a Mr. Cookie Bar.
BARN:   Well, come on now.  Don't give him my Mr. Cookie Bar.  I'll want 
        that later on.
ANDY:   Well, why?
BARN:   Well, a slender, high-spirited person needs his sugar pick-me-up 
        late in the day.

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